First Security Bank

4.8 (11.6K)
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First Security Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for First Security Bank

4.83 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Bart the Master
Credit Card
I recently got a 1st Security credit card after having a Capital One card for many years. I cancelled it because I started being charged a $5/month fee. One feature I liked about the Capital One card was instant notifications of charges. One, I could make sure I was charged the correct amount, and two, in the event of fraudulent charges, I could detect them instantly. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Lotzaclasse
Periodic malfunction
When using this app with iPhone 6s and updated IOS the app would shut down after login without any explanation. This happened both with the use of Touch ID and without. This only started with the latest version of IOS so maybe FSB needs to update its app. FSB app latest version appears to be 4 months old. On the website, I can only view “the next 30 days”. There does not appear to be way of Going back to view the previous 30. When I click the “back” button or icon it takes me back the home page. This is quite annoying and seems mike it should be an easy fix.
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4 years ago, JohnCrews
Over-all Good App
Would have given 5* but on occasion(often on weekends) I am unable to login. I am fairly sure it is probably a update the bank runs weekly or something. The reason it is a problem is because it gives me a error message that does not really clear and does not give a time frame. Also I’ve had some issues while linking other accounts to this account and there is a business account showing on my account that I can not go into or figure out exactly what it is because is crashes the app every time I try and do anything related to that account.
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6 years ago, sbutler6513
Frequently Down
About half the time i go to log in, it says there is an error and to check back later. “Network busy”. (Happened last night and again this morning) I know after 10pm it’s probably not going to work. Also, with the last update it took away Touch ID so we’re back to typing in passwords. If you go to do a transfer in the app, half the time it says “error” and won’t say what the error is. I finally figured out on my own from the actual website that i needed to change the transfer date to the next day. This app is not user friendly and is not reliable. I have a capital one card with their app and it made me realize how much better this app could be. Seriously considering switching banks because most banking is done through apps these days.
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3 years ago, TheAmericanPeeps
Pending Process
The app takes forever for the pending process to complete and It misleads me to spending more money. Because the pending period takes so long to finally change how much you actually have in your account. I checked my account yesterday to see I had nearly $400 in my spendings. Leading me to believe I could go out and eat with my fiancé. However when checking my account tonight I noticed it dropped a sum of $300+ because the “pending” amounts that had been sitting for weeks were finally withdrawn... This is TERRIBLE for customer service because it is not clear and easy to understand how much I actually have... Especially when my spending amount says I have a certain amount that isn’t there because of (pending) withdrawals that are taken at random... Very upset with the new update and if this isn’t addressed I’m going to be looking for other banks... This completely defeats the purpose of online banking when I can’t trust my bank to allow me to see what’s actually in my account. And not just what’s pending.
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5 years ago, jjnichols016
Mobile Deposit Does Not Work
This is in no way a reflection of my feelings towards First Security or its employees... This app is not user friendly. You’re way better off going to the bank in-person than using this app. It takes up to two days for any transaction or deposit to be reflected. It makes it hard to know your true balance. Also, I have never been able to deposit a mobile check. It rejects it every time! I use another bank for my main checking needs and I’m always able to deposit there, so I’m certain it’s not the picture quality. Since this feature is the most important for my banking needs, I give the app a low rating since it does not meet this need.
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3 years ago, Dufbrough
I just updated to the new version of this app, and I never had issues before now! It doesn’t even allow me to sign in, because it crashes as soon as it opens. It also gives a warning that the URL is not secure just before it crashes. What the heck?!? Now I have no way to see my banking information from my phone. For an app that was acclaimed to be “enhanced”, it certainly is NOT!
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5 years ago, debbjct
The app is never accurate anymore. It shows transactions twice and sometimes doesn’t show transactions that was actually done several days earlier. They don’t even show as pending transactions. The app never used to have these issues??? It is very frustrating and I have even thought about changing banks even though I have banked with y’all for almost 30 years.
