First Commerce iBranch Mobile!

4.6 (1.2K)
28.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Commerce Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Commerce iBranch Mobile!

4.58 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
5 months ago, kejxhjdjdbr
Love it
This app is great with telling you what you’ve spent your money on, how much you have, and much more! You can also create savings accounts for future needs. Their help line is also really quick to respond and very helpful when needed.
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5 months ago, BigMitch0357
Mobile Application
GoodMorning Everybody, this app meets all our banking needs, from checking and savings to seeing where your balance stands if your paying on a house or if your paying on a car or truck..
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2 months ago, Beth T
Great app -
does everything I need it to do! It’s not like some financial apps that are constantly undergoing maintenance all weekend long. FCCU’s is up and running when I need it!!! I love that I can monitor my credit and credit score on it too
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3 months ago, DeeMirBee
Great app!
The app is easy to use and reliable. I do wish I was able to link my personal and business account. Maybe it’s against the law or something 😞
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2 months ago, Zeekamfers
How it helps me
Just being able to check my account balance so fast and easy is great
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6 months ago, Prince Hyde
Credit card payment
The app was fine until you took away the option for me to pay my credit card balance from my checking account. Now I have to unfortunately go to the bank to make payments when all of this could’ve been done virtually. Huge downgrade from where it originally was and inconvenient.
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6 months ago, Capt Stubing
Easy to Use/ Convenient
Been using this app for years. Super convenient. Layout is clean and I am able to access what I need readily.
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6 months ago, ClickOkay
Best banking app!
Everything you need at your fingertips and always up and running.
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6 months ago, Ann R 1
Anna R Walton-Williams
FCCU checking account. I am so glad I have your service. I am still adjusting to my account. Thank you for your service.
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5 months ago, Dragon Nasty
I really like First Commercial Credit Union online banking website.
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4 months ago, Fuquertrdftt
Having trouble
I got the account accepted that I want to pay out of but it does not come up on list when I go to make a payment. Trying to access my loan right now but so far this app is not finding it. Hard to navigate, not helping me at all. I’m sending my payment by mail.
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6 months ago, Zino O.V.O.
Simple, easy to navigate, no issues or bugs
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4 months ago, KayeBella96
The best
I love banking with FCCU and the app just makes mobile banking much easier!
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3 months ago, Finns Mumma
Mobile app
I have been having a very difficult time trying to make a loan payment from an outside bank to FCCU
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6 months ago, 72Taylor
Member since 1990!
Works as expected. Love the credit score tool.
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6 months ago, Moment_of_truth
Love First Commerce app!
Really convenient , makes my life easier!
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6 months ago, Lovemegntl
Mrs. Concepcion
It’s having full control at my fingertips at all times! It’s great!
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5 months ago, delly dogg
I have no issues
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5 months ago, Lady Gee-Gee
Great! Easy to use.
Love the App 5 Stars+ Exceptional in all areas!
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5 months ago, victom 2020
Best ap of all twenty aps we bank on
Thanks for the good ap
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1 month ago, Hotchica11
Great app!
Enjoy it very easy to use!
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6 months ago, Short hair woman
App is very easy to use. Love it
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3 months ago, Keep up good job
Wouldn’t let me transfer from saving to checking which I was charged a fee
Not user friendly!
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2 months ago, Mike weeks jr
Mobile deposit
I can’t do mobile deposit
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6 months ago, AshburnKD
Good banking app
This app and credit union is the best.
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6 months ago, BigDJay445
Bank Review
Great app to use
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6 months ago, dorene may
So easy to use
Love my FCCU Mobile App!
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3 weeks ago, bigggma
Great app
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3 months ago, Leslie 1970
I absolutely love the app
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6 months ago, mabarker1
FCCU app
Don’t like
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5 months ago, I hate general
Great app
Awesome app:)
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6 months ago, Nicdeb95
Love this app ❤️
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4 weeks ago, everite
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3 weeks ago, BigKyi
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10 years ago, That guy sitting next to you.
