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User Reviews for FLIR ONE

4.51 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, ImInOhio
Flir one is an incredible tool
This update is a great improvement over the previous major version. The auto ranging now gives a much more contrasty image without having to move it over to FLIR tools, and I don’t know what the secret sauce is behind the image stacking or whatever FLIR is doing to improve image sharpness but it too seems better. Now, if FLIR would offer some sort of battery replacement program for my FLIR One Pro, I could enjoy this for more than a couple minutes at a time.
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2 years ago, Vyrox
Missing Features for FLIR One Gen 3 ?
I purchased the FLIR One Gen 3 to use with this app after reviewing a digital manual of the device which included very important features for IR Scale and Lock Span. Neither of these features seem to be available for this device when using the app, even though the manual clearly mentions them for the non-pro device. Am I missing something? The device seems great but requires the app to use it and from what I can see, this app is extremely limited in capability, which really downgrades the user experience. Without these critical features, I wouldn’t recommend the product and might suggest look at other brands. Added detail: I reached out to FLIR technical support shortly after the original comment here (4 months ago) and did receive feedback - but was not helpful. I was basically blown off and told IR Scale and Lock Span were no longer available on this device. It would be one thing if the device hardware limited these features, but that is not the case here. This is obviously a deliberate attempt to limit user experience on lower cost units in the hopes to drive more sales on higher priced devices. If you are going to do something like this, do it from the start and don’t remove functionality after it was previously available. That’s pretty low. And please don’t provide a canned response that “you’ll look into it and review” when there is clearly no intention do so.
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1 month ago, j182749502
Poor Photo Permissions
Dear developer, Please refer to the PhotoKit documentation. As a user, if I grant access to “select photos” your application should still be able to take pictures and write photos to the photos library. You shouldn’t need read access to every photo I’ve ever taken in order to function properly. UPDATE: DO NOT BUY FLIR PRODUCTS. As you’ll see the “developer” commented that I can reach out to support and they appreciated my feedback. That’s just generic customer service jargon and it means nothing. The truth is it’s just another company with outsourced support and they don’t care about the end user. I created a ticket with their support team over a month ago on July 21st, 2023 and provided all the details on how to implement the change to fix the bug. As a developer myself, I know this is a simple bug fix. No one has followed up. I also followed up again on July 29th, 2023 and still have not received a response from their support team. If you spend over $500 dollars on a product it should work out of the box. The lack of correspondence shows this company sells products that they don’t intend to support. I have since shipped back the product and will never buy from them again.
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9 months ago, Bobhert1
Great device but MSX mode is meh
This is a very cool device. After a short charge it connected to my phone/app without any issues and I was immediately able to see warm and cold spots in my walls and ceilings. I’m very impressed. My only criticism so far is the MSX mode. They’ve gone to the trouble of adding a visible light camera so they can overlay the images, but the system just uses the visible light info to generate artificial lines that are superimposed on the IR image. In many cases this detracts from the image rather than enhancing it. I would like to have the option to blend the visible and IR images with adjustable opacity, with the option to turn off the artificial lines. That would produce better images in my opinion. I’ve actually used my phone camera to take a photo and blended it with the IR-only image using a theirs party app and I like the results.
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2 years ago, Jay Cagey
Latest version breaks device
The new version of the app is incompatible with my gen1 device. FLIR’s solution? Turn off auto updates and don’t update the app. Except those who have auto updates enabled will have already received the newer version. Brilliant! They could have released a separate app for their newer devices or a legacy app for their older ones. But no, if I managed to find out about this problem before receiving the update then they think it’s best that I forever manually update all my apps. And not with taking “Update all”. No, I get to tap “Update” next to each of the dozens of app updates I get — and that I should do this on every one of my devices. To add insult to injury, when people complain about this in the reviews, they just respond with a generic “please call tech-support” message — as if that would get us a solution other than the idiotic one they’re forcing on us. FLIR has revealed itself to be both lazy and incompetent.
