First Guaranty Bank Mobile

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29.6 MB
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First Guaranty Bank
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Guaranty Bank Mobile

4.76 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 months ago, Zunshine24
This has been my bank for over 15 years!! When ever I need help they are always on it. Good to know that you have a sense of family when it comes to taking care of your business. They make you feel like your top priority.
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10 months ago, Awoodlcsw
Face ID doesn’t work
Overall the app works. I can check my accounts, see bill pay and transfer money. Logging in, however, has been a struggle. The Face ID option only works is I completely close the app by swiping it away on my iPhone. I already checked to see if I missed an update. Also, I’m having trouble with check deposit. The app crashes on me when I try to submit a Mi Ike deposit.
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1 year ago, kayraj333
I really like the way the app works, very convenient. My only problem is that it locks your account completely after 2 failed password attempts and you have to call and speak to someone to unlock it. I understand it’s safety measures but my husbands bank app only locks it for 30 minutes. So you just have to be careful. BUT I love this bank more any any I’ve ever been with and WAY more than my husbands bank.
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1 year ago, Ungalet
Excellent Customer Service
Whenever I have called to get help for anything, I’ve only had one bad experience. Otherwise, the customer service has been outstanding.
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2 years ago, hello n j
Not easy app friendly
Compared to other bank financial institution apps, this one isn’t as user friendly/appealing. Most things are easy access (i.e, making payments to different accounts, from other accounts.) it takes awhile to verify and load other external accounts. I think it’s just need a little more precise menu update.
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5 months ago, None ;;;;;
Just about nothing on the apps works. You can’t send money from one account to another. When I call for help they just said this app is not set up for it yet. Even the stars at the top of this survey doesn’t even work. I have other bank apps and this one is the worst.
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2 months ago, Disappointed 8.11.2023
The app lags severely, many times when I access it, the app simply spins endlessly not able to load data. I’ve waited a week for a savings account to link with the business checking account. I even went into the branch and asked for their help and they said it takes a few days to update. It’s now been a week. Overall: I’m not able to check my FGB accounts in real time. And that lacks security.
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2 months ago, Lo Sugar
Awesome Banking App
I have enjoyed the new updates, and they are very helpful. FGB has the best online banking app. I just love banking with FGB, you must give them a try. Thanks FGB for making my online banking easier and more accessible.
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5 months ago, Jo weenier
Everyone is just great. They help you, fix your phone,(My Mom). Friendly, shows a interest in any problem you may have. Those ladies are good at their job.
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3 years ago, 2254574679
The new update is absolutely terrible. After initially updating I had to change my password 4 times and got locked out. I had to call, but the call volumes were so high I got hung up on. After finally speaking with someone I was able to get in, and it still wouldn’t load my accounts. After twos days of updating I’m still not able to see my account.
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2 years ago, JollyMolly65
Works great!
Available where I have wifi connections. Enjoy checking on my account wherever and whenever I need to. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Lil D Makin Endeavor - Money
Bank rating
It is very easy and updates are made often that are not hard to follow. I love the simple and easy app, no troubles getting and doing what needs to be done, great job.
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5 months ago, mission one
App upgrades
I like the new version! Much better functionality!!
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3 years ago, jujulakeizzchl
Sometimes it doesn’t show when you take cash out until the next day or two, I don’t like that. Th e old Union Bank app showed immediately when you took money out. Other than that everything else is fine.
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2 months ago, Riffagirl21
Takes long to be pending. I am on a very limited budget and wish things would clear quicker
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1 year ago, EliRockyAlex
FGB app rating
Since I don’t live in LA anymore have have this account to manage, the app certainly makes my life a lot easier.
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1 year ago, GettinLittle920
Super user friendly and convenient!
Best bank app I have used. The credit report is very valuable.
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2 years ago, piefacemommy
Not useful
This link doesn’t show you your transactions! And everything is limited! You can’t find out anything other then your balance unless you call the actual bank! It doesn’t even show any pending transactions! It’s actually not useful! Because I have to call every other day
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3 years ago, Parradise
Trouble reallocating category
While I am thrilled with the ability to categorize expenses, each time I change the category, the app crashes. It keeps the change, but happens each time I change category and I have to log back in.
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1 month ago, Sutton77!$
Great app for mobile banking. Also has a lot of features to help you save for certain events! Awesome app!
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1 month ago, Gaspergoux
Everything you would want in a bank app
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3 months ago, ChopperClay
I like it
It works well for me. I would like the ability to transfer funds to my FGB Visa account from my FGB checking.
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10 months ago, queenbee1955
I have 2different banks . Online line banking with Hancock Whitney does not leave you guessing at the debit charges . FG , Does not give good description of debit charges
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2 months ago, DTASr.
Great app update
Features are friendly service
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2 months ago, MikeLeggett
Online baking review
Security needs to be improved. Password restrictions are a pain. The system locks me out often. It’s bad enough that I have started doing online banking with another institution.
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2 months ago, JenniferJLC
Love this app!!!
Easy and secure to access!!! Also love that I can see what my funds are and what I spend!!!
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2 months ago, trueuwjsnddn
Rating 5 stars
I enjoy the app. It is nice that I can control my account from my phone.
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11 months ago, sorting usa
Tex Ritter
App is well thought out, easy and user friendly to use
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2 years ago, bestaha
Awesome new app!!
I love all the new features in this app, it’s a big upgrade from the past app!
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2 years ago, jaun56
Notifications don’t work
The push notifications that I have set up I don’t know how many times to send me a message or something letting me know when my card is swiped and for the amount or any of the other alerts I have set up do not work
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5 years ago, Methvin 1974
Very happy with the app
Saves me a lot of time. I have everything right in my hand at all times.
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1 year ago, Loves company
Great app
Easy to navigate and link accounts.
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1 year ago, Fisal M Jubran
FGB app review from Fisal M Jubran
App still needs some work on to it and don’t like that I’m a 19 year old and the bank takes from me 7-7.5 dollars from me each month
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7 months ago, MeanMrMustang
Performs as expected
Little clumsy compared to my capital one app or my old red river online app But gets the job done…
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1 year ago, Neke12304
Very user friendly!
Such a simple banking app to use!.
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3 weeks ago, Ammie Saucier
I love the app I get to check my balance
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8 months ago, Ue boi kritet
Credit Report App
So far the app has been very helpfu
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1 month ago, JacWhar
Great bank
Love banking at First Guarantee in Ponchatoula. Online payments are a snap and easy to understand.
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8 months ago, ssambola
App is easy to log in and navigate.
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5 months ago, ValraeYencho
Best Banking Anywhere!
Enjoy the ease of Online banking with First Guaranty Bank and very friendly staff.
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5 months ago, MCurri10
Inconsistent system
This app makes you start over your log in randomly… maybe it’s to enhance security? But extremely inconvenient. If you forget your password twice you must call to retrieve password.
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11 months ago, ddranch
Good business 👍
Enjoy the app ,need help I have it with guaranty Bank.
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2 months ago, Island SNL
Calvin Ducote
Quick & good features to get around
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4 weeks ago, mattf326
Very easy to Use
I love this new version of the app!!
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1 month ago, Chief01*
Great App
I use this on a daily basis for different reasons
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11 months ago, Clown Brown
John Brown
Always working and helpful to my needs 🙌🙌
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2 years ago, tweekaboo
Great app
I recommend this app to anyone that banks with this bank
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1 month ago, Him1234577
User friendly
App is easy to use.
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10 months ago, MonCrawford
This is a user friendly app!
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3 years ago, Mrs Jor
Have made things convenient but safe.
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