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User Reviews for Flickr

4.53 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
4 days ago, agirlinlove
20 years
Edited July 2024 It isn’t hyperbole to say that the last 22 years of my life is documented on Flickr. You can’t see it anymore because most of it set to private now, but I learned how to take pictures with Flickr photography business and had 15 years of the most amazing job I could ever imagine thanks to Flickr. I met some of my best friends thanks to Flickr. I’ve traveled the world hanging out with people thanks to Flickr. I don’t know if I use hyperbole correctly. My point is that-Flickr is the thing that when asked, I would say as the one thing I would grab when I was running out of a burning house. Except except for the fact that I don’t have to grab it. It’s safe. , honestly that’s my only fear. What would I do with all of this? How would I see my pictures? How would I be able to scroll through 20 years? Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s pretty awesome. I appreciate it. I’ll keep using you and paying for it. (And thank u for buying them and saving them the only time I was ever worried about losing a technology. Technically wise, I have used almost every or tried every photo archiving system and Flickr is the best cloud driven personal photo sharing organization system there is. Hands down. You make 🍎s photos weep at what it might have been. ) Anyway, I feel pretty vulnerable putting out that I don’t know what I would do without Flickr. Even though I don’t use any of the social aspects that were a huge part of my life for years. But there it is.
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4 years ago, Kylekylekylekylekyle
The last great platform for specifically photographers
Flickr is the last real platform for the photography community (and for other creators). While I'm also an avid user of Instagram, the difference in purpose and focus between Instagram and Flickr is so clear. I've been a Flickr user since 2006 and a Pro member for almost as long, and I'll be a Pro member for as long as Flickr supports this community! If you're looking for a place where the features, users, and community, are focused on photography (not influencing and marketing), Flickr is that place. No algorithms shoving targeted content down your throat, no influencers hawking essential oils and watches, no trending videos or stories to boost DAU metrics, and for Pro members, NO ADS - just the talented, weird, serious, imaginative, beginner or veteran photographers and groups that you choose to follow. If Instagram is a shopping mall, Flickr is an art gallery + photo meet-up. Thank you, Flickr and SmugMug, for preserving this platform, for all the technical and UX improvements you've been making, and for trying keep this place pure and focused on photography. I was one of the many complainers during the final years of Yahoo, but I'm more grateful than ever to have this platform and for the new life that you've given it. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Draco the Blue
Too limited in scope
I have a Flickr Pro subscription, and began uploading all of my photos. I now have a few hundred albums, but the iOS application only shows me the first 50 or so. I’ve seen bug reports about this online, but no resolution. I also started adding albums to Collections (using my Windows computer and the web ui) to make it easier to group albums, say from a single trip. Sadly, I could find no way to access those with the app either. It’s just simpler and less restricting to use the website than the app. That is pathetic. UPDATE Nov 2023: Ok, Flickr, I reached out to your tech support as you suggested. I had resolved the missing albums via uninstall/reinstall (not the friendliest way to fix a bug). As for the rest of my issues, here is what your specialist team said: I understand you would like to be able to see and manage collections, as well as sort albums on the mobile app. While these are not currently options through Flickr, I can definitely understand the desire to see these features. I went ahead and forwarded those suggestions on to our Product Development team for consideration. So the web version is still more powerful than the app… pathetic still. Nov 18: responding to the new developer response – your tech-support seem took my featur requests and submitted them. until these features make it into the app, using the app to view thousands of photos and hundreds of albums is a very poor experience.
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4 years ago, ANDREW PLAYS 202
Good, but needs a LOT of updates
I love this app and it’s a great way to make friends and post photos. But there are many things that are on the Flickr website that desperately need to be added to the app. There are glitches such as people’s accounts getting deleted completely and being replaced with a ghost account with a randomly generated name and deletes all pictures, comments, faves, follows, and any possible trace of said person. It creates a huge inconvenience to these people and can cut off their communication and cost them their photos. I know from experience because people that I have come to know primarily through this app, have all been deleted at the same exact time due to these “glitches” by Flickr (in reality, Flickr is deleting them on purpose because these people are seen as unimportant). The app needs to be updated with the ability to change your cover photo, create galleries, change your “About” information, send and receive messages, tag people in comments without pushing reply, tag multiple people in comments, update emojis instead of generating a bunch of unrelated symbols, editing album descriptions and cover photos, and creating a showcase for photos. As you can see, this app is great, but needs adjustments that could easily be fixed if Flickr would recognize them.
