Flow - Focus & Pomodoro Timer

4.8 (995)
32 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yugen GmbH
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Flow - Focus & Pomodoro Timer

4.8 out of 5
995 Ratings
2 years ago, magicwhales
Can’t mute the notification sound
Edit: yay they fixed the issue, although still seems to lack to vibration as of now I enjoy this timer on Mac but unfortunately it is unuseable for me on iOS as it does not appear that there is a way to turn off the notification ding without turning off all notifications. In app there is only a single notification on-off setting and putting my phone on silent and having sound off the in notification settings for flow still results in a ding playing when the timer finishes. The only way I have found to turn off the ding is to set my actual phone volume to zero, which is not a convenient workaround. There is also no vibration when the timer finishes which is also disappointing. Another minor slightly-annoying issue is that when the “start flows automatically” setting is on the first flow starts by itself when restarting or changing the length. It does not do this on Mac. I would love to still use this timer in the future and will try to update this review accordingly.
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3 years ago, Laela Overmoyer
Issues with pomorodo in general?
I only just got this app, but I've shied away from pomorodo apps in genreal because they're so rigid. What if I start out thinking I want to work for 20 minutes, only to find out that I can, in fact, work 60? I don't want to be reminded to take a break at 20 because then I'll lose motivation. But, on the other hand, if there's a situation where I plan to work for 60 minutes and can only manage 20, how do I work around that? I just think pomorodo should be more flexible, that would really maximize everything. I don't know myself well enough to be able to plan that kind of thing, and theoretically this app would help me to figure that out, but in the meantime I've just got this mental block. I've got ADHD so it feels like every second counts and I need all the motivation I can get, but I also can't put too much pressure on myself and I don't know where the boundary is. It would be great if, at the end of each session, there would be two choices to click on: break, or continue working. You'd get a motivating message if you continue, and a comforting message if you have a break. After a while, with being able to view the completed sessions, you'll be able to see exactly what times work for you and what to expect.
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3 years ago, pom4lyf
Simple Pomodoro Tool
This app is perfect for those committed to the Pomodoro time management and productivity method. I mostly like that the user interface is simple, it doesnʻt try to turn Pomodoros into something they are not (like candy rewards or groceries. weird.) I still prefer to make a physical check mark when I finish a Pom but a great feature is that the app tracks how many pomodoros you do and compiles weekly statistics for you. I love how easy it is to skip my breaks, which I realize is counter to the foundation of the method, which encourages mental breathers to maintain productivity not only within the Pom, but over the duration of the work day and the work week. I tend to feel that the Pomodoro structure is not ideal for coding. But I love how the app can function both to remind me to take mental breaks when I am in a more compulsive work mode, or motivate me to "work for rest" when I am feeling less motivated/fatigued.
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4 years ago, guategeek
Works well in its basic form, could be way more powerful with a few changes.
Flow is a nice Pomodoro timer if you follow the original Pomodoro concepts, its clean, user-friendly and free to boot! Unfortunately, its customization options are too rigid, with no way to set your own custom values. The flow times are set in stone (15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 50, 60) I would like the option to add any time I want (say 90 for Optimiz's suggested Deep Work blocks). Likewise, the break times are set in stone (5 & 10 for short, 20 & 30 for long) I would like to be able to set any value for both of these. Lastly, there is no way to set how many Pomodoros you want before a long break (its always 4, I would like to set 3) and there is no way to reset the Pomodoro count, so if I do 3 Pomodoros, then have lunch and come back, or even quit for the day it will give me a long break after my next Pomodoro (even if its the first one of the day!). Adding this total customization control would make this app exactly what I'm looking for, I'm hoping that the developers can implement some or all of my sugestions.
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5 years ago, bdbknz
Excellent, Simple Tool
This is the best Pomodoro timer I've been able to find. It is very simple and unobtrusive (sometimes a little too unobtrusive, but more on that in a moment). Features: It's nice to look at! Great interface. No bugs that I've experienced. You can select the lengths of your long break, short break, and flow from a small range of options. You can blacklist apps (and they are working on adding websites as well!) so that when you try to access the app a reminder pops up to get you back into yoru flow. The timer sits in the top bar so you can always see at a glance where you're at and work accordingly without disruption. You can have desktop and sound notifications. (the sound is a soft chime), and I've been told they are planning to add a full-screen notification option as well. Speaking of which, I emailed with a few suggestions of what I would enjoy seeing from the app and they responded very quickly to describe their plans and address my suggestions. They were very courteous and friendly. Overall, happy to use! It's really helped me put the Pomodoro technique to use and I've already seen improvement in my work - especially the seemingly endless task of reviewing and summarizing literature for my research. Completing "flows" (so aptly named) is just enough motivation to help me stay on track and avoid procrastination techniques.
