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Annapurna Interactive
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5 years ago
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13.1 or later
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User Reviews for Flower

4.09 out of 5
324 Ratings
3 years ago, forest girl*
Beautiful but I have some suggestions...
Flower has beautiful graphics and soundtrack, the levels can be played over and over. The steering is difficult and at times frustrating at the beginning, but you get better at it as you play. My main complaint is that there is not enough levels, I finished the whole game in one day. Maybe you could add more to the levels? or you could create a couple new ones? What if there was a new flower that shifted through the seasons, kinda like how sky: children of light has different seasons. Except there would be a new flower each season. It would also be awesome if there was a level set in a forest or maybe one set by the ocean. I hope you consider these ideas, I think it would make this game much more playable and fun. Thank you😊
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9 months ago, SynergySeeker_Belle
Disappointing controls plus no auto save?
I want to love this game, I’ve had it saved for ages, finally had some extra cash that I could justify buying it but I’d be lying if I said I was extreme disappointed. To start with there seems to be no auto save or the save points start too far out for someone whose just trying to get used to the game and controls. Probably wouldn’t be an issue except that the controls are so touchy and wonky that I’ve shut it off several times in the same evening after getting tired of fight with it. I shouldn’t need to turn the phone so far to the right that I can barely see the screen, but alternately any turn of the device to the left given too much of a reaction. The fact that I have to hold the phone almost flat to get it to point low enough to hit the targets is also very inconvenient. I honestly wouldn’t have even given it three starts but I like the graphics and the tranquil environment, if only it weren’t for the crap controls.
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4 years ago, AsterinGaming
Beautiful but frustrating
After falling in love with Donut County and Sky: Children of the Light, I decided to check out some of the other games from the same developers. And Flower immediately caught my eye. I struggle with anxiety, so I bought this game thinking it would be a peaceful, stress relieving game that I can play to calm myself down. And, of course, when I opened the game I wasn’t disappointed by the beautiful music and graphics. However, the controls were almost unforgivably frustrating. It took me 45 minutes to complete the first level, and it just left me feeling even more stressed out. If there was some way that players could drag on the screen to fly around instead of tilting the device, it would make the gameplay a lot easier and more enjoyable. I want to give this game 5 stars, I really do. But until the controls are less frustrating, I can’t really enjoy Flower.
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3 years ago, vjfjdkcjvjvjvjj
One of the best purchases of my life
I have never felt more excited than getting to the end of flower the game itself is so exciting the map design is beautiful and don’t forget the graphics are incredible the whole game has a simple premise you fly around as a flower and go around collecting other flowers and solving little puzzles here and there but the same time it was so beautiful I can’t believe that a mobile game from PlayStation the qualities is insane also the game is usually $4.99 but I got it on sale for $0.99I have never experienced something so shocking as that I am honestly surprised that I got that for a dollar I wish to relive that experience again. Highly recommend. Seriously I recommend.
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4 years ago, cortjezter
Almost as good as the PlayStation original
I bought this day one upon its release on the PS3, and it remains one of my favourite games ever. The graphics haven't been altered (neither better nor worse), and the audio is amazing on headphones. Touch screen controls are passable, but a bit obtuse; I often find them both over and under sensitive at times, but the most confusing aspect is the speed control. Everything is molasses slow; to be clear not the frame rate or processing speed of the device…where the PS3 analogue triggers could go from a light press/crawl to a deep press/sprint, the iOS version only has crawl, which severely diminishes the sense of flying as the wind. 😕 The other critique is there appears to be no manual or text anywhere—even online—to describe what the two icons mean in the menu (camera with opposing arrows, and gradated chevrons). Aside from the occasional glitch (audio dropping out, partial flower models, the red flower of level two and all red petals disappearing), it's a faithful reproduction of the console experience, especially with the accelerometer controls. Better the larger your screen and higher your audio fidelity. 👍👍
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5 years ago, Kritical Miss
This game is magical
At first, I was hesitant to buy this game due to reviews about the controls. While it’s true that sometimes you can tell it was meant for PlayStation, I didn’t find the controls that difficult to master. I really love how there are multiple times in the game that you can take a break from the objective and just admire the scenery and explore the levels. Each one is beautifully crafted and it’s clear that a lot of work was put into the design. If you are considering purchasing the game, I would suggest that you don’t focus too much on the reviews regarding the controls. Any problems with control is easily balanced by the beauty and freedom of the game. Worth the price, Flower is the definition of magic.
