Flex - Rent On Your Schedule

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Flexible Finance, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Flex - Rent On Your Schedule

4.71 out of 5
104.1K Ratings
3 months ago, Moonlit_Shadow
Current Updates vs. Three Years Ago: Night and Day
I cannot underscore how thankful I was to discover Flex three years ago. It’s an incredibly useful and stress-relieving way to make your rent payments more manageable, and only having a roughly extra $20 to pay monthly in exchange is worth it. I stepped away from Flex for a while, partially because I fell behind on one of my payments and it went to collections, and unfortunately I did not have the means to pay it off until the last few months. Now that I’m using it again, it’s become far more useful starting with the first automated payment. In case the first payment gets declined, it gives you the option to manually make your payment through the app and debit your account then and there, with your rent payment coming shortly after. You can then pay your next payment in advance or even reschedule if needed. I had issues with the automated payments three years ago based on the timing of other charges, and I’m so glad to see they now let you make manual payments if the first one fails. I also work in leasing, and work/live at a property that utilizes Flex. It’s a lifesaver for so many people, myself included. That said, as with any service, read through the FAQ section of the service to make sure you understand the mechanics and decide if it’s the right move (or an eligible one based on where you live), but my recommendation is to definitely look into it.
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2 years ago, Mini Holiday
They make rent no big deal
This makes the app/company makes large rent feel a lot less overwhelming. It also reduces the obstacle that some banks place on accounts that limit your spending. When your rent amount exceeds your daily spending it can be a real burden or stressed for some I’m sure. I was in that position before when you could pay by check or money order and that wasn’t fun. Now with most properties going to online payment only I can’t imagine being in that position to not split up your payments. I’m lucky enough to not financially be in that position, but I haven’t forgotten that worry or stress full feeling of how am I going to buy groceries and pay rent. I love using Flex just because I can. I’m able to spread my bills out and never have an excessive lump sum leave my bank. For a person that struggled for so long to pay bills for so long Flex makes the rent payment a lot less scary and traumatizing. Once you’ve been in that position you never loose that fear of loosing it all again. On another note their customer service is quick and very kind. I did have an issue in December with my payment portal on the property end. Though the deadline was missed due to my property leasing office being closed Flex tried and communicated their best to help with the situation. After pausing my account through December they reactivated it for January. They definitely make paying rent no big deal.
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1 year ago, Matsterling
Worked like a charm!!
Since Flex is a membership, be sure to read the cancellation policy before signing up. The current minimum payment is roughly $15 per month, due on the 15th of each month. It's incredibly simple to get started using the Flex app. By connecting into the web portal for your apartments, you can confirm your rent using the Flex app. The entire verification process only takes a few minutes, but to begin, you will need to have a bank account because payments will automatically be deducted. After confirmation, you proceed with the installment plan and decide on the payment amount and due date. On the first day your payment is due, the money must be accessible in your account. You can decide the day to make your second payment, but you must also have the money on hand that day. I was first put off by some of the negative reviews, but the majority are the consequence of individuals forgetting to make their anticipated or prearranged payments. I'm not sure if they punish you for being late or for not having sufficient funds in your account so read up on that as well. I haven't had any problems with the app yet. I enjoy using it because it gives me flexibility that aligns with my pay schedule. I would definitely recommend this app to my family and friends. I’m not 100% sure but I think this app also helps build your credit .
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4 months ago, Andie1223
How flexible is flex?
So this app is something recently my apartment complex has rolled out for us to pay rent. I thought it’d be really convenient to split my rent into two payments but that’s not necessarily the fact one you can’t choose your amount that you want to pay so by utilizing this program I’m not able to split my run into two equal payments because more than half of my rent comes out of my first payment and then the remainder comes out of the second part. I think we should be able to choose the amount that we are going to split up as far as paying rent. Sometimes bills are higher than in the beginning of the month and they are in the middle of the month also, not everybody gets paid on the same day so be better to have a flexible day of the week where you can have the payments come out of your account living paycheck to paycheck is the reason why I use flex but yet is not that flexible and I still feel like I’m robbing Peter to Pay Paul in a sense. I may just stop using the service altogether and just go back to the standard way of how his paying my rent before. It is convenient because it saves me a trip to the post office but I don’t have the flexibility to split my rent payments and have like the app address you’re gonna be paying more than half upfront the first of the month and then in the middle of the month he’ll just pay the remainder balance. This works for some people not all people and I’m one of those people that it doesn’t work for.
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2 years ago, Barbie050
Love having a more balanced budget between paydays!
Who ever invented this should get a Nobel Prize! This service helps in so many ways. First, it gives the renter the ability to create a more balanced bill pay scenario between paydays. The stress of having a really tight budget the first half of the month is completely alleviated by being able to split your rent into two parts. Secondly, it makes the ability to use the debit card to pay rent, more affordable. Instead of having to pay a service charge as a percentage of rent, you pay a small, flat monthly fee to use the service. The monthly fee is less than half the percentage based fee. That's a win in my book. Thirdly, it eliminates the time constraints with complex office hours to get a paper check to office personnel in a timely manner. I don't know about you folks, but I work 60 hours a week and when I'm off work, the apartment office is closed. Being able to affordably pay this online eliminates that stress for sure. If there is an issue with their system, (it's only happened once) they will alert you and give you the ability to make your rent payment *through* their system manually, so it looks like they've also built in some fail-safes as well, which is reassuring. Overall, I really, really like this service and I genuinely am grateful for the benefits they provide.
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2 weeks ago, Butterfly420Budbutter
Love this app option!
FLEX allows you to split your rent into two payments! Not necessarily split into two but every bit helps! I have 3 incomes, one on the first one every Friday (helps with everything other than rent! And big one on the 24th! And My husbands is around the 26th! So this flex program is just what we needed so that just about everything would come out of the one check! It has really given us some financial freedom and we are truly blessed with apps like this one! When I first signed up I hadn’t transferred money into my account for them to pay my first portion and I deposited and reentered my payment information and said go! It worked! This month I was so sick with a sinus infection, I couldn’t even get up to check finances! Later on the 4th, (we have as 5 day grace period thank God) I checked and again flex was denied the funds out of my account because it all wasn’t in there. I went into the app and changed my account info and told them to take out a certain amount, then I reentered my payment information and entered the amount to take out and it went so smoothly I could not have asked for more! No more going to WinCo for money orders! Which, are only $1.00! Lucky they are only 1.8 miles away from home! Thank you FLEX FOR SUCH AN EASY TO WORK WITH APP AND FOR YOUR SERVICES!!
