Flower Farm (Flowerama)

4.4 (1.6K)
85 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flower Farm (Flowerama)

4.39 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Annabelle (this better work)
Pretty good but frustrating sometimes
I really enjoy playing this game overall. However, when I’m trying to catch the lucky bugs, at least half the time it will just close the app in the middle of it. (This doesn’t happen with any other apps). When I go back in, I’ve used my lucky bug catch for the day and I didn’t get any of what I actually caught. This is frustrating because you can only do it every 24 hours, you can only catch 2 red bugs at most, and it’s the only way to earn red bugs if you don’t want to spend money on the game. It would also be better if the lucky bug catch was available once a day instead of once every 24 hours. Also, sometimes when I’m doing stuff in the shop, it also says I’ve clicked things in the garden. It’s almost like it forgot I was in the shop, but I was seeing the shop and not the garden. This is super frustrating when I need to discard plants and waste coins because the game is going wonky. Overall a rly good game tho :)
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4 years ago, Athalialayne
Good game needs improvement
This game is awesome I love the concept, graphics and gameplay. However, you literally can only store flowers so like all the decorations you buy once bought cannot be stored only bought over or again. This really need to be maybe something you look at improving. If there were storage in the game for things purchased such as wallpaper and flooring it would be perfect. It also seems that the developers have abandoned the game not very many updates, no responses to consumers who have legitimate ideas or complaints, ect. I would love to see this game improved I believe there is a lot of potential for an exceptional game experience but however at the current time it’s severely lacking and not safe to spend real money. It’s a fun game to piddle with for time fillers but until it is fixed serious gamers need not apply lol.
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6 years ago, Palceofcats
Amazing Game! Could have touch ups tho
First of all, who wouldn’t want to create there own farm!?! This game is very cute, and really well made. One change they could make is a way to get lady bugs easier. Lady bugs are diamonds basically in this game. When you play the mini game you make Ger get one or two but usually you get nothing. Also, another change is that when you buy something you save it or store it when you remodel. Other then those two problems the game is great and I think you would definitely get it!
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9 years ago, Aoiyuurei
Very Cute Game!
Hi! I really like your game! It's simple but very satisfying, I'm enjoying taking care of my tiny garden (I just started playing yesterday)! I was wondering if I could make a suggestion? When planting the different flowers it says how much it costs to plant, and then the experience and coins gained when sold BUT I do not see anywhere where it says how many UNITS each planting renders? For example lilies are 200 units for each plot of land the seeds are planted on! I didn't realize this until I placed the lilies in the shop! Had I known beforehand I would have grown then more often! Is there a way to add how many flowers each plot of land will grow if you plant the seeds there? Thank you! :)
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11 years ago, Delinquent Roach
Waste of time
I noticed that eventhough my shops are full of flowers, it disappears sometimes without racking the profit that it supposed to! I have 3 shops full of unlocked different flowers both potted and table plants and yet I make less than $100k? Bull crap on that one! I e-mailed the developer and yet no answer on that one! Also it is stupid that you don't get to keep the items you bought and paid for to stow away when you want to change the look in the shop. You can't keep the flooring, items, and wallpapers when you want to redecorate, you can't store them and you won't get your money back either when you decide to change the flooring and wallpapers! I made a mistake buying another shop! I should've just stayed with the village store? Rip off game!
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7 years ago, AutisMudd
Great game and great team!
[EDITED] I'm grateful to the team for listening to my concerns in my last review! A recent update has fixed some gameplay issues that made the ladybug game unplayable, and now it's much better! There is still no item storage, and some other minor complaints I have (I wanna watch ads for lucky bugs!), but overall I am pleased with the team's responsiveness—despite uh, wow, there hasn't been a review in a while, does anyone else play this game anymore?—and look forward to (hopefully) future updates. It remains one of my favorite games! Thanks!!!
