First Commerce iBranch Mobile!

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First Commerce Credit Union
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Commerce iBranch Mobile!

4.58 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Old hotness
Easy to use & reliable
I love the FCCU person-to-person pay. Makes it super easy to pay my yard man. The funds transfer makes it simple to save money, and give money to my child. The text notifications are also very useful and keep me confident that I have a handle on where my money is going, and when I get paid. FCCU has a better app than the other financial institutions I have seen. Everything is integrated in one platform.
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3 years ago, silverwolf77563
They control you
Do not use this app or financial institution. They control everything about your money. Every week I have to call them because they keep freezing my account claiming fraud, every time you want to order something for instance let’s say you order a jacket from let’s say England you have to call the bank first. I once sent my girlfriend $5 through cashapp and they froze my account, I ordered her a ring from Ireland and they froze my account. They have even taken money from my dad’s account and moved it to mine without our knowledge or authorization. Most recently I authorized a withdrawal from my checking account for my stock broker and again FCCU has decided to not honor it. Their systems have been easily hacked many times. Don’t even get me started about how there’s always something broken on the app. As of now it’s people getting locked out of their accounts. Getting ahold of a person for help is very difficult anymore, ever since they switched to mostly automation. Point blank they control everything about you.
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3 years ago, Babegirl74
Poor online service
I’ve been waiting over a month to view transactions online and still unable to view. I’ve called, visited your location and still no online access. I’ve left two or three messages through your digital banking requesting an update and asked a representative to call me and no response as of today. Your message that appears in digital banking states customers should receive a call in a timely response. This is very poor service and I work in a customer service career and been through three mergers... Our clients never experienced such terrible service. Unfortunately, the long time banking relationships are being forced to cut ties with their bankers and move their banking business elsewhere. You’re operation should have invested in a team that had experience in financial mergers so your customers wouldn’t have to suffer in this transition.
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5 years ago, billybruce15
Essential every day
First Commerce Credit Union has done a wonderful service to it’s customers by providing a very user friendly and versatile app for doing daily business and making financial decisions and actions. The app has gotten progressively better and for an iPhone user like me, the thumb print log in option was s fantastic addition. Billybruce15
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3 months ago, Zaria.Gregory
Missing Money
I don’t recommend getting the app OR banking with them. Getting help is close to impossible. I’ve been trying to get help with my account for over a week. I’ve called customer service and the representative told me she couldn’t help and that she would send someone else to get back with me and no one has. I’ve emailed again after the call; mind you I waited 2-3 days just incase they were that busy but there still has been no reply. My funds are missing and they are not even attempting to get in touch with me. My best advice would to choose another bank altogether. Don’t waste your time.
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8 months ago, catmeldo
Three things wrong…so far
I thought by that now, this sw would be pretty good. But I was wrong. 1) told me I “had” to go to the link in my email to see my statements. Tried that and it just took me to a page trying to sell me on banking options. Went back to my normal app login with Touch ID and got same message when I asked for statements but this time I went to the menu and was able to get to them. Why does the email message NOT tell me about that option instead of telling me I had to use the email link that was basically a waste of time anyway. 2) can’t update my mobile number with my iPhone because the sw never pulled up a keyboard. In my account settings it says my e-statement enrollment date is 2/7/23. The only way that could be true is if it rolls over every February 7th because I’ve been getting e-statements for over a year at this point.
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4 years ago, KBluetrump7
Nice when actually works....
***update to 1 star after recent "enhancements"*** Slow loading, unresponsive saying that the server can't be connected with, no touch id, did I mention it is slow as heck?? Absolutely terrible. FC seriously needs to reconsider their app and website engineers because they have no clue what they are doing. But that's not always the case. Not very reliable with constant errors not to mention transactions are hardly ever available to be viewed for some reason. Not surprising considering the website for FCCU is basically just as unreliable as this app. They should consider hiring a web developer that knows what they are doing.
