FirstBank Mobile Banking App

4.8 (75.6K)
57.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
FirstBank Holding Company
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FirstBank Mobile Banking App

4.81 out of 5
75.6K Ratings
5 years ago, DettaK
In the last 30 days I have had someone try to access my bank account, try to get into my social security, and the death of my best friend of 40 years. I have been terrified, but first we don’t usually speak kindness about social security, but the calmest representative got my call and brought me back to earth. Then there is the staff of 1st Bank, they explained the safety levels they implement and my account was protected. A complete change of account name and password, doesn’t sound like much but I am challenged when it comes to computers. Another problem I had was I had a check that needed to be deposited, I don’t drive and have no one to help. Your staff helped me to download 1st Bank mobile, I took a picture of my deposit check and successfully deposited my first check into my account. No one, but my faith in God, can help me with my friends death. I can put all my time in coming to understanding, why her. It takes all of us to be caring to each other, thank you 1st Bank.
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6 years ago, I once liked the app
Best Bank I’ve Had
I’ve been a member of FirstBank since the 1990s, and even though I now live on the East Coast — 1,500 miles away from FirstBank, I would never think of closing my account. FirstBank’s customer service is superb and unmatched by any banking facility I’ve ever encountered. Customer service seems to go above and beyond whatever your needs may be. Because FirstBank is small, unlike huge corporation banks, I think that’s why their customer service is so fabulous and you consistently get the same information no matter with whom you speak. On more than one occasion, a customer service rep has called me to let me know my checking account was about to get to a low point, and asked if I wanted to transfer money out of savings. Where do you get that kind of service? Nowhere else I’m aware of, except FirstBank.
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6 years ago, sjohnsonh
Best Bank I have ever used!
I’ve used First Bank for the last 35 or so years for both present business and personal banking. They have been available on the rare occasions that I have had problems with my account and have always been helpful with any unique needs I have Over the years. They had one of the first online bill pay applications and still have the best of any of the banks are use. I left Colorado to care for my parents until their death and have remained in Texas since that time because most of my family is here. Still I find that First Bank is so much better than the banks I have tried in Texas, I am still a loyal customer.
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2 months ago, Quinlyn7
Love 1st Bank HATE the App
This is the absolute worst banking app. Every single time I make a mobile deposit I have a problem not every other day not once a week every single time it either tells me that there is a technical problem, won’t take a picture of my check, or the most common one, It appears you took two pictures of the front of the check. Today I have two checks to deposit and can’t deposit either of them. Usually have to turn my phone off and back on to get it to work. Where as with my credit union. There are two separate places to take pictures of the front and the back simply takes the picture and that’s that super easy to use and user-friendly no error messages ever not even once. Please fix your app.
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2 years ago, LF021213
Why not working after 10+ years?!
I would have rated this app five stars every single time I’ve used it for well over a decade but for some reason in the last few months it’s useless. It will sit for over four minutes spinning trying to open and then the only way to make it actually open is to step away from that app look at another screen on your phone and come back, then when you go to put in your password after having it set up with facial recognition for years it doesn’t recognize it, then you go to your saved passwords, choose one and it doesn’t fill, then you manually type in your password and the app just sits there on the login screen. Finally went to Safari to make some transfers but those transfers couldn’t be handled until the following Monday instead of instantly as per usual in the app. So very very very confused and frustrated.
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6 years ago, OphDub
Regressive Functionality
FirstBank, not sure what's happened here - over a year ago you had a fantastic mobile app. Everything seemed to be finally coming together. It had Touch ID, it was responsive, and rarely any bugs. Fast forward to today - Touch ID has been rolled back, there's random crashes in the application, and let's not talk about some of the styling/design snafus that occasionally pop up. Ultimately, I'm still forced to use this application given that I really like FirstBank and some of their other qualities they have as a bank compared to the industry. But please FirstBank, give this app some attention, budget, and developer attention to that it badly needs! Your loyal customer base deserves an app that is as focused on "banking for good" as the rest of the institution. Not to mention this app is an extension of your whole idea of being a customer service focused bank.
