Flow Free

4.8 (306.1K)
47.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Duck Games LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flow Free

4.78 out of 5
306.1K Ratings
4 years ago, CcccccccccMmmmmmmmmm
I love it 🐶🐶👍🏻😂😃😀😄😁😆
This game is awesome. I love it I think it is the most relaxing game ever!!! I love it in my free time I will get my phone out and play it. It is like so relaxing one time I fell asleep playing it. I think that if you are looking into getting it you should it’s so nice . It’s all free too . And the best part is I have never seen more then five adds a day. It’s not like one of my other games that is full of adds. I’ve also never seen a bad add it’s only been good adds. Another thing I love is every day there is a daily puzzle. I love to play this. I would have to say this game is probably in my top five favorite game. I have been playing this game for over six years never once had any problems with this I decided to write a review because I’ve been stuck in my house a while I’ve been playing this game like crazy. I decided I would write this review because all these years of playing I haven’t said anything about it so I just want to say flow free you have done an amazing job at this game. I love it !! Thank you so much for creating this game I hope you can put my review on for others to read and find out how good this game is ! And I just wanted to say YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GET THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Nabee ❤️
An Amazing and Creative Game
Flow free is a game where you have to connect lines. You have an amount of moves and it shows your best amount of moves for that level. What makes this game great is that it is logic and common sense. Also, it’s the fact that it helps your brain really think which two lines should go where so the other lines connect. This is also satisfying seeing them connect. Another thing I like is how they always get harder level by level and scoreboard by scoreboard. I like the idea of them creating daily challenges. The game is perfect really. It’s very creative and really causes your brain to think. It’s like a fun, creative, brain game and I like the idea of that. One thing that flow free should add is a challenging level where you have a certain amount of time to connect 20-30 lines. Another thing should be versing other players to see who can connect the lines or complete 1 entire scoreboard quicker. These two game modes should be called “Expert Level” and “Competitive Level”. I hope flow free can use one of my ideas. Therefore, this game is great but can use a couple game modes. Once again, thank you for reading this. -Nabeeha. A
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2 years ago, bhadcash
Download this game ! ITS AMAZING
Hi! I absolutely love Flow Free so many categories that you can play AND so many levels! Im just sticking to the basics before Im actually ready. Bored at home? Download this game and try it you will soon later be obsessed with it,just like me. On a long car ride? Download this game! Flow Free is amazing because it just helps time pass by ! How? You ask ,Flow Free helps time pass by because its just so relaxing and then your in that moment and as soon as you know it BOOM 💥 your already returning back home from that long car ride !(trust me it happened to me ) Stressed out? Play this game ! This game releases my stress and Im sure it’ll do the exact same thing with you too😀 In for a challenge? I recommend doing the countdown and you can even pick what levels you want to play OH AND BEFORE I FORGET you can choose how much time you want! Anyways I will leave you alone, I know you’re downloading the game! I can’t really get into the details too because Im trying to beat my high score ! Bye and I hope my review will interest you into downloading this game ! (I recommend downloading it) 👋😊😀😀
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11 months ago, KittycatJK
Wonderful app!
I have had this game for a few years now, switching to newer devices from time to time. It has remained on my iCloud and I now have all of the Intro section completed. When I got this app on my new phone (which, happens to be older) it immediately asked me if I wanted to link to my iCloud. Almost all of the other apps I downloaded again to this phone didn’t ask me, nor sync to the iCloud. This caused me to lose a lot of game progress on other apps. It was relieving to see that it synced, to say the least. It has been a pleasure to sit down and play the game, with the short logic puzzles being addicting. As said before, I have spent years completing every single puzzle. There are 300 puzzles in total, and I frequently forget about said app. I have yet to complete the other expansions (links, hoops, manias, etc.) There are not many ads, neither, so that simply adds to the experience. You can build your mind and brain, with flourishing colors. What I am trying to convey is that this app is a beautiful, calming environment. I would recommend this app to others, absolutely.
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4 years ago, Skayell
Gets the synapses firing! Love it.
Flow Free is a little easy for the first several levels, or at least I found it so. Around level seven, it gets very interesting and challenging. Even if you find the first several levels a little too easy, keep going! By the time you get to 7x7 squares, you can see it starts to pick up the pace in trying to wrap your brain around this. By the time you get up to 10x10 squares, you see why even very intelligent people give up here. These puzzles with higher numbers of squares require a high degree of spacial conceptual thinking. I love the challenge, but find it can be a little frustrating. When I get to a puzzle that really is taxing my brain, I go back to work a few puzzles at a lower level or even the level on a lower number of squares. Trust me, if you’re on Level 130 in 12x12 squares and you go back to a puzzle in 11x11 squares, you will not look at it say “I remember this.” After working several of the ‘less taxing’ puzzles, I can go back to the level that was frustrating me and see it in a new light and solve it and move on.
