FloatMe: Fast Cash Advances

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User Reviews for FloatMe: Fast Cash Advances

4.75 out of 5
75.9K Ratings
3 years ago, DaphneThrasher
Not there when you need it most
There are times when my main accounts get SO low (we’re in the middle of a pandemic) that and extra $20 offered by FM would make all the difference in the world. It could feed us and allow us a couple of dollars of gas. In my circumstance,only reason for accessing apps such as float Me is to get that receive and that $20 last a couple of days until my scheduled payday. With the restrictions shown on the app with regard to bank balances, that check to see if you have money in your account or not, will automatically deny your request for a $20 float. The irony is that if I HAD money in my bank account, the necessity to use Float Me wouldn’t exist. As a frequent user, Float Me needs to update their rules in order to help those of us who do not currently have money in their account for a couple of days until payday. We are struggling out here and that $20 could and does keep us from struggling or literally being hungry. My opinion? A bank balance containing cash makes using Float Me rather redundant. This rule should be rethought. This app is useless if a zero balance is the determining factor Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion.
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2 years ago, Angela/TJ/Bubba
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I am sorry but hands-down you guys are absolutely the best cash advance type of app that’s out there. You know I know $20 is not a lot of money to some people but when you are absolutely desperate and two days away from getting paid you way. I’ve been turned down by everybody else thank you guys so much you guys are the best! I never ever ever leave reviews for any apps that you guys absolutely blow me away thank you so much I am sorry but hands-down you guys are absolutely the best cash advance type of app that’s out there. You know I know $20 is not a lot of money to some people but when you are absolutely desperate and two days away from getting paid you need 20 bucks goes along way. I’ve been turned down by everybody else thank you guys so much you guys are the best! I never ever ever leave reviews for any apps that you guys absolutely blew me away thank you so much for the help thank you. I will be telling my friends and family.
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3 years ago, julicorn_xo
I’m never the type to leave reviews but for this I must warn those who are in need of money and will get taken advantage of by this scam. I have been getting charged every month since June 2021 of $1.99 of a membership I was never aware of. I NEVER qualified to get any Float Me Cash but they proceeded to charge me of a membership that never even helped me? I provided a picture and proof to their customer support that I NEVER received any funds from Float Me but still got charged anyways. The customer support tells me that $1.99 charge is to help alert members of “low balance” but majority of bank apps have HAD this feature for FREE for many years? There was absolutely no benefits for me whether I had this “membership” or not but yet they can’t refund the charges for these past months. I ended the membership today and was only ever aware of being subscribed to a “membership” until today when it suddenly showed up in my bank statement that there’s a hold for a $1.99 charge. However if I had known this earlier on, I would’ve ended this membership sooner. They have little to no care for their members and just shows how much money hungry Float Money is. Float Money is a tool for people who need money but they will still charge those who doesn’t use it, those that doesn’t qualify for it AND those who have already have nothing left. Crazy.
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2 years ago, Tay in Everett
TERRIBLE customer service
It’s very rare I review any apps, but the customer service on this app is an absolute joke. To be honest I don’t know that they have a customer service team who actually reads what is sent. 17 days, and now today sent my 8th message, none have received any response at all. I’ve been locked out of my account for 3 weeks now. I don’t receive any password reset emails. I keep asking for my account to be canceled since I can access the very basic desktop app. Again, so responses. I try to fill out the cancellation form, it says I don’t have an account. Which is untrue since I’m literally logged into the desktop version, and still being charged the monthly fee. So now, 8 unanswered requests later, I get charged the monthly membership fee! Yes, 17 days, no responses at all. I’ve left them my email, a backup email, and phone number. NOTHING. I need this account cancelled, and if they were legit, I should get my membership fee back. I can screenshot all my messages to prove what I say is true. Worst part is, today’s charge resulted in a banking overdraft fee for me. Turning a $1.99 membership into a $36 fee. I’m beyond upset with this app. STAY AWAY, 1/10. I would not recommend to anyone who values their money, and common courtesy.
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2 months ago, Isabella Raine
Float me??
I downloaded this app in need of just $20 to buy dinner for the night for my kids until my paycheck came in late that evening. Well, of course, I was denied because I didn’t have any money in my account. Which happened to be the only reason that I downloaded float me in the first place. if I had had $20 or more in my account I wouldn’t have needed to use the services of float me to start with. Even though I was denied and asked them to close my account somehow I was charged a 399 membership fee. How can I be charged a 399 membership fee for a membership I do not have? I literally had this app downloaded for approximately 10 minutes. But yet they ended up getting four dollars out of my bank account. Which happened to be the only four dollars I had and put me in the negative in my bank account. Which now has cost me an extra $35 of which I do not have. I read a few other reviews on here, and they are saying the same thing. They aren’t being given a cash advance because they have no money in their account just like me. It’s common sense to me. If we had $20 or more in our account we wouldn’t need the services to begin with, so it makes these rules ridiculous.
