First Citizens Mobile Banking

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First Citizens Bank
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11 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Citizens Mobile Banking

4.53 out of 5
22K Ratings
9 months ago, Maw-Maw to 8
Payroll Deposits
I love the app in general. It’s easy to use and understand! The only thing that I don’t care for is how my Social Security check isn’t posted to my account at midnight on the date it’s supposed to be! It’s shows up on the date as pending transaction. And I can’t see if it’s been deposited by Social Security as a pending deposit on the actual date that Social Security sends it to the bank! Every bank and credit union I have dealt with for the last 20 years post the deposit on the date it’s received and it shows up as a pending deposit with the date its supposed to go into my account! Cause if I’m not mistaken by federal law once Social Security sends the deposit to the financial institution for the customer’s account it has to be shown as received by the financial institution. That’s because it’s sent to the financial institution at the minimum of three days prior to the funds actually being posted to the customer’s account. So the financial institution can’t hide the deposit from the customers account that’s a prohibited practice! Cause basically that would mean that it’s not deposited at midnight on the date it shows from Social Security for such deposit! The customer can’t access his funds until later in the afternoon of that date instead at midnight or close to it on that date!
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3 months ago, SC GamecockFan
This app is great!
I rarely take the time to write reviews, but I will for FCB digital banking. I have been a customer for almost thirty years. It took me some time to adjust to, and trust in, the digital banking when it first began. Over time I have grown to trust it and love the convenience. When I do need to go to the bank branch (Reidville Rd., Spartanburg SC.) they are always very helpful. (Denise O’Shields is my long-time loan officer and she is a hoot. She will bend over backwards for you. Pay ATTENTION to that FCB personnel and let her know that got a shoutout.) Mostly I need the bank branch for personal loans. They even helped me get my son started on his banking needs. He is now 22 yrs. old with excellent credit and doesn’t need me to co- sign any loan (stop bragging you moron; no one wants to hear that. “I tell myself”.) As for the social security review, I can tell you from many years of personal experience, you can trust that your SS money is going into your account on the day of; yes at 12:00am. All transaction you make, digital or physical, that are made that day before 3:00pm, will clear on the same day you make your transaction. So, your money is safely in your bank, even at 12:00am.
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3 years ago, NillaB95
Faster transaction response.
So I do love the app but my only CC is that when I make payments, purchases, or have any transactions I like to see immediately the results of it. I could care less to even joke with the idea I need to know my entire balance without the pending sales. It’s a waste of time and it gets confusing in the mobile app to see both and then see what’s pending in transactions. I can’t keep up with weather or not the numbers are accurate with what’s been paid for already. Especially can’t stand that my credit card bills and mortgage payments don’t come out IMMEDIATELY from the accounts they take literal days for them to even come out of my account. If I’ve had to take the time to set up the information to another server of all the direct account information it should take no longer than 24hrs to show transactions of that out. I do love the app otherwise. It’s super helpful to have the account information secure but at fingertips if needed for another server. Also higher security 🖤 Great customer service at all banks I’ve visited. Fast delivery for cards! ATMs are usually not to far apart and in good clean lit areas of use. Usually near great places! All in all great bank - good app. 👌🖤🙏
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2 years ago, yankeedan99
New experience
Ok For over 12 years, I was a customer ( daily banking, credit card, checking, money market savings) with a competitor of FC, let them remain in named ( wagon train) After several issues with my account durning the beginning of the Covid crisis, I was less than impressed with the customer service I received. The Wagon train bank was closed, you could enter by “ appointment only” and the drive thru was the only means of banking with my Former ( the wagon train) bank I was shocked to say the least Then I had a Wonderful new experience, when I entered the First Citizens Bank, yes they were actually open and welcoming, I was totally impressed with ALL the employees. All smiles, all willing to help, and all introduced themselves. At the Stantonsburg Rd location in Greenville NC, if you would like a totally New Experience, then give them a try! You won’t be disappointed, maybe surprised at such wonderful customer service, but not disappointed Dan Carraway Greenville NC
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5 years ago, AnalyticalNotCritical
Provides Good Utility but could be so much more
I’ve been a First Citizens customer for over 40 years. There have been a few bumps in the road but overall they have provided great service. I was very excited when the site was announced. I was ready to dump Mint, Quicken and other methods. The online tool certainly provides the necessary banking functions. I wish there were three additional tools. First I wish there was a view in the check register that included a running balance and a place for more details on the purchase. Yes a little old school but it would be helpful when there is the rare discrepancy. Secondly, a budget tool that tracked spending with a report that can be printed. Again a little old school but would help track business, tax filing and vacation related expenses. Finally and more related to purchases and not online banking but text alerts for unusual debt card usage. Having recently had a fraudulent charge it would be nice to have the option to approve debt card useage via a text response. Common recurring expenses that are tied to the card could be pre-approved. But a purchase over a certain amount would trigger a text asking for approval before the charge is processed.