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3 years ago, Neicy.Collins21
Great Concept, But Needs Improvement
Before I start complaining I want to say that, Flex did pay my half of the rent in full on the 1st of the month, which was good. However, it takes them way too long to process your payment and take the money out of your bank account(It’s been processing for 2 days now). I was worried that my account would overdraft, as I have other bills being withdrawn from my account, so I had to reschedule those payments(inconvenience). The “customer service” team has no idea what they’re talking about half the time and send generic answers that you could have pulled up on the website. Customer service does nothing but cause more confusion. I’m actually going to deactivate my account after my 2nd payment is withdrawn because it’s a little bit stressful. Suggestion: We shouldn’t have to submit a request just to make our second payment EARLY. That makes no sense. Like Klarna/Afterpay/QuadPay, there should be an option to payoff your balance by simply inputting your card or bank account information. If this app is supposedly supposed to make things “flexible” why do you guys make it so hard to make an early payment or reschedule? We should be able to go to the app and do both without having to contact your terrible customer service team. This would be the perfect app if those options became available to users. It would also be better if you guys had a better customer service team.
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1 year ago, In need of customer support
Monthly issues!
When I initially signed up with Flex, I figured this would be great. Especially after giving access to my rental portal….I was wrong! Every month, since I signed up almost 6 months ago….I run into the same issue monthly. Even with access to my portal they question my rent amount…monthly. My portal breaks every charge down but again , it’s questioned and I receive multiple emails a day saying my account needs attention because, clearly no one is looking a the breakdown of charges on the portal. I reach out to customer service monthly to try to rectify the issue but, somehow the following month….same thing. After sending 4 emails to customer service, no response. Until, I went into the app and manually put in a different amount. Now, 2 days later customer service responds saying my rent is paid. I know it is now because, I did what Flex was supposed to do. Please do better because it’s more a hassle trying to contact Flex every month than to just pay my rent in full. My rent has never be paid after the 1st of the month until Flex! Please provide a customer service phone number because clearly the email process isn’t effective. Flex is convenient for splitting payments but, all the fees and lack of customer service is not okay!
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3 years ago, wreckitredd
They don’t like when you don’t need them
I used it for a month and between them saying they don’t charge late fees but you should make sure you have the money in your account if you don’t otherwise they spam your account with the charge until the money is in your account they will charge your account about 6 times everyday until the money is in your account they make it seem like there here to help but there not because doing that racks up overdraft fees on your account based on your bank of course they also charge you 20 dollars for the service that also makes no sense because if your in the business of helping why charge $20 and for the people who need this type of help $20 is a lot im saying this coming from a place of needing help at first then my situation changing and me not needing this at all because breaking up your rent payments into 2 payments then having car notes light bill phone bill car insurance and a gas bill this makes no sense just pay the rent all at once but also when you cancel this if you don’t pay it in the same month you canceled it way you get paid 2 days later but it’s the 1st of another month but you canceled it they charge the same $20 dollars like you used it for the whole month that they didn’t even pay the rent for I wouldn’t recommend this it’s just a long term problem for a short term fix and I know it sounds good because of the holidays coming up but this is not it happy holidays
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2 months ago, SunnieSunshyn
Great idea but…
I love this idea and I’m thankful for having this type of help at my fingertips, however, the app, to me, is easy to use but complicating at the same time. Upon creating an account the app tells you to select dates to set for repayments and that you’ll have the opportunity to change the dates after your account has been created. But after my account was created, I did not have the option to change my dates and after emailing an agent they told me that I will not be able to change my 1st payment’s date which to me is stupid because why tell me upon creating an acct that the feature would be available but then refuse the feature after account was created… it’s a lot I had to do the first time using this app but I do say it’s worth it. Just be sure to select the actual dates you’re able to pay back the first time because they don’t give you the opportunity to change the dates at all from my experience. Not even the second payment which, to my understanding, the 1st payment you couldn’t change but the second one you could. But you can only change the amount you want to pay in the 2nd payment which is cool I guess but not being able to change dates after the feature is mentioned that you could just… yeah… didn’t like that because it was inconvenient and unnecessary to mention that feature and you’re unable to use it.
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5 months ago, Gaboogie
Not good business
I don’t recommend using flex. There is no customer service whatsoever. I had this app for a couple of months. The first two months were fine. My rent was paid on time and I paid them back as agreed. The 3rd month they paid an apartment complex I didn’t live at and no one was available to assist me. By the time someone did reach out…my rent was 7 days past due with late fees and they told me there was nothing they can do. I was told by a miles that once a payment is sent to the property they are unable to reverse or stop the payment. So I attempted to go onto my property portal and self pay and guess what they did…reversed and stopped the payment. So it wasn’t that they couldn’t help. They chose not to. I ended up paying flex over $700 for my rent and it never got paid so I had to turn around and pay the full months rent anyways plus the 700 they took and now they want my second payment. Lol nah. Y’all can pray for rain cause it ain’t happening. I understand being in a bind but I would rather try and pay my rent on my own than to have this company screw me over by taking my money and paying the wrong property and refusing to assist me. 0/10. DO NOT USE. or you’ll be back in these reviews mad you didn’t listen.
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7 months ago, temeritoelgordo
Not a great service at all
I work for a corp. that advertised this service not needing it, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. They advertise it as a boost to your credit being it’s like taking a loan every month giving your credit score a little boost. I used it for 3 months then chose to pay my rent at the office. Wrong thing to do, flex still tried to take their payment, they don’t fully link with your property. Started as first of the month then second paycheck. By the second month, payment was taken out the first, second payment due 6-8 days later. By month 4 both payments were due by the 10th of the month. Being that would of been to close for my liking, I paid my rent in full to the property. When I went to reactivate flex they told me my account was suspended for failure to pay or keep giving them my money instead of the property. To me that’s wrong the idea is for flex to link with your property. If they link on first failure to pay then see your balance is zero on their second look. They should send a thank you for making payment. Bit suspend your account for not using them. Thank god mine was a test if I was in need of flex I would not be paying my rent this month, due to bad customer service (getting flex on the phone is a nightmare) to top it off they tell me my credit is too low now to resume, kicker my credit has gone up 15 points in the last 4 months. 5 & 10 higher on the other two credit bureau. I’d love for them to explain that lol
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9 months ago, Faith4 User
Easy and Convenient
I have been using Flex for the past few months now and I must say that I never have to worry about my rent being paid. I have scheduled my two payments to come out of my paycheck every two weeks so that it is ahead of schedule. I was concerned once when I received the notice that my flex bill was lower than my previously paid amount. This occurred because my rental office had not yet posted my rent for the month. Flex starts initiating payment on the last day of the month therefore if your rental office does not post your payment until the first you may get this error. No worries just update your rent amount and Flex will continue to make the payment up until the fifth of the month. Update Sept 2023, I recently moved and was able to pause flex during my move and reconnect service at my new location. Although my new Property Management Co did not come up in the search field for Flex, there is still a process to get one added which I was happy about. My first payment was made and my rent was paid successfully. Still loving the service of this app. also, Customer Service response is timely and very helpful.