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2 weeks ago, Regi_mented
So much better than before
I played this game years ago and loved it, but it had some annoying things. Like, if you used a hint, but after trying to figure out the rest, needed to wipe it (reset/undo all) to start over, the hint would also get erased. And usually, they were complicated paths that were almost impossible to memorize. But now, it keeps the hint in place when you use the reset button. Love that! Also love the organization of the different types of puzzles. Some days I feel like something simple, other days, something challenging. Love that I can choose from several options. One feature I would love to see is saving any moves made on a puzzle if you have to stop mid-solution and close the app. Maybe it does that, but I haven’t noticed it. I would also love an easier way to earn hints. Watching the occasional ad is fine, but I paid for the “no ads” experience so there should be another option. Regardless, I love the app even more now than before.
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4 years ago, Pearlmac
Love the game but
I have enjoyed Flow Free games for a long time and I also paid to have ads removed long ago. The game is now overflowing with ads. I once again said I wanted to remove the ads but received a message saying I had already purchased this. The ads continued. Out of respect for the developers I wrote to them directly rather than make a post here. No response. I again tried to have ads removed through Apple and received a message that it was done. But, the ads continue. $4.99. Think about that if you are someone who likes to remove ads when they are very excessive and long. UPDATE: I heard back from the developer and was provided with clear instructions about how to fix my ad issue. I first downloaded the game in 2011? This is the first time I have had a glitch. It is a very enjoyable game and I also own a couple of their other games. (I was able to fix my issue in all games.) So I am happy to give this game the stars it deserves.
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4 years ago, CanYouHackett97
Great Puzzle Game
I’ve been playing this game for several years. Sometimes I play so much that when I look around a room, I’m imagining drawing the lines around objects on the wall. It’s not hard, especially once you figure out the method to solving them, but some of the higher difficult levels do take a few minutes to solve, which I think is a good balance. It’s not frustrating but not always too easy. It’s satisfying and good to do if you’re just hanging out or waiting for something. It has a daily set that lets you build up a streak, but missing a day just sets the streak back a day instead of resetting to zero. Hints are pointless because all the puzzles can be solved without them if you just keep working on them. Try the game for free and, if you find yourself enjoying the free levels, I’d definitely recommend buying all the packs. Some of the packs include some new twists to the boards that make it more interesting. They add new packs to the game every once in a while, which really makes it worth coming back to.
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4 months ago, Kristine.N :3
Literally Underrated 🫶⁉️
If I had to be honest, this is one of the most fun experience I have ever played. Most kids would go for other games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox etc. However, if your ever looking for a game that is wifi free and relaxing, then this is perfect. This is the perfect puzzle game for all ages. There are different varieties of puzzles where you have to connect lines with two dots at different areas. Although when you try to play, it might at first be a bit frustrating, but mistakes help grow your brain. This game is ad free only if you turn off your wifi. This game can help build your brain and solving skills. It’s relaxing with no disturbance. Based on my experience, I would always play this game in 2015 on my grandpa’s phone. It was fun and would be the perfect game during car trips. In summary, I would recommend this game if you want to improve your solving skills or you like simple puzzles in general.
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4 years ago, by cupcake love
I love this game!!!! 😍😍😍😍
When ever I’m bored and I don’t want to play Roblox ( I try not not to play Roblox 24/7 ) I play this. It is the best game ever! But, I have one suggestion. Why can’t you make your own puzzles for you to try and beat? Anyway, just a suggestion! You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. Report: no bugs spotted! Report: awesome game! If your the lazy, calm, and chill kind of person, this is totally the game for you! When I said no bugs spotted 🐜 🕷 🐛, I really meant no bugs spotted! (So far.) So, I’ve downloaded this the day I got my iPad, ( I had a phone but lost it and found it a year later under the couch cushion but wouldn’t turn in and yes I tried charging it that didn’t work and the charger was brand new) and I loved it! ( I got half of my friends and family to download it. ) ( That’s how good it is! ) Of course, some of the puzzles are kind of hard, but don’t give up! Stars: if I could, I would give this game 1 Millon stars! Thanks for reading, Munchim.
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9 months ago, DavidBerger95
Best Mobile Game Ever?
I've come back to Flow every few years for I think over a decade now. It's everything a mobile game should be. Pay just a few dollars one time for thousands of levels and no ads. The game keeps you interested and playing, with every level completion feeling rewarding, without any ulterior motives or constant prompts to make you spend any more money. You can play just one or two levels if you have a spare minute, or play through a whole level pack if you have time to kill. The paid hint system seems completely useless as you can solve every level yourself without them. My only suggestion: I wish there was an option to remove the level finish dialogue and just automatically move on, because I've accidentally clicked the pointless share button more times than I can count. That, and I want more (and hard) link levels, they are so fun!
