First Bank Digital Banking

4.6 (2.8K)
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Last update
2 years ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Bank Digital Banking

4.59 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
7 months ago, Madelynne M.
Awesome job
First Bank has been my go to bank for a few years now. I absolutely love them. I love that I can use the app to check my accounts on the go. I can also call them and go to one of their locations and ask for help about my accounts if I need it. First Bank is truly one of the best banks I have ever used. And the people who work at First Bank treat you like family. They make sure you are taken care of and they are willing to go up and beyond to give you the best customer service possible. First Bank in my opinion, is the absolute best bank to have. Every time I have gone there, the people who work there treat me like family and make sure I get taken care of.
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3 years ago, Sqorch
It is 2021 and still can’t get this right
I realize we can’t go backwards, but this Bank sure makes a strong effort to do so. Before First Bank bought our local bank out, online banking worked like a charm... Since then it’s been a constant struggle to figure out how to make changes within Bill Pay or to verify which online payments are in que to be paid. It should be intuitive, easy to use, and easy to see; it is not! It should be fluid and easy to make changes; it is not! Even when sitting down at a computer to do online banking, First Bank has managed to make Online BillPay difficult!!! For the past three months, I’ve had to call them to make changes within accounts to be paid; I even had to delete one account completely because it was being paid out even after I changed it online the previous week. Great people at the bank, but this App and the people running the app and the Online Bill Pay looks like something out of Deliverance!
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4 months ago, Angiema!
Easy To Use So Convenient
I love First Bank first of all, all the associates are very nice and so helpful. This app online banking, is just as good, you can take a personal check and make the deposit right from your phone into your bank account, you see all the balances right with each transaction, you can set it to first Bank sending you your account balance daily by text automatically, oh my I can go on about more. Just know this app is very useful and convenient. I’m happy with this way 💯😊
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10 months ago, Meg_9864
Extremely clunky and resources are housed elsewhere
Both in this app and online, it’s very difficult to see everything you need to. First, the page always takes you back to the logging page when you press “return to home” within one card account and you have to re-login. It’s very difficult to get to card statements and manipulate them as they’re in a completely different login system! I’m hoping they make things much more streamlined in the future. Additionally, if you have a card on autopay and try to chip away at charges, it still charges you the total amount that would have been due (neglecting to take in account manual payments), giving you a “credit” on your credit card which defeats the entire purpose, and I’ve never seen that issue with any other bank before.
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6 months ago, flostoria
Needs more updating
It’s not as easy and accessible. The format is hard to navigate and also only allowing a certain amount of deposits via online banking makes it very frustrating. If you look at PNc’s online baking you will get a sense of what I’m taking about. Theirs is more navigational and easier to find things. And pre pay with bills etc. you don’t have to add accounts to pay your bills. You get to choose which account and with first bank you have to plug in which one you want to use. Again. Too many steps and not as user friendly. We came to FB bc of the people but I will tell you that th online banking is lacking. We winter in florida so it’s tricky when I can’t get to the bank and make deposits. But I can via the app but it only allows for $1k. I have more reports a month than that.
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4 months ago, TheH-Ray
It’s Okay
The app is okay. Maybe 3 1/2 stars. There’s a “Remember Me” toggle switch but even when turned on I still have to type in my password every time. I recently had an issue where mobile check deposits were declined. I called customer support, which was helpful and easy to navigate prompts, and I was told that “within the past month or so” First Bank started requiring you to write your business’s name underneath your signature on the back of the check when endorsing for remote/mobile deposit. There was no message sent to us about this change in the First Bank app, which would have been helpful to avoid over-drafting our account.
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2 years ago, RaymondRosie
I notice with this app my amounts and purchases moves up and down the list out of order. Transfers from savings to checking are delayed if your last purchase puts you close to an overdraft. I also noticed that all my transactions come in right before 12am Thursday which is when my check deposits. 99% of all my transactions come instantly but if my checking is under $25 or less a transaction will not appear until Wednesday night and if I don’t move money from savings that transactions from 5 days ago happens to just pop up from the same store or restaurant that immediately shows any other time. First bank holds transactions from showing you you over spend and then they post them all just minutes before you get paid… Crooks!!
