FireStick Remote Control

4.2 (4.8K)
41.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bhim Singh
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for FireStick Remote Control

4.16 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
11 months ago, counsel5657
Latency issue
Seems to work ok. Not fond of how the ads come up and what it takes to get rid of them but understand their necessity with the free version. There is some latency in the signal which can be annoying since if you punch a button twice or several times then when the cursor finally works and lands it is not where you wanted it to be. So it take’s getting used to.
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4 years ago, LtCol Dave
Incredibly slow communication with the tv/stick through a fast network
On the up side, it works. I can use the buttons just like I do on the original remote. However, even though I have a relatively fast network, I was unimpressed with the amount of delay between pressing the buttons and response in the tv/stick applications. Press home and wait # seconds then press down and wait # seconds then press down again and wait # seconds then press right and wait # seconds, ... then press the center circle to select the app and wait. Whew, I almost forgot what I wanted to watch before I got to it. Multiply the number of button presses by the number of seconds each takes and you could spend a lot of time waiting for responses. Imagine what this means if you want to fast forward or rewind a certain amount within the application.
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4 years ago, hatter_____78
It was a great app at the start. The ads have became a little to forced and they keep getting worse. Basically to keep pushing you toward purchasing a subscription. The app use to allow you the keyboard function at first. Now without a purchase you can’t use it. It was wrong to update the app saying that it was for fixing the bugs in the app. When in actuality it was just to update more ads and to take things away. So please spare your customers and potential customers like me. Just make the app where you must purchase it. So we can move to another app. Which I am currently searching and deciding right now.
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4 years ago, Bridgett14
I love this
My son loses my control a lot so I got this app. Now no matter what I will be able to control my tv. The only two downsides to this remote is one I can speak into Alexa and have her go to what I want. I have to do everything manually. The actual remote gives me that option. The second thing would be, you can use this same app for another tv. I have two fire sticks.
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1 year ago, Ahamanah
Remote works well
Just too many ads . The ads come like every 30-45 seconds . They want you to purchase a plan that’s why . The plan isn’t expensive but it’s a turn off of how fast the ads come . Maybe even every 3 minutes would have been better and more people would still consider purchasing a plan. . The every 30 seconds ads makes me want to delete it and not even consider a plan .
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4 years ago, ac0n313
3 clicks ALL ADDS
Hope there’s not a make out scene coming while your kid walks in because you’ll never be able to fast forward... I fact the entire Sec scene will be over be the time the adds are done and you can click a button. You literally get 3 clicks of the remote before another add. That’s so irritating, I will just go buy another firestick controller.
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3 years ago, LLexem88
Very Convenient
This mobile remote is great & works similarly to the actual remote. We haven't used it long so still trying to see if there's a way to implant the voice feature unless a part of the Premiere pkg.
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3 years ago, Kymi W.
Garbage Free Version
I’m all for needing to watch ads and whatnot for the free/trial version, but this is ridiculous. Literally everything triggers a pop up ad or another reminder that they want you to buy the premium one. I couldn’t even try it out because there were so many ads and pop ups from it. Why would I buy it when I can’t even try it like it says I can?! No thanks, I’ll find a different remote that doesn’t bludgeon their customers with endless ads and promotion for wanting to try the free version first before buying.
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4 years ago, Galvatron47
Awful experience
I downloaded this to have a backup and be able to put my pin in because someone broke the real remote. After 5 key presses, every single button press triggered a 20-30 second ad. Every single key press. I specifically needed it to put in my pin, which I can’t do with my tv remote, and it was awful. I understand having a purchase to remove ads, but this was deleted in anger at the experience. I’ll spend more on a physical replacement remote for the rare cases my tv remote doesn’t let me do something.
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3 years ago, shar_kP19srt!
This app is not worth downloading unless you’re willing to buy it. There are ads for literally everytime you want to use this supposed remote. You want to pause something, we’ll there’s you gotta watch an ad first. You’re done and now you want to play it again, we’ll watch another ad. You want to go back? I take an extra 30 seconds staring at a screen for something that should only last half a seconds. Completely useless!