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7 years ago, 洛颜明媚
Down stared from 4 to 2
It's already painfully enough that we have to click twice to plow plus plant and blah blah one by one, why should we have to display the flowers one by one as well? Also feels like an illiterate playing this game cuz nothing has descriptions. I have read many reviews complaining regarding the game picture quality, same customers and no control over the whole front shop, to these, all I want to say is I agree 100%! Idk if the budget is tight or what's going on, but if the company cares to keep us playing and spending then they need to put more time and effect in to make it worth us the while cuz I just started the game a few days ago, about to delete it cuz I don't see that the developer cares for it.
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10 years ago, KeKe M
I love this game but......
I could play this for an hour at a time. It is very addictive because you constantly want to keep your shop full and earn more money. But I wish the game was more personalized. Since you are running the flower shop, you should be able to create your own shop owner, not be forced to have one that looks like a camel that does nothing all day. Also, I don't want the same 6 customers coming in a lot of the time 4 of one person, and they even walk into each other, literally. They are standing inside of each other! Please fix this!! I just want to game more realistic and personal. Thanks!
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2 years ago, testicularteen
Really fun!
Really enjoy this game. I do wish I could move plants within the shop onto a different table rather than just trashing them though. I’m trying to upgrade all my tables but I’ve got so many flowers on each table that I can’t sell them fast enough and have to wait almost an entire 24 hours before the table becomes clear and I can sell it. If I could move the flowers to a new table, I could then sell the old one and not waste space.
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9 years ago, Gatormom71
Needs some improvement
I agree with #3. It's always the same people walking in and out of the shop, bumping into each other, and you can't change the person who works there to create your own look. We should be able to personalize it more. Also, some of the decorations cost so much. It'll take forever to save up and get one stupid item. Also, today the game kept kicking me off. It's a cool game and I enjoy it. It just needs a little tweeking!! 😉
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Love Flowerama
I love this game! I'm very excited about the latest upgrade adding a mall and city shop. Three shops will be fun to run and decorate. I was wondering what I was going to do with all my money - LOL! Love the new flowers too. Keep bringing us more flowers and bring more with fast growing times. I need a garden for each of my shops. One garden cannot keep up with three shops. Keep up with the upgrades! Thank you! P.S. I've never encountered any of the glitches mentioned in a bunch of the reviews.
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4 years ago, Mtrovi
Great fun
I really enjoy this game. It’s fun trying to see just how good of a shop owner you can be 😊I love decorating the shop as well. I have a lot of fun especially decorating but of course you have to make a lot of money to do that so they coincide. I think it would be really good if you could make it that you can take flowers from a table and put them on a different table if you want to. I really wish you could make that change.
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6 years ago, Rochelle2175
Needs a few fixes but a great game
I like the game but it has a few things I would suggest fixing like being able to zoom out more and stop the ads from interrupting game play while trying to catch lady bugs from the bush in the garden. It should at least pause if an ad pops up but it doesn’t and takes all of your time up leaving you to wait another day to catch bugs.
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9 years ago, BAC1205
Really cute and fun game
I downloaded this game because it had flowers in it (since I love growing flowers myself in my gardens) and it has turned out to be a fun little game. I love the gnomes. The only thing I wish it had would be you could close the shop while say you are sleeping or something, but it's been really fun and have been playing it since I downloaded it a week ago a bunch! If you like flowers, then def recommend this game!
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11 years ago, DZineChic
Nice & Cute!
This game is too cute! I even learned about plants I never heard of! I've experienced one glitch before. It's fixed now. But, at first I bought certain wallpaper patterns. One of the patterns automatically placed itself in an area that I didn't choose. I spent & lost earned coins trying to redo the spot. Every time I closed the game, the certain pattern (in unwanted spot) reappeared. I hope it doesn't happen again. Maybe the recent update fixed this glitch. Cute, friendly game! Thanks.
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6 years ago, Ezim Yllek Nosyla
Fun but needs work
This game is fun, and I really enjoy playing, but I wish the game play/ user interface was easier to use. For example- instead of having to open your inventory and place each individual batch of flowers on a table, you should be able to place all of one flower type at once. Another example- being able to drag and drop seeds onto plowed fields without having to click each field and then choose a flower type. More table/ wallpaper/ flooring options would be nice as well.
