FNBA Mobile Banking

4.7 (1.4K)
174.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
First National Bank Alaska
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FNBA Mobile Banking

4.7 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Gayles11
I have used this app for years. But when I had my computer updated and removed an old email address and used my newer email address, I realized I needed to change my email address with the bank. So we did that. when I went to re-install the app it’s in the cloud. And I think the cloud has my old email stored so now it won’t open the app at all. What can I do?
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3 years ago, CcDavies89
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. As soon as I had downloaded it, I had set up alerts for my accounts to notify me when my balance was either above or below a certain amount. And now when I went to remove the perceive ones and put new amounts, it will not allow me to at all... I type in all sorts of crazy amounts and the “save” button, will not POP up for me to click it with my finger...This is quiet frustrating because that’s the only way I’ve been able to keep track of what is taken in and out of my account.
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2 years ago, Rush3715
Missing Features
Please allow us to see the Zelle description. What is the point of allowing us to optionally input a description when there’s no way of viewing it? Not on the app. Not on the website. Where? What’s the point of it? Please also allow us to change whether we want dark or light theme and not automatically just choose it based on the system theme. Allow us to use Face ID instead of having to input the password every time we want to use Zelle. If we can login to the account with Face ID, we shouldn’t have to type in our password over and over again just to send Zelle.
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4 years ago, Pwdrjnky
10-12 years behind
FNBAK is possibly the least pleasurable banking experience one can have. Their apps, online banking, basically anything that requires digital access is abysmal. Their tech help fairly clueless, branch staff even more clueless. If not for the captive audience of Alaskans having few choices, this bank would have folded instantly. Incredibly clunky apps, ridiculously poor and annoying “security features” generally incompetent staff throughout. If you have another option, take it and avoid this banking embarrassment. Everything about FNBAK online banking is about 10-12 years behind the times, at your peril and frustration, best avoided if possible.
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4 years ago, BentlysGrandma
After years of using this app, it won’t load on my iPhone or iPad. Just stays on the start up screen. When I contacted FNBA, they said no one else has reported any problems. Wish someone would the problem, it happened after the last update. I would have given a 5 star rating before this happened. Please fix it.
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1 year ago, Tahagess
Recently I I have had to login twice to get to my accounts page. I type in my password and it tells me that it’s wrong even though I can see it is correct so I type it in again and it accepts it. I also had a loan account and to pay principal only I had to use my pc because there is no way to do that with this app. Also never make your final payoff balance using the app. It may tell you the final payoff balance but by the time it gets posted you will owe more
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4 years ago, Seeker if truth
Latest update
Updated my FNB app with the newest update and now I can’t open the app. Love FNB. Used them for years and have used the spot since it was first put out. Would like to continue....but kinda hard when can’t open it.
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5 years ago, 776Ski
Latest update
The latest update doesn't work, I try to logon to the site and it says I need to update, try to open the update and it goes back to "need to update" Love this site and FNBA folks tho!
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3 years ago, Akdave1
Not working
After my last iOS update a few days ago my app fails to load and closes. I would’ve expected an update after the latest iOS release but nothing yet Update: it was nice to receive a response!
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5 years ago, Chugiak guru
Great Bank
This app has made banking so easy, I would recommend it to anyone 👍👍
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4 years ago, carena5591
Can’t Open Latest Update
Update: The app developer does not appear to monitor these reviews. I called customer service and they asked a bunch of questions about my experience and are passing info to developers. Would suggest you all do the same. Downloaded to my IPad and it opens fine. Downloaded to my iPhone and it won’t open. The app developer link is also broken. Error 404. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Mmichaeljohn
Face ID
Face ID does not work with the new version. It has a pop up that disappears quickly so it requires trying again to realize you need to go to Face ID to activate an option that is not available. Doesn’t appear on Apple.
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1 year ago, Glad2share
Works well for me
Thank you for the imorovements.
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3 years ago, bridgetteroxanne63
Stop opening
I have used this app for years but now all of a sudden it will not open I hit the icon and it just flashes real quick and won’t open, I’ve reloaded the app to see if that would fix it and it did not
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4 years ago, yellolablovr
Unable to open
This app made banking so easy for me because I rarely am able to leave home. After the last update the app won’t even open so it’s basically useless. I hope it gets fixed very soon! I miss it!
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12 months ago, YaBoeLooney
No Zelle
Downloaded and updated to the latest app version but there’s still no Zelle available. What’s going on ?
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4 years ago, JHW III
Eye Cue, Inc.
This app is a great way to take care of multiple transactions quickly, easily and safely!
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6 years ago, A907
Good app
Simple & easy to use
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1 year ago, Slow notifications!
Slow notifications
Very slow notifications regarding mobile deposits!
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3 years ago, Arctic teddy bear
Update won’t work
App says I have to update, when I try it says I need a new operating system, or I can down load an older version When I try Just the circle of death Wants to update Needs newer operating system Can down load older one to work Wants to update Needs newer operating system Can down load older one to work Wants to update. ETC,ETC
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3 years ago, yhg5rgdhgrfjyfug
Not iPad compatible
Pretty ticked off that my perfectly good iPad is now ‘too old’ for this app. I preferred doing my banking on a separate device than my phone.