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2 years ago, snowbunny1876
This is not a good app I downloaded it bc my old remote wasn’t working good but this one isn’t good either you barely can use the remote ads be popping up while u trying to use the remote it’s so aggravating and they want u to pay for no ads Popping up while ur trying to use the remote i can’t even search a movie all the way without a ad popping up two letters into me typing I don’t recommend downloading
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3 years ago, RiR713
Horrible! Don’t waste your money. You are better off just buying a new remote. They only allow you to use it free for a couple of days before they start bombarding you with ads after every other click, then you buy it and it CONSTANTLY becomes disconnected. You have to KEEP restarting your Firestick for it to reconnect and it’s honestly just a waste of time and money. I would not recommend this app
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2 years ago, Pete Medina
Not impressed so far
Just purchased this app and not too impressed. First, keeps asking for a rating. Second doesn’t stay connected. I have had the app for about 10-20 minutes and the app has closed about 10 times. At first, it connected using the find device feature. Now, it required the IP address. So a 1 star it is for now. I will keep using it and see if the rating goes up.
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3 years ago, Drezzydrez518
Soo good needs a small bug fix
It functions soo well but, it has a lot of input lag like I'll paw the show and nothing happens until 10 seconds later it pawses
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3 years ago, Zombie1987gurl
Can’t get it to work unless you try free trial
So I get that this is a free version and ads will pop up but it was literally 2 minutes of ads. I gave up because you also have to keep clicking, will try later. So I don’t know if it works or how it works because they so badly just want me to buy the full version and it’s quite irritating.
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10 months ago, Nelvitmevsk
It’s hilarious that every app I’ve found for a remote requires you to access your tv setting in order to find your device. Which is SO much help when you don’t have the remote and the only reason you’re looking for a remote on your phone. Worthless. Other companies have this feature capability so why not Fire.
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3 years ago, iluvtomholland
doesn’t have a volume button
this app is great and all but i can’t control my volume and for some reason on some of my apps it makes it super loud and then some it doesn’t so i wanted to fix that and i got excited because when i was looking for a fire stick remote app i saw the volume and thought i could change the volume but i don’t know if i’m blind or what but i can’t find the volume and it makes me mad that they showed the picture of the remote with the volume button if there even one??? so i’m now deleting this app thanks 🙄
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4 years ago, lodybugg
Best app so far
I have downloaded many in the past this is the best one but the ads are quite annoying and frustrating but Over all I like it
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3 years ago, hhhgdhrfhgfv
Wouldn't recommend
Very unresponsive and slow when i click a button it takes a second or two to actually go. All features that are necessary cost 3 bucks a week, and i was just looking for an app that would let me not have to use my remote all the time and just to use my phone.
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3 years ago, honest Mari
Okay, will continue to look
I like this but the adds are horrible pop up too often, I wanted to purchase but it only has a weekly fee and not yearly or lifetime fee options. I use this app because my have destroyed my physical controller. Does the job but too much adds.
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3 years ago, mpkier
It didn’t work even though it was connected
The app installed and connected fine. It even set the appropriate settings it needed. Once connected, every time I touched the screen a new add came up. After 30 minutes of not being able to access my Firestick through the app I deleted it
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4 years ago, IKIEILILII
The best app
I downloaded bunch of remote apps before this one and it’s by far the best. I really didn’t feel like buying a new remote. I like it so much I paid 10$ for ad removal.
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3 years ago, myriebear
I can’t clock one button without getting an ad. After that ad is finished it asks me to start the free trial, when I say no they put me on another ad. Then the process repeats. The remote works but I’m at my breaking point of deleting the app if I can’t control the remote on the first place. Just a little less ads smh😤
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4 years ago, Von💜
Fire stick
It’s a cool app works great but the ads are annoying af like I don’t mind a ad here and there but it Pops up every 5 sec makes me wanna pay for the ad free version
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3 years ago, rainger young
Great remote
Thanks guys, my battery started dying and this helped amazingly for me to be able to navigate my Firestick.
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4 years ago, hab10172010
Super slow for the price
You can only click once every 5-10 seconds or you’ve gone too far. For $7 I would think it would be a little faster like an actual remote.
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2 years ago, Round01
Great service helpful when I can’t figure things out would love the cube
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2 years ago, TeeDee 31907
I love it being handy when mine gets lost in the bed but don’t like having to go through a 3 minute ad to connect. Would buy premium if the cost wasn’t so high.
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2 years ago, f_cury
App works for 5 seconds before another 15 second ad comes on.
You’ll spend more time waiting the ads than you’ll actually have the ability to use the remote function. I’m sure there’s better out there. This cannot be it.
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3 years ago, Bert327
Full length advertisements?
