Flush Toilet Finder & Map

4.7 (5.5K)
66 MB
Age rating
Current version
JRustonApps B.V.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flush Toilet Finder & Map

4.66 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
2 years ago, kccnyc
Does what you need, when you need it
This is a great, simple app that does exactly what it supposed to do — shows you a map with toilets, whether or not they’re easily accessible (in terms of needing a key but also in terms of ADA accessibility), and allows ratings. Updating this with feature requests: - While you can rate toilets that are already listed, there’s no way to update the info. The place I’m at now is disabled accessible, but the rating doesn’t show this, and there’s no way to add that information. - Need to be able to indicate child changing stations.
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2 months ago, Plaid&PolkaDots
Missing basic info
I have chronic health issues that necessitate frequent bathroom trips. I had a lot of hope this app was going to be helpful in finding toilets when traveling. The first trip I attempted to use it I quickly found it wasn’t as helpful as promised. It does not include hours that the toilets are available or if they are open 24/7. I was in a small town at night and desperately looking for a toilet available 24 hours but all the app could do is give me a long list of places that were closed. Needs hours listed and ability to sort by open locations to even be functional imo. It’s generally easy to find toilets during business hours. It’s at night/off hours that an app like this would be most useful/needed. A functional app of this sort would be a lifesaver. I also was confused by the fact the “more info” button just took me directly to the map app to go to the location instead of, you know, offering more info like open hours.
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5 years ago, Spkeck
No Info on Toilet markers
So, when you see a toilet marked. There is no info on the toilet usually. You can title it but there is no option to write more. For example: for people with Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis to which this app can be helpful, there isn’t a way for users to say whether or not the toilet is a single person locked room or multiple people can use it with many stalls. Having that option that users can click to identify is extremely helpful. For most with crohns or colitis and you have to use the restroom for an extended time having a single user locked door bathroom offers the privacy you need so being able to identify those would be super helpful. The idea of the app is awesome so I gave it two stars because the addition of the type of toilet and the quality of the toilet can be a big deal to some people. Like does the bathroom look like the type of place people sell drugs and graffiti n stuff or does it have reasonable cleanliness. Having some sort of rating system for the toilet would be great as well. The most important thing is having some way to identify the type of toilet/facility whether you can lock the door and have a single use bathroom or is it more like an airport bathroom with like 10 stalls..etc
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3 years ago, mxcharley
A huge relief (literally and figuratively)
As someone with chronic issues I find traveling and even doing errands can be very stressful. This app goes above and beyond bc first of all it’s free. Having it be accessible for people is amazing. It also not only tells you there’s a restroom but also if it’s accessible, if you have to pay, if you need a key, etc. It removes nearly all the barriers and anxieties associated with needing to use the facilities. It has freed me up to travel without having constant stress. Thank you!
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3 years ago, rsailer
Good Potential
I think this app has great potential and there are some issues to be worked out. I reviewed some identified locations in my area and they were not near anything resembling a public toilet. Often a place was called the town name (“Northampton”) in my area and was in a spot (end of a residential street) where there is no public toilet near. I think that may be because the interface to add a location is difficult to use. It ought to be easy to move a pin around while you are editing the location information. Locations should have a specific name (like a store/restaurant name) and an address that is editable.
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5 years ago, melbarre
Used this app for a few years now.
Great for road trips as well as just out and about. What I like about it is the app is easy to use. You can also rate facility as well report on the facility. After all of these years, for the first time, I just NOW ran into a "bathroom no longer available" (business went out of business) and I was easily able to report that. I always recommend this app to people so I figure I would go ahead and write a review.
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5 months ago, SRZweigart
Definitely a Needed App!
What a clever response to a universal problem! Does exactly what it’s designed to do. Simple, quick to access, information reminiscent of apps that find cheap nearby gas. The only glitch I’ve found is that if the pins on the map are clicked, they flash and are gone instantly. There is no way to read or access the information on the pin.
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2 years ago, bachlva
Unable to contribute
I downloaded this app because I wanted to add a public restroom I found at a regional park I visited over the weekend but for which there is no marker on ANY map, anywhere - not Google Maps, or even this app. But I could not add the marker for the restroom because the app only allows you to add a marker where you are physically located at that moment. I am now miles away from that location, so how is this helpful to anyone? Another reason for removing stars is the lack of a web interface where users could contribute suggestions. This would greatly enhance the usability of this app.