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7 months ago, Scrambledmeggs31
Blame you for broken system, tank your credit score
I’ve had a HORRIBLE customer service experience with Flex. The app kept declining my debit card despite me confirming I had plenty of money in my account. They don’t have a phone number - you have to go through their chat bot first, and THEN if it doesn’t solve your issue they let you send an email. They take days and sometimes even weeks to reply to the email, and then all they say is “we looked into it and your card was tried and declined 5 times.” (This is what I WAS TELLING YOU WAS THE PROBLEM). Then they say that now that it’s been 5 days, they can no longer help you, but you’re welcome to try Flex again next month! THEN when you try to use it again next month, they put a negative report on your credit score for trying to re-activate within 30 days of when it was frozen (SO WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO TRY IT AGAIN NEXT MONTH). Then if you email again to complain about that, they tell you to file a dispute with the credit agencies. This wasn’t a “my account didn’t have the funds” issue. This was a “your system kept declining the debit card that had $400 more than the required amount” problem. They take 5-8 days to reply to you then use “too late” as an excuse. And then they ding your credit score by 20 points for trying to use the system again AFTER THEY TOLD YOU TO TRY IT AGAIN. I’m in deep, terrible debt now due to the 3-month runaround this company’s put me through. DO NOT USE OR TRUST FLEX.
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2 years ago, Moani Finch
Pros and cons
I have used this app once and this month has been a complete failure. They give you a 5 day grace period for the first payments but don’t inform you that you need to have the funds in by 1pm. Mind you I looked online at there website and figure out the last day to have the funds in and all it says is by the 5th with no time frame given for that day to have the funds on the account. I have emailed them and they sent me a screenshot of all the transactions made on the 5th and the last transaction was made at 6:40pm which is very weird and confusing because they have told me to have the funds in by 1pm, so I don’t understand how they were still trying to get the funds out of my account after 1pm if that’s the deadline. They really need to put a self payment option on the app so that way we don’t have to worry about this type of issues and we can just do it ourselves making it faster and convenient. I am just really upset because now I have a 3 day notice because you this app not being fully informative about the first payment. If your giving us till the 5th why wouldn’t it be until 12am on the 6th would be the deadline. I’m really disappointed because this app really helps me manage my money and be able to pay my rent without a hassle. I hope you guys make some changes real soon about this
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7 months ago, tristonthegreat
Flex does not care
I used this for a couple of months and it was good and made it a little easier. However, the customer service is almost non-existent. If you read in the help center under “how it works” it says they take out the first payment on the DUE date. They have been taking out the first payment on the last day of the month instead of the first, which is when my due date is as I confirmed it with my apartment the same day. It says it will automatically make the payment when flex sees that funds are available, however they took out my payment anyway when funds were NOT available and caused my account to overdraw. I emailed multiple times to get a response and finally someone emailed back. There is no number to call so everything must be through email. She says it always pays the day before the date it’s due but flex states MULTIPLE times it will take the first payment ON the due date of rent. She gave me no answers and kept repeating the previous email saying nothing to explain why what she is saying is right and the entire app and business premise is wrong. Planning to stop using flex and considering a law approach if everyone refuses to give any assistance. Especially through times like this where a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, flex does not care if funds are not available they will overdraw your account. It is IMPOSSIBLE to talk to anyone from Flex. It takes you to a bot that bugs out constantly
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2 years ago, ROBBED123456789
I’m disappointed and had high hopes
Great idea to help people like me but Flex cost me $129 in late fees! I just moved to try to go back to school and thought Flex would be a good thing to try until my job transfer was finished and my checks started coming in regularly. I was completely wrong! First the card that I use daily and continue to use was “expired” according to them. So I updated the card information like they suggested but still they kept emailing (they don’t have a actual phone number) saying the bank won’t let them charge the card so I called the bank. The bank was extremely confused and said they are not blocking anything and to double check my card info. I checked the card information updated, made sure I had the latest version of Flex and my phone was updated but still they were having errors. The whole way they always made it seem like I did something wrong and it could never be them or their system. So now after having a $129 late fee I have to wait till the leasing office opens talk to them about this whole situation hopefully get the fee removed and pay rent 7 days late because I won’t have the full rent payment until then. I would suggest having a actual number people can call because having to wait until the next day to get a email back about something as important as paying for rent doesn’t seem smart to me or very considerate or how customers situations and how they may feel
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11 months ago, JoshFlexUser
No customer service. SCAM
About a week before rent was due at my new apartment I get an email from Flex claiming to be an alternative way to pay and split up the payments over time. I decided to go for it and signed up, got approved, and paid for the first half of my rent (460 dollars). The next morning I have an email saying that they are not able to pay my rent, but they have a self submit option (bank account info for me to enter) which will cover my rent. All is well right? Nope. My apartments resident portal requires bank accounts to be confirmed through a micro transaction of .01 dollars. All I need is the three letters that are on that charge for the bank. This happened days ago and I have been reaching out to Flex ever since. They have no customer service phone line, their system for helping you is an email service that I have received zero help from. In fact I don’t even know if real humans work at this company. Don’t believe me? Read the replies to every critical review of this app, they’re all the same automated responses. It is so frustrating that I am now down 500 dollars, will be receiving late fees from my rent, and have no idea if I will be receiving help with my rent from flex or get a refund. If you are thinking about using this service. Just don't, it has caused me so much more stress than I can handle. I will be reporting this company to my bank and if you are having issues I would recommended you do the same as well.