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5 days ago, Laurie-B
Where I keep my photo blog and make photo contacts
Update 2024: great app. Update 2022: ditto. Update 2021: love it, can’t wait to get back out and photograph so I can post them here. Update 2020: still my favorite photo community. ————- Update: 2019. Still my favorite community. I wish they’d return groups to the way they used to be or something similar but I’ve never found a better learning resource with so many good photographers. Take your time and cultivate a group of friends with common interests. Give to get. Have fun. ————— I've had an account since 2008. It is still the best photo sharing website. I wish Yahoo was more active and innovative but given their corporate and financial worries I am amazed at what they have accomplished. I have a core of nature photographer friends who have remained over the years. We support and cheer each other on; it's fun. Others migrated to Google+ and Facebook for more visibility. However, Flickr respects photographer's rights unlike Facebook. Flickr involved a lot user action in their last major revisions. While there are things I don't like about the changes, overall they were a major improvement. I like Flickr. I think you will too.
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4 years ago, ebickel
I love Flickr love love love.
I’ve been using Flickr for over 10 years. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to review. It’s awesome for cataloging your photos. I pull up the app all the time in discussions to show people my old photos and they are so easily accessible because I use the album and collections features. I love sharing my photography with the world, but I also upload my iPhone snaps and everything in between. I love to look at Flickr for a pick me up or walk down memory lane. Many people I know don’t show photos because they are too hard to find in the camera rolls of their phones. Or they don’t back them up and loose them. This gives me piece of mind that I will never loose them, to a lost device or a home fire, the precious memories of my kids growing up will be preserved! I pay for pro and think it’s priceless. I use the full website to upload my dslr photos and the app more for viewing. The app could use a few improvements here or there, occasionally I have trouble uploading through the app. Overall I’m a big fan and look forward to many more years to come.
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5 months ago, Susea624
Great place to show your photos and creativity…
But the best part of Flickr was the camaraderie with other photographers when I first joined. I made SO many friends, we traveled and met up to shoot, and our friendships grew. We had meaningful and fun dialog both on Flickr and off… I feel like the newer Flickr doesn’t foster that fun and closeness with a group of people invested in this common hobby, job or creativity. It is sad, that the give and take is not there and altho the photos are fantastic, very few write anything about their shots… I enjoy learning about the photos and the person that took the photo and I miss the stories, some funny, some sweet, some sad, some interesting and educational. I miss the discussions … asking questions, laughing at the funny comments, and the learning. There is probably no going back but seriously, the personal side of Flickr is no longer there… that is a disheartening thing because I was on there all the time bantering with friends I had made and being inspired by their work, and commenting and adding new shots and stories. Just my take on what has changed … and what I miss about the old Flickr.
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3 years ago, Noryie
stops working the second I pay for it
below was my rating some time back. things are back to normal and it's working great now. too bad I lost money. maybe they should have more features like Google photos. how in the world does this happen? I went ahead and got a premium account, paid it and all, and now I have no ability to see my photos in chronological order!!! I have been a member since 2003, I believe and have never been so disappointed with Flickr. my videos aren't loading, neither are my photos loading in sequence but all scrambled so I have to go back and forth with my iPhone photos and flickr and make sure that all the pictures were downloaded correctly. this has been going on for months, now that you've forced everyone to pay! I don't understand. I'm going to have to start uploading my photos onto Google. I might end up liking that better since my sister gets little memories slide show on hers. I'm over waiting months to get this problem resolved.
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4 years ago, BackInMyShoes
The BEST photo sharing/storage/community app EVER!
I’ve been on Flickr for over 12 years and I’ve seen it’s evolution over those years. I don’t exaggerate when I say Flickr is the best app out there for all photographers. You’re given a very generous amount of free upload space (1TB) and unlimited space if you join the yearly subscription. Because of that I’ve started using it as a backup to my backup photo archive. It allows easy full resolution uploads. Besides that, I love the communities that are on Flickr. If there is a type of photography you like or type of camera or any kind of photography process, there is more than likely a community for it. If not you can easily start one. I’ve tried other photography apps but I keep coming back to Flickr. As I write this review, SmugMug just purchased Flickr. I’ve tried SmugMug too but I always felt like it’s focus was to sell you something. I hope SmugMug doesn’t make any drastic changes to this already perfect app!
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2 years ago, MizuNoHane
A beautiful photo sharing app, much better than Instagram.
Over time I think we’ve all started to realize that the social media-ifying of everything - even photography - has made something that used to be simple, accessible and a point of real happiness in our lives a more toxic place. Flickr has been around for years and all the while celebrated actual photography - photos that can be presented outside the constrictions of a 1x1 or 5x4 box, that can be seen in landscape, whose details you can zoom in on. It’s also a community of positivity that encourages improved photography skills and risk-taking. The app is beautiful, clean, simple, and has a community of people who actually care about taking good photos rather than photos of themselves barely wearing anything. As Instagram moves toward a focus on becoming a TikTok clone, this is quickly becoming a place where I’m inspired to take better photos.
