Flags of All World Countries

4.5 (564)
46.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Andrey Solovyev
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flags of All World Countries

4.51 out of 5
564 Ratings
11 months ago, Samp Ersand
Took 4 hours and I know 90% of the flags
I had a long flight and decided to learn the flags during it. App is really helpful for learning (breaking it down by region was extremely helpful, as trying to memorize every flag all at once proves difficult.) Best flag-learner app I've found. Only a few minor nits: A way to disable flags for non-UN-countries (eg whales, easter island, etc) would be appreciated. Also, the "hard quiz mode" is still fairly easy as it gives you the length of the country name: Just supplying a text box would make it much more challenging. Lastly, it's be cool if you could create your own flash card groups: When trying to learn african countries, being shown egypt multiple times isn't terrible helpful. Minor concerns though. Overall great app!
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2 years ago, Shawnee101063
BEST app for learning world flags
I searched through a few apps to find one that first could teach the flags through small groups, ensuring you actually retain which each one is. Other apps immediately time you or throw all relevant 254 flags at you at random. This app has different stages of learning, in the beginning from selecting the flag from four choices, to selecting the relevant country from four country choices. I actually was able to fully learn the flags by heart through different testing options before moving onto the next cluster. If perfect recollection of the world flags is what you’re looking for, this is the absolute best way to confidently do it.
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12 months ago, pdkotek
What I should have learned in school
Thank goodness for these applications that teach us basic knowledge we should have learned when we were children. I was a straight A student all through primary and secondary school and the only thing I retained was math. Unfortunately now it bears no use since the "new math" has become a mysterious language only the generation who learned will understand .... or not. This app is easy to understand and easy to use. I have retained the knowledge it has left me since I used this application three years ago and just picked it up again. Have fun and get learning.
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2 years ago, kacarm04
i dont write reviews ever but this app is amazing!! i learned memorized all south america and africa countries today!! i downloaded like 10 apps to help and have tried all and deleted all but this it’s seriously so good there are different ways to learn and practice and test yourself with there are also flash cards you can look at. if there is any app i recommend it’s this. only “bad” thing is ads tend to get more frequent the more you play. i think there’s a remove ads you can purchase but the ads aren’t too frequent and you can skip or exit them in like 3 seconds
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4 months ago, fartrag
This app improved my life
This app improves my life as it helped me get prepared for history. This made my wife come back to life. My dog that went missing 4 years ago came back. My dad came back home with milk. Also stop complaining that it doesn’t have Palestine it clearly does, or your just made it isn’t called a country like you know what it’s not? It’s a state even if you look at its Wikipedia it’s called a state. Stop trying to cancel this app. This app is one of the best apps I’ve ever had downloaded
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2 years ago, Hufflepuffjr
It really works.
This app is so far the only app or thing I’ve used to try to remember flags or countries that has actually worked. I went from knowing around 30 flags to knowing pretty much all of them. The learning method is simple but works really well. My brother tried this app too for a couple days and learned almost all the Caribbean flags. I have nearly no problems with this app, really the only problem I have is that sometimes there are a little bit of ads.
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11 months ago, Маленький крокодильчик
Best app to learn languages
This is honestly the best app to learn languages, not only do you remember them, you remember the names, how to spell them, and where they are on a map, it has a selection of languages, and overall, the best one out there. It has multiple levels like Asia, Europe, Capitals, All flags, 3 Levels, all you can imagine, i love this app for short, but very informative format, i HIGHLY recommend everyone to use it, and support the creators with donations of any kind. ❤️‍🩹
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3 years ago, msgromit
I have used lots of flags/nations games for many years now and this one is really good. Suggestion: the map orientation of europe seems skewed. What projection are you using?? Its not the usual one (usa) that i see here but if i tilt my phone i can make it out. Also I wish i had more than 3 lives. Could you make it keep going and just tell me at the end how many were incorrect??
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5 years ago, Renmotigo
Fanatic app!
I love that there are so many different ways to study the flags, so I learn not just how to identify a flag by the picture, but I also learn the capitols and country locations. This is my favorite app to use to study flags, and I've tried out dozens. I paid to remove the ads because it's very inexpensive and then I don't have to look at ads. Try out this app! It's great!
