Floridacentral Credit Union

2.1 (66)
57.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
floridacentral Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Floridacentral Credit Union

2.14 out of 5
66 Ratings
6 years ago, Tpc123456
Problems since latest update.
For some reason since the latest update when clicking on a check that has cleared the account the circle on the screen spins and then the app closes.
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4 years ago, Huyabusa1300
It works, but now, WITH MORE STEPS!
I found it way too easy to launch this app and find my balance with a touch of a finger. I'm so glad they added the much-needed feature of a web-page menu that you have to click "Login" on to perform the only function any bank app should; logging into your account. I was getting addicted to checking my account balance, but the recent change slowed me down enough my financial advisor was able to rip the phone from my grasp. My only suggestion would be a captcha, preferably one where you have to click an image only to have it provide you with ANOTHER captcha to determine your determination. But seriously, at least the remote-check-deposit works. Please don't make THAT any more difficult.
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2 years ago, Edrinak
Worst banking app
App glitches all the time barely works sometimes can’t even log in to account app closes out in middle of transactions constantly like when doing mobile deposit app just closes and won’t save the deposit, just constantly having issues with this app glitching all the time, it’s the worst app I have on my phone, seriously considering changing banks just because their app is the worst! Does not help still have to call or go to bank for transactions because app is so bad so at the end of the day the app is an inconvenience and not helpful
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5 years ago, saercs
Like the Fingerprint ID login in option, but app doesn’t work now.
At first I thought the most recent update done in May 2019 was great because I was able to finally use the fingerprint ID to login, like I’ve done with my other CU’s for awhile now. BUT, now when I try selecting an account to view recent activity, it goes to open next window and then the app closes. Every time, and no matter which account I select...checking, savings, credit card, or auto loan. They all do it. I’d love to like this app but this update created a problem. Please fix.
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3 years ago, ihatefloridacentral
This is the worst app I’ve ever had to use.
This app is about to make me switch to another bank, Florida Central’s website is always seemingly down as well. They need to get with the times and understand that a lot of people do not have the time to call and wait 30 minutes for a check balance or visit an ATM for a transfer. They are literally losing clientele over this and could care less. Get it together.
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4 years ago, Dews6408
Mobile Marketing Page is unnecessary
The app is great. I used to be able to open it, hold my thumb down, and be in. Now, they’ve adding an opening page where I need to click an additional button before I get back to where the app used to open to. It’s unnecessary. Remove it.
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2 years ago, ATpianoman
Application does not work for me.
This application stopped working on my phone many months ago, before it was very productive, I don't know why they neglect its update. It is a way to provide good service to your customers. Please don't be left behind with technology. Keep moving forward with time and good customer service, it is very necessary that you update.
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2 years ago, AppRaterUSF
Account statements finally work again!
I can finally read my statements on my iPhone again! Thanks for fixing!
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3 years ago, Ice reamp
You broke the app! Quick Access displayed instead of accounts list
After login, forced to accept terms EVERY TIME, then Quick Access page displays instead of accounts. I do not want quick access for bank accounts s (duh), but I am not allowed to get out of quick and go to my accounts. Please fix quick!
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3 years ago, jaggigi
Remote deposit STILL not working on Apple 😡
Please work on getting remote check deposit fixed for iPhones! It stopped working after my last update. It’s so frustrating having to go to the bank to make a deposit. Ready to move to another bank. 😡
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6 years ago, TJ1&only
Newest update
This newest version of update prevents me from seeing my password while I type it. I remember the screen being able to pull up and that don’t exist anymore. Please fix and thank you.
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6 years ago, Jewlease
Touch ID anytime soon??
Would be nice to be able to use Touch ID. Mostly use the app to check account balances and transfers between accounts. The Touch ID would just makes things a bit faster.
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6 years ago, Long-time loyal FCCU member
Yayyyyyyy for Apple Users
So happy to finally be able to mobile deposit with my iPhone! A win for iOs
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3 years ago, Medusa420
This application is garbage
I’ve been using this credit union for years and the application never works. On top of that when you need help having access to your account no one ever picks up the phone. I’m changing my credit union this place is garbage.
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5 years ago, Gusification
The new updated version doesn’t let me see all of my accounts and it always says there is a problem doing the quick access. Please fix this so I can fully use my app to do my banking with.