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5 years ago, OceanSeaLakeRiverWaterfalls
Many missing facilities
This app doesn’t show bathroom in stores such as Walmart , Target , Marshall , tj maxx, grocery stores etc. adding the big chain stores list would greatly increase the listing n usability. I was at a shopping plaza with Walmart , Target , Ross, Marshall , TJ Maxx, Lucky, Safeway, Bed bath n beyond. They all have clean bathrooms n easy access. But none of them showed up in the search. Instead Search results showed gas stations which they don’t like public to use without any purchase. Or public bathroom in a park that’s not as clean or safe. Or auto repair shops that u don’t go unless u r a customer. Use common sense n add big stores to the list.
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5 years ago, ohwhoreallyknows?
Helpful & Looking Forward to Future Updates
Love this concept and find it super helpful in my city. Could be useful to add a way to designate if a facility has gender neutral bathrooms. Not only would this work to make the app more inclusive but could also solve an issue mentioned by another reviewer - there's currently no way to indicate if a restroom is a single stall or multiple. Most gender neutral bathrooms are single stall so this could be an easy two-birds-one-stone solution.
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1 year ago, BadDomino5
Good app.
You can tell when an app is worth it when it provides such a good service/benefit and only weighs 35 megabytes. Apps don't seem to just need a few megs any more, I feel like I'm stretching my data plan to download updates. Thanks for the lightweight, useful app and for taking the time to write it.
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10 months ago, ONF21772
Worthless App - directed me to a LOCKED public restroom
I downloaded this app awhile back, because I was working a pest control job. Obviously you don’t have a toilet on the truck, so sometimes it’s challenging to find a restroom when you desperately need it. I’m a woman, so I can’t just pee in a bottle like the guys can. I was out in the middle of nowhere, and the app directed me to a Public Park Restroom…which ended up having a locked door. Must be a seasonal thing. I ended up peeing in the bushes at the fence line, overlooking a cemetery. Pretty sure I was being watched the entire time…ghosts. Immediately deleted the app, because it failed me. 1-Star rating.
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5 years ago, LtlRedX
Wrong location
App shows toilet at wrong location, potentially disastrous!! No way to notify of bad location info or change location within app. This throws the whole app into question. If it doesn’t have the correct address for a filling station bathroom how many others have the wrong location as well? Updated response to developer: The only options for reporting are: ‘no longer available’ ‘disabled facilites’ ‘a key is required’ & ‘there is a fee’. There are no options for location is incorrect nor is there a way to choose to enter in my specific issue.
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3 years ago, MeaghanHellmers
Crazy Inaccurate in my area
Downloaded for an emergency situation. It was inaccurate. I understand some locations may be closed due to the pandemic but the locations of the pins aren’t even accurate. When I got home I tested it to see if it would show places I KNOW have bathrooms around me. It doesn’t and then shows places I KNOW do not. Shows a 7-11 as having a toilet. Never seen a single 7-11 in my life have a public restroom. And then it doesn’t show Targets as having bathrooms. Targets always have bathrooms and they are always open even during the pandemic. Makes the app not useful.
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2 years ago, solomtim
Awful in every way. App needs some thorough software work as well as restroom location corrections.
This app has almost every location pin in a non-existent toilet location, sometimes in a random field, house or street that has nothing to do with a accessible public toilet, and everywhere where there is a toilet there isn’t any location pin on the app to be found. Super glitchy and needs lots of thorough software work done with this app. Don’t even download this, because in practice you’ll likely not find one.
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3 years ago, ericisbalanced
Great for those in need
Thank you for your hard work and constant updates. Looks and feels good. Feature request: let us know when a bathroom we've added has been approved! This encourages us to add more restrooms benefiting everyone who uses this app. Again, great work. Thanks 🙏
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4 years ago, tomlong89
Great app!
Pretty useful app! As an Uber driver restroom breaks can be quite the task. Especially at night. If I could offer some feedback it would be to 1. Allow users a section to provide and submit feedback within the app. 2. Add an option for restroom hours. A lot of times there may be restrooms available during the day but that’s not the case for the night time.
