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First Command Bank
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for First Command MobileCommand™

4.77 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
2 years ago, JT7693
Worst of my 6 banking apps
I’ve been a FCB customer for over 15 years. The single thing that kept me here in the early years was the web banking capability. In the early 2000’s it was the best. Over the years others have absolutely caught up. Now that many of us use mobile more and more, I have to say this app is the worst. Biometrics work one minute and don’t the next (this is bulletproof for me on all other apps). The check deposit feature is buggy etc... If the first thing I get as a customer is a crap log-in experience I’m already frustrated before I can navigate everything else. Fix this app, I’m close to closing my account as I have no use for this sort of interface.
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5 months ago, JenniferK1976
Technology doesn’t work
Do you love not knowing what your bank balance is? Do you love not being able to deposit your check because the app won’t open? Do you love never being able to log in to the app or the website for all your financial needs? Then First Command is for you! However, if having a working system is important to you, if being able to see or access your bank accounts on a regular, dependable basis, if communication about outages is important to you, then move along. It’s 2023. It is unacceptable that the technology is so behind or never works. If First Command would address these issues, communicate when outages happen or apologize for the constant issues, that might make them look a little better. For a company whose platform is serving people who have served, you’d think actually being squared away and just having working systems would be important. I do not understand how this organization cares so little for the service members that after all of these same complaints, nothing improves, nothing gets fixed, nothing works properly.
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3 years ago, No More Red Stars
More than an App
I have been a client with First Command for nearly two decades, and a bank customer for that same period. During my stint in the service First Command Bank along with the support of my local Advisor provided me with peace of mind. Any institution can be there to provide services; however, First Command Bank was there to support my family when we needed them most. Technology updates are always nice, but people I have worked with a First Command Bank have always been among the best when it comes to caring & efficiency.
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3 years ago, Djp765
Not bad but not good
It’s a slow moving app and it needs updated thing are hard to get too it freezes up at times and it takes to long to move money around in your account but still not a horrible app just can use a more modern update to it ..
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2 years ago, digeorge
Needs updates
Couple things that annoy me with this app have to do with logging in. First off, get rid of the annoying pop up “you have been logged out due to inactivity, please log in” when I open the app up first thing. Ya no kidding! Just let me log in. Secondly, it’s overkill the amount of times I have to have a text sent to authorize log in with the very phone I’m using multiple times per day. Should recognize I’m using my actual phone to log in so the text number is overkill for “protection”. It would be one thing if using a different device but the very phone that receives the text just waste time that I don’t have to deal with on other bank apps.
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8 months ago, Pink1102
Be warned
First command bank app and the bank itself are absolutely horrible. I’ve been using them since I was a teenager and unfortunately it was the worst decision I ever made. The app never works when you want it to and when you try to do anything on the app that you would do on the desktop site you always get a glitch somewhere. I’ve had to change my password multiple times that’s annoying because I absolutely know what my password is to everything. When I call them to help me with anything on my account it’s always a nasty reception. I will be closing my account soon and going back to USAA.
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2 years ago, Bill R #
First Command Bank
This is a full service organization that works hard to make banking easy. From the folks in the call center who are always friendly to the various departments in the bank who truly are experts in their areas, taking care of clients is the norm. I’ve been a client since the bank opened and am a client for life. Col Ret William Robeson
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8 months ago, Big Fred da Man
Remote check deposit
With app on mobile device, able to send/deposit easily. I did however have to re-enter dollar amount multiple times because the decimal place kept shifting and auto filling incorrect amount.
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2 years ago, JP Ska
NOT for First Command Financial Services
Be warned before you waste your time trying to set up a login. This app is only if you have checking, savings, or credit cards with First Command. As a long time financial services client who holds several retirement and other accounts with them, I was disappointed to find out they have no app for that. And the mobile web portal is very hard to navigate compared to full web version, so I guess having easy access from a mobile device is just out of the question.
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11 months ago, Classicconnection
I’m sold on First Command.