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5 months ago, Turtle tortoises lover
Awesome game!!!
This game is super fun and I play it whenever I have free time. It’s so calming and fun trying to connect the dots. I love how there are so many levels. I play it in the morning and it really helps my brain get going. I also love that it does not have too many ads. This is a really cool game and I think everyone should check it out. This game is overall my favorite game! Thank you so much for making this game. and thank you for the daily puzzles. This game is extraordinary and I love it. The ads aren’t even that bad. In this game, you have to try to connect all the dots. Do you have a certain amount of moves. You have to connect them without crossing them. The levels keep getting harder and harder. everyone should definitely get this game. Thank you so much to the people who made this, but I’ll just have you know this is my very favorite game of all time. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Zimberfizz
Game idea in 1 sentence: connect the dots. So simple, so amazing -my all time favorite game on the app store. Absolute must have. I have been using this app for years. This praise has been a long time coming; the simplicity, touch, sounds, colors are in sync with the idea of flow. Level and animation transitions are seamless. Perfect flows feel rewarding. Complexity scales with user experience. Level up potential is essentially unlimited, the board area, # of flows, and game rules (i.e portals, walls, bridges, etc) provide enough flows to last... well, as long as you want. Feel free to be obsessed, you still won’t run out of boards. And they add new ones pretty regularly. There are over two thousand puzzles in the base game, thousands more for the price of a cheeseburger, like 5+ more games by the same creator with the same premise but different implementations - all with expansions... Live long and prosper, flow free.
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4 years ago, Justin_of_the_saints
Quality Game and Keeps Me Busy, but one issue
Flow Free is one of the best, if not the best, game that I’ve played on my phone. I’ve been playing it for just about five years now, in addition to its counterparts Hexes and Bridges. It’s something that I find entertaining to do in my free time. I have just about every level complete from the most recent update and I have 1,446 day streak on. But that brings me to the one issue I have with it. I have noticed in previous versions of the app, when you have a streak and you forget a day, you lose the entire streak and go back to zero. But with the most recent update, if you lose a streak, you number simply goes down by one day instead of losing it entirely. In a way, this doesn’t keep me as motivated to keep up with my streaks on the apps, and has me slightly less enthusiastic to play the streak. However, I will continue to play this game because of how fun and addicting it can be.
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7 years ago, husSTLe escapist
My favorite game
I've played free flow for over a year now and am so excited about the latest updates that I've finally decided to write a review. This series of games is great for puzzlers who need a break from the big universe games that are super time intensive. Also, if you enjoy 1010 or BlockHexa, this is for you. The first few sets of some levels are laughably easy, but I use the easier levels to practice dexterity with my non-dominate hand and they are good for younger folks and days when I just want to unwind. Similar to Monument Valley and Euclidean Lands, the more complicated levels challenge your spacial orientation with warps, bridges, and walls. Even without those obstacles, some of the larger boards make it tough enough to be fun, but not obnoxiously impossible to solve. I also enjoy the challenge of going back to the puzzles that took me multiple attempts and re-solving them to get a perfect score. Thanks developers!!!
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5 years ago, Cerealkeller
Free Flow Free
I’ve been playing this game in my free time for several years now. It’s a great puzzle game to keep your mind sharp. I like to see how fast I can run through levels while I wait for my shiftly meeting. Each time I complete a level I say, “Byea.” out loud. The guy next to me figured out what it meant after a couple weeks. The game has hours if not days of free puzzles, ranging from easy to very difficult. Occasionally I get stuck and move on for a bit, then come back to it later. Every time I think I’ve almost completed the entire game, the add a few level packs to the free game. The best thing though, the one thing I was worried about when I got a new phone was losing my progress in this game. But it was awesome, the game linked my progress to my Apple account. So I was able to pick up right where I left off. Sure, there are adds. But I typically play offline. So they’re not as bad.
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1 year ago, _Brown Recluse_
Great game! However…
This review will encompass all 4 iterations of the Flow Free games. They are all excellent brain teasers and time wasters. The classic and Hex versions are on the easy side, while Bridges gives you a little more to think about, and Warps gets progressively more difficult as you progress. The only time I’ve used the hint feature was during Warps. The only glitches I’ve encountered has been a frozen screen a few times. Which can be annoying during Time Trials! My lone complaint/observation are the ads. While all these games have them to help pay the bills, the ones utilized here are probably the most aggressively annoying I’ve ever experienced. They take forever and are mostly unskippable. Which becomes burdensome after many games. Now, if you’ve got the patience of Job and are a frugal person, you may decide it’s not worth the money to avoid the ads and you’ll continue to suffer and play for free. However, I think the game developers are counting on you to pay the nominal game price to be rid of these time draining eye sores. Well, in my case, Mission Accomplished! I like these games so much I figured they were worth paying for to be rid of the ads. Plus you receive more levels to the already copious amount you begin with. Well, I’m out of space, so, good-bye and happy gaming!