Great app for Customers!
This app is great there have been times when I needed to switch money in an account and was able to switch and with in seconds the money was available. I've made payments on this app and have used it for many other things. It makes it possible to get through your daily needs with out waiting in lines or going to the bank at all (although First Commerce usually doesn't have long lines anyway). If you are a customer with one of the best banks in tallahassee you might as well get this app its good and i've never had to wait for random updates or lagging.
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6 years ago, Aurora Carnage
This App is ridiculously bad!!
They are constantly working on “improving” the app and “fixing” bugs but it doesn’t change a thing. When I open my checking account it won’t let me scroll unless I do one big scroll to get far enough down, otherwise it freezes and all I can do is exit. It doesn’t show certain deposits and purchases so it’s not an accurate estimation of how much I have. What’s the point of having a mobile banking app if it doesn’t tell me how much I actually have? The app didn’t show 2 separate payments equaling $70 in my account and certain purchases will disappear and add the money back to the total to make it seem like I have more than I do. I don’t make much, I’m paycheck to paycheck, and these issues could cause overdrafts and fees. It’s ridiculous. Since the new app, they changed the mobile check deposit policy so that you can’t use mobile deposit unless you have a daily average of $500 or more. Again, I am on a tight budget and don’t own a car. The locations are extremely far and very inconvenient, I loved using mobile deposit before they changed their policy and this change has made having an account at this bank burdensome. I’m ready to switch to Envision
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4 years ago, silverwolf77563
They control you
Do not use this app or financial institution. They control everything about your money. Every week I have to call them because they keep freezing my account claiming fraud, every time you want to order something for instance let’s say you order a jacket from let’s say England you have to call the bank first. I once sent my girlfriend $5 through cashapp and they froze my account, I ordered her a ring from Ireland and they froze my account. They have even taken money from my dad’s account and moved it to mine without our knowledge or authorization. Most recently I authorized a withdrawal from my checking account for my stock broker and again FCCU has decided to not honor it. Their systems have been easily hacked many times. Don’t even get me started about how there’s always something broken on the app. As of now it’s people getting locked out of their accounts. Getting ahold of a person for help is very difficult anymore, ever since they switched to mostly automation. Point blank they control everything about you.
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4 years ago, Babegirl74
Poor online service
I’ve been waiting over a month to view transactions online and still unable to view. I’ve called, visited your location and still no online access. I’ve left two or three messages through your digital banking requesting an update and asked a representative to call me and no response as of today. Your message that appears in digital banking states customers should receive a call in a timely response. This is very poor service and I work in a customer service career and been through three mergers... Our clients never experienced such terrible service. Unfortunately, the long time banking relationships are being forced to cut ties with their bankers and move their banking business elsewhere. You’re operation should have invested in a team that had experience in financial mergers so your customers wouldn’t have to suffer in this transition.
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5 years ago, billybruce15
Essential every day
First Commerce Credit Union has done a wonderful service to it’s customers by providing a very user friendly and versatile app for doing daily business and making financial decisions and actions. The app has gotten progressively better and for an iPhone user like me, the thumb print log in option was s fantastic addition. Billybruce15
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11 years ago, Kassie1983
One small problem...
I have been using this app since it came out. I have loved it and virtually had no problems. I am an avid online banker and use this app several times a day. I prefer using the app to going through safari and using the website. However a couple of days ago my 4 year old son was playing around on my phone and tried to many times to log in without meaning to and it says I have been locked out from using it on my device. I'm not sure how long I will be locked out but it's been 48 hours. I'm starting to get annoyed. It's a great app otherwise but I would like to figure out how to fix this problem.