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6 years ago, JANTTiLA
Still a terrible way to manage account
Back in the 1980s, FirstBank of Colorado pioneered a way to provide inaccurate account information to customers and then blame customers for their own services to the account. Today, FirstBank’s heritage of the 1980s continues to remains true with The FirstBank Mobile App. As an app, FirstBank is able to re-create the in-person Banking experience we all enjoy— it excels in providing inaccurate information to customers about their current finances; opens up new revenue streams to The Bank Holding Company, and doesn’t actually deliver on the notifications they pride the app’s ability to provide. In all, I believe the Holding Company is best off being acquired by a bigger institution whom is adequately capitalized and able to provide customer service needed to service the actual account itself. Back to Chase, where a friend from High School worked to develop a good app, and I shared lessons learned with Unify Credit Union (Formerly to be Toyota/Northrop Credit Union). If you want a reliable financial institution, consider my suggestions first. Destiny, the lady at the call center can’t provide service the account, she’ll say your calling because I am are “feeling guilty”. Come on: No, Destiny. I have no idea what to deposit, so I can close the account your bank has no ability to manage my business.
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2 years ago, Shari mcMahon
Password Reset & Deposits
I have loved working with First Bank from the start. Most recently, I really appreciate the ability to reset my password remotely online without calling online banking. Being able to deposit electronically has changed my life greatly for the good because I don’t live near a First Bank and have two commercial accounts. Service has always been extraordinary at First Bank. I remember why I joined. I went to a big national bank down the road one Saturday morning to make a deposit, where I found 18 people in line for the teller, 3 for the service desk with one each open. The employees never smiled. After waiting 30 minutes I left and went down the street to the new First Bank, where 5 tellers, 3 service desks and an officer were serving customers. That did not change in all the time I lived and banked in Evergreen. The service has not changed since I have lived away and bank online and by phone! Shari McMahon
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3 years ago, brilliant bank
Amazing customer based service
My first experience of 1st one bank was terrific. It was an easy process to open my account The young lady whom I can’t remember her name she’s at the palmndessert branch was wonderful! She explained how your bank works the varied plans to go with. What I really loved about her is that I have not so great FICO score. She didn’t make me feel embarrassed about it. She chose words so complimentary that ,I knew I made the right choice going with 1st one bank ! Every time I go in there with some complicated issue from the manager onto the tellers everyone is so fantastic. I feel like I get treated with the upmost reapect. Whereas my other bank makes me feel like I’m not that special abd I have been with them for 30 years. Thank u1st one bank for standing out with excellence and kindness. It goes so so far!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u for everything!!!!!!!!!!! Kindest, Cherlyn lanning. Ps anyone I come across That’s looking forward a bank yours will be the first one bank.
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5 years ago, ButterflyBlues
❤️ It!
As a former Wells Fargo customer for over 20 years, I have to say: switching to FirstBank has been refreshing. faster, friendlier service. The app is quick and responsive, easy to navigate and efficient. I can talk to a banker 24/7 and usually without a long wait time. The bank locations themselves are smaller, less obtrusive and quieter. It makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable being there; let alone bright and inviting. I love the options and services I and getting for my accounts, without all the fuss. Large banks have their place.... but if you want a more personal experience... give this bank a try.
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3 years ago, adbden
Update features please
This app is amazing, it does exactly what I need it to do. However there are some things that I wish could change to make it a great experience on individual peoples devices. Such as the First Glance widget. It’s nice being able to see how much money I have available, but not so nice having my balance visible while my phone is locked. Someone may snoop in to my phone and they can see it while it’s locked. Also, it’s a very light gray, and everything on my phone is black. If there were a dark theme, black background with white text, that could up the game of this widget.
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4 years ago, DerekK87
Works Great
The app works great the majority of the time, I’ve had troubles logging in, but usually at night. It is very user friendly and customer service is very helpful when you have troubles. The main problem I find is when you look at your future spending for my checking it doesn’t seem to show duplicate payments, so if I have a transfer every week it will only show one of them, even though it will show bills and other transfers out to 2 or 3 months. This is not very good when trying to take a quick look at what is coming out of your account for the next few weeks. Other than that I really don’t have any complaints.