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5 years ago, JessDee47
I would like this game to be a bit more challenging for teenagers
I'm a teenager I like this game but I like to think that some of the levels are a bit too easy for me but I know it's meant for four year olds and up but I would like to see a new update of the app for older kids (such as myself) but I would also like it not to be too hard for younger kids but I know it is important for the creators to earn some sort of money from people playing this app but I really do think that if you can make it harder for teenagers (like me) to have a bit more of a challenge but like I said not too hard for younger kids but I really do like the app but if you could pleas (the creator) to make at least an update on this particular game so that older kids can have more of a challenge to have. And I like to solve these kind of puzzles but I would really like to see and update on this app.
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1 year ago, scubagirl2
Free version with ads is AWFUL
Do NOT download this thinking you’re getting a free game that you can upgrade to a paid purchase if you like it enough, or that has a few ads placed around the game or at the end. The ads are incessant and most are nearly impossible to close, interrupting any attempt to try to play more than one game that lasts less than 30 seconds, if that. They cover the whole screen, most don’t have Xs to close them, instead there’s another little icon that takes you to another game demo/purchase screen with the Done option, but if you close that, you just end up in a loop and the fastest way out is to quit the app and start over. My 6-year-old wanted to try this because he saw a friend playing it and I figured some brain teasers were harmless enough for some quiet time. Instead he was screaming in frustration every minute because he kept getting blocked and I had to keep “fixing” it until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Also the intro levels are so easy they aren’t even challenging enough for a kindergartener. He skipped far ahead …
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3 years ago, bettyslocombe
Terrible Navigation Changes
I love Flow Free. I give it five stars, however, I hate the new navigation changes made in the latest update. Darn, I keep forgetting to turn off automatic updates. There used to be forward and back arrows on every puzzle so you could change puzzles whenever wanted. Now there is a big light bulb right in the center to purchase hints which I keep accidentally hitting and no forward arrow at all so you have to back out to the puzzles to choose a new one. I liked the old way because sometimes you find a puzzle hard and just want to skip forward knowing when you come back later you will be able to see that puzzle differently and be able to solve it. I suppose the light bulb is there to make money selling hints, but I am never going to confirm the purchase of a hint even if I accidentally hit it. Maybe I will get used to it, but it sure is annoying. It was perfect before. Don’t change a good thing.
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1 year ago, Ally3000$$$
Best game
I have had this game for almost 10 years but only play it sporadically yet, I have almost completed every level perfectly. I’ve come to realize that I’m unusually good at this game and I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time playing it. When I get my friends to play it they can’t get past the easiest levels while I’m producing flows at the speed of light. My favorite thing to do every night is get violently high, listen to music and play flow until I fall asleep. It just makes my brain tired and I literally start dreaming I’m playing flow, it’s great. And I just wanna say that the fact I haven’t spent $4.99 to remove the ads is foul and honestly I deserve compensation for the rage they have caused me. Idk why I can’t bring myself to spend $4.99 on mf flow. But I love this game and its my emotional support game fr thank you flow
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11 months ago, McDonna
great game except for Hints button
I’ve only been playing for a few days and have completed over 1000 games, so I have to say it’s very engaging and addictive. The range from mindlessly easy to brain stretching is impressive and I like that I can easily pick a level that matches my mood and energy level. I think it’s well worth the $4.99 I paid for the “all packs” version, as there are thousands of other boards waiting for to be played. My complaint is about the Hints button. It’s large and right in the middle under the puzzle where it’s easy to hit it accidentally, and then the puzzle is messed up because I didn’t complete it myself. I don’t want hints! I think the button should be smaller and in a corner so that it’s less likely to be touched accidentally. I would also prefer that it ask for confirmation before putting a goober into my puzzle.
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5 years ago, AmysaurusWantsAMuffin
Love this game, one minor annoyance though
I’ve played this game for literal years, it’s fun, it’s challenging, it really gets me thinking and helps kick start my brain in the morning. However, I have noticed one thing I don’t like about this. I was playing recently when I noticed something new about the daily streaks, and I felt my heart kinda sink. Apparently, if you don’t play every day, then your daily streak, instead of staying frozen on days you don’t play the game, will count backwards, and you have to actively keep your streak up. I don’t like this new feature as there are days when I just don’t have time to play games, and coming back to see something like my daily streak suffering because I just don’t have time to sit down and play a game, it really kinda upsets me. Still a really fun game though, and I play it whenever I can as I do genuinely enjoy it, but I will forever be annoyed about the thing with the daily streaks
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4 years ago, SkovoxBlitzer
One of my favorite mobile games!