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10 months ago, Sshield3
Absolutely ZERO customer service
I have been trying to apply for Flex for a YEAR and still can’t do it because their customer service is either robots or people that don’t actually read emails. The first time I applied, I forgot my credit was frozen so I go denied. Fine. I waited the 60 days and tried to reapply, but I kept getting an error message that my email was already associated with an account and would take me to the sign-in page. I would then try to sign in, and it would reroute me right back to the sign-up page where it said my email was already with an account, etc. I’ve reached out SIX times, providing screenshots, explaining the issue, even being promised that they have reset my account but I continue to have the same issue. The responses are so generic and just say, “sorry you were denied, you’ll have to wait 60 days, we take into account a multitude of factors blah blah blah”. I then respond and say I was NOT denied, and reexplain the issue I’m having, only to get this response: “I understand at the time you first applied, you were not approved, and since it has now been 60 days, you can now reapply again.” I really don’t think they even read my email!! I’ve repeatedly asked to be connected with someone over the phone because the MONTHS-LONG back and forth over email is so frustrating. I guess the app might be good if you can actually get in, but good luck getting anything fixed if you have an issue!
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2 years ago, gspates
No customer support
There’s no actual people you can talk to. The computerized support is iffy. I sent 3 emails 3 separate days to reactivate my account and only received 1 confirmation maybe 10 mins later for the 2nd email I sent then an hour later for the third. They then send an email saying the my can’t tell you if your account can be reactivated until a couple weeks after. I was denied and I have no idea why other than I paid my rent in full for the last 3 months and have not used the flex app. Now that I need it, it’s not an option. False sense of help. Update: I was told to reach out to flex again via developer comment below my original review and now I’m just convinced they tell you to reach out to save face on reviews. They just tell me the same thing again. They said I had insufficient funds august when I paid my full rent, ok but can I reactivate it? No. Why? Because they said so. They tell me to reach out when I get the same answer AND the same customer service rep, KARY. I don’t know who they are paying to leave comments but this app only looks out for themselves. If you don’t use them, they can’t charge their fee in the middle of the month so I guess that’s why they aren’t very helpful. Also I found out they do “soft credit checks” and if you’re 550 or below you don’t qualify. Mine is above 600 and it dropped 28 points since having the app. Penalized the poor is the vibe I get from the app. Use at your own risk.
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5 months ago, L1L'Shawty
My apartment complex made a mistake on my rent for December by acciden charging me an additional $200. I contacted my apartments prior to paying my first payment to flex and asked them (my apartment) to correct my rent (which they did) and flex still charged me the full incorrect amount. I contacted Flex customer support around Christmas time in December letting them know the error & I recieved 1 response back. The guy from flex customer support asked me for my phone number or email associated with the account. We paid our first Payment to flex which covered my entire rent and I sent that information to the flex customer support as well as a screenshot showing that my entire December rent was paid in full however flex is still charging me the additional $300 but I never got a response back, even after the holiday's. So in January I saw I still never received a response so I submitted ANOTHER message to customer support saying the same exact thing as I did the first time and I received another reply from flex asking for email/phone number, I sent that information and never received a response back again. So I tried again for a 3rd time and this time I didn’t even get an response back. I have screenshot to show my December rent has been paid in full, I can’t find a actual phone number to speak to someone from Flex customer support and they keep trying to charge me for the 300 that I don’t owe to my apartments.
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4 months ago, billynobody
I have had so many problems with this app that did not exist when I was paying rent through my property’s resident portal. I don’t know the decision making process that went into my property switching over to Flex but I am not happy with this service. Not only do I have to pay an extra $14/mo for a membership to pay my rent but I also have no choice in how my rent is split. I mean that would make far too much sense right?? Its my hard earned money and my credit score that is on the line but these app developers in their unlimited knowledge decided that I should just split my rent however they want my rent to be split. God forbid they are unable to process my transaction for whatever reason because getting customer service to email you back with time sensitive issues doesn’t seem to be a priority for them, I means its not their credit scores and ability to rent thats on the line. These troglodytes take my membership money, they take additional fees, try to scam me into a line of credit and don’t even have the decency to allow me to speak with a real live person about these issues with a customer service agent. No phone number to call, no customer service email, just an automated bot that leaves me with more questions than answers. At this point I would rather risk my rent check getting lost in Postal Service system than have to deal with this dumpster fire of a company. Do better.
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1 year ago, Medaira
When it works it works
I’ve been signed up two months and neither month was covered. This month, I kept getting emails and texts to relink my property which I did numerous times. But today I received an email saying that since they couldn’t contact me they couldn’t pay my bill (which at this point would cause late fees). I believe if they were to look they would see that I reached out to customer support 3 or 4 days ago without a response. First they sent u an email with the general questions answered and you HAVE to reply to that email to get help which is dumb. I don’t want to have to talk to them and will only do so if their product isn’t working. But it takes days for a response due to demand, which really sounds like a business issue and shouldn’t be a me issue. I’m really glad I planned for this eventuality and wasn’t depending on them otherwise I would be screwed and have late fees. Luckily I paid it in full the last day before it would be considered late. Update: 2->4 stars All the issues I had are still valid. But eventually it worked and has been working 2 months now. 500 out of each check is more manageable than 1000 at one time. I really do appreciate the service even if there are flaws
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2 years ago, caleigh75
I have given them so many chances!
Here I come again - with another month of my rent being paid late by flex who claims my rent is not posted to my rent portal to which I sent a screenshot proving it is and still haven’t received a response. After last months fiasco of having my rent paid 4 days late for the *second* time, Kari the manager ensured me we were all squared away for this months payment. I even reached out a couple days ago to double check and confirm I was squared away and there would be no issues. The first comes around and my rent was not paid on time, as I had feared. I am FRUSTRATED!!! I’ve went out of my way to make sure they have every bit of information they could possibly need to ensure my payments are made when necessary but they fail me every month. As a single mom who struggles to pay the large amount of rent every month, flex is my only option to keep a roof over my child’s head yet every month when rent rolls around I am fearing I will be evicted because flex NEVER pays on time. The app states they will reach out if an issue arises while paying the rent yet every time it’s a day late I’ve had to reach out to see why it’s not been paid. Never ever have they went out of their way to notify they have ran into an issue so that I can get it fixed. Ontop of everything this is a service I am PAYING for and have never once had them pay my rent on time as they are supposed to.