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1 year ago, NinesAndOnes
Absolutely Tone Deaf & Not Helpful
I used this app a while ago and it used to be pretty simple. It worked! But now I haven’t been able to get a Float in months, disconnected and reconnected my primary bank, all that jazz. However, they continue to charge my account as if I’m able to use the service. I suddenly can’t qualify for a float and haven’t been able to in months. If you’re monitoring my bank enough to know I don’t qualify, the service should be smart enough to know not to charge for that month… nevertheless, they continue to send push notifications offering help and charge while not allowing you to utilize their service all while not giving you specific reasons why you can’t use it. It’s easy enough to cancel. But the incessant hope-inspiring push notifications offering me help when I needed it most, only to be told I “can’t float” right now means they can see me sinking and don’t care even though I have a steady and reliable income. Then they tell me “don’t worry, we still got you! Go drive for instacart” ew. That’s not help. That’s “get a second job, you bum”. This app is to provide the already comfortable have a little financial pillow, not to float those who are sinking.
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3 years ago, GoblinOnDeck
Floats little bit of money with high instant delivery fee, but does work if needed. I don’t think an app that charges you a monthly fee should be charging you “float cash instant” fees. Especially when it’s a $5 fee for $20 spot not including the monthly fee. If the app was free to join I would understand the fee. After paying for a monthly subscription it should be part of your services. In order to even qualify they get full access to bank account and paychecks to meet all the criteria’s, so they basically know you’re going to pay you back. I guess if you don’t they have all the information they need to just pull the money anyway. I would understand a fee for not making a payment, if that were to occur, they know it’s unlikely from your banking information, and setting up the paybacks on payday. Bottom line I think the point is to help someone is need, who is obviously someone that is reliable, based on the apps standards (which are understandable), but really just makes it harder for them in the long run. Not really helping. Just taking advantage of someone in need.
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2 years ago, Sweetheartjayxo
Great Borrowing App Low Borrow Amounts
I have been using float me for about 2 years. I only ever had an issue once where it kept saying that I owed after I already paid back but customer support is very easy to submit a ticket and they helped me super quick. It’s pretty much like other apps that offer loans if you connect your bank account and show proof of income that steady every month. The only con for me is that the borrowing limit is so low. I’ve been using them for 2 years kind you and still the most I’m aloud to borrow is only $50 ? Lol which I have never had a late payment or anything. So I wish they would let you increase this limit with shown responsibility. I mean with Dave I can get $200 and even with MoneyLion I get $225! But none the less this app comes in handy when I do need to use it! You also set up when you get paid so they only schedule re payment for your payday so you don’t have to stress about it. Overall good app!
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9 months ago, hhines21
Horrible Customer Service & communication
This is my first time ever writing a review for an app, and I must say I’m upset that is not a good one. I was needing a little help to make it to my next pay day & decided to try this app out. Seemed like it was okay and had some bad reviews not many so I looked over them and decided to give it a try. Well, I should have just tried someone else because trying to use this app was absolutely ridiculous and a waste of my time. They kept stating the reason they couldn’t help me was due to income not found, but I gave them the right account & everything they needed in order to see my income. I even sent screenshots through email and still this wasn’t enough for them. I’m not sure what the problem is on their side but they need to fix it! In their app my direct deposit shows up as a transfer & not a direct deposit like it shows in my bank account. That’s not my problem it’s theirs, and yet they still choose to just cancel my account which it totally fine with me. I was able to go with another app that helped me just fine with the same bank account so no worries here. Please don’t waste your time with this app!
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2 years ago, sam dr foster
Tater salad
This $20 allowed me to get to work and make another $200 during the day. Without the $20 I would have been stuck without gas but I would have had a good excuse to skip the job I hate so idk how to feel about FloatMe. It makes it easier to fulfill my responsibilities as a lower middle class American laborer but it also makes it easier to get to a job that makes me unhappy. It’s the classic example of Henry Fords 49 hour work week being taken advantage of by current employers. Time is money and it used to be compensated fairly before inflation and gold standard being thrown aside. Now it is a fraction of what is needed to buy a home and satisfy a woman without an 8 inch penis and a Lebido that would make frank Thomas say “she’ll like it too.” Doug Flutie went from competing hail Mary’s to having low T…what hope do I have? Anyways thanks for floating me some cash in my time of need.
