First Internet Bank Mobile

4.8 (764)
41.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Internet Bank of Indiana
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Internet Bank Mobile

4.76 out of 5
764 Ratings
7 years ago, iolaire
Decent app from good online bank
I don't know if I've even been to Indiana but I've had a 15 plus year relationship with this bank and I've always been happen with them for basic banking, bill pay and savings. Then the few times I've needed help they are easy to get on the phone and assist with the issue. The banking app has been good from the start. I really liked they had a camera login system years before touchid and face id. It gets the job done with check deposit, transfers and bill pay from the app.
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6 years ago, Jeff Purvin
Only one issue
I use the app primarily for deposits. I use a similar app for another bank. This one works fine most of the time, but it’s needlessly inconvenient compared to the state of the art app provided by my other bank. First, you shouldn’t need to write “mobile deposit” on every check. Second, this app regularly requires you to check perfectly good pictures for readability. Almost all the time, these requests are a waste of time. I assume the app has simply been programmed to ask you to check your check pictures all the time, which is a waste of user time and effort. Finally, you shouldn’t need to frame a check then hit a button when you’re ready to take a picture. My other bank just requires you to frame the check and then it’s app takes the picture for you when it likes what it sees. 1st IB is a great bank. But, it’s time for an app update.
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6 years ago, Olderstudent2010
Why can’t we use the great money management features on the app!?
I have been with first IB almost since the beginning. And I have always been a fan and an advocate. But I gotta say, the fact that I still need an external budgeting app on my phone (with the related account sync problems) when the First IB mobile website has a great money management app is beyond me! I am hoping you add the money management functionality to the app. But there is a good chance I will be switching to a competitor that has this already baked in.
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1 year ago, con man 206
Pretty Upset
i made an account yesterday and everything was fine and i was able to use the app and spend money yesterday and all last night but then they decided to put my account on hold this morning. i need to access the money on my bank account asap. this is extremely inconvenient and i’m upset that you guys decided to do this without letting me know so i could have transferred or zelled money to myself so i could’ve used it before you decided to put my account on hold for no reason. super disappointing. i called your customer service line twice today and they did not help me at all. i don’t know the reason why my account is on hold and they said it would take 1-2 days!? for what??
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6 years ago, SandmanToo
Best banking app and widely et!
I have been banking with FIB since the beginning, back when internet banking was just starting. I have had other banks and credit unions through the years but FIB always was my bank of choice for deposits and bill pay. The mobile app has always been good and keeps improving. I worked in banking for twenty years and I appreciate the clean interface and the simplicity of this app over other banking apps. Very happy with support though it's seldom needed.
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6 years ago, DKurbegov
Solid app from an even better bank
App works great, is easy to use, and does the typical things you would expect. I’ve been using First Internet Bank if Indiana since the late 90’s. Beyond the favorable rates and lack of fees, I’ve always found it easier to get done what needed to be done working with them rather than brick and mortar banks I can walk into- not intuitive but totally true.
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1 year ago, Broglesmith
Outdated Interface
While it has all the basic functions, the app is almost too simple. It lacks details about your accounts you may need and in turn you have to call to get details about almost everything. You can’t tell which debit card is assigned to which account unless you call. If I receive money from zelle, it doesn’t update unless I log out and log back in. I feel like it needs an update that matches the ease their website brings.
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6 years ago, KTrav7
Easy useful app from great bank
I have banked with these guys for ages and trust their products and services. A bit slow to adopt but things work the way they should. That is worth the wait. I don’t need anything more from a banking app than what theirs does.
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7 years ago, ssjjkk
Face ID
You should have had Face ID ready day one. Two weeks later, still no update? Update: Face ID does work. However, it’s not entirely intuitive as to what you need to turn on. If you turn on Touch ID, that will turn on Face ID. I guess I would expect the verbiage to say Face ID. In the confusion, I started switching to a new bank. So this little thing cost you a long time customer.
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3 years ago, Nikhil Padhye
Cannot use globally
This is generally a good app but if you are a traveler note the following serious limitation: The app constantly displayed “service unavailable” while I was in India. It turned out that service was in fact available. I had to VPN to a US server to login. If this had been clearly indicated to me it would have saved frustration in setting up bill pays that I nearly missed.
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6 years ago, Elchuckler
Very Convenient!
Easy to use app which takes no time at all to deposit checks, check balances and payments. Long time customer of First IB and the app makes a good service, better.
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2 years ago, PhilattheBeach
Deposits Broken PLEASE FIX THIS
This app has always been fine, but since the last update, mobile deposits on the iPhone don’t work. When it says rotate the phone to photograph the check, it never recognizes that I’ve done that so the app is basically stuck at that point. I make all my deposits with this app, so this is obviously a problem.
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5 years ago, Lazy Llama
Easy to use and full featured
I can do all af my banking on my phone now. I haven’t logged into my account on a computer for months because I can now do everything I need right here in the app.
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2 years ago, Dude5511177
Online Deposits Broken?
This is the temporary workaround I received from the bank, which worked: Keep the phone in an upright position (eg. standing upright on a tabletop) and then rotate in the opposite direction that the app requests.
