First Mid Bank & Trust Mobile

4.8 (3K)
173.4 MB
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Current version
First Mid Bank & Trust, N.A.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Mid Bank & Trust Mobile

4.77 out of 5
3K Ratings
2 years ago, Lancehd69
Access to my accounts
I find it extremely easy to transfer funds from one account to another or deposit a check on the run !!
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5 years ago, D.Early9
This is the first review I’ve ever written for an app
I have issues with the app more than I would like. There have been many occasions when I was unable to log into my account due to maintenance issues. They offer the most basic luxuries that most, if not all, banks offer on their apps. I received an email that indicated several updates to the app which got me really excited. As the date neared, I received another email stating they needed to postpone the update (without adding a new release date). I believe that speaks to the team and management behind the scenes (and bank at large). The app lacks innovation, predictability, and services.
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2 years ago, BJLeach
Password changes
Having to change the password as often as it wants gets annoying. Also having to put in the password to transfer or do bill pay is annoying. Other than that, I like the app.
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5 years ago, DoggyDog420
C’mon man
Make an app that works. Bout tired of this bank already. The bank they took over had an app that worked all the time. This app blows!!!! Doesn’t sign in half the time. And it takes three or four days for some transactions to post. Wow that’s pathetic. Maybe you guys shouldn’t have came in town and fired all the employees that had worked there forever. Those employees knew how to make an app that works. I’m moving to the bank where those employees go to. Like another reviewer said, get with the times!!
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5 years ago, phingson
Changes to consider for the app.
I love the app. I would like to be able to add or edit the companies or people that I pay from my app instead of just from my desktop.
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5 years ago, windyjammer
Mediocre at best
There’s not much I like about this app. Mid-Illinois took over my bank which had a great mobile banking app. With Mid-Illinois’ app, half the time I get a message that says my information cannot be validated and I can’t sign in even when I enter the correct user name and password. The iPad app can only be used in portrait mode which is really, really annoying. It just seems to be a poorly designed app. It feels outdated. Surely Mid-Illinois can do better than this.
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5 years ago, Blainer via DIKFORE
Works good
I don’t know why so negative reviews are on this app. It does everything I want it to! No problems at all. Maybe they aren’t smart enough to use technology?
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5 months ago, Almayfire
Great when it actually works theres seemingly always something going on like it’s always being worked on every other week and I can’t log in for days at a time this needs to be fixed and it would be great it’s extremely inconvenient
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4 years ago, P66135
Never there when I need it
This app is always down when I need to access it. I’ve been trying to access it all weekend and it’s down. My emergency fund is in a separate account and if I had a true emergency and needed to transfer funds I’d be in serious trouble. Plus there’s no any other way of transferring money outside of business hours. This is making me want to switch banks ASAP, very unreliable.
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5 years ago, KoukiTea
Not great, not horrible.
I got this app so that I could check my balances before deciding if I wanted to make a purchase or not. It works perfectly fine for that purpose. However, it doesn’t have luxuries that some other apps do. Oh well. At least I haven’t had any issues.
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1 year ago, Multi-caller
Offline half the time
It seems like every other time I try to access my account the system is offline. What irks me the most is their little notice that insinuates that it is my fault that the app isn’t accessible. I’d move to another bank if there was one in my community.
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2 years ago, Bobbie Diane
Online Banking
Fast, Easy, convenient, always available
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2 years ago, picklep!
App is ok, when available, but mostly ok the rest of time. I’d like to see the feature added to show pending credits, upcoming deposits!
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3 months ago, BroDave777
Needs Work!
When it functions it is not a bad app. The problem is that it is often down. Several times a week it is inaccessible with an error notice. Waiting several hours or till the next day helps but this app needs work.
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6 months ago, Grant Foppe
Love the app
I can’t transfer money and stay updated on what I have everyday! Great company!
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2 years ago, 38292994472910;
Needs improvement
I can never get into my account always tells me to contact customer support but I can log in with the same information on my laptop. I’ve been able to use it maybe 10 times in the last few years.
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5 years ago, NinjaBarry
I really like this app.
I can see the cleared checks. This is so helpful when running my business!
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5 years ago, Brm59
Efficient and speedy. Mobile deposit is great.
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5 years ago, Renhenil
Won’t log you out
Security issue- even though you log out it doesn’t actually do it. So the next time you open it it gives the message that it had to log you out because the session expired. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Timeforanewbank
Please fix this app!!
This app was working fine until First-Mid dropped the Illinois out of its name and reconfigured the app. I can no longer deposit a check by taking a picture, I randomly get blocked out of my account, and every time I try to use the fingerprint to login the app crashes. Please fix this!!
