Flexmls For Homebuyers

2.6 (419)
62.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flexmls For Homebuyers

2.56 out of 5
419 Ratings
1 year ago, RetirementSearch
Very Useful App
This app is very helpful in finding homes for sale. It’s also easy to use. Im able to search for homes within my criteria and it will send me notifications, well it used to send notifications. Up until a few weeks ago, I would receive sound and badge notifications when a new listing was found in my search criteria or if one of my saved homes status changed. I’m no longer getting these notifications and I have not changed any of my settings on my phone. If I was still getting notifications, I would give this app a five star review.
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6 years ago, DbeesApp
Great information BUT .......
I only use this app when I have an actual address to plug in because the app actually gives detailed information that Zillow does not give such as the real taxes (Zillow’s is a guesstimate), HOA fees (Zillow doesn’t give this information), etc. And I can read any legal documents about each property on FLEXMLS. BUT.......it is horrible for searching for properties. I get 277 properties in one search (with a sorting of high to low prices) but it only lets me see 100 of them. If I then do a sorting of low to high prices I will get 100 of the 277 from the opposite. However there is no way to see the 77 properties in the middle price range. Grrrr So, like I said, it has great detailed information but I keep it only for that. I do all of my searching on Zillow. Then use this app to get more info if I can plug in an actual address.
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3 years ago, RenaissanceMan13
Improvement Suggestions
The app works pretty well; we have been able to view properties that match our needs and even rate them for ourselves using a 3-star system. There is one feature we think would improve the app tremendously: a notes section for saved properties. We would love the ability to not only save and rate the properties, but also make a few quick notes about our favorite features all right there in the app. A street view where you could explore the area would also be a nice touch.
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4 years ago, Staromicron
Ok app, but needs work
My main issue at the beginning was looking at a property, then opening up another app to look up something- like the street view- which is also not an option, then going back to this app that remained open and it refreshes and puts back at the home screen! Very frustrating! Now I no longer get app notifications like I used to even though my settings did not change and are set for badge icon and preview. Nothing. Tried reinstalling- still no notifications (aside from an email). In this market, gotta jump on things, doesn’t help when it looks like nothing new comes in.
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4 years ago, Photana80
Keeps crashing
Using on iPhone11 iOS ver13.4.1, did phone update a few days ago but all of a sudden today it tries to open for a moment, then quits and crashes. This app and its website is kind of clumsy and it never notifies me in a useful way. I use Redfin for notifications, street views and easier saving - then switch over to this app for better details. It would be really nice if after minimizing the app, then going back into it, it kept your place. So it’s easier to get back to the listing when using the driving directions.
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5 years ago, phornung
Not bad but could be more user friendly
I like the app, but you can’t remove saved homes without scrolling through your feed, find the home and remove the star. Should be able to remove saved homes from the saved feed. That gets annoying when the home may be sold. Sold homes seem to never leave the feed. Would be nice to be able to remove homes from your feed and homes from your saved feed.
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6 years ago, crsouser
This app and the website are horrible but worse they are not in sync.
I waste so much time in this app and honestly debating about switching to a different agent / broker over its limitations and lack of features. The website search shows more information by far but when it is not erroring out the status of properties is NOT in sync with this app, in particular the mobile app doesnt show the difference between Active & Active (W) which though its not defined in either place makes a huge difference in availability. You also have no ability in this app or on the website to save your own custom searches or even see the criteria of the search the realtor has setup for you. You have to click multiple times to find your saved properties and its not on the screen and you have completely different views / sorts in the different views and its hard sometimes hust getting he list you want.. like why isnt there a filter on your saved properties. So aggrevating..
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3 months ago, AE282828
Expired houses always show
The app was initially helpful, but in the past few months I’ve experienced numerous glitches. For example, every time I search, the map is filled with grey circles (expired properties). I’ve tried resetting search, logging out, deleting the app… nothing has worked. It makes it very confusing to search. Additionally, if I change from searching for ‘homes’ to ‘land’, homes still show up, even when I reset the search. These issues make the app frustrating to use. Zillow is easier.