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2 years ago, AppUser-xyz
Missing festures in paid version
I loved the free version of this app so much that I decided to pay for it, just as a token of gratitude to the developers, even though I have no use for the paid features. However, when I got the paid version I found that the ability to pause a flow and the ability to restart a flow from beginning were o longer there! I hope the developers will see this feedback and do something about it. The other - unrelated -useful thing would be if the App had its own login with a certain number of allowed devices versus using the iCloud account (how AdGuard does it). I have a different iCloud account for work, where I really need it but I bought the app for home use, since I did not want to lose access if/when I change work. I guess it is a good thing the free version works for me in this case :) Other than the above two issues, the app is a total life saver for me - it forces me to take breaks, which I commit to honor 90% of the time. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Cheesecake Matters
Simple & Effective
I started trying out the Pomodoro method at work the past couple weeks to help with my focus. I juggle many different tasks every day and I get scatterbrained trying to do too much at once. I started by using the timer on my phone but the sound options aren’t ideal. I looked a few options for other timers and came across Flow. I have been using it for the past few work days and it has made a huge difference in how I feel at the end of my day! The interface is simple and clean. I love how it automatically moves from breaks to focus and knows when to incorporate the long break. The slight ding at the end of each part of the session is soothing and just enough to alert you to move to your next part of your session. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, bnoskoviak
Best Mac Pomodoro app i've ever used.
I've tried about a dozen of the popular ones over the last few years. This one is clean. I've uninstalled my others. Currently using free mode, which is incredibly generous, not spammy with ads like other top rated pomodoro apps. Considering the paid option simply to support this work. I do have a feature request: can the floating timer window, instead of matching system theme, can it have an option to be the inverse of the system theme. So that it's always highly contrasted against dark or light mode? If i forget the timer is there, i forget i'm doing a pomodoro. My other ask, is instead of a blocklist, instead could it be a safelist? It would be easier to safelist my handful of work apps as opposed to blocklisting dozens of non work apps.
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1 year ago, zanderjones
Wonderful so far!
I shopped around, and landed on this app over competitors because of its simplicity in design. Shout-out to the UI/UX team! It has not disappointed thus far. A personal fave feature is the full-screen 5-minute break notification takeover. Feels like I have permission to walk away from my laptop. The floating timer "gamifies" the experience for me, pomodoro style. A 25-min challenge feels achievable! And I'm pleasantly surprised how much I've accomplished at the end of the day. Suggestion to the developer(s) for a future release: when looking at my weekly analytics, it would be great to dig deeper... to see the names of each of my flows from the past to measure how much time I'm dedicating to certain projects. Tags might be helpful too, so I can categorize projects a little bit.
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3 years ago, Jeremiahnnadi
Amazing App. Best Pomodoro app out there!
I’ve tried a lot of Pomodoro apps in the past. Staying focused while studying is something I’ve always struggled with and this method makes it easier for time to just breeze by. Before you know it you’ve put 4, 6 hours in. This app gets right to the business and really is uncluttered and clean. Some of the other apps I tried were buggy or hid some of the main features behind premium upgrades. Shout out to the developers for making this free as well. I am a fan of the widget as well. Allows me to see how much time I’ve got left right from my Home Screen. That’s not something that a lot of other timer apps offer. I’ve got this on my Mac and iPad and I don’t think I’m going to be switching any time soon!
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2 years ago, cohdesignstudio
I love this app, and the updates! Sync feature?
I am a college student w ADHD, and this app has changed the game for me. I’ve also noticed how user driven the developers are. They truly respond to user feedback and the app gets better w every update! As for a suggestion: I have both the Mac and iOS versions. I easily distracted by my phone and normally work on the silent floor of my university’s library, so I’m often working w the laptop version. When my break time hits I often get up and walk around using just my regular iPhone timer to let me know when it’s time to get back to the desk. But the alert sound and interface aren’t as smooth as Flow’s. Would it be possible to sync the app and desktop version to where the timer is active on both devices? That way I can have the notifications pop up visually on my desktop to tell me to take a break and then have my pocket buzz to bring me back to my desk. Especially with the addition of the home screen widget, should I be tempted to open my phone during a work block the timer would be right in my face. Also! Would a lock screen widget be a possibility in addition to the home one?