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7 years ago, Parisgirl100
Love it again!!
A big Thank You for fixing ALL the glitches that we experienced over the past few days! I now love the updates, and you are back to 5 stars in my book! I still love it, but cannot stand the bugs that came with the new version! It's nearly impossible to make or reply to comments, I can't add tags, and can only add one group or album at a time...VERY frustrating! I use this app every single day, but am having to rely on my PC more and more. Please work out these serious problems.... Just this past year I started really using Flickr to put all of my trip photos "out there"! I was really pleased with a lot of them, and hated for them just to stuck on my computer or phone. I figured other photographers and travel geeks might enjoy them, and I was right! I have over 600 followers who are always ready to provide some words of encouragement as well as share their wonderful photos with me. I am addicted...
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1 year ago, Glenncard
Flickr is the best❤️
I love Flickr it has allowed me to be free about me. I was quite upset when my account was deleted because of a comment I made. I was talking to other gay men and to loose my account and my friends was wrong but with any site we have no way of trying to fix the wrong! It’s not fair to us in the gay community! I admit I don’t comment like a Sunday school teacher or interact with my fellow brothers. My pics and videos were my property you can put a 2000 page community guidelines but to delete my image goes against me my friends and our sel expression! Flickr is the best of the best no one can compete with you! I appoligize for my comment but it’s facts it’s truth and because I said words that offende someone why were they even in the realm of gay men interacting? Thank you Flickr Smugmug I question your name and you gave me grief and my work my self expression you wronged me !
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6 years ago, M. Lucero
Would give it five stars if…
This app is pretty solid and I'm really glad they went back to the old pre-Yahoo pricing for pro accounts. The app is great for going through and organizing photos you've already added to your account, although the geotagging features could be more robust. That being said, the uploading process for photos taken on my phone is insanely slow. It will sit on the "Uploadr preparing" screen for days at a time, sometimes weeks. And then once it does start uploading the photos, it will only do a certain amount and then stop for days at a time, so that months could possible pass by between taking photos and getting them uploaded. This happens whether I'm on wifi or not. And don't even get me started on uploading videos. There's no reason this should be the case when other photo apps can get a large quantity of images uploaded in mere minutes. If they fixed uploading photos from mobile devices so that the app at least performed as good as other comparable apps, I'd give it five stars.
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7 years ago, Lavaca Kid
Flickr: Still getting better with time (and still impervious as ever to hurricanes and floods)
I started using Flickr back when it was available in PC-only format. Now, it’s on my iPad Pro tablet and iPhone 8, and working better than ever. Compared to the growing host of “edit, upload and organize” cloud storage options that exist today, Flickr remains the premier domain for any and all serious shooters, pros and hobbyists alike, who need 100% reliability. I’ve been a full-time photojournalist for over 40 years: Even now, forcefully retired by health challenges, I cannot resist the allure of living through a lens. Thousands of career pictures, my life story, are secured today on Flickr, Anytime I or anyone else wants to see them. Hurricane Ike destroyed my house in Seabrook, Texas, in September 2008. The frantic rush of a forced evacuation was brutally exhausting. So much so that I grabbed the wrong box on my last trip to the truck ... the one that held all of my backup hard drives. Ike invited 4 feet of Galveston Bay storm surge into my living room. By the time it flowed back home, every photo I had taken since 1976 was destroyed. I was devastated. Until I remembered Flickr, and all the “cherry” images that over the decades I had edited and uploaded for safekeeping. Flickr is a whole lot more than cloud photo storage. And for me, the pro membership is worth every cent:. Larry in Clear Lake City, Texas
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4 years ago, thegirlwholeftthefridgeopen
Encouraging and great site to promote each others work
I used flickr for two years straight before going onto instagram. I used instagram for one month and feel like crap like how you feel after you eat mcdonalds. Instagram is an account that you need in the photography world but that world feels so aggresive and hunting for likes. Flickr feels like everyone is friends, there's no fight for who has the most followers or likes and feels more encouraging. Plus with flickr Im able to see other peoples work in the best possible resolution whereas instagram is so low res and you have to squint your eyes. Id like to thank you flickr team for helping me progress as a street photographer, giving me the tools to promote my work to others. You have a winning formula and I will always be a huge supporter and promoter of your site. Stay Frosty
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3 years ago, LAVsBgy
This app helps me get out of my “shell”...
