First Source

4.8 (2.3K)
73.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Source Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for First Source

4.82 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Suzie zoo
I have been with First Source for a number of years , my credit wasn’t the best to say the least but Tammy helped me get on the right track, paying debt off and starting me out with a credit card! I’ve since had a few loans , paid them off and my credit score has improved greatly ! No matter what I need , what I ask and need help with their there happily to assist me ! I LOVE MY FIRST SOURCE ….
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9 months ago, fantasymeltdown
App is unusable for months now on iPad
First source is great. Incredible credit union. Their app not so much. A few months ago I opened a ticket with them about the developers inexplicably removing landscape view from their iPad app. I’ve never heard back from them and 3 months on still only works in portrait mode which forces my iPad out of locked landscape view. This is literally a check box in Xcode to enable. This doesn’t even touch how the forced a Eula into the log in screen a few weeks ago which only displayed 1 character per line so it was impossible to reach the bottom and accept it so I could use it for paying my bills. You know basic finance stuff. lol but it shows their dev team isn’t top notch and clearly don’t test their work. Sp first source as a credit 5 stars developers 0 so I gave this 2 just for the sake of the credit union itself.
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2 years ago, junotrev
I like the ease of using the mobile app I can sit at home in the comfort of my easy chair and pay my bills.I would also like to thank the ladies at the Herkimer office where I do my banking they’re always friendly there’s not a long wait because everybody does their job and a quick and professional manner so a big shout out To the Herkimer branch
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1 month ago, I.T.Geek
Excellent and continues to improve
App works very well and does everything I need it to do. They seem to always be updating features and functionality with improvements. I’m not sure what the reviewer who claims the app is unusable on their iPad is experiencing, but I’m using my iPad with the app and it works fine in both landscape and portrait.
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5 years ago, techdork77
Love this app!!!
So many great features! Love being able to easily manage my money, pay bills, friends and family, bring in other accounts and more!!! Love the enhancements!
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5 years ago, 19mcfly79
Needs improvement
I like how this app has the snapshot mode and can see transactions. I like that transfers are easier with this new app. But there are also a lot of improvements that need to be made. It’s constantly down or simply not working properly. There is no real time refresh when you make a purchase or deposit. Things on hold no longer have a expiration/clear by date anymore. Overall very frustrating app that needs a lot of work to work seamlessly.
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5 years ago, katie.scoones.
Doesn’t even deserve the single star. The app was perfectly fine and they ruined. Had to call multiple times and talk to over 6 people before they had an answer that they should have been able to know the answer to after the first person but they don’t inform their workers enough to have that happen. Still can’t get the app to work at all. Very annoyed with everyone at first source but with how seriously lacking their skills are on the internet now I doubt they will even know how to read this.
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2 years ago, kirkrick
Terrible app
When it works, it’s okay. 80% of the time I try to use this app it either crashes or I just get a blank white screen. I also do not like that when I first set this app up to access our accounts, the app wouldn’t recognize me. After a way too many phone calls trying to figure out what the problem was, it turns out that First Source automatically defaults to the man’s name in a heterosexual couple. We are living in 2022 & First Source is living in 1950.
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2 years ago, Sandy Leo
This app is always having problems. I have a brand new phone and my husband has a completely different phone and we both have had numerous issues. It also is not the internet connection, as it happens at various locations where it is slow to load and/or doesn’t load at all. When it does work, it is fine. It’s just getting it to work consistently that is the issue.
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3 years ago, LellyMarie
When it works
When it works, the app is pretty awesome. Your typical functions in a mobile banking app are there but man, oh man, IF it ever works. You can get lucky for one day and then have a week of forever loading into the login screen only to give up because it’s been 5 minutes of the loading circle with no success and at this point it’s easier to drive to the bank or call to check your balance….
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5 years ago, dhhhbgyhv
Won’t let me complete the registration
Wish they would have left the online banking the way it was. At least that worked.
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5 years ago, Ddgviper62
Lost functionality
Used to be a great app and could do everything I needed. Since the update I can no longer pay my mortgage that I took out through 1st source. Only upside is now I have access to our joint accounts without having to log out and login under the joint account.
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5 years ago, Camoult
Online Banking App is atrocious
Every time there is an update or modification the whole app crashes. It worked fine and now it’s awful. Stop messing with a good thing.
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3 years ago, Jarlac22
Overall good experience
I have not ran across any performance issues.
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13 years ago, dmarmon
Excellent product
This app has a great interface and will make it easy for credit union members to access their balances from anywhere. There is a lot of potential with this app and cant wait to experience the future enhancements!
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5 years ago, TomCatFan97
I like that I can see how much money I have
Hate that there’s always issues with mobile depositing but having to re-register into the app after the update was pretty sucky too but for the most part it’s okay. Just wish I can deposit checks through the app.
