FL Studio Mobile

3.9 (110)
265.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Image Line Software
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FL Studio Mobile

3.89 out of 5
110 Ratings
4 months ago, \_(._.)_/ no nickname here
It’s a generally well app, though there is a huge issue when swapping between songs. When swapping to another song, the app will crash and when you reenter the app, the song you chose now has the exact same track as the one you were on before, essentially deleting it. This issue has hit me three times on very big projects and it’s starting to become annoying. Other than that and no customizable slicers, the app is great!
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4 months ago, Donotsoqnload1618
Great app imo
I’ve made great quality beats with this app. I actually prefer the interface on the mobile app over the standard FL Studio one. It’s just more simplified and there’s a decent amount of stock instruments and sounds to choose from. They add more as they update as well. The mods are really useful too if you know what you’re doing. One thing I would like to see is the app be truly integrated into the pc version so you can get on pc and work on the stems from a project from the mobile version.
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1 month ago, FNFMIDInsertMan
having troubles to insert midis.
I tried to insert one of my midis from my files but… every time I selected it, the midi doesn’t show up. Is this some sort of bug or glitch or something? Because it won’t let me insert my midis that I have on my files. Can you please fix it?
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4 months ago, iceepope
The app is good but there are some issues
When u try to select a different song I made the app crashes and then when u reopen it the song u choose is the same song u choose before I made a really good song if been working very hard on and that messed it up and now. I have to delete my hard work thank u very much fl also can u even up the amp like make the beat longer and this app is basically a more restricted version of fl studio on computer
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2 months ago, Metamations
I love it, but…
I honestly do think this is the best music making app on the App Store, but it also needs improvements. One thing I need is vocoder, another thing is tempo automation, and also we need to be able to export slicer as a dw sampler, last thing we need is pitch correction, because we all sing wrong notes once in a while. That’s about all I need. This app is awesome. 😁👋
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2 months ago, AllisonThocker1987
Update for FL Studio Mobile
I want you to fix the slicer and make it good because I want to use chromatics when using the app because I want to make a Friday Night Funkin’ Song cover and the slicer does a very bad job of making it good. Can you make it good just like the DW Sampler? It would do everyone and especially me a favor if you make it good like the DW Sampler.
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2 months ago, nfndndnddnd
The best music making app
So when I was like 6 I liked phonk a lot and wanted to make music like that but I couldn’t afford it and now I’m 10 and I’m making beats hard rock,heavy metal,phonk and a lot more and the good thing is the packs are only $2 BUCKS and it’s very cheap and I remember trying to make the pitch deeper and clicked edit and I was amazed thx FL Studio
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3 months ago, PhoKyew
love it
It’s my go to for making beats on my phone. One glitch: when you input a melody sometimes it does not loop exactly back to where it’s supposed to even with nothing extended past the 8 bar mark. I delete the melody then it loops again with other instruments not sure why
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2 months ago, Purple Reviews
This is so amazing,
I can create beats based off game characters, or just make unofficial theme songs which I recently did and might do again. Overall, my dream of making beats has come true and I feel like I will be a huge beat maker or just a YouTuber (@watermeloncatEDITZ)😉
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2 months ago, Donkerpunch147
This is great!! (Pls read Developers)
Hi, Fl Studio Mobile is so fun! I only have one request. When I make music, I can’t change the tempo! So can you add automation track or something that allows me to have two different tempos in my songs please? Love, Donkerpunch147
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4 weeks ago, Monkey1 2 3
I would give this a 1 star but I like the free samples but I want to buy these samples but it says you have to be signed in so I was upset cause I was confused but then I finally found how to sign in, it says signed in as (account) and so I go to buy it but it still say verification required (sign in) so I click it then I put the cvp or whatever it’s called then I click done but it doesn’t do anything
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4 months ago, video games are better
Good App, Needs some things
Its a great app, works nicely. My main problem is it crashing when I switch songs and one song gets deleted (its a pain) but other than that, Great app. I do wish It could have more FL Studio PC aspects like FLEX presets (please please please) and making DWPs (please), and the ability to change tempo mid song and making GMS instruments. Other than that, I really like the app. It would also be nice if the Slicer can automatically put notes that are outside the original range 4/5
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4 months ago, jordan williams1512
I love this app and there are many things you do or make. But theres one problem..there is no bpm automation.. We FL Studio Mobile people wanna change the bpm if the song is hard style or slow paced-fast pace. So pleeeease…add bpm automation👏
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3 months ago, Chris Tran Gerard
Great Application
Absolutely user friendly intuitive user interface. Quickly set up drum machines What needs improvement; documentation weak or missing Audio editors seem to be missin Memory or buffer leaks Synth knob precision or fine tuning doesn't show metrics Sound quality for high definition sounds Out the box synth sounds very amateur The sound pitch hardly varies and is highly difficult to put together unique hd sound samples Unique may also be used synonymously Quality.