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6 years ago, ArmageddonHex
Really good 😃
The first time I played this game it was on my PS4, I loved it, but on my phone it’s kinda glitchy. On the white flower level it jumped h a r d and I couldn’t turn multiple times and the wind looked funny while I was flying down the road. Also I highly think that there should be a music/audio adjuster on the phone, because when I collected all of the hidden flower to get the final hidden room I was really excited for the music. It sounds great on the tv when I play it on my console, but it was kinda drowned out on my phone by the background nature sounds, which sound equally as nice, was louder than the peaceful guitar. But all in all it’s a great game.
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6 years ago, stormfur1
IT NEVER SAVES!!! *must read*
This game has amazing graphics, visuals, and all sorts of awesome parts that make the game cool. I, not like the other reviews, do not think the controls are that bad. But the reason I gave it 3 stars was because IT NEVER SAVES! literally, whenever you go out of the game and then start it up again, you start off right at the beginning again! Are you supposed to play the game in one day completely through the whole thing? There should at least be a save and quit button, or maybe it should just auto-save like maybe, hmmm, ALMOST ALL THE MOBILE GAMES IN THE WORLD!!!!???????!!!! So, that’s my thinking. Buyers, please read this before you spend 5 BUCKS on playing the first 5 minutes of a game over and over again. 😡😡😡.
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6 years ago, Aslo White
Glad to know it’s not just me...
...who finds the controls on this otherwise delightful game to be maddening. The tilt controls are really difficult to control; it’s not clear, for example, how to move down closer to the ground while moving forward. Sometimes you find yourself flying up in the air for no apparent reason. You have to be careful not to tilt your phone/iPad forward too far or your screen will flip on you. Also, the left-right tilt controls are unpredictable, at times moving left when you tilt right and at other times vice versa. The seemingly arbitrary nature of the controls can be really frustrating and mar an otherwise beautiful experience. If this were improved, this would be a five-star game.
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6 years ago, rubyconejo
Hard out the gate but love it!
I had a difficult time with the controls for a while at first. I found myself getting a little too animated with the phone waving it everywhere! Just keep it cool and you’ll get it. I find the game meditative and peaceful. I need that as I am a stress case. I do not play everyday so it’s a great game to pull out when I need to change my focus and chill. However I do notice that my battery gets low super fast after I play, and my phone gets hot. For that I give it 4 stars.
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5 years ago, PJ Donaldson
A game I replay for fun and hidden challenges
Played through all the way. Thought, that was nice. Then replayed one flower story and realized that the levels have hidden areas and challenges, and that the flower pictures at the end offer clues on how much of a level you’ve discovered. Have now replayed every level at least once. Finally fully completed one level last night. Very satisfying. One of the only games I play with the sound on. The controls sometimes go berserk when first entering a level, and sometimtes allow very subtle movement.
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6 years ago, j%nml
Very Nice!
I like this app a great deal. I’m not sure I’d call it a game as much as a technology demo, but whatever you call it, it’s lovely and interesting. It’s short, but that’s ok, because it has decent replayability. If you like racing games, riding the wind can be pretty cool, and if you like meditative apps it’ll take you there too. I understand why some people might have trouble with the control scheme, but honestly, I didn’t. A little patience will get you anywhere the game world allows you to go. If you’re on the fence about this one, my 2¢ is: buy it.
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5 years ago, MindieKaye
Hard to control, won’t save
I really, really wanted to love this game. Every now and then I find myself wanting a new relaxing game, and I really debated on this one because of the cost. I decided to go for it, and...ugh. I’m playing on my iPad Pro, and I will say that the graphics are beautiful. The controls, however, are REALLY hard to master. What makes it even worse is THE GAME DOESN’T SAVE. When I exit the game and come back to it later, I have to start from the very beginning again. I don’t want to keep playing the same 15 minutes of the game over and over. I was hoping this would be a relaxing game that would give me a little mental break from my day, but it’s just another frustration. Deleted. Adios, $4.99.
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4 years ago, Fear1509
Okay so I got this game after searching for something for my anxiety. I found this and thought it looked nice so I got it. Needless to say, I got wayyy into it and finished it in two days. This game is so uplifting and powerful. It takes you on this amazing journey of beautiful colors and flowers. The graphics are perfect and the controls are amazing! Its very meditative and has an absolutely beautiful message. Even the credits were beautiful!!! This game truly is a work of art and the only problem is that it didn’t last longer.