I have been a client since it’s inception. I was a representative of the company prior to the banks creation and watched it grow and provide our clients world class banking services. If there is ever a problem with anything, seldom as that is, my experience has been raise the issue and the issue is resolved. Period.
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3 years ago, ClydeSr
Online banking app
Always seems to be a system minor problem error to log on
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2 years ago, Philly9907
Mobile deposit
Mobile deposit often rejects due to the endorsement not being found or to First Commands liking. Problem is that if I endorse the check “For Deposit Only First Command Bank” and then it’s rejected, I can’t deposit it into another bank account instead. First Command is not a local bank. If I cannot rely on the mobile deposit, the account becomes useless to me. Shame since I’ve been here 27 plus years (Kelly Field before). Needs to be fixed pronto.
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4 months ago, Jack_0205
Broken… again (1980 wants their app back)
Things have only gone from bad to worse… app is once again broken (over a month and counting) and auto redirects to a web browser. Deleting and redownloading does not fix the problem and there is no prediction on it being resolved. Banking is the last thing I have yet to leave, but am currently looking for a new bank as you read this. Good riddance.
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2 days ago, Lj52813
Transfer does not work
Any attempt to make a transfer of funds does not work. Zelle option does not work. Spoke with rep and they could not figure out why. They did a wire transfer and waived the FEE, but my other bank institution charged me a fee. It’s been over two weeks and I have not received my debit card…… how do I access the funds in this account. It’s ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Ballerina3822
Very slow app
Every time I log in now, it’s slower to load than it ever was. It’s even worse navigating through accounts.
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3 years ago, jackhill5
Picture of check
Not sure if it’s the app or the camera in my phone but it didn’t want to take a picture of the check
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2 years ago, aufcb
Mobile Deposit
Mobile deposit is easy and quick. Thanks!
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2 years ago, arsmith05
Great bank!
I have used this bank for over 20 years for all my banking, credit cards, loans etc. great bank, great people, great app.
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1 year ago, first command app
Great app when it works
This is a great app when it works which is why I gave it two stars instead of one. Most of the time I can’t open bill pay, which makes the app useless for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I have an IPhone and the app is meant for droids or if it’s the time of day that I use it.
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1 year ago, Thtay103
Is it me.
I don’t know how to change, correct or delete when I use bill pay. I don’t have a problem with any other activities.
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1 year ago, Abc123456789123457
Coming along
There are some features that are still buggy like the initial login not saving the user ID or recognizing Face ID each time I set it up. Otherwise the app is user friendly and somewhat intuitive.
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5 months ago, Blessed Continually
First Command App
Easy to use and navigate. They’ve been a great company and served our family well for nearly 34 years!
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2 years ago, Jefita2
Much Improved
The app has come a long way. It’s much more user friendly!
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2 years ago, JeepJeep
Simple to use app. Great improvement from previous version. Thanks.
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1 year ago, qpwjdddhrrgsuwert
Your mobile deposit check scanner is broken
It took me about 42 tries to deposit a check which I have deposited many times in the past up to this point. Your software is either too sensitive or simply broken. Not happy with this experience
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9 months ago, LAEB3
Able to save time using the APP makes things a lot easier.
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4 weeks ago, jerrun1
Best Bank
Best bank with awesome customer service too. My go to bank for most of my banking.
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1 year ago, cicidonohoo
Snap Deposit
The snap deposit feature is very finicky it takes me 10 minutes just to get a good picture for it to deposit. I also do not like how it takes several days for the check to clear instead of right away.
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2 years ago, Jvinett
Exceptional service. Not a better bank on the planet.
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2 years ago, Cappyb13
What happened?
The app now takes forever to load. I can go to the website, log in, view my accounts and log out before the app will stop “thinking” and let me sign in.
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3 years ago, Bobo GotGame
Super easy to use
Easy to use; intuitive functions
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10 months ago, Girl in Denver
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3 years ago, wweffgguuuu
Almost 5 Stars
Add an account total on account summary page and I would give the experience 5 stars from a banking perspective.