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10 months ago, chloe-brown
This app does what is needed, which is helpful and great! Another layer that could be added is if that bathroom is a single unit bathroom, a family bathroom, stalls, etc. I travel on the road which limits my water usage so it’s always nice to find a bathroom nearby and know it’s a single unit if I am in need of washing my face, brushing my teeth, changing, etc. :)
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5 years ago, Gladacya
No bathrooms at stated locations.!
Very disappointed..! I looked up nearby bathrooms. 1hr and 12 minute walk it says. Sadly, no business at the end point and definitely no bathroom. Bad data. Businesses not at accurate locations on the map. I looked up several places and had the same problem. So glad I tested it. Maybe it works better in a different area. But because it is not at all accurate for my area, I will not trust it in an area I am unfamiliar with. Deleting the app with disappointment... Too bad. It is a great idea.
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2 years ago, Eprncss
Works great for traveling on long road trips
I use this during all of my business trips! Good when you’re on the road and need to go Also helps find restaurants too! Highly recommend!
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2 months ago, nekopapa55
Unable to correct listings
As an Uber driver, it’s very useful to have a tool to help me find a restroom. However, sometimes the info is incorrect or incomplete. I would like to be able to make updates but there is no way to do that. You can add entries, but not correct them.
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4 years ago, namarie25
Good enough
Could have more features. Should be able to provide hours for businesses and for restrooms in public areas that aren’t open 24/7.
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2 years ago, blkhwkby
Ok app, has opportunities
I love the idea of this app, and it has informed me of a few bathroom locations, but I feel that it’s limiting with updating bathrooms on the map. When you add one it says it needs to be approved by the admin, but it’s clear to me that it takes quite some time for that to happen. Additionally, the descriptions are rather vague on most occasions.
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4 years ago, MarkNY825
No ratings or reviews... 😞
Great layout and functionality, however I am super disappointed that there is no rating system or ability to leave a review. People like myself would want to know if this is a good place to take a dump. Clean? Dirty? Need a key? Lot of traffic? Individual stall... you get the idea. Think of One Bite app, but for places to take a dump. They may even buy it from you.
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5 years ago, adridas004
Really Nice but needs some more oomph
It’s useful but I feel like it’s missing a little extra something. Maybe it could be like google maps, where you can click on the bathroom location and see more details, such as comments, reviews, photos, details etc. (Cleanliness, toilet paper quality etc.) Or even get directions there in the app.
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1 year ago, hellokittenface
Please add changing tables!
This app is such a great idea and it does seem like there’s a few bugs as far as naming things goes but I wish there was an option to see what restrooms had changing tables! Believe it or not, there’s a decent amount of restrooms that don’t have them!
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4 years ago, a-d4
Family Bathroom Symbol
Can the APP Developer please add a FAMILY logo by the bathrooms that have family bathrooms!! Example is like the handicap symbol. This would help with Parents that have younger children that may not be old enough to go into the Men or Women bathrooms alone. This will also help with Parents that may have children with disabilities. Thanks
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4 years ago, Mavis 2017
Not accurate
I was sitting in my driveway trying to acclimate myself to this app. I searched for restrooms in my area. It showed a Sunoco station that I KNOW is in town, yet it had a pin set outside of town near an airport. When I searched the directions to see where this possible location could be, it said it would take 1 hour and 10 minutes to get there! Even though the inaccurate pin was only about 15 minutes from my house at the most.
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5 years ago, Mother Owl 89
Heaven for a Frequent Peeer
I pee a lot because I prefer to drink my calories and although I consider my ability to pee any and everywhere at a moments notice clandestinely almost legendary it is comforting to know that in polite company I can always find a societally approved receptacle for the ever flowing stream.
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6 months ago, NYCS Trainutt
Relief At Your Fingertips 😎
App does exactly what we all need and it’s updated by us, accurate, informative and helpful, especially like the listing info for family rooms, changing tables and ADA compliance.
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2 years ago, Mark-L
Almost there
My wife needs help in the restroom. While saying a facility has handicap stall is nice, it would also be helpful to know if there is a dedicated family restroom available, as well. Also, a filter for those types would be great, too, so it’s easy to look for just what you need. Thanks.
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3 months ago, Looooooooloo
Not enough information
Although it is nice to know where toilets are, we need ways to show more information. Is it a single stall? Family bathroom? Gender neutral? Does it have a changing table? Adult changing table? Can I buy sanitary napkins? This information is important to many people in need of not just a bathroom, but a specific type of bathroom.
