Five Little Monkeys

2.8 (13)
35.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Five Little Monkeys

2.77 out of 5
13 Ratings
15 years ago, rockwallCO
Not that great - a bit boring
Music tempo is difficult to sing to - especially for a young child. My 2 1/2 year old got bored with it pretty quickly. Three different song modes, but what you can during each song mode is the same. Also, once a monkey falls off the bed, you can't do any other activities - you have to wait for that portion of the song to complete before you can do anything again. Would not purchase again - especially at $1.99.
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3 years ago, GalaxyWolf121w
Doesn’t Work
Just purchased and downloaded for my toddler and when we click on the app to open it we just get a black screen. We removed it and downloaded a second time and still won’t work.
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5 years ago, kmuniq8
Doesn’t work
Just downloaded app a second time and it is not working on 7 th generation iPad
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9 years ago, MegaMom1
Super monkeys!
My littlest (18 months) adores it.
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5 years ago, anthphilo
Not updated to work on new iOS. Sad
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7 years ago, BBBarkley
No sound? For 99 cents? It is junk don't waste 99cents as I just did!
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4 years ago, JasonArmour
Just a black screen
On the iPad.
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9 years ago, Gateskat
Be warned
This is junk!
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13 years ago, Berliner
Poorly done
When you show the lyrics of a song being sung and highlight them word by word, the word that is being highlighted is supposed to be synchronized to the word being sung. Obvious, right? Well, not to the makers of this app. They'll be singing the word "monkeys" and the word "head" will be highlighted. How is that helpful? In other instances, the singer is singing about a male monkey bumping *his* head while the text shows the words "*her* head." The monkeys fall off the bed during the line that says they're jumping, instead of on the verse with the phrase about falling off. The mixing is also poor, i.e., the first words of the verse are often drowned out by the music. The transitions from verse to verse aren't smooth, and I could go on, but really the point is just that the makers of this app... well, they don't seem to be perfectionists, let's put it that way. I'm deleting this app.
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10 years ago, ilovemygirls/boys
Great customer service & great fun ap
My grAndkids have all enjoyed this ap so much. The youngest of them is wild about it! That said, it was most upsetting when the sound would not work. When I emailed them I heard back immediately. The first suggestion did not work and when I emailed them back, again I heard from them right away. This solution worked for all of the aps (not just fr this company) that no longer had any sound. I did not hear back fr any of the other companies that I contacted. So, not only is it a fun ap for the kids, but the company can be depended on when I might need them. I think that says a lot. I will check out all of their other applications.
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13 years ago, Dara1999
Years of fun...
My now-3 and now-5 year old have been playing this one for... two years? They come back to it again and again. Maybe only 5 or 10 minutes at a time, but I've been astonished at how long it has captured their attention. For unknown reasons it's also one of the few games they consistently play together, instead of fighting over the phone, I think it's because they can both poke things and have them work.
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15 years ago, smimm
Nice App for very young children
Our 6 month old can play this app with no problems. We originally just bought the game for our son because he likes the song, but we were really surprised how quickly he picked up on all the game's interactive functions. I would definitely recommend it for parents of all young children who are looking for something simple that will enhance their fine motor skills and outcome expectations. Nicely done.
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13 years ago, Schnooks2
My niece loves this music! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I was showing this app to my friend and saw a review about the music not being kid-friendly and I had to defend this app because MY NEICE LOVES THE MUSIC! We have had the exact opposite results: we love this game. We practice counting the monkeys together and she sings the lyrics even when we aren't playing the game. Little smarty likes to shake her finger at me "NO more monkeys jumping on the bed!" This app brings out the cute in my niece. I would HIGHLY recommend it for pre-toddlers and toddlers. The music is super cute!!
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15 years ago, Vet Dad of 4
My Kids LOVE This App
I always know where to find my I Phone - My sons have it! This is their favorite game BY FAR! This app has several interactive features that make parents and children laugh. Well done and visually attractive. We can't wait to see what else LoeshWare has in the pipeline. Additional notes - The update is Great! More things to explore. Any time my 2 yr old sees a person with an I-Phone, he asks " Do you have monkeys on your phone? "
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14 years ago, mwsnelso
When I found out my 2 year old granddaughter would be spending the night with us, I purchased several age-appropriate applications for her. She is very adept at choosing applications, and Five Little Monkeys became one of her favorites. She tried the three music options and soon chose pop as her favorite. With a little encouragement, she determined all the hotspots but never grew tired of playing. Excellent app for toddlers.