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6 years ago, cornthaman
I can’t get past the login screen! It gives me a phone number, but every time I call, it says call failed! Please fix so I can access my account!
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9 years ago, Alaska Wren
Best bank in Alaska now in the palm of my hand!
Not only does First National have the most awesome people, but now their mobile banking "FNBApp" makes it easy for me to bank on the go. It's easy and intuitive to use. The clean screens and layout make it easy to check balances, transfer between accounts--even pay any bill already set up in Bill Pay. I've noticed the app's security features include requiring my password each time I login. I appreciate this, as since my device 'authenticates' me, I don't have to worry that someone could login to my personal bank account if I lose my phone or leave it unattended. As much as I like my bankers, I'm happy FNBApp allows me to bank fro anywhere.
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3 years ago, ndhsnxn
Always telling me to call customer service
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4 years ago, AKMokie
I loaded this app so I could make payment online. Come to find out that your bank doesn’t allow that???? Really? Other banks do.
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3 years ago, grrr ak user
App won’t open for me after latest update
App won’t open
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4 years ago, sharper mage
Broken update
Newest update won’t open. Used to work just fine.
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6 years ago, Imran99645
Horrible app.
This app needs to be much more intuitive and cleaned. It looks as if it was made in 2007.
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5 years ago, akpillar
Can't get update to load so can no longer use this app.
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11 years ago, Zoe Waldron
This has been what Iv been waiting for! I always want to check my account on the go but it took forever, but now it's so fast and right at my finger tips! I have had no issues with it on my 4s. Awesome job! So excited! I also loves that it automatically logs you out when you close the app, as I seem to forget! :P 5 stars for sure!
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11 years ago, Grumpyinak
Awesome app!!!
Wow!!! This is a great app. So much faster using this app on my iPhone than it is using the website on my laptop. Now I can check my balance, pay bills & transfer money so easy & fast while I'm on the go!
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11 years ago, Ms. Wanda
Thank Goodness. Finally!
How convenient. I've always wanted to be able to check by accounts on-the-go. But I don't seem to be able to view or manage my business account? Is that coming soon as an improvement? Thanks FNBAlaska!!
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11 years ago, YupikBoy27
About time!
About time i'm able to check my bank account with my phone! this makes it so much more easier!
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11 years ago, TakuHunter
Won't let me do business banking
It's really irritating that as a sole proprietor small business person, I can't access my business accounts as well as my personal accounts. I still have to find an accessible wifi hotspot in order to use my laptop to transfer money between my business and personal accounts. What a dissapointment. FNBA's IT department is always years behind other banks.
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11 years ago, rsvilla
So far, so good
So happy to finally have an FNBA app! Was considering changing banks due to lack of good mobile access, but now problem solved. App is simple & straight forward, just like it should be.
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10 years ago, Starla_rose
Trouble login in
Haven't been able to log in to my account for few days now
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11 years ago, Nikolay$
Great app. It has everything i need. I hope it's secured realy good.
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11 years ago, Orionsluckymamma
Major bugs have not been repaired
This app worked wonderfully right after it was released but for the past couple of months it hasn't been working at all and no one has done anything to repair it!!! I have kept the app on my phone and have been hopeful that it will be repaired soon but I am not optimistic that it will be happening anytime soon.
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10 years ago, ComplainingComplainer96
Please Fix!
The minute I began to brag about and show off this app to my friends and family, the app wouldn't allow me to proceed past confirming my identity. The app even asked me security questions that weren't even my own! Please fix this app. It was my lifesaver!
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11 years ago, JJ.DD.
Doesn't support business
AlaskaUSA has an app that not only supports any account but also allows you to deposit checks by taking a picture of it with your phone. I waited long for this and it was a wasted wait.
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11 years ago, Riderforlyfe
Needs more
Its allright but bare bones, let it have the features of other bank apps and its gotta have iphone 5 support.
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7 years ago, AppAttacked
Finally Touch ID!!
Thank you!
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11 years ago, schaafamily
I've been asking FNB for an app for 4 years. First attempt to login gives an error, second attempt same thing. Does this app not support business customers? Fail.
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11 years ago, tadwhit
It's a nice effort but...
Business accounts are not supported. Hopefully that'll get added soon.
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9 years ago, Snakemgs10
Can't do much
2015 and can only check balances with app. Can't even transfer to other people with same bank shake my head !!!
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11 years ago, rccheer
Not for BUSINESS...lame!
Incredibly disappointed that this app does not work for business accounts. Hopefully it will be added sooner than later. Bleh!
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10 years ago, Daughter #1 :)
The worst app I have ever downloaded. Doesn't work just keeps asking the most ridiculous security questions over and over.
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8 years ago, lokiee
Get up to date!
It's been years and I still can't access my business account! Get it together guys!
Show more
11 years ago, AkSkua
Doesn't work with business accounts.
Show more
11 years ago, Category5
Disappointed that it didn't state that it isn't for business before I took the time to download it.
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