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9 years ago, Ovtopus
Love but wish it had these things below
While I do love the game I wish we could make it so we put all the flowers on one table instead of having to click it over and over to put them all on the same table. Also would love if there were more flowers to pick to plant. It would also be great if on the red gnome there was an option to double growth all instead of having to click one by one to make them all double growth.
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6 years ago, MadScram
Highly Disappointed 🤯
This game started off very enjoyable but multiple problems with the development. I have had to re-install 2x’s only to lose ALL my inventory and 💰💰. The 2nd time hurt. The bug bush would not stop playing which was the 1st reason for re-install, the 2nd re-install happened after I step away and came back only to find my ENTIRE inventory unaccessible. The other disappointment in this game is the Ads ENTIRELY TOO MANY!!! I have other games I play and never have to deal with the amount of Ads by this developer and I won’t even get into the length of each and every Ad!!! I gave this 1 star BECAUSE I had too. 🤯😳
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2 years ago, Iron firefly
Enjoying but…
I do enjoy the concept of the game overall but it could use some fixing like other ways to get ladybugs and storing items you buy for the store and also some other just all around upgrades.. I see many of the reviews are old and maybe not an update for a while so might get bored with it. Hope to see it get better! Thanks
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11 years ago, Smyle31904
Addictive Game
I love this game.. It does have a few glitches sometimes when I plant flowers I come back and some of the fields aren't planted but not really a big deal... It has quite a few flower choices but it would be nice to get some more flowers to unlock I have 1 more flower to unlock and then there aren't anymore hoping they bring out some new flowers to unlock... But over all it's a good game and addicting...
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6 years ago, barbieglam1219
EDIT: Ok twice today alone I opened my flower shop & ALLLLL my flowers were gone!!! This is very aggravating to me! This is honestly my favorite game, I don’t want to have to delete it, but I’m not playing until this problem is fixed!!! I love this game, but 3 times now all of my flowers disappeared in my shop! I had a lot of them, there’s no way that they all sold & the $$$ amount didn’t change. I don’t know why it’s doing this, but please fix it. I’ve spent a lot of my own $$$ on this game. I’d hate to stop playing it. Also I’ve done a lot of the challenges through the phone & the last 2 didn’t go through. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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11 years ago, Invalidhost
Was GREAT until the update...
My son and I played this game on the iPad and had quite a loot going on because we started off buying Lucky Bugs and worked our way up to level 50+, then once updated, it all went to smithereens!! The visual display was simply horrendous, you couldn't see or read anything on the screen. After much troubleshooting, I deleted the app and it asked me if I wanted to save the data in Game Center, I of course said Yes. Reinstalled the app with all the same garbage on the screen. Needless to say I am VERY displeased -- it still has yet to be fixed; to me that is absolutely careless behavior on the part of the devs!
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2 years ago, Weird and scary
It’s good but something needs to change..
This hame if very fun! I started it today and already got the hang of it. I like how the game has no ads and it’s very enjoyable. I like plants so I thing this is a great game! But when it says you can do the bug game, I think you should be able to do it every 30 min.. not every 24 hours/day. I don’t have a lot in the game yet but it’s very fun!
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7 years ago, tracilynnie
Social connect would be nice
I love this game and have been playing it for awhile now but honestly, the ability to connect to Facebook or to add friends would greatly improve the gameplay.. I see you aren't updating the game anymore.. that's a sad thing.. most of the games I enjoy and am willing to pay for go this route.. sorry to see you go
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3 years ago, Kay 1970
Where are the designers of this game
I love this game , but I’m at a spot where I am not earning anymore things . I have noticed a lot of the reviews were from 7 yrs ago . Have the designers given up on this game ? If not please work on improving this game , people usually go past level 40 . Need more flowers , more land , has room for lots of improvement . I will play and hope to see new things soon . Thanks
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7 years ago, HaileyB97
Glitched and Restarted Randomly
I was really enjoying this game. I love that the more you plant each flower then the less time it takes for them to grow. The flowers are beautiful and there's a wide range of them. However, just as I was really getting into the game it glitched and threw me out of it. This happened several times, but I was always able to cancel the game and go back into it. Then, this last time it glitched again, but when I went back into it the game had erased all my progress and restarted itself. Please fix these glitches and I will change my rating.