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1 year ago, WW pilot
Banking made easy
Thank you First Command for the streamline and efficient services.
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5 months ago, PuzzleDad
App is very easy to use for bill pays, transfers and deposits.
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5 months ago, tgvfsa
Tried to reset password. Reset password. Account is locked, “click here to unlock” “Can’t complete” Oh and now I have to use another password because the one I changed it too now says it’s been previously used
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2 years ago, The Godfather117
Great App
Super easy to use app with quite a few budgeting features.
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2 years ago, Wolverine61
Easy Access
Great site one of my best online banking experiences ever. Thanks.
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1 year ago, LuLubella P
I love this app so much and First Command! I will never leave y’all!
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10 months ago, Evilmel77
Never works
I’ve used this app for years. Whatever they did recently basically broke the app for me. I can never get it to work. I’ve tried everything. It would be great if y’all fixed this app for us.
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2 years ago, jenr2692
Need to be able to access my money at anytime.
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1 year ago, Adjie203
The app has been unreliable for a year now
It gets stuck loading at the login screen without even giving me the chance to enter my user I’d and password. FaceID doesn’t work at all. It’s very unusable for me .
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1 year ago, Ms. Truth be told!!!
Horrible Customer Service options
The app is limited on communication regarding anything. If you have an actual inquiry your best bet is to do so via in person or over the phone.
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3 years ago, troll1996
Love my FCB and everyone at FCB and HO - thank you all for your perfect service always. Eva
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3 years ago, addict$101
I appreciate your attentiveness concerning my issues
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4 months ago, Ljfdt
Log in by face never seems to work. Even with constantly setting it up. Frustrating.
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2 years ago, mochaberrysinsayshun
Great Service
I can cii
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10 months ago, stanley77774
Credit payment
Why can I credit card company not accept a payment timely
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1 year ago, haufienahciwm
Bad design
User interface is awful. Multiple logins for separate services.
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2 years ago, LadyDragonesse
What happened?
Update 25 Mar 2022: I cannot believe I still cannot use this app. Like at all. Can’t even log in. I called tech support & was told that since I’m using an iPhone, I can only have an English keyboard in use on my phone. What? What kind of crackpot answer, or problem for that matter, is that? My call was in Nov 2021. The tech gave me that reply, & quite confidently told me this was a problem they had been experiencing for some time. I’m guessing since June, when the app stopped working. Now it’s March of the following year. 8 months since my original review (which was already 2-3 weeks after the app stopped working). One would think in that amount of time, a software glitch this asinine would be fixed. My company (a small business) had an app custom-built, available both on Apple & Google Play. They started one month after I left my review. It was finished & fully operational by October. We had a serious glitch in November. It was fixed in a week. I have 392 apps downloaded on my phone. Never, not one time, even with crappy internet, have I ever been told “you can’t use our app bc you have too many keyboards in use on your device”. This is absolutely disgraceful. Seriously, I’m with another reviewer. I’ve been banking with First Command since 1995. That’s TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS. I’ll bet you have software developers who’ve been on Earth less time than I’ve banked with you. But not being able to fix a simple glitch tells me that First Command is no longer at the forefront of providing quality banking services to its members. And yes, it’s irritating enough to not be able to use an app that I am seriously considering pulling my accounts & going elsewhere. Do better before you don’t have anything left to do it with. 05 Jul 2021 (original review): I’ve been using this app since it was first available. Whatever happened in the past 2 or 3 weeks? Was there a bad update? Was it hacked? Whatever happened, the app is now a useless hunk of space-wasting nothingness. If I can muster the patience to sit for 20 minutes while the app is “thinking”, it only gives me a message “the mobile banking application is experiencing intermittent connection issues, please try again”. I’ve tried to access it with cellular data, wi-fi, different times/day, even deleted the app & re-loaded it, & it simply isn’t working (all my other apps are working fine, so it’s not operator error or equipment failure, it’s the app). I can access my account via the website as normal, but that’s super inconvenient & kind of counterproductive to having an app in the first place. Please fix this.
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