First Comm Credit Union Mobile

1.8 (41)
47.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Community Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Comm Credit Union Mobile

1.78 out of 5
41 Ratings
2 months ago, Spodie4554
Cant login
This app was working great for awhile, then just recently tried logging in and it says “invalid credentials” even though everything is correct. I even changed my password thinking i may have somehow forgotten it, this isn't the first time it’s happened either, eventually it fixed itself, but last night it happened again and still nothing, i have no way of controlling my money, this app needs a major update because its the only thing i use to pay and manage my bills
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2 years ago, Racso562
Was working well until recently
The app was working well (could check everything I need, etc). Isn’t the prettiest app, but it overall works just fine. Recently after I had to reset my phone to factory settings the app now says it needs to send a PIN of some kind to verify I am the person logging in. However when the pop up shows up, there are no options to get a text, call, email, etc. Is this because of the information (or lack thereof) that’s currently in the system and needs to be updated on the website itself?
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2 years ago, Bluemeh
App needs some help
Multiple time has this app not recognize my face or login information, even though everything is correct. I’ve had to change my password a couple of times and it still doesn’t work after awhile.
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3 months ago, G.G.Lórien
Log in failure - app needs support
After many years of use, I am now getting an ‘Invalid Credentials’ pop up, which then locks me out of the website. Update password on the website and try logging in again on the app and ‘Invalid Credentials’ both on app and website; an infinite loop…. App updates are only once a year, which doesn’t build any confidence since this IS a banking app. Sad to have to delete this as I preferred the clean interface compared to the website.
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1 year ago, Lak4321
Fix this app!
We need to be able to quickly and easily view and transfer funds. Please fix your app asap! I can’t even login, as it says “security channel selection” but there are no options to select. I’m VERY big on fast and affective tools - had I known I can’t use the app to manage my finances, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to use First Community Credit Union. This needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, Annasfd
The app login eventually always fails. I’ve tried multiple times to get back on and nothing. It says security channel selection at the bottom while a circle spins like it’s doing something. You can’t see the bottom to choose anything.
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2 months ago, Psnov04
Mobile deposit works 50% of the time
The other half of the time it comes up with an error message that data hasn’t been sent.
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2 years ago, mo tajdar
Hard time to use the app.
I have been having problems for past few weeks . It is very hard to log in . Please fix the issue. Every time I have to call and end up having the same issue. I am thinking of closing my account unless I am given the complete fix for this broken app.
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1 year ago, lizzypoo22
Worst app
At first i had the quick view enabled. Then it kept signing me out and the quick view quit working. Now it won’t even let me sign in. It keeps saying answer a security question below, there isn’t any question to answer, only the cancel button
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2 months ago, Dixiebug55
Useless most of the time
I get so frustrated not being able to open the app either by facial recognition or by entering my login. The only reason I use this bank is because it’s a Credit Union but I’m beginning to think I should try a different one.
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1 year ago, MrsBayR
Says not recognize account
I usually don’t leave reviews but this really needs fixed, it won’t allow me to sign in I can sign in the web just find but the app won’t allow me to sign in its ridiculous! Id leave zero stars if it let me!
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2 years ago, Preston Clan
Used to be great
My app hasn’t worked properly for at least a year now. I’m constantly having to re-enter all my login info. It doesn’t save like it use to.
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3 months ago, OCnative1964
Worked great until a week ago
Had no issues until a week ago. Now can’t get it to log in at all. Tried resetting the PW nothing. Having issues with the Web site as well Might be time to move my $$
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1 year ago, devgonzo
Needs update
Can’t log on mobile anymore due to a security message popping up after I log in. It says “choose an option below” and the only option is cancel… useless app right now.
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3 months ago, matilijapoppy
no running balance for each transaction
the previous version of the app provided a running balance with each and every transaction. now it does not. what is the point? this app is no longer of any use. i called support and was told that i just needed to push the arrow to the right of the transaction and the balance would show. but, it does not show.