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11 months ago, MusicalLife2491
I signed up for Float Me to see if I can get approved for early access to money to help me get by. I got a pop up for the membership when I first signed on, but I did NOT approve for it to come out of my account. Yet they think they can take it out on their own after you give them the information they need. I would NOT recommend this app to anyone. The membership may be easy to cancel, but the fact they take it out without asking their consumers is ridiculous. EDIT: I understand, developer, that the app tells you about the membership but when given the option to DENY IT, it shouldn’t go through when denied. That is my problem. I got the membership cancelled and the app deleted but I will not recommend this app if you cannot hold true to your word when given the option to deny or accept the membership. I did NOT approve of a membership, therefore, I should not be getting charged. Just like I’ve seen many others say in their reviews. If you had thoroughly read my review, you would have seen where I said the pop up for the membership popped up AS IT SHOULD, but I DECLINED THE MEMBERSHIP. THEREFORE, I will NOT RECOMMEND this app.
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2 years ago, Bananaaaaaaaa42
I downloaded and signed up for this app a long while back. I never used it because the requirements to receive any type of help were strict. It’s sad to think that just because someone doesn’t have a certain amount of money in their account automatically means they can’t be trusted to pay back what was shared. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in. Again, I never actually received any type of “Float Me” payment because I didn’t meet the requirements, but I was signed up for the subscription. After cancelling a while back (to no avail), I kept getting charged $1.99 and couldn’t figure out why until TODAY. I figured out my account info and immediately reset my password, logged in and cancelled my subscription to an app I never used but had paid for month after month after month. I wanted to delete my account as well, since my bank info is still attached but Float Me blocked me from logging back into my account simply because I cancelled their $2 subscription. Thanks for that :)
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3 years ago, lindsay_says
Float based on what is deposited into your linked bank account each week. Which is fair as far as I am concerned. The app is a glitchy when applying for float. Example: I applied for my float then entered my debit card for float which is the same as the linked bank account and doesn't change (because you can only get floats to the same debit card EVERY float) they just want you to re-enter the card number. Because I had my debit card account locked it, I had to wait 48 hours before I could re-enter my card number to get my float. They have it set up so you can only enter your card once if for some reason you accidentally mess up while entering your up the creek for 2 days. So just be aware of the little glitches they have set up within there system. Other than that, I have had nothing but a positive experience. I have been using them for 2 weeks so I'll. Sure to update through review if I run into any other glitches. Good luck guys!
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3 years ago, RyanMoe8792
Great little boost when needed - has 50$ been a reality for anyone though?
I’ve been using float for a while now and I keep seeing ads saying you can get up to 50$ but I’ve literally never been able to take more than 20 and I’ve never heard of anyone else being able to take more than 20 as well. Not sure why they advertise 50$? 50$ would certainly be more helpful at times but if your only going up to 20$ then you should be advertising that properly. Other than that the app comes in handy like all the other pay/float type apps just limited. But never had an issue with them and they are consistent. So the 5 stars I’m giving is definitely earned. That needs to be said. But I’m Just confused/ not really liking the whole over promising underdelivering aspect of downloading this app.
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2 months ago, JigokuShoujoXIV
Go with Dave or Earnin instead.
Update: Let me clarify. You loaned to me multiple times. I paid back every single one on time. You BLOCKED me after I inquired as to why I am only eligible for the bare minimum amount considering that I make $90k and have paid back every advance on time for a year. I couldn’t login and I attempted to re-sign in. The app informed me that I was blocked. This is completely unacceptable. God forbid any legit bank deactivates accounts and blocks people from signing up again because they simply inquired about an advance increase after displaying a stable, high income and a long history of paying back the company on time. Original review: They blocked my account. Ladies and gentlemen, do not trust this company. I’ve always paid back loans on time. I have zero red marks on my credit report. I make a stable income. I paid back every loan to FloatMe. I can’t login because it says my account is blocked. This is not the way to treat someone after you obtain their bank info and other very sensitive information. This is shady and the only app I’ve tried so far that has acted in this manner.
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2 months ago, Ghost24237
Plenty of WAY better apps like this for people to use
The long & the short is that everbody uses the app for an advance on their paycheck, some (like myself) also use the app to track spending & finances. I’ve used other services in the past but wanted to give this one a shot. I received two paychecks after joining & signing up only to be told I can’t receive a “float” because I hadn’t received two verifiable paychecks. Conflicting info, yes I know but that speaks to the data the app crunches. Don’t know the algorithm used but pretty sure it’s broken because the financial outlook tool provides skewed or incorrect data. I get paid now like clockwork & the graphs & data this app provides can’t even get my pay dates correct. Save yourself the time folks, try MoneyLion, Klover, Albert or any of the others instead. Too much hassle for a measly $20. And Ik what the trolls are gonna say. “iF iTs onLy a meAsLy 20 wHy dO yOu neEd it sO baD”. I don’t. But any extra money is helpful however the time/stress for money equation has to make sense.