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1 year ago, BAW70
I was using flex for 4 months and then inexplicably the app quit working I kept getting a server error and a cannot load payment info error over and over! My rent was due flex requested funds twice my bank authorized it TWICE and they NEVER responded for the February payment so it was Feb 1,2,3 I’m freaking because my rents not paid and I emailed them at least 10 times and nobody would promptly respond and I’m stressed out because rents due! I tried EVERYTHING I deleted the app I re added my property info and my bank info 4-5 times I then paused and unpaused because NOBODY was helping me! There’s no phone customer service which is unbelievable so out of pure desperation I deleted the account thinking I would just re start the whole thing from scratch because NOBODY from flex told me it would stop me from ever using it again!! HAD I KNOWN THAT I would have never done that! I was desperate to get the app to pay my rent and then FINALLY I get a response and was told after Feb 15th I could start again after the old billing cycle ended well guess what?!?’ I was just told I CANNOT START a new account and keep using flex so now I’m completely locked out from using them apparently ever because OF THEM NOT ME!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! You will regret it, I’m furious about this I would have NEVER DELETED IT HAD I KNOWN THIS!!! Just the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company that’s supposed to help you financially!!! Bradley
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3 years ago, alesznar1
terrible customer service
I was a Flex user since September of 2020 and absolutely loved it. Rent was coming out on time and the correct amount (I split rent with a roommate who doesn’t use Flex). Since December, things with rent have been odd since they have calculated rent way too high and I had to continue to email them to change it, and rent was paid at the last minute. In January, they paid my entire rent, roommates included, and I emailed them and told them it was incorrect. They only charged me for my rent and not my roommates. I emailed saying this was wrong and no response. Then, at the end of the month, they charged us the money we owed because of a system error and all of the money came out that week, and they then asked me to pay on the 1st of the month still even though rent was just taken out a week before. I figured I’d be able to handle it, because I normally pay relatively decent payments through flex. My February rent would not show up, and I emailed multiple people, with no response or “it will be fixed.” It was never fixed, leaving me with either paying my rent in full or getting hit with $160 late fees. Taylor from Flex told me multiple times it would be fixed, but when 10pm came around on the last day, it still hadn’t been, and I had to pay all of my rent in full this month, leaving me with basically no paycheck for two weeks. Customer service will ghost you and leave you stranded. I do not recommend.
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1 year ago, jessiejhay
My apts not on list
My mom used it and it works great for her so she suggested it. Well my apts aren’t listed and I tried adding them but I’m required to do the footwork with getting my property manager to partner with flex. They’ve never even heard of it and why do I have to do all the work?! Don’t you want more properties to use the service?? So why isn’t flex reaching out?? This definitely could of been helpful to me and I’m sure countless other residents who live within my property. They said they can see the online service used but it’s up to me to get them to do it Edit: My apts finally signed up with flex and sent us all emails to say the service was available. I signed up but was disappointed that they said I didn’t qualify. So I dumped the app again. A week or so later Flex reached out and said they had made a mistake and I did qualify. So I re downloaded and signed up. So far 2 months in and it’s working great! I really needed this Cont: I get kicked off because I couldn’t keep up with payments but I waited the time frame required and reapplied and I’m back on. First month down without a hitch. Awesome app
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3 years ago, dramsaid
Not sure where they're buying reviews from...
I have used flex for 3 months, only 1 of them willingly. The first month they didn't withdraw the right amount to pay for my rent, because there was a credit on the account from when I paid my move-in fees. Ok cool, I'll just cancel it. I opened a case the day before to cancel my payment (no, you can't just press a button. You have to start a case with their garbage customer service team) but it turns out it takes them 2-3 days to respond to your case. Ok, cool so I can't cancel it. Just wait one more second though, it gets better. They didn't show the payment scheduled, so I thought they actually were able to cancel the payment, instead they just withdrew the money both times that month without notifying me in advance. I get paid on Friday, and they withdrew mid-week unexpectedly, which over drafted my account. Fast forward, I decide I'll give flex a chance again but I know now that there's a deadline for when to submit changes. So I submit for reactivation with 3 days before the date of payment, 2 more days than required! And still, they don't get back to me on time. There's no way to contact them by phone, and I'm 90% sure my case was auto-closed because I'm only receiving automated replies from them now. Without a doubt, this has been in my top 5 worst customer service experiences, and I work in customer service.
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4 years ago, Dellagood
Works for me.....so far, so good.
This app has been a game changer for me. I live in California, land of super expensive housing costs. So being able to split rent into two even payments ( I get paid biweekly ) has helped me a lot. I could try to do this on my own, but the fact is that is very difficult to get ahead enough on one salary to do this. I have read many of the poor reviews, and I could see where this app wouldn’t work for some people. Luckily for me, my rent portal was easily accepted and my checking account info transferred across smoothly. Plus, I meet the criteria for income/ direct deposit requirements every month, ( my salary & hours worked always stay pretty much the same) so I haven’t had any issues yet. I have used the app to pay rent for about 5 months now. I was very nervous about trying it since, hey, it is rent and it’s very serious if you have any issues with payment. The times I had a question, email response has been great, usually the same day. So I’ve had a great experience. If that changes, I’ll update this review accordingly. So, I guess I’m just lucky that this app works for me. Just wanted to give a positive review now that I’ve used it several months without a hitch. Sorry that it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, though.
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1 year ago, Miguel Escobedo
Warning, DO NOT USE!!
*edit* Based on other peoples reviews on here, I emailed the one they’re replying back to peoples concerns. I have no heard back from them for 5 days. Do not fall for the “We couldn’t locate your acccout. Please email us” responses. Flex will NOT help you. Hello, I’m writing this review to warn the next person Flex does wrong. I thought this app and service was great, especially with splitting your rent in half. After setting up Flex & completing my first payment. I attempted to change my card on file and received and error because I typed in the wrong expiration date. Mistakes happen. I enter the right expiration date correct and received and error message saying to contact my card issuer. So I call Chase Bank and they stated they saw a rejection because of the expired date being wrong but no other attempts after. I contacted Flex, and after 1 week and half. 3 calls to Chase Bank fraud later… this company, Flex, gives me a resolution. They state that I should 1. Get a new card and try again 2. Ask a friend if I can use their card and pay my friend directly monthly 3. Keep the current card on file and cause my other account to over draft. Basically Flex said, it’s not our problem, it’s yours. They never called me or tried to make it right and now I’m stuck with them over drafting my other bank account because they cannot fix their system. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.