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3 years ago, Mr. Crumity
This app is incredibly you can check balances with Face ID, now all the developers need to do is make it more like cash app, where I can send money to anyone when ever I want through my phone.
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6 years ago, mjp65aa
Love the app and Bank
I think I have had my account over ten year now. Never had a bad experience or crazy fees. App works perfectly.
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2 years ago, *%"!
Sad... no check deposit now & after all these years
Been a customer since FIB's earliest days. Now, after I updated my iPhone XR to IOS 16 & my iPad 3 to IOS 15.7 can no longer deposit checks. I live in Seattle. Check deposit function yields an undiscernable Grey box... portrait or landscape. Repeated calls & an emails has garnered no response. It's a problem that will require a new bank. 🙁
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2 years ago, caewok
Broken check deposit
Cannot deposit a check as of the last update. Tells me to rotate my device to take a picture but doesn’t do anything after that. Just a blurry screen with the message on top. Regardless of whether lock is on or off. Have to force quit just to use the rest of the app.
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6 years ago, SFB, MD
Easy to use
I can view 4 accounts at once and transfer funds easily.
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5 years ago, PurpleChips19
Yes!!! I love this app‼️
all of the tools into a single place. I love the notifications. I love the ability to quickly shift money etc. They're a great bank to do business with. BEST BANK EVER‼️
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4 years ago, 237895
Not a great app but their website is lacking as well. I have never seen a bank with such a primitive interface. This is especially sad since this is an internet only bank.
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6 years ago, Kaylarrmarie
This app, it’s simplistic, and therefore not difficult to navigate at all. It’s so easy to use, easy to do transfers, deposits, all of it.
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2 years ago, JasonFromAlpharetta
Mobile check deposit still broken
Thought - after a month - they would fix the bug that doesn’t allow for mobile check deposits. Nope. Still broken. Time to look for a new bank.
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2 years ago, rego130
Can’t Mobile Deposit
The app continuously tells me to rotate the phone and when I do it doesn’t recognize it. And then it’s perpetually stuck.
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8 months ago, Semolicous
Zelle Limit
The Zelle limits at this bank are ridiculous. I’ve called the bank and they advised that is the highest they can be. I have other back accounts with much higher Zelle limits
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2 years ago,
Camera out of focus on app
Trying to deposit a check. Camera is out of focus and app is asking me to rotate device. I can take a clear picture while not in the app. When I try to take a picture through the app I’m not able to
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7 years ago, Chief1055
Great banking app! Love that I can deposit checks with my phone
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2 years ago, Quixx23
Mobile deposit no longer works
I keep getting a prompt to rotate my device to continue deposit, but no matter how I turn my device, it won’t let me take a picture of a check to deposit.
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2 years ago, Pi-Yoss
No bank-to-bank transfer optionality
Not very user friendly compared to other banks (ie, CapitalOne, Chase). No bank-to-bank transfer option in app. Might as well scrap the app and just log-in through website for online banking.
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2 years ago, MyFirstThrowaway
Deposit function hasn’t been working for over a week. It opens a camera but you can’t actually take a picture to deposit the check.
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2 years ago, choiped
Check deposit camera not working
Camera does not work in the latest version. It prompts to rotate camera but does not allow any function.
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6 years ago, Ex_Varian_Rep
Good app
Good app and good bank
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2 years ago, ccglin
Check deposit doesn’t work in iOS 16
Stuck in “rotate camera” screen and won’t take picture for mobile deposit. Please fix now.
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7 years ago, rebck
It's really easy to deposit checks with your phone with just taking 2 pictures. The ability to quickly transfer money has helped on more than one occasion. It's also super easy to just pull up your accounts to make sure you have the appropriate funds.
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2 years ago, Briar Guitrau
Would not recommend! PLEASE READ!
I have been thinking about switching to an “online only bank” for sometime. I figured since I do most of my transactions online and rarely ever go to a physical bank that making the switch would be a great option, so I did some research and came across 1st Internet Bank. Based on the App Store and other websites that have reviews of the bank I felt like this would be a solid choice. So on 08/17 I decided to open a checking and savings account. The application process was straight forward and I was able to open a checking and savings account. I got online banking set up and was going to set up my work direct deposit when I got to work the next day, but the next morning when getting to work I tried logging in to the mobile app to get my new account number for my work to set up direct deposit. That’s when I got a pop up notification when trying to login that my account was locked and I needed to reach out to have it unlocked. Although I thought that was odd, I called and spoke to someone in their customer service. I don’t have the name of the lady but she tells me that she didn’t see any accounts under my social security number. I told her that must be incorrect and explained to her that I opened my accounts yesterday and even set up online banking. Then she tells me, that my accounts where closed and that I would get an email or a letter explaining why. (So first she tells me that she doesn’t see any account then she switches it up and tells me they were closed, so which is it?) The reason for my review is to warn people to not use this bank, they will just close your account and then just like that you can’t access anything. What if I would have set up my direct deposit, had bills coming out of that account, or was standing in line at the store to buy groceries? I understand that the bank is going to probably reply to this review with “….. in the terms & conditions we reserve the right to close your account….. ect.” And that’s fine, but people should know how you operate and that their money / accounts can just be closed without being provided a reason what so ever! I’m sorry but I don’t see the reason for this at all. I know that my review is going to do nothing to them but the fact they can just do this and you can’t question them or have any type of recourse is down right sad! For anyone thinking about doing business with them, I hope you read this review and seriously reconsider. (If you’re still looking for a great bank and an online account try Discover bank, I already have a credit card with them, and setting up my new account was super easy and I get more perks. Plus there is literally ZERO fees and you earn cash back. Hope this helps someone!