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1 week ago, Smilegirl1
Fantastic Bank
From the very first day, we walked into open up an account Katie took such exemplary care of us She was so knowledgeable, caring, professional, and made us feel so welcome to start a relationship with your bank We had just moved here from Rockport mass, which was a very small ocean town and we were made to feel so welcome and no that we had a friend in the bank, whenever we needed to turn to! We cannot thank Katie enough, for giving us the feeling like we belonged with your bank!! And, Katie did the unthinkable and sent us a card, thanking us for coming in and looking forward to a continued relationship with the bank👏👏 we were so moved by the card… And what few people I have met I told them the whole story about First Bank and they should go nowhere else!!! Thanks again, Audrey J Donovan and Karen J Greely
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2 years ago, tjburrchtte
Bill pay organization
It is very difficult to determine accounts. I wish you would just list them alphabetically by the payee, and have the nickname hyphenated next. The kiss philosophy s always the best. Also it would be nice to be able to see our credit card statements from this website as well, instead of having to go to a different site and then to have to set up a different account for each card. Very frustrating. Customer service is always top notch, being in the branch,Morehead City, Tammy and all the ladies, or on the customer service line. Thank you for listening. Tricia
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2 years ago, Can't find any help
Mobile deposit app is extremely unreliable
I have a lot if trouble with mobile deposit. It often says that the endorsement on the back of the check is inadequate but the picture is perfectly clear. I have tried in direct sunlight, outside under shade, and inside under incandescent, fluorescent, and led lights. I always place the check on a non-reflective black surface for the pictures. I took a deposit to a branch and attempted (unsuccessfully) to make a deposit at the branch manager’s desk and the manager confirmed that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I have tried on multiple networks and downloaded the app to other phones. I have called customer service for help but so far First Bank has failed to fix the problem.
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7 months ago, Bart and Kim
#1 bank
I just love our First Bank family. I use the Wallace all the time. Sometimes I have to stop off at other ones when out of town and the are always great. I can always count on the girls at our local banks to make me smile. They always treat us like family. Online banking is so easy too. Anywhere I go I can get on and just a few minutes do what I need to do. Thank you First Bank! You guys rock!!
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2 years ago, lordbinks
Decent app
This app is functional but also kind of not. There’s no search button to immediately bring you to what you need. No assistance/ messaging feature. Zelle takes forever to actually work on the app and that’s really a big reason I got this bank account. It’s close to my home and I’m a server so I deposit my cash and then plan on transferring it to my real account with usaa to pay my bills but it’s been a really big hassle. There’s a lot of upgrades that could happen and would make the app run a lot smoother
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2 years ago, Gokunarutonatsu
Excellent app and excellent bank
My husband and I have had excellent experiences with this bank, Their customer service has been exceptional, and we've been with them a long time with no complaints. They've kept up to date with technology, so it's easy to deal with them online, and the customer service is just amazing they are very helpful. Highly recommended this bank and app.
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2 years ago, 1DogMan
A customer
Using the First Bank app takes a bit of practice, but the info is in there. I just learned how to enable the touch feature to open my account. I needed to seek out the correct category to get those instructions. If there was a general search box (like Google) that could receive questions and direct me to answers, that would have saved me some time.
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1 year ago, ChiveOnDown
It’s Fine
The app is fine and it’s a major improvement over the Select Bank app, but it still lacks the basic functionality that other banks provide. Being able to see all accounts with this bank, including the credit card accounts, should be standard. Having to use the app to open a browser, login all over again, and then zoom in constantly because the page isn’t optimized for mobile viewing is very outdated.
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7 months ago, Captain Mow Ron
First Bank
I love the First Bank’s app. Easy to use. Thanks ☮️. The app has saved me several times. I can check my balance, see what checks have cleared, and more information if you need it. I just want to thank First Bank, and all the people at my branch. Great job. The fraud alert is wonderful. They are on the job protecting everyone’s money. This is a bank you can trust. Thanks Carolyn
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2 weeks ago, jwhit63
Banking App
I’m very grateful to have this banking app to do my banking. It’s very helpful for me to track my accounts and do online banking, which gives me access to see any charges to my account as to whether or not I made them or if someone has hacked my account. And it’s helpful since I’m on the road back and forth to and from Mississippi and make deposits. Thanks
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4 years ago, DontAskForMyNickName2020
Amazing !
