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User Reviews for FNBO

4.71 out of 5
18.3K Ratings
3 years ago, pringleschic2001
No option to view credit card account info
I must start out by dang how incredibly helpful it is to have this app to use at my convenience! I have much more peace of mind knowing & seeing what is available in my account as well as seeing if certain bills came out of my account yet. I am SO grateful for this app! Also, I have the best bank tellers around me at all 3 local banks in the surrounding area. I absolutely love them in Oswego, Yorkville, Plano (atm that accepts cash deposits are a HUGE bonus), & Sandwich, IL. They have been simply wonderful to me🙂 My only concern is now that I’ve added a credit card through FNBO, I cannot see my account info for my credit card on my bank account app. So I’m not sure how to check my balance or pay my credit card bill as the app only shows my checking account info. Is there a way to view & manage both accounts from the app? I would be very appreciative of any help to figure this out! Thank you so much & have a blessed day😇
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3 years ago, davistricia
Needs an update desperately please
I actually love this app but really can’t hardly give it two stars at the moment. I really rely on mobile banking, my iPhone update and my app no longer will open. I currently am at iOS 14.5 which support said everything on my phone is running fine (settings all correct) and according to the description this app should support it. My daughter has same app same iOS but a slightly newer phone. Apple said that does not make a difference. My app was fine at iOS 14 … apple support and I are at a loss so my only hope is to reach out to you the developer. Bank also said they believe it was the app not being compatible. Please help.
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2 years ago, PthorStorm
Depressed about login
In a previous version of the app, I could sign in with a passcode. This was pretty nifty, because when you enabled Face ID, it would automatically sign you in. Sometime last year that stopped working. No matter how many times I reset my passcode, it would always tell me it needed to be set or was invalid when I went to sign in. In addition, Face ID no longer worked. In this latest version, at first it appeared that this issue was cured. I was able to sign in with Face ID again! But, it turns out that there is a timeout setup so that if you don't open the app before that time, it will sign you out AND you have to enter your password (Note that the automatic password functionality does not work on this app), and Face ID does not work. Isn't the point of Face ID to sign into the app?? What gives? This app went from a pleasure to use, to one of the most annoying.
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2 months ago, A42675GhI637
Error Handling needs improvement
This app frequently (about once a month or more) doesn’t work or let you log in due to what seems like network errors. However, the error handling is very poor. It does not let the user know what the error is, always just has the generic “could not be completed at this time. Please login using a web browser or try again later” message. The doesn’t really help, and for it to be happening so frequently makes the entire process pretty annoying. I do appreciate the functionality when the app does work, but again user experience could be improved with proper error handling so we can know if the app needs to be updated, if it’s a network error or another kind of bug, etc. because at this point I’m not sure if it has something to do with my network connection or the app itself.
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4 years ago, vasquezhector39
Now has Touch ID!
I was waiting for the First National app to get Touch ID for login. I used to use Wells Fargo (good riddance), and their app had Touch ID years ago. Glad to see that First National is finally getting up to speed! I’d actually give the app 4.5, since it’s a bit clunky with how the passcode works. Also, the Alerts don’t let you get mobile or text alerts, only email. The mobile deposit is nice and has worked well the entire time I’ve been a customer. Kudos to First National for making a good app! Just please resolve these small problems.
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2 years ago, Culprit.
Worked great until a year ago
Was perfect. Until I was unable to access the app as it force closes. I’ve tried everything, even resetting my phone. This app has been unusable and fnb should have fixed this by now, as every other bank has WORKING apps and care about them. Update: FNB app has been about two years unable to open the app. Force closes every time. Has not been updated despite many reviews having this same problem. It is such a disappointment as I have to deposit checks regularly and used to take pictures of them. Simply speaking, it would save so much time instead of driving to my nearest FN bank and deposit it. It really shows how utterly useless banking apps are when you haven’t been able to open it for years and other speaking up about the same exact issue. I believe it will never be updated at this point.
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2 years ago, Soldado-49
Worst Banking App in the Universe!
