Firstmark Credit Union

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Firstmark Credit Union
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1 year ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Firstmark Credit Union

4.86 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Traveling Dust
Had this bank since it was a teacher’s credit union
Many things have changed since when it was a teacher’s credit union, it is slowly becoming more like a bank than a credit union... new policies that can be found in Wells Fargo and Bank of America are slowly being added to Firstmark Credit Union. The app has several quirks and too many tabs that do not explain what is and what it is not, and if used it is a penalty for using it. Automated when texting to the bank instead of a response many times is discouraging when needing help immediately with your union account.
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2 years ago, Wish-Upon-a-Star-4ever
Wishing for improvements for over 10 years
I want access to my full transaction history. Transaction history is cut off every time you change 3rd party online banking providers. This is true for the app and all other electronic means of accessing my account. You don’t send cleared check copies or return cancelled checks anymore, but I still need to refer back to details of posted drafts, as well as all other types of transactions from time to time. **All** other financial institutions I have dealt with, past and present (all the way back to CheckFree in the 1990s before banks had online access), have made my electronic data freely accessible for a minimum of 10 years. That is also a problem for accessing check images of all checks we have written that are cashed at any Firstmark location, as well as at certain merchants (e.g., H-E-B). Those images are **never** available online or in any other digital format (some kind of OCR that lists payee and date check was written as well as the date posted, draft number, and transaction amount. I don’t get hardcopy cancelled checks either. Sometimes my check stubs don’t agree with your posted data…then what? Does the FTC really allow that? I also want to add notes to any posted transaction as I can with my other CU app and online access. I also want to end world hunger, but I doubt any of my wants will come to any satisfactory conclusion.
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4 years ago, HelenHatingExpenseReports
Horrible Online banking
I’ve had the WORST experience with Firstmark CU online website and mobile app. Since I only use FCU for my auto loan, I only have the minimum $5 in an account. However, the only way to make an online auto loan payment is to deposit money in that $5 account. My issues.... there is no auto loan “make payment” online feature. Nor is there an online/mobile app feature to easily deposit money. Phone Customer Support explained my options to make payment were to come in to bank, post office mail payment (who does those two anymore), call in and “talk” to support to make a payment or set up external account to deposit money in account. It boggles my mind on how archaic their online features are. For me convenience is a must and for that reason, I am considering refinancing my auto loan with my credit union. I will be 50 this year. I’m in the older age group. So when I say (no offense) you have to be an older mature person to enjoy this Credit Union, I mean older person who probably still uses a flip phone or home phone still. For now, I’m in the middle of setting up an external account. So far it’s been a normal “3 business day” process to verify accounts. I’m hoping this will help my online payment process. Stay tuned..... I’ll give my rating on how long the process takes to deposit from my day-to-day bank to this CU. Should there be other suggestions that will make my online auto pay convenient, DO TELL.
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11 months ago, horsetiger10
My experience
I had financed a car here, back in 2015. Just recently I thought I’d put in for a loan, I’m talking 7 years later. They approved two loans, one personal and one equity loan to repay IRS. I had a car stolen in Jan. They covered another car. My other bank won’t do anything except on occasion they forgive over draft. I’ve been blessed because in this inflation it’s hard to survive. I have my kids come at me constantly for hand outs. I won’t be leaving you and I’ll stay for the duration because you’ve recognized that I’ve STRUGGLED to get a 650 score! And you’re a good credit union!
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5 years ago, Carolee430
Not user friendly
The app keeps changing and the new additions are hard to monitor. Have had to look up how to work them and not because I don’t know how to use a computer. I’ve worked with computers and many programs over the last 20 years. Seems like just when I figure out all the books and crannies of this program, they change it or add to it. Great that they are keeping up with technology but please make it more user friendly. Love this bank!!
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4 years ago, castillo, maya
Debit card alerts
I’ve tried several times and even emailed the help desk on the debit card alerts I had to get a new debit card which someone was trying to buy items online. I canceled my card right away and got the new one, but the debit card alerts would not let me mark my alerts on the new card. I would be able to get to a certain point then it would say error. I emailed 3 times and it still does not work. The alert service has helped me with unknown purchases and I value that but can not register my new card.
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4 years ago, Ladybubba
I have been a member of FirstMark Credit Union since 1971 when I first started teaching. It was then called San Antonio Teachers’ Credit Union. I have never had another credit union or bank even though I’ve been asked about joining another big credit union in San Antonio. You have always taken care of me whether it was my several accounts or issues I had. Always there and always supportive.