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2 months ago, Snowmash
Please add a tempo change like the pc one.
I just would like too have a tempo change automation for the app. It would be easier to make songs that have to do tempo changes.
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2 months ago, ac1dlava
just some small request
1. can u make a fx that can trim a dwp 2. can u kinda fix the pitcher pls 3. can u out slide notes back on slicer pls 4. so i saw and effect that can take a dwp or a sliced make it like a whisper and i found it cool so if u could PLS ADD😭😭😭
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2 months ago, Less_lead90
Love love love this app
Been using this app for the better part of 8 years now. It’s very solid and receives constant updates. I find it easier to use than FL studio on a computer now honestly. It’s great.
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3 weeks ago, Cigarettes and beer
Packs and songs missing
I had to replace my phone and when I did the packs I purchased say there downloaded but won’t load and the songs I made are blank I’m scared to redownload the app fearing I have to pay for it again and all my projects would be lost
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1 month ago, satx.aaron
this would actually complete the app
make sf2 (soundfont) files compatible with this app pls 😭
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3 weeks ago, brandodabeast
Great App
This app is good if you have the PC version of FL and are confused with the things on it. This app is very affordable for music producers that are on a budget. Overall this app is Amazing!
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4 months ago, Krnlgronymn
No longer able to save or load projects
Used to love this app but now it’s completely not functional. Lost my project files trying to get this app to make a new. Pretty upsetting.
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3 months ago, hotelsuckshahahah
got this and was having alot of fun on it, now i cant use it for more then a minute without the app kicking me out and removing everything i just did. i've done pretty much everything i've seen people saying to do to fix this and it will get better but at most i can be on it for 20-30 minutes and it kicks me out again deleting everything. super bummed out abt it cus i was really enjoying it but i cant even use it anymore. i haven't even had it that long either
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2 months ago, Brandon Pernie
Silly bugs
Can't even import a MIDI because the amount of tracks causes the confirm button to load off screen and there's no way to scroll or reorient to make it appear.
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4 months ago, Zaddy Psych
Theres a bug where it stays stuck on one project
I tried creating a new project, changing to a different one, everything, and it wont save the progress i do to the one it's stuck on, my favorite app has left me with nothing to do
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5 days ago, fbfnxnxb
Make distortion less fuzzy sound
When I make a distorted presets it always sounds fuzzy and scratchy Instead of distorted plz fix this
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2 months ago, Nari_30ceo
It’s decent not for my use tho
I really wish I could get a refund
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2 months ago, Penji_cat
Good app but
Fl studio is a great app, but I do want to know if there is a way to change the Hz from just being at 4800 and to 4400.
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4 months ago, ANoBody22
Do not download
This new update corrupted all of my files, I HAD 30gb worth of sounds, samples, and songs, and now all of them are gone.
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3 months ago, vbnm2022
Google drive sync completely broken
It literally does not do anything
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2 weeks ago, Pac Man9323837
Great music production app
Great that’s what it is great
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2 months ago, Phayu2002
Not Compatible with AUv3
I have purchased Fl Studio mobile thinking that it is compatible with AUv3 plugins Nuro - Xvox app for iPad Pro. So, I am disappointed!
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1 month ago, Dumbinthe_house_yt
been using for like 3ish years and it’s pretty nice but tempo & pitch automation, soundfont support, swing, and reverse reverb would be nice
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3 months ago, SloppTopp22
Just use BandLab
FL Studio is way more confusing to use than BandLab and actual FL Studio
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13 years ago, RaizaBladez
Good, but needs improvement
I'm using FLStudio science 4th version, I love it, and i can't believe I have FLS icon on my iPhone and ipad, I'm very happy, the program is good, but definitely needs improvement, one of the main things is piano roll, fruity loops has been known for it's the best piano roll, no other DAW has this kind of beautiful piano roll, but here on mobile version it's not the same, why? The keys are silent on it, and it's not as easy to use as on desktop version, please Image-Line Make normal piano roll!!! Similar to desktop, And I'll give you 5 stars, and please make normal automation clip function, so we can edit them like in original desktop version, I hope to see those features in the next updates, this are the main features we need, but there is much more things to improve, I'm sure Image-Line will do this in the updates, other than that, interface is beautiful, easy to use,FL Studio will be the best here on mobile market, just like the PC version! Good luck Image-Line! Hope to see updates soon!!!