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9 years ago, w3d4f6
Not quite ready for prime time
I very much appreciate First Internet Bank's addition of an iPhone app. This one doesn't quite do everything it seems to say it does, yet. When attempting to pay off an unexpected overdraft (bookkeeping error), the transaction wouldn't go thru. Customer Service told me there was a certain button I had to click on if paying in full (as opposed to making a partial payment) but the button does not exist in the app. Also, despite the fact that I have banked with FirstIB for many years, it turns out that there is a low daily limit for deposits made via the app, so I've had to deposit checks to another, local, account in another bank, then write several checks on that bank, splitting up the total amount and making deposits via the app on successive days, with the added complication that nothing gets credited over the weekend, so it's taking 5 days to get my money into FirstIB, instead of being able to do it all in one transaction. A good start, but improvement needed.
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12 years ago, kizzan
App is okay
I have been with the bank since they had 5% interest on checking. Back then, they were on the forefront of technology, what a reasonable person would expect from an Internet bank. Fast forward ten years to today, I feel like their technology has frozen in time and is no longer competitive any more. The brick and mortar bank I use to make deposits to to then transfer over here, Chase, has much greater technology with their quickdeposit, quickpay, and vastly superior account alerts (more control of texts you receive). I am actually surprised they even came out with an app, albeit very late. I am not that surprised that the app has low functionality. I an very happy, though, that this app doesn't make the user use Firstib's security+. I just hate going thru that every time. This app is okay.
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8 years ago, Vaperson
Does what I need
It's fairly basic of an app but it gets the job done. Wish it showed information more similar to their website because finding stuff can be hard. One review complained about the daily limit for mobile deposits being low but you can contact First IB to get the limit increased. They processed a substantial increase to my limit within hours. The limit is going to vary based on your account history and risk. That's just good banking.
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10 years ago, _leftcoaster
Much improved
I've used first IB for more than a decade and am delighted by this app. I had abandoned an earlier version when check deposit ceased to work, but the current one works well and supports Bill Pay too. Love it! With Touch ID supporting third party apps in the forthcoming iOS 8 release, I hope First IB will enable access with a fingerprint too. Or perhaps OnePassword will enable Touch ID as an alternative to its master password.
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9 years ago, Metalsgirl0213
Love the fingerprint login. Love the mobile deposit feature. Good for simple things. Some improvements: allow a description field when making deposits or account transfers (like in online portal), and enhance bill paying fester to be able to clearly see bills that are due.
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12 years ago, EriccirE1632
Great app with mobile check deposit!
This was a good mobile banking app for First IB that is now so much better with the ability to deposit checks right from the app! No more mailing or scanning. Now just take a picture of the front and back of check and you're done. Awesome and easy to use!
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11 years ago, GBK Hobbes
Almost there
The bill pay just needs to have the same features as the web. It doesn't know the amount and date of bills that the website does know so I have to flip back and forth between the reminder email and the app.
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11 years ago, Dan the (old) man
Keeps Improving
Love the bank, glad the app is catching up to other online banking apps. It's a far more useful app than it was a year ago. The ability to do some of the Finance Works type of functions that are available via FirstIB's website would make it great.
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12 years ago, Fringethinking2011
Simple and fast
The app does exactly what it needs to do: provide quick info and allow me to transfer money. All the other stuff (bill pay, etc) would just junk up the experience and provide little value to me. Well done!
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11 years ago, 222IndyGirl
Great for depositing checks
The feature for scanning in checks to deposit is great. It almost always accepts my scan the first time (every now and them I have to take a second scan because the first wasn't clear enough).
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10 years ago, App-auling
They just do it right!
I have always been impressed with FirstIB. I've been a customer of FirstIB since 2000 and they just seem to do it right. They think about the customer experience and I am always able to get they attention I need.
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12 years ago, MitchDubya
Good bank and good app
I work at a Bank, but use First IB instead. They have better products and services and no crappy fees. Likewise, this app is great app for viewing balances and depositing checks. Wish the app had a bill pay interface. The mobile bill pay through the website is clunky.
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11 years ago, MamaAZ
Love it!
I just deposited my first check with this app and it was incredibly easy. I always liked having my account information at my fingertips... Being able to make deposits is just icing on the cake.
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9 years ago, Ccutu
Works great
Works great for basics: Apple Touch ID login, mobile deposits, moving money between accounts, and checking balances (obviously). Clean interface. No complaints in many months/years of use.
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7 years ago, huzurpapa
Long time customer
I have been a FirstIB customer for a long time and they keep getting better and better. This app is so easy to use and does all the basic things I need.
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