Flow is a great way to unwind, but at the same time it really makes you think. I play flow to fill those 5-10 minute gaps that I have in between activities, but I can also just play flow and watch Netflix for hours at a time! I have had this game for a few years and have recently completed all of the free packs. There are additional flow games (hexes, warps, etc) all of which are free and just as much fun as the original, so the game has plenty of content to play through. I like the option to get hints (even if you do have to sit through an ad) along with the fact that there are additional levels that you can buy. My only complaint is that there are ads between levels, but you can pay a small amount to get rid of them. Overall a great game and I would highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, Dr.Mcwoofies
The Best Journey in My Life
This review has been brewing for the past few months. I recently finished every level perfectly after 3 years. And I am glad to have been a part of this journey. I breezed through the beginner levels, noticed tactics, solved the puzzles in ways that were probably not intended. But as I grew, this game grew as well. I slowly noticed that the levels evolved, they no longer had errors, past easy tactics no longer worked, and levels truly became difficult. The last 15x18 levels were some of the most well designed levels in the game, being truly challenging. This game has been a big part of my life and I will be sad parting ways with this wonderful game. I won’t be playing the other games since I will become to busy, but this game will always be in my heart. It’s been a unforgettable 3 years.
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7 years ago, Alekoi
I've had this app for a while and I've been addicted to it the entire time! My streak is at 504 days, but I'm sad because I'll be changing phones tomorrow and I'll have to start completely over. I'm going to continue to do the daily puzzles but I wish I could keep my streak. Overall this game is an amazing tool for an overactive puzzle brain. I've bought all the extra packages, and some colors! I enjoy switching which pack I'm working on and I like that I can go back and do the easy ones when I don't want a challenge! Hexes is my second favorite and I have a streak of 367 days on that one. It keeps me busy when I'm nervous and It's my go to app when I need a break from people. I listen to audio books and just blow through puzzles crazy fast, SUCH an amazing game for an active mind!!! I would rate it 10 stars if I could!!
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12 months ago, gklowe
I Really Love it-But?
I play this game on both my iPhone and iPad and have completed all the levels, but when I tried to load more of the same game types there is none. I send a email to the support asking if I could buy more games but they say there is no more. I guess I will try doing a Reset and see if I can start over. Ken I started over and built up to 330 hint’s, but then in the middle of one of the games the screen on my iPhone 8 when BLACK. I tried to switch it by going back to the main screen, but no luck. So I went to the App Store to see if there was a new revision and downloaded it. The game came back on, but I lost all of my 330 hint’s. Bummer, but will start gaining them back. So anyone who reads this, beware cause you really don’t know when the screen will turn Black!
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5 years ago, HonorMelly
Puzzle Perfect!
Always on the hunt for a fun, challenging puzzler with a calm, chill atmosphere; and I’ve tried a lot! Thankfully, a few puzzlers are so exceptional I come back to play again & again: Flow Free is one of those faves, & it’s been a fave go-to for years! The basic concept doesn’t even require instructions, but they steadily increase in difficulty, and naturally enough to enjoy & not be overwhelming. Oh, & on top of the standard game levels, there’s also daily puzzles, bonus packs, packs of just one difficulty level, and even sample packs of the game with a lil twist (which are also available as a separate app)! You can pay a little for no ads, &/or extra daily hints, but it’s truly not required to enjoy the game, & doesn’t bombard you with ads either! It’s more than worth the lil pocket change to support one of the best puzzlers!
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7 years ago, lovelyraincoat
the best soothing game
i realized that i had never reviewed flow, despite having been playing it for years. so, this is my review ! i love solving these puzzles, the app is super easy to use and you can experience it 100% without ever having to buy anything. i'm considering buying a few extra packs just to support the creators, since i'm so happy to have this game ! it progresses very naturally, teaching you different strategies without ever having to give a tutorial. easy to navigate and pleasant to use. it's my go-to when i'm anxious, overall. sometimes i need to watch three movies at once and do something with my hands, and sometimes i need to lay in a dark room with nothing but something small as a distraction, and it works perfectly for both. it sounds ridiculous now that i'm writing it, but i'm really grateful to have found something so soothing. my only complaint would be the ads with noise are kind of jarring, especially since i usually have the sound effects very quiet, and then the ads are too loud, but i don't know if that's even something the developers could change. it definitely doesn't keep me from adoring the app, though ! thank you for providing it for all of us, i'm really happy i can use it !!