I’ve only been using the Flickr app for about a year, and the photo posting and sharing has worked wonders for my photo skills. With the feedback and likes, for which I am grateful to receive, I am inspired to create beautiful photos. It’s akin to having great feedback from those I admire. I’m a photo enthusiast with a few years of photography under my belt, and this app helps me share my love for the visual beauty surrounding me. Thanks for the FREE app Flicker. I’ve recently become a Flickr PRO, and still love it. Four years into Flickr and I’m still loving the sharing and connection with others. I thing I’ve improved my craft, with the help of my involvement with Flicker people. Keep those inspiring posts coming! They help.
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5 years ago, Gayyviidd
I just can't anymore.
I've been a pro member for years but I just cannot be a paying member anymore. Everything about Flickr the last few years has been a disappointment, instead of moving along with the pace of the industry you guys decided to stay behind when Flickr knew it was in trouble it went and deleted not paid users photos in a last desprete attempt to somehow extort them to pay for the premium service. Last straw was that pathetic email from the CEO after being on the job for so many years, making promise after promise he did absolutely nothing to make a change no changes to website that are worth paying for, no engagement anymore with fellow members even the most popular members are seeing nothing in terms of engagement. I decided to cancel my membership and encourage anyone I do know to do so as well. So many years of Flickr ignoring it base of users, years of neglecting the site, years that the CEO spent just sitting on his hands only to show them to write a email begging for new paid members.
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8 months ago, Kiddo Babe
Total trash of an App
I love Flickr but the iPhone app is garbage. I have the pro account. Uploads are constantly getting stuck. I have pages upon pages of email with their support team that have gotten me nowhere. I’ll try and upload a batch of photos and inevitably, some load some don’t. Some load two or three times, while others never do. They also load in totally random order so it’s hard to know which loaded and which didn’t if you are trying to load more than 10 at a time. Total trash and absolute waste of time. I’ve been dealing with this for nearly two years now, and cannot believe their engineers have made no progress. I finally am writing this review because it’s absurd. I’m waiting yet again, staring at a status bar of 2/9 which has been stuck like that for days… if you have hundreds of photos and video and pay $80/ year you expect much more than this.
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5 months ago, Onatah822
Photography on Flickr
Photography has a voice all its full color or B&W. Great photography grabs our attention, soothes our senses and encourages us to continue our search for our next fun day with camera in hand. Flickr provides us the opportunity to see the World in all its beauty and share our thoughts with photographers from around the globe. I’ve been an active member for almost ten years. I learned so much from others and their work. We’re like family in the best sense of the word. Literally from all over the globe, I witness stunning work being shared. Great work doesn’t intimidate me but rather encourages me to keep working at my craft. Thanks everyone at Flickr for sharing, commenting and encouraging. Keep the shutters clicking people. J.D. HANSEN. Jonathan
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3 years ago, GoopyMom
Don’t Know What I’d Do Without It!
This app is so amazingly easy to use! I plan to make albums to share pictures of various collections I own. I currently use Flickr to help me identify dolls that I collect. So many pictures available to me in one place makes this task much easier! It is also a great way to “meet” other people who share my same interests! I highly recommend using this app whether you are an avid photographer looking to share your photos with the world, someone who wants to share family photos across the miles, or someone who just likes sharing photos in general. It is also a great place for sorting and storing pictures no matter what your reason. So what are you waiting for? Give Flickr a try!
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6 years ago, Skydiver119
Used to recommend
I used to recommend this app all the time as a great backup, but with their recent turn to a very expensive annual fee I no longer do that. Not only must you pay, but you will receive inaccurate mails telling you ‘gee, you’re almost a your limit of 1000 images, better sign up for pro now so you don’t lose out’...and in reality you will have less than half your limit. So basically they try to scare you into signing up by sending you inaccurate information. If I wasn’t already put off by the high price, I would definitely be put off by someone seemingly so desperate for enrollment they will misrepresent peoples account status and try to scare them into signing up I spent a couple of days downloading and deleting almost a decade worth of photos from my Flickr and am working on altering my work flow so the service is a simple convenience, but nothing that I will depend on for my photos. If they will misrepresent my account status they are no longer anyone I can trust with my data.
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2 years ago, Aubreechan
Was fun while it lasted
I’ve been an avid Flickr user since 2017 and have certainly had my share of fun out of the site and the app. Sadly with the new changes to groups and now the push for pro membership, the site has slowly become something I no longer wish to partake in. Many of my non moderate or restricted photos have been removed by the AI. I don’t want to pay yet another subscription for something that’s going to inaccurately flag my work. Perhaps I’ll return in the near dear future. Update: removing one star because moderate pictures get flagged as well. I get you guys need money for all of the photos you store but this hurts a lot of people that perhaps can’t afford to pay a monthly subscription fee. I put years into my page and earned a fairly large following all from my moderate and restricted content. I now hardly post anymore because I don’t know what will get flagged and what won’t.
