First Commonwealth FCU Mobile

4.5 (982)
32.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Commonwealth FCU Mobile

4.55 out of 5
982 Ratings
2 years ago, QueenMarshy9964
Makes my life so easy
My closest first common wealth since I moved out of the area is an hour away and the app just makes my life easier, the drive there..? Nope don't need to I got the app, put my paycheck in if my job doesn't have direct deposit and it works right away. Checking account balance without needing to call a number, yup the app has got it. Lost my card? Don't need to call a phone number either I can disable my card through the app!! Amazing if you ask me..
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1 year ago, idontwanttobealive
The app is great when it wants to work
For the last month to month and a half now the app will recognize my Face ID and then make me register my device. Every. Single. Time. Before anyone says oh hey just use the same device I do. It is my personal cell phone and I can’t do anything on the app in a quick fashion anymore because of whatever software update needs to be done. I asked about it weeks ago and they said it’d be a few days. At this point I’m debating moving back to my other bank account for a primary since the issue hasn’t been resolved. Other than that it’s pretty great but I don’t want to take 5 minutes to check my balance or transfer money.
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2 years ago, josuejja
Good bank, staying with them
This credit union has beat service I believe every credit union and bank should have. I see people that are willing to work and help their clients the best way possible. Even during the pandemic they worked so hard. I love there customer service and I would recommend them to everybody. Thank you for being my bank for 3 years!!!!
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2 years ago, nicknameidonthaveone
It crashes not enough access
I can’t tell you how many times suddenly I can’t get in it’s not accepting my password that I know it’s my password then I have to drive into the bank and as I step in the door suddenly it is working. I have 5G service and a booster in my house I have complete coverage so it is not on my end. Then I get a message saying we’re sorry for the inconvenienceAnd that it is currently down at the moment. This is happened several times I have never had this problem with other banks or credit bureaus
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1 year ago, Drummer/Instructor
Mostly good. Needs a few fixes.
Recently every time I sing in It keeps bringing me to a screen where I’m supposed to confirm my contact information yet there is no way to confirm… then I hit “back” and I have to sign in again, every time. Can this be fixed Also the check deposit is buggy where you often have to retake the first pic a second time because the picture will snap by itself or some other weird thing…
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2 years ago, CSB14
Easy banking!
This app has been so helpful and is extremely easy to use. I no longer have to worry about logging onto a computer somewhere. It is so easy to make transfers, check balances, and even deposit checks on the fly. Love it!
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2 years ago, Not sugar
Worst banking app ever
I’ve been a customer for a couple years and as of the recent updates, my account doesn’t accurately portray the amount in my accounts. It was saying I had more money in them and then charged me a$33 fee 6times because the app said I had more than I did… I called customer service and they were so rude and disrespectful to me that I wound up hanging up. They made me feel stupid for their app not telling me the correct information… changing banks after the new year. If I could go lower than 1 I would…
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1 year ago, Bay0Wulf
Makes Life Simpler
Basically it allows the user to “Bank From Home” in every way except cash transactions. Accept and deposit checks on your phone. Transfer funds both inside and outside the Credit Union.
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2 years ago, s2k_jay88
Great App!!!!
I love this app it absolutely has access to everything you need. If you have to make changes its all there and also it saves you a trip to the bank or a phone call. I highly recommend for people to use this app
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1 year ago, chainy999
Like the app
Only real issue I have right now is I constantly have to get a security number to long in. App won’t remember that I said it was on my device. There are some small things but not that bad, overall
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2 months ago, M and A 93
So convenient!
Very easy to use and convenient. Transfer funds, mobile deposits, view multiple accounts. You name it, you can almost do everything right from the app.
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4 days ago, prpran
I like the fact I have full access to my account!! In person and over the phone customer service are very professional and friendly, helpful.
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1 year ago, abohm2022
Continues to ask to register my device
I love how easy it is to find what I need on the app but every time I go to log in it asks to register my device every time when I continue to use the same device. I have deleted the app and logged in and it still prompts me to do so.
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2 years ago, TWRollerCoaster
No Mobile check deposit
Despite this being a time where most banks offer the feature of depositing checks only. FCCU has not adopted or added this feature. Despite it being listed as an option it unfortunately is not. This app is only to view your balances and to move funds between your accounts (if you have more than one).
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1 year ago, wavycruz
Works Fine
Not sure why everyone says the app doesn't work, I've had it for 3 years and every any issues. Wish they would update the app to make it more intuitive.
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5 months ago, MHWeaver20
Simple Information Unavailable
I just wanted to find the hours for the locations in my area. Since I don’t allow location tracking, it didn’t find any on the map. There is no way to just see a list of all locations and their hours. Simple information unavailable.
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6 months ago, C Clymer
Customer service
Excellent customer service Needed help with on line banking password. She had patience, clear spoken voice , pleasant demeanor I have been with this credit union more than 30 years. Love your service. Cheryl Clymer
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2 years ago, DG 163
Two factor identification glitch
I’ll never understand why developers ruin apps just because they want to stay busy. I’ve never had a problem logging into this app until recently, now they require a two factor identification which is the biggest pain, let good enough alone!!! Horrible
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2 years ago, Bernice RP
Super satisfied
This app is easy to use and I can do all my banking online without having to go inside the bank for certin things. I love this bank and all the things it has to offer.