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3 years ago, G. Gonz
App is no-frills
I’m on this app every day because I have to LOL. As a banking app, it gets the job done. Transferring is easy, you can see how much you spend before it actually hits your account, and the credit union itself is fantastic. The new update took a few minutes to get used to, but I really like it. Overall, this app is no-frills, it just does what a bank app is supposed to do.
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1 year ago, Bessie78026
Always helpful
Always helpful with assisting with any questions and they have always helped with my financing needs. Great customer service and they actually return your call instead of you having to call them back. That is a rare find these days. 😁
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4 years ago, satx marc
Need an easy way to pay for my truck
I still have to go to the bank and write a check. Firstmark is not my primary bank so there is no easy way to transfer money. Need some better options to get money from bank to bank. Zelle? Photo of check? Please figure this out soon. I like the service and people but technology is quite a bit behind.
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1 year ago, chemitzi
Works well
I can check my balance any day, any time. I can also turn my debit card on and off when misplaced. The app also features budget tracking (but guesses incorrectly at the categories so I have to manually change them) and tells me my current FICO credit score.
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5 years ago, PudgeyRabbit
Does its job
Good app. Does what it says: access accounts, transfer funds account to account, ask questions and so on. It still doesn't let me deposit my checks via the app, however. For whatever reason, it always gives a message that I need to retake the photo or that the image is unclear. Irritating, but not dilapidating.
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5 years ago, Pandora Phan
Best Version Yet
I’ve been a FMCU customer for about 30 years and have seen many of the changes and updates to better protect us and our money. The latest update for online banking l, in my opinion, has to the best yet. I like the easiest of using the various options, the line color scheme, and good improvements overall. Way to go FMCU.
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3 years ago, angrymanmuzic
When this app first launched. It was atrocious, very hard to use and very in accurate. Over the years the app has improved greatly. It is also very user-friendly and I highly recommend using this if Firstmark is your credit union. No I don’t work for Firstmark. Laughing out loud.
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5 years ago, .......good
Great App, easy to use and get the information needed
I use this app several times a day and it provides the Information and quick controls to adjust my money from my savings to my checking account to my savings back to my checking account.
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5 years ago, oliver and jovie
Good and bad
The site has been streamlined, which is good, but what I miss is that it no longer tells you what date your account will be affected in paying bills. I can put in what date I want the bill paid, but it used to tell me what date the amount would be withdrawn.
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4 years ago, Pyro Artista
The mobile app
This app is great i’m able to check my account every day. If there’s ever an issue I have been able to get in contact with First Mark and resolve the problem with in a few days.
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2 years ago, rennie the wennie
First mark
I love this I can keep track what we spend right away and keep notes see our balance right away I love first mark they have been a great bank to usi also love the people at the bank at culegba and 1694 alamo ranch area anna me chris are great
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2 years ago, weeedontlikebigsewwww
My dad works here and he introduced me to the is app!😁Honestly it's great and all you can create widgets to see how much you have in your account, use fingerprint and I believe face print. I really enjoy it and i think it's a great credit union and a great app.😊
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3 years ago, MareinTexas
It’s better than the last one
But this billpay still needs work. When I tried to set payments in Billpay I couldn’t choose twice per month. Sometimes it’s easier to make two smaller payments than one larger payment.
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4 years ago, Maruca de Laredo
Firstmark. credit union phone app
Love it even more now that service is limited to drive through. It’s a real time saver when making check deposits. The instructions were really easy .
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3 years ago, LSF & RGF
Firstmark is a Blessing!
First mark helped us to reestablish our credit many many years ago. Every Associate has gone out of their way to help us with house & car loans and even our son bows banks here. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, 대박만화123
It needs to be fixed!
This app has always given me trouble! From logging in to giving me the wrong information about my bank account! The log in time should be quicker and send a message if it’s not responding. Sometimes I’m waiting and waiting but the load bar doesn’t move. Sometimes receiving money from another member might not show on your account through this app. Even though it’s in your account and you can see it available on the computer.
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4 years ago, molisqueta
I believe is much better! Thank you!
However, the mobile banking at depositing the picture of checks look good but a day later the checks are rejected because can’t see the endorsement.
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5 years ago, samwm13
Enjoy using this app!