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14 years ago, Momofigs
My 2 yr olds favorite!!
I purchased this for my daughter and do not regret it. I have another ap by Loesch ware and love it as well. My daughter is two years old and plays five monkeys all the time. The ap is animated well, has a great song and is very interactive. My daughter loves touching everything in the room to make noises or to see what each one does. I would give this ap 5 stars!
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15 years ago, Cacovergrl
Revised My opinion. Good app!
I originally gave this app two stars because my toddler (3yr old) did not seem interested in it like other apps she had played on my touch. But lo and behold a couple of days later she is playing this and giggling at the monkeys bumping their heads even though thats about all there is to it. Hey keeps her busy for awhile and thats good enough in my book. thanks.
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15 years ago, Hamski35
Fun, Simple, Entertaining for kids!
Game is very simple and easy for a young kid/toddler to use. It's an interactive game so I use this game to keep my niece busy when she comes to visit. Its basically a sing-a-long with an interactive screen. The different musical genre choices are a nice touch. It keeps little ones busy so I'm happy with my purchase :)... worth the $2
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11 years ago, S B V
Simple app and my kids love it
Every time I pick up my phone, my 1 1/2 year old son asks for "monkeys". This is a very simple app but has a lot of cute features. He especially loves the dog that chases the cat. My daughter also loved this app when she was ~2 years old.
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15 years ago, SJmomma
Great App
This is a great app, really interactive, everything in the room does something! It's all about discovery as nothing is too obvious at first but once we found the cat then she found all kinds of other stuff like the picture, the plant, the dog, the much richer than a lot of the other more simple apps out there.
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11 years ago, Allie The iMum
Music, Counting and Fun!
My son and I love Five Little Monkey's! This was one of the first apps we got on our iPad. I love the original music, monkey's jumping as well as the interactivity within the scenes. I also like that there are no in-app purchases as well as that it is safe for my child to play without worrying about going into the app store or other external links.
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15 years ago, KNGREEN1
The Little Monkeys
My little 4 year old Grandchild Lexsey, just loves this app. I got her a IPod Touch 16 GB, back when she was three , I installed all types of fun applications and all types of educational applications, I have to say all these app, has help her become the little smart girl she is today, take it from me they do help a child and learning,
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15 years ago, Green Tea Girl
love it
I just started singing this song to my 20 month old daughter, so I was delighted to find this application. I am somewhat on the fence about letting her play with my phone, but for "emergency" meltdown situations, I have given in and allowed her. She loves this game, I think it is a clever and cute little app! Worth $0.99 for sure!
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15 years ago, Cathy
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
My grandkids love this game. The country version is hilarious. It made me laugh the first time I turned it on. It keeps the kids entertained especially the two year old. I would recommend this app to anyone who has toddlers. But even the big kids like it. Very fun.
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15 years ago, WCSM150323
Great Fun for the Little Ones
Five Little Monkeys kept my 3 year old niece occupied and entertained for quite awhile. She had a blast with the monkeys and enjoyed dancing to the music. My niece keeps asking to dance with the monkeys...I am going to have to get her an iPod Touch so that I can use my phone. App is fun and interactive. Highly recommend!
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11 years ago, Indimitrismemory
Cute game
All my younger grandchildren love this game! whats not to love about 5 little naughty monkeys? 😍 you can change the music and its very interactive: kids make the phone ring, the lights go off and on, the door open, the dog bark just by touching them. All of this while listening to the adorable 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed story 😊
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15 years ago, AYBetts
My kids can't get enough of this one
Both of my children (5 and 1 year old) love this app. I did have a problem with it not opening up, but customer service was very kind and helped me fix the problem in a timely manner.
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15 years ago, Maggmabes
Great and interactive!
This is a must have if you have little ones. My 2 year old was having a huge tantrum in the grocery store and this app entertained him for a good 20 minutes. Plus he still asks to play it everyday. I highly recommend it.
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14 years ago, Oma & Opa
FUN !! for the kids !
gets annoying for the adults! The country version is the most creative, the other two sound alike. My 2 yr old loves tapping the cat. And he found the family and the alarm clock. He plays it over and over again. yelling Yeeeeeeeeee Ha !