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2 years ago, Jim Kamper
Just fine
I been using float me for a few months now. I’m not even going to act like the extra $20 didn’t help when I needed them. I don't mind paying back the $20 plus $4 on payday I rather pay the $4 then to ask my friends or fam for a $20 until payday. On the real I think there’s better apps out there that loan you more money and don't have some many requirements like float me. Hate to drop names but earin app don’t require no history of high atm withdrawals or transfers the day of or after pay day when you clearly got a direct deposit from your work the day before Also earin lets you barrow up to $500 dollars if you qualify just charging you $3.99 for every $100 a day and you receive the funds in minutes with tips being optional ( i always tip when i barrow money ) Float me is a okay app but in honest truth I believe they can improve the app by increase the money you can barrow and also if you’re able to send a screenshot of your direct deposit so they can see there was a recent deposit
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3 years ago, Melissa Vetter
Good in a pinch for small needs, but the fee needs to GO
I only receive $20, I wish it was more but it’s better than nothing, right? I’d give it 5 stars if that were the case, and also they charge $4 for an instant float, which I think is a pretty steep charge for $20. $2 would be sufficient, I feel like it’s kind of taking advantage of people who really need the cash, especially in the COVID era. I will keep using it though, and so will people like me, which is what this company knows, which is why they charge the steep fee. I’f they raised it to $6 people would still use it, unfortunately, because people like me really do need emergency cash. Maybe I should start my own similar business and only charge $1 for instant cash, or utilize other means to get the instant cash, like completing a survey, or completing certain tasks or what not. Check on me in a year, I may just be rich with my fantastic ideas!! Until then, I will still be getting price gouged on these sites :(
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1 year ago, Kira!!!!!!!!!!
Cancelled Membership, charged TWICE anyway
If i could rate zero stars i absolutely would. I downloaded the app, linked my bank and immediately decided that it was not for me. And cancelled my membership the same day. I was charged anyway 3 weeks later. I successfully got it reversed with my bank for being fraudulent. And FloatMe charges my account AGAIN. Still cancelled but somehow it’s still pending. I have contacted support. This is my second review, the first of which I got response from the developer. I do not care, will be reversing the charge AGAIN and this time having my bank block FloatMe. This is predatory and annoying. After canceling subscription, you immediately lose access to being able to use FloatMe. So why and how can they justify continuing to charge a connection fee, for an account that they revoked access to? Predatory. ALSO that make you jump through hoops to unlink your bank account! You also get a 7 day free trial? But then when you cancel they charge you anyway because your cancellation is “pending” for a month.
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4 years ago, burse88
I had closed my account because I couldn’t get a hold of anyone because I had switched to a new bank account. I was receiving money into my new account from Float Me but about a week ago I was told there were no deposits from my payroll found in my account. By this time I was already on two deposits into the new account and the Friday in the same week would have been my third deposit. I didn’t understand why I could receive floats in my new account but when I tried to take another out they couldn’t find new deposits from my payroll there was already two deposits from them. That same week would have been three reoccurring deposits. For the record, $1.99 was taken out of my bank account for Float Me Services’s can my account be unblocked? I paid already and cannot use the service.
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1 year ago, Jacquelina13
I would give zero stars if I could
Update 2: STAY AWAY from this company! I contacted customer service last week to get a written confirmation that my account is closed & won’t be charged. No response. My next step is contacting the Better Business Bureau if my bank acct is charged for a membership fee. Update: by your response, it seems you didn’t understand my main complaint. You shouldn’t be charging a fee unless you are definitely going to offer an advance. Being made to pay a fee before you even know if you’ll get an advance is shady. Once you find out you can’t get advance, you have to figure out a way to stop your subscription so you won’t get charged. And that is not even clear to me. I’m still unsure if my membership is canceled. Your app is terrible & so is your customer service. they want to charge you, but when you go to advance will not even give you a small $20 loan where other apps will give you around $100 until payday with the same credentials. what a joke. Don’t even bother
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2 years ago, _ix.iv.xiii
Very Inconvenient
I had a day where my tire went flat and the small $20 they offered would’ve helped me get a new one. For a about 4 months now. Each time I’ve tried to request cash it’s ALWAYS something. My acct. didn’t have enough paystubs. I tried switching the acct and apparently I have to wait 30 days to do that. Once that part was fixed, I tried requesting again and THIS TIME my acct balance was too low, unfortunately i had to wait a couple days to get it out the negative, then more days for my bank to update in the app but, I got it fixed. So I TRY AGAIN and this time it just gave me a plan ole error message. So I recently got a new card and figured thats WHY I couldn’t get the advance. So I TRY to change the card and NOW they’re telling me I have to wait 25 days to switch over my card. Yea by that time I won’t need the $20 from float me anymore. Is it me or the app is just inconvenient. I’d give the 0 stars. You’re better off with MoneyLion or Earnin or Dave.