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3 years ago, Heidner
Love Flow, but one minor request!
I think this has come up in a few other reviews as well. I love that the flexibility in session duration and break length. I set mine to 25 minutes / 2 minute break based on research. For those "deep" sessions that folks love to go into, I use the 2 minutes to stretch and look outside. It's a great way to keep thinking while also giving my eyes a break from the screen. One thing I would love is to have a pause. While in a work phase, I typically block all email and communication apps (teams/slack etc). But sometimes I *do* need to message someone for clarification or requests immediately. Right now no easy way to pause. I either have to quit the app entirely (boo!) or use alfred to pause. Would love if the pause capability was more discoverable for those moments. What would be a 30 second pause suddenly becomes longer, and I'm more prone to being distracted because I forget to restart Flow. All in all. Love the app, love how responsive makers are to feedback. You can see the reviews over the years and suggestions that have been made and since incorporated. Happy to support such a awesome product and team.
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4 years ago, #Turtle
Virtual Learning Companion
This app has really helped me focus, especially during the shift to having college classes online. I am really thankful to have found this app. First of all, the language is really nice in like it literally asks you, would you like to take a break after the 25 min period and I'm like "yea, thank you so much"....lol. Second of all, the amount of time appears on the top of the screen, where the wifi and battery status are displayed so you can always keep tabs on how much time you have left (for macbooks). It's simple, to the point, and very easy to use. I love that I don't have to spend extra mental energy on figuring out how to navigate through the features, it's very user frinedly for any age. I. LOVE. IT.
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4 years ago, meowhowbrowncow
Gentle Reminder to Take Breaks
This version of Pomodoro is THE BEST app you can get for your MacBook. As a college student, I realized how fatigued I was becoming after I would study for hours at a time. I love the simplicity and how sleek this app is. I especially love how there is a full screen option that will remind you of your break. Usually I would just skip past it, but because it takes up my whole screen, it's just easier to stop what I am doing since it already interupted me. Sound a bit agressive, but I am stubborn. So, this works for me. It is so important to take breaks. I feel like it always for a refreshed mind as well a different prespective when your mind is rested. Also, it is good to get circulation back in your feet. So, walk around during your breaks!
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3 years ago, gabriemarie27
Easy, Aesthetic, Customizable!
When I first heard of the pomodoro method for studying, I tried various apps to support (manually setting timers was too time consuming for an efficiency tactic!) Other apps were too complicated, had ads, too bulky. This app is so simple and yet so customizable at the same time. I love that I can set the break time to take up the full screen, it really forces me to step away from my work. It is also super easy to track how much time you have left since the timer stays counting down in the menu bar! This is probably my favorite feature. I don't need any excuse to look down at my phone or switch from my working app. It's also highly customaizable with basically 5 minute intervals for work, breaks, and long breaks.
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3 years ago, Stéphanus
Clean, elegant, and flexible
I like the clean and slim functionality of this app. I’ve used it only for a couple of weeks, but already it has given me control over short periods of time. In the past I would fritter away five or ten minutes. With flow I easily turn these intervals into productive time. A feature I especially like is the ability to overwrite the name of a Flow task and name it anything you like. This data can be exported to a spread sheet, giving a great summary of where my work has gone in a day. (nb This option may only be available One reviewer noted that flow times are set in stone (15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 50, 60.) It’s now possible to set any duration up to 90 minutes. The same flexibility is in place for Break times.
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5 months ago, Gavin Griggs
This app changed the way I work, thank you! Devices Sync NEEDED
As an ADHD student in school, I almost never sit down and focus, but with this app it’s completely changed that. Not to mention the design is simple and gorgeous, gonna be an easy purchase from me. But a big, big ask: can you guys make it so it syncs to iPad or Aaple Watch? In real time? I don’t know if it’s a pro feature or if I’m doing it wrong, but the timers don’t sync across devices and I’d really like for that to become a reality (especially since other timers do that, but they’re kinda ugly, not pretty like this one!) I think proper syncing would make this an ELITE app. Thanks for what you do!
