First City Credit Union Mobile

4.8 (3K)
40.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
First City Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for First City Credit Union Mobile

4.84 out of 5
3K Ratings
5 years ago, Rey not happy
Real time
Great app! Real time on bank information and have no problems with bank transactions. I never have to go to the bank.
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11 months ago, auntialias
Banking and bill pay features: excellent: Locations map: horrible horrible horrible
App does a good job w banking features. Account updates, mobile deposit, etc are all good. Like. Those get a 4 or 5 star rating. However, this app (and the Co-op branches app:map) used to have a functional map but then they modified the user interface and it’s horrible. Tap locations and a map appears. All sorts of locations appear and the map zooms out. For a person who lives in a major metropolis (Los Angeles County has a population greater than all but 8 or 9 states in the USA), I do not want to zoom away from where I am to see dozens and dozens of map icons for the entire Los Angeles area! When I tap the locate me icon (icon design itself is cumbersome and unintuitive, I need to take extra moments each time I look at icons to see which one to use), the map briefly centers to where I am and! then! it! zooms! way! out! again! Showing me, again, a crowded mess of dozens of icons. Can I tap the + button to zoom in on my location? No. I mean, the zoom in function does zoom in, but zooms into a center of some predefined area that has nothing to do with my location. In order to find locations on the map, I am forced to pinch in and pinch in to manually zoom to my location. Each and every time. The emotional message I get from this map functionality is, “Go Away, Don’t Use me, We the app developers hate you, user. We hate you we hate you we hate you.”
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1 year ago, jyang5
It’s okay
All the basic online banking features are all included, but Zelle feature needs to be improved. 1. When I launched First City CU app, I can open Zelle only the first time after the app launches. If I jumped to Account and came back to Zelle, then it will give me the black screen. I can no longer access Zelle till I close the app and relaunch it. 2. My family and friends want to add my Zelle and send me money, but they’ve been getting difficulty to do so. They can’t send money to me right away when adding me. They need to wait for a couple days to send me money after adding me which it doesn’t make any sense to me. Zelle is the feature that we used the most, and it is not acceptable if Zelle doesn’t work properly. I wish the app will get improved soon.
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3 years ago, ChelseaRebecca92
I would give this app 5 stars, except I’d like to be able to rearrange the accounts in an order of my choosing—however, that does not seem to be an option through the mobile app. I can rearrange on the website with no issues, but I’d like that order to reflect on the app.
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6 years ago, claritamimi
Handy dandy application
I don’t know what I would do with this handy dandy First City Credit Union application. I can do most of my banking through it. And it’s always within immediate reach!
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5 years ago, A1 KIRK
Use of website
Once it was installed on my phone. With help from the Credit union staff it is so easy to use.
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4 years ago, LACOUNTY OG
Great Customer Service
Quick and friendly.
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8 months ago, grannygirl3
Thanks for the great service enjoy banking with you
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3 years ago, Funkystar056
This app is ok. It would be better if the app would be set up to give notifications like other mobile banking apps.
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6 years ago, LinaCano
Proud Customer
They are alway so helpful and build a personal connection , me and my husband enjoy going to the branch !
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1 year ago, Smw78
Not working
I am unable to make mobile deposits. Any suggestions? I have deleted the app and reinstalled it.
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6 years ago, Nick177098
Update with Face ID
I love this app it’s easy to use. I would just like an update so I can login using Face ID.
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5 years ago, Soulcab74
It’s solid with the basic bank apps. This needs an update to allow pmts from person to person and transfer between banks. Some thing like Zelle.
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1 year ago, macmanca
Mobile Deposit Not Working
My mobile deposit is not working since the update. Tells me I need to rotate my IPhone even though I have rotated my iPhone. Very frustrating since I love mobile deposit.
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4 years ago, Zend0@mac
Love this app. It does everything I need it to do and more. Thank you
Love this app!
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4 years ago, Zackiery
I had to wait all weekend for my mobile deposit to come through... the whole point of doing a mobile deposit is to be faster. I’m at never recommending this credit union to any one. Arrowhead credit union is way better
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5 years ago, raquitoby
First time user
Wonderful and convenient.