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2 years ago, Deaf Hoss
What’s going on? Bug fixes caused app to disappear
Why are you fixing something that was not broke? You fixed bugs, but my app disappeared? Unable to download app!
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6 years ago, Johnhoisi
Poor app update
Not happy at all with this update. When I try to use the app on my iPad I'm unable to log in landscape, I have to rotate my iPad up to use the keyboard. Every time you do a update there's always a issue. Have been banking with since the early 90's but this app is horrible. Thank you
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10 years ago, Originaldobo
Needs Touch ID support
Of Florida central now the API for Touch ID is available how about making this app better than your average banking app by including Touch ID for logging in. It's a pain in the neck to type the pass word in all the time a Touch ID would be a life saver. Also the app scaling is off for the new iphone 6 and plus please address this.
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6 years ago, Mr. Quarterman
Good app
When will we be able to connect to ipay with debit card? Would really like that
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2 years ago, whyshouldIenterone
I’m having trouble accessing my account it won’t even give me an area to enter my information for log it it just tells me to try again. Zero stars.
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3 years ago, flcowboy7
Doesn’t work
Clearly haven’t opened the app in a long time. Today it just says “unknown error” when trying to login. This should really be pulled off the App Store until FCCU can update it. As it is, it has no benefit or usefulness.
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6 years ago, jakadenfix3
App keeps indicating “error when trying to update app...try again” Tried it 17 times, still broke. Website not mobile compatible.
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6 years ago, ACONNOR3
Mobile deposit does not work!
Please fix the mobile deposit I can’t deposit any of my checks! Keeps saying system error...
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3 years ago, Swampy0221
App won’t open
Can you please fix this … it’s completely worthless now and won’t open
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2 months ago, ZippLoner
App won’t launch
Splash screen says Try Again. There is no way to try again.
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6 years ago, BIGPOP79
The update is awful especially the deposits and bill pay
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3 years ago, Rissa Shay
App needs fixing
This app needs to be fixed! I can’t even view my account now!
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6 years ago, crash when depositing
Crash when depositing checks
Can’t get it to deposit my check...keeps crashing
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6 years ago, c0ldturkey
Works now
App is now working. What’s with the ugly drab colors?
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6 years ago, kingscorp5
Can’t get in account
I’m new every time I put my password in it goes to security then closes out
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5 years ago, Trex26246
When I try to put my information in and hit submit it says input is needed??
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6 years ago, Juleshoops
Update caused trouble
After the update ran, bill payees disappeared and could not pay my bills
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6 years ago, Lanerf
It won’t open!
I liked this app before the update, now it won’t open, help!!
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6 years ago, PineNeedlesOnTheRoof
Can’t connect?
The app won’t connect to a server after I updated it. There’s no help in the app support.
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3 years ago, AlNStP
Just doesn’t work
Horrible app!
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6 years ago, Prince of candlesticks
Don’t update!
I updated the app, and now it will not work. POS.
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10 years ago, Soundscape!
Mobile deposits are amazing!
I love this credit union but live far away from any branches so making deposits was a major pain. I realize that just about every banking app supports mobile deposits like this, but I was so happy to see that that FCCU now has an app that does this too. I agree with the other reviewer asking for an update that supports Touch ID, but I'm still getting over my excitement about the mobile deposits!
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3 years ago, V5835
No Longer Works After Recent Update!
After the latest update on 04/17/2021, the app no longer loads, and I receive a message stating unknown error occurred, try again. I deleted the app and reloaded only to receive the same message.
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12 years ago, Patricia Sawmiller
Like it
It would be real cool if you could deposit a check using the camera on your cell phone and take a pic of the check like some other bank apps do
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11 years ago, TooTampa
Great but needs check cashing
I like the app a lot! If I could take a pic to deposit a check I'd give it 5 stars!
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12 years ago, mike__daniels
Nice user interface!
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12 years ago, Dablackmarilynmonroe
Always have to re download app
Works great, seem to always say wrong login. Makes me have to re download apps
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12 years ago, iamrizlanotu
Good app, but
This is a pretty sweet app, but there's no way to transfer to external accounts. Add that and it would be 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Dino1969
Needs iPhone 6 and 6 plus support. Screen is still cropped for older iPhones. Fingerprint touch sensor login would be really nice as well.
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5 years ago, po-henix
This app, and the app for android, crashes when loading check images for pending deposits. Wish you might add a feature that lets you see the full website options like cash back rewards. Other features work fine.
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