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7 years ago, Alaurienzo
New "upgrade" is horrible
Edit: I received a response from the developer. They do have Touch ID, but it takes some steps to authorize as opposed to most apps when you first use it asks. I'm actually happy they combined the ibranch with the mobile, so now everything is in one app rather than 2. I change my rating from 2 stars to 4. They launched this new and improved upgrade, but I see it as a downgrade. I've tried to reach out to see if they'll be looking at the reviews or if they'll have some sort of survey on new upgrade. So annoyed they took away the Touch ID feature. Slows everything down.
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1 year ago, Zaria.Gregory
Missing Money
I don’t recommend getting the app OR banking with them. Getting help is close to impossible. I’ve been trying to get help with my account for over a week. I’ve called customer service and the representative told me she couldn’t help and that she would send someone else to get back with me and no one has. I’ve emailed again after the call; mind you I waited 2-3 days just incase they were that busy but there still has been no reply. My funds are missing and they are not even attempting to get in touch with me. My best advice would to choose another bank altogether. Don’t waste your time.
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1 year ago, catmeldo
Three things wrong…so far
I thought by that now, this sw would be pretty good. But I was wrong. 1) told me I “had” to go to the link in my email to see my statements. Tried that and it just took me to a page trying to sell me on banking options. Went back to my normal app login with Touch ID and got same message when I asked for statements but this time I went to the menu and was able to get to them. Why does the email message NOT tell me about that option instead of telling me I had to use the email link that was basically a waste of time anyway. 2) can’t update my mobile number with my iPhone because the sw never pulled up a keyboard. In my account settings it says my e-statement enrollment date is 2/7/23. The only way that could be true is if it rolls over every February 7th because I’ve been getting e-statements for over a year at this point.
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4 years ago, KBluetrump7
Nice when actually works....
***update to 1 star after recent "enhancements"*** Slow loading, unresponsive saying that the server can't be connected with, no touch id, did I mention it is slow as heck?? Absolutely terrible. FC seriously needs to reconsider their app and website engineers because they have no clue what they are doing. But that's not always the case. Not very reliable with constant errors not to mention transactions are hardly ever available to be viewed for some reason. Not surprising considering the website for FCCU is basically just as unreliable as this app. They should consider hiring a web developer that knows what they are doing.
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5 years ago, dontwastemytime2k19
Trashy App
This app was slow from the first time I downloaded it. I assumed it was my older iPhone but even with an upgrade and being connected to WiFi the app is still slow. Sometimes I have to close and reopen the app numerous times before my account info loads. The app will stall more times than not and doesn’t work as smoothly as other banking apps. Even my FedLoan app for my student loans is faster than the FCCU app. I’ve been patiently waiting for an update hoping that would help the issues BUT nothing comes about! 😩😭
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1 year ago, Nancy B-37
This app is very user friendly
I find the First Commerce app to be extremely useful and easy to use. I am a long time First Commerce member and now have everything at this one bank including my mortgage and HELOC. The ability to do mobile deposits is terrific and really reduces trips to the bank. Nancy B
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7 months ago, L. Vegas Strat
The app is very easy to navigate and best of all, it is responsive and doesn’t freeze nor is it slow to respond. Also, if ever I’ve had any concerns about something, customer service is always helpful and very friendly. A wonderful banking experience for me.
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6 years ago, jaymee777
Better than most
The app is good and does everything I need, basically. I wish the “how to” for doings things was a bit more intuitive. The transfer function takes a lot of scrolling up and down to figure out how to complete the transaction. Overall, I love that I can transfer person to person without using a third party app like Google Pay.
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2 years ago, Condaddy6969
Mobile deposit system not working
Its an alright app i guess but the mobile deposit system isnt working for me. Giving me some sort of error message. Might be my app or an actual glitch idrk. Would like it fixed though.
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2 years ago, Rukavice
It’s rough out there
This app is great…. Most of the time. The last month or two in particular have been pretty lacking. The app had trouble remembering the device. Every time I longed in on the app I had to re-verify my phone. It seems to be working again but it was very inconvenient for a long time.
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