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8 months ago, $ RareJewelAngela
I really enjoy the mobile app when I can get into it I use to like being able to lock my card to protect my money when I need to so it happens that one day I lock my card and I could not get back in to unlock my funds because something was wrong with the mobile app I call my bank on a weekend and they said something had happened to the system I understand that problems will rise but surely you should not have to endure for 2-3 days luckily a customer service representative work effortlessly to get my card to unlock so that I could enjoy my weekend and since that happens I do not lock my card anymore for fear of not being able to unlock my card if I had been out of town that would have been very awful and the system goes down quite often so I choose not to use that option
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1 year ago, Flooderdooden
App Now Useless on Older Apple Devices
The app now effectively locks out users accessing the service on older Apple devices (device must be running iOS 13 or greater), rendering it useless. There’s no way around this, as the app won’t proceed until the update is made, and while Apple’s App Store allows users to DL older versions of apps, that option is useless when the soft lock is in place within the app itself. This is terrible when considering the fact that users can no longer use their functional hardware due to these sorts of software issues. Shame on the software/app devs at First Citizens for not considering this issue and permanently locking out a segment of their customer base, all because those customers don’t (or choose not to) possess the newer/newest hardware. I’m so tired of the concept of planned obsolescence, and how we are constantly conditioned and/or forced to dispense with perfectly fine things because of loss of utility. FCB isn’t alone in reinforcing this notion, and Apple would do well to investigate this issue further, so that people using their products can do so with full confidence that they will be useful so long as the hardware is functional.
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1 year ago, Mtn Dave
Painless Banking
I enjoy using the First Citizens app to do most of my banking. The ability to switch between different bank accounts and credit card accounts works great. The Bill Pay system is very friendly. I pay most all my bills using it. Once a vendor’s information is entered, you simply choose the vendor, enter the amount you’d like to pay, and the date you want to pay it, and you’re set. It’s also possible to set-up recurring payments, and you may also have vendor bills come into the system, and they will be paid unless you make a change. Another very helpful feature, particularly in times of the pandemic when you may want to not leave home, is the ability to deposit checks by using your smartphone or tablet camera. First Citizens is a great bank, and the app is no different.
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5 years ago, Random 167482
This app that I have been waiting on forever is a disappointment. When I first downloaded it I was pleased as it seemed easy to use. I assume most of the good reviews are from directly after download. Mine shows no activity since Sept 22, it is Oct 10! There have been probably 30 transactions since Sept 22. I love the company and would not trade it, but I know BoA has features on their website and app to track your spending into categories; shopping utilities etc and was really hoping for this feature so I don't have to keep manually inputting every purchase into a separate budget app. I love your bank First Citizens and appreciate the effort but your app leaves a lot to be desired.
