First Federal Bank Mobile

4.6 (477)
33.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Federal Bank of Kansas City
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Federal Bank Mobile

4.61 out of 5
477 Ratings
6 years ago, lsdrunr
Great app
Edit-2: Aspect ratio has been updated for iPhone X and Touch ID icon is now Face ID icon. All functionality is smooth and intuitive. App is great now. Edit: The app now has functioning Touch/Face ID and works great. My only critique now, which is minor, is the screen size need to be updated for iPhone X. The app seems to run smoothly and has all the banking features I need. However, the app could really use Touch ID on the login screen...when Touch ID sign in is available it will get a 5-star rating.
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5 months ago, JRBUCKNER
Easy and convenient
The app is straightforward easy to use and allows me access to my account anytime of day with the ability to pay bills and move money whenever I want.
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1 year ago, marygail cricket
On line banking
Transfers should say immediately upon transfer what new total is in each account as it used to. Instead it brings the screen to transfer again. Why? The changes you made several months ago are less than user friendly. One also has to go back and forth through screens to find where to log out. I have a few accounts. It is not necessary nor helpful to see transactions from all accounts. It is confusing and again, less than user friendly.
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6 years ago, vetteman82
Nearly complete
It seems that every time i install the app or get a new phone I have an opportunity to use Touch ID but when i set it up it errors out. Get that enabled and I will update my rating to 5 stars. The app it lightweight and simple just make it easier to login and it will suit all my needs. Edit: I love that Touch ID was added! I hate having to log into the website to see what my pending transactions are. Would that be possible to add to the app?
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2 years ago, 392848374827483929
Very frustrating
Only works about one third of the time, and usually locks me out of my account even though I entered in all my info correctly. I’m tired of having to constantly call my bank to unlock my account. I usually have to close the entire app and restart because most of the time it freezes on the logo and I can’t get any further than that. Please make a better app because this one have given me too many problems.
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9 months ago, NASCAR Janie
Mobile check deposit
First time using this was great do not have any complaints. Hope it stays that way.
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1 year ago, dr momma c
Bad update
Sadly, the newest update has caused me to be unable to do deposits online. It keeps saying there’s an error with the values I’ve input. Very frustrating app!
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1 year ago, olivia ahscraft
I have issues with the app updating transaction history in a timely manner. It can take days for them to show up. The most frustrating thing to me id that I have a financial app I use daily that doesn’t work with this app any longer, so I am unable to do a lot of things that would really help my family financially & I just don’t have it anymore.
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6 years ago, Nicky b baby04
Thx for adding Face ID
This bank app had to stay up to date. Thx for adding Face ID. I will say this app is Still limited. But for the most part it does a great job for basic functions.
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4 years ago, Bank FFB
Bank on the go
Mobile app super easy to use and so convenient! I have my bank with me all the time!
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8 months ago, KCW0LF
Horrible App
The application has probable the worst glitch I have ever experienced with a banking app. It will stop updating your account balances. Ever since the application has been upgraded it has been full of glitches and issues. I don’t think any of my other banking apps are close to this bad.
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3 years ago, Sparkle23me
Face ID doesn’t work
This needs an update or something. One day Face ID works, next day nothing. Please fix.
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1 year ago, Jcotter25
Easy to Use
Love the new setup! So easy to use and track my finances. Thanks!
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2 weeks ago, dynamic_tre
First fed
I need more money so that’s why I’m using yall thx for not givin my info out
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1 year ago, The Buddha KB
Greatest staff
Kimberly Macey has given me super assistance over the past 3 years.
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8 years ago, Hawxter
Great interface...needs more function.
The latest version cleans up the app to make an interface that will be easily viewed and navigated by most everyone; I love that improvement. I initially thought that the multi user support was a good idea,but cannot imagine may would have a use for it; I would rather see enhancements like: 1. Support for Touch ID log in. 2. Ability to deposit checks via the camera. 3. Ability to truly manage bills through the app. 4. Ability to change password through the app. I prefer to only use my desktop or laptop for bigger projects, and the suggested enhancements would give me more freedom from the heavier hardware.
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1 year ago, Michael6507
mobile deposit
unable to make deposit. NO reason given, just error notice. OMG now problem sending review because of nickname already used!!
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3 years ago, tommyv7326
Don’t ask me to review your app so many times
That is all. It was like 3 in a row, hindering my ability to even use the app properly. When I say “not now” that doesn’t mean ask within the next 60 seconds...
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5 years ago, TheDarkKnight816
Touch ID no longer working
Worked great until yesterday. Now Touch ID doesn’t work
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2 years ago, hzjdbjsmzjsnmdjdjdjksk
Hard to navigate. Too much on Home Screen Can’t see all live transactions Considering changing banks for a different mobile app😩
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7 years ago, 10309949
Very handy
It's nice to be able to see your balance on an app. The only thing I don't like is that I have to always type in my password. If you could add Touch ID support it would make it secure to keep logged in.
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2 years ago, L28sandro
Very inconvenient
Whit the new update everything is very inconvenient for me since I have two accounts business and personal, now every time that I have to log in on one or another the app the send an verification code to my email. On the old version I just to have the two accounts on one place at the same time on the app. There’s other bank websites way ahead of FFBKC, this is like third world app and website and way behind of other bank instructions.
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