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3 years ago, Mas_Chris
App and site are both frustrating
The app not the site allow me to save my own searches so I have to hope it saves or re-enter my search parameters even if I just want to check something a bit different than what was set up by my realtor. The app, the desktop site and the mobile site are all a bit different and not consistent. The desktop site is the worst of them all and I find using the mobile website the best option. Need better search and save functionality.
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1 year ago, nf207
Fairly useless
This was my second time downloading this app. First time was 3 years ago when it was equally bad and I spent an enormous amount of time cataloguing the issues. This time, I’ve given it a few days and will delete before torturing myself any further. Newsfeed useless without a saved search yet there’s no way to save a search. Search results are incomplete. Homes show up more than once in result set. No town listed in the list view. Filter options are too restrictive. The only upside is access to disclosures and other attachments.
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2 years ago, Shirliana
Frustrating beyond belief!
It was working fine, until I tried to do a search for a specific address. Now I can’t remove the address from the search! And as if that wasn’t enough, when I do a search with no filters, I can only see the first 100 results that come up. If I select any of the filters, It tells me I have a certain number of results but as soon as I try to see them I get the sorry no results for your criteria. Please tell me how to fix this! I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled, but it still does the same things.
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4 years ago, Ash books
Won’t open
My family are in the market for a home in the near future, and the app won’t fully open. The app will allow me to click on it, then close immediately after. I just want to stay in touch with my agent through this process and see more available homes as they come about. We would like to stay in the know by just clicking on the app, and seeing what is available in our price range, without having to call or text my agent for info every second. And I am a mother of three, so I usually look on the app in the wee hours when they sleeping.
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4 years ago, Athena79
Search Is Missing
Not a bad app, but... - It specifically mentions a search button in the menu and that option is shown in the preview for the app, but even after updating the app it’s not there. - There should be an option to un-hide listings, once you hide something it’s just totally gone. - I’d like the option to search through listings not curated by my Realtor (maybe this is supposed to be the search function?)
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4 years ago, abbakamabra
No Advanced search settings?
I’m looking for a property that has enough acreage for my needs, but this isn’t included in the advanced settings or filters, so I use other apps and jump from app to app to be able to see all pictures and details of properties I’m interested in and it’s incredibly frustrating. Can this feature be added? I also agree with another reviewer that when you jump from another app back to Flexmls it jumps back to the Home Screen. If my realtor didn’t use this app I would delete it and never use it at all.
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4 years ago, cdmercier
Great app but missing features
It would be nice to see an option where we can request a disclosure, which then sends a notification to the realtor who can either approve or deny, and then it automatically sends us a copy of the disclosure to the property. This would save a lot of back-and-forth with the realtor having to wait to see a disclosure when they may be busy working with another client.
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1 year ago, Cadence_
No longer getting notifications for listings - developers, please update your app!!
This app is in need of an update. I have not been getting notifications for new/updated listings for several weeks now. It’s frustrating to have to manually check several times a day for new listings. Please- update your application! I’ve toggled my notification preferences on/off to try to remedy- but am still experiencing the same issue. Would give this app a 5, but not with this glitch.
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4 years ago, rosswings
Resets to beginning each time you switch apps
It is a glaring fault to me that this app resets to home each time you switch apps. As I am looking at homes, I frequently bounce between apps since no one app has all the features that SHOULD be present in a housing search app. The fact that this app resets means that I will not use it much. Add to that the limited mapping features and it's only value is that your agent can send you notice of specific properties. I give it 2 stars just for effort.
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2 years ago, Ssjkidkwik
Fixed crashing
This used to crash the first time you open it but second time worked that is fixed. Now they just need some improvements to provide more info. I hate that I can go to Trulia or Zillow to see things like past sale history.
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5 years ago, Thehazels
Not excited about recent update
Recent update has glitches where the screen does not easily respond to close pictures. Biggest issue is address font was made larger and now the only way to know the city a property is located in is by opening the link to the listing, which is very time consuming. In general, it would be nice to have more filters to fine tune searches.