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4 years ago, Plswhy
So done
I’m SOOOO done with either this dumb app or First Citizens themselves NEVER showing me my correct balance. Literally a couple of days ago I had $30 in my account and stopped to get food, card got declined. COOL thanks. Check my account, says -2. I start freaking the frick (pg language but like I wanna use so many vulgar words) out and accept that I spent too much money. I basically become a prude with spending for the next 2 days and check it today? $30. How do you lose $30. Like..... I don’t make that many purchases how was there $30 worth of mistakes. Like I technically was owed $4 by one of the purchases that needed to be refunded but that doesn’t explain how 32 dollars I guess was LOST. makes no sense to me and caused a lot of embarrassment looking like I can’t afford a $16 purchase. Embarrassing. and this is NOT the first time this has happened. Don’t know what’s causing it but I’d like an answer? Is it the app or the bank and why does it happen so often?
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5 years ago, Elizaveta H.
Need to improve mobile check deposit & bill pay
I would think the app is mostly fine, but the most important features - like depositing checks & doing bill pays - are not user friendly. I don’t know if it’s an app glitch or their servers, but I’ve gotten error messages on mobile check deposits, or it’s insisted that there’s a problem with the check image or amount, or the app just shuts down. As far as bill pay - it’s a bookkeeping and timing hassle that if I want to put an invoice # or note on a check, it converts it to a paper mode with a longer process. A few times since the 7 months I’ve had this account, Bill pay has failed to deliver a check by the scheduled date. The rep on the phone said, “Well we don’t guarantee the delivery of the checks by the date you requested.” And yet, there are no fine print details or links for that anywhere near the calendar field when you’re scheduling your payment.
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2 years ago, Janne Lynch
It’s ok.
This app works. I prefer the Bank of America app, as I bank at both banks. I’d like to see: 1.) easier Zelle— or a more obvious placement in the app. I Zelle a lot, but never from FCB, because I can’t find it. 2.) easier transfer between accounts / banks. I still don’t know how to do it, so I had to go into the bank in person. The teller told me I could do it on the app…… but she did not know HOW to do it, either. 3.). Different/ more bold/ bigger font. I’m in my 40’s, and I imagine most FCB customers are business people who are my age or older. Eyes for close vision are an issue. Your fonts are light and small. Not easy for people in their 40’s and beyond. 4.) instead of debits to the account in parentheses do a negative sign in front of the number. When we switched banks my COO got hung up on the parenthesis meaning withdrawal. It’s annoying…… in fact, I may even have it backwards now, that parenthesis means deposit….. I don’t know off the top of my head HOW you are doing it, and that means it’s Jargon, and you have to be more familiar with the bank/ app to understand what is going on with your accounts in real time. Hopefully the designers see this review and can improve the App! I love FCB, and I’d like to see a better app!
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3 years ago, marketodd945
Very good app, just one tweak I recommend
The app is easy to navigate and intuitive. I use it for multiple accounts and it is easy to move money. One recommendation I would make is that I am older and still use a checkbook with register. I use the register to document both my checks and electronic debits. I feel this gives me the best view overall of my accounts. BUT, it is sometimes hard when scrolling thru the debits on the app, to tell whether I have already documented that transaction in my register or not. It would help A LOT to have a check box or some designation beside each entry on the app that I can click when I document it in my register. That way I don’t have to keep searching each time I go in to reconcile my register. Thanks.
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2 years ago, First Citizen Recommendations
I have requested several times on the bill pay that you enable us to put a memo line to make some type of note when paying. PLEASE ADD MEMO LINE TO BILL PAY. It’s helpful for future reference. I had and it with One West and have it with ALL other banks (WellsFargo, City National, Chase, Union, Bank of America, Citi Bank etc.) when paying online!! Get up to speed! Also, First Citizen should provide One West customers with a minimal amount of checks FREE when starting out. I have approximately 200 One West Checks which are good for only 4 months. Can I turn them in and get First Citizen’s checks to replace them?? I wasn’t the one who changed names. I have been with First Federal & One West since the early 80’s and am now thinking of changing my primary bank to one of the others where I have an existing account as I am so disappointed with many aspects of your bank. Please reply!!