Every other time I attempt to log in, whether on my iPad or iPhone, it will not permit Touch ID log in, even though I specifically set it up to do so. I then try to log in by manually typing in my password…still won’t work. Repeated calls to FNBO’s clueless IT service have not fixed the problem…which is clearly at THEIR end. I end up having to delete the app, reinstall the app, and then and only then can I log in. Totally worthless. And, I received an email response to THIS review asking me to contact them for a “solution”. Bottom line, the only SOLUTION is for FNBO to fire their IT Staff/App developers and hire someone or a firm that can design an app that works, period. Had to delete and install the app, AGAIN, just this morning, in order to log in and check my accounts. TOTALLY WORTHLESS…
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2 years ago, Alieenkilla
Not compatible with iOS 14.5/beta
App was once a great tool and always solid. But current version is not compatible with latest iOS updates or if you are on beta program. The rating is because it was a decent app when it worked. But without any updates it’s function is lost and refuses to even boot up. A big hit and miss if they don’t keep up and keep track of all the ratings. As you can see, it continues to happen a lot, and not much being done about getting it fixed. Let’s see if I get the same generic developer response as everyone else, “if you’re experiencing problems call 1-800….” Like I said it was an awesome app before with some quirks you could deal with, but it worked none the less.
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1 year ago, Salesie
Your app is terrible
It has become too difficult to use your app. Your mobile website refers you to your app when using a mobile device yet the log in to your app is constantly not allowing me to log in. I do not think your app is iOS compatible. You cannot assume that your customers always have access to a computer when wanting to go on your website. I have been banking with you since 1995 and have had my spouse and children be your customers as well. It has gotten to be too frustrating having to call the 1-800 number and wait for an excessive amount of time. Invest in your customer service or else you will continue to lose those who have been loyal customers.
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8 months ago, 43-year customer
Wonderful big bank
I have been a FNB customer for 43 years. I would never change banks. Recently I had a piece of luggage stolen which had my checkbook in it. I immediately contacted FNB, and they were wonderful to work with, patient and professional. When my daughter was studying inMexico and needed a bank transfer, the Lincoln branch stayed beyond closing time to make sure her money arrived on time. This is a wonderful big bank which acts as a small one. Paul O’Hara
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2 years ago, KB0SIS
Violates Privacy and Unstable
Update: The FNBO use to be the model for a simple app that just worked. Not any more. Face recognition integration is spotty. It dumps the integration every few day. Between login and account summary displaying it can take 3 to 5 minutes. Sometimes not at all. Often it requires several app reboots. A recent update slipped in a new requirement that you turn on location tracking. There is no option not to share a continuous location with FNBO. This is not about security. This is about privacy. By the time you check off all the ways FNBO uses and shares you location based on its Privacy Policy (I have read it), there is Absolutely no privacy protection left. They are collecting to invade and resell your personal life. Frankly I don’t want my bank knowing what I eat for lunch, figuring out I see a doctor for any reason, or where I spend my nights. It’s just creepy and unjustified. It’s frustrating that FNBO won’t invest resources to allow me to download more than three months of transactions but will put the time into building spyware.
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8 months ago, kaksncbcirii13
“Upgrades to mortgage account”
“Upgrades are coming to your mortgage account” Upgrades for who? Seems to me that you’ve made it more convenient for FNBO and less convenient for the customer. Because you’ve outsourced mortgaging to a third party, now I’m redirected outside of the app to the third party website for anything related to my FNBO mortgage. You didn’t even go through the effort of linking it with the app so now I’m required to add my FNBO accounts to my “FNBO” mortgage just to make a payment. AND since it’s through a third party and not linked to the app, my scheduled payment no longer shows up in the Pay & Transfer screen in the app. Terrible “upgrades”. Time to refinance my mortgage elsewhere.
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6 months ago, Don’t understand what this is
Two recent problems
Hello. Today I tried many multiple times to access my account by iPad. It took all day to be able to make a Mobile deposit. also, in the month of February, I had fraud on my credit card. I had great service and getting a new card started, but when I went to redeem my rewards, I was only receiving half the amount of awards that I have been on the card that they had automatically closed for me. I’m just curious to know why there would be a difference. Thank you for your time, and for reading this.
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5 years ago, FNB customer since 2000
What happened? 3/1/19
I woke up this morning (7AM MST) and checked my account. Everything seemed fine until I tried to transfer money from checking to savings. I only had the option to transfer to another person. This has never happened before... I’ve always been able to transfer money between my accounts no problem. I check the apple store for any updates. No updates in the last 5 months. So I open the app again. Try to sign in. Now I’m getting a banner that says there are no accounts to view. I suspect there is an issue. Anyone else have this occurrence? Curious and potentially worried the app has been compromised. Help!
