Flip Camera - True Mirror

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4.4 (1.1K)
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To Trien
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flip Camera - True Mirror

4.43 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
1 month ago, RoseFried27
Hi! this app is very helpful. HOWEVER I have two suggestions. Can you please add a grid option for the camera? Also can you please move the different mode names? When the mirror is flipped the center is blocked for a moment but the mode. Thank you!
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12 months ago, hahafun :D
Really useful, but filter gets in the way
This app makes it possible to see how the picture will turn out before you take it. The native iOS camera settings give you the option to flip photos taken by the front camera *after* you’ve taken it (so you can see yourself how others see you / as if someone else took a picture of you). But it may take several tries to get a decent picture, because the camera feed that you see on your screen when you’re trying to take the picture is still in “mirror mode,” and it only gets flipped after the picture is taken. This app solves that problem. My only gripe is that there’s some sort of gaussian blur filter that’s impossible to remove (even after going to settings —> All Filters Off). I’d rather not see my face blurred like a porcelain doll if I’m trying to get a more accurate picture of what I look like to others, lol. Hope this gets fixed.
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1 year ago, SophiaRichardson
The only camera app to show you exactly how you’re seen
It’s insane all other apps somehow universally agreed to see how you look in the mirror not how the actual photos are with no option to change. By looking at myself AS I’m actually seen, all my photos got instantly extremely better. I’d give this 50 stars. It’s actually making sense in this upside down world.
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11 months ago, weeby.skull
Definitely will use
Whenever i do my hair i always think it looks good but then after getting an iphone and seeing as apl the pictures i take of myself get mirrored to what someone who is looking at me would see i realized that my hair does not in fact look good So I’m definitely gonna try using this app to help me fix my appearance and such
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1 year ago, Krnii
Please allow us to remove pop up
Please include an option to get rid of the “Tap and drag on screen to select focus area” pop up. It’s very inconvenient that it comes up everytime you use the app.
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4 years ago, What ti do no nickname
A rather simple, easy to use app that does exactly what it says on the tin. It would be great if you could correct the spelling of “forcus” through a later update or something.
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5 months ago, Meh, it's okay.
It does the corrected image… but
There’s a very obvious filter that smooths out imperfections. Veins, old acne scars, bags under eyes all get washed over. It’s nice, but it’s not what you “really” look like.
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5 years ago, MyReviews2.0
It's alright
This has been the only option I've found to make pictures from the front facing camera not come out backwards. I don't like how it automatically sets blur and beauty filters every time you open the app and it has resulted in some pictures turning out really bad. They should really just add some of these features built in to the iPhone.
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8 months ago, hahahahhhhh.hi
do NOT get
I tried this to se what I look like, but this app drained my battery VEEY FAST. For instance my iPhone was at 10%, just about a minute later, it was at 1%. The app also has a weird “filter” on that makes your skin look blurry. I’m afraid that the app was “uploading” what I was doing to something? This would explain my battery loss. I will not be using again and will delete the app.
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3 years ago, Imericxu
Can’t turn Beauty Mode off
I suppose it works, but I had to find a different app because even when Beauty Mode is off, it’s still on. The only reason anyone would use a flipped camera/mirror is to see how they really look, not a filtered version.
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5 years ago, wbrsf
Great utility for true-view on front cam
I use this to look behind things, like the back of my audio rack. The true-view lets me read the labels on ports & connectors. Brilliant!
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3 years ago, Choosing battle
Face smoothening filter?
I believe that this app has a face smoothening filter than you can not remove which I do not like because I want to see the real me and it makes me lose a little trust in this app's, "true mirror."
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2 years ago, KevBeBreezy1
Stunning photos
I love this app. It lets me see my true image and also has a beautiful filter
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1 year ago, Eugenius 19
Does what it says
Nice tool; would be great if it allowed for zoom.
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3 years ago, Salivanted
Simple but perfect! I love it :*
Better than others! Simple but absolutely useful:*
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2 years ago, elliottry
This is the best one on the main list that comes up.
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3 years ago, yaz9987
There appears to be some kind of beauty filter on while using the app. I just want to be able to see the true view of myself without it. Not sure how to take it off
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5 years ago, hate flipped swlfies
The best option I have found to correct the very annoying feature of the front cam on the iphone that flips and distorts images, is the free app, True Visage.
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4 years ago, dolh-iop
This is exactly what I looking for, true visage
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8 months ago, iluvhueningkai
Be prepared
Well now Ik where all my plastic surgery needs to be 👍🏻 never realized I looks like this to others
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2 months ago, Sara2468024
Great app but please give us the option to turn off the smooth filter. I want to see my pores and imperfections!! PLEASEE!!
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2 years ago, BonelessBanana
The app takes wifi and cellular data while in selfie preview. Why? Is it uploading to somewhere? I dont trust it
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3 years ago, Cavalry Soldier
Flip picture
Great app
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12 months ago, kelly the dog lover
It’s fine…but…
You will see your true self, but don’t get it if you don’t wanna be insecure. Stick to a mirror. Very insecure now.
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3 years ago, Jayekun
Exactly what I wanted
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4 years ago, nhikw
This is exactly watch i looking for
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2 years ago, Llis.
Curiously Fun
I’m new to this but so far, it’s fun.
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4 years ago, Mrs T3Link
I love this app.
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12 months ago, baseoneman
Tried to sell you phone clean app. Stay away scam
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4 years ago, QTToan
Great app!!
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4 years ago, StradeUs
very usefull
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2 years ago, beautyalltheway
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