Fleet Feet

2.1 (64)
26.7 MB
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Current version
Fleet Feet
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fleet Feet

2.11 out of 5
64 Ratings
2 years ago, KBarbs21
App crashes
I’ve been trying to sign up for rewards account and it’s not working. I’ll go through the process of “creating new account” and a message pops up “success!” (or something like this). When I go to log in an error message keeps coming up “email address not found”. This is very frustrating but I’m not surprised based on the crappy rating and reviews of this app.
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11 months ago, Hitlength
Terrible design and bugs
Whoever designed this app should find a new line of work. There’s no way to access your cart without adding something to it. So if you want to keep shopping, in order to checkout, you’ll have to add something to the cart and then delete it. When you go to checkout, you can choose 3 options. “Checkout” “Apple Pay” “PayPal”. If you choose Apple Pay, there’s no way to add coupons or rewards. You’ll have to pay full price. If you choose “Checkout”, you’ll be able to add any rewards or discounts, but this method only offers 2 options to pay (credit card and PayPal) and Apple Pay is not available. It’s really clunky and I find it hard to believe that a retailer like Fleet Feet would have such a dated a poorly designed app. And once you place an order, it doesn’t show up in the order history on the app. Are they having to hand enter orders? Why doesn’t it register in the app as order I just placed? So lame.
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2 years ago, Atropinecaffeine
Good but Don’t guess what I want
Tl;dr: Clean app, bad marketing. Good: I got the app with hesitation due to the prior comments. I found the app sign up and log in easy and clean. Good job. The comment about the app showing the need to spend more, I think, was misunderstanding. That was just how much you need to get to the NEXT $15. That is not necessary to use your rewards, just how much you need to get the next rewards. Bad: The app only shows you what it suggests for you. Bad call. Firstly I know what I want/need. Don’t fence me in when you want me to spend money. It’s insulting and bad business. Even if I didn’t know what I’m shopping for, it would make more financial sense to give me full access to the online store—that is how you get me to spend money. Put a few deals and clearances on there, and you will have better results.
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3 years ago, SadNote
App keeps crashing
The rewards program is poorly executed at best and a scam at its worst. You can only claim the reward through the app which constantly crashes when you open it. I don’t know why you can’t claim it on the website. At the end of the day, I’m forced to go down to my local store so they can order the shoes online for me in order to claim the reward. What a waste of time and an endangerment to everyone trying to prevent COVID spreading. Why do Fleet Feet store owners put up with this incompetence at the corporate level? What are they getting for the franchise fees they are paying except a poorly run loyalty program?
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2 years ago, sprinkles836478383
Doesn’t work
Terrible app. I only downloaded the app to get the $15 reward from my last purchase. On 2 separate occasions for different $15 rewards I’ve tried downloading the app and creating an account. The app says that I successfully created an account, but then when I try to sign in it says “error”. It’s the same exact info I just typed in to create the account. Get rid of the app. I don’t like to shop fleet feet vs other places bc the reward is a scam. The only reason I order from fleet feet anymore is if the items have free shipping when other companies don’t.
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4 months ago, Jburr88
Fix shopping experience
When you go into the Shop Footwear and then type anything into the search bar. As soon as you click on a shoe and attempt to go back, you can not go back and must start all over again. It would be a simple fix go make a back button from the Shoe you are currently looking at.
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1 year ago, xXCorruprAllyXx
Terrible function
This app is not user friendly at all. The browse feature is terrible and I can’t even figure out how to redeem my rewards. I also keep getting a 403 error every time I try to click on a size and have to go in and out of the app.
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2 years ago, fosterkitty
Link to gift card and rewards?
I have a gift card issued to me through Fleet Feet as well as some rewards money to spend, which I received an email about. I signed it for the app thinking it would be nice to have all of this information in one place, but neither of these things show up anywhere. All that shows up are receipts from past purchases and link to the fleet feet website. I’m not really sure what the point of this app is.
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1 year ago, WhamHamThankYouMa'am
thumbs down
This app lacks good navigation. There is no forward/back button.
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5 months ago, broryl
Needs improvement
Love Fleet Feet! However, as soon as you search for something there is no way to go back. You have to start from scratch and it can get frustrating.
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2 years ago, Jo.Holdana
App crashes constantly and won’t let me login. Was excited about using my rewards but thinking about taking my stuff back and buying elsewhere since I won’t be able to use them because they have to be used on the app and it doesn’t work
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2 years ago, *runner**
No even bother
This app is 100% useless. I created an account on the app. Then when I tried to log in it says incorrect email or password. I did a password reset and it said no account with that email was found. I created it again. Same thing happened.