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5 years ago, msdcat_7
Fresh breath of Air
I went into the closet branch of 1st Bank to open a checking and savings account in order to drop WellsFargo who I have been with since 1982. What a fresh breath of air, and all the people were very pleasant and treated my very well , I was able to open a new checking & savings account and the CSR who was helping me explained the difference between the different types if savings accounts and checking accounts they offer and was very knowledgeable and set my accounts up and explained all policies. I look forward to doing my banking for many years with 1st Bank a simpler way of banking.
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5 years ago, Cheri Nakisha
Love my 1st Bank account
I have always had a great experience with 1st bank. They have continuously answered my questions in a timely manner. I first opened up a bank account in 2001 when I moved to Denver. I closed the account when I moved back to Texas in 2004. I always said that if I moved back, I would choose 1st Bank as my bank again. When I did move back in 2010, I went straight to 1st Bank and opened a new checking/savings account. I have never regretted my decision. I have always gotten great customer service from them, and that is extremely important to me. Thank you 1st Bank!!!
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6 years ago, Gonder PR
Good Customer Service - Locally Owned
I have both personal and business accounts with FirstBank. The staff are friendly and personable, both at the bank and over the phone. I had difficulty with a check written on my business account. They closed the account and opened a new one, making a messy situation a little easier. I love the fact that I can use my smart phone to make mobile deposits. I chose 1st Bank because it is completely Colorado owned and operated. I moved my money from one of the national banks that helped crash The economy in 2009. First Bank invests in local businesses and homes. I highly recommend it as a place to put your money.
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5 years ago, hey call me Mr. Tibbs
I have three accounts with 1st Bank. Business, personal and joint accounts. I will probably never ever bank anywhere else they are 100% and treat me that way most of the time. Except when they turned me down for credit. LOL because I have 100% perfect payment history with no derogatory remarks. But they have given me a second chance and gave me some form of credit called Cash Reserve and I thank them for that. It is appreciated after many years of not having any credit. Due to mostly my fault for not understanding how credit works.
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5 years ago, PS1100
This app is yet another reason why FirstBank is the best. Fast load times, easy to use. Touch ID is great! The Apple Watch app is phenomenal. I can easily get my balances with a quick tap! One issue I have, every time I look at my alerts settings my statement alert is turned off. Even if I turn it on, it immediately turns off again. Seriously frustrating. Same thing happens on the full website version so I can’t really single out the app for the issue. If you allowed cash deposits at non-FirstBank ATMs you would be my only bank.
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6 years ago, NineSevenZero
Needs optimization for iPhone X style screens
At its core, the app is actually very good for a mid-sized bank (and not a nationwide mega bank). Everything you’d expect and want seems to be in the app. The UI, although a bit outdated, is at least intuitive and functional. Unfortunately, however, the app does not appear to have been updated for iPhone X style interface, and the hamburger icon in the top right corner is actually under the WiFi and battery icons and I can’t seem to activate the icon to access the settings to turn in FaceID. The iPhone X has been out for more than a year so for an app that is advanced enough to allow mobile deposits and Zelle, this is an odd oversight.
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4 years ago, Futae
Good service, so-so app
When someone used my credit card info to place an order with walmart, they cancelled the transaction fast enough that Walmart messaged the phone number on the order (scammer had used my number to place the order) some 7 hours later to let me know there was a problem on the order. When I open the app however... I use a tablet, and that leads straight to my 3 pet peeves with the app. Strike 1: the app forces portrait mode. With an attached keyboard that is... impractical... for portrait mode, this would be super-awkward, however... Strike 2: I have to disconnect my keyboard to be able to type at the login prompt. How is that even a thing? Strike 3: the app doesn’t have a view scaled for tablets - it fills the middle 1/4th of the screen, and I get the double-arrows in the bottom right to expand it to the full view, like apps did back when the first tablets came onto the scene back in 2010 - a decade ago. This third strike alone makes the app look ancient, or possibly like knock-off phish-ware (it’s not, it’s legit by the bank).
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2 years ago, Shempp
Easy and STABLE
Name a bank that doesn’t have an app! But of all the bank apps I’ve used over the past 3-4 years, this is the easiest to use. But more importantly, it is the only one that doesn’t periodically lock up, have features that don’t function, or flat out fail to connect to the bank/ accounts. And let’s face it, we don’t use a bank app to play, we use it because we need to complete a transaction or monitor an account. This one doesn’t fail when you need it.