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5 years ago, TG1964
Good idea but...
It doesn’t seem to tell you how far away any of the listed bathrooms are from your location? Then, it told me a bathroom that’s 10 minutes from my house was over two hours away. That bathroom is also closed as is the business but no way to report it to the app. I downloaded a different app instead. This one has promise but needs work.
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4 months ago, UseDiscordInstead
Bit light on features but
I tried four different bathroom finder apps, two found nothing at all, one did nothing but freeze. This is the only one that actually showed any bathrooms
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2 years ago, westcrester
Needs to display updated information
I do a lot of walking around my city, but with a 66 year old bladder I often have to respond to nature’s call. This time of year many of the listed restrooms are either closed for the season or have limited open hours. There needs to be a method where this information can be reported and displayed. Disappointing. Not very useful. Save your money.
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3 years ago, Bible word puzzle
Must download
If you like a clean restroom, where you can actually seat down and not squat over a toilet seat. This app work pretty awesome, it tells you were all the clean public restrooms are. I love it !
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2 years ago, fidhheydyduwjjegdyuejwhddy
This app is a lifesaver my mom had to go to the bathroom really bad for like 30mins and needed to find one so i got this app and was finally able to find one
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3 years ago, amashoppo
Great interface
I like the simple and fast UI. However, it needs some more features. The ability to add a short description would be great. A lot of listings are not always accessible or open 24/7. There also need to be a way to remove fake listings.
Show more
5 years ago, JayThompson99
Why not use social networking?
Half the bathrooms that are listed around me are personal residences. How are these classified as public bathrooms? Why not use the public to verify or confirm the existence of a facility and include other details? Why can’t the public add suggestions and then have the developer approve the place? Not ready for prime time
Show more
2 years ago, John Swiss
Feature not compatible
Too bad you can't open directions in Google Maps. If you need directions, it forces you to open the location with Apple Maps which I removed from my iPhone.
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4 years ago, rsrexkwondo
Decent enough but not COVID accurate.
I like the idea for the app. I’m a delivery driver so it’s obviously necessary for me to find a public restroom a couple times in my shift. However, during COVID, it’s hard to trust if any of the bathrooms listed in Flush’s search are actually open to the public. Please include that in your next update Flush!
Show more
1 month ago, VGP04
Actually 4 stars
It’s not clear how you can rate the bathrooms, but the rates given are accurate and it was really helpful on my trip to NYC. Recommended.
Show more
5 years ago, bleurrrrrggg
Disappearing toilets
Lots of toilets when zoomed out. But when zooming in, they disappear. Have to zoom in and out multiple times to make a location reappear
Show more
3 years ago, Starmil0000
Need to post hours bathroom is open
Some places are only available during certain hours. When you gotta go...you don’t want to have to guess if a place is open!
Show more
1 year ago, nmars12
does what it needs to
as someone with chronic issues, going to new places was always a little stressful because i never knew if there were facilities near. the app, while not fancy or particularly high-tech, does exactly what it needs to and has made traveling so much less stressful as i know i can always find a restroom if i have to. as i said, the app could work smoother in a few ways, but it works and that’s what matters!
Show more
6 years ago, JCMB1708
The best
Nothing like being somewhere and feeling that urge. This is like having a local help you in that time of need. Thank you!
Show more
2 years ago, Gabdddddddddd
Good but need directions
It was a good app it help me find bathrooms near me but when I click on it it won’t let me go to Google maps or maps to get directions I need that to be changed to those maps
Show more
5 years ago, pmcatnip
Needs a ‘Seasonal’ option
The app is really handy and simple to use. I wish there was a way to note restrooms that are only open seasonally such as parks because there are a lot of those in my area.
Show more
2 years ago, Cb1984nyc
No filters = No use
I know coffee shops and restaurants have restrooms—How do I filter out those where I’d need to purchase a meal to use their facilities? Or highlight which are handicap accessible? Or filter out locations where I can’t enter with a non-service dog in tow? All they did was scrape public location data into a map. No value added.
Show more
3 years ago, Majeh
Serves its purpose well
An essential for people with chronic stomach illness. You’ll wonder how you ever traveled without It. Possibly not global or comprehensive yet, but it’s worked out for me so far.
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