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6 years ago, SDO1
Fix the streak counter please
I like logic games and started playing when my son showed me this one. It’s attractive and simple to explain. In fact, I wonder if this would be good for people with dementia or other conditions that affect their verbal abilities since it’s essentially non-verbal. I like that there are logical patterns you can discover to make solving faster as you progress. I was happy to pay to get rid of the ads. I have two suggestions for the daily puzzles. First, fix the streak counter. I went on vacation somewhat off the grid and didn’t play for a few days but the game still shows me with a long streak. If I have a streak I want to have earned it. Second, when there is a mix of difficulties make them progress in difficulty. I love that little hit of endorphins when I solve a relatively hard puzzle and when it’s followed by a very easy one it’s kind of a downer.
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2 years ago, chloe🐖💯🐖💯🇱🇷
W game
This game is racist and it’s okay just okay with it that I was like talking about it and I was literally like mad I don’t wanna wanna be mad cause your dumb ugly friends you can’t tell him to go watch it at the house you know you don’t like it but it’s like you ain’t mad cause I’m mad lol I swear you don’t wanna see yo yo girl I’m mad lol you are like me and I like that one that’s what you like and how I was doing that and I’m mad I was just talking too mad I just woke me and my head hurt like I was literally just talking about you and you never said anything about me lol lol I just woke up like I don’t want smoke lol I’m sorry I just wyowy you don’t talk to you I don’t wanna call you back I don’t feel like I don’t want you to feel mad at you I don’t know what you want to do with that you can’t even do wyooure
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5 years ago, BiggDoggJake
Flow FTW!
The “Flow” games (Flow Free, Bridges, Hexagons etc.) are my favorite puzzle games on the App Store by far. They’re incredibly fun to play, and once in the swing of things, you can start burning through levels. That is one of the reasons I highly recommend purchasing the “All Puzzles Pack” that disables adds as well, that way you’ve not only uninterrupted play, but so many levels you’ll have a hard time attempting to beat them all, even after scores of hours! A fantastic game through and through. Clean, elegant, simple design with a straight forward premise that is great for a quick 5 minute break, or lying back in chair or a bed for an hour! Easily 5/5 Stars from me, and recommend to anyone whether you find yourself a puzzle game lover or not, I’d say at least give it a shot; you might be surprised!
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7 months ago, tapaculo reviews
A different kind of brain stimulation
I am 76 and look for games that will help keep me sharp (or slow down the decline 🤣) and FLOW provides a good contrast and supplement to the many word-based and number-based and frankly juvenile games that are out there. it makes you think graphically to solve a range of puzzles that seem simple and repetitive — to connect dots of the same color — but vary tremendously in style and difficulty. The developer has done a dazzling job of creating algorithms that generate new puzzles every day. It says it all that I have completed 676 of their daily puzzles in a row, and 50 of their weekly puzzles during that time! I it’s free, though a couple of times I have purchased credits to be able to continue those runs.
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1 year ago, Rockshua
An accurate opinion on flow free.
It is by far the best app I have on my phone. So entertaining and always find myself back on my phone to play it. For years now I have been playing and have actually restarted a couple times because I run out of levels. Cannot say enough good things about this blessing of a game. For the record I play ZERO OTHER GAMES. Fact: I have never played video games, except flow free. I have played it for years and will continue to play until I become dirt. If you download this app and decide it’s not entertaining enough or fun, you’re wrong, and my message to you would be “Respectfully, please swim out to sea and never come back”. There you go, some priceless accurate opinions about the best thing to ever happen to the human species.
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4 years ago, LACEY BEST
Amazing download now
I downloaded free flow to see what it’s like for trips and stuff like that but then in instantly loved it I have never got bored playing free flow it’s really fun to get mixed up in tangles and everything the ad’s aren’t that long to there bout normal ad 10 to 15 seconds long maybe 5 seconds long but the ad’s go quick and they go after bout ten or maybe more try’s the ad’s are good and he games amazing you have different colors try and Mach why’ll also having to Mach the other color’s and you have to fill the whole screen up so not just some little square!! I love it it’s just one of my favorite games on my phone!!!! 10/10 you will love it if you love hard- medium-easy different levels for different players how they like it 10/10 recommend!!!!!! Enjoy the game ( supper fun )
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5 years ago, Dontknowsoillljustdothis
I’ve been playing this game for apparently 342 days and I won’t be stopping any time soon. I love how there are daily challenges, and although I forget to play for a few days, I am glad that my streak doesn’t drop all the way to zero ^^ I also love the different packs that are available for free. Of course, a free app comes with ads, and I’ve seen a few reviews complaining about the long ads. Honestly, I don’t find that a big problem because I can close the app and reload it, which takes like three seconds or if I’m that lazy, I can always switch my phone to airplane mode so I don’t have to see them at all. But I really love this app and it is a great time passer, and it is quite peaceful actually if you listen to some music while playing. Definitely recommend downloading!!