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10 months ago, 🍍 do no grow on 🌴
This app is almost perfect
This is a great interface for the FLIR ONE. There are a couple of things that would make it even better. Most importantly: Please include an option to change where the take photo button is!!!! This button is on the bottom of the phone for the normal camera app because the camera is on the top of the phone. However, the FLIR ONE is one the BOTTOM of the phone, so the take photo button should be at the top. With the button so close to the camera, it’s not possible to hold comfortably, and I have to spend more time carefully positioning my hands. Even then, I sometimes miss when my hand is in frame of the visual camera (which is above the infrared camera). Please allow us to move the button. Some non-important things are the repeated request access to bluetooth popups when I’m not using a camera that requires bluetooth are annoying. I’ve also encountered issues when leaving the app while the camera is connected then going back into the app—sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect the camera to get it to work. I’m in love with the fact that there is an app that makes sharing pictures with others easy.
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2 years ago, FLI'M Irate
Fools, Losers, Idiots and Rejects
Clearly that’s what FLIR stands for. I buy their product, it’s good. Then they go and ‘update’ the app rendering some cameras useless and taking away features that already existed from the rest. Then they ‘mail merge’ the same canned response to 100 consecutive 1 star reviews. You can no longer time lapse an hour of footage down to 2 minutes. You now have to completely max out your phone’s memory with the full hour. You will lose IQ points trying to figure out why they would do that. They didn’t just ruin the app they ruined their whole reputation, company and every incentive I would ever have to buy another product from them. This is an Epic fail if there ever was one. Selling a product then breaking it for you?!?! Their ‘New’ app is a bigger tragedy than New Coke.
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8 months ago, FX Guy1990
I want the old app back!
I don’t get it. Why change the app? Before, you would open FLIR One, connect your FLIR One uni, and then get to work. You would have a bunch of helpful adjustments and the ability to record video or take photos. Now, it connects the FLIR One unit and requires you to download additional apps that are used for automotive or home inspections and they don’t have near the number of setting adjustments. Just switching from Celsius to Fahrenheit or meters to feet. I think that without those useful adjustments, the quality on screen is suffering as well. FLIR has alway set the standard, when it came to thermal technology so I don’t understand these watered down and not useful new way to access one of my favorite tools.
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2 years ago, Retrostyle
Great update
And another great update. App starts almost instantly when a FLIR camera is connected. Auto calibration is much faster. Solid update guys, keep up the great work. So happy to see continued work being done on this app.
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2 years ago, ChortleFrog
Unacceptable customer support
So let me get this straight… you release an update that will render my older hardware useless, and force ME to NOT update in order to keep using MY purchase?? So I have to disable ALL automatic app updates on ALL my devices that could use my old camera?? So EVERY time I’m manually updating EVERY one of my other apps on EVERY one of my devices for the rest of my camera’s life, then I’m just one accidental tap away from rendering my camera useless on that device?? If this is how you treat your customers, then I will NEVER buy one of your products again and will actively advocate for every person I know, and every company I’m involved with, to never spend another dime at your company.
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2 years ago, Glenthro
Fails after apple update
FLIR ONE works really well when you first get it. However; once Apple provides an update for your phone the camera no longer works. Also when you call flir one they simply tell you they can’t do nothing about Apple updating the phone. They also tell you that they got an app update coming out for their camera but you’ll find after waiting one or two years and making numerous calls that nothing pans out you end up with a worthless camera attachment that never works again and an app update for that camera that never comes out. I had to throw my FLIR ONE camera away after only using it for three months.
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12 months ago, jd2020
Great app except for Photo Library support
Version four of this app is a major improvement over previous versions. If you’re going to use the FLIR camera, you don’t have any choice but to use this app. It’s mildly irritating that the app doesnt support saving photos to the library without access to “all photos“. This has been around in iOS for more than two years, but FLIR apparently chooses not to support it.