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5 years ago, aljage
Great Game needs more
I really do love this game. There is nothing else like it on the App Store that I have been able to find. I really do wish that there would be some updates to the game that allows you to do more and maybe even have more flowers to choose from when growing! I hope they update it.
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8 years ago, SkyFire888
Major Bugs
I started playing this game a few weeks ago. At first it was a fun and simple game. However, after upgrading to the mall location I realized the game had a major bug. I would fully stock all of my flowers and then recheck the game a few minutes later. All of my flowers would be gone and there would be no income for the sales. I contacted the company associated with this game and let them know about the bug. I never received a response. It is a shame because this game could be really awesome if the company cared to make it work.
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11 years ago, Sandi3vang
Great game! The beginning is a little time consuming but once you level up and make more money the game is awesome. I was able to make over 100,000$ or points overnight. I thought it was impossible but once i got the hang of it, making money was easy. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do^_^
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10 years ago, Starsdazzle
Fun game but glitches
This game is a lot of fun and very addicting. The only downfall is the annoying glitches. For example the scroll bar for the flowers gets stuck on one page and won't move, or flip around, it acts like you've clicked on things you haven't or won't highlight items you have touched. There are way around the problems but it's still annoying to deal with and it gets worse as the levels get higher.
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11 years ago, ET10ET
Boring once u get past level 35
Game was fun but want more options. Should have ability to move stuff around or place back in storage so that you can change things up between stores. Once you place your items, thats it. Also, facebook page is no help. Doesnt seem like anyone gets feedback on their comments or questions. Wrote the above before I got to levels 35-36. After that there isnt anything more other than planting and selling. No more quests. Boring!
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4 years ago, Cmjohnson14
I’d give more but.....
I like playing this game but I can’t seem to make my farm bigger without lucky bugs and I can’t get those because the game they have you play doesn’t let them stay in my screen but the corner of my phone!! I level up and I can upgrade my store but not my farm so I can make more flowers!!! Help please please make it when you level up you get a bug. Come one really I am ready to quit and delete the game
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4 years ago, Kittystar949
I stumbled across this game and am absolutely in love! It’s got some bugs but not enough to real interfere with the overall game. Was a little sad to see the latest update was from over two years ago. I think this game has a lot of potential.
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9 years ago, GrannyZink
This game has potential to be really good...BUT... The graphics leave a lot to be desired. Catching bugs from the bush is ridiculous & nearly impossible ! However, I've learned how to rearrange the shop, quite by accident, so that's a plus :) have to wait many hours to earn many coins but it's ok now :)
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7 years ago, Cedar Ridge
Attn: Developers
Please update! We need more levels, less "fake" customers, real and recorded profits, and more new flowers with the new levels, to mention a few. This game has not changed at all since I started it, appx. two years ago, and it really does have potential--but, only if the developers are as invested in this game's success as it's players are. The game feels sorely neglected by it's developers.
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8 years ago, Princesslizbunny
My kids love this game
My kids loved playing this app so I got it for myself to play with them. It is more fun than I expected and a nice way to pass the time before an appointment, however it would be nice to be able to look up friends on the app so I really could play with my kids!
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11 years ago, Talulayak
Own a shop
I would like to be able to edit the decor. Once you put something somewhere it is there to stay. I don't like that you can accidentally delete a 50,000 coin purchase without a confirmation asking if you are sure you want to delete or hawk item? But overall fun to play even for us who do it for a living.