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5 years ago, beautyfullbyad
Fun new way of banking!!
Whoever knew that I didn’t have to go to the bank to and stand in line and wait for somebody to come up to me and me explain that I need to open up a new account sit there for a few hours just to get a card in the mail now I can do everything online don’t have to talk to nobody don’t have to wait in a line and still be able to get my card in the mail and have a full account with the mobile app that I can track and transfer of funds and get direct apposite all at ease !!
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2 years ago, SociopathicTendencies
Great bank and mobile app
am a second generation 1st bank customer. I have yet to encounter any issues with them after a year. I know my mom had an issue and I remember it getting rectified quickly. (and I think it was her only issue for the entirety of her time with 1st since ‘94) Their mobile app is versatile and easy to very easy to use. You can pay bills, make transfers, account balances info at a single glance, and more that I am sure don’t use as of yet. Best part is it is free. Crème de la crème banking.
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6 years ago, Ken CT
Perfect way to manage accounts and be safe
I love this banking app because I can check my accounts at any time wherever I am, and set up alerts that notify me when my accounts dip below certain numbers, or when a withdrawal happens from checking. This really keeps me on track and helps me make sure I stay within my budget! Thanks First Bank! You keep me safe, protected, knowledgeable about banking, and within budget! I definitely recommend this bank and this app to anyone and everyone who needs a bank!
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4 years ago, JessWeckel
Okay so I love this app, but I have had one issue that was almost really bad. I did not know that if you do not touch your savings account for several months, that is goes “inactive” and when you go to make a transfer within the app from your savings account to another account, it won’t work, and you have to go into the bank to get it “reactivated” so you can do transfers on your mobile app again. Just something to be aware of (or maybe something First Bank can adjust??).
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6 years ago, Onlyram
Face ID is available.
After I wrote a review noting the lack of facial ID I saw a developer response to another reviewer and saw that Face ID is available. Good job First Bank app developers. I love the app once more. Update app to use facial recognition please. Other than that I would give at least 4 stars maybe 5; but having to go backwards to manually entering password every time is very cumbersome especially after having been used to “Touch ID” for several years already. Now with new iPhone X no more Touch ID we need facial ID please.
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3 years ago, Giles Webb
Customer service
My wife and I have been customers of 1stBank for years. Their customer service has always been second to none. Whenever we had a question or banking issue, we received professional yet personable help. They are smart, patient, and stay focused on solving issues without bouncing us around to other people or departments. We always feel well cared for and well served. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Also very happy that they are a Colorado company.
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4 years ago, Markali
The best bank ever!!!
I have had an account with first bank ever since I lived in 16 years ago. I now reside in a different state but have held onto this account because it has the best customer service of any bank institution I’ve encountered. The few issues I have had with double charging from a store or anything has always been resolved with one phone call. Other companies should follow their example, plus everyone speaks English. Thank you first bank of Colorado, you’re the best!!!
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2 years ago, Slkmccool
It’s a bank.
The new money manager is great but I haven’t figured out a way to link my actual account activity to things like the cash flow, goals, and budget features. A lot of manual work is necessary for something that other mobile apps can import from bank statement and account activity. And the money manager isn't accessible from within the first bank site, only the app, making it more difficult to manually add tags and transactions. Also couldn’t find a tech support or app support option which is why I’m leaving a review instead.
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4 years ago, hess jen
Glenwood Springs co first bank
I just wanted to review this bank. I have banked with many banks in the past 45 years and honestly Not one bank ever helped me increase my credit rate or offered me a credit card or frankly anything except storing my money. First bank has given me credit cards a way to easily save money for an emergency fund and buy a home. I am truly grateful for the Staff in Glenwood Springs. And a personal thanks to Stacey Novak who helped me remain comfortable with every step along the way!!