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6 years ago, TheThirdKingD
Awesome, but a bit slow on Sprint's 3G iPhone 4S
Great app, but I have issues being able to see/change the privacy function and album options while uploading images on my iPhone XSM. The functions and options are covered by the keyboard that automatically pops up at the bottom of the screen and there is no way to make images private when uploading. This means that I would have to upload images, go back into my photos, locate the recently uploaded images, select each image and change the options there. Way too many steps and when you used to be able to do it on the fly during upload. Of course I can always just access it from a desktop and change them faster, but that defeats the purpose of the app. Can this be revised on the next update please??
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6 years ago, RadioPT
Need more options sorting and deleting
FEATURE REQUEST: I’d like Flickr much more if it made my task of reviewing and deleting photos on the iPad easier. First, I can’t delete when viewing the photo full screen, now only when viewing the thumbnail. I often take multiple photos of a subject with the idea that I will only save the best version. This is SO HARD to do in Flickr—switching back and forth between thumbnail and full screen. Further aggravating is that the app jumps back to the oldies photo and the search begins again!!! And, I would like an option to “heart” or otherwise mark my favorites in the Camera and have them appear in a “Heart” folder. This would have favorites from several Albums. I’m not thrilled with the latest huge reduction in what was billed as “unlimited storage” of photos for free. I’m now a paying “Pro” member but I’m keeping my options open for saying goodbye to Flickr. I’m not sure it is worth paying for.
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6 years ago, pandansun
Horrible share settings, horrible mobile site, sorry excuse for an app
Redesign your mobile SITE (safari, chrome) to have download buttons on photos so I don’t have to download an app I’ll never use just to save my photos on Flickr to my phone. I’ve sent feedback for this for 2 years already ever since you took away the function to download a photo by holding down on it!! Not only that, if you keep your album unlisted for privacy, you never implemented a function where you can have select people view that unlisted album! That is a commonly implemented function to share albums with people exclusively yet that isn’t a thing on Flickr. Then people I take photos for can’t download the photo from the app either unless I make it public!! But these photos are personal photos that shouldn’t be public like weddings, engagements. This has given me so much stress as a photographer because none of my clients view photos on laptop. Please. Add. The DOWNLOAD. Button. On. The. Mobile. Site.
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3 years ago, Nolanthe110 S
I am a painter & as much as I love to get outside for some plein air painting, it’s not always easily accessible. Flickr creates a great space for photographers and other artists alike to post usable references for people like myself to use. Many of these are unlike the crappy and boring stock photos you find all over google and Pinterest. If I want a painting reference and can’t get out for plein air painting, I always come to Flickr and I recommend beginner artists do the same for their references. Overall, an easy 5/5 for me, I honestly have 0 problems with the site, and appreciate all of the wonderful and talented artists and photographers who use Flickr as a means of expressing their creativity and allowing others to express theirs with interesting and helpful photographs.
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2 months ago, AnthonyD
The update needs an update
Unfortunately, the latest update of the iPad app (around spring 2024) is a hot mess. They changed the interface in nonsensical ways. Want to get info on a photo? Swipe up from the bottom…you mean the same swipe that closes an app in iPad OS? Yup. It’s like the programmers don’t actually use the app. Half the time I accidentally close the app…and just leave it closed. Oh, now that you’ve seen the info on the photo how do you close that info window, swipe down from the top. Yes, the same action that opens Notification Center. UI/UX fail. To top that all off, it crashes on me a lot when trying to swipe up to see the photo’s info. That is probably just a small bug which I expect will be fixed. The new UI…well, I’ve been a Flickr Pro member since 2005 and it makes me much less likely to use the app. Super bummed.
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4 years ago, Isa paying customer
From free to expensive and changed.
I used to love Flickr. Now it’s expensive and they told me they would erase all my years of pictures if I didn’t pay monthly and that takes work because the album’s I had was to big to download. It just updated and now I can’t see my family pictures from my family because it changed to be recommended pictures from strangers on the app. I have to use the computer to be able to choose and see my family and their posted pictures. I am paying monthly for this and being pushed content from others i don’t want is rude when all I want is only pictures from family and friends. I am considering canceling it after I downloaded all I put on here. I only use this to share pictures with my family and it does not work properly for me to enjoy anymore on my phone. Please fix it or I’m done. Also if it was better price on prints I would use it.