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3 months ago, Mamamaybe❤️
A little help never hurts
Flow me has helped me in my time in need. There are times when I am struggling and I just need a little bit of cash just to get by for the next few days and there’s app has came through every single time. There’s nothing bad that I can say about it because I’ve never had bad experiences what they give me is what I feel it’s fair not only that but I have time to repay and I also have the availability to pay early if I want. I would recommend to people that need cash fast even if it’s just $50 or $100 just to get you by. There’s not a lot of requirements. All I did was put in my bank information they saw my payroll, and from there, I’ve been able to get advances for a year now.
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12 months ago, cyared24
Scam-just use Dave/MoneyLion
This app is designed to hook you into subscribing monthly while also having an excuse as to why they can’t give you an advance every time you need one. My favorite excuse is when you don’t have any money in the account your are asking to get and advance to, how redundant is that? If you have money you won’t need an advance and if have none then “we can’t approve an advance right now”. Not only do they engage with those shady practices but when I originally signed up it showed I would be able get one amount as an advance, but as soon as I subscribed that amount dropped to $10. And then when I canceled my subscription the day they charged me, I lost all access to so called features I was buying with no refund. Again this is an obvious scam preying on people in need of some help and I don’t know how they haven’t been investigated yet, but I will be reporting this app to Apple and the BBB. If you really need help like this use Dave, Brigit, MoneyLion. They are all legit and will actually help.
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6 months ago, Mandy Cent
Scam Most Likely
Never agreed to the pay day loan because the rates are ridiculous. I exited screen and deleted both my account and the app. This was in October 23’. Since then, Float Me has randomly taken money from my bank account in the form of $1.99 withdrawals. I had to get new debit cards and block the merchant to get it solved. Trust me, don’t download this app. After writing this app, Float Me sent a message stating they can’t find my account. All for show. They still have access to all my information They can no longer access funds from my bank account however, because I finally blocked them the right way. If you have experienced this, you must not only block the merchant from your bank account number, but also get new debit cards with different numbers. I know this because I first blocked them on one account one way, then they started debiting from my second checking account using my debit card number. Earnin is a reliable and non-scam alternative.
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2 years ago, 05941411051995
Tsk tsk
So it’s confirmed this app is complete trash. Just making up for terms they can’t keep not that they have a waitlist. I was denied because I didn’t have enough in my account finally got paid and paid rent early and some debts and had enough left over but I wanted to see if it would work with a float now that my account was in good standing. Turns out they need me to add my debit card lol. How convenient that I had updated it too recently? I honestly don’t even remember that being recent at all but go figure. Now have to wait nearly 17 days. The only reason I even tried anything was because my bank actually flagged a fraud and texted if I was going to authorize float me for the subscription lol. No thanks. Work it out I guess but just like every other app that I’ve found early ie eaze, DoorDash, Uber. It goes downhill and I’ll probably never use it again which will benefit them much I suppose as much as they are blocking people who’ve been customers since the beginning
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4 years ago, /-KillFace-\
Shady app
This app not only requires you pay them back extra when you borrow money, they also charge you $1.99/mo to have an account which they make no mention of when you set up an account and you'll only find this out when you see it deducted from your bank account each month. Not only that, but also, I asked them to close my account so I would no longer be charged each month. They did close my account, however, they still just took out another $1.99 from my account. To make it even more ridiculous and frustrating, you can only contact their support team by logging into your account, but of course, I don't have an account anymore because they closed it yet still think it's ok to continue to charge me. It's incredibly shady and just a terrible app and experience in general. I'm gonna have to call my bank and tell them to put a block on them since I can't contact them at all. Bottom line, there are better options out there. Stay away from this garbage app
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7 months ago, Kristiesmms
I have all of them and Float is probably the better of them all
Who is the little easier to deal with their fees or less? I love these places you don’t have anywhere between seven and $10 in fees a month plus you pay for the advance floats only four dollars in $1.99 and they are quick they’re easy and it’s just a matter of pressing a button every month then I can get $50. I had a little bit of problem one time for some reason it went like a month or two would not let me float soon as I called customer service they resolved it. So, if you don’t get it paid advance, I will probably go to float.
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2 years ago, Wheel Lyfe
Major flaw in this app
I’ve used this app in a couple of pinches when I just needed gas money until payday. It worked properly in those two instances. I recently changed jobs and now my pay day is on Friday instead of Tuesday. The app saw this when it verified my bank info HOWEVER when it sucked the money for the most recent float out of my checking account, it did so on my OLD pay day (Tuesday) leaving my checking account overdrawn. I accrue overdraft charges for each day my account is overdrawn meaning that by the time I get my paycheck deposited my account will be close to negative $200 just from overdraft fees. I’m deleting this app and filing a fraud claim with my state Attorney General’s office against the app developers. Steer clear from this horrible app!!! Update: tried to contact them through their “app support” link in the App Store which is a joke. There is absolutely no way to contact these clowns. Unbelievable! I will be reporting this app to Apple for abuse.