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2 years ago, Mase57
Remote Deposit Check Capture is 3 steps backwards
Newest app update includes an “automatic” check capture function that works 10-15% of the time, then reverts to just manual picture taking as in the past. We use this feature exclusively for our SBB deposits and this is definitely a step in the wrong direction, would be easier to just have kept the manual check capture function. More key strokes required now. Otherwise minor look and feel changes are fine.
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3 weeks ago, Pabashaba
Love the new update
It’s great to able to open an account on the app, I was looking forward to opening a savings account from home on my day off from work. However when you tap that you’re an existing customer it asks you to open FNBO in safari/ browser but it stops you there and says you need cookies enabled.. I have them enabled, I tried everything. Even changing the default browser to chrome and it still didn’t go. Please help! On iPhone XS Max
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2 years ago, zixneldb8362
I’ve used FNBO for over ten years and this app is so bad it makes me want to change banks. It won’t let me log in at the worst possible times. I have issues with the new mobile deposit and I’ve had money get stuck between accounts for days when transferring. Love the bank but hate the app so much I might be changing. FYI-I never leave reviews on anything but this app is so bad if felt like I had to.
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4 years ago, MrBadExample1978
No Union Plus?
I have managed my finances using apps for as long as they have been available. I am 41 years old and have an over 800 credit score. I recently got a Union Plus Personal loan to consolidate and pay off some credit cards with a higher interest rate. Having a lower interest rate and one monthly payment helps to keep track of minimums and pay off loans faster. However, this app does not even give me the option to create a profile for my loan. So as a customer of FNBO it is completely useless to me. Please update this app to assist ALL of your customers. A good, functional, easy to use app alone has caused me to open additional accounts with one banking institution before.
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5 years ago, HereticRick
Needs an update
I used to use this app years ago, and recently redownloaded it. I honestly don’t think it’s been updated in all that time. It still looks exactly the same, and the features seem outdated. You can get notifications, but only to email, not to your phone, which seems like a pretty obvious feature to me. That’s really what I need, outside of a quick and easy way to see my balance, I need one that tells me when funds are taken out. Not just for security, but to help keep track of other authorized use. Time for a major upgrade First National!
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3 weeks ago, Sunshhine74
Best Bank in the ENTIRE world!!
Have been banking with this bank for years! Love the staff is very friendly and attentive along welcoming. I really love the mobile app, we moved out of state so it does come in handy for my bank deposit or transfer money from one account to any and I refuse to bank with no other bank. Keep up the great with having an amazing staff and services. Do not ever change!! 🥰
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7 months ago, Rosesndragons
Wish mortgage piece hadn’t changed
FNBO has been advertising a better mortgage experience coming for months. The website has more information (great!), but we lost the ability to quickly and easily pay our mortgage within the app. I liked having all my accounts linked and the ability to pay in a few clicks. Please add that functionality back into the app just as it was, giving the option to go to the site for a more detailed experience.
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10 months ago, exiepauline
Doesn’t work more than it does
It’s a fine app, when it actually allows you to sign in and see your accounts. Allows for multiple accounts, easy to navigate, convenient dashboard, would be a great app- but for the fact that you’re unable to access (some error or another) it more often that not.
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2 years ago, KuRiSu420
Utter garbage now
This app is almost useless anymore. Face ID no longer works at all, it won’t even activate if I tap the “Face ID” button. Transactions take a day or more to show up now. Pending transactions are added up differently now so it’s more confusing to know what your exact balance is. The layout is more confusing that ever, feels very cumbersome and unnatural to navigate. I’m really upset by this, it feels like a bunch of sneaky ways to confuse customers so they don’t know how much their available balance is and they overdraft. Sadly, people with lower balances/incomes are the ones who will end up with fees they can’t afford to pay.
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1 year ago, Sྂlྂiྂmྂ
Last update
Your app will not stay on my iPhone for the last few months. Instead it just disappears. Your site has never been real user friendly but it has gotten a lot worse. It is very frustrating to not be able to access my accounts without calling a personal banker personally.