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11 months ago, CharmiKg
I love First Security Bank
First of all I like this bank because at least the “feel” of the bank is local. The in-bank tellers at the McCain branch in NLR are very friendly and courteous while providing expert service. Even though my visits are infrequent I still feel as if the people know me. That’s important to me and is something I hope and pray we don’t lose in this rapidly changing world!
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3 years ago, Ffswdffccf
First Security App Issues
The app is alright, but only WHEN it allows you to login. I’ll start by saying my overall experience with this bank has been great in general. What I don’t understand though is how a company with this much money can’t afford a good app. When you are finally able to login the UI is absolute garbage. Everything is laid out very poorly, especially after this new update. Unfortunately, your only other option to view your balance is to use their website (which isn’t ideal for mobile users). Step up your game first security.
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5 years ago, RMacJ
Works mostly great, then doesn’t.
I’ve always had a problem with this app working fully after 10pm. It never shows recent transactions after 10pm. But I’ve dealt with it. Recently though, the last 2-3 days, it’s not working at all on my phone. I have 13.2 iOS, but not 13.2.2 yet, is that the problem? It starts, asks for login, then quits completely. Please help or update or whatever you can. Thanks. UPDATE: Uninstalled, then reinstalled app, and it seems to work again. Back to 4 stars...
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3 years ago, ABerryslp
Hate the news update
Since the app updated on June 15, the remember me feature saving my access ID has not worked nor has the Face ID option! If I wanted to log in EVERY TIME using my full credentials, I wouldn’t select those options! Also, I don’t like the layout of the new version, but that’s just optics and I can get over that. 10/10 do not recommend!
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3 years ago, sarag2011
Need to delete/reinstall after last Apple update
I kept having the same issue of the app not working AT ALL. I took the advice from another review to delete and reinstall the app and it seemed to fix the issue. The message I got from the bank said to do this also and the issues stemmed from the recent Apple update. Hope this helps.
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6 years ago, GoldenBeast5
One thing that I suggest is that when you use your card it is able to send you the message through your push notifications and not just your text messages. I have a discover card and when I use it it send one through the push notifications from the app itself.
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2 years ago, sabre 6768
I left my last bank because of trouble using their mobile web site, but fab site is worst. Every upgrade they do just makes it worse. Right now I cannot get into my accounts unless I go through their main web page. I have even been told that I am locked out, but when I call I am told that I am not locked out. Try it again an am told that I am locked out. And the weekends are terrible, locks me out for no reason and cannot contact anyone. I do not know how long I can go with this.
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2 years ago, kdmfw
This app was great - until it crashed after an update
I went to update the app, as it said that it had an available update to “fix” bugs upon login, and it never worked again. Wouldn’t let me log in, kept getting an error screen so I deleted and reinstalled only to get the same message. Don’t understand how updating the app for “performance fixes” caused it to crash. It’s a great app and I loved using it because it was so much easier than going through the website, but I literally can’t use it anymore and I don’t know what to do/how to fix it.
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3 years ago, Huffnator
Nice new look, but horrible layout
I don’t normally review apps, but this one needs to be addressed. I’ve spent 5 minutes searching this app with new update and I can’t figure out where my transaction history is. Who ever designed the layout did a horrible job. It’s probably there but I’m clicking everything and I can’t find my transaction history. Now this app is useless. I’ll have to open a web browser just to log in and see the history. The app is now absolutely useless.
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6 years ago, Mo0776
Good app!
I’ve never had problems with this app. No, it’s not super fancy but does include nice features such as Touch ID sign in, mobile deposit and spend tracking. It does what it’s made to do and pretty user friendly. I’ve seen others struggle with other apps from local banks and I’ve just never had problems with FS bank app! Overall great people to bank with.
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3 years ago, Lucy OG
Great app, but needs improvement
I love the new update. The homepage is clean and easy to understand. However, every time I log in, I have to enter my id and password after Face ID. It was so much simpler when I only had to do Face ID. Other than that, it’s so simple and easy to transfer funds, check balances, and set budgets
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4 years ago, Thavens53
FSB On line App
I have used several on line apps and this is the first app that I have used that helps you stay on budget be telling you what is available to spending. I would highly recommend joining this bank as a customer and using the tools provided. This bank really cares for its customer financial health.