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2 months ago, Cathsince1980
Takes your 3.99 a month but doesn’t let you borrow
It let me borrow the first month of March when I signed up for FloatMe. I borrowed money without issues. I repaid the money owed without issues. The April month 3.99 fee has already been taken out which is the 2nd month of me being signed up with FloatMe. Also during the 2nd month, it said I was eligible to borrow again. When I tried to borrow, it said something about an error. I tried 3 separate days where the app gave me hope I can borrow… yet, the error screen would come up after choosing the option for the money to get deposited in 3-4 bus days. I have kept getting the error screen after the app has led me on to believe I am eligible to borrow. This has happened 3x in one week. I am going to cancel this FloatMe app at the end of April if it doesn’t let me borrow money for the 2nd time. What good is an app that only lets you borrow one time and wants to keep taking your 3.99 monthly fee?
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4 years ago, Lilmex14
After not being able to use the app I canceled my account after a week or so they took out $ from my account causing my account to be negative and was charged a $30 fee this was almost two weeks ago have gotten 1 response stating since I had closed my account they would refund the money that was pulled from my account. I have yet to receive my money back and now I’m also out of $30. Beware they will continue pulling money out of your account even when you cancel it... highly disappointed Update: and a response I have never taken out a float never really used the app. So I should have never had money be taken out once an account is closed they shouldn’t have access to your bank account and some how this app still does and they continue to take money out until you take action. I get $5 taken out of my account every 2 weeks seeing as i am currently out of a job I can’t pay the bank fees to cancel any future payments to this app.
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4 years ago, NeslyLeon
It’s legit it’s not a scam or no hidden nothing
Most of these other apps aren’t legit nor do they actually follow through with their loans or have a reward system. I am not a five star guy but I’ll give credit we’re credit is due ,this app is amazing for the most part you get a little security cash in case you need gas or a quick bite until the next day of payday. Only corrals I have are that they start you off real small where other apps will start you you at $200 plus and no need to do direct deposit through the app checking account which this app doesn’t request I believe. Other than that I like it and how you work towards earning more to get a higher advance if needed. Just wish it didn’t start so low. So with all that being said I give this app four stars.
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8 months ago, ghil7
Floatme has stolen money from my bank account multiple times as they will not remove my account i fo or close this account no matter what i do or how many time i ask. DO NOT download this app. Contact me and I can provide credible apps that do payroll advances. Stayas far away from Flaotme as you can. They are HORRIBLE. THEY LIE. THEY STEAL. AND THEY WONT HELP YOU!! Im supposedly a member (they keep debiting my account for the membership fee) and even as a member i cannot get my bank info deleted or get this issue resolved. At this point it has to be intentional because at $1.99 a pop theyre probably making a fortune not doing anything but fooling people into providing their bank info so they can charge a membership fee for life. Ive been trying for almost a year to get then to stop with no luck. Guess ill have to close my freaking checking account!! Dont be an idiot like me and fall for their lies. Run!!! Run far away from Floatme!!
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2 years ago, writing a review is annoying
That’s really cool. I had a few random, unexpected transactions hit my account all at once that needed to be disputed. I could have literally asked any of my friends or family for a quick loan, or “float.” .. I just don’t want to burden anybody. I was skeptical of this, but tried it and that’s pretty cool! I requested $20 until tomorrow and they advanced me until my pay date, (Friday) I didn’t need anything crazy for the rest of the night. But it actually worked out, lol. Definitely would have waited until things were disputed, with my bank.. But it randomly worked out. I’d recommend if you’re looking for an amount to get you through a day or so.
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3 years ago, Austen8989
Hard to get any help from support when you want to close your account!
Two months in a row now I have got in contact with support because I wanted to close my account, Both times I’ve requested assistance with this because my card continues to be charged the monthly members fee. I mean ultimately it’s only $2.00 but the fact that the support team has refused to refund the money when I ASKED for my account to be CLOSED is ridiculous. I truly wish I could share screenshots in the reviews of how rude the support representative was. I’ve emailed them again about the same issue so will see how they act this time around maybe I’ll finally be able to get this stupid issue with them resolved. For now poor customer service I recommend you stay away any one who’d sent respect the people that are using your app and paying you to use it doesn’t deserve you’re money!
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3 years ago, tanyamarie88
Worst early withdrawal app out there
Don’t use! Seems I have to keep writing a bad review because they will delete any other bad ones. Had this app for a few months and been subscribing to this garbage for $2. The app only allows you to float $20 unless you increase your “points” by subscribing and buying more. Haven’t been able to use it because even if your facing a overdraft charge it will not even help you out. My bank charges me $35 if I overdraw. So if I have $25 in my account, and I make a purchase for $30. I can’t even go into this app to float me the $15 because my account is already negative in their eyes. Will not assist you in any way. Highly suggest you try out the Dave app instead, it at least helps and floats you up to $100 and even instantly to avoid overdraft. Waste of money this Float me app was, wish I could get my money back for something I couldn’t even use.