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5 years ago, somebody who love shreya gosh
Login improvement
Thank you for quick response on the FaceId for login. I got it working now. Another thing that came up while I was doing that was, the three line burger button on the top right or any button on the top are hard to press on iPhone 11. I had to click multiple time before I could close or return to previous page. It would be nice if we can slide from right of phone screen to return to previous. That would make it user friendly. That’s been on the back of my mind for a while. Otherwise, I would say everything is good. Thank you again!
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6 years ago, Jqsat
Must have a debit card to enable Touch ID
I have new accounts, two business accounts at First Bank. I am changing banks for my two companies which is a huge ordeal! I never use debit cards for my business accounts because that can be financial suicide if your debit card gets hacked. Now I find out the First Bank app won’t let me enable Touch ID on my phone unless I enter my ATM or debit card. :-( Also I have to have separate log ins for each company unless I open a personal account too. :-( I guess there are pros and cons changing from giant mega bank to a regional bank.
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6 years ago, Jpalm7
Keep up with Tech
Let’s get FaceID working. All my other financial institutions had it within two weeks of IPhone X launch. Still waiting for Firstbank. Are you committed to the app or not? I see you responded and yes I eventually found the options menu. To get it to work right, I had to delete and reinstall the app. Also, unlike my other financial institutions there were not any clear instructions about how to make the change when the feature was rolled out.
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5 years ago, Slotheeno
It’s Pretty Solid
I’m digging it so far .. When I banked with Bank of America, their app seemed much more user friendly. And it seemed like a cleaner experience. Maybe this app will just take a bit of getting used to, before I am 100% a fan. I’m digging it though thus far. Either way, it’s nice to know there is a 24 hour helpline to call if there is ever any issues with the app. I have yet to run into a problem, but if I do I will know who to call. Thanks FirstBank 👍
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3 years ago, Kayni77
Amazing !!!
Honestly this bank is amazing … this past month has been really hard for me to pay my bills the exact day they are due and First one has helped me out so much by paying them for me with overdraft service and giving me time to catch up I really appreciate it during these hard times . I have never once had a problem with this bank and really like it .
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5 years ago, brasco trucking
Online banking
Online banking gets 5 stars, but I went inside to withdraw money at the branch on warner and Alma school, I kind of felt embarrassed waiting at the teller line and see the teller and another banker whisper and take over 10 minutes to give me my money, from my business account,while a white lady came in and withdraw more than my amount. And was in and out. I will never go to that location again. The location on Gilbert rd is a lot friendlier
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6 years ago, MacStu1
Great App
I like 1st Bank App because it’s simple clean and intuitive. I would like too see refreshed debit cards and improved online experience. For example you have to call in to change user id. Minor tweaks but overall I always recommend this Bank. I love the future transactions feature. It’s unlike any other bank offers. Also 24/7 care center staffed with happy Colorado folks. You may want to open an AZ care center office too !
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6 years ago, Usafdvd
Updates getting worse
As a developer, I can *maybe* understand newly untested features being released and broken, but unfortunately core features seem to be broken the last couple releases. At this time my SO and I can not login on our separate apps, fingerprint login no longer works. Hoping to update this review with the next release. *updated review to 4 stars. Fixes were made and it is usable again, so that’s great. App can get 5 stars once it’s been smoothed out but overall a solid app.
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1 year ago, ACoffeeGal
Customer Service
Amazing customer service. I’ve been a customer for over 20 years and have never waited more than a moment or two to speak with someone regarding my account. They’ve caught pending fraud charges due to unusual activity and have corrected charges on at least three occasions when we’ve noticed fraudulent activity on our statement. Happy customer.
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2 years ago, redcobra1!
Can’t log into acct on my phone
It says I can’t log in due to inactivity. I have called twice with no solution, and was told to call Apple. I did that and we did a bunch of things, with no solution. They said to go back to First Bank. When I get the inactivity message it is in orange as is if it comes from First Bank. The other message says “no saved view state could be found for the view identifier”. Please see if there is anything blocking me to get into my account. Please check again why I can’t log into my account on my phone. I can check into it on a computer,just not my phone. Thank You very much.