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1 year ago, oliviabrookejonesbb
The best thing to happen to me financially
Flex Is a life saver. As a very independent, young woman trying to make it in this world - I thought I never could, until flex came along. I found out about flex through my current apartment complex and really the only reason why I am renewing my lease is because of FLEX. The world is tough and trying to work 40+ hours a week and being a current student was hard but flex helped me manage my money and put food on the table with a roof over my head at the same time. •Flex helps people who can’t make that huge rent payment all at once and conveniently splits your rent in half for you to be pay it whenever the best financial time would be for you. In the beginning I was struggling a lot with everything sometimes would have to reach out to flex customer service for some questions or adjustments to my account and my stress would get to me and I was not that nice and what did I receive in return? •Probably the best customer service I’ve ever had, they actually made me a little more calm and feel better after emailing them. I really appreciated the customer services patience and respect.. I owe flex more than a good 5+ star review just because I am currently living in one of the nicest places I’ve ever lived in my life and that is only very conveniently possible because of FLEX 💜 . Thankyou flex - a very happy and thankful for your service user
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2 years ago, friend of dave
Not very flexible!!!
First they have the worst customer service. I wanted to reactivate my account and was told I contacted them too late in the morning the. Ok fine I attempt the next month and was told that because I did not have the funds in my account the previous time I used flex I could not reactive. My pay cycle was changed at my job to which I had zero control over AND I contacted them to ask for an extension by one day and was told no. BTW contact is by email one because they won’t give you a number. Even though they said they would not extend it a day - they did but the funds were not there because I had to pay my rent. If they would have said they were going to charge my account the extra day after their 5 days it would have gone through. Again not my fault for lack of their communication. Then when I emailed to start back up I was told in correct information about when the payment was missed which was June and they said August. I messaged back to say I’m not sure you have the right account and was rudely told they would not approve me and I could delete the app. This is unfortunately the only service like this my complex offers and I wish it wasn’t. Please work on your customer service skills and your lack of compassion for a customer that had no control of a situation that you’ve no made it difficult on.
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2 years ago, BreBar93
Do not depend on this service have your rent money in full just in case!!
Make sure you are prepared to pay your full rent payment without Flex help. Even after reading the negative reviews I decided to give flex a try to give myself a little financial breathing room. But flex did not work. Getting someone to respond is a nightmare especially when it has to do with something as important as rent payments. Great concept but it’s clear they haven’t worked out all the bugs. My rent was due on the 3rd I was finally responded to at 9:09pm on the 5th. Lucky I had already went a head and paid my full rent on my own. They said it was a payment processor error. I would have had to pay late fees and everything if I wasn’t fully prepared to pay. I’m just going to cancel my account and since I have heard they still try to charge you after wanting to cancel membership I’m going to put a random prepaid card on file and take my bank card off. Last thing I need is a company who only communicates via email popping back up later taking half my rent money out of my account by accident later down the road as some others have been saying in reviews. Please check the reviews on Facebook and comments under Instagram before using this service. I hope in the future they can fix all the bugs as this is a great idea just poorly executed. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
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2 years ago, Vinnykk23
User be warned! Read the fine print!
I had been using this app for a few months now and was generally happy with the service until this month. There seemed to be a glitch and for some reason did not draw from my account. I was never alerted by the app that there was any problems like a missed payment or anything like that. I only noticed when I checked my bank account and saw the app still had not drawn from my account that there was an issue. I tried to contact customer service, which btw they do NOT have a contact number, so I sent an email. When they finally got back to me the representative told me that I was outside of the grace period and there was nothing they could do. Even though, I was NEVER alerted there was an issue with payment not being processed!! AND even though I contacted them within the grace period but they got back to me outside of the grace period there was nothing they could do!! In the fine print of their user statement it does say the app may have malfunctions, and it may NOT WORK PROPERLY. But they are NOT obligated to make it work for you no matter how long you’ve been a customer of theirs. They will say sorry for the inconvenience and invite you to try again next month. If you can find another way to pay your rent, you should do so because this is a risk, and they are NOT OBLIGATED TO THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THEIR APP.
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2 years ago, Hinode Tsuki
Rent issues
I have never once had to right a review but I’m so angry over the fact how they basically messed me and fiancé over. We weren’t emailed or texted that the 3rd would have to be our last day getting the funds but by the 3rd we had the funds ready to go and to be taken out. Everything was ready but Flex proceeded not to take the funds out and basically said “Sorry no rent cover for this month” which caused me and my fiancé to start panicking we tried emailing and emailing to get someone’s help or ask what happened in the process but nothing. No email back, nothing just the same lengthy email they send when you have an issue and then to make matters worse if you contact them when business ours are running they hit you with oh we will take a look when business hours up but legit is 3 at the moment and there business doesn’t end till 7? To make it even worse they updated on of there pages 3 days ago basically adding that the 3rd can be in some peoples cases instead of having the 5th be last day they attempt to take out your money like huh? Y’all updated the website post three days ago and didn’t give anybody acknowledgment of the changes. Im so angry and fuming that this really happened to us and for many more. It’s a big F you to our faces for putting our faith in this app and having no good customer service.
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4 years ago, θD
Hidden Information
So, when I first joined Flex I was under the assumption that it would draft the amount of the price for each BI-weekly payment. Upon 2 days to paying the rent it notifies us that there must be a balance of so much before they can’t pull the amount out which completely blindsided me. If your going to offers a service it’s important to go ahead a lay out ALL OF THE DETAILS! This is really frustrating to find out information on such a short notice. Also a hard credit pull after the first month has been paid but I honestly don’t know if I will stay that long. It takes FOREVER for the payment to process from the account and due to the fact that you must have a balance of so much before they pull the amount out causes more financial burden due to having to cover other things and ensuring you have over the amount to make sure they will still pull the Flex payment out. I think this is a great idea but there is much more that needs to be addressed. If your offering financial liberation by allowing multiple payments then you have to understand what a inconvenience it is to have to hold money to make sure it goes through meanwhile other things are piling up waiting for Flex to deliver. I’ve only used this one month and I don’t think I’ll be going back.
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3 weeks ago, Flyguybsmooth916
Flex is a great tool HOWEVER setup support is horrible
It took entirely too long (almost a year) for the Flex support team to fail to identify the property I rent from uses an alternate physical street address for the Flex program enrollment, which happens to be different from my actual apartment unit address. In order to successfully sign up for flex, I had to use the address of the property’s main office, then include my apartment unit # (which is not my actual address) After multiple visits to the property management office and multiple email & online chats with the flex support team NO ONE proactively told me how to address the issue. Then one random day, while on the flex website I was trying to figure it out and I noticed every apartment unit was under one street address (e.g., the apartment complex has a different street address depending on what side of the apt complex you live on) at which point I realized what was happening. ***Update the address screen can now locate the correct street address when linking the property in flex. *** I noticed a minor problem with the flex account “property address” in settings, it still shows the wrong street address for my specific apt number.
