4.5 (1.5K)
71.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bevin Software OU
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fling!

4.54 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, M(oz)Tunes
Great Go-To Game
This is the perfect go-to game. Whether you just have a couple of minutes to kill or you’re looking to settle in and play for a while, Fling is always there for you, it always works, and it never fails to keep your attention. It can be very challenging but is never impossible; it always seems to be just what you were looking for in entertainment. I’ve had it for years now and play it practically every day even for just a minute or two, though it has certainly kept me occupied for much much longer! The fur balls are so cute and hilarious I wish you would make little stuffed ones, I would definitely have them all on my bed,!,
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5 years ago, Adrine
The Best!
This is that one game that is always working with zero bugs. I’ve been playing for years and love the challenge that this game provides. There are different game modes but my brain needs free play mode. It is a great exercise for your mind and the little fur balls are adorable. I swear they roll their eyes at me when I make a wrong move. They are so lovable I just want to hug them. Seriously this game is extremely addicting. Look up once in a while or you’ll get lost in it.
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11 years ago, M McIrish
Love it!
Each level has puzzles organized around a particular logic, which is great--it's not just that each level is harder. Each time you progress, you've picked up a piece of knowledge on how they structure their puzzles, which is essential for higher levels. So much better than games or puzzles that just get more frustrating without making you learn anything new or think differently. If you love puzzles, buy it. Really.
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2 months ago, Paul E Martin
Be tenacious
If you think too hard, you can be become more confused. Use lessons learned to previous mistakes and conquer your games. When I got to level 27 had to delete my history and start over from scratch so that it didn’t blow my mind. 😁 it isn’t so fun at the higher level so I didn’t wand it to blow my head off. LoL 😂 have lots of fun with these puzzles. By all means take breaks along the way. 🥴
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11 years ago, chocolategirl77
Be Warned: Highly Addictive
I love this game!! It is highly addictive. Great graphics. loads of fun. I have the office workers hooked on it as well. You will get addicted. I get stuck at a level and swear that I will never play again, then the next thing you know I am playing again. I still dont know how the game winds up back in my hands. i love these lil furballs, but i hate them too. I swear they roll their eyes at me when I get stuck on a puzzle. lol. Great fun. Get this app if you dont already have it. Just beware that you will get addicted.
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2 years ago, Nightgypsy
Definitely worth your time!
This is one of the best games I ever downloaded for my iPhone. It is a simple game that really makes you have to figure it out more and more as you get higher in levels. The graphics are perfect and I adored it from the moment I first saw the icon. Hopefully that never changes because silly as it may sound, it just makes me happy :) Thanks for such a great game!
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4 years ago, Turtlebear72
Back at it!
Played this game years ago and enjoyed it on my iPod touch. I’m always looking for good puzzle games that are challenging. Through the years i’ve tried to find others but most games these days have mechanisms that encourage you to pay as you go or you have to watch A LOT of ads. Fling doesn’t do any of that! So I’m back at it all these years later and still enjoying it.
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11 years ago, myfriendscallmebill
Long-term Enjoyment
I've been playing Fling ever since it came out. I like that it's simple, cute, there's no time pressure and it's all about solving each puzzle. The only thing I don't like, which I find very annoying, is that it keeps asking me if I want to join/sign into Game Center. No I don't! I really wish it would either learn my preference or give me the option of turning this off.
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11 years ago, Furball Friends
Lots of Fun!
I'm 40, my daughter is 12, and we both have fun playing this game! I especially enjoy the feature that allows you to try over and over again until you get it right. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes mildly challenging but not frustratingly hard puzzle games.
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5 years ago, Alwaysgettingorganized
Really good in many ways
This game is challenging but not overwhelming. I work with it a few days, advancing, and then can come back to it weeks or months later and enjoy it more. I really like that it can be relaxing while being challenging; there is no time pressure. It is good for so many ages...and yes, the little fur balls and sounds are fun!
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4 years ago, Just me *g
Cute game with fluffy characters (balls)
Instantly loved playing this puzzle game. Some games are easy, some are very difficult. You can earn hints along the way to get you through when you are stuck. I like the expressions the fluffy balls have. Have had this game for years now and still find it engaging.
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11 years ago, Dmg127
Thinking good fun!
