Flag Play-Fun with Flags Quiz Free

4.8 (4.7K)
24.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
MigoApps, LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flag Play-Fun with Flags Quiz Free

4.8 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
6 months ago, 10peppers
Nice Overall
This app definitely does have good quality, and has many flags! As a person who already knows all the flags and has downloaded this app for more practice, I can say that it has helped me memorize them more!
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7 years ago, Brazilian Hulk
I just wanted the coins
They constantly have pop ups begging you to rate it. Hopefully this goes away now. Some of the levels are more difficult because they don't separate words for countries with multiple names.
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2 months ago, Maaly M.
Love this game!!
I really love this game ive been learning names of countries and have it all in my head knowing them also learning how to correct them because i can sometimes misspell them but now i wont
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7 years ago, azuaje3
Although it may seem pretty boring to most people, this game is fantastic! Each level becomes increasingly difficult and leaves people wanting to learn more.
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4 years ago, Orcus243
Good Game!
I am 8 and I really am enjoying this app because it's helping me learn the countries of the world. It also helps me learn how to spell the names of the countries of the world ! It also lets me see the flag! Thank you so much for making this game
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2 years ago, FlagWhiz
My son loves it!
My son was gifted a tablet for his birthday and has became quite the flag enthusiast and loves learning each and everyone. He has yet to get any flag wrong whether it be on this app or just in general
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7 years ago, Marie55555
Makes you spell flags
Which is simple, yet hard. You have to get to the higher levels to be challenged. But then you see if you actually know the flags.
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7 years ago, ashleynadine422
Fun but needs extra
Would be cool if after each time you guessed the flag correctly, they flip the flag over to show little historic facts about the colors of the flag, symbols, etc. It would make it more fun and interesting. Not to mention I'd learn more in a cool way.
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1 year ago, Ciaobella33
Stuck on arcane flag
Even when have the country, sometimes can’t get it to register.
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2 years ago, Havilah25
Thank you
I really like this game because it helps me improve my country naming skills and it just helps me get better!
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1 year ago, ceciliacatalina
Good but needs a better “hint” system, it just gives you letters every 100 coins, I wish you could purchase historical, geographical or interesting facts about the country.
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7 years ago, Fleuret the
Does it have all the flags?
I have played through this game a few times and I've been wondering if it has every country flag.
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8 years ago, Norwegian chic
Helps you learn
This is a fun way to learn your countries and have to research the flag and learn the history for starters I only knew the basics ex. USA,Canada,Brazil,U.K.,France,ect and my Nordic countries because I live in Norway and I really want more people to learn about the Nordic countries
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5 years ago, dhdhedufufdh
Ya I also just wanted the coins but I think it’s a pretty fun game and the more flags you know the more fun it will be but I haven’t had it for long so I don’t know so much about it yet.
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5 years ago, Taker lol
The coins
They ask you to rate it every two plays it’s annoying.
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2 years ago, jonesnews
Unknown flag in here
There is a weird flag that has blue stripe on the top white stripe in the middle and a red stripe at the bottom and I searched it on Safari and it just said it’s a PNG file and it is on level two on the fourth set of flags
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7 years ago, MayorOfSmashville
Fun, but Slight Problem
I'm on pack 3, and I just got to the flag of Chad. Only problem was there was 7 spaces instead of 4, and no c or d to be found. I began to doubt myself, so I looked up Chad's flag, and there it was. I could be dumb and this is really a flag that belongs to two countries, but for now this is a problem.
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6 years ago, Fontappsrock
If you’re bored, this is a good game to play, especially for flag addicts like me. This non-online game will entertain you in the car or wherever you are.
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6 years ago, Random Review 34
Not Correct
I enjoy little trivia games like this, but there is a couple of incorrect flags in this. For instance level 25 (the last level of pack one) is supposed to be Indonesia but there is not enough letter slots and the letter d is not there. Overall good game with simple errors.
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7 years ago, Kronort
Fun with flags
Fun game for learning flags, I wish you could work within each level rather than one by one.
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6 years ago, EddieSit
Don’t do it
Two issues with this app: 1. They offer bribes of coins for a five star rating when you’re unable to guess a flag. That in and of itself deserves a zero rating. 2. There’s no way to go past a flag if you can’t guess it correctly, nor to simply get the answer. So if there’s a flag you can’t guess, the app becomes useless.