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1 year ago, Reasull
Great App, One Suggestion Though
I really like this app, it makes learning the flags so easy and fun. However, I would really enjoy it if there was some way to “star” or “flag” certain flags so that if I were having trouble remembering certain ones, there would be an option to practice only the ones I have starred. Otherwise, this is a great game, and I find it super entertaining.
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2 years ago, zoe tran 2
Great app!
This is the one app that actually helped me learn all the flags. This app also has a lot of ways to learn them so you can chose depending on your style. For me personaly the flashcard option helped me the most. I'm planing to use this app next to help me lean thier capitals now. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn the flags.
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6 months ago, Bluerivercrossing
Among other flag apps, this one is good
Among other flag apps, this one is good enough. There are several methods that teaches you the flags of the world. Some of these methods are flashcards, select the flag to the name of the country and match the flag to the country on a map (the developer needs to fix an issue here because when a flag is selected on the map, it does not show the name of the country, so you miss out learning the name of the country).
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6 months ago, Sereen999
A Nice, Fun Game to Play
This is a really awesome and simple game. It is designed to help you learn your countries in a fun and easy to understand app while also giving you all the resources to help you learn your flags. It is nice to play while passing the time. Highly recommend for any flag geeks out there ;)
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3 years ago, Kindle convert
Fantastic app!
If I could give this app 10 stars, I would. There is a lot of variety, different ways to learn and everything is broken down by region so it’s manageable. I love the map feature. This has helped me with my geography and flag learning. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Patric Troughten
Very good!
I had a lot of fun playing this game! I completed all the levels in 11 days and would have like to have been able to keep playing, but there were no more levels. Overall it was a really fun game, though.
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1 year ago, vtoriah
This game LITERALLY cures my boredness and it’s a really good game to play if you already know/want to learn flags. The development of this game is outstanding and this will always be one of my favorite apps and will always be the first app that comes in mind when I want to play a game.
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3 years ago, Ggsreryygfr
Best Flag Learning App
All other apps are garbage. Minimal ads. Multiple types of exercises. Great app. Have tried other ones with literally 60 second ads they’re trash. This one has multiple different quizzes etc.
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2 years ago, Siennas Animals
Really Good, Love this Game
You learn really well there are many different modes and different ways to learn. I only just got and I absolutely love it. I don’t know any other app that could do the flags any better.
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2 years ago, drobl20
Must Have but have to pay to take off Ads
Unplayable with ads. It will cost you to take off but it’s worth it. They show it every 10 seconds and it will drive you crazy. Everyone should try to 100% this game.
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2 months ago, Franco-Prussian Wars
The best geography game ever.
It’s a good you know, learn and see countries that you probably never have heard of before it’s very fun I love it because I study geography and history so I think this is a good game for people that like geography.
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1 year ago, ...user#753...
Amazing app and fits my style of learning, in fact I reached out to the creator of this app with a question and he responded back within about only 10 minutes, incredible app and creators❤️❤️
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2 years ago, ALISHA HUMAIRA
I really like this app cause I am a geography nerd and if you’re like me this is the app for you! The only problem is that there many ads so if you could less down the ads it could be better!
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2 years ago, JustWantNews
Too many ads!
The app itself is great — many ways to memorize flags and learn other information about each nation. However, the ads are beyond annoying, including interrupting a challenge multiple times! I’m considering deleting the app because of this.
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3 years ago, ash.ley8283
easy time killer
i’m a sucker for memorization. though it’s not all that fun to the average bear, i can say from experience that you lose track of time really easily with this game. and, after you’ve played it for 2 hours, (even though it only felt like 25 minutes) you can show off your useless knowledge of every european country’s flag and location and annoy your friends with speeches about how stupidly similar the austrian and latvian flags are.