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4 years ago, thekruser/4sqGuru
Needs A LOT of work
The app works ok to see listings, but lacks what I feel are basic functions: -no collaboration with anyone except agent (e.g., co-owner, spouse, etc.) -you can filter by number of bathrooms, but not number of bedrooms -there is a link at the bottom to get to your saved homes, but it leads to a page that you have to click “saved” again on -there is a place for saved searches, but no way to save searches (or if there is, I can’t find it) -no matter what you’re doing in the app, if you switch apps while using (say...if you’re writing a review on it in the App Store), once you return to the app it goes back to the Home Screen which I largely useless. Mine shows my agent’s contact info and a single listing (not one I saved or even want to see).
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1 year ago, Vehicroid
Could use some improvements
The app is mostly really nice! Some helpful features would be a way for us to make notes regarding each house so we can highlight features or flaws.
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6 years ago, Gunnar70
Does what it’s supposed to do
This app is a great companion when working with an agent. It keeps an updated list of all the available properties that come up with all of the requirements we discussed with our realtor. Not perfect, takes a little time to get familiar with but it definitely makes the home searching process much easier!
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4 years ago, D3V1LZWAYZ
In need of serious updating.
I have been using this app based on my realtors suggestion and it has been a pain. It has far too few filters for important things like garage, and covered patios. I have had to uninstall and reinstall this app at least twice a week every week I have used it. It has little to no developer support that I have seen and it’s in serious need of an update.
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3 years ago, grxhhu yrrx
This app is terrible. It refreshes every time you exit it. So if you are coordinating with someone via text or phone you can’t just flip back to the app and continue where you left off. All of the criteria for looking at houses are set by the real estate agent so you can’t filter your own results. I can’t see for the life of me why anyone would use this over any of the other real estate apps out there.
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6 years ago, mintyfresh7
Terrible app
This app needs a lot of work. It constantly says there are notifications but doesn’t specify what listings have been updated. The only way to find out is to scroll through the news feed or lists and try to remember what prices and statuses were before. It also doesn’t show what the price was before any price changes that happen like Zillow so nicely does. Terrible. Leaves A LOT to be desired.
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5 years ago, WndrW
This app is so dumb and horrible can’t even log into it. Also the web version is so HORRIBLE!!! It used to work and now it is such a mess . Deletes my info and will select info i didn’t chose . FIX IT !!!!!!! You get paid to know this stuff do your job !!!! Extremely frustrating I now can’t use anything unless I’m on an actual desktop computer !!! You will not be able to access it thru phone. So FRUSTRATING !!
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3 years ago, rbkh007
I won’t use this anymore for the same reason so many have complained - if you leave it, to say, go look at a map or Google earth, it immediately refreshes and then you to have to click your way back to the search function which doesn’t even maintain a history. So you have to type in the address again. Deleted and going back to their www page.🙄
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2 years ago, S homebuyer
Annoying defaults back to home screen
Any time you switch to another app, even if you don’t close this one, it goes back to the home screen when you come back to it. SO ANNOYING especially if you were looking at a house you searched for but didn’t save yet.
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4 years ago, Xwordyoda
Poor user experience
The app always returns to the home screen if you switch to another app. It’s really annoying, especially when researching between websites and other apps. The info contained often is more detailed or accurate than other sites like Zillow or Realtor, but the inability for the app to remain where you left it is ridiculously annoying. Fix it!
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12 months ago, MizzCC89
Many glitches
There were already glitches before this last update… however this new update DOES NOT SAVE MY SEARCHES!!!!! It’s a nuseance to have to enter allllllll my search requirements every single time. I check this 100 times a day Since the housing market is hot and you have To practically be the first there and to put in an offer to get accepted……. I hate this app
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3 years ago, bradtwotrees
Must be improved since last version
It’s not optimized for the iPad. You can get nearly full screen pics by messing with the two controls at the bottom.
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11 months ago, Matt_Tee22
Doesn’t save settings
The program used to save my search settings, but it updated and no longer does. Now anytime I want to do a custom search, I have to re-enter all my parameters each time.
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4 years ago, innerdude
App is clunky and slow
App is clunky and not designed for phones with Face ID. The edges of the screen are cut off and buttons don’t work sometimes. Also, if you switch apps away then come back, you lose where you were at every time and have to start all over. Annoying! Cmon fix this!