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2 years ago, BigSxzy
One star. The app is terrible. If I’d have known that First Citizens didn’t have a better mobile banking app than what’s offered I’d have never opened an account with this bank. It’s that bad. What’s actually in my account never matches what the app shows. And yes I balance my account regularly. And no the bank can’t explain why this is an issue. Was in the bank just last week over this exact issue. Only resolution I get offered is, “We can open an investigation.” Yet nothing ever comes from that option. If you go out to eat and leave a tip on your card, the tip will NEVER EVER show up as being charged on your card, just the cost of the meal. So there is always THAT discrepancy hanging out there also. Which just adds to the original issue of what’s actually in your account never matching what the bank says is in your account. Horrible app. Horrible bank. I’m already looking to move my money. Again.
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2 months ago, Meeka A
My Experience with First Citizens Terrible Bank
I thought this banking experience was going to be a pleasant one. However that hasn’t been the case they don’t protect your money. If you are looking for a trusted financial institution keep going . Your money will be long gone and these people have no backbone you will just be out of money. The communication is very poor you are not notified as to what’s going on with your account, this has in fact been the worst bank I’ve ever encountered. I would never recommend anyone to entrust their monies here . Unless you just have monies to give away , dealing with a bank like this it’s bound to happen. Then you ask for a supervisor, they don’t return your call until days later this bank should really be shut down. To have been around so long and then turn to be trash is terrible I have told world how terrible you treat your customers and will send nobody here !
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5 years ago, WritingIsFun
Antiquated and dysfunctional
This app drives me nuts. It should be able to do face or fingerprint recognition, as all the other financial institutions now allow, but it doesn’t. I see that the app advertises it supports Touch and Face ID, but so far, mine does not. It also rejects my password when I enter it the first time, even though I am careful and slow about entering. I enter the same password the second time, and I’m in. Very annoying. It would be nice if I could opt to see my password as I’m typing it. Most apps offer that option now. Then, one of the features I need the most, Pay People, is never functional. When I called customer service, they said it would be up by the end of the day. WEEKS later, it was still down. I gave up trying. It also puts decimals for the dollar amounts in funky places, then tells me I’m entering the dollar amount wrong, but gives me no way to correct it. I feel like First Citizens if very far behind the technological curve.
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8 months ago, Unhappy w/you!
Review for my rating
Normally I would have given you a good rating but last month I put bills to be paid on or after our payday which as a retiree it is the 3rd Wednesday of the month NOT a certain date. It was to be paid the 19th but came out of my account on the 17th which was very stressful for me because I wasn’t sure if you were going to take others out early as well. Tried to call you several times, left several messages but was unable to talk to a person. Finally after MANY calls I talked to a real person that said she couldn’t help me and I would have to call back & talk to someone else. She gave me no name or number to reach this person who could help me. Feel very disappointed in your customer service & uncomfortable with the fact you took money out days before the scheduled date.8
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1 year ago, upgrade denied
Upgrading I thought was to enhance, to improve, to make tasks easier… not for me. My tablet that worked perfectly one day was not supportive the next day. So, to the iPhone I go, not what I’m used to but I’ll give it a try. Everything was okay except I can no longer enter memo type info to identify what the money is to be applied to. So, I send an email asking for help. I received a reply by email telling me to do what was the norm before the “Update” which I am unable to do now. I am a senior citizen so i sought help from my son and then my very technical granddaughter. They came to the same conclusion I did. I tried visiting my local branch, no help. I searched the phone number for technical support, I haven’t found it yet but I haven’t searched all that hard. For the first time in a very long time I had to hand write a check. I guess I was spoiled.