The app is simple. Unlike most complex apps for banks this one is easy to navigate around and makes it even more simpler to manage your money. Giving the options of both transferring your money to your savings or your checking. But what most of us need is something to view our money at anytime and to see all purchases made at anytime. And that’s just what the App gives.
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6 months ago, Voice recordings notes
Consistency every single day!
I’m very grateful when you have a service that works smooth professional, easy transactions. I am very pleased in every way especially when you have challenges whether someone’s hacked your whatever and you have to get a new credit card or debit card who knows but just help me greatly. Thank you!
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4 months ago, The Rainbow Lady
My appreciation,First Bank
I have never ask for help ,.with my banking that the employees of First Bank wasn’t very pleased to help. I thank each of you for your professional , caring and understanding of my needs. One of the Best Banks in Moore County. For fast results give First Bank a Chance,tell them Alice sent you. A customer for 50+ years thank each of you Alice Cox
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1 year ago, my 1st bank
Online account
Liked it better before last upgrade or change. Have used bill pay since I been banking here and the last change caused a problem to pay bill to my credit union. It will not change to epay like all have done before. It stays a check which caused my payment to be late a couple of times. Don’t like it and don’t understand it!!
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2 years ago, TimnZoey
Online inquiries are too complicated
It would be extremely helpful if the online site had an option for “current balance” and even better a format for showing daily banking activity. At the very least a home page option to check “current balance” on any account is provided at every other bank where we have accounts. This frustration has definitely had my wife and considering moving our account to a bank with that service.
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5 years ago, Alongwayaway
not very user friendly
The credit card payment process on the app is not very user-friendly and is cumbersome to navigate it also requires another password instead of using your login credentials that you use for your online banking. I should also be able to use the app to transfer money very easily I do not feel that is the case with this app though I have not tried it. also the credit card information for your credit card does not update as soon as you make a payment. overall app needs improvement
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5 years ago, Spongy3457
Great job on new mobile app
I love the mobile app. I use it all the time. I moved out of NC for a few years but knew I’d be back so I kept my First Bank account open. I mobile bank and it’s so convenient. And I love the girls who work in my branch, I just didn’t want to give it all up! The app is very easy to use for deposits and transfers and just checking balances. Way to go, First Bank!!
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4 years ago, FERO III
This app has been getting on my nerves and the latest problem is that it claims to have partnered with zelle but there is no option I have not tried. The app says “send money with zelle” but when I click on it NOTHING happens, NOTHING! It stays on the previous page it was on and shows nothing about enrolling to zelle. The option is not even available on the laptop and these are the only guys I hear of that have less features on the laptop than the phone app....I have not been able to use zelle and it’s like 10 MONTHS now. I’m DISAPPOINTED
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5 years ago, Alicia Surratt
Customer friendly
Application is easy to navigate and full of features that benefit the customer. First Bank is always searching for a way to improvement their products, and it shows through their updates. I have no complaints. Only positive things to say about their mobile banking!
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7 months ago, RAH-1
First Bank online banking
Move from PNC over two years ago and have been very pleased. The phone app and online banking are very easy to use. Kerrie and other staff at Troy branch were helpful in getting me up and running. Would not change to another bank unless I moved out of bank range. Thx, Reed Hill
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3 years ago, 77Jer
Great service
This bank is awesome !! Not only do they help you and explain everything to you and walk you through anything you need help with ! I got a welcome card not a pre wrote one that goes out to everyone but a hand written one which shows they care about there customers A+++++
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3 years ago, zsaZsa47
Deposit feature awful
In general the app works well but trying to make a deposit on my iPad is so incredibly frustrating. It turns the check upside down and I can’t capture the image in the frame. I have to move all the way to the left or right for it to center. My husband uses a different bank and his app zeroes in on the check automatically. Fix that and you can get 5 stars from me.
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11 months ago, Cracker201
Love the app!!
I used to bank with Southern Bank but their app did not show your balance every time a transaction came out so it was hard knowing exact what you had to work with. Changed to First Bank because their app does. Plus the girls are more down to earth and so helpful.
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4 days ago, Piney Man
Extremely convenient
Being able to bank from home, makes life so much easier. I appreciate First Bank’s dedication to superior customer service. I am able to pay my bills and do all my necessary banking online. It helps me save time in every respect.