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7 years ago, cnsoj
Good way to learn world flags
This app has been helpful as I've been working on learning the flags of the world. It helps to have the letters underneath scrambled with additional unused letters.
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6 years ago, PianoSue
Fun so far!
Fun game so far. Wish there was an option to pass on a guess instead of having to use coins for hints.
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7 years ago, Antorra
Great game
I played this with my dad over a vacation. At the beginning it was easy, but as the game progressed, it got much harder. I enjoyed playing very much.
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7 years ago, Parinello
Flag quiz
It's been a while since I've tried to name all the national flags of the world. This game provides me the chance to challenge my self.
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7 years ago, CJR2006
Not bad
Good quiz, but some flags were really hard and I couldn't find out what they were, otherwise it's good
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5 years ago, Leafyis123
Cool but challenging
I know some of the flags from different countries, but when I get to the farther levels, it starts to get harder and harder
Show more
3 years ago, fagaht
Swaziland -> Eswatini
So when I was playing they got two level pack seven there is this country Swaziland which had its name changed to Eswatini. Please update this game.
Show more
2 years ago, JCG KidVidz Official
Good country naming
This helps me remember the names of countries but some are harder than others.
Show more
3 years ago, eyebrow creeper
Really good
I finished level pack 4 it is really good and I searched what the flags are bcuz I didn't know the flag 5/5
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5 years ago, SheTookTheFkinKids
Some are mixed up
So on level pack 1, the last flag is wrongly named. The 25th flag in pack one is Indonesia, but apparently the developers have no idea what it is.
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7 years ago, mr.matute
Excellent game to learn countries flags and more!
I'm teaching my son about countries flags, him and I competed to see who knows more, we have a great time together.
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3 years ago, Grayson Saunders
Amazing pass time.
This is perfect on a long road trip.
Show more
7 years ago, BooRooer
Pretty good
Most of the are easy except for some places I've never even heard of
Show more
4 years ago, xhxnjfyyk
Good game
My only request is to make it so it gets harder overtime not really hard at the start
Show more
7 years ago, I ❤️ it it's awesome
Love it!
I'm a huge fan of knowing flags of all the countries. This is the first app I've found that isn't terrible.
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4 years ago, Owen 442
This app is missing many flags such as tajikistan, lesotho, suriname, myanmar, cape verde, burkina faso, (just to name a few, there are many more) and half of the flags are uk territories or places not even recognized as actual countries . Furthermore, I know that this app hasn’t been updated in three years but “Swaziland” isn’t Swaziland anymore it’s eSwatini.
Show more
3 years ago, kaleah/bella
I love the challenge
I love this app, n I have 2 boys age 7-9 that already know 51 countries flags. Thank you
Show more
7 years ago, 2hip2handle
I refuse to give up until I've gotten them all
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7 years ago, Boot legger 66729
Fun game
Really fun to play during down time at work. The "hints " are a bit pricey though.
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8 years ago, martillo11
Great Fun
If you are like some of us who don't like to admit how fun it is to match flags with their respective country, this app is for you.
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1 year ago, b2a2943
Need the coins
I just want the pop up coins😐
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8 years ago, Fit Lucy
Rock the world with World Flags
Great app that will challenge your knowledge of world countries and their flags. Fun for the whole family. This app is both fun and challenging. I love it.
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5 years ago, TruLyfTV
A bit pathetic
Just rated this game 5 stars for free coins because they beg so much. Fine game but jeez have some self confidence how bout
Show more
7 years ago, Nuclear Physicist
Just wanted coins
It keeps on asking me to rate 5 stars to get coins. Hopefully this works.
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8 years ago, Nickname bick name
Fun, educational game
This game is an entertaining way to learn about the flags of the world. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes to learn in a fun way.
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3 months ago, luluinneverland
Great time passer
Great for when you are setting in boring meeting
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7 years ago, Bobo Magee
Great Game
It is a very good game. Fun time consumer and it makes you practice not only your flags but the country's spelling as well. Overall awesome game.
Show more
7 years ago, Troll235
Very satisfied
Great way to learn the countries flags, I wanted to learn the locations too, but I just downloaded another app for that. No glitches so far, great app
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1 year ago, Ehhhhhhhhdaddy
4 star
Only gave it 4 stars because it has countries that don’t exist anymore.
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