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4 years ago, dontwastemytime2k19
Trashy App
This app was slow from the first time I downloaded it. I assumed it was my older iPhone but even with an upgrade and being connected to WiFi the app is still slow. Sometimes I have to close and reopen the app numerous times before my account info loads. The app will stall more times than not and doesn’t work as smoothly as other banking apps. Even my FedLoan app for my student loans is faster than the FCCU app. I’ve been patiently waiting for an update hoping that would help the issues BUT nothing comes about! 😩😭
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5 months ago, Nancy B-37
This app is very user friendly
I find the First Commerce app to be extremely useful and easy to use. I am a long time First Commerce member and now have everything at this one bank including my mortgage and HELOC. The ability to do mobile deposits is terrific and really reduces trips to the bank. Nancy B
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1 year ago, Condaddy6969
Mobile deposit system not working
Its an alright app i guess but the mobile deposit system isnt working for me. Giving me some sort of error message. Might be my app or an actual glitch idrk. Would like it fixed though.
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5 years ago, jaymee777
Better than most
The app is good and does everything I need, basically. I wish the “how to” for doings things was a bit more intuitive. The transfer function takes a lot of scrolling up and down to figure out how to complete the transaction. Overall, I love that I can transfer person to person without using a third party app like Google Pay.
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10 months ago, Rukavice
It’s rough out there
This app is great…. Most of the time. The last month or two in particular have been pretty lacking. The app had trouble remembering the device. Every time I longed in on the app I had to re-verify my phone. It seems to be working again but it was very inconvenient for a long time.
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6 months ago, chellirobinette
I love my FCCU app
I love this app because I have just about everything I need at my fingertips. Transfer money- Got it! Deposit a check - Got it! Get my credit score - Got it! Freeze my card when I’ve miss placed it or seen fraudulent charges - Got it!! So so much more!
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6 months ago, FCCU real review!!
This app/bank is great I can do almost everything from the app and I’m glad because I hate getting out the car and go inside unless I have to. Definitely recommend this app and this bank.
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2 years ago, Lisa and Jason G
Work on Transfer
The app is okay, except for when I use it to transfer funds from outside account. It takes too many days for a payment to post. I believe that 4 days is way too long is this electric world of high speed internet, especially when the funds come out 2 days before the payment post.
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5 years ago, Terry Sumner
Good app, needs a little tuning.
I like the app. However, I have had issues getting to balances on occasion after logging in. Due to the varying nature of the quality of internet connections, I suspect transaction timeouts are causing the problem. Get that solved and you will have a great app! In either case this app is much improved performance wise from the initial rollout.
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5 years ago, Jibarito's Photography
A work in progress.
The app itself is simple and easy to use, but there’s a lot of lag and unresponsive issues with different areas of the app, it also doesn’t update in real time which becomes an issue if you need to check your current balance for whatever reason it may be. If they could work on these issues, the app would be more useful
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6 months ago, Gary Westberg
Excellent app
Easier to use AAA rating Excellent nap what are you could be better is if you could transfer money from one account and want to bank to do the other account and another bank
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2 years ago, BigMitch0357
Mobile Application
GoodMorning Everybody, this app meets all our banking needs, from checking and savings to seeing where your balance stands if your paying on a house or if your paying on a car or truck..
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1 year ago, Phillip Sauls
Satisfied Customer
I've been a customer of FCCU for two years now and I use the app almost daily. The user interface is easy to use and has many features that some banking apps lack.
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9 months ago, my doordash review
I love the app!
The app is laid out very nicely. It is very easy to use. Because it is so quick and easy, I check my accounts regularly, which is something I never really did in the past. It is very helpful!
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10 months ago, Stacialynn24
Love this app AND the bank!
This app makes it so easy to do banking! From mobile depositing, transfers, checking my balance, etc. to looking at my credit score! Would recommend this app AND bank to anyone (and do)!
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10 months ago, Gamer23466
I love the new app.
I love how easy it is to use and all of the new stuff like mobile deposit in the same app instead of two separate apps.. I also got my Touch ID set up using instructions provided on the site...thank you FCCU.
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8 months ago, ShowlessTV
User-friendly and Reliable
Very easy to use banking app. I especially like the Messages feature and search history options.
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1 year ago, saltypaul
Great bank.
I've been with first commerce since I was 14 years old. They have helped me establish credit. Make smart choices with savings and every time we stop by the bank associates wave or come over and say hi. Very personable feel!