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5 months ago, Alex_474
Need Apple Watch time complication for full function
This app seems like one of the better Pomodoro apps, however I would like to provide the following feedback: (1) One of the big productivity enhancers is allowing the app to be fully functional independently on Apple Watch without phone. This means having a complication / widget on the watch to see time remaining, which I have not seen on this app yet (in the free version). An example of this function is available on the ‘Focus To-Do’ app. (2) As a design choice, I would also like to see the timer graphic as a visual representation of elapsed time in addition to solely numbers (ie the circle or clock timer showing elapsed time, examples in ‘Focus To-Do’/‘Be Focused’ or ‘Flat Tomato’ apps).
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4 years ago, MJ23673
Could be much better
I like the variability in times for work duration and breaks and... that's about it. The worst aspect about this timer is that there are no options to control the sound notifications! You can only set it to having or not having sound as a notification- no volume settings or different sounds to choose from. You can set the break timer to fill the entire screen, which I thought would be a good alternative option for the sound, but it's really irritating to be cut off in the middle of working. And if you aren't looking at the screen you'll miss it entirely. The sound is so quiet and unobtrusive that I am not alerted to the notification, in fact I couldn't even describe the sound because I have never really heard it. And if you listen to music while working, even the quiet stuff, just forget it, you will not hear this timer.
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3 years ago, MarziMarzipan
Best pomodoro app, paid version worth it but free version is great too
As someone who struggles with executive functioning, this app has been a real lifesaver. I turn to Flow when I find myself procrastinating or unable to focus. The free version is great, allowing you to turn off any apps, but the paid version is 100% worth it because it allows you to block websites. If you struggle with falling down social media rabbit holes, this is the app for you. It's easy to use and unobtrusive on your desktop. I have not experimented with any of the more advanced features like naming sessions and keeping statistics so I can't say how they function, but for my needs, it is perfect. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, AlvinGordian
Amazing app with some missing features
One of the best pomodoro apps I've tried I just had to upgrade to the paid version, however I was upset to see that some features are missing. First, the apple watch app doens't have a widget so I can't easily see and use it from my modular watchface like you can on most other timer apps. Second, sessions don't sync across devices in real time so there's no way to start the timer on my mac and see the time left on my apple watch or phone. Also, there should be an option to adjust the volume of the ticking sound and the option to use ambient noises during sessions (white noise, rain, etc.) Other than that, really love this app!
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3 years ago, neuromances
A little flexibility
I like this app so much; it's sleek and pretty, easy to use, and is generally quite simple. However, I can't give it 5* until I'm allowed to set my own Pomodoro times. As someone who is neurodivergent, it's very difficult for me to split my attention; sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to get the flow of my work, and then that is only 15 minutes to keep working before I'm interrupted, my ADHD flies off the rails, and then the process starts again. I have for some time chosen to do my pom sprints in hour blocks instead of 30 minutes ones (50 minutes working, 10 minute breaks). When this app is able to accommodate that, I'd 100% change my rating to five stars.
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1 year ago, NolyPoly326
Clean & Useful, with one quirk!
I love this app and use it every day. It's simple, effective, and nicely designed. My one issue is that I wish I were able to operate the app from the menu bar shortcut. Right now, if you click the app in the menu bar, it brings up a pretty disruptive (and small) pop-up that sometimes gets buried in my multiple monitors / slew of other apps that I open throughout the workday. I'd like to be able to click the menu bar shorcut, pause/start a flow, and immediately resume work. Currently it is pretty distracting in the middle of focused work to click the shortcut, locate the small pop-up window, select what I need, then close the pop-up again.
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4 years ago, dan_nelson
Simple and elegant
I've used other Pomodoro apps intermittently for about 2 years. They've all been "fussy" and too complex (and sometimes gaudy and just weird). I've typically become frustrated with the developers' implementation of a very simple and useful idea. I've been using Flow for 3 weeks. This one feels like it's going to "stick." It's simple, unobtrusive, elegant and straightforward. I don't need more features. I don't want to have to engage with more features, spending extra time and attention. Flow does what it needs to do for me. I have no reason to upgrade to Pro, but I like this app so well I happily made a donation on the Flow site.