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3 years ago, meg_pocono
There are touch controls available!
I wanted to play this game for years but never had a PC or Playstation, so super excited to find it on mobile! There's some negative reviews about the tilt controls, but you can actually change them to touch controls by tapping the controller icon in the upper left on the main menu. That's what I did, and it felt pretty good to play! The haptic feedback when you pick up flowers is so satisfying. TGC makes such unique and beautiful games, and this one is no different!
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4 years ago, Check meh out on roblox lol
It really makes me Bloom! (Heh heh, pun 🙃 )
I love thatgamecompany’s games! After experiencing their game called sky children of the light, decided to buy this game, at first the controls were very confusing, but when you get used to it, that really makes a difference! The animations bring it to life! Literally! I love how majestic these games are a I think you should give it a try! This game was worth my time and I think you will love it to! I am happy to pronounce that I have played this game and I will love it to the end of time! 💫💫
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4 years ago, Starman82
Thank You
I saw the first petal and that was me. Then the second petal and it was the love of my life. Then all the other petals were the people from everyday life who make it colorful and beautiful when you choose to look at the good things of life. This app allows me to take a break, however easy or hard my day is. To just break and to just be. I’ve had this app for a long time and tonight I finally experienced it. This will be on my phone regularly. I’m so relaxed and thankful.
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3 years ago, oioiotonb
so, my cousin and i wanted to buy this game, so we did. it was SO exciting, because you collect flower pedals and fly around in different levels… i never felt more excited to play a game like that… also the end of the game was so beautiful, how you fight evil… it does get sad, but once you think it will get worse, it just gets better! the graphics are so good and the colors are SOOOO vibrant and so beautiful. I love the game so much. it’s SUCH a good game… that’s why I rated it 5 stars
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6 years ago, Wolfie 🦄
Truly Beautiful
Flower has changed my entire gaming experience. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and definitely worth the five bucks. I played the whole game in only two sittings. I give it five stars for absolute perfection, except for the fact it drains your battery (See, I would have played it in one sitting, but my device died in the process). This is understandable though, because the graphics and the details are stunning. This is truly a masterpiece. 🌸🌸🌸
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5 years ago, Vocalitedga
Why can’t we save our accomplishment?
I love this company and their products, but am a bit disappointed that you cannot save your game to pick up where we left off. Am I doing something wrong? There are some small glitches with the graphics not exactly going where I want to go. Maybe a bit more instruction at the opening of the game besides the image of a phone screen.
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6 years ago, 13utt3rflies
Update from 1 star to 3
Okay I am starting to finally get the hang of the game. I am on the 2nd part of the game just got the first part completed. Still kind of confusing. Hard to move in the game. Beautiful graphics and music. I still think this game is over priced. Very relaxing now that I am finally getting the hang of it. I wish that you could save it sooner though. I have to use both hands to control it my left thumb I had to have surgery on so it makes it kind of hard. I will update when I get further in the game.
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4 years ago, Busy teacher in KY
Extremely high stress pointless game! Do not waste your money or time.
I was attempting to find a game to play for a few minutes and then be able to set it down and do other things. It appeared that the game Flower might be such a game. It looks kind of pretty. However I get a headache and find myself getting very angry each time I try to play Flower. #1 There aren’t any good directions or goals I can find. #2 My iPhone doesn’t seem to be controllable in terms of moving ahead easily, or going from side to side. #3 I have been dupped into spending money for a completely worthless and high stress and headache producing “game”. Definitely not recommended!!!!
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4 years ago, M.Moring
Where do I even begin? Well, first of all, the graphics are stunning, and the music is amazing. The controls, for me, were a little hard to get the hang of, but it was a new experience and I loved it. Also, this game made me very happy, happier than any other game has ever made me- except Sky. Maybe there’s something to be said for flight, and being the wind, and defeating the darkness?
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4 years ago, bittles2004
Really like this game just one tiny problem
So I’ve played this game when I was a child I used to call it the peddle game cause you control peddles from the flowers you collect but when I get to the red flowers at first the peddles didn’t come off and I couldn’t see it all the other flowers are fine but the red ones need just a bit of work on there job
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6 years ago, Okinau
Newest update improves visuals
The latest update lost my 100% save file. The touch controls are nice but could still use a sensitivity slider. Flower on the PS3/PS4 is my #2 favorite game of all time. But this update brought with it a significant downgrade in visuals. I’m sure it has to do with performance but it ran just fine the way it was on my iPhone 7. Update: The visuals are now back to how they originally were. Almost perfect.