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6 years ago, Hogs dad
Better than nothing
It is better than not having mobile access, but the camera portion is not near as user friendly as the Chase, Wells Fargo or Fifth Third apps. Access to other information is probably equal. It would be nice if you had full access to all info on the like from the full website.
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6 years ago, 2018tag-f
Pretty good for what it does do
Does not work past 10 or so, it says “network busy”. Wish there was an option for instant notifications for transactions. The text alerts are not up to date and all happen in the morning, I’m not sure if there’s even an option to do something like that. For what it DOES do, it’s pretty good.
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2 years ago, meadow1988
When it works, it’s great.
I use my app daily to manage my accounts. So glad to have it. My only issue is every few weeks the app just doesn’t open requiring me to remove it and re-download it again. This is very frustrating when it happens.
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6 years ago, Zimmerabner
Overall it’s a great bank but I’m not happy with the fact that the online checking screen does not provide a running total after each transaction, which really helps you not to mess up and accidentally overdraw. And of course when you write to them about it you just get a line of BS. So once again. Booooooooh!!!
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4 years ago, Kozleigh
Great but would like faster service
Overall, I do really like the app. My only complaint is I wish mobile deposits were faster. The app says that a mobile deposit will be handled within the same day you deposit the check, but that never happens. It’s at best a couple days before it shows up, and I just don’t really like having my money in limbo like that.
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5 years ago, Jimbuhu
Best Bank I’ve ever used
It is a pleasure to bank with First Security, they have always assisted me in any problem that might occur. I would highly recommend them. I do wish they had a branch closer to Jacksonville ... as I have to drive to Sherwood or Cabot to Bank. I was told this was due to an arrangement with 1st Arkansas, yet there is a 1st Arkansas Branch right at the edge of Cabot but that seems to be ok
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6 years ago, drewsbuttercup
What happened?
I solely rely on this app to keep me up-to-date on my checking balance. But, since the update, I can’t tell what’s going on with my account. Where I used to see debits immediately when I swiped my card, I now have to wait 24-48 hours for them to show up in the app. Often I’ll find my balance lower than the listed debits should make it, so I’m left wondering if a certain bill has been deducted or not. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, Jedi_Master_Joe
Good app, but…
I can do all my online banking tasks from the app. The new update is taking some getting used to, but the absence of the sign out button on the home page is very annoying. Now we have to click into another page to sign out. Please put the sign out button back on the home page!
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6 years ago, christiangal38
Has some issues
When I 1st starting using the app, it was great & I could sign-in with my fingerprint. Now, it always requires me to type in the password and I typically get network errors the first try & can’t get logged on. It will eventually log on, & once I’m on, it’s great! But it’s not like it was just 6 months ago.
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6 years ago, Roadwarrior64
Great time saver.
I been a loyal customer for many years. I still like going to the bank and being greeted by a real person but sometimes I just don’t have the time. Being able to do deposits and check my balance on the go is great. Thank you for developing the app and keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, HaysMG
Please update soon
Sadly I’m giving this app a low review. Just to join with the voice of others in hopes that first security will fix the bugs in this app. For over a month now I’ve not been able to even access the app and I’ve had to manually login online to check my account. Which is not a big deal. But, if you’re going to offer the app I know that your customers would all appreciate keeping it up-to-date and functioning properly.
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6 years ago, DocStockPapaDan
Loss of fingerprint
With the last update the app reverted to a pre-fingerprint security sign-on. I am not pleased since I now must enter my passcode which means doing so out of view of interested eyes. Unless the implementation was flawed, the removal makes the app use less secure. Return the security and I will re-evaluate the Review
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5 years ago, Big location
Not up to date
Every time I log on I can see what just can put. I show to have around 350 available but show 850 in the lower line. All the money I spent over the weekend and bills that came out are not show up for at least 2 days and then it pending for a week....
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5 years ago, loonaticfringe
Great bank, great people.
I've enjoyed the service First Security Bank has provided for nearly fifteen years. They've always been helpful with any need I've had. I've dealt with several people at different branches and straight across the board every First Security employee is the same; attentive and helpful.