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5 years ago, MissNapoleon
Slow on trends, but reliable
I’ve been a member of First Citizens bank for probably 20+ years. I’ve taken advantage of online banking and mobile banking as soon as they came available. I patiently awaited the apps’s ability to use fingerprint to sign in, which was MUCH later than other banks, but it finally came and I’ve been happy. I love that we’re always aware of when maintenance will be done & what functions will be unavailable. The only additional feature I can think of that would be beneficial is credit score monitoring. Most other banks provide that as well & progress tracking can be viewed via the app. I hope that is coming soon
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2 weeks ago, Rachel1030!
Ok, but could be better.
For the most part it works pretty well, but the interface is clunky and it's clustered. I would like to be able to remove things like Manage My Money which is above the account info. If I don't want to use it, it would be nice to remove so that I could see the account info all at once. It's a little buggy, too. If you're looking at an account and hit the back button it often takes you to the login page instead of going back to the account overview. I just moved from Truist and their app is much better, much cleaner and easier to find things. I hope this one continues to be tweaked to make it better.
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3 years ago, mokedike
Account Transactions:
To whom it may concern, The date of the receipt being transacted needs to be put on the on-line account also instead of the later date when it hit the account. Sometimes all of us as customers have “pending” listed above the transaction or the transaction hasn’t appeared on the account yet & when it does hit the account, the date that it hit the account appears instead of the “actual” or “original” transaction date. Please see what you can do about “fixing” or “correcting” this problem where our transactions that occur on one date & post at a later date with the latter date showing as the transaction date. Thank you & God bless😎😁🙌🙏💯👍🏻✅
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1 year ago, saprra
I figured it out
Since my balance wasn’t updated in real time. I thought I had the full dollars. Found that I purchased another item from the full amount the previous day. Causing a payment failure of two tries. It has been resolved when it charged the back up. So the reflective balance was from the previous purchase. Not that they haven’t return the charge. Today I did my calculations for purchases and found out what I did. It’s so easy to forget when I’m having fun. Also that I used a lot of payment method. Easy to not keep track.
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9 months ago, bdjdjxiwbdv
Unreliable, Uninformative, Uncaring
I just recently had to report a fraud and replace my card. I was unable to do so from the app and was directed to customer support. I was reissued a new card and the Representative was friendly and did what I needed as far as mailing out a new card and canceling the bad one. I was never told why/when/where/what company the charges were made or came from, I work in a billing department it’s pretty easy info to get, or if there was even a way to file a dispute against them and make sure I’m no longer being billed by the companies I received fraudulent charges from. So I will be closing my account in the near future it’s too risky for me to have to hunt down answers and stay on hold from someone who is supposed to keep and protect my money especially when I don’t really make a whole lot of it.
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4 years ago, ZachTB89
Too cumbersome
Getting to many of the options and menus take too many steps. Ex: I want to see my transfers past and future rather than clicking on something like “transfers” I have to click on “manage online activity” individuals not very tech savvy will miss out on many of the features too complicated to find. I have nothing positive to say about the online bill pay system - it does not include eBills, seems random when checks are sent or electronically, large companies that should be electronic receive checks which increases risk of getting lost in the mail and missing payments. Moving from BoA to First Citizens has been a nightmare because this app is so subpar. “Manage my money”doesn’t work either - all accounts eventually stop refreshing and you need to input an IT ticket to get it fixed...
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8 months ago, Clodzinski
There are way better bank apps
I use 4 different bank apps and this one by far is the worst. If all you want to do is check your account balance then it’s fine but to pay bills -it is so unreliable. Sometimes the payee names don’t show up, or it took to long to process the payment request and timed out OR what about the times “Bill Pay isn’t available, try again later” message pops up. Let’s talk about the Zelle feature - most of the time it is SO SLOW I’m afraid the app will time out!! This app is supposed to make my life easier...
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5 years ago, Gail Pernell
Do Your Job Internet Police .........