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2 years ago, denise y cho
My favorite, but also has space for improvement
As far as layout, this is my favorite pomodoro app as it has a small count down window, but can also be closed and just run in the tool bar at the top. The green logo and layout is neutral and not obnoxious color like other apps. I like that flexibility of choose you work & break length, the automatic continuation of the cycles, option for motivational quotes. The only thing I disliked is that there is no button to restart the work cycle or the break cycle or add 5 minutes to it without restarting the entire 2-hour block in case something came up and I wanted to compensate for time missed.
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2 years ago, May :D <3
Best pomodoro technique app 4 procrastinators!
Ive only downloaded flow today, yet im obsessed now. Ive never written reviews for apps before, but this app deserves one. Words cannot describe how much work ive done in only ONE cycle, there’s also reminders about when your break’s over, or when it’s starting etc. if you have notifications on. the app does have some paid features, however u can use the app in general for free, u can track how many minutes, cycles completed etc. I’ve been looking 4 study technique apps, but this is the best one by far. download it now!!!
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9 months ago, Neotint
Near Perfect Pomodoro Powerhouse
Flow is a productivity timer that excels in simplicity and user-centric design. Its intuitive interface, authentic pomorodo ticking sound, stat views, and ingenious calendar integration make it a standout in the pomodoro app space. While there's room for enhancements like adjustable ticking sound volume, resizable windows, and color themes, Flow already delivers an exceptional core experience. It's helped me work more intentionally and stay focused. Their upcoming metronome feature is also exicting. Yes, time management is exciting lol. Kudos to the Flow team for creating a top-notch pomodoro timer! Danke! If you're looking to boost productivity and focus, give Flow a try. It's a game-changer.
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1 year ago, nehadol
This is one of the best apps for studying and keeping me on track. Over the last few days the app freezes and I am not able to quit or do anything to the app. I don't have it open as a window but rather in the taskbar on my mac. I have to restart the whole computer to get the app starting again. It doesn't even show up on a list of apps so that I can force quit it. But other than this problem, great app!! I might try reinstalling the app and see if that fixes it. EDIT: Reinstalling the app fixed the issue I was having.
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1 year ago, T. A. Fields
I ❤️ This App! Just Upgraded
I’ve been using it every day for the past couple days, and so far, it’s everything I was looking for in a pomodora. I’ve tested about 5 pomodoras up to this point and what this app does that’s different than the others, is it it’s reminders come through without me forgetting that it’s running. So when it’s time to break, it let’s me know. When it’s time to work, it let’s me know. So it really does a great job at helping me shift tasks and move from one thing to the next. On top of that, it’s beautiful!
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4 years ago, SammyS205
Great Focus Timer
Overall, Flow is an amazing app that you can easily use for free! The UI is very easy to use and understand, and the UX is seamless, integrating into the top bar of your Mac. With the app blocking feature, it has really helped me focus and stop messaging friends or using social media apps when I'm in a "focus period." One thing that I wish they added was statistics that show how much "focus time" you completed in one day, and some trends over your week. I think they could also make the timings a little bit more flexible, but other than that the app is fantastic.
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4 years ago, Eck Zed
Would be perfect with more customization
The current pomodoro and break times work great, but with more customization (being able to set custom times, how many pomodoros until a long break, and what pomodoro the I'm on) the app would be perfect. Otherwise, it looks great and serves it's purpose well! Additionally, adding, a very simple mobile app would be incredible. I often leave my desk during the long breaks and forget to come back in time. Having a simple mobile app that displays the same interface (so I could prop it up on a phone stand) with notification reminders for when breaks are over would be very handy.
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4 years ago, C_Jerris
Effective and Clean
Amazingly simple. Pomodoro is how we should all work. Focus on the process, not on the product. This app helps that happen using a clean interface. I love the full screen setting, which overrides the "Do Not Disturb" function I have my mac and iPhone set to my entire working day. Excited for new features, and developers respond quickly to ideas. I suggested custom filters for apps and websites that are blocked. I.e an "email filter" vs a "study/work" filter for students and those whose email work is not a primary part of their job. Hope to see it soon!
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3 years ago, Legally Asian
great for productivity!