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11 years ago, SpankYsWifey
Love the game it's real relaxing in my eyes .. Enjoy planting flowers but some take hours ): the update was nice now sure if I'm like in the mall things .. I play on my phone & iPad but for some reason it didn't sync .. So I'm doing everything twice !! Thank you anyways & keep the good game !!
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7 years ago, MsNewIphone6Plus
I started playing 1-9-17 i liked that its a busy game time burner but my flower pots i could never get to stay on the tables bothersome customers cant buy em then With some upgrades this could be a 4*game it says may slow iphone down Devopler needed to upgrade the app🤔 hint guys...plus bonus game auto-zooms &you cant see the bugs unfair cant visit other players?Plz update😲😲😲
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10 years ago, OhKCas
Honestly great
Highly addictive, but I will say the game will be ten times better if there were an "add all" if you have okay end youd know my frustration when I want to add flowers to a table and I have to keep clicking and clicking, there should be a way I can just ad them all to the table.
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7 months ago, crianne1114
Needs Improvement
The game is good, it is fun. However there are a few things that should be upgraded to make the game more enjoyable. 1. Add a variety of flowers by level. 2. The things that are already being purchased should be placed in the storage so you can make use of it later, like tables, decors, wallpapers, tiles, doors and windows, etc. 3. Add seasonal decors like Christmas trees and anything that goes by the season. 4. The customers should be seen using the amenities and not just walking around and then going to the cashier just buying flowers. For example, drinking coffee, champagne or sitting down. So those are things I suggest to make the game more enjoyable.
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3 years ago, Jecafl
This game has a LOT of potential! Please spend some time on it, get the game updated and you will see the revenue on it! Get some other features in... like temporary help , or seasonal stuff... I dunno , but ye , I would throw some money on it if it was a bit up to date ...
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10 years ago, Karmamella
Fun but needs work!!
I've been looking for a game to replace the flower shop I play on Facebook. I was really excited when I found this app, as of now I'm fifty-fifty. I don't hate it and I don't love it. Pros: Fun time waster. Nice simple feel to it. Unique idea. Hardly any items with level restrictions Cons: Bad graphics. Everything looks blurry. Everything is super expensive. Characters looks horrible Very slow on the start Needs more flower options!! Actual bushes! Hybrid flower colors! Hopefully this is a useful bit of information and I really have high hopes for this app.
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1 year ago, Starshine1246
I adore this game I wish you would come back and update it. Would love more flowers and more table/pot designs and maybe an easier why to put all the flowers in the shop like pylo does with the fields
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9 years ago, RN2012
I know this is an older app but I am hopelessly addicted to it! It is just enough of a challenge to keep me interested but not so hard that I get frustrated. A few glitches here and there, mostly with clicking what you want, but nothing bad enough to get me to stop.
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10 years ago, She Boss
Flower shop
Just started playing....I play flowershop game on my computer and love that one a lot...this game is really good too but would like to personalize myself, move from table to table to put display etc...but overall so far I love it.
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10 years ago, Htaik
Great Game
I love this game so much, I even finished one time and now I play another time. I like to play it all the time. Watching my flowers, and sell it then plant again,makes me happy. Flowers are so beautiful and also love to visit my neighbor shop too.
Show more
9 years ago, Ylimemme
Love it!
I used to be so addicted to papaya farm game but sadly doesn't work anymore. I haven't played any games seriously until I had found this game! keeps my away from boredom...at least for now! Hopefully this game last.
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11 years ago, mintybets
Such a fun game!! I love games like this and I love flowers!! I also love that you can earn ladybugs. Although it's a few every 24 hours I like that I don't necessarily need to pay actually money to earn stuff on here, I just need to be patient. Great job!
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11 years ago, appcritic512
What a rip off
Cute game but there's no way players can earn enough coins to keep the flower shop running and still be able to purchase upgrades to advance thru levels of play. Game is designed to force players to spend REAL MONEY to purchase coins and bugs to keep playing. Flower sales DO NOT yield enough income to sustain the garden and advance levels. Waste of time. NOT KID FRIENDLY since children don't have adequate money management skills for this game.
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