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4 years ago, 1st credit
Awesome credit union
Great Employees! Very helpful every time...I LOVE my credit union
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5 years ago, Mjmz66
My Favorite App
Never had an issue w/ this app... 5 star
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6 months ago, Eli Tanenbaum
Easy to use
Nice app
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7 months ago, Phthalowolf
My Zelle section doesn’t work and is a blank white screen, cannot use the Zelle app since my banking app has a Zelle feature that doesn’t work, now I can’t use Zelle at all
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3 years ago, SilentsChick
App is ok
Linking accounts should be easier, Zelle should be available and billpay/transfers should be quicker
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2 years ago, mikeSBkicks
No Zelle
Wish the app Zelle to be able to send money quickly to others. In stead I have to find an ATM that’s not near by
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4 years ago, Eddie spagetty
The best.
The best banking service. Member for 30 years.
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4 years ago, niffeecent
Really good app
I love this app it’s really fast and
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6 years ago, Chinchee69
It’s ok
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1 year ago, Homotastic
Mobile deposit broken!!!
Not working
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3 years ago, bri_o96
Can’t log in
Can’t log in for the past two weeks
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5 years ago, gespensen
Latest release lost Touch ID
Used to be a good app. The latest release lost Touch ID. Must manually enter password no 1Password support.
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1 year ago, vhechav
Bad app
Mobile deposit doesnt work
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3 years ago, Yo No Zelle
No online transfer cash app.
No cash app
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11 years ago, LDAB7
The Best
Love this app. Was not able to use bill pay on web site. Now I can and it makes everything soooooooo easy!!!!! Finally, something that works excellent and I can actually use it!
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3 years ago, gfkjhsu
All this bank does is lie to you
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9 years ago, CieraMychele
Great if you want to save money!
It's an awesome app, when it actually works. However, this is now the 9th or 10th time (at least) that I have been unable to access my account because it says the "application isn't working". There have also been so many times that I try to transfer money and it says it "can't access account information" and, therefore, I'm unable to get money without driving to the bank and taking cash out. (Which completely defeats the purpose of the app.) So, hey, if you're looking to be completely frustrated in line at the store without money in your checkings because you made the mistake of transferring your paycheck over to your savings, and now can't even log into your account, then congratulations! This is the app for you!
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11 years ago, Stan Skeez
Great app
Finally, this is a very functional app, my only wish is that you can view the break down of your activity like you can on the website, otherwise it is awesome
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9 years ago, Marcela Caramel
Fantastic App!
This app is one of my favorites! It's easy to use and I can log in quickly with just the touch of my fingerprint. It's super simple and I get a fast access to my account. I just love it!
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9 years ago, Frisley
Great app but...
I would really like to deposit checks via the app like other banking apps allow. It's hard to find the time to go to my credit union just to deposit a check. Otherwise, awesome and simple to use.
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8 years ago, Niaomiya
Easy-to-use app
The First City mobile app is so easy to use! I use the mobile deposit function all the time, and it's easy to check balances.
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8 years ago, SkyZeleste
Love the app
I love the app comes in handy when I need my balances instead of finding the nearest ATM. Just needs a little updating on my balances when I spend.
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8 years ago, My "go to" for books
This app is truly MOBILE!!
I love this app! Very easy to use and figure out. I love the basic and simplified format. I can do anything with it from my phone! Keep up the good work!
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8 years ago, snc24
So useful now with all the new updates! Quick view balances and check deposit straight from the app. Yes!
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9 years ago, Minniett323
Love remote deposit
Love that FCCU App is an all around banking app. Now I can take pics of checks remotely without having to drive into the city! Keep up the good work!!!
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10 years ago, miterca
Great...just need to add balance to every line
Love this app...looks great and navigates beautifully...really enjoy using it...only complaint is that they add the balance to every transaction line like it shows u on desktop
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9 years ago, Mr. Dibbs
Simple and Convenient.
This app has not failed me once. And now that they have Mobile Deposit, fewer trips to the bank/ATM.
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10 years ago, LanaDB
Great App!
Great app! Works well on the go. Would have given it five star rating, but the mobile app does not allow me to add to bill pay. I have to find a desk top or lab top for any additions to bill pay.
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9 years ago, MOMMYRV
Love my Firstcity app!
I am on a tight budget and use my app daily to make sure I'm on track. I love how easy it is to use. I never have any trouble.
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9 years ago, Ms SD
Awesome and easy
I love the fact that the credit union had moved into the 21st century especially allowing photo deposit. Terrific app!!!
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9 years ago, Wting465
I like it!
Much, much better than the old one. Thank you First City Credit! Very user friendly. Great job.
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9 years ago, Félix Culpa
Nice UI
This app works very well. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. Thanks for doing such a good job.
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11 years ago, loveadubdab
Great Job
Keeping with the best in Apps, it is simple, straightforward, very easy to use. Far better than the website. Nice.
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