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3 years ago, Athenia Tabango
Transfers don’t work
I’ve had this app for a couple of months now and I still don’t know why whenever I want to make an transfer it never works, it’s getting old having to call just so they can transfer money. It’s annoying because I just want food sometimes and I can’t even transfer, not even on the website. Nothing works for me, only thing that works is calling but no one will be answering the phone late at night. Please fix your app.
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3 years ago, aledelic42
Mobile check deposit
There is an issue with “Deposit a Check” not showing up in the menu on the new version of the app. I tried rotating my phone to landscape mode and now the option is showing in both landscape and portrait in the left side menu. It is still there after closing and reopening the app. Weird.
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1 year ago, RonnieScho
FCFCU has been my financial institution for a decade now and I have had great service from their staff at Union Blvd, Tilghman St and the Whitehall location. Very polite and always helpful. The customer telephone support lines lack a great deal. The staff in the locations I mentioned are all great.
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1 year ago, LJP 13
User Friendly
This app is always available. It never freezes or kicks me out if the app. It is super user friendly since it was updated. Choose FCFCU for your banking needs. Go FCFCU or go home☺️
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2 years ago, Cmdmd
Bank Experience
I have been with this bank for over 30 yrs & everyone is friendly helpful & professional. Wouldn’t put my money anywhere else.
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1 year ago, Niko311
The app works and does everything it is supposed to do. Things are laid out in hard to find places. It’s missing 2fa which is important in our current time. Especially for something important like a banking app.
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1 year ago, Gino and Kat
Seeing all accounts would be nice and transfer limits should be any amount you want to deposit and transfer from one account to another and from one bank to another!!
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2 months ago, Disappointed player #487
Excellent app, love the credit union too
The app is easy to use, and understand. I like it, and the credit union that supports it. If the people at the local branch aren’t so wonderful, I’d use the app entirely for all my banking.
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2 months ago, BRokka91
The mobile app has come along way. I personally haven’t experienced any problems and find it very easy to use.
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1 year ago, Anonymous131619
App review
The app has a good basic structural foundation, but needs to be polished as far as its user friendly features. It doesn’t run flawlessly. App does its job, but it doesn’t run smoothly if compared with comercial bank apps and for some that’s the reason this is understandable up to certain point. I suggest a complete re design of it, colors,bigger letters and legibility.
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2 years ago, Rachael 0978
Just recently
I have noticed it has been taking longer for the app to actually open. Today I had to go out and back in twice before it loaded and it took AWHILE for it to open.
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2 years ago, fitster2
Easy to use
I don’t live near my credit union any more, but this app makes it much easier to complete all of my transactions with the bank.
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3 months ago, Palmer branch
Big John
Customer service on phone is very good always very helpful and informative. Service techs are always helpful and nice. Inside my bank misty old crew. Do not know new crew.
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1 year ago, SlapShot6124
Great app
Quick logon. Does everything I need. Was a bit odd that I had to add the Check Deposit option to the app. But otherwise it’s perfect.
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2 years ago, Godly pk
Quick and easy
I like going to the app because I don’t have to go through all other link.
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2 weeks ago, E. S. Z
Simple and fast
Keeps financial information at your fingertips. Reliable and makes banking easy.
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1 month ago, m1ma3ca
Always improving
They are getting better and better since they added zelle I love this app
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2 months ago, BabyCaylor
It’s quick to log in and access all the transactions
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2 years ago, Wilt Turnbach
You can do almost every banking need you have, and everything is very easy to use
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1 year ago, NinoshkaJk
Verification process
I’ve never had a problem with the app, but the fact that I have to verify for safety it is really time consuming because I choose the register phone and it still makes me verify every time !
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1 month ago, Numya1234567890
FirstcomCU App
I have been using this app since the first day it was introduced and I cannot explain how easy this makes my banking. Thanks firstcom!
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3 years ago, Running Shan
Deposit a check not showing up
My daughter opened an account and downloaded the app to access her account. However, the option to deposit a check is not on the app. All the instructions say it is available but we can’t find it.
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8 months ago, Tink Turtle
Easy to use
I use it to check balances and deposit checks. Easy to use and saves time.
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1 year ago, R&Dy
Terrible app and terrible bank. You can’t access tax records properly you can’t access statements, and now they added a new chat button to when you log in but when you want to click submit payment the chat button is right on top of the submit button you can’t even move it
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2 years ago, LSimone828
I love using the app to manage my accounts. So easy and remote deposit is such a convenient option.
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2 months ago, MilesH.
Great App!
I been using this app for a few years now, and I have never had trouble with it, it works well!
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2 years ago, Fra77Nik
Has everything I need
Easy to use and works well, never had any issues
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2 years ago, Clervenante
Update the look
The app is amazing, but it could be updated more. At least give it a more pleasing color to it
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2 months ago, Nbenedek
This app is very easy to use and it helps makes it easy to have your banking needs at your fingertips.
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1 year ago, jimgartra01
5-Star Service
I have been a member for 32 years and it has been a great experience from my point-of-view.
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12 months ago, 65Beth86
Making mobile deposits often the app will just close.
Making mobile deposits the app often closes before you can submit.
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