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1 month ago, Ella070
It’s great but..
It’s a great app, just hate the fact that it updates your balance knowing kind of slow. And you are over here thinking “oh ok, I have enough money” but not really because you are in the process of having way less than what you had originally thought.
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2 months ago, T Sossong
Best Bank Ever!
My husband and I have lived all over the United States and have banked at many banks through the years. First Security’s customer service beats all others hands down. We would never use any other bank again.
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6 years ago, Mikey1495
Stopped working
App use to work fine, but now it crashes every time I login on it. I’ve tried deleting it and re downloading. That didn’t work. There is also no customer service, support, or even someone to talk to regarding problems with the app.
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3 years ago, 10001110001100
New update
I guess first security realized that if you can see recent transactions, then your more able to tell if fraud happened on your account. So first security got rid of this feature on the update. No longer can you see recent transactions, but at the same time first security claims they have given you more security in the update but in actuality gives you less. Thanks for ruining a great app. Great job First security, way to get over on the little guy.
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2 years ago, 455BirdDog
This would be easier if Face ID would work for both access & password. But I always have to type the password which has caused me to call to get it reset due to miss typing.
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3 years ago, Hirder
Hate using the mobile deposit
This is the only bank I have ever used that does not keep their drive thru open till 6:00 pm I work from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm almost every day and would prefer to deposit my check at the bank instead I have already had bad experiences using mobile deposit from other banks and I’m am furious that they don’t stay open for another 30 minutes so I know my money get out in the bank.
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3 years ago, Schoe1600
Great way to handle bank accounts
Never thought I would use, but use this app almost daily to handle bills, accounts, etc. First Security is a wonderful bank overall.
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5 days ago, Thankful and faithful
Always great customer service
First Security is the best bank I have ever had my money in. Customer service of the branch on Walnut St, Rogers, AR is always nothing less than excellent. They are always friendly and I think they go above and beyond.
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4 years ago, cst160
App is awful
App is very slow and I have to reset a lot. I have to repeat a lot of steps when doing mobile deposits. Signing on I have issues 90% of the time. Even trying to submit this review was difficult
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5 months ago, ByronW1212
Easy to use!
I am disabled and have problems doing to many apps. This app is easy to use and has everything I need in it! If I have any problems I can go in and get help from a associate who can help me!
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6 years ago, Keith Ledbetter
Works good most of the time. The bank obviously loads their info about 10pm each night, which is Most inconvenient, as it seems that is the time I usually want to look at my account. Thx
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4 years ago, Alaska Nan
Happy Alaska Banker
Not long after opening my account at Walmart branch in Mountain Home I moved to Alaska. I have been able to do anything that I need with FirstSecurity account. I have 3 different accounts in 3 states but FirstSecurity is my favorite for ease of use. Alaska NaN
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10 months ago, WilliamHenry44
Password Autofill
This has been a great app but with the recent iOS update to 17, my app will not allow me to auto fill passwords from the saved passwords. I have multiple accounts so biometrics can’t be used. The APP needs to be fixed so password autofill will work.
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3 years ago, Bearbait21
App not working at all
In am certain First Security never pays any attention to the review section, but this app is extremely janky for a big bank. This is like a low budget individual was asked to create one on a Dell laptop during lunch break. Spare the expense and get this thing done right! You did an update this morning and now the app doesn’t even work AT ALL! Come on! Be better!
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6 years ago, Spiffythedyke
Great bank and awesome online update.
My Bank is Great, I’ve been at First Security Bank for a very long time and I love the update for the online Banking, just absolutely wonderful. The Great People that work there and the service they gibe me is awesome. They go out of way for me and everyone else. MLJ
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5 years ago, Lily velaz
App keeps crashing
This has been going on for two whole days . As soon as I log in it kicks me immediately out . My phone is updated , the app is also , so what is going on? Also I’m tired of having my transactions all messed up . I can never get my balance correct because of this , therefore I have to write my transactions down to get the correct balance . How frustrating .
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