I love using the app because it makes it so convenient for me to check my checking and savings account. Also I enjoy the fact that I can transfer money to another member from Firstmark CU. This app is very straightforward and no complications on how to use the app.
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3 years ago, JaySA210
Jacob’s Review
Love this new app! Firstmark is the best credit union ever. The customer services is amazing.....finally a bank that cares for their members as though they were family. Shout out to Mark at Firstmark for always taking his time and being so kind.
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5 years ago, Opmonster
Easy to use app, great credit union!
The app makes everything so much easier with online banking! Also whenever I have a problem which is rare the credit union is always super responsive and helps in a timely fashion.
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2 years ago, jj gum
Dependable personal service
Members since the 80’s. My wife and I enjoy our relationship with FirstMark. A partner that will appreciate your concerns and will make you feel like family. Rare these days.
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4 years ago, Bosslday
Easy to use
I find this app friendly to use and access as I need. It makes banking fit with my busy life! Love the running ledger with previous balance and current debit/credit!
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5 years ago, poppins23
Love having access on my phone
A great way to keep track of my finances. Depositing checks always takes a few tries to get it right, but totally worth the convenience of not having to drive to the bank
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4 years ago, Discopanda1976
Great and functional
My first ever banking app. Easy to use with good customer service. Only wish the rewards points were a bit easier to access.
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5 years ago, Alej0820
Easy to use
My only wish is that I had the option to go to the full website without it taking me back to the app. On my loans and credit card I would also like to see what my APR is.
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5 years ago, JIR175
Love the app
I’ve been using this for years now and love it because of the convenience. I can transfer money between my savings and checking, pay bills and get my balances. It has been a useful tool.
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5 years ago, 8/20/15
Super convenient
Love this app! Gives you advice and information weekly about your credit score and the reason your score decreased or increased! Makes it easy to transfer money or make payments.
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11 months ago, toma-tio
None Better
Been with this Bank since 1996, tried other but never have I received the service and satisfaction I receive with Firstmark Credit Union
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5 years ago, cydo78
Firstmark Credit Union
Even for a 78 year old non-techie, this site is a cinch to use. Love having access to my account at all times plus the ability to move money around and deposit checks.
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5 years ago, 3zraZan3
Great way to bank on the go
It’s easy and simple to use. I was always afraid of going to the bank but by using the app it gives me confidence. Now I walk into the bank knowing everything I need to know.
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1 year ago, Grateful26
Nice app!
Easy to use for any type of transactions. I just wished it gave us the opportunity to view copies of any checks written or check deposits
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4 years ago, zxzxzxxxxxxxxxxxx
Leticia Garcia
I like the Firstmark Credit Union website. It’s easy to read, quick to access. Easy to understand. 1 to 5 . 5 being excellent. 5 is my rating for Firstmark. Thanks.
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5 years ago, bevo1948
So Convenient
I use the Firstmark app all the time. I can look up my balance and payments so quickly wherever I am. I also like being able to see copies of checks I’ve written.
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3 years ago, JesustheKing
Greatest Bank Ever
First Mark Credit union has helped me many time in the last 20 years! They have loaned me money when I was in dire need! Thank you FIRSTMark! Great employees kind and patient, Huebner office and Bandera office!
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Pretty good
This app has some periods were it loads a bit slow but is worth it easy to use and overall better then most banking apps
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5 years ago, SEO1900
Easy to use
Love the bank and the app. I no longer live near a location but with services offered it’s easy to still use as my primary bank.
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4 years ago, Goldcoin68
Pending deposit
The deposit pending notice should be one day before it is made to prevent problems of it being available. Thanks
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4 years ago, _meshellmybell_
I’ve been banking with Firstmark for 5 years and love it! I feel like they are continuously making improvements that make banking easier😊
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4 years ago, Reba34
Easy to figure out how it works
Much easier to work with than other banking establishments.
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4 years ago, doraayala
The changes make navigation easy and even easier to understand!
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5 years ago, gordy831
Mobile app.
Love the option of touch to open. A lot easier than trying to remember all the different user id’s and passwords.
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5 years ago, L.Meadors
I love the app however I don’t like that you can’t see all your acc and you have to keep logging in and out on different accounts it’s to much to remember .Is there a way to add all the accounts to one log in?I need my business acc to show with the rest of my accounts.
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4 years ago, rmikel05
Firstmark ap
Easy to access and do almost all banking through my phone
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