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2 months ago, fiyahbunny9
how do you sustain piano
where is this feature ?
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4 months ago, prodbycxwbellkxller
Amazing app, but please add tempo automation
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2 months ago, pixel/aimbot24
We really need soundfont support and it will be perfect
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2 weeks ago, ONEARMMONKE
It’s nothing like the real but meh app
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4 months ago, Yohan Lopez
Amazing app!
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4 weeks ago, Serch22
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4 months ago, Mr.Eugene37Librarian?-
so bad
Fl is trash dawg
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2 years ago, Resting Deeply
Can’t Import any MIDI files!
I’m giving it three stars because I’ve created 90% of the music I’ve made on this mobile app with relative ease and despite the reviews, I’ve had a lot of fun with this over the computer version only because the PC is a little too sophisticated for my liking. This app has always served as the middle ground for me and I liked it for that reason. Ever since the most recent update which introduced some new instruments and some new layouts, the overall function of MIDI seems to have been impacted although it seems to be the action of importing that has been damaged lately. I used to import midi files and edit them or do whatever was necessary within reason, but now whenever I import any file whether it be MIDI or an audio file, the app crashes. As long as I don’t import files, the app works fine but whenever I import it seemingly crashes, which, is a huge headache. I’ve gone the whole 9 yards of reinstalling the app at the cost of sacrificing my songs that I’ve already made as well as restoring my purchases. So, that’s where I am now. Hopefully the app updates and fixes the crashing issue because I’ve sunk money in on this app and I really don’t want to use garage band for my production needs. Thanks!
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6 months ago, Thefoxymon
Elephant in the room
As you’ve probably seen, this app has mixed reviews, now let me clarify something about some of the 1-2 star comments, to those complaining about the in app purchases: you’re really complaining about the sound packs? If you were going Desktop you’d get the synths you want, yes, but you need at minimum Producer edition to actually use audio recording in FL Studio, meaning you’d have to pay $200, meanwhile here we have an app that, including microtransactions, doesn’t even hit 25% of that yet. To those who are giving 1 star reviews due to the app being “neglected”, I am disappointed in you for thinking that something that YOU want not being added means the app is being neglected, there are features here that you need to dig around to find, for example the Limiter can be used to Sidechain, we don’t need a Sidechain plugin just for that, when there’s multiple ways to do Sidechain with what we have so far. Regarding DirectWave sampler, it’s not a bad sampler just because it doesn’t have fangled features like audio stretching, it works just like any standard sampler will do.
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2 years ago, PANcreams
This app used to be perfect. in every way. it was awesome and I used it for two years before upgrading to my pc. And I go back to mobile for the nostalgic effect. And its completely different now. It used to be simple and great, there weren’t accounts that you had to make to restore purchases (which btw soft locked all of my old purchases) Im not saying that the app is crap, even now its pretty good for beginners. But if you want my personal opinion for if someone who has the power to act on this statement. Go back. Go back to the way the app used to be. It was compact. Simple while still allowing you to make your music complex. And it didn't crash every second. The downloading and extracting of the .mp3 files or the .wav files were impeccable. And now if your phone is low battery or your wifi isn’t the best it could be it will affect the way your app sounds when using lets say an aux cable or especially bluetooth. And sometimes when extracting the files not only does it take a long time but sometimes they come out sounding like a microwave. Fix the app. Or dont. I dont care that much i've got it on pc which is like 100% better. But I feel like more people would download and like the app if you changed back to the classic or at least released a separate app thats just the classic. Later!
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3 years ago, e-rice1031
<3 this on the mac store
Been using this app on iOS since the first release, before the redesign. Completely changing an apps design is tough to pull off, but these guys did it well. For the iOS version, you really shouldn't sleep on this app, it really is a beast. Seeing it available here in the mac app store was a nice suprise, installation was a breeze. Up running and sync'd my iOS work in just minutes. A native iOS app is now available on the mac app store. I dunno what FL has planned here, if anything, but i'm looking forward it nonetheless. I purchased the full FLStudio for mac suite during their annual end of year sale just last year. Its a great deal and a great product to support. I'm a Logic Ableton guy tho and had no real plan to dive in, yet at least. It's a different workflow for sure and one that will take time to learn. But this mobile edition of FL is a step away from the core FL imo. Here's hoping that this mac app store release is a sign of more FLS Mobile developement to come. This thing has all the potential to stand on it's own and i hope they push in it in that direction.