Someone keeps disabling my Facial Recognition over & over to get into my account to spy. No one has my Power of Attorney & has no right to be going in and out of my bank account. The law should go after them. I have reported it to First Citizens Bank. I have reported it to Verizon. First Citizens Bank Said it is Verizon & Verizon said it was Verizon. Sounds like the law should decide. Gail Pernell 🙂 I love my FCB APP, but I am still having trouble with facial recognition sometimes not working on Social Security pay day & State Retirement payday. I have also had other personal things stolen & all my bank cards compromised.
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3 years ago, 1mack168
The user was not in mind when making the app
I switched from chase to first citizens when I moved here and chase bank is what I miss most. The chase app was so much easier to use because it wasn’t just the website saved to an app. Apps should not be set up like a website. And helpful tips should not be necessary. Nothing is organized on here or user friendly. I’m in my twenties and should not feel like I’m looking at a computer for the first time. Also the delay between a purchase and when it shows on the app is insane. With all of my other banks it would show up in minutes. Some of my purchases take DAYS to show up. The app is to keep track of stuff like that but now I have to track my purchases to watch the app!
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4 years ago, Raleigh Golfer
Okay, could be better
I use this app to pay my bills as soon as I open them, so I don't have to wait until I'm at a computer. A couple problems with the mobile bill-pay: It only brings up 10 billers at a time, in alphabetical order (an extra tap or 2 if you have more than 10 billers); When you are scheduling a bill, it lets you pick dates that are not valid (weekends, holidays) and doesn't tell you until you've already tried to confirm the payment. Then you have to get out, check the dates, log back in, and do the whole process again. If these problems get fixed, the app would easily get 4 or 5 stars from me.
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1 year ago, Laurenb1234567890
Mr. B
Love it and have used the app for years! Local branch has been great for the last 15-20 years or so. Only one is still there. She is the most helpful, and kind business associated person I have had the pleasure to do business dealings with. Danielle is her name in Swansboro North Carolina, she is spectacular and everyone I know that is doing business with first citizens certainly would tell you the same I'm happy to have her still in our bank. I have lost everyone else, including the last two. And I have been friends she is real company person and I know
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10 months ago, disappointed123987
At every other Bank WFB,B of A, USB, that i bank with, this bank is the most frustrating to work with. The simple act of sending money to someone using Zelle is so dam frustrating. You demand the persons contact number,& email address and finally that it can take up to 24 hr for the funds, I send via to appear in their account, is preposterous. Every one of the banks I listed above requires the persons name and contact number and the transfer of funds is immediate. I also hate the fact that when I write a ck for over $500- I get a call from the bank branch to confirm the payees name, the amount, the ck number and the date of the check. This happens every time & I about to transfer my funds to another bank. These security measures are so over the top it’s ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Dylan1998Burney.
Fast and easy to use app
I have been banking with first citizens for 5 years now and have never had a bad experience in any branch from any teller or banker. I have personal and friendly relationships with multiple people at multiple branches I frequent, and the App makes banking with first citizens that much better of an experience. It quickly uploads transactions on your account and immediately lets you know if someone is trying to get into your account. Overall no complaints from me for the bank or the app. Great job guys!
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10 months ago, Tammy036
Love this mobile banking app
I’ve had FCB for about four years and haven’t had any issues yet! I love how transparent they are and how they aim to make sure that I am always satisfied with my banking experience online and through customer service. The security features are top notch. Having had my identity stolen before, I was skeptical about opening bank accounts again but I see now that I made the right choice. I’ve recommended this bank to my family and friends and they are satisfied as well!
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5 years ago, Chrissy,RN
Most convenient financial app I’ve ever used
I use this app almost every day and sometimes multiple times a day. It is the most convenient financial app I’ve ever used plus it updates me via text whenever there has been a deposit made into my account or if there is any suspicious activity that has occurred. This app lets me do nearly anything I want with my account or between accounts such as transferring money from savings into checking with just the use of my phone. I have been using it for years and it has not let me down yet!!!