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10 months ago, brhehehhgyuthrjdjejownf
Needs updating
Its so hard finding what you’re looking for on here. I feel we should be able to filter land ownership (leasehold vs fee simple, etc) and community types (55+ communities are all my app shows!). Its also hard to unsave your favorites, etc. make it easier to use!!
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4 years ago, adorkable03
I been trying to get into the app but it opens up for like 2 seconds all I see is the log in page then kicks me out I have the iPhone 11 . I will change the 3 stars to 5 when they fix that .
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2 years ago, UserFriendly60
Not for iPad?
On iPad it looks like a tiny phone screen. Did I miss something? Besides that, when you open a property then go back to the search results, it puts you at the top of the list instead of where you left off. Frustrating.
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5 years ago, Emmerald.Irvin
The app and even the online portal are incredibly limited. This platform is not user friendly and doesn’t provide the information you want when you’re seriously house searching. It does not provide the property disclosures, which is something you should have access to and can get on better platforms.
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3 years ago, BBpage60
Basics work really well!
Basic user interface is very acclimate friendly. Reading ratings by more sophisticated users which jury is still out on. I’ll update my rating when I dig a little deeper.
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4 years ago, Joe - xyz123
No account, no ability to use the app
Downloaded the app, opened it and am presented with a login and password form. No option to create an account. (A simple Sign-in with Apple would be great). I not going to bother finding the website and creating an account there. I can’t imagine the app is worth using if they can’t even add an option to create an login.
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4 years ago, Dreams2gems
Can’t sign in
I downloaded this app for my search in Tennessee. I don’t remember my password n now it doesn’t give me the option of recovery .. it’s my realtors go to so now I’m at a disadvantage for finding my dream home.. after over 50 attempts to sign in .. not one prompt to recover or change pass word.. even after deleting the app and reinstalling several times..
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4 years ago, Jaime98119
iPad Layout Really???
Been using the app for a week, and would likely use more instead of Redfin if was enabled for the iPad. Who wants to start making home buying decisions on a 6-inch screen?
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1 year ago, no nicknames55
Worst real estate app
My wife and I have to use this app because our realtor sends us listings on it, etc. We normally copy the address and enter it into a different app to get more information and for the street view option. It’s a real pain. It seems geared more toward selling than helping the buyer be informed.
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3 years ago, Ryanm9187
Can’t create an account from app
I don’t understand how an app doesn’t have a “create an account” option from the app. I was referred to the app from the website. Now I need to return to the website before returning to the app? Please just scrap this app and stick with the website if that’s the case.
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4 years ago, 23367543
Could be better for shoppers
Can’t sort price low to high. Can’t just search for new listings or active listings without (C) offers. But, I have found that the other apps like Redfin, Truelia, and Zillow have a tendency to promote agent contacts and properties that are gone from the market. So I am staying with this app.
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2 years ago, Truthsmith
Clunky and buggy
Functions like a half-a$$ed port from a Windows app. Freezes up, randomly won’t let you go back after you’ve viewed pictures of houses. Really poor design. If your realtor uses this, it’s an embarrassment.
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2 years ago, momdomoe
Need to add stuff to the app
How to get into my account kind a remember my password and my user name there is no way of me to even try and re-sign it with an email need to add that if people forget their information
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4 years ago, Jjordanfleming
App hasn’t worked for last couple of weeks as it crashes before it even opens. Before the crashes, it was good to use but can’t save searches as you need your realtor to do that for you and you can’t use all the filters like you can with the website.
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4 years ago, Nick29b
Navigation needs adjustment...
Everything in this app resets when you go back to it (even straight from leaving another app) and doesn’t give you a ‘back’ option to go back to the previous location. The website is definitely way friendlier
Show more
6 years ago, sokrgirl
Search function MIA
The app was working great and then I lost the search function! I have deleted the app, restarted the phone and downloaded again to no avail. My husband so has the search function on his devices. Also, I clicked on app support for help and it went to a now empty website.
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5 years ago, Calebwilliamsco
Works great & clients love it
Since I started having my clients use this APP the feedback has been nothing but positive.
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