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12 years ago, Dnb guy
Doesn't separate itself from the pack.
There are currently only 3 serious daws for the iPad this, beat maker 2 and nano studio. This is a descent daw but if you have used fl studio before on the pc this might feel it a bit constraining. On an iPad 1 this app runs great definitely better then beat maker 2 (which frequently crashes) it has better sound samples out of the box then beat maker 2 (by light years ahead) but I always go back to nano studio( their sound samples are provided by loop masters). This app is not as fluid as nano mainly because it's not as intuitive and can be almost clumsy at times . I'm also not sure of the best way to get my own samples onto this app quickly nano has a program that sends it instantly I wish this had something similar. The drum step sequencer is superior to nano and beat maker 2. But editing sound samples is vastly superior in nano. I got this app the day it came out on the store and hoped that it would be improved on in many ways but it doesn't look like fl wants to upgrade it too much from the launch version. With this app You are getting a daw that is portable on an iPad I was disappointed that I have to buy it again for my phone while beatmaker 2 and nano are universal.
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2 years ago, Leom187
Major issues
1. No recording quantization of any kind whatsoever. So you either play your patterns in perfectly the first time, or take the extra step of manually adjusting or snapping off time notes AFTER every single recording. When virtually every other daw, groovebox, even music making toys aimed at kids and casuals has recording quantization, it’s unforgivable to omit it, oh but thanks for letting us change the colors, big help there. 2. The user interface is very very fiddly and an absolute chore to navigate through. Surprising, because the app is fairly simple in design. Yet somehow, even after knowing where everything is and how to do everything, you still find yourself wrestling with the interface. One panel/page always seems to be obscuring something else or cluttering up the screen and it’s up to you, the user, to keep the screen organized by constantly scrolling and moving things around. Not fun. On a positive note, the sounds are very good and I particularly like how the instruments and fx are sort of organized within the same window. Scale selection for the in app keyboard was a welcome addition as well. It’s unfortunate that the aforementioned glaring issues make it a chore and a grind to use what would otherwise be a very awesome mobile daw.
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8 years ago, Jason MN
Good... But could be great
This is one of my favorite iOS music apps to use. This could be so much better though. Very simple interface and is much easier to use then GarageBand or beatmaker. Though some features that are lacking are needed! Drawing in automation data is needed. Side chain compression is also needed. MIDI effects like scales and keys would be very helpful. Being able to load midi data in an individual track would be nice so I could load multiple midi into one song. Also having synths like sytrus and morphine would be nice. You only have one custom synth and would be nice to have more. All of these samples and my sample get a little boring after a while. Some updates for the audio effects would be good too. Saturation. More options on reverb. Eq 8. I would pay like 50 dollars for these things and this would instantly be the best iOS music making app on the market. Please don't change the interface though, as is very easy and efficient to use. Hopefully these will be added soon because then this is the only app I would be using!
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6 years ago, Efrainm23
Best Music Producing App Out There!
First of all I’m impressed by how much FL Studio offers as a mobile app, I was pretty satisfied when I seen all the features it had, so the 15$ was worth it. I haven’t had any problems tbh, just that sometimes when I get a call or I go to another app, FL Studio freezes or I press play but it doesn’t respond, but it doesn’t really bother me that much. When I got started getting into making beats I only had a iPhone and most producers use FL studio but on the computer so I was kinda disappointed but I searched up FL Studio on the App Store and I’m that they had FL on iPhone too, I’ve been making beats, whenever I don’t have anything else to do and the thing is that it’s easy to go straight to the studio wich I like alot and all in my hands. I have one suggestion tho, it would be dope if you guys added the effects that the computer version has like the gross beat, and more sound or effects or features added to the mobile version from the computer version.
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4 years ago, Guidot1
This app is NOT garbage!
My god these reviews are pretty ruthless. I didn't think there was or is a thing wrong with this app. I love it. I learned it on my own and it's a great tool for the beginner producer. That being said there are two complaints I have. The most frustrating is one that involves no sound coming from my instruments when I add them to my drum sequencer. I will get audio from the first two slots i.e. my kicks, and then nothing else after. If I load a Nother track the audio comes back but when I go back to the track I’m editing this problem persists. The second complaint I have is one during live recordings, when I am switching back-and-forth between wave types and when I am switching oscillation times. If I switch to 1/4 from 1/2 it will live record it as 3/8 or 3/4 if I’m going a full beat . I don’t know how to fix this even after the recording is finished. If anyone has any tips on whether or not I’m just dumb or how to actually fix this let me know
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