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2 years ago, PTT and RCM
Flags Of the World Rating
This is a 5 star because I like how it shows the map and everything else everything else is really good that I had to rate a 5 star
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2 years ago, biggg chungggus
This game is fun, helped me learn the flags and different countries, but one ad I came upon didn’t let me get out of it I needed to reload the app. Fun game keep up the good work, but the ads are annoying
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5 years ago, Measha Kuznets
When I first started using this application I only knew
The Slavic flags of country’s in Eastern/Central Europe and after playing this for about 4 days now I can identify many many flags it is a very very educational and enjoyable game 5 stars!!!
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6 years ago, ccollege
I love this app!
I have tried so many "flag apps" in the last few weeks but this is the only one that combines different methods of learning to accommodate for all individuals. It's fun and challenging and so easy to use👏🏽
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5 months ago, twinkstepwaifu
I play this all the time to keep my flag meta sharp 10/10 helped me become the only American in the room who knows geography and vexillology.
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2 years ago, Mitsuki_Yamaguki
This Helps A lot!!
This app helps me brew up my country and culture knowledge. And gets me excited. I do get upset when lose. But this helps a lot with world geography. 😁
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6 years ago, SoniCAD3
Awesome UI!
I’ve had a wonderful time with this app. When I first used it, I only knew a couple dozen flags, but now I know all the flags and the capitals of their respective countries. It’s easy to use as well.
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2 weeks ago, meredithmonkfan8473639
I wish ads didn’t stop my music though
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1 year ago, Vblythe28
I normally don’t rate apps because it’s a waste of time. But I learned all the world flags in 1 week with this app. Very very easy and great tool.
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4 months ago, Basbunch
Incredible vexillology! Learning flags with various techniques!
As with vexillogoy, to learn anything, it’s best to have multiple perspectives which this app provides in abundance!
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3 years ago, Ardnek81
So fun
I love playing this in my free time and this helps me learn about the British territories and I love learning new things 10 out of 10 awesome!
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2 years ago, hanaaelo
Inappropriate material after each session of flag heading
NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS CHOSING NOT TO BE EXPOSED TO SEXUAL CONTENT LET ALONE SAME SEX !!!! Shocked and disappointed People beware after each session a pop up w same sexy people hugging kissing and holding each other with even caption pops up exposing young ones without prior notice no notice to parents going under the radar and polluting their brains
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6 months ago, Reemyal
Great Game
I enjoyed this game! I’m so glad to say that I’m very much knowledgeable about flags and capitals of the world. It was just so fun to play and guess
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7 months ago, Hi how’s it going?
Helps me a lot
So I have finished the entire Europe setting in this app and so far it has taught me a lot.
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3 years ago, Fishcatpoop
Fun and Helpful
I love this app. So many flags i had never seen and places i didn’t know existed. A great way to learn or brush up in transit.
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12 months ago, The rating guy10101
Fun game!
It is a good game that helps people learn flags, my one problem is the sheer amount of ads that onslaught you the second you open the app (play it off Wi-Fi).
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1 year ago, Ben Kavoossi
I know every flag and most capitals
Please help me I have been playing for years
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2 years ago, Jamiecport
Best flag game ever
The reason why this is the best flag game ever because it teaches you spelling, capitals, and flags. I love how they have different sections of the world. Sorry this is short
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5 months ago, Montserratl
It is a good game because you really learn all the continent’s and it’s more fun than other apps.
Great game
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5 years ago, sdasilva5
I just loved this app. It help me study my flags, capitals, and countries. I have been practicing for a time when I have a test on my flags!🥰 Thank you, Edneia
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4 years ago, thank you so much make
Thank you
Thank you so much for making this game I like it and I hate the learning part
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7 months ago, alijah2433
The greatest game to learn flags
I used to never know flags but with this game i learned almost all of them great game
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2 years ago, pumpkindumpy
im so for real🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you for making this
Thank you so much. This app helps me out.
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1 year ago, BrandonMGoat
Best game
I play this daily I have learned so much from it!
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11 months ago, Melle Bella Bew
Challenging and Fun
This is an excellent app. It’s simple, challenging and fun. So many country flags have so much in common.
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1 year ago, BofaDe ezNuts
Great app
It’s a pretty solid game for learning flags. I can identify like all of them now. It’s amazing!
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