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10 months ago, bigspendy
Doesn’t work
I wish they would fix the problem that the other reviews mentioned, the app just doesn’t work after a while and I can’t get it to work again
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7 months ago, Card1000
Update won’t work
Did the APP update and now it won’t open
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2 years ago, normm2
Does not work
I’ve given up on this worthless app. Since the update it will not accept my credentials to access my account. Talking to customer service is a joke “ delete the app and reinstall it might work then” great advise.
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12 months ago, Mobile deposit not working
Mobile banking deposits
Unable to make mobile deposits with the app
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2 years ago, tcbhfdch
Security channels
This app has stopped working, it says no security channels available, does not allow you to log in, please help!!!!
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2 years ago, sinette2
App broken again
Will not remember my password. Every time I sign out it forgets my information. Really liked the app before the changes. It’s almost not worth using anymore. Please work out your bugs with iPhones. Not able to sign in again. Gives error when trying to get to the sign on page. Please update your mobile application if you expect people to use it.
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1 year ago, Wkcijdhe
App does not work
App simply does not work at all
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1 year ago, vassoc2
Stopped working
App stopped working
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5 months ago, 1235:!86)(7$
not working
was working but now isn’t and it’s just saying invalid credentials 🙄
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2 years ago, drakeboolin
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3 years ago, Tanyasvgs
Use a different bank
Simple things become hard with this credit union. If you never leave your small town and only deposit and withdraw from you account, then sure, fine - you’ll be ok. But, heaven forbid you travel out of the USA, or request anything or try to use the chat on this app and you see just how amateur they are. No answers for questions, wait days for a response via email, only to get no response at all, And their ‘system’ is always slow. So slow in fact that the chat will try to boot you out because you’ve been waiting to long for the ‘system’ and you have to start your session all over again. It’s incredibly frustrating and there is a reason why so many people use larger banks, because waiting for customer service should at the very least get you answers.
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4 years ago, progredi
3 years since the last version
I’ve had this app and it worked fine until my iPhone updated. Now the app won’t stay open for a second. I just checked to see if I needed to update the app and I see the latest version is 3 years old! I realize you are a small company but one updated version a year to keep up with technology would be nice.
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10 years ago, Mletrans
Works great
I have used this app a lot and it is great. I am able to transfer funds, pay bills, check balances etc and I like that. I did have to learn that so see all accounts you have to check them off on your home PC online to tell the app which accounts you want to show up on your phone.
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3 years ago, NKillians
Unable to launch app
Broken since last iOS upgrade a few months ago. I don’t normally leave feedback but this is unacceptable. I end up having to use the mobile site or wait to log into my main PC. Please fix this..... If you can’t keep a mobile banking app running for your members then how can we trust you with our money? At the very least put out a statement that you are working to find a solution. Please don’t make me reconsider this as my primary bank.
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4 years ago, Seabee_Chris
Easy to use, but...
I found this app pretty easy to set up and use. The only reason I downloaded it was for the mobile deposit feature. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the daily deposit amount is only $2500. My paycheck is more than that. Everything else I would need to do with mobile banking I can do on the website. Therefore, this app is useless to me. Deleted.
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9 years ago, rthurman947
Easy to use & lots of features!
Love this online banking app. I use it everyday and enjoy being able to view check images, pending transactions, and transfer funds. Never have any issues with it!
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12 years ago, Hardworkinggal123
Needs work
This app is constantly freezing on me and takes forever to open to the sign in page. Would be very helpful if it was a little better.
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4 years ago, robault
I like the account preview that lets me see balances without having to login. Transfers are easy peasy and it’s nice to see the history on mobile. I’m very happy with the app and I’m glad our community credit union offers it.
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12 years ago, Ahlgrim11
So far, so good
No problem logging in once I set the mobile settings through the online account. It really helped to follow the directions instead of trying to launch directly from the app. Ideas for future updates - Ability to deposit checks through the app. Remember my password.