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2 years ago, 1934829
The best in its category by far! In my opinion Flickr has all the ‘bells and whistles’ needed for a First Class Application. It has something for everyone, who chooses to join. Many features, Fabulous Groups to join, a place for your photographs, digital art works and much more. It has a classic style and is easy to learn what wonderful assets it has. As a beginner, you might have a slight learning curve but once past that, you will discover a ‘Place’ to let your creativity flow and make new friends to share your photos, paintings, mandalas, abstract art, etc with. Flickr will give forth much for you. All you need to do for your part is join and enjoy this fine ‘place’ to be a part of. Sincerely, Margaret A. Buono
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1 year ago, JoaoMTx
Beautiful and focused
Flickr is a beautiful app supporting a unique service. Many other apps out there claim to be the platform for photographers, but often biased behind monetization algorithms to favor an elite who depends on such services. Flickr is photography for all, embedding a beautifully designed app with a true leveled community gathered around the love for photography. If only the pro tier was more accessible, it would be perfect, although the free service still offers most of the features I need to use. Flickr is a well designed app, has a huge community with incredible content found nowhere else to be compared and it has managed to stay atop the monetization and other social media disgusting strategies.
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6 years ago, tripdog
Flickr is Awesome
I use Flickr to back up my favorite photos and share them with the world. But the user base is so diverse in their interests, that I LOVE to use it as a tool for inspiration. I have even been contacted by several individuals and publications for permission to use my photographs. I do photography simply for the love of it so, I have always said yes and am thrilled that anyone would even ask. The extremely diverse groups are fantastic as well. I have joined a few and have had quite a few requests to share a photo with groups, so I love the social aspect of the app. I wouldn’t change a thing and I really hope that Smugmug treats it with kid gloves and doesn’t make any major changes. It would be sad to see such an excellent app destroyed.
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3 years ago, nicknameishardestlevel
Ive been a member of Flickr for many years because it’s peaceful and creative and friendly.
I’ve made acquaintances from all over the world, seen amazing photography and regular every day sort of photos that share stories. From my warm acquaintances. I’ve made some close friendships, which I cherish. With Flickr it’s easy to share photos and video. It’s easy to title, write long or short descriptions and to comment. I love being able to makes notes on my photos so that I can name each flower where I tap the curser. Then the notes are seen by others who just run their curser over the screen. I pay a reasonable annual fee to use Flickr all I want without seeing ads. Of course. Flickr is also available free, but with ads. I love it.
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5 years ago, preiter
Friends on Flickr
I feel my ability to pursue and enjoy photography improved dramatically when I joined Flickr and began making friends with fellow photographers. If I wanted to learn from friends pictures I could ask questions or look at Flickr shot information that tells me the settings used to get the shot. I look at all aspects of an individuals shot and also the angle of the shot. I study composition and contemplate what draws me to the photograph and what sets it apart. Flickr people are wonderful and generous with ideas and comments. Flickr is a type of social media that encourages by example and is filled with techniques you can learn. It is clearly better than most classes and a road map for becoming a better photographer! Penny
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1 year ago, Kelsey61
I Love Flickr
I've been using Flickr for a long time now and for me it's perfect. It's a great place to store all of my photos in order. I find it hard to believe that each one of us can store so many precious memories on here. I like the concept of sets which make it easy to locate particular photos. The new uploading feature is very user-friendly. Above all though its wonderful to hear from others who have enjoyed looking at my pictures. It's a good way to make new acquaintances from all over the world. By the way , I haven't had any problems at all with accessing them on either my iPhone or my iPad. Thanks Flickr for opening up a whole new world to me.
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6 years ago, Jingatapingalanadu
Don't update just yet--uploads from Camera Roll are still not working
It used to work perfectly, but for the past few updates, I've been unable to upload photos straight from Camera Roll to Flickr. It just keeps telling me the upload failed, and no amount of retrying will work. So now, I have to open the app, click on the camera icon and get past the camera function itself to dig into my photos, further dig around in the folders to find the photo I wanted to upload, and only THEN can I finally upload it to Flickr. It's really frustrating and tedious, when in the past, you could do this with just a couple of clicks from the photo itself (Share icon, Flickr icon, go). After years of working perfectly, this is definitely a step back--I wish I hadn't updated the app. Were this a desktop computer program, I would've just rolled back to an older version.