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5 days ago, bhfdcgy
I love the fact I can accomplish most of my financial tasks with this app however, I deplore looking at all the linked accounts that are closed for one reason or another. It is not a fair representation of my finances when, for example, I have two “conventional mortgages” if you look at my account however; I only have one mortgage. This insinuates I an 65k more in debt than I actually am. There are closed visa accounts and an old cap line account. Each of these account tabs had an tab stating the account will be updated. HOW LONG DOES THAT TAKE. It has been almost a year for most of them. I am extremely frustrated!!
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6 months ago, Mhj23
Greatest Bank very friendly Bank in Greer SC
I have been dealing with First Citizen Greer branch for going on 17 years. All the people that work at this brand are the friendliest people always with a smile and call me by my name when in the bank. I like the app and it is user friendly I can check my balance transfer money if I need to and finally the corporate office is great as well. I have recommended several of my friends to do business with 1st Citizens and my son as well who lives in NC. Thank you for your service
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4 years ago, KentCunn
Unreliable alerts
I have friends that work at this bank, therefore I will maintain my account. The online function is frustrating. The alerts do not always work. After not getting a low balance alert several times, I changed it to have it send me a daily balance. This is still not reliable. New problem: when I edited a payees’ address, it does update on app. I initially thought the payment was going to be sent to wrong address, do I called customer service and found out that it was updated properly. I could not delete payee and reenter information since a payment was pending. I was transferred to three people to find out why app did not update - and their solution was to tell me to use a desktop
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10 months ago, Carltasticdhdnff
Terrible app.
The bank is OK, I bank with Wells Fargo, Chase, and Navy Federal, and First Citizens, the First Citizens app is definitely lacking compared to the others. All of the other banking apps I have, I can effortlessly move my money between my accounts….. or set up things like automatic payments to my loan, for First Citizens, this takes an act of God to move money out to other banks. And just set up an auto payment for my loan I had to call them and they needed to email me a bunch of random document I needed to sign, and also when an account is delinquent, he doesn’t tell you how much you need to pay, or even give you an indication that a payment is due on the main screen. unless you click on the account, then go into payments.
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2 years ago, SCGuy1977
App is just “ok”
We have a business account for a non-profit organization. The app is ok for checking balances and transferring funds. It becomes a little more difficult to use bill pay, and mobile deposits of checks is very troublesome. I use other banking apps for my personal banking and they are much more user friendly and I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with depositing a check. With FCMB I get the “Endorsement not present” error when clearly it is there(we use a stamp). I have to physically write something above the stamped endorsement and it will sometimes help it go through. That’s the function we need the most as we deposit donations regularly. That’s why I gave 2 stars.
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2 years ago, Online Banking Site Review
Online banking
Always room for improvement. Seems to be under maintenance more than I am used to compared to another bank I use online for. Occasionally, the debits won’t subtract from the balance for a few hours after a purchase. I am not thrilled about typing my password into my iphone every time I sign in, because passwords do not save even though I have the app. There are times when atm fees appear and I don’t know why, where or what the purchase was it was connected to, so it can be tricky to track. Overall, it is user friendly. However, I wish they you may consider the above changes.
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4 years ago, Your tiny face
Definitely Worth Having
First of all, it’s nice that FC has an app available, because some banks do not. Secondly, the app functions well for the most part. Your account balance stays up to date in real time. Ie: if you make a transaction, your new balance is immediately displayed. The only reason I rate it 4 instead of 5 stars is that you have the option to transfer funds from one FC bank account to another FC bank account, which is great, but it takes days for it to process and actually transfer the funds which makes it kind of pointless in most cases. Overall, it’s worth having and I’m glad I do.
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2 years ago, difficulttosendnegreviews
Review for lousy security
For more than 30 years, we were clients of another bank. About a year ago we decided to move our accounts to First Citizens. Within the past 5 months, our First Citizens checking account has been hacked into it twice. While these fraudulent charges are being corrected by First Citizens, I have lost faith that you are able to provide us with secure banking services. Even though these losses are only a few hundred dollars, it is a big inconvenience to have to shut down a card, change banking info, and wait a week for a new card to be issued. And to have it happen twice within a few months?!?! It’s oblivious that you need to improve the security you provide your customers.