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1 year ago, ElsaRena011
Not a good app
Was able to take out $20 the first time around. Opted to take another $20 out was not eligible. I want to make everyone aware that companies like this sell your data. If I am voluntarily giving you my information to which you’re selling and making hidden profit, yet I can’t borrow $20 and pay it back next week no problem like the first time, you are getting deleted 100%. There is no value in this app outside of being able to borrow money, the spending trackers are inaccurate so this app just has nothing to stand on. And no, no one is taking extra time out of their day to contact your support for a loop hole answer and for a person to say “we can’t help sorry”. I also want to mention that other apps like Klover are FANTASTIC though and the absolute BEST. I’ve been consistently able to take out $130 from other apps this one thinks it’s too good for that LOL.
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1 year ago, lexi_mae21
I will have to say that this app has saved my life a few times but one thing I will say I don’t like is the fact that if I need help more than once I would expect too be able too get help before I have to pay it off and be able too pay off the whole advance after I get payed because there is sometimes where I am completely broke and I can’t afford to even have a dollar in some change in my pocket so I would love for you guys to consider changing to where we are able to float up too maybe 3 maybe 4 time before we get payed so we have a limited amount that we can float please???????
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3 years ago, plicioussss
Good app
Never have any issues, app is easy to use, the $ usually comes to my account pretty quickly, & just all around a good app. I do wish they would let you borrow more $ instead of going by what’s in your account after you get paid... for example- every 2 weeks my husband gets paid & we end up taking all of our $ off of our card so it looks like we have little to no money & that’s what they go by as far as how much they let us “borrow”. The max we are allowed is $20, wish I would be more when we need it. But all in all, love this app, aside from the issue above.. which really isn’t an issue, more so just my opinion from my personal experience lol.
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2 years ago, Floatlesz
Float is Useless and it is a SCAM
Float is suppose to help someone who doesn’t have money let them borrow money and then pays it back. Like any other cash advance app like Empower which is way better than float. They approve you give your your advance and then pay back on the date set. With float for someone reason if you’re getting a $20 float. They charge your account the $20+fee first and then give you the float. Which to me is pointless because your right back at square one with no money. For example. You have a $40 bill due and you only have $20 and you you need $20 more to make $40. You ask for a $20 float then then charge you $24 so now you account is $0 or negative and then they give you $20 so your account is back at $20. Which means your STILL $20 SHORT and then you still have to pay the $20 back so your really back $40 just to get $20. It’s a SCAM
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3 months ago, Jazzynclassy
Revolutionize Your Finances with Float Me: A Must-Have App!
Float Me App is a game-changer! As someone who struggles with managing my finances, this app has been a lifesaver. The interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it incredibly easy to track expenses and set budgets. What sets Float Me apart is its unique feature that predicts future cash flow based on spending patterns, helping me stay ahead of my bills and avoid overdrafts. Plus, the personalized insights provide valuable suggestions for saving money and improving financial habits. With Float Me, I finally feel in control of my money. Highly recommend to anyone looking to take charge of their finances!
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7 months ago, therealpena
Best app
I am pleased to share my positive experience with the FloatMe app, which has proven instrumental in facilitating my access to various gas pumps. During times of economic downturn, the app's assistance in providing an additional $20 has been particularly noteworthy. In my usage, FloatMe demonstrated its efficacy in navigating financial challenges seamlessly. The app's interface and functionality not only ensured a smooth experience but also contributed to my enhanced financial flexibility during low points. I would recommend FloatMe to individuals seeking a reliable solution for financial support. Its user-friendly design and the capability to provide assistance when needed make it a valuable tool for navigating financial uncertainties.