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5 years ago, sasddssddffgfd
Needs work
It worked fine for awhile but then all of the sudden it wouldn’t let me log into my account and said I don’t have the credentials for online banking. I can easily access my account on my computer though. I don’t understand why the app just stopped working for me.
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6 months ago, bbshar.k
App doesn’t work
This app is trash. I’ve changed my password multiple times and I couldn’t get into my account. I have to go online on the website to access everything. So stupid. Terrible bank in general.
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4 years ago, MrsTG77
Troubles getting in w password
Had problems getting in to make transfer then get smacked w an over draft fee... so extremely frustrating.
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6 years ago, Guifenheim
Get with the times.
It took a while before this bank even bothered to put out an iPhone app. Still can’t use Apple Pay. I use the thumbprint so I don’t have to type passwords like a demented monkey. Thumbprint opens app but to make a payment I must type in a password. Substandard! Need to look for a new bank.
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3 years ago, 1636392927
Ok but can be better
Good app just too much down time for me seems like the app always needs maintainability or is down right when I need it the most
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4 years ago, Millyrags101
Its very helpful when it works, won’t let me log in half the time till the next day and runs fine then will do the same within the week. Idk if anyone else has this problem 🤷🏼‍♀️
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2 years ago, Rockstar421
Needs more features and better design
Just moved over to midbank from providence bank. Do not like midbank app at all. Should’ve used providence bank app and just change the name. Their design and features was so nice. And very easy to navigate
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3 years ago, FFDP 1
Hardly works
You might be able to log on or see your instant balance 1-2 out of 20 times opening the app, if it even makes it to the log in screen without saying an error has occurred please call.
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2 years ago, Xantee95
Needs fixed
There are more times I can’t either transfer or even log into the app bc it goes down more than needed and doesn’t get fixed right away
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2 years ago, sc876
Need to be able to have access to banking account and routing numbers via app. Can’t send review cuz nicknames are taken
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5 years ago, Jzwells55
Easy to use & convenient. Good job First Mid!
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2 years ago, Annoyed10122290
This app is very basic compared to other banking apps I’ve used. I like the ability to disable and enable my debit card from my app vs having to call. It seems very outdated.
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7 months ago, theebadger
I can’t even open the app, it goes to a white screen then crahses. I tried contacting first mid but they just tell me their maintenance team is “working on it” 3/10 app.
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2 years ago, gabriellle
HATE this app!
Thumb print sign-in will work at first, then suddenly stop, causing me to manually enter my password. I delete, reinstall, repeat! First world problems, I know, but just fix it!!
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5 years ago, DiamondDoug79
No mobile deposit
I don’t understand why I don’t have the mobile deposit option
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5 years ago, Briank469
You buy out first bank and trust, who had a great app, then give us a crap one that seems like it's 6+ years old. I was expecting the same app or better, not way worse
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9 years ago, chris sutton
Any transaction made is immediately updated on your account balance. I'll be using this app a lot to keep track of my money spending.
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3 years ago, Slip 42
Just doesn’t work consistently
Features are barely ok. App is down a lot. The Face ID sign in works about 1/10th of the time. Sometimes user names and passwords save, sometimes not.
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3 years ago, djkHNi
Frequent problems
The app is fine when it’s working but it often isn’t. It’s annoying.
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3 years ago, Ckxxl
Face ID Doesn’t work
Ever since iOS 14 Face ID for this app doesn’t work. Works in all my other apps, tried everything to get it to work.
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7 months ago, gahsysik828729&
App not working!
Goes to white screen when entering app then kicks me out to Home Screen
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2 years ago, madibaby🤪
Login issues
Locks me out of my account so many times
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5 years ago, Bowl80
No Business Access
May be a ok app but you can’t access business accounts on it, only personal so it’s only 1/2 an app.
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4 years ago, PennyR16
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6 years ago, Kaathird
Great app
Easy to use and does a great job doing simple things like check balances and moving money!!!
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8 years ago, Randa28
Don't like 👎🏻
Eveytime I turn around I am getting a system error and I have to uninstall it and reinstalled it
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7 years ago, Test60
This is a test of a review.
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9 years ago, Trent C.
Great but plain
I love it. Easy suggestion would be for a note pad on each statement for notes like what knowing what the price was before I gave a tip. Rather than keeping the receipt.
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9 years ago, Haaaate it
I was really looking forward to them having a working app again. Fail.
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8 years ago, BillInCarbondale
Wont even install
Not compatible with iPad Air 2? Come on...
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