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2 years ago, Gheienvjgsignend
Junk app
Seriously?!? Why can’t you make this app functional?? It’s for banking so it’s pretty important to people. Now I suddenly can’t make mobile deposits … no matter how I take the picture it errs EVERY TIME! I use to be able to process mobile deposits. I have 3 bank accts with different banks and this banking app is the worse I’ve ever used. I’m actually thinking I’m gonna pull my accts because I’m tired of this.
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2 years ago, Pupperdo
Mobile check deposit errors every time
It worked for me once and now every time I try to deposit a check it gives me an error! So frustrating I specifically wanted a bank that had this feature because I deposit a lot of checks now I have to go to the bank each time. Go with a different bank this app is garbage.
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2 years ago, Cayde-6!
Forgets express mode and very difficult
Have to constantly re-enter information to have express mode enabled. And mobile deposit is unnecessarily difficult, literally impossible. Follow video and guidance and can’t get to take picture of front of check - shouldn’t even HAVE feature if its going to be such a ridiculous amount of effort.
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6 years ago, Pikapeg
Easy to use! I love being able to log in using my fingerprint & transferring money while on the go takes seconds!
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3 years ago, JarrodRM
App unresponsive
Got a car loan through First Community, kind of regretting it now. After months of using the app to pay the monthly fee, the app randomly won’t let me log in. Telling me I need to “enroll in online banking” online. I go to a computer and can log into my account just fine. Not sure why the app is still not working.
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11 years ago, Mouse@630
Not impressed
I cannot log into the app. I went step by step instructions from online account, checked box to enable mobile access, everything, installed and uninstalled 3 times, and every time I try to log in I get an error message that says there was an error in loading the page please re-log in. Not sure where to go from here.
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2 years ago, Dani129886211
Mobile deposit stopped working
This is the most glitchy app ever… half the time it errors when I try to log in, and after the last update it errors every time I try to do a mobile deposit. What’s the point of offering that if it’s not even going to work.
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3 years ago, Cassssssnadrxxxxxx
Not good
The app did great in the beginning, but now it will load into the app and as soon as I put all my information in and go to log in, the app crashes and closes. So the app is completely useless to me since it doesn’t work anymore, an update would be really nice so I could actually use the app.
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4 years ago, Gerriynb
Difficult to open app
Often kicks me out when I’m trying to log on . Often takes several tries to get the app to stay open long enough to put in my own.
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5 years ago, #Rubyism
If I could give it a NEGATIVE 5 starts I WOULD!
This app is literally so glitchy it only works 1/10 times. It is practically the worst app I have on my phone. I only have it because sometimes I need a mobile look at my account, and if it takes 20 times to actually log into my account, it’s better than not. Still, it’s the worse.
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11 years ago, Henry Sullivan
The app works great! For all the folks complaining that it doesn't work; try adjusting mobile settings online as instructed!
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2 years ago, wjamess
Left me stranded!!!
Multiple times this app has failed to open or the network is down when I need to move money around my accounts. I’ve had to put half of my items back and almost could not pay for dinner because of this issue. TERRIBLE
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5 years ago, Michael Bigelow
Very problematic app and website. I had a hard time enrolling; took me over a hour. I finally got it set up then a few days later I tried to sign in again and the website and app didn’t accept any of my information. I tried re-enrolling again. Still can’t access the site.
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3 years ago, StickamGillan
What’s going on?
This last update, still says “Touch ID” even though it’s Face ID nowadays. Also, every single time I open this app I have to agree to the terms and re login. What? Why? Who’s the developer that can’t make an iOS app in 2021??? Also logs out every 4 uses. Ugh.
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3 years ago, Alvin Jet
Fast & Easy
Very easy to use! No need to go on a web browser, thumbs up! 👍🏽 👍🏽
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2 years ago, The PR Guy
Awful, get your act together
This app is completely unreliable. I load it, delete it over and over. Over 4 years it has hardly ever worked. It’s truly useless to customers. Throw it out and start from scratch… please!
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