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5 years ago, Matt-R-Fact
An interesting test of emotional intelligence/intuitive aptitude
To put it simply, this game rocks for intuitive people. People with high emotional intelligence, hyper-sensitivity, ADHD, all kinds of things that end in ‘D’ that don’t necessarily “fit in” by the world’s standards (because they have amazing gifts that also come with challenges) will excel at this game. I believe it is a good, albeit simple, test to show the world that, heck yeah, you really are super smart and fast, just in other ways that the rest of the world doesn’t “get.” Bottom line, life is a team sport. Like it or not, everyone on the team is weird in some way. More importantly, we all need each other. Let’s work together to win by loving and helping others! May God bless and help all of us live in His good, pleasing and perfect will! Enjoy the app!
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5 years ago, DatGamer56
Memories are my favorite
BG Info: When I was around 4yrs old I had my first IPad. It was an IPad 2. (yes an ipad 2 I don’t live in the 80s) It was already dying and it was pretty much crap. On that IPad I had flow. I LOVEEEEEDD that game!! Honestly I couldn’t remember the last time I opened up my IPad to not to go straight to flow I loved it that much!! And I still do!! (End of BGinfo) Now I have a phone and coincidentally I remembered the game’s name and I downloaded and played it for hours. The puzzles in the game are very easy. But, they get hard fast as the board becomes bigger. And more colors quickly add to the board to connect. It can be satisfying to complete a hard level!! The game has so many levels that I ADORE!! My final rating 3,182,469 / 5. Download this game NOW!! (Or keep playing it if you have already!)
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3 years ago, Eeeeedjit
One of all time Best Games!
Simple, elegant, challenging & the developers do a *great job* providing new & interesting content. I’ve been playing for maybe 5 years & still play every day. I purchased for no ads, plus no huge battery drain because of ads: if still offered BUY THIS GAME! It’s very reasonably priced & you won’t be disappointed. Really like that they’ve introduced weekly free themed puzzles in addition to daily free puzzles & upgraded the difficulty of daily puzzles from too-easy to medium & even quite challenging. Excellent game that keeps you mentally sharp & the best part? Developers who really seem to care about providing a consistently excellent, well designed & frequently updated game. Seriously, an all-time Top Game.
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6 days ago, thetimelyones
I only have a few packs left (currently on the Party Pack) and I really enjoy the game! It doesn’t give you annoying notifications, and it has a reasonable amount of ads. It’s also nice that you get to choose which pack you want to do. It’s a very calm game that doesn’t overdo things like graphics. I also hate games with some kind of currency, because it forces you to keep playing when all you want is the coins. I’m playing the levels mostly because I enjoy the challenge (OK, sure, I also want to finish all the levels, but I enjoy the game), not for some limited background or something. I really like the game! It’s unlike other games and is super relaxing! :)
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3 years ago, UserRMR04
Had to delete.
I've had a streak completing the daily puzzles for over 3 years, completed all the new packs, almost every puzzle in the game was solved... but when an app has the opportunity to turn off the volume, AND my sound on my phone is off, and your believe your little app gets to bypass that and turn my volume on? For an AD?? Horrific and unacceptable. I have sensory issues and sudden noises I'm not expecting cause them to flare up - not to mention how often I wanted to do these puzzles in places that needed to be quiet. I understand needing ads, but you do NOT get to lie to consumers and literally change what my phone is doing. I've brought this up before and NOTHING changed. How terribly disappointing to have to delete something that's been a part of my daily life for years - but the puzzles are NOT fun enough to justify the frustration, panic attacks, and trouble. Don't bother with this app. There are other mobile games that respect users.
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5 years ago, Sal429
Very Addicting
Love this game. Have been playing for several years. Lost track of how many times I’ve beat all the levels and reset my progress to play all of them again. Best most satisfying sounds as well. The little “pops” when you connect a line. The water rippling sound when you complete a level. Even the water gushing sounds when you accidentally dissect a line. My only issue/suggestion is to allow players to earn hints by completing levels or completing a perfect pack. Especially for users who have purchased the ad free version of the app. The only way to get hints is by purchasing them or watching a 30 second ad which only gives you 1 hint; which is a little aggravating. Would have rated 5 stars if not for the lack of being rewarded for completing levels or packs.
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4 years ago, DirtBallOneHaveFun
Just got it! But...