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4 years ago, Insaneiam. Sir Moobs
I started my account during this covid19 due to reloading due to my states job market crash. I have had problems from day 1 here with the bank. I’ve deposited my checks online every week like always and they go through the next day most times. I deposit my check this week a day earlier Thursday at 3pm online deposit cause I was told by the bank it is directly done now they tell me it will not be available till maybe Monday?? They sent 22 messages saying the banks will be closed during the covid19 times but however never not 1 message saying the inside banks are open. What’s the point of your online banking if it doesn’t help the customers needs? No other bank makes you wait like this to receive your money from your account!
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9 months ago, Is it only me?
Intuitive and Essential
FC Mobile Banking app has been a work in progress and has improved over the years. The user can easily access accounts, make transfers, pay bills and people, deposit money, and transfer money to and from other banking institutions. It is sometimes difficult tracking down and changing transfer activity and it is a little cumbersome to make a quick change to a scheduled bill pay. That said, the app is slowly working the bugs out and getting better every day.
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10 months ago, Eula M
First Citizens Mobile Banking
I am very happy with the mobile banking! It is easy to access, so convenient, and I wouldn’t want to be without it now. If there are ever any question, banking staff are easy to reach by phone, and quickly and easily resolve any issues. Since using FCMB, I have been able to better manage my finances, and even better monitor any fraudulent activity. The earlier these things are found, the sooner they can be resolved! Love FCMB, and will continue to use it regularly!! Cathy Finley
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1 year ago, Leum Leum
Great App!
This is a great app and app design. I have used this app over the years and I have never had a problem with any of its features. Using this app has saved me time over the years with its convenient mobile features. Mobile check deposit and money transfers work flawlessly. Sometimes when an app works great, or as advertised, the consumer takes it for granted. In this case I wanted to give “kudos” to First Citizens and their app design team for their great work.
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3 years ago, CaDiLLAcStyle03
Forgotten credentials..
Needs better organic app support to retrieve online credentials when forgotten. Personally I believe you should be able to get this information through a set of retrieval tools inside the app. May be a little easier as well with questions to be answered. I don’t think you should have to call a human being to get support to be able to log In. Other than that I really can’t say a negative word. It seems like they have fix my previous issue with scrolling inside the mortgage payment area of the app. I’m very appreciative of that recent fix.
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2 months ago, re-runreturns
This app often freezes at the most inopportune and times and is inconvenient. Zelle link will not work alot of time as well. When attempting to open zelle the entire FCB app will click off continuously. Also, sometimes when opening the FCB app it will go directly into checking account, when tap back button the app will close. In most times all my accounts will display normally. If that makes since. This app can be very frustrating to operate. It’s obvious the technology is not the best. Overall, the app is mediocre. One last thing the app will also freeze when attempting to do an inter-transfer.
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8 months ago, JM@NB
I gave it five stars because it is well laid out and easy to navigate. I use my phone exclusively so haven’t tried it with my computer. The only glitch I had was trying to deposit a check using the phone and it wouldn’t let me make the deposit after taking a picture front and back. Hopefully they can fix that. I will give a shout out to the folks who work at the FCB on Broad St in New Bern NC. They are fantastic and provide excellent customer support.
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5 years ago, Palukoshka
This app doesn’t always give you your correct balance. Sometimes it won’t show you specific purchases until you overdraft. Also, when you pay a balance back it adds it to one of your other accounts, giving a false balance for a couple of days. They do everything they can so you can’t close your account. As soon as I paid off my balances, to switch banks, I got charged for something I have already been charged for three days prior, putting me in the negative. I called the hotel that made the transaction and they confirmed that they only charged me once. In my opinion, this app (and bank) is a perfect example of fraudulent white collar criminal activity. Would not be surprised if they get sued big time. Switching to BOA.
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