Fishing Casino - Ocean King

4.7 (1.3K)
878.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Elestorm Game Co., Ltd.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fishing Casino - Ocean King

4.7 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Tricia Nguyen
Just like the real ones you play on at the gameroom & you have a good chance of winning in this game too.
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4 years ago, knuckhead1971
Was great, now it won’t update. Crash crash crash
The forced update from yesterday still will not load and it won’t allow any gameplay until the update is installed. This is one of my go to games as it can keep you playing for hours on end trying to accomplish all the different challenges it gives you on the daily. Now I’m out my consecutive log in bonus and my weekly challenge bonuses I was working on. Please fix it soon because I’ve already found one I like and I don’t want to have to get back to the level 7 player I already am on this game. That’s a lot of wasted $$$ on this game if I can no longer play it and will most definitely be logging a complaint with Apple if I lose out on everything I’ve purchased up to this point.
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2 years ago, Splinterzzz90
Unfair game developers
I bought 1 thing and it charged me double. It’s their way of making money. Little by little they do it to everyone, and the costumers just think ‘ohh it 4.99 I don’t wanna deal with the hassle’ or some will try to get it back but they won’t even respond to you. It’s unfair. I like this game but guys there are other games just like this out there, find one where they don’t rip you off and don’t have to loose a arm n a leg to try to get it back.
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2 years ago, rex79322
Failing to sign in
Please fix this issue , whenever I try to sign in it shows 登陆游戏过时,请重试 . What’s the reason for that ??? It disturbs my playing and I cannot finish the missions and tasks due to disturbance like this one. Taking our dollars but failing to fix such an issue isn’t good for players like us who spend regular dollars on game. This issue happens usually when the cat mission season appears. I can’t get my rewards due to disturbance in logging in the game. Kindly fix it quickly.
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5 years ago, Kiyah Emon
Better than me going to spend real cash 😭
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10 months ago, Oil Milo
More Stress
The higher level you are the chances to get a kill is lesser and lesser….whilst new players vip0 level less than 10 would easily get all the kills………Always gone bankrupt within 30 seconds….more stressful after played this game……………………..
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4 years ago, taylorgang1776
Game developers
Your game charged me twice for the same thing I want my money back how can I contact y’all it not much it’s just the principle it was 4.99
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Best game
Addicting,been playing it since way back, im the king the greatest to ever live!!
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4 years ago, Ramchiefffranso
Best game
Not like other fish game that takes your $$$$. Lots of free coins.
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4 years ago, ahjjdd
Highly recommended addictive
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4 years ago, boss lady wagner
Super fun just like the ones at the game room
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3 years ago, Tiana808
Change to English?
How can I change it to English?
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5 years ago, HellaFreshCrx
Pay to play
The amount of pop ups wanting you to buy stuff is ridiculous. Cost vs win scale is WAY off, once you’re out of coins, might as well delete app. Garbage.
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5 years ago, Pineapple pen1
Awesome game
Play all day all night
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4 years ago, hrhjkbbgfdr
Bought coins and I never got it
Charges your card but doesn’t give you the items
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4 years ago, Trent12293
Great f
Not all about spending money u accutally win
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5 years ago, JynxSnow94
I love this game!! We got the real deal in Hawaii!!
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3 years ago, Maxxx302
No English version
I’m will be uninstalling this game, I don’t know Chinese I only English so why isn’t this in English platform
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3 years ago, AnhTinBen
Missing a purchase
I have alreadt purchase 2 times to buy sliver pack but I just get 1 pack. Please check again for me.
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5 years ago, Ashblonde88
Addictive and fun
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4 years ago, Tyhesia22
Not working
Say the link has failed!
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5 years ago, 1973SLT
Not happy
My account is frozen please unfreeze my account
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3 years ago, knsndhasbxsxbhdkdbkbc
It’s a really good game to spen ur hours on
Boogaloos biogas
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4 years ago, Red dead 111
Good game
This game is really fun.
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4 years ago, slotman817
Love the graphics!
Best fish game !!!!!
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2 years ago, Yoonszs
Why in app purchase didnt work??
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3 years ago, diva0413
App won’t open
I downloaded the game but it will not open.
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4 years ago, TaoLaThangKhung
Fun game
I love this game
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4 years ago, leapp...
i like to play this game ️️but​ i never win 😭. i spend my real money alot in this game 😖😭
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5 years ago, dailyfresh
Good game
Nice addictive game
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3 years ago, peletisara
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3 years ago, Castellanobabee
Great practice game!
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5 years ago, hieunguyen000000
This game a trash...
This game trash. Don’t spend money on this game .
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4 years ago, Catfih
Love this game
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2 years ago, 𝑳𝑰𝑳𝑴𝑭𝑫_𝑾𝑮
good game
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1 year ago, thiha😍009
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4 years ago, Gr3yz18
Good game
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2 years ago, sbmadmoney
I’m cheat.
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3 years ago, jdq567
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5 years ago, LehuaMamasz
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3 years ago, Jc panders
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3 years ago, darealkuban
Tap Tap
Fun dude
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4 years ago, Dustin829
Great game
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4 years ago, badmanreturn
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5 years ago, Sk}odeOrplahima
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5 years ago, Erioe_#uSlvivtr
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2 years ago, Elice Grace
I love this game.
Only one thing problem is payments.Sometimes I can buy some items in game but sometimes declined.I really tired to try with many app ID with also payment too.Now also not able to buy again with iTunes gift card.Why?
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2 months ago, Jtwebb5150
It use to be really fun I was always on it. But now if you actually buy stuff to move up in the game or what have you. I’m getting over charged or sometimes hit for the same thing twice just different day. About a week ago I got so I bought tokens that were $14.99 said it was declined on one of my cards on Apple Pay. I forgot that card was on there so changed the card re did my order then was hit with the $14.99 as soon as I put it on my Apple Pay and that’s fine but then my phone went off a few minutes later I was charged again for the same order. So now im $30 into the game and wasn’t on for 10 minutes. Well sent a email about it. They got back asked for all this different things. I sent where it was charged twice for the same purchase order # anyway I proved my case. They said they will get back to me. That was 4 days ago and nothing. I sent a message yesterday and said yo where my tokens! But nothing. Today I was like maybe they just take awhile so I bought something that was $1.99 my notification went off from my bank I spent $9.99 needles to say I’m not getting anything anymore if they can’t run a company right . So if you want to have fun sure it’s fun but DO NOT Buy Anything…
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2 years ago, DogClipclapppp
Bind accs
I want to connect my guest account with gmail or something.Please help us.It is not hard to do to make a feature
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4 years ago, d dhbdhd
Very bad
ID account: 3309318 The customer support team on Facebook is very bad. If that does not solve it, then also answer customers. Ask me to give an invoice for verification? But until now I did not reply , I play games with my friends, do I pay but I don't play for free , Respect customers , It's like I'm begging a few people to help me, goodbye
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