First PREMIER Mobile Banking

4.2 (906)
38.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
First PREMIER Bank
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for First PREMIER Mobile Banking

4.2 out of 5
906 Ratings
1 year ago, KChrist777
First Premier Bank
I can get everything I need except cash... but I can go to an ATM machine. Hahaha however, not taking a cashiers check for a mobile deposit DOESN’T make sense! I don’t like the change where everything is later by a day or 2. I can see where lots of overdrafts could be caused.
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2 years ago, Frestyllllll
Good app
I love that this app lets me check my account without having to call the bank. I love that it automatically subtracts purchases that I’ve made in the past several days before the money is actually withdrawn (which is a big help with my adhd brain). The only down side I see is that every once in a while the fingerprint option doesn’t work (not sure if it’s the app or my phone). The only reason I find this an issue is because the app won’t let me save my password to my phone (and I forget to write my passwords down ALOT)! But other than that it’s a great app!
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1 year ago, BrookeBender
Very helpful and easy access
I like that this app is so simple and you have easy access throughout the whole app. You can check your accounts and it’s posted right at the top. You can your other bills online straight from the account too. I personally like the debit card so it just takes it from the card instead of the checking account automatically.
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2 months ago, Yahtzee@lauren
Very convenient
Really easy to use and lets me look at my account balance and transfers easy. You can also see every transaction made with each of your accounts and you can practically control your account with this app. If you bank with First premier you should definitely download this!
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1 year ago, one dilemma
Business account
The only thing I would change is the availability to see check and cash that are deposited. This is the only downfall that I have found. I really hope they change this. As a business owner it helps out tremendously with accounting. Being able to search out transactions by amounts, also being able to set up search timeline from Jan-Dec or whatever would be great. Being able to see deposited amounts from the ATM would be nice also.
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3 years ago, isalop95
The Best Bank
Super easy to set up and still offers security. Also their customer service is easy to get ahold of without going through an automated message demanding to know what you’re calling about. Thank you for being user friendly and not creating obstacles.
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2 months ago, Full time instacart shopper
Banking App
This app is easy to use and never has outages or bugs. Once you link your bank account making payments is easy and straight forward. The app shows you how much interest you accumulate monthly and yearly which motivates users to pay off loans early.
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9 months ago, Shooooona)))
Love it
I love this company and the app! I’ve spent the last 15 years working at Premier and will probably spend the next 15 years there. They are always looking at ways to improve and this app reflects that. It’s very accurate and user friendly!
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3 years ago, maddieg1103
Easy Access
This app is such easy access to checking my account and keeping track of expenses. I do wish First Premier would participate in Zelle That would make it even better on dealing with payments and cut down on writing checks
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3 months ago, DJK0614
I like the Home Screen when you first log into the app. This shows we a quick snapshot of my balance. I would like to see more payments options listed here instead of the hamburger menu.
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5 years ago, ClairaDepontSpeedy
Are used to be able to use it
I had this app for a couple of years, and then it suddenly stopped working. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it from the App Store. Now I can’t login. It literally brings me in circles, to the same screens, over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It will not except my login information, although it is completely correct. I have been several days trying to make this work. I do not understand what the problem is.
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4 years ago, real legend_27
Pretty good
I would say overall the application and the purpose is great, I would just recommend a change in the way the hud and the layout of the app is setup so it is a little more user friendly or maybe even customizable if possible.
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2 years ago, Jimyyhbhh
Worked for me
Was a little nervous after reading the other reviews but tried anyway. Worked for me. Logged in and showed my balances and transactions. Just what I wanted to do. Maybe they fixed it.
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2 years ago, drinking guy
Best small bank app I’ve ever used
Amazingly convenient for a small bank. Very friendly and accommodating staff. I’m always happy doing business with them in person, over the phone or on their app
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9 months ago, Slednecks2.0
Get it
Makes banking so much easier, I constantly know how much I have been spending and what I’ve been spending it on. I really like the fact that I know exactly how much money I have and owe at all times.
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4 years ago, FeatherRiverBand
Great app, works good.
Works much better now from when it first came out. Bank support has always been there. Cannot use mobile deposit for money orders, but everything else is great.
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2 years ago, ximi0501
Mobil transfer to another account
Wish tht premier Mobil app had something like zelle option to transfer funds out of your checking account and send through electronic to another bank and didn’t have to be premier bank you had to transfer I bank with Wells Fargo and on my Mobil app have zelle option to send money through my app and sends to any bank in the United’s states.
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4 years ago, BluPurpleButterfly
Easy to use
Always on hop. They fix their bugs immediately. Easy to use. Love the security on the app. Even though I don’t like the international fees thats about it I don’t like of banking with premier. I like everything else. Great job
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5 years ago, Air2theThron3
Great Banking App
Have been using the app for a couple years now. It was good prior to the new layout and update, but is even better now! Super responsive and has everything I could ever need to do right on the home page with a simple click. Great app!
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1 year ago, sushiman9618
Totally broken app
What good is a banking app if I can’t do anything other than check my balance? For two months in a row all I get is the spinning wheel of death when I try to make a payment. Contacting them did not help - all I got from them is “yeah, the spinning wheel is a know issue… ha, ha. Go make your payment on a desktop.” Apparently not an important enough issue to fix. If you’re financing something, make sure not to use this bank.
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5 years ago, TammyK4
No longer able to deposit checks
I really like to be able to deposit checks through the app as well live 30 miles from a branch location but I have not been able to successfully deposit the last few. I take the photos and submit then it goes to loading until it times out. I hope you get the problem fixed soon.