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6 years ago, JoshuaTalley
Five levels or two?
I've played this on the PS3 and made it through multiple levels there. For some reason I can't open anything past the second level here... Pretty sure I collected all the flowers, too. Feel like I wasted a few dollars on it now. 🤨
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6 years ago, SonicFan365
This Game is Gorgeous
Flower is a game that captures the idea of color and peace. These concepts are some of the premises and ideas for art. While many believe that art is something that is seen in a museum, this game breaks that boundary. The music is beautifully orchestrated and the amount of detail and color in each level shows that even an iOS game can be defined as art.
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4 years ago, Cantholdback
Takes a few times to learn to control.
The game admittedly is frustrating in the beginning because the tilt steering seems almost uncontrollable. There are controller adjustments on the home (flower pots) page on the upper left hand corner. After some minor adjustments (trial and error) I found the game intoxicating. Love this game, nice way to pass some time.
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5 years ago, Romansmr2
I love it
This game is amazing. I love the graphics in the game. If you do see this (referring to the person who made this game) I would think that you should add a free roam around world. That you can just explore and do anything you want with the world. I think that would be a great thing to add so then people can just play the game on a daily basis. I love this game is it was amazing but I think that free roam around world would be a great thing to add because the game is so Beautiful and would look amazing in a free roam around area. Thanks in advance if you think this idea is a good or bad idea have a nice day! Love, Gold
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6 years ago, Cranky Canadian
Beautiful game but disappointed iPad user.
Disappointed I thought this was a meditative game like it is on the console but nope you’ve got to use your arms to tilt this around. Possibly interesting on a iphone but a ridiculous notion for iPad users. I guess they recently updated with touch controls but the touch controls are almost non-functioning. So if you were looking for the same, save your money, hopefully they’ll improve. It’s such a shame I love this game so much. Where do I contact someone to get my money back as I won’t be able to use it the way it works now.
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6 years ago, bschendel
Beautiful and calming but the steering is so frustrating
This game is right up my alley so I was really wanting to love it, but geez, the steering is so touchy and difficult that I ironically ended up feeling MORE stressed after playing. You fly around all out of control unable to go where you want, kind of like those dreams you have where you can’t quite reach the pedals in the car, haha. Anyway that sort of wrecked it for me. Never got past the first level.
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5 years ago, JoshC242
An absolutely innovative and amazing game. It’s unique experience is unlike any other app I’ve played. The controls are simple and natural. The graphics paired with the score are captivating, beautiful, and at times chilling. All in all, it’s a gorgeous game that enraptures a vitally important moral on nature and our world in a masterfully made game. Worth every penny. Well done.
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6 years ago, Cornelius Hsiao
Be the wind, take flower, Illumine the world
This can be as beautiful as Monument Valley. From creative design and beautiful scenario to serene music and gameplay, the game make me immersed and even can’t skip the last acknowledgement part. Considering controlling and manipulation, you can adjust at top left corner in menu if you are uncomfortable with gravity controlling system.
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3 years ago, Butterfly Helper!
My Fav
I am always looking for a part 2 or another game I can lose myself in- like I can in this game. I’ve never found another game that has captured my imagination like this has. Sure wish I could explore more. I absolutely love the colors and nature setting. Gorgeous.
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2 years ago, Eeweeb
I love the game BUT it Glitches out at the end.
Yeah, I get to what I assume is the end of flower #6 and everything freezes, every time. I get that the game has been out for a while, but if you are still charging for it, it should work correctly.
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4 years ago, Casual Monday
Warning that the second half is UNEXPECTEDLY DARK
Like a lot of folks I bought this game after seeing the joyous visuals from the first chapter of the game, a gorgeous, gentle meander through a landscape. Chapter 2 is just as beautiful and set during nighttime. If the whole game were like this it would be five stars. Instead we wind up in an ominous nightscape and then some nightmarish hellscape. It’s just .... dark, given how charming the game starts off.
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6 years ago, Lindsey Pho
Unlike any other
This is a beautiful creation. For those who have not yet heard of Flower, this is a game that explores the gracefulness of nature, the harmony of light, and the depths of darkness. Anyone who is willing to take eccentric journeys or has a love of artistic, emotionally expressive, and earthy apps, try your hand with this one. It is really unlike any other.