From little fuzzies to a thinking person this game in it own way creates a fun, healthy environment for all who play! It's cute and friendly yet can really challenge you to solve. This definitely designed with the whole family in mind! Go ahead and try it, you may get hooked and challenged like I did!
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11 years ago, ThatMommaMsAbbie
Awesome game!!
I am addicted to this game!! However, there r a couple of things that I would to see in the next update. 1. When you push the hint button it should ask, ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO USE A HINT. Bc I have hit it on accident. 2. It should also ask if you are sure you want to start a new game. Bc I have also hit new game when I just wanted to resume old game. Other than that it is a really FUN game.
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11 years ago, Dawn3430
Awesome mind game!!
At first I thought the game Fling was just way too easy. Then I got to a higher level....the higher the level the most you have to use your mind to figure out how to clear the board with leaving only one fur ball!!! If you're looking for something to challenge your mind, this game is it!!!!
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11 years ago, Aaron G. Stock
Challenging, cute, complete at your own pace
This game rewards your logical thinking. I was stuck for a *very* long time on one puzzle on Level 18, which forced me to really think of which configurations do or don't lead to a solution. That brainwork helped me cruise through the next few levels.
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11 years ago, KimE1023
Fling is fun and a challenge
The puzzles start out easy and have continued to challenge me. It's fun and really makes you think Didn't play for months, started it up a few days ago and it's better then I remember, if you want to really think, get FLING Ok, for the 3rd time this iis a fun game and a challenge
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4 years ago, SpouttinOff
Be careful, it can be rather addictive
I play this game about 30 minutes a day and it is very hard to put down because it is so fun to play. It’s kinda like chess with a little flair. You do have to concentrate a lot more as you move up in levels but that’s what I like about it.
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10 months ago, LogicalGg
Long time Flinger!
I think I must've started playing Fling when it first came out, and it's still my favorite brain game of all time. It's the one I just keep coming back to, and I can't imagine being without it! Try it, you'll love it! ♥️
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11 years ago, Ck aka Chelle
Great for young and old
Been playing this with my grandson since he was three. We play at restaurants while waiting for the food. Keeps us both entertained. Not over wheeling for the little ones and still a challenge for the adults!
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11 years ago, Wontletmechoosemynickname
This game is simple enough early on for the younger kids (ages 5+) to enjoy yet challenging enough for teens and adults to have to think of how the solution should be. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of being asked to pay for the hints once we ran out for the level we were last on.
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11 years ago, SITE Sleuths
As addicting as any "match 3" game but refreshingly different. Games are challenging without being aggravating. I only wish there could be a couple profiles on the same device so my daughter and I could keep our own games going.
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11 years ago, Not_U
Lots of fun
One of my favorite games on my iPhone. It's challenging just as much you need it to be without getting frustrated. Nice background music. Could have used more tracks, though. All in all, awesome way to kill time and give your brain a little workout.
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3 years ago, donald-t
Challenging game
This is a very challenging game, Although the early levels are not too difficult and will get you started eventually you have to anticipate moves in advance in order to get through it.
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11 years ago, AG2F
Puzzle classic!
The furry little balls, which are sitting pensively on a green lawn in the classic skin of the game, must be removed one at a time from the playing field, until only one ball remains to solve a puzzle. Ridiculously simple at first, but as the number of balls increases, the puzzles are quite challenging to humans.
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11 years ago, amyechandler
Fun, challenging, addictive
Love that it saves your game. Love that it has four different modes, and you can save your progress in every mode. Easy at first, but now I have to really struggle to get the solution -- so awesome when you finally figure out a tough puzzle!
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11 years ago, JamesKaff
Great, additive game for a few minutes if downtime
I have been playing this for a year it so. It is the kind of thing you can leave for a month and come back to. My kids ages 11 and 12 both also enjoy.
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11 years ago, joni62
At first I thought this game too simple and that I'd soon be bored. Not so! It lulls u into a false sense of security and becomes very tricky. Also shows that u need to think outside the box and not make the most obvious moves. You can always use a hint, but the real challenge is to do it without the help. Try it, you'll like it.
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9 years ago, summerblossom826
I love this game
I've been playing this game since I first got an iphone in 9th grade. I am now in my second year of college and Its still one of my all time favorites I play as i fall asleep. Although I often end up dream endlessly about how to solve the puzzles....
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9 years ago, Suspect917
Fun, engaging and not as easy as it first appears!