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11 months ago, Torey C.
Deal with Them at Your Own Risk
Don’t use Flex. I read all the terms and agreements, the lending disclosure, all the documents that they have you sign and no where does it say that 1 PM on the 5th day of the month is when they cut off paying for your rent. They repetitively state the 5th, the 5th, the 5th with no time accompanied. I had money ready for them to take out on the 5th at 7 PM and they would not take it because they said that their cut off time was 1 PM even though they attempted to pull from my account at 3 PM. They called it a courtesy pull even though it’s not a courtesy because they say everywhere, the 5th so a courtesy would be the 6th, not the same day that they say you can still make your payment. I live in a low income complex, I’m already struggling to make rent so when I signed an agreement knowing that I have to the 5th to pay, I’m thinking to the 5th to get my funds together. If it was concisely stated that 1 PM is the cut off then I would have know to have it ready by then, but I did not know so I thought that I could make the payment anytime on the 5th. Now I have to pay $1230 by the 10th or my complex will begin the eviction process. I tried pleading with Flex’s humanity but they do not care, morally corrupt because I’m still paying a monthly membership fee and still have to pay an annual fee even though they didn’t pay my rent.
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4 months ago, maditau1
Customer Service and the Customer Service bot
Let me start with what I appreciate and like. I appreciate the fact that my rent payments are broken down, so I have an easier way of paying my rent. I really appreciate that and it helps me a great deal. What I don’t like is that there is not customer service support phone #. I personally don’t like dealing with bots. They cannot deal with detailed questions. I also CANNOT stand that their way of customer support is via email. So u have to put in a ticket ( which is difficult because again it dealing with a bot ) . Then your given a ticket number and you have to keep going back and checking your emails , until a agent emails you. Each question or statement,you have must be through email back and forth. That’s absolutely awful Customer Service . It’s not personable and it make the customer feel like Flex doesn’t take the time to listen to ur concerns or complaints, enough to have a live person through conversation. I rather a customer Service number , where I’m speaking to a live Agent. Hopefully, that is addressed soon.
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1 year ago, fast1432
Flex unreliability
Every month I keep getting text messages telling me that flex is having issues getting my payment to go through. So I see a “processing” charge in my bank account and a “non payment” in my property management account. So before my rent becomes delinquent, I change payment methods. Now I have 2 “processing” charges in my boa account, one in which they definitely processed and the other still processing. This was completely unacceptable and the opposite of why I signed up for Flex. Please get your IT department together because if I’m paying a “membership fee” for a service I’m not receiving, why would I continue to give money to a service I’m not receiving? Im going in debt instead because the funds you’re playing around with until you “figure it out”, are funds I need to pay other bills with. Sorry but not sorry I’m not financially connected enough to just throw money at every company that claims there here to help. I reached out via email with no response 4days ago. What a hack “Disgruntled customer who tried hard to be patient and humble about the technicalities”
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5 months ago, jeraund
It’s all good until it isn’t
I really think Flex is a great option for people to pay rent & still be able to afford to live. I honestly love it, but I was laid off from my job in late November so I missed my second payment unfortunately in December because I hadn’t found a job yet & didn’t have the funds available. Once I was able to start working again, mid January, I paid off my balance immediately. So my account was only over due for a few weeks. Prior to missing this payment in December, I had never missed a payment. But despite my excellent payment history with Flex, they suspended my account and acted as if this was an offense that occurred multiple times. They did not reinstate my account or anything and honestly it’s not fair in my opinion & it makes me not want to use Flex even if they gave me another chance. If someone from Flex sees this, I hope the company learns to give customers grace because times are hard & people are trying their best honestly. But I will say, as long as you don’t miss a payment, Flex is great to use. Also, they should get some phones, because some people like to talk to someone instead of always responding to emails or waiting for an email response.
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2 years ago, Kimmyblu28
“Service Issue”
I recently signed up with flex and was a bit hesitant because I do not play around with my bills. This month I needed a little wiggle room so I decided to use flex. When I setup my account, my property was listed. I checked my portal, my rent amount was posted timely on December 1st. I checked my account throughout the day and there was no activity. I woke up this morning to find that Flex charged my account overnight even though I received a message in the app. This message stated that they were unable to submit the payment but will provide me with self-submit account info that will pay my balance to my apartments and I would continue to make my 2 payments to Flex. I do not understand how Flex was not able to make the payment directly since my property was listed when I signed up. I decided not to move forward with Flex because, AGAIN, I don’t play around with my bills. I canceled the service and my money was credited to my account instantly. Today is the 2nd, I will not run the risk of my rent being paid late waiting on Flex to submit the total amount on their end. It’s unfortunate, I was really looking forward to this service and being able to split my payments into 2… maybe next time.
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1 year ago, Angriest Mongoose
App is great when it works properly
The point of the app is great…. But only when it actually works. The support option is completely useless when the app is broken because all you get is a bot that replies to you. As if I didn’t know how the app works. Like I’m contacting support because your app is broken. I currently can’t change the date of my second payment but all I get is a bot when it comes to that. The menu doesn’t give me any other days to change it to. It let me change it this month but now I have zero options for this month so now I don’t think I’ll be able to make my second payment on time because the day it has chosen won’t work. So thanks flex for your broken app and broken support. I really appreciate the lack of customer support your app truly has. If the support was better, I’d rate it 4 stars. And only because my payments also used to be half and half like it should be when you split it but now one payment is nearly $20 more than the other and as an hourly employee, extremely inconvenient. And the fact there’s an extra charge on top of the monthly fee for using your app is absolutely ridiculous. I shouldn’t be charged extra when I already pay a membership fee and it’s not a small fee either.
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11 months ago, THAT LETHAL VIXEN
Double charged
Was double charged in my rent payment on the first due to a past issue not being corrected when they stated it was, as a result I ended up with two open flex accounts I was told I was double charged because of that being the main issue, but even still this said issue of being double charged never happened in the past whether I had two “active” accounts or not.. doesn’t make sense for it to happen out the blue not only that but due to the double charge I had a 400$ overdraft fee on top of that resulting in 2100$ total taken from an acct when it should’ve just been 900$ this is ridiculous all because I didn’t have access to my initial account because I needed to update my phone number and reached out to them in the past to do so and was told the issue was resolved but would take a couple of days to be updated (which clearly never happened by the way) this is why the second flex account was made and ended up being the account I was primarily using to make my most recent payments these ppl are a joke now I’m being told because of canceling an inactive acct I owe another 800$+ balance that has to be paid in 45days if not it goes to collections..and I also would still owe my other half payment of rent so sounds like I’ll be double charged ONCE AGAIN make it make sense!