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2 months ago, ccarp11
not good for depositing checks
i’ve been using this app since the pandemic. we have lost two of our three local bank branches, so this is the new normal. Almost every time i use this to capture pictures of checks for deposit, there is some sort of glitch. Issues like ‘it looks like you’ve taken pictures of the same side of the check’ (which i’ve never done) occur almost every time I try to make a deposit. Super annoying, please get this fixed 1stbank
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3 years ago, littlecolorado
Best Bank Ever
1st Bank on Baseline and Foothills Hwy is the most fantastic Bank I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. They are courteous kind caring and extremely helpful and always friendly. I have been with this bank for 9 years now and I wouldn’t change for anything. I could go on and on about all the times that they have gone above to the highest levels to help me. Wonderful wonderful people and service.
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6 years ago, Ncjohnson
Great Banking App
TouchID, Mobile Deposit, Zelle, and Bill Pay are all great features of this app. I’m glad that Card Management was added to the app - makes reporting a damaged or lost/stolen debit card very convenient. I would love to see the ability to place travel alerts on accounts and budgeting tools added to the app in the future. It would also be cool if you could create saving goals, with automatic transfers, to help achieve savings goals.
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6 years ago, 2bleAron
Time required for replacement debit card
I’d give 1st bank 5 stars, however the amount of time it takes to receive a replacement debit card is outrageous! Up to 7 days. And those are business days so weekends don’t count, therefore you can wait up to 9 without a debit card. It’s 2018, you’re a major bank! I feel as if you can afford to overnight or priority mail your customers their debit cards!
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5 years ago, Pr0metheu$
Great Banking App
The FirstBank App has everything you would want in a banking app. Remote deposit, on-line statements, check images, account transfers, and cash payments. The app is easy to use and gives full access to your accounts from your mobile device. I use it to monitor both business and personal accounts with one convenient interface.
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1 year ago, Sepidayeti38
Very poor technical help, as well as being very easy to get your information stolen.
If you don’t need any help with wrong statements and purchases then the 1st bank app is the appropriate application for you. Within a week you’ll notice that your card has somehow managed to buy Ubers and pull money out of atm’s in states across the USA, if that wasn’t enough to convince you to have a 1st bank as an account holder. Then the amount of time you have to wait for a check to deposit should change your mind. It will take approximately 24hrs to deposit regardless of the day of week.
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2 years ago, Hay_Bails
Doesn’t open
I’ve been trying to open this app for months now and it simply doesn’t load. It’s very temperamental. I have to delete the app, reinstall, pray that I select the right options for settings when I open it again, then leave my phone open to that screen for 20+mins. Then once I can enter my login info, I have to leave it for however long it takes IF it logs in at all. Idk what happened as this app has been fine for years. Suddenly I can’t get in to save my life. Save yourself time and just get in on the desktop computer or laptop.
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5 years ago, maccentric
Very limited in scope
This app works fairly well as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough. I could not see bill pay checks that were pending but not deposited by the payee. The transaction history was very limited too. What is the point of this? If it’s available on the website, that same information should be available here. Would have saved me from spending 20 minutes on the phone with your online bankers trying to figure out what’s going on.
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6 years ago, CO - now FLA - Girl
You are the best!
I moved away from Colorado, and was so thankful I could keep on banking with 1st Bank, because I’d had such a good experience with you. For convenience, my sig other and I have a joint account (at a bank I used to work for) in our home state. I can’t believe how much easier and faster it is to bank with you, due to your EXCELLENT web site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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5 years ago, Triippp
Stroboscopic scrolling is making me sick to my stomach.
This version of the App has worked much better for some time, but recently it has been making me crazy with a “feature” that causes the scrolling to jump around like an eye twitch. They have added a drop down menu at the top that appears and disappears with alarming and difficult regularity when scrolling. The menu does have occasionally rare utility, but the strobe like on & off when scrolling is nauseating. I have reported this to support, but so far, no solution.
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6 years ago, Gypsfelia
Never written a review before but this is THAT BAD
Nine out of ten times this app hangs on the sign in screen. So frustrating! My kids need money put into their account but oops! Sorry sweetie the app won’t connect... again. I’ve reinstalled four times in two months, ridiculous. I’ve been meaning to leave first bank for awhile after they charged my 12 year old a fee for having less than whatever in his account but I think this might finally give me the push to take the time out and move everything over to a new bank with less penalties, better perks and a reliable app.
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