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1 year ago, Tom Timson
Terrible privacy invading junk
The app only works if you give it permissions to access ALL the photos in your library (probably so they can steal them and upload to the cloud, like LinkedIn and Facebook used to do with your contacts) Or maybe FLIR’s app developers are too dumb to understand how to use iOS APIs correctly. iOS provides an add-only photo API, but the app refuses to do anything if you select privacy to add-only. It even refuses to work if you select the “selected photos” privacy setting. Can’t believe I paid hundreds of dollars for a FLIR ONE.
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9 months ago, GFRoff
Pretty worthless with the Edge Pro
When it works the app and device are amazing, really impressive thermal granularity. However at least with the Edge Pro (the wireless version) it usually loses connectivity within 10-20 seconds, then often takes many attempts (and sometimes resets) to reconnect (and then fail again in 10-20s). Cannot recommend this product right now, really painful to use. Frustrating since it works just enough to see the potential!
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3 months ago, tritip fairy
They ruined a good thing.
I was off of the app for a bit, but have to say I liked it much better when it wasn’t pushing cloud services at me that I don’t want, and when it didn’t put up a big black UI box falsely claiming that I have to allow the app to connect to local network devices. The camera still works and I can still save the pictures to my phone for the time being. The changes feel a lot like a cash grab to me.
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2 years ago, Scigod_1
Ditching your original customers
From your original customers who purchase what is now the 1st Gen FLIR One for iPhone 5/5S and SE, why did your update have to render our still functional devices unusable? Fine, you don’t want to continue support for your original product, but you didn’t have to steal functionality from your customer’s property. Why would I want to buy your next version now that I know you intend to disable that one as well when you want to increase revenue.
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2 years ago, AlexMitin
Flir One Gen 1 - no camera image
After Flir One app auto-updated on my iPhone SE (1st gen) I don’t see the camera image from Flir One Gen 1. I think the app version is 4.1. The app recognizes the device - it shows that it’s connected and shows the battery percentage, but NO camera image. The developer SHOULD FIX IT. This is a BAD practice to break that was working properly. I used Flir One for years - worked like a charm, until recent app update. On iOS there is no way to get back to the previous version of the app. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM.
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7 months ago, Kiruru
Disappointed with app's excessive photo access and functionality issues
Why does the app require access to ALL photos on my phone? My recollection is that the app only used to write to the photo album. Now, if I grant access to seleted photos, the app will not function at all. Additionally, it takes much longer for the app to load up the live view. I have faith in your ability to make the app even more subpar in the next update.
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1 year ago, happy 1946285736
I’m going to make a new FLIR app myself
Hello everyone, I have decided that this camera is so important and useful for people’s lives. I’m an electrical engineer with sw experience so I will be starting a group on fb or maybe linkedin. I can tackle the hardware interface and communication if someone can help with the ios app viewer with the graphics and colors interface this should only take a few people to make something spectacular. Please join FLIR ONE APP REDESIGN Group on facebook lets gooooo
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2 years ago, IckyThumpin'
Gen. 1 FLIR One NOT supported anymore
The new FLIR software bricked my first generation FLIR One. It’s absolutely reprehensible that they’re trying to force people into purchasing the newer hardware. My old FLIR One worked perfectly and now it’s rendered useless by this company. There’s no way I’m ever buying another FLIR product. And yeah, I’m sure they have enough government contracts that they don’t care about losing a few retail customers, but that’s not an excuse for bricking perfectly good (AND EXPENSIVE) hardware.
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6 months ago, tdubskid
Works great
Make sure to follow the instructions exactly for it to work right
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1 year ago, engr_jack
Abandoned Gen1
I am still able to use my Gen1 because I got a warning that updating will brick it. Yesterday the FLIR1 app with my Gen1 locked up my iPhone. It was more than five minutes of trying to restart before the last FLIR1 image faded from the screen and the phone rebooted. What are my options now? Upgrade? No, FLIR abandoned the original FLIR1 customers and if I upgrade the app I can just throw the FLIR1 in the trash. Purchase another FLIR product? No, since I have no idea how long it will be supported. How do companies like FLIR expect brand loyalty when they won’t support their original customers? And respond with the same mail-merged ‘you’re out of luck’ response to each of those original customers?