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6 months ago, bankgirl0157
So easy to use!
Everything I need to do, all of my banking, can be done on this app. I can’t even remember the last time I stepped foot into a physical branch. I rarely even have to call so the convenience is amazing!
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1 year ago, JarJarHall
Best CU I’ve Ever had
First commerce is the best CU I’ve ever been with. I hardly have any problems, but when I do they are able to fix them quickly. The app is great. Everything I need in my mobile banking experience.
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5 years ago, Still_frustrated_guy
App usage
Would give a 5 star review but no facial recognition makes it a bit cumbersome to unlock. Almost every other app in the marketplace has that option so it is time for an update. That being said, Once you log in it is very easy to use and very intuitive.
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5 years ago, MacMan0728
Very Convenient
Couple of minor tweaks notwithstanding, this app is very convenient and dependable. Some screens are not sizable for easy portability and you might want to reserve any account/payee editing for the full web version. All in all, very good job developing a useful tool. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Espoon82
It works.
Does everything your bank app should do. I do wish the checking account number was more visible. That’s about my only complaint, I think.
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6 months ago, CROMWELL ADRIEL
I say this because for days I was not able to login and even today touch authentication failed completely. What is happening?
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4 weeks ago, DeeMirBee
Great app!
The app is easy to use and reliable. I do wish I was able to link my personal and business account. Maybe it’s against the law or something 😞
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6 months ago, Dilworlj
Owner of Account
The has been good for me to receive update information on my accounts. I like the feature of being able to transfer funds from one account into another. Keep up the good work in looking out for your customer.
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3 years ago, Really fun to use it for a few
I am so happy to have this new app for my banking! My previous bank had way too many steps just to log in, such a pain! With your app it isn’t a headache to check balance and do online banking.
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1 year ago, INDEPENDNET0504
This app is so helpful literally never have to walk into the bank because all my information is here on the app …did I mention I don’t have to drive to the bank lol 🤪💕
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1 month ago, bobbiejo44
Much improved
Interactions are much better than a few years ago
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1 year ago, Sun Ice
Great app
I use iBranch mobile all the time, only in secured internet access connections. Every feature is well-designed and easy to use.
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6 months ago, Luflob
Excellent web application
The application is easy to use and and easy to navigate. I would recommend this application.
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5 years ago, Unheppy 5
Could be better
It is difficult to navigate to the different options. You have to open up every folder to find the subfolder of what you are looking for. Then when you open the subfolder, it doesn’t give a clear explanation of what to do next. It has become all trial and error for me and not user friendly. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Jkez123
Always a pleasure using this app.......🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Makes it easy to transfer money and pay your bills online. I also love the high security that this app offer. Put your money first☀️
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1 year ago, hihoalday
First credit Union
Love the app. So easy to use. Wish all my other apps were friendly use like this one. Love our bank, and all they do.
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10 months ago, zayjohn
good credit Union
I don’t live close to the physical addresses of these credit unions anymore, but they have a good online banking and they always have someone that can help when you call.
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2 years ago, Kimprice78
Simple and convenient
This app is very user friendly. I can access all account information and banking services.
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5 years ago, technold
but wish it still had a quick view option.
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6 months ago, Jackgoldenyellow
Love them
I love baking with them, they’re episode easy and will set up. I know exactly where to go and I rarely have to ask questions.
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1 year ago, blessednfavored0315
Better App Experience
I have to say I love the app upgrade! Love that all the features I need plus the ones I’ll need in the future are all at my fingertips! Great Job
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2 years ago, key12$34$56$
The app is easy to understand and navigate. I’m so glad it is available. I can do so much on my account without leaving home
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5 years ago, Mwchampion
Great as long as its working.
The app is great. The only problem is not knowing when it's going to work. Admittedly, though, it has worked great without problems for several weeks now. Marcus C.
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1 year ago, DMPlacilla
Definitely worth having on your phone!
This app makes banking easy!
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2 years ago, GolfingReverend
Not bad for a bank
This app does the essentials and makes banking pretty easy. It lacks some updated essentials like allowing for communications. But overall pretty good.
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