Your app has plenty of potential, but every time I open it I really don't want to have to watch an entire 30 second advertisement. You should at least give the option to close it after 7 to 8 seconds.
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3 years ago, 28484829173747479292
The ads
The app is very good and it works but the ads are crazy each button you press there’s an ad and they want you to pay for the premium am sorry I might find a different app to stick with
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3 years ago, jcnorman77
I found my remote so I need to cancel this subscription and I cannot find anywhere to you so wait where is that in settings but that didn’t work. That’s only an option to re-subscribe
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3 years ago, lolita Smith
Not Good
This is horrible! It doesn’t stay connected, and it doesn’t have a volume button.I have to use another control just to turn the volume up and down..I’m constantly going back to my settings to reconnect the control. Totally dislike using this!!
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2 years ago, andreaalyasua
The best app to get IS NOT this one , it gives ads … there is a app that you can use for fire stick you don’t have to go to settings and do anything and there is no ads … my first day using this app and it was already glitching . It’s so bad I wanted to give it a zero .. but that’s not possible so I gave it a 1 🤦🏽‍♀️
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3 years ago, Derpaderpaderpaderp
Doesn’t Work - DONT GET
If you lost your Firestick remorse, DONT bother getting this app. You need to have your remote to navigate through the Firestick menus to make it possible to use this app. I kept getting “connection” errors with this app. It’s not worth it, they don’t respond to your requests for help. Just don’t do it.
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4 years ago, dan the painting man
Not good
I tried the free version Thing is junk If you push any buttons a certain amount of times 5-6 you’ll get a ad push 5-6 more times another ad and so on and so forth and you can’t stop the ad and the ad plays for over a minute Found a new remote for $4.99
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2 years ago, hdhkwmndueoxomsne
so. many. ads.
if you’re not going to use the premium version of this, literally don’t bother. It’s the most infuriating ad schedule i’ve ever seen on an app. you can not get into a streaming service without watching 7 ads. they happen every 2 clicks.
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2 years ago, Katheryn11
Slow response
It works but is frustratingly slow!!!! I have dumped almost every app off of the firestick and it is still slow.
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2 years ago, cory carmichael
This app works, but there’s a better app. This is just ads. I went to my watchlist, and by the time I spent 10 mins adding a couple to my watch and removing a few I had seen, half that time was ads playing, and I couldn’t skip them all. Not good.
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9 months ago, Can8785
It won’t let you turn off auto pay it won’t let you delete and it don’t work the only thing it does do it charge you 10$ a month for nothing and there is no way to stop it once they trick you on to downloading it
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4 years ago, gzjgvjffgjhxeh
I only recommend this app if u r willing to pay for no ads. Because every 5 to 10 minutes you get a long ad for another app and it’s really hard to control your TV when the ad comes on and makes your TV glitch
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4 years ago, AppleCustomerUSA
Doesn’t work. Should have been a free trial. Now I paid $7.00 for something that doesn’t work. My actual fire stick wasn’t working so I jumped the gun and clicked on the first app I saw. Should be flagged. The app shows it is rated 4 stars but when I go in to look at the reviews the only ones visible are one star. Bad news!
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Too slow and ads are every minute
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3 years ago, mrina_£|
I don’t like this app at all
Some people may disagree but i absolutely hate this app theres to many ads it says that there is a area were you can control volume and theres not you have to pay for extra stuff and its just a terrible app i wouldn’t recommend installing it
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4 years ago, Amy_420782
Needs less ads extremely annoying! But besides that the app works really well.
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3 years ago, mrroubx
Fire tv remote
It really helps and I love it the ones that did great on this app
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3 years ago, Rockstarmaniac
Unusable Without Purchasing
Can’t use when ads happen after every touch. It begs you to enroll in the trail and then buy the premium version. They shouldn’t make the app free at all if this is what you get. Just move on to the next app.
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4 years ago, Chrismed06
Very fast and efficient
Love this. Quick and easy. Paired up right away
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2 years ago, jay12343Se
Kind of pointless
The whole reason I need this app in the first place is because my remote broke, in order for me to connect this app with my firestick tv I need to select things using the remote that doesn’t work
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3 years ago, DreamBubble452
Pop up ads make it not usable
You can’t push any buttons without having a pop up ad come up. It’s mostly the owe app pushing the monthly fee. I just declined and watch ads for 8 minutes without being able to use any bottoms on the remote.
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