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1 year ago, LightSleeper2
iPhone 6 incompatible
Was great until recently. Stopped working. My iPhone 6 Plus software is 12.5.5 but app wants 14.0. Reloaded app but turns off after 2 seconds of FLIR image. Works on friend’s iphone 7 with latest download. Will not download iphone 6plus compatible version. Completely useless to me now. Battery life very short when it used to work.
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2 years ago, andrewbatz
Lost features in the redesign
I can’t use the crosshairs to measure any temperature point other than the absolute center. I used to be able to, and the tool I bought is worth less without that ability.
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2 years ago, LoyalCustomerG
Expected more
For a device that costs so much money I expected an app with better functionality. We should be allowed to enter our own emissivity value instead of being given limited preselected options. Would be nice if we could select colors on manual temperature scale instead of just min max values. The camera alignment needs more adjustability and should allow for both x and y adjustments.
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2 months ago, psychoanesthesia
Buggy, buggy, and more buggy
Sometimes unable to join network, sometimes can. Then it’ll freeze for seconds at a time, despite the camera being clipped onto the phone. Then it might drop the connection completely. It’s almost unusable. iPhone 12 Pro.
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2 years ago, pattera5
Confusing mess
The app actually works fine for my needs, but with the v4 of the app, flir has opted for a support mess. Rather than create a separate app for a new generation of their device, they are relying on the owners of prior generations not to update the existing app, and are saying it might not work. It’s hard to recommend the app and hardware based on this lack of consideration for its continuing use.
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4 months ago, Quincy Van Winkle
Used to be great
Bring back the old app. Been using this for a couple years now, some time recently they changed it to have a bunch of ad-spam before you actually get access to your connected FLIR camera. I don’t want to have to skip past multiple screens for a bunch of apps I’ll never use just to get to the camera feed.
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2 months ago, erioto27
needs a fixed temperature range feature
The apps works great. I just wished the temperature range didnt keep readjusting based on what’s in the screen. It makes it a bit complicated to read as you move through
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1 year ago, TornadoNewbie
Quality is slipping in newest Pro version
I was part of the Kickstarter campaign for the original FLIR One Gen 1 product. It was amazing on an iPhone 6s! The newest version of FLIR One Pro app has latency issues, lower update rate, and pano photo option removed. Please have your developers look into this. The FLIR ONE Pro should be amazing, however even on an iPhone 13Pro with newest iOS, there is approximately a 500ms latency in what is displayed on screen versus what is captured. Furthermore, the refresh rate appears to be less than 8Hz and the pano photo option has been completely removed. Make the app and hardware great again! Please.
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1 year ago, rongdoer
It’s simple and it works pretty smoothly. I don’t know why it loaded its own ‘example’ photos that I did not take into my photo library when I gave it library permission. A little suspect. No other app has done that.
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2 years ago, cmpaugh
FLIR just alienated it’s customers with app update
The latest version of the app is not compatible with my Gen 1 FLIR device. No warning was given by FLIR that they’d stop supporting Gen 1 devices with the new app version. I’d not have updated my app if I knew FLIR was going to pull this scam to get people to buy more devices — and a scam it was. FLIR is located up the highway from me In Wilsonville. I am very disappointed.
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2 years ago, zantor the giant elephant
Fine I guess, but I’ll never buy FLIR again
Only saves jpeg, and insists on slapping a watermark on all saved images. This is the only camera I have ever seen in my life that won’t save without a big stupid logo. Wouldn’t take much effort to give us an option to turn that off.