I've been using this the past few months and it has been great for keeping me on track! I dont know if this would be part of the upgrade but I guess I was hoping to make the window a little smaller. I so like it on top of my tabs but I only have a mac laptop and it is quite small, i feel like the window takes up a lot of space and blocks a lot of my work. I was hoping for something not as unnoticable as the hidden option but not too big where it blocks a lot of my work. Maybe a sort of transparent/translucent option would be cool?
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3 years ago, Crazdave559
Almost perfect, just needs a couple tiny things
Firstly, I love how simple it is and the UI/UX is GREAT. Other apps have way too many features for what should just be a timer. That being said, some suggestions: 1. More customizable durations (I want my long break to be an hour) 2. Ability to skip ahead or fast forward somehow. Context: I accidentally reset my whole session during a short break and I’d like to be able to just skip ahead one at a time to get back where I was 3. Notification variations, I didn’t hear when my focus time was over the first time I used it because it was quieter than my music so having some options for more obnoxious ones might be good :) This also could be due to it maybe not using the “ringer and alerts” volume, but instead the “media/music” volume? Not sure how that works. Those tiny things take 1 star away for me, but most other apps I tried were like 1-2 stars so yeah this one is awesome :D
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3 years ago, collin_ham
Simple, but wish it had additional features
This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing Pomodoro timer apps out there, which contributes to completing productive sessions feel more satisfying. The interface looks clean, is very easy to use, and has no bugs (at least that I've run into) but I do wish it had a feature that tracks the number of completed 'flows' each day. The app does record the number of completed 'flows' during its lifetime, but I do think it would be helpful to be able to visually log the number of daily sessions to further aid one's goals.
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3 years ago, casjb3
I use it every sigle day
Having ADHD makes time management really difficult. Finding a balance between executive dysfunction and hyperfocus is a constant concern. By setting up my flow for 25 minutes and breaks for 5, I am able to mitigate both symptoms by either being encouraged to get started by the manageably incremented timer or preventing burn out brought on by going too long intensly working on a task. Obviously its a struggle to adhere to the flow cycles but its still provides for time, an often unmanageably abstract concept, to become concrete.
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2 years ago, alexamb121997
A simple, minimalistic pomodoro timer!
I love how minimalistic the app looks! i appreciate how simple it is and doesn't contain a lot of unneccessary functionallity (something I personally prefer). I'm using the pro version and I think it's totally worth it! If I were to make a few suggestions, in hopes of seeing these updates in the future, I would like the app to be able to sync to my macbook and phone at the same time. When i take a break, i usually step away from my laptop and bring my phone with me so it'd be nice to hear the notification from my phone so i don't go over my break time from not being able to hear it from my laptop. another suggestion, it'd be pretty cool to be able to change the notification sound! doesn't have to be a lot of options but it's something i'd personally enjoy and hope others would too. great app!!
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2 years ago, J. 0
Minimalist, easy to use, perfect!
This app delivered exactly what it hyped up. It has a neat and clean interface, keeping a beautiful and simple layout. It’s also very easy to use, no annoying features or clutter in the app. I would like to ask however, is there some kind of data transfer? I’d like to use the app on my phone too, but I want to keep the data that I already have on my iPad. But other than that, this app works great! Just hoping for a sync feature at one point.
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2 months ago, charmingduchess
This app is totally perfect!
Does exactly what it says it does, even on the free tier. My only complaint is somewhat of a user error, but I believe to be a design flaw. When flow opens, I find the CTA button is a little misleading. When I click "Start Using Flow", I always think that the timer is going to start. I forget to click the play button until I notice that I haven't had a break in a while. I would love for that button on the opening screen to trigger the timer.
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7 months ago, Andrewnagy
Great app with lovely UI/UX
Stumbled upon Flow when I was looking for a simple pomodoro app that has great UI and is minimalistic. Flow fits exactly both of these things. It's a great app that has beautiful UI and works across iOS and MacOS flawlessly. I also like the fact that they have a one-time payment option which I prefer over subscriptions. Overall, highly recommend it especially the pro version because it allows you to block apps during a pomodoro session among other things.