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5 years ago, SoperrepoS
iPadOS app needs love
Flickr pro member since 2006 or so. Happy to see some new owners, but I’m not crazy about the membership increase from $25 to $50 a year. Especially with the bugginess present in the current iPad app. App crashes often, app fails to show current view counts, app fails to show new likes, and the app hasn’t changed a whole lot in years. I’m not an advocate of change for the sake of change - when you double the membership fee there needs to be SOMETHING new and exciting that adds value to the experience. Lots of my old groups are pretty dead, and the lack of moderators has attracted some spammy and inappropriate posting. I’m on the fence here. Smug Mug needs to make a case as to why I should stick around, and pay $50 a year. I’m already drowning in subscriptions and services here, and something has got to go
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3 years ago, Kupdogedog
Excellent site for pro and hobbyist photographers
The fact that Flickr uploads the full megabyte files of your photos should speak volumes, which means this site has some of the best quality photos available on the internet. I also enjoy the sharing of photo data feature, it’s not only interesting but very helpful. I’ve also met some really great people from around the globe and have enjoyed their photos and comments. I would suggest paying the subscription fee it will make your photo journey on Flickr much more enjoyable. ;-) The one improvement I’d make is being able to edit comments from a cellular device or iPad. Other than that keep up the good work Flickr!
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2 months ago, sadderhold98
ALMOST the perfect app
Flickr has been wonderful for finding and documenting rare photos of the 2004 tsunami in Asia. However, there is one issue that has been apparent for a long time and still it hasn’t been fixed. When you search for photos, you have to be extremely careful with how you drag your finger when scrolling up or down because the slightest swipe backwards causes the entire search to not only send you back to the top, but it completely rearranges the order that the search results originally came up, which is incredibly exhausting to ignore after it’s happened about 50 times. Other than that, the app is fabulous and I love it so much. I hope you guys can get it fixed!
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10 months ago, Familyman8910
I'm starting to see why Instagram > Flickr
I love what Flickr represents, and therefore purchase a 'Pro' subscription. However, I'm a couple weeks into using Fickr and I only grow more frustrated by the day. Here's some UI issues I've been experiencing with the app: can't refresh anything - I have to close the app entirely, then reopen for stats, notifications, feed, changes to update/refresh. Notifications are garbage - most of the time I don't get them at all in it bell icon, but I'll get an email. If I do get one in the bell icon section, it'll randomly disappear. The group feed shows me photos from 5+ years ago instead of recent photos most of the time. What the heck is up with that!? I'll keep using Flickr for a few more months and update my review if things improve, which I hope they do because I really like the Flickr ecosystem.
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1 year ago, JasonCline13
Unless you want to pay, don’t bother
The contempt Flickr has for its free users is really astounding. I completely understand limiting the number of uploads for free users; blocking moderate content, not so much. I wonder how pro photographers feel about their audience being restricted by Flickr’s greed? The worst is the Flickr Pro pop up every time you go into the app. Not just on opening, but every time you switch back to it. Using Flickr and need to reply to a text? You’ll get the pop up you just viewed come up again when you switch back to the app. And be careful if you favorite too many photos; they’ll just delete your account with no warning. How many is too many? Who knows since it isn’t documented anywhere. And then there’s the cache issue; the app currently is taking up 10gb of storage on my iPhone 12 since the developers can’t be bothered to fix this years old issue.
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6 years ago, TruTxn2003
Best FREE photo Storage AVAILABLE!
Fantastic for businesses or photographers or anyone who wants people to see certain pictures. There are so many options. You can create albums and sets, making pictures viewable to all, or some... at your discretion. The only thing it needs improvement on is its photo editing package. It used to have a great editing package with Picnik... those were the days! You could blur backgrounds and hide items that you didn’t want showing up and ruining an otherwise beautiful masterpiece. FlickR owner, please bring back the functionality we had with Picnik. We all talk about this online. Let us show you the love again. Make yourself #1 again.
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6 years ago, 1-Man
ALL THE SAME OUTRAGEOUS DUMB DEFECTS CONTINUE UPDATE AFTER UPDATE BY THESE INEPT FOOLS! CLEAR CACHE NOW DOES NOT WORK MORONS! FRAUDULENT TAKING OF SPACE FLICKR DOPES! IT WORKED BEFORE YOU SCREWED IT UP WITH YOUR SLOPPY UPDATE! Like the slobs at Apple, which doesn't test anymore before going to market, the incompetent nerds who "evolved" this app ruined what came before (which made sense and worked for the most part) with their now gay designed nonfunctional idiocy which is full of DEFECTS! Rampant defects! - Random rampant duplicates uploaded! - Cache clear utterly DEFECTIVE! Large batch uploads take up enormous cache which does not trash! - No sort order option on albums like on desktop version, an oversight so obvious it shows the idiocy of the developers. - If you have two separate access permissions, one for camera and one for photos, why then must camera be allowed in order to access photos after specifically photos was already given permission? Know why? The monkeys who designed this app are stupid UNEDUCATED dopes. - Upload completed alert remains on all of three seconds! IDIOTS, leave that alert up until the user turns it off! We're not all sitting watching your app work as it screws up! GET SOME COMMON SENSE! If it ain't broke don't fix it morons. Your version from five years ago was more sound. You're unfit for employment.