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3 years ago, BReynolds23
I used to love this game on PS
I first played this game on PS years ago and it always stuck with me as a beautiful, engaging and calming game that I really loved and enjoyed. Unfortunately trying it on both my iPad and my phone were maddening. The controls are nowhere near as easy to use nor intuitive compared to playing it on PS. I was really looking forward to enjoying this game again. Hope to see it improve!
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5 years ago, lyricfactory321
Timeless Classic
I applaud the developer for not only making such a wonderful game, but also for having the bravery to step outside of the box and creating something so unique that there’s nothing else like it, on any platform. I already own this game on my PS3 and PS4 Pro. This was and always a must buy. The way that games such as Tetris and Pac-Man continue to make the leap through generations, I hope that Flower continues to find its way throughout the upcoming generations, VR included. Fingers crossed for Oculus Go and PSVR. Thanks again for this gift that you’ve given to the world! Best regards, ...
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4 years ago, Juanita bonquiqui barbera
Best app on my phone
This app is the best app on my phone. it was beautiful. the story brought tears to my eyes. i finished all of the levels/flowers but i plan to play them all again and again. 10/10 recommend. it’s so calming and the music and graphics are amazing.
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6 years ago, scentline
No Competition or Goals to Achieve: Just Let it Flow
I just love this unreal flying “experience.” And what a beautiful score by Professor Vincete Diamente! If you want to have some calm moments of joy with astounding nature images and sound of winds during a busy day, just play Flower. It will bring back your peace 🌸🌼🌻🌺🥀🌹🌷💐🌾🌿🌲❤️
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6 years ago, WolfGal555
This is an amazing game and it deserves all five stars. It is fun and stress relieving. The graphics are out of this world. Really awesome. I really like the way the stream of petals moves, It really reminds me of a Chinese dragon for some reason🐲 awesome game and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Great job👍
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4 years ago, notabakedgood
beautiful game, horrible port
the controls make this game frustrating and awful to play. which is a real shame, because i would be in love with it otherwise. you can only go at one speed: 10,000 miles per hour. it’s too fast to be able to turn sharply enough to get all the flowers you need to progress the game, or even to be able to see what’s going on as the world whizzes by and you get increasingly more motion sick. everything i’ve read online suggests that this game isn’t meant to be highly difficult, but the speed you’re forced to play at makes it just that, for an overall frustrating and unsatisfying experience. i wish i’d saved my money.
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4 years ago, skip981
Very calming. It will help you sleep peacefully!
The people who have created this game deserve their pay. Well done! This will help you forget about the trouble that is currently sweeping globally. Despite the pandemic, it is in my arsenal. Give it a try, you will forget about your troubles!
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6 years ago, Rdd1975
Great concept
I love this app very relaxing. I would give it 5 stars but you can’t save the game. I think $5 is too expensive when you can’t save it. I genuinely hope the creators are reading these reviews and are trying to rectify it. If they do make it so you can save this your game it’s worth the $5 and I’d definitely change my rating to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, PBDBM
Hard to control
This is the first game I have paid for and I thought it would be relaxing and fun. It sure is pretty but as a brand new gamer I find the lack of control a real problem and I am frustrated rather than relaxed. I thought it was just me as a newbie but now i have read other reviews saying the same thing, too bad....
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5 years ago, Mxavier123
Love this game but short
I have played this game all the way through twice now. I absolutely love it. The only downfall is that the game is relatively short. If they added some more levels I think it would get many more great reviews.
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5 years ago, yugi mutou
So breathtaking
Great game. It’s absolutely beautiful while the Controls are kind a hard to control it first you can just keep one of your fingers on the screen and then move your phone around.
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3 years ago, Gods child crystal
A little confused.
After playing sky I thought I would give this a try. I mean how wrong could it be. I love the concept but the controls stink idk maybe I’ll get used to it but for 5 dollars I don’t think it’s worth it. I just can’t steer where I need to go and controlling the speed is off and on. Definitely not for the phone.
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6 years ago, flowers0918
Not a fan
There are not enough levels it’s crazy that I payed almost $6 for a game that I finished in 3 days. Also the controls for this game are difficult and I find myself facing the ground the whole time in order to hit certain flowers. And some of the levels are so dark they are hard to play because of the glare from lights of my surroundings. Not a game I would recommend.
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