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4 days ago, williamcardsfan
Great app!
I really like the ability to deposit checks with my phone and transfer money between accounts when needed!
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1 year ago, NoBozosOKC
Great app!
This app is just what I need to verify my balance, check my purchases and keep a close eye on my account. With all going on in the world today, it’s like a little security blanket! Thank you, Premier!
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3 years ago, Bootiecatblue
Alerts need tweaking
It would be nice if an alert could be set up for each deposit. If no deposit then no text. Now I keep getting the last deposit made. So I canceled that alert because That’s not what I want. I want each individual deposit only the day it was made.
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3 years ago, bean5555777
It’s ok
This app works but it could use so many quality upgrades. Facial recognition hello..? I appreciate the easy to look at layout and that all of my accounts show. But update your security system
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3 months ago, JLBTHSFSD
You can add descriptions on transactions
It makes it so easy to know where money came from and where it went - the descriptions turn the First PREMIER bank account into a journal!
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8 months ago, lmilsfsd
Clean UI, Easy to Navigate
FPB’s mobile app has been reliable, and the clean UI makes it easy to navigate between different screens and account functions.
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5 years ago, annastheticc
The least user friendly platform I have ever encountered
I wish I could give this application zero, or negative stars. Dealing with this app makes me want to pay off my credit card immediately and cut it in half so I never have to deal with this ridiculous application again. The first set up was usable, but since the update, it’s impossible to use in any sort of quick and easy manner. This app gets negative 5 stars.
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4 years ago, birtny
Works great!
Does what it should and easy to navigate. Regularly improving. Although I think the links to call customer service and finding partnered atms could be better.
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1 year ago, bizy bizy
Easy to use
So simple and easy to navigate transactions. I especially like the simplicity of transferring money to different accounts.
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3 weeks ago, BoNiBoNifjdjdhd
Bank reviews
This bank is one of the best the app work very well it help me keep track of my money and it lets me see my credit score
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3 months ago, LostAgain
Nice app
I like that I can check balances quickly and see what has cleared Definitely like that I can use the fingerprint scanner to log in
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2 years ago, Quincy Kuhlman
It works so well especially for a teenager like me I love the way it works and it’s extremely easy to navigate the only down side is the lag on transfers but with most banking apps that’s expected.
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9 months ago, Hephae
Love it
I wish i could favorite all My accounts instead if limited to 5, but otherwise its great and easy to use
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4 years ago, Liss951
Best Bank App I’ve Ever Used
I’ve tried using other bank apps and they don’t even come close to First Premier’s. I enjoy using their app and will continue to stay at First Premier for that simple reason.
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5 years ago, Alias09
This mobile app does not work!
I tried to log on many times. I know I have my correct password. I logged onto the laptop to make sure that it was not me or my phone. It’s the app! This app was poorly designed. Use the other app for First Premier, that was much easier to log onto. I was hoping to use the mobile app because it offered the FACEID, which did not work for both FACEID or typing your password.
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9 months ago, }Angela{
First Premier app
The app just went through an update and it looks and works great. The new features make it so fluid to view and navigate.
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2 years ago, HoltyPie
Cant pay online
I’ve tried and tried. The money transfer always times out or something happens. So I’ve needed up with lot of late fees and almost only being able to pay my loan by phone. Wrote them a message 2 weeks ago they never responded. Their online banking is a joke for paying a loan you have with them.
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9 months ago, Rick Alfson
Easy to figure out. Only one issue which was having to know dates and amounts for credit rating .
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2 years ago, 1Aaaa1112
Love having this app
It’s so much easier to transfer money to pay my loan and I can check my bank account anytime.
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3 years ago, jlpkns
Great App
I really like the App. It’s so easy to go into my account and check it at any time. Great for paying my loan and is linked to other accounts as well.
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4 years ago, Dylan5564
Works good for the most part
The layout and everything about this app looks good and makes sense; my only problem is linking outside accounts to my Home Screen. Every time I close and open the app it makes me log in to those external accounts again.
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2 years ago, jhnrbk
Unreliable. Regular errors.
Really unreliable and shows errors regularly. App errors out if you haven’t used it for a while, resulting in closing all the way out and relaunching. The device verification shows up regularly even after registering the device you’re using. Gotten to the point I’ll be switching to another bank.
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2 years ago, AAAAA321654
Needs to be updated
All the people working in the bank are so friendly but the bank itself is years behind it’s time. If you deposit, transfer or cash app after 2pm your transaction will pend till the next day. And if it’s after 2pm on a Friday forget about it……
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4 years ago, billtjoc
Easy to use
I love that I am able to check my balance at a moment’s notice. It keeps me on track and able to budget better.
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1 year ago, jfmasinry
Works great! 👍🏻
Nice setup! I really like how you can see the account balance with each transaction you make!! Runs smoothly 5 stars
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1 year ago, Go Bucky 1960
Works great majority of the time. When not working the customer service is quick to explain what’s going on.
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2 years ago, Zwanziger1899999
Painless and convenient
I enjoy that I can do everything I need from the app without having to be social :)
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3 years ago, babkiohbh
Always glitching and never showing the accurate amount of money in my account, especially when everything is always on pending it causes me to go overdraft
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2 years ago, dcd$p
Not great business app
I should be able to run my business credit cards from this app also. This is standard practice at other bank, and very much an inconvenience for the customers to not be able to do all there banking from this app.
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