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5 years ago, Piper5177
Long time user, returning to frequency
I’ve been a Flickr user for more than a decade. I was a very frequent user in the early days and have gone back and forth over the years, trying different platforms. I was concerned when Yahoo! sold Flickr as there were recent changes to revitalize and update the site, app and community. The most recent sale to SmugMug seems to be good for the platform. Updates to the algorithms an tweaks to the interface and apps are good and I find myself spending more time in the environment. The latest app I’m reviewing had been great, though I docked one star for having to click on a different tab after scrolling deep into the explore pages. There is no quick way to return to the top of the page otherwise.
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2 years ago, Ira iPad - 2
Platform to View Other Photos
I have just started to use my Flickr account. I’m retired in south Florida and have just recently started up my hobby photography once again. Flickr allows me to follow some really exceptional photographers and get great ideas for composition and techniques. It’s great fun to post to my account and watch the views come in. Flickr is attached to my iBird app on my iPhone and having an account to upload to gives me an additional perspective on birding and photography. I’m just having fun; and that’s what retirement is all about. Flickr has made improvements to the program that add to the enjoyment of the site. Thank you.
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4 years ago, RyanReviewAppStore
The best option
It is expensive (relative) and uploading sometimes isn’t the smoothest over the years and there is the fear that it won’t be around forever. But let’s be honest, it is currently the very best site for browsing your photos online with the ability to download full resolution jpeg at least. None of the other options come close and it is completely ad and clutter free if you pay for it. And free people browsing your paid account also won’t see ads. Also a ton of extremely talented photographers on here if you get bored looking at your own or just need some inspiration. It is also very good for checking out different lenses.
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11 months ago, hiwasseguy
I Like Flickr
I’m an amateur enthusiast with regard to photography and I’ve used Flickr for a number of years. I know there are other photos sharing sites, but my only experience is with Flickr. That being said, what I appreciate about Flickr is it’s easy navigation for both posting and organizing my photos. I also like how it’s convenient for visitors to my account to see my photos. This is especially important to me as my 90 year old mom likes to see my photos and she has no problems viewing my account. I’ve only recently begun using the phone app and so far so good, though it doesn’t seem quite as user friendly as using Flickr on my laptop. Thanks for the support!
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4 years ago, @SongDuck
I’ve been a photographer for over 5 decades (incl. 4 years as Photo Editor for my college newspaper). I’m an old school photographer and wanted to find an online community with serious photographers, and a website where I can store thousands of photos as an off-site back up. Flickr is exactly what I was looking for. I no longer am a lonely shooter. There are many groups on just about every aspect of photography. One great feature is automatically uploading your digital photos to Flickr. Flickr is also a safe place to upload your photos. I’ve been using Flickr for many years without any problems. I highly recommend Flickr to all photographers.
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5 years ago, Profadnek
Flickr - Treasures in My Pocket
I added Flickr when transitioning from a work computer to a personal one, because Flickr was recommended by an Apple Store clerk, especially because of the free storage of a terabyte of photos. The quality and access with this account has been amazing though I was disappointed that an annual fee for service was added. I have resisted paying but recognize the loss of priceless memories and have decided to work with the company on this new structure. I’ll be watching for the same high quality of service to make this decision worthy of my membership fee for service from a company that I expect to stay true to its origins.
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4 years ago, Ladylonglocks
About Time
Thank you for FINALLY fixing app notifications. Now if you'd just fix the problem of the app crashing, without fail, every time you try to read comments on your images once they number just 25 or so, the app might actually be useable again. Also, let me take this opportunity to make a declaration. You doubled my annual fee for Pro membership when I paid it in August, irrespective of Flickr's decline over the years as a valuable place for professional artists to post their work. I seriously contemplated the value of Flickr when you did so, and ultimately opted to keep Pro for one year to see if SmugMug has the capabilities needed to turn things around. That being said, and despite your suggestion, I'm not "locking in" the price of anything. Raise it again and I'm canceling Pro after a decade of membership. Promise.
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3 years ago, bramborovysalat
Had this app for years
Love flickr and had this app for years but will this app EVER be able to upload in the background? Surely this needs to be on top of the list of priorities as this is a basic operational functionality. I got everything enabled in settings and let’s say I am uploading 100 photos and the phone goes to screen saver at 66 … when I switch back to the app I am still at 66. What is even more annoying is that once this happens the transfer takes double the time to upload. I literally have to go to settings, switch the screen timeout to never, plug the phone into a charger and leave it running for hours until it finally completes. So after the past 8 years PLEASE fix it!
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