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3 years ago, MMChell123
Not user friendly
This app is terrible and needs a lot of work? Navigation is poor. Where is my shopping cart? Why am I being offered rewards then enter the app and told I have to spend more? This is a mess and I’ve decided to spend my money elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Texas Jakes
Can’t create new account
Every time I think I have created a new account it sends me back to the login page and I am unable to log into the new account that I just created. I just wanted to use the $15 credit that I earned. Very frustrating!
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2 years ago, badknees80
Doesn’t allow you to create an account
Clicked on create account, says account created. Go to sign in and says wrong email or password. Click on forgot password and put in email and says can’t find that email. WTH!
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1 year ago, Monat Market Partner
What happened?
Up until about a week ago, the app was great! No problem ordering, and checking out new merchandise. Now, all I get is an error loading page. Please fix this, so I can rate you 5 stars. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, TMLS91
Do The Fleet Feet Workers Ever Use This? OMG
Surely someone has made the company aware that you can’t view the company’s entire inventory on the app? Not to mention you can ONLY view rewards by using the app? What a terrible use of tech. I want so much more out of this. Disappointed.
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4 months ago, Zac Swaney
Horrible Design
This apps layout is horrendous. It’s so frustrating to use. Fleet Feet needs to completely change this if they ever want people to use this, just use the website on your phone.
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2 years ago, MarkJ7663
Supposedly able to create an account but unable to login. Saw a review with this issue mentioned at least 4 months ago and obviously they haven’t notices or fixed it. Striking incompetence.
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1 week ago, BettDen
Continually Crashes
It had previously worked, website at least better. Continually crashes now.
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10 months ago, Andy B 1
Rewards points
This app never shows how many reward points I have on my account even though I’ve made several in store purchases.
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2 years ago, Yo_App_is_LAME
Does NOT consistently work
Works about half the time or less. I love FF in general but find myself online shopping other places because it’s impossible to use their app.
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4 years ago, SoBeMe
New update crashes and removal of mile rewards
I can’t even open the app it crashes right after login. It doesn’t remember your login info so you have to enter your email and password every time. Lastly, they took away the miles rewards. One of the only reasons shopped with them. Prices are the same, if not more expensive than the other stores. It was just a cool little offer to let you use the miles you ran to enter in contests, or get discounts. But doesn’t matter now since you can’t log in anyways.
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2 years ago, QMCF
Doesn’t work
Like many other reviewers, I’ve not had any luck creating an account on this app.
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3 years ago, redjoe4000
solid app (employee bias)
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5 months ago, Fadeux6
Data collection? Seriously?
You’re a SHOE STORE! Why are you harvesting my data?!
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4 years ago, El peón
Sign up needs work
The app needs work. I signed up on my iPhone and I had issues with typing in my information. The keyboard covered up the words I was trying to type such as email and password because it wouldn’t scroll down. It also wouldn’t allow my phone to use autofill to enter the information for me like other apps do. It also would not retain my email and password so it could automatically insert that. The other issue is that when I click on a shoe to buy, it took me to the website instead of allowing me to shop within the app. One of the main purposes for using an app from a store would be to buy products. Definitely needs work.
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5 years ago, KBeybey30
Great for getting involved in a new running community and earning prizes for running
I just moved to a new city and discovered the Fleet Feet app after bumping into one of their reps at a local event. It’s been such a great tool for getting rewarded for running and keeping tabs on area events. The app gives you miles for tracking your runs on Strava or attending events which is a cool bonus - their rewards include race entries and gear. I’ve been meeting other people at events listed on the Fleet Feet calendar and appreciate how they’ve created an app that lets me find the running community in my new hometown.
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5 years ago, floridachick32703
First time buyer
Ashley was very knowledgeable and went above to help me get the right fit also a couple of the other employees helped her out to find certain shoes or just helping talk to me about what I needed or what I wanted ! Answered all my questions and gave me a couple selections to colors to try ,Hoping they help as they are not cheap bought tennis shoes and insoles , was a good experience !!Thanks for all the help !
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4 years ago, Typenerd11
Am I missing something?
Where are all the shoes? The website has over 100 styles for neutral running, and the app has 20 overall? I’m not filtering by local store inventory. I wanted to spend my $15 reward through the app, but the shoe I want isn’t there. Not to mention the lack of apparel choices or the fact I can’t change my profile pic. This app is weird. What’s the point.
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4 years ago, Hbright1517
Mostly functional.
It sometimes(often, really) struggles to load your rewards balance and even more so your miles. I’ve tried with Garmin only, Strava only, and both to see if it affects it but it doesn’t seem to matter. Mine’s currently 4 days behind on my miles. I’ve not tried redeeming the miles yet, but it shows all potential rewards and the like.