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3 years ago, Amararose
Never gives above $20
*** UPDATE*** so they suspended my account due to their own errors and said they would fix it. That was last week!! Do not use this app!!! They mess up all the time. ** Still no response or money in my account. Since they have been responding to other people, If I don’t get the money and it is taken out of my bank account, I will turn it in to the bank as fraud. Update:: Even worse now. They show on the app that I have a payback but they still have not given me the money. Requested it last week for a standard payment. Just gets worse and worse!! Contacted customer service yesterday and still no response. ** Doesn’t matter how many times I use it and pay it back or what my bank account shows, I never get over $20. It does come in handy but it shouldn’t say they increase it as they get to know you. That’s a lie
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5 months ago, Waifu dealer
Hands down reliable
I’ll be fair and objective, it’s about a 2 day wait for about $20 with no fee or within an hour for $3 fee. It may not sound 5 star worthy. But an extra $20 for food or gas can be a miracle. The true reason I rate it 5 stars is because the customer service being helpful, fair, relatively quick, and easy to access. The have been more than helpful when hiccups or unexpected payments came up. Being fair and objective, you’re guaranteed an extra $20 for food and the team behind the app is more than willing to work with you, rather than against you
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9 months ago, Ghosbak
Pointless and scammy
What exactly is the point of signing up for this service if I’m denied the $20 float? Due to some unusual circumstances, I don’t have enough in my bank account to buy dinner tonight. My paycheck will hit my account tomorrow morning. At no point during the sign up process was it made clear that I would be denied. Once I’ve already agreed to the $1.99 monthly fee, only THEN am I informed that they will not offer me the service of a $20 float, which is obviously the only reason for me signing up. I immediately canceled the service, but it’s not clear if I’m still being charged the service fee in spite of me having received zero value in return. So now, not only can I not eat tonight, I’ve also been scammed out of two bucks! Awesome, thanks so much. If you’re thinking this service will get you out of a jam, don’t fall for it
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2 years ago, Brian_burgess
If you want a good app to borrow money from when you are in a tight spot. Download Dave. The app is much better and it goes by your checking account. Plus you aren’t charged 1.99 for a “ membership fee” I was never able to get a “float” their was always a response to check back at this date or that date. Yet I’m still charged just for signing up with a email and password. I deleted this app months ago so if I didn’t get notifications when money comes out of my account I would have never even seen I was charged for a service I don’t even use. Makes me wonder how long I’ve been getting charged for something I could never use. Just remember, you have to physically cancel your account on their website. Not through your app or iPhone. Then it takes 72 hours to close. “ if your in good standing”
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2 years ago, eastcoast603
Another bank spying app. Completely pointless
This is an app based around floating $20-50 in emergencies. Yet despite making over $1k a week via consistent employment deposits…for the last 6+ years - I’m unable to borrow even $20 for a couple of days. As I dug around further, I found out that the app uses an ‘algorithm’ to look at your spending habits. Along with your balance. It essentially wants you to already have money in your account, and a long history of ‘not spending your paycheck the moment you get it’. What about those of us who take cash out every week? Put money into bills and investments, but rarely keep a balance because of this reason? Despite a solid employment history, transactions that show investments and cash withdrawals and never being negative in my account - I’m not ‘eligible’. Last time I checked, people who keep money in their account…don’t need to ‘float’ a few bucks in the event of an emergency. I just used my banks small loan feature instead. And I suggest you do too. Because the only thing this app does is get a free back door into your bank account (that you’ll likely forget about). Which is RIPE for exploitation whenever this company is eventually compromised.
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11 months ago, juiceandco
Great app!
I’ve tried a bunch of similar apps to this one, and i got rejected from all of them. I was either not approved for the credit or they wouldn’t accept my financial institution. Floatme is secure, fast, and easy to use! both myself and my wife use this app in between paychecks when we need groceries or something small. The app is very good about reminding you to pay back your float, but gives you grace if you don’t get paid right away. My credit score has been maintained with help from Floatme and my other various subscriptions! Couldn’t recommend this app enough!
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1 year ago, vayda south carolina
Waste of time and energy
This app is a whole lot of disappointment. I make $2166 every two weeks and even with me being a previous customer that had just stopped using all these cash advance apps. I decided it may be helpful. After verifying everything and connecting my bank acct and signing up for a completely worthless membership I was not even approved for the $20 advance. Empower and Earnin both offer considerably higher advances from the very beginning. I said heck with this and submitted a cancellation request and I was scrolling through my emails and I saw one from Floatme. Said come get an advance now to prevent overdrawing your acct. guess what? No surprise to me but I was yet again not approved. Float me is a complete waste of time. I’m deleting and would not recommend to my worst enemy. Stay away. Download Earnin or Empower!!!
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4 months ago, †ωp•JJ«
Unreliable Excuse, Disappointing Experience
My experience with the FloatMe app has been disheartening, to say the least. Despite having a clear and consistent direct deposit from my job, the app failed to recognize it, citing an inability to detect the deposit. This, however, seems more like an excuse than a technical limitation, especially considering that the app has access to all my bank transactions and even allows me to select the specific direct deposit. Adding to the frustration, my account was not at a zero balance; there was a small amount of money present. This discrepancy further calls into question the reliability of FloatMe’s detection system. It’s worth noting that my account’s small balance dispels any potential claim of being high-risk, removing another possible excuse for denying the cash advance. It’s disappointing when a financial app falls short on its promises, especially when users are counting on timely cash advances. The app’s failure to acknowledge a clearly visible deposit and account balance raises concerns about its reliability and transparency. I hope the developers address this issue promptly, as a more transparent and reliable system is crucial for the success of any financial assistance app.
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