This is a great strategic game that is easy to pick up at any time. The animations are simple; not over the top or annoying. Highly recommend trying it out, but stay with it to really be challenged.
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11 years ago, monnaH2405
You'll think it's easy until you get to the higher levels. Watch out it's addictive ! HINT: Sometimes it helps to turn the phone and see it from a different view. .
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11 years ago, D4rkh4v0k
Super fun, candy crush doesn't compare with fling. This is a game of total domination. I bought fling a while back, lost my phone and found it again. Thanks fling team, keep it up. I will keep flinging it till the day I die. 3 cheers for fling.
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11 years ago, Bigfanoftheapp
Great Fun!!!
Awesome puzzle type game, endless fun! I've had this game for over a year, and it is great for those nights when you can't sleep. I lose interest in games quick, but I just keep coming back to this one.
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6 years ago, Tweeterlyn
Fun challenging game
I downloaded this game several years ago and had forgotten about it. I tutor 2 boys who are 6 years old. They love to take a break from their lessons to play this game. It has reminded me how much fun I used to have playing it.
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11 years ago, Teddybear2470
Great use of thought.
Leveling up makes you think more and more about your next move. I like the fact that it get harder and harder to complete a level.
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11 years ago, saijiki88
Great Game
A friend of mine turned me on to this game some time ago, and although I am not an avid player, I keep coming back. And I am not a game player. Enjoyable and challenging. If you enjoy logic puzzles, give it a try. You will like it.
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4 years ago, sugarplumfan
Always a challenge
I play level 13 over and over trying to get a really good time. Some puzzles are still difficult for me so I don't want to advance yet
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10 years ago, Lala
Love this game!
The best procrastinating tool ever! Except, you feel like your brain is getting a workout. Forget that Loomoss city game, this is more fun! If you have somewhere to be, set a reminder because you won't want to stop.
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2 years ago, DrKulin
10+ years still playing today
This was one of the first iPhone games I’ve ever played and still do today. Love it!
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11 years ago, DeepHistorian
My Personal Favorite!!
In my opinion, Fling is perfectly balanced. While beating each successive level is increasingly difficult, I can EVENTUALLY win, which prevents me from becoming so discouraged that I quit. Well done, Fling, well done.
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11 years ago, Sunfry21
Fun and simplistic
I like the fur balls and the music. It's simple yet keeps you wanting to play. The way it's set up as well, you can play for five seconds or five minutes, which I find very convenient.
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2 years ago, mls290
Fun and challenging
Great game when you have a few minutes to spare. I love that after purchasing the game I don’t need to spend any money! How refreshing.
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7 years ago, pgperson😃
The best game
This is a really fun game! I remember playing this when I was young so much!Some are easy and some are hard though! Every time I use a hint, I’m like,”It was so obvious! How did I not figure this?” Download this it’s so fun!
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8 years ago, KlarenM
One of my favorites
Well-worth it. Relaxing and challenging at the same time. Makes you think, as each puzzle get progressively harder. One of my favorite apps.
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7 years ago, SVande
Great but...
This game play is great. But since the new update, I can no longer play my PAID version. Every time I open the app it starts to load, then crashes and takes me to my home screen. I would give it 5 stars for fun....but I can't play it anymore!! Now it should get zero. Stupid.
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11 years ago, WhoDat!!Fan
Thinking game
If you like a challenge this is the game for you. It's not so hard that its frustrating. There is just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting.
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4 years ago, MarApp55
Great game
I started playing this game when game apps first came out. I’ve played many puzzle games and keep coming back to this one due to its simplicity. Provides great logic practice.
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11 months ago, Joe Kessler
This is a real game
If you’re like me, you vaguely remember playing this game on like… an iPhone 3GS a long time ago and not really knowing what it was. Thought it was a fever dream, I didn’t think it was real. It is, in fact, very real.
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11 years ago, 66 Woodstock
Great challenge while waiting for your appointment!
Colorful, addictive game that uses great music to sooth your day as you kill time between appointments or whenever you have a spare minute.
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11 years ago, 👨
Entertaining and quite cute to boot
At times terribly frustrating, but it's such a satisfying feeling when you can tell you are about to fling the final fuzzball off the board. Well done.
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11 years ago, Wavefcgirl09
Great game!
I love this game!! I never get bored because they're are so many puzzle challenges! I recommend this game to anyone looking for something to pass the time faster.
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