It is a great relaxing app to do like when you are laying in bed and can’t go to sleep and are trying SO hard to go to bed but you just can’t. It’s great for that, but... most levels are SUPER easy and then like 1 or 2 levels are challenging. That’s just ONE bad thing about it. My second complaint about it is that when the levels ARE challenging they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to complete! I which that the ones that ARE challenging would be POSSIBLE to complete and not to easy that a TWO year old would be able to complete (which most of their other levels are like). I hope the makers of this game consider my thoughts and I hope you make these changes. I hope people who are thinking of downloading this read this rating and think if they want to download this app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Mountairy
I do not complain about responsible use of ads on a free game. I have heard enough reasons for them to last a lifetime, so we don’t have to rehash the need for a revenue stream or the way to keep the app free. I give you just one (1) ⭐️ because the ads are used irresponsibly. It is HOW and WHEN you use them that is the problem. There are too, too many, they interrupt playing the game, they are much too long, and the means to close them takes the player through several screens to get back to the game. The time for the “X” to appear is just too lengthy. The ads occur about every 4 or 5 levels and run on multiple screens as long or longer than it takes to complete the games levels between them. It is annoying, more annoying than the game is fun, so while I have enjoyed the game itself, I do not like it enough to endure the ads as you choose to use them. By all means, use ads if you feel you must, but do so with a degree of professionalism and fairness.
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3 years ago, Shakala Poodle
Latest update took 5 stars to 3.5
I have long loved play the flo free games for at least 6 maybe 7 years. I find it both relaxing and mentally challenging. This is 1 game I have talked a few other seniors into trying as it makes a great form of mental exercise. In fact I had to reset my progress a second time while back as I had cleared all boards perfect (guess that can explain 1,350 days playing?) When I realized the new update removed the option to watch commercials for hints. Between fact that I am an elderly disabled person on a fixed income and I occasionally try out games I see advertised I miss that option. As I occasionally need those hints especially with some of the newer levels to avoid excessive frustration. Was the removal of that option intentional or accidental? I am hoping accidental.
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4 years ago, charliep17
Beauty in Simplicity
This game has taken over my free time over the past 2 years. It has grown to become my favorite mobile game of all time. When I started off the game seemed bland and straight-forward. As I took on more challenging levels I started noticing patterns and I strategized accordingly. As I progressed further, new puzzles called for new strategies. I also love the timed mode. The competitive aspect has pushed a group of my friends to top each-other and solve puzzles faster and faster. I have 15 5x5s in 30sec, I put in countless attempts to beat this every day. This isn’t a game about connecting lines. This is a game about failing and persevering, and I won’t be able to put it down until every level is perfect (almost there!).
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5 years ago, Skibud98
Great Game Overall!
I’ve been playing this game for years and I still enjoy it quite a lot. Very addictive and very much a brain game, you could really get tied up into this and after over thinking you’ll probably get a headache and realize moments later that the flow should of gone a different way. But honestly that thinking part makes it very fun. The only complaint I have is the ads, I remember when this game never had a video ever pop up. Now after doing about 2 or 4 levels in a roll you get a video. I mean I understand that these ads gives you guys money to be on here, but why not keep flow free like it was before, without the ads. Otherwise I still really love this game. And I will recommend it to anyone and also would still play it no matter what really.
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3 years ago, Bpyper
Best game ever!
It’s a really realaxing it will make you kind off tired but it will make you smarter if you want some brain puzzles and you want to make your self smarter too this is the game for you every time I’m done from school I get on the bus and get my phone out and play the game till I get to my stop you should really get this game it’s amazing all you do is do some puzzles and go through harder levels each time you win a level I love this game! I’m a 9 year old and I love this game I bet ether people might like it to because kids like not that boring things so if I was you I would get this game! So if you get this game good for you! Well I guess have a nice day I hope people get this game. :)
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11 months ago, treiza
This game is literally so relaxing, stress-relieving, and great if you’re bored. Personally I think it’s still great with or without ads because there aren’t so many that it’s super annoying. There are so many levels to play, ranging from easy to very hard. You can go back and play levels you have already completed and it’s still really fun; you don’t remember playing those old levels. I also love completing the daily puzzles. I am trying to complete all the levels perfectly and get all the achievements so I could play for hours. Also it can sync to iCloud so I can have my progress on multiple devices! Overall it’s one of the best mobile games. 10/10
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2 years ago, DesertAnubis
There are a lot of flow games, but this one is the best
Why, do you ask? Because of one simple thing that only true flow fans or organized minds can appreciate: you don’t have to make zigzag motions to fill up the board. There is only one solution, and the flow never has to double back on itself. It’s a small thing, and some might think it insignificant, but it really highlights the quality of the puzzles in this game. Anyone can make flow games where you’re just required to fill up the board. This is the only one that cares enough about the game to make high-quality puzzles as can be found in this app. And they’re STILL adding content!!! Kudos to the developers.
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