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2 years ago, PH1542
Easy to use
I have been pleased with the smooth transition from Select to First Bank, and I think the app is easier to use than Select’s - which was pretty friendly. I see others struggle with their bank app, and it makes me appreciate how this one works.
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5 years ago, 2Fasr4U
Love love love!
Easy to navigate, secure, and rarely down for maintenance! And the best part, if I have an issue-I am able to call my local branch during business hours and speaking immediately with a live person or after hours I can call the 800 number and get someone in a local call center that is always helpful!
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5 years ago, NCGamecock
Great Service
We have been pleased with First Bank’s app. We can get details about any of our accounts quickly and have never had any trouble making online deposits. We always find that in person, over the phone or online, First Bank employees are always customer oriented.
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5 months ago, metro313
Needs improvement on account order
The app is pretty good, but lately my accounts will be jumbled out of order every time I open the app. I want my business accounts toward the top and my personal accounts at the bottom. So I’ll take the time to adjust them in the order I want and next time I open the app they’re all in a different order again. Please fix this for the next update. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Supernanaof12
Easy to use and understand.
Love my First Bank family and have never had any issues. The online banking is so easy to use and understand. I love that I am able to control my banking and see my balance and anything else right at home with just a few taps of my fingertips.
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9 months ago, DGRandy
First Bank on line banking
It's easy to use , my wife and I are over 75 years old , we use it multiple times every week. It's a trusted and dependable tool we use on multiple devices at work/home and traveling in our motorhome. Gordon&a Diane , Thanks!
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7 months ago, 304Andy304
This app is easy to use
This makes depositing checks, which I do frequently, super simple. It’s also good to keep track of several accounts, all at once, without having to log on to my computer.
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1 week ago, Sunshineshe60
First Bank Rocks
The entire staff at the Blackburg, SC Branch was awesome. They provided excellent customer service. Ashley Giardoieliio was amazing, she answered all my questions in setting up new accounts. I sure hope their ac is up and running. I was very hot inside the bank. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Sheila Eddy
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3 years ago, kbrbrb
First Bank Credit Card
I really enjoy everything the app features. I have a credit card through first bank and wish I could see the balance on the app. It would also be nice to be able to make payments on the card through the app.
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3 years ago, Cbhyatt
Cameron Hyatt review
I am very pleased with the app but there needs to be a way to see the full routing and account number. I’ve had to call the branch twice to get it because I don’t like writing it down and having it on me, for security purposes. If I log in and confirm it’s me, I should be able to see it.
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5 years ago, teddy bear's keeper
First Bank
This app allows me to keep on top of my banking. I was never any good with stubbing the checks I had written. It was always a mess. TheFirst Bank app is accurate and always there and if I have any problems, it is always caused by the human element, me . My failure to open the app and check on the status of my account.
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3 months ago, Sholar121518
First bank review
Love the Face ID now. Makes it much easier logging in. I do wish I could label each thing by category and after so many times labeling it it would constantly go to that category. But overall a good app!
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7 months ago, Tilbrewer
Full service
I appreciate having a full service app that provides up to date information and connection to access funds and processes. Excellent support and attention to maintaining at a high level.
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4 weeks ago, CAXPAT
Great day, and great app
We have been first bank customers for over 30 years and absolutely would not go anywhere else. It’s a Regional bank, and everyone is treated with respect. Their app is a great addition and we use it all the time.
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7 months ago, .Nice App.
Simple, Efficient & Convenient
The First Bank app makes money management super simple. The ability to pay, transfer and make deposits from my phone is truly a game changer. Great app, logical layout and great user interface
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6 months ago, ThaliuYali
Needs new features
I bank in different places. From my experience with other bank apps, I wish this app had the feature to see the card on the app. Also, be able to turn transactions off in case I lost the card or it got stolen.
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4 years ago, chestrob
First Bank
Folks are always friendly and down home - in person or over the phone- a hometown bank that is big enough to service your needs
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2 years ago, Step With God
First Bank
Only had one problem and that was a mobile deposit not taken and I have moved and there is no First Banks around so I have to use mobile deposit or change banks and I sure don’t won’t to change banks love First Bank been here for years
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1 month ago, FrogMorgan
New with First Bank really like their online banking app the people have been great. I have told family and friends of my great experience with First Bank and for me the convenience their locations around town.
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