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5 years ago, JFO155
Stopped Updating from Garmin/Strava
I love Fleet Feet and have really enjoyed the app! Just recently, however, the app has stopped updating my miles despite being properly connected to Garmin and Strava. Not sure if the app needs an update, but I’ve done everything I can think of on my end to resolve the issue to no avail.
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5 years ago, C-Money509
Great app by FleetFeet!
I’m new to Fleet Feet, but I am already impressed by this app! It’s a great resource for finding running events in my area, new and quality product offerings, and a running rewards program to keep me motivated as I strive to hit my monthly running goals. I definitely recommend this app!
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5 years ago, SpokAnnika
Spring Fitness Yaaaaas!
Fleet Feet has a great store in Spokane and their awesome staff told me about this app. I’m new to running (aka about to turn 30 and better start now) and am stoked for the support and incentives of this app. Fleet Feet stores have great shoes and people, excited to connect to running groups using this app too
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5 years ago, dncnpdx
Great way to find races and run groups!
Being in a new city, the Fleet Feet app has been the best way for me to find running events, meet ups and races. I love how the app is a one-stop place to find all of this information - and it connects with my favorite store!
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5 years ago, wtr24
If you read one thing today read this.
There are few things that I can truly say changed my life. This application is one of them. I mean, kind of, it’s really cool. For all of your running needs, you need—NEED—to use this app.
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5 years ago, Gocyclones
Broken again
Had almost 600 miles logged with the app and working fine but now neither Strava or Garmin log any more miles. Tried all combinations of disconnecting and deleting app but nothing works any longer. Appreciate the ability to get rewards as I’ve redeemed for a hat at my local store. Hope updates for reliability are coming soon.
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5 years ago, SherriWiderman
Great shoes
Fleet Feet is amazing!! They helped find me the perfect running shoe for my specific needs. Everyone is always so friendly and goes out of their way to accommodate me. Thank you so much for my new Hoka’s!! They worked great on my morning run
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5 years ago, artman099
Good for keeping track of purchases
This app has potential however if it won’t keep track of miles logged from Garmin, it’s not much use. Mileage rewards are based on miles logged, it they can never be earned if they won’t transfer. Several ‘fixes’ have been tried none of which were successful.
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4 years ago, Tcoggs
Old App was Better
The old version actually worked, didn’t constantly have a notification icon, and kept accurate track of my rewards. Right now I’ve earned one but it shows 0 available. The ONLY reason I don’t delete it is because I keep hoping for an improved update.
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5 years ago, gtillis91
Easy to use and great for a running community!
I downloaded this as my wife and I started running more together. I really enjoy the rewards and how easy it is to use!
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5 years ago, lswlf
Syncing issues - stops tracking miles
Every few weeks it just stops tracking miles even tho it is synced to Garmin/Strava. Sometimes if I unsync Garmin/Strava, delete the app, and re-download the app it will count miles again. Sometimes not. I’ll go weeks without it working. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Rachel Sneed
Not registering my runs
Recently the app hasn’t been giving me credit for my miles run. I’ve disconnected and reconnected both my Strava and garmin from the app numerous times and yet I still don’t always get credit for the miles I’ve run. Disappointing.
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5 years ago, G$stu
Missing miles
The app was working fine until last week, I had an 8 mile run that it only showed 2 miles for. Since then, it hasn’t been registering any of my runs at all. I disconnected strava and garmin and reconnected but no change. The last two runs should have added another 32 miles... why am I even running anymore?!?
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5 years ago, k5fitz
Only allows 100 miles
Only allows 100 logged miles but still doesn’t allow to check in or answer questions to continue earning miles
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5 years ago, skipdlm26
Great app
The only thing not working for me is the connection to Strava/Garmin. It doesn’t take you anywhere when you press the button to sync to your account.
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5 years ago, Gonoles1982
Good app but recent update messed it up
I enjoy the app and think several of the features are really thought out and cool. The recent update though caused the miles rewards feature to stop working on Garmin.
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5 years ago, corygoldenref
Trash garbage
App is garbage. I ran 55 miles. I did 33 In one day. Not to enter I run all the time but it kept telling me that it didn’t have my Shoe size, which I checked like 20 Times and it was there. I don’t care about your contest and I will never order anything from your store. Trashhhhhhh and I never write reviews because honestly nobody care but fix your app
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4 years ago, Joshuaesc
App Mileage Stuck
Has any one had issues with their mileage no longer accumulating from Strava or their Garmin?
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5 years ago, girlwhoruns
Great app for my training goals
This app works well and seamlessly integrates with my other training platforms. The rewards program keeps me motivated.
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