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2 years ago, episode rant
Used to Love
I’ve been using flex for I believe about two years. I’ve only had one previous issue that was resolved. However, Flex processed my rent payment on the cut off day (which is the 5th of the month), took the money from my account, then my portal had an issue so it didn’t pay my rent. I was emailing all day on the 5th to make sure it went smoothly, then realized it took the money out so thought I would be okay. I was served a notice to my door later on that day & checked my portal to see the rent not paid. I received an email finally on the 6th that my rent portal wasn’t working & I reached the cut off. Confused, I showed my bank statement that it paid & they said it was “pending” doesn’t mean processed. I was frustrated the rent didn’t go through my portal & NO ONE contacted me so I can correct the issue before their cutoff. Rent processed at 11am then they had the whole day to contact me & didn’t, now I am permanently unable to use Flex & also unable to pay rent. There needs to be a way to process payment on the app to avoid having to wait. & there should be better communication when there are issues. The fact they couldn’t make an exception when I still have the funds “processing” is beyond me. Thank God for savings.
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2 years ago, Jessica. F.
My apartments offered this service when I moved in a few months ago. I thought it would be great for emergencies. I signed up for it but never actually NEEDED it so I emailed customer service to deactivate my account. They claimed they did. I even have email confirmation from them. Fast forward a few months later when I actually NEED to use this service they tell me my account cannot be reactivated due to multiple payment issues…. HOW if I requested a account deactivation months ago??? So this means they never deactivated my account and have been trying to pull money from my bank for months. This is absolutely ridiculous. I offered to even email them proof that this was an error on their part but they ignored my email. This is why there should be a phone number that you can call because the complete lack of communication just made you guys receive a bad review. Don’t use this service it’s unreliable and no real customer service. UPDATE: Flex replied to my review asking me to email them in order to get my account reactivated just for me to contact them as asked and be told I still can’t reactivate my account! Customer service is horrible. They literally repeat the same lines and don’t actually try to help you with your specific issue. Avoid this company!
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4 years ago, UrBoiG
Good Concept, Needs to Expand More
Good concept, but very bad at communication. I had signed up and was approved and was ready to go for the 1st of next month. Everything was great. Then LITERALLY ONE DAY BEFORE THE NEXT MONTH, they email me saying my property management doesn’t support flex???? Why didn’t you tell me this before?? Why even approve me and have a chat with me and go through all this just to tell me I’m not supported on the very day before rent is due. Such an inconvenience! Thank God I worked a lot of overtime this last two weeks and hopefully I don’t miss this rent. I don’t really understand why my property management is not compatible anyway? I have RentCafe and I logged on and link everything correctly. Why do you have to have support with my actual property management? Can’t they just pay it and be that simple? There’s millions and millions of property managements out there, it’s unrealistic to support every single one out there. Just being linked up to RentCafe or whatever app we use should be enough. I’ll be looking for a similar app to this now. All in all, great concept, but such an inconvenience. This app isn’t really big yet so if someone could make a competitor and execute their mistakes, you’ll have my money and many of other people’s money.
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9 months ago, gilandalv
Bugs, bugs, more bugs, no customer service
It’s convenient to have for the sole purpose of splitting your rent payment in two. However, after using the service for various months, I can say that 9 times out of 10 there will be some sort of technical issue where I either have to self submit my rent payment, or flex needs me to update the rent amount even though they are already linked to my property’s payment system. Last month they debited my account for the first payment but it was “pending for 4 days” and then it dropped and they returned the funds to my account. Which is very frustrating. This month it didn’t automatically pay my rent, so I had to self submit my rent payment using a “virtual debit card” that flex gave me. My property charges an additional $50 service fee for using debit cards instead of linking your bank account. And flex says any third party fees will be added to my flex payments. So essentially I am paying an additional $50 because FLEX HAD AN ISSUE PROCESSING THE PAYMENT AS IT DOES EVERY SINGLE MOMTH! It becomes more a hassle just to use the service when its intended purpose is to make paying rent easier. Not to mention what you can do/see in the app is very limited. Customer service is nonexistent. Just save your money and pay rent on your own. Don’t use flex.
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4 months ago, PLyss317
I wish I could scream from the rooftops! Never use flex to pay your rent. They will absolutely let you down and NOT pay your rent and you’re left scrambling to figure out a way how. I have used this app for MONTHS to pay my rent without an issue. Yesterday I got a notification I needed to relink my property. I have not moved and this is the same apartment I have been paying on. Flex no longer works with my rent portal and will not pay my rent in full. I received absolutely no notice of this. I received an email yesterday, March 1st at almost 4 pm telling me to relink my property. When I tried to relink the app showed I was unable to. Now I do not have a way of paying my rent, they have not responded to my email. This is absolutely disgusting! You pay all of these fees just for them to NOT pay your rent. I never leave reviews but this app is absolutely terrible and they do not care. They want your money. Now, here I am on the 2nd of March having to find a way to work with my apartment to pay my rent. This app is useless. Put your money in a more reliable rent payment app. Or better yet, if you’re able to pay half of your rent before rent is due and pay the second half on the first that would be so much better than using this terrible service.
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9 months ago, ShanNic00
Worst company ever!!
Do not use this company. I tried to use this company to pay my rent. I put in an application, set up the account, and I was excited to use the service. But I wasn’t able to set up the account fast enough for it to pay my first months rent. Then the following month everything was in place. I had my first payment ready for the original amount that it told me. But the night before the draft was supposed to come out my account was changed to a different amount due to fees that was not on the first months rent. There was no email notification, notify me of the change. And I had to literally find out through going on the app because I noticed that my account still had my first draft money in there. I tried to reach out to their customer service. There was no live person to talk to to plead my case. Then, after putting the account on pause, so that the company did not overdraft my account for the first payment the company put my account on hold. I sent an email to the company they said that I would have to reapply. Or wait 30 days. So I cancel the application to reapply and now I’m in eligible because of a delinquency. And you have to link your renters portal for the application. Needless to say DONT USE this company.
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