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12 years ago, Careyliz2
My 4 year olds favorite
My 4 year old has always loved the "monkeys jumping on the bed" songs and stories and this app has been one of her favorites for as long as we have had it. She never gets bored with it.
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13 years ago, mkolis
Love it!
My students with special needs LOVE this App! We use it for motivation in our classroom- "First work, then monkeys." The kids love the music and could play this App ALL DAY LONG! The kids are the ones who discovered all of the different animated parts of the App, and they taught me!
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11 years ago, #1MusicDad
Works for me!
I'm on my second kid who lives this app! My first started playing it like three years ago, and it has been her favorite. Now she is teaching my two year old son how to work it, since she's the expert! He loves it. What longevity! Great app!
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15 years ago, Pop.Pop
My Grandson loves it
I bought my Grandson this book for his birthday last month and it is the first app I have bought on my new phone, he loves it even more than he loved the book.
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15 years ago, Ap0718
My 20 Month Old is a Fan
My son loves finding the cat and dog! He also was delighted to find the tree the other day. The music is driving me a bit crazy but it keeps him occupied and happy. Thanks!
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15 years ago, kbwhat
Love the update
What a surprise it was to my 18-month old granddaughter and I when we opened up your app today and found fun and new interactions! She loves it especially the stop and go!
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15 years ago, ptelli777
Wonderful app for kids! Interactive and fun!
This is a wonderful app for kids. It has three music genres to choose from which the kids love. Interactive, fun and easy to use!!!!!
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15 years ago, My Jamie's Mom
Jamie loves it!
Jamie, my almost 3 yr old loves this app. All of the things to discover once you hit the "stop" button really excite her. She loves the cat and the dog best, I think the cat is kinda freaky but she thinks it's HILARIOUS! Whatever makes her happy :o)
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15 years ago, Amerrybrit
Good toddler app
Very cool app for toddlers, my 2 year old can play with all of the functions. I let him play with the game while driving him to day care and he seems to like it. It definitely keeps him occupied. Definitely worth the 1.99.
Show more
15 years ago, MeeMomma
Love It!
I bought this app because my daughter liked it on my friend's phone and when I got it there was a bunch of other fun stuff in the room! She was so excited :o)
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15 years ago, 3timesdaddy
Kids Love It
My 2, 4 and 5 yr olds love this app. As a parent I like the "Stop & Go" functionality that lets my kids control things in the room. My son (the 4 yr old one) loves the truck noise best.
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14 years ago, Kiwi-mom
Turn on the monkeys!
My son is into monkeys and trucks right now. He spotted that truck in the background right away & loves to honk the horn. He is obsessed with this game which is all right with me b/c I like the music.
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15 years ago, Ro-dub
Great fun for a toddler ... My daughter actually sings this catchy tune to herself without the iPhone now ... And so does mom and dad. SiMple fun and a highly recommended buy for the iPhone owner with kids.. My best toddler buy yet
Show more
15 years ago, caitibear
5 little monkeys
This was fantastic. Very creative and fun and my kids loved it. Definitely a must have. Would like to see more items from this vendor.
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15 years ago, JMG0822
Glad to see update....
My Nephew is interested in this app again, thanks. The Stop and Go voice is starting to drive me crazy though......
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15 years ago, la_gringa
My 18 month old grandson LOVES this app. Whenever he sees my iTouch he shakes his finger like the doctor in the app and tries to say 'no more monkeys jumping on the bed!' Very entertaining for toddlers. More apps like this- please!!
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15 years ago, Mik's Mom
Great App
My 2 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter love the interactivity of this game. They can control so much in the room which they can't do in a lot of other apps.
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11 years ago, Willy632
This app is fun and very enjoyable! True to the song, doesn't add any silly extra things like a trampoline. My daughter enjoys the fun hidden surprises within the picture. Hint- touch the phone.
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14 years ago, Kibbs13
Five Monkeys
I bought this game for my nephews and they loved it! As they played it, they laughed and sang along with the music. I would like to see an advanced version of this game for my oldest nephew!!
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15 years ago, 4keepmebusy
I use educational games on my iPhone to entertain my 3 yr old while we are running around with my 3 older kids. This one is great.
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13 years ago, Eggplant12
Another great app by Loeschware
We have all of the Loeschware apps and my two year old just loves them. I am amazed how much she learns. I highly recommend them to any one with toddlers.
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