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1 year ago, JS13440
Not very stable
STILL CRASHES ALL THE TIME Doesn’t anyone check this before releasing it. Been months no updates. Month and month go by updates very few. And all don’t fix the crashes. Need to log in over and over again. Very poor and no response back to why
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3 weeks ago, _Reviewerr_
Money coming in the bank should be colored green. Everything else is fine for me.
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2 years ago, lfwllsn
Don’t like the new update
Not enjoying the new update. Makes me sign in every time. Snapshot doesn’t work most of the time. I just want to check my balance and last couple of transactions without having to sign in every time.
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4 years ago, Cprest2014
Credit card info disappeared
Went to login in this morning and my credit card info disappeared from my account please fix ASAP!! Thank You!
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3 years ago, zottat
App won’t startup since last update
What gives? I’m running ios14.6 on my phone. App won’t start up ever since last update. Just stalls. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Anth0ny$
I have to take the picture of my check multiple times before accepted.
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3 years ago, jimr22
E-Check Deposit Doesn’t work on IPhones
I have an iPhone XR a d this app doesn't let me use the online check deposit. But it works on my IPad Pro.
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2 years ago, Mr jacks dad
App needs improvement
Since the last update a month ago the app has gotten worse.
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3 years ago, MBrady824
Would be great if it worked !
This app works for a day or two and then quits . I delete and reinstall and the same thing happens.
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4 years ago, x2 mi
Needs work
Very frustrating to use needs alot ofwork. No immediate transaction updates. Log out just plain doesn’t work
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4 years ago, fjevahbahbdcb
Horrible app
Constantly freezes have to delete and reinstall weekly
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4 years ago, Electronic Donation Services
Your app has stopped working!
Your app has stopped working. Gives an error of something went wrong when attempting to send the last request, please retry . The coding for fingerprint or password doesn’t even load. Please fix ASAP. JM Electronic donation services
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4 years ago, Генусь
After the update the app does not allow me to log in
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5 years ago, hiphopjunkie21
App was great This most recent update is awful Why did you change so much it was perfect
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11 years ago, Bufbills78
This app is bad...really bad.
I have been a member of First Source for 20 years. As a credit union, they are OK, although I think it has gone downhill a bit in recent years. But, this app is awful. It freezes and it has error messages that it can't complete a bill pay. Today, my balance wasn't even correct. I thought my paycheck was never deposited and sure enough, I checked the First Source website and it was, never showing up on the app. I have another bank with a mobile app that is great, and in today's age, a bank needs to have one. I find this app useless.
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11 years ago, Florczyk
One thing i wish
Its very useful when transferring funds from account to account but i do not like how you cannot view your credit card balance please give that option and id give 5 stars
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10 years ago, EddyPats
Just got the Sep 29 update, and now the app crashes every time I try to take a photo of a check when using member deposit. Please fix.
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13 years ago, Papasito128
Awesome bank app
I can pay my bills and check my bank info with one click. Awesome. It beats having to log in all the time.
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12 years ago, Mitzubachi
Crashes all the time!
I love to have the ability to check my accounts and transfer money. However, I have had to uninstall and reinstall this app 8 or 9 times because it freezes and then none of the interface functions. The only solution that works to unfreeze is to delete the app and reinstall it. PLEASE FIX THE APP!!
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13 years ago, Bri 1969
Im very impressed. Simple to use and intuitive. now i can pay bills without waiting 15 minutes for my laptop to boot.
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11 years ago, Arlene M. Stressel
I just downloaded this app an have already tried it. It's very simple to use and I can see the screen very easily. Wonderful app! Thanks, developers!!
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13 years ago, wmbatch
Very user friendly
Excellent app. Easy to use.
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7 years ago, Dani1203
Can see accounts without logging in!
I love this app, or I did, until it changed and without logging in anyone who picks up my phone can see the totals in my accounts!! There has to be a way to change this!! Huge problem with this!
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13 years ago, Bledsoe12
Great app
Needs to have loan rates on this, great app though.
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6 years ago, NoApplePay
First Source doesn’t allow Apple Pay on their debit cards yet. I asked them to allow Apple Pay 1-2 years ago, but they kept putting it off. I guess it is not a priority. You’ll be losing me as a customer pretty soon if you don’t get this rolling.
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5 years ago, JMPretzel
John p
The app just is always crashing. Bill pay is confusing to which account it is paying from. Please go back to each account sign in. For business account It should not show my other accounts on there.This is not secure as I have accountants that are only privileged to see certain accounts Update: Now it times out to quickly and won’t let me E deposit checks. Not good for a business that you have to spend a lot of time just to get task done. This app is so buggy.
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