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5 years ago, aliakbar-m
Minimalist but Effective Approach to Pomodoro Technique
I have tried almost every pomodoro app on App Store, this is hands down the best one so far. The others either lack a friendly UI / UX or have packed so much extra functionality that the very goal of the app is lost in sight! While there are some minor changes I would have wanted to see like a proper centralized settings page (minimal as the rest of the app UI) I give it 5 stars as a well-done focus timer was much needed on macOS platform. Kudos to the developers and keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, frango na manteiga
Cool minimal app
It's awesome and simple. Only reason I gave it 4 and not 5, it's because it doesn't add the total time. You need to finish the whole timer you put in order for it to count it. It'll be better if I can just stop the focus timer and it still adds the minutes to a total time. Edit: it'll be awesome if you guys can implement a button to edit the current timer. Some I press the timer to start it, but the screen doesn't always detect the tap. There's been moments I study for 25+ minutes to realize the timer wasn't on 🤦🏽‍♂️.
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2 years ago, KaitlynZ98
It's a great app
It's a great app. The pro feature to block websites/app is great and the commitment mode is awesome as well. Everything looks visual appealing. Minimalist design is good, however, there can be some added features that will make the app even better. (Maybe with the ability for the user to turn off the features if they don't want them) For example, white nose options like rain, static, waterfall, and etc. would be a great idea to have available in the background. More customization for themes for the app. Maybe the ability to schedule reminders or events in calendars to use the app. An allowlist for websites and/or apps to use during the timer. Maybe the timer can be synced across devices. Those are just some ideas. Overall, the app is useful and functional and the pro features are a bonus.
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5 years ago, miloofcroton
Almost perfect
This is the only Pomodoro timer on the App Store that doesn't do too much or too little, and it's not super buggy. The interface is beautiful too. It is missing one main feature that bothers me a little, which is the lack of a full screen notification when it's time for break. I contacted the developer though, and he got back to me immediately saying that he was happy to hear from me and that it is on the roadmap. I have to give him extra props for that level of communication.
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3 years ago, reviewer13255
Just enough customization!
The purpose of this app is focus on work, so I don't want too many customizations. Otherwise, I'd be tinkering with my tools instead of being productive. It's beautiful, has plenty of adjustments, and is easy to make subtle or very present. I very much like that the break takes over my screen to jolt me into an active decision about whether or not I'll take it. I'm also using the new calendar feature as a paid user and hopeful for it to replace tracking in my planner as I get the rhythm of it.
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8 months ago, The Unlikely Hero
Almost perfect
Easily my favorite Pomodoro app. Super clean, customizable, no needless flare or distracting clutter. My only complaint is that when a timer ends I don’t get a proper alert pushed through to my watch that vibrates. Thanks to the Apple Watch I’ve had my phone on spent for years, all alerts distilled down to little taps on my wrist. It’s weird to me that an app in 2023 that’s otherwise so polished doesn’t do this. I can’t remember the last time an app had sound-only alerts, it’s a little bizarre. Fix this and it’s an easy five stars.
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4 years ago, Kree67
So simple. So helpful!
This app has provided some needed structure to my work routine. Before, I tended to put my nose to the grindstone and not stop until the work was done - hours without consciously taking a break. Now, the Flow app cues me to take a 5 min break every 25 minutes. You can change the length of those. Anyway, the frequent, brief breaks help me stay focused during the work periods, and overall I feel healthier and more productive. It turns out getting up and getting the blood flowing regularly is good for my brain and my body.
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11 months ago, stevenevents
In the field of pomodoro
What sets flow apart is the intermittent task blocking. This provides a list of apps to block just like screen time in the native iOS but it only blocks only while the flow app is open. There are other pomodoro like timer apps that completely block picking up the phone. There are also others that have built in todo lists. I’m glad this DOESN’T because that creates another type of distraction, and I have other preferred to do list apps.
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1 year ago, KendallW08
Perfect Studying Tool!
I am a middle school student and I am definitely going to be using this tool in High School to help me study! I highly recommended this app! Once you install the app, it's an un invasive timer in the middle or top of your screen. Flow offers many timers and even a 5 minute break after each session! The only reason this app has four stars instead of five is because you can't customize your timers on this app. One time, I wanted to have a ten minute timer but couldn't. Besides that, this is an amazing app!
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3 years ago, ReganX
Simple yet powerful
I love that this not only lets me keep track of how long I've been working since a break but also forces me to take a break. The option to have the timer take over my entire screen is genius. I feel more productive and energized through the day as a result. The only thing I wish happened is that when apps are blocked (ie: mail, texts) it doesn't just keep me from using them but also keeps notificaitons from coming in. Highly recommend this app, regardless.
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