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6 months ago, Horsielover25053
Dosent work
App info said it was compatible with my iPhone version. I got as far as it saying I needed some device. Didn’t know I need a flir device? All it dose it go to some screen showing a phone connecting to a flir device. Weird. And totally pointless. Thought you could just download it and start taking pics of things.
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2 years ago, AppFzx
Doesn’t work yet again
Plug in, turn on, FLIR led orange for a few seconds, then flashing green. App just keeps saying to plug it in and turn it on. Tried switching the order of things, tried reinstalling. FLIR’s apps and products have given me problems for going on 10 years now. Why can’t they work out the bugs?
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1 year ago, dont care aa
Wasted my money.
I bought an iPod touch only to use with the device. For the first year it worked fine. Now that Apple has new updates and FLIR has new updates, I can no longer use it do too it no longer having backward compatibility. FLIR didn’t indicate that there would stop supporting use of iPod touch.
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3 weeks ago, Combustible1
Works great
Eats battery as expected. I do wish I could rotate to landscape mode when using airplay to cast the image to a monitor. Other wise, very happy with the camera and app.
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2 years ago, SandheepS
IR/photo offset adjustment insufficient
I've used 2 different Flir One Gen 3 units and have moved the offset slider from one extreme to another, but I was unable to get the IR image to align to the photo image. This should be a quick bug fix, hopefully someone is listening.
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5 months ago, drjordan7051
It’s a great app just great
I found no problems with me 10/10 for me
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9 months ago, Hildehin
FLIR one pro fails to activate
FLIR one pro will sometimes take 5-10 minutes to load - with app crashes and camera turning off just because it’s taking so long. That’s on a good day. Days like today it’s not even turning on and app just stalls and crashes. Waste of money.
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10 months ago, flir one
Does not work with the updated app
I have the flir one 2nd gen for iOS, with this new update the picture quality is bad, it was working perfectly with the previous software now it’s bad. I believe flir did this on purpose so you can buy their more expensive cameras.
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4 months ago, Dc331
Features Removed?
I may be late to the party here, but my FLIROne Gen2 had quite a few features in the app that are now gone. Most important one was what FLIR is now calling Auto/Manual. Does that exist somewhere else or in some different app?
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2 years ago, Iphone home
Takes a while to connect.
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1 month ago, Brotha Jay
Forced iOS 15
If Flir cannot support earlier OS' on new installs then it's a failure. Given the reviews and the ridiculously vapid 'Developer responses' I'd say this is a company to avoid. They force bad practices on consumers because they're considered competition-free. They're not. Look elsewhere for a product line that isn't so gelded by crooked anti-trust measures.
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1 year ago, Sam Horner
New update is junk!
Thanks for messing up an app that used to work! Also, thanks for providing NO instructions or documentation after completely changing the user interface! I want a refund. The hardware is now USELESS thanks to this terrible update!
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11 months ago, Gunter78911
Trashy company.
I work for a Major global gold mine company, and the new update rendered everything obsolete. Our electrician’s can’t use their devices for daily PM’s. We are in the process of transitioning back, to Fluke products so this won’t happen again.
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2 years ago, Eijh
Don’t ask me to rate every time
Every time I connect the thermal camera it puts up a modal dialog asking me to rate their app. Every single time at the most inopportune moment. I finally decided to give them what they want. A rating. One star.
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2 years ago, JsRedLine
What happened
Used to be able to choose where it showed the temp as well as pick different spots now it is stuck in center of screen for I g me to take 2 or 3 pictures of something I could have gotten in 1
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2 years ago, Dr. Reverend Daddy
This will BRICK older Flir one
Inexcusabe. No warning that this doesnt support earlier flir one cameras and it will WASTE hours of your time until you finally call their support and they politely tell you that you are just out of luck, buy a new one. Fat chance.
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11 months ago, 20th century amy
Not deletable
All my settings are fine, totally able to delete most other apps, but Flir won’t let go. Not cool at all. Have reset, turned device on and off, still no option to delete.
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