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4 years ago, cnst
Requires location permission to deposit checks
I don’t like that it requires the location permission for mobile deposit, which they then use as soon as you start the app, wasting battery all for nothing. Also, the amount keypad only has a comma for the decimal separator (due to system language?), which is then not accepted by this app, giving an amount error, so, it’s difficult to deposit any checks that have any number of cents. If these two issues were to be fixed, would be a 5-star app!
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10 months ago, Silver Sprinter
Moved to WYo
I moved a 1000 miles away from FNBO where I banked for 22 years. Couldn't move all my business bank account under the paper load.I had to adjust to app banking so made the jump and it is so awesome . This app really knocks out of the park in that moving money depositing checks is easier than going 1.5 blocks to see all the great staff at 119th and Roe in Leawood KS!
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2 years ago, tonny wf texas
It freezes up
I’ve been using this application for two months and he really not worth it freezes up and stay running for a long period of time don’t do nothing I think I share the same idea as the other customers maybe has not been updated it’s not worth it, also don’t let me sign in only stays surfing the web but never opens the page where I supposed to see my account I really don’t want to mess up with this app seems to me like the makers of this app don’t care about the updates or the good functionality to give a good service to the customers
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2 years ago, Hot stew
Updates have made the app not user friendly
I use my app for all on line banking and with the update it is difficult to use. Also some of the tools that used to work are no longer functioning -Like redeeming your rewards points. I have called in on a couple of occasions recently because the app is challenging to use and prior to the update I could not tell you the last time I called the bank. It would have been beneficial for First National to grab a subset of their customers who were frequent users to beta test prior to rolling out to the entire population.
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2 years ago, HockeyMike93
Worked great for me
Admittedly was very concerned when I saw the low rating for this app, but I gave it a try because it’s more convenient than using the website to pay my bill. So far haven’t had any issues with this app, whether it’s creating an account, logging in, or making payments
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3 years ago, MukitaskingMomma
The app does its basic job- gives your balance. That’s it. I often have issues with my password needing to be reset for some reason. I can’t pay additional premium to my mortgage. I can’t just transfer money to my credit card account. The most frustrating thing is that it doesn’t use thumb print ID security to log in. Every other finance app on my phone has this convenient feature BUT FNBO. Lastly, I know green is your spirit color, but it also makes the app seem drab and dated. Like the avocado green drapes you find in your grandma’s living room.
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3 years ago, notgloriaborger
Can’t change password
I have been using this app for over a year now and I thought it was pretty great. Until I got an email from FNBO saying I need to change my password because of security reasons. So I try on the app and there is no button or option to submit a new password and the desktop version doesn’t help at all (keep getting error message saying password has already been set when it hasn’t). I’m pretty disappointed I haven’t been able to check my balance for a couple days now and I hope this issue is fixed.
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2 years ago, Gummibeargrrr
Was Great But Hate it Now
I’ve used the app for like 5 years and have loved it until the most recent big update. Now the layout is difficult to understand and find how much you actually have in the account. It also will show pending purchases then later that day remove them which boosts up the account balance, then takes the money out so it is incredibly difficult to see how much money you have to work with. Please change it back to how it was!
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11 months ago, Millard Customer
Normally I get great service at your bank - I will tell you tho the auto capture to deposit checks from your cell phone never works. It takes too long for the option for you to manually deposit .
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2 years ago, Adaniels0302
Technology is only good when it works
I normally like their app but it’s frustrating when you keep getting an error about Network Security. This is super frustrating as you cannot even access your account. You can’t access their main website from a mobile device either. It seems like the app has been having monthly issues lately which is overly frustrating.
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2 years ago, Goody7294
Mobile Check Deposit
Literally just left my old bank for FNBO and rely heavily on mobile banking. That was one of the main reasons for the switch...only to find the app has 2 stars and that that FNBO’s deposit for check’s through the app is incredibly challenging. I spent around 30 minutes trying to line it up perfectly, followed instructions, just for the app to say I need to rotate the check over and over. It’s 2021, apps aren’t new technology, there’s no excuse for a poor app. It’s just lack of effort on the company to focus and improve on it
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3 years ago, Richard Russoniello
App doesn’t open anymore
I just got a credit card with FNBO and was able to get the app and activate my card and that was it. After updating to iOS 14.5 the app will no longer even open. Have attempted to uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times to no avail. Please update the app for the newest iOS. I see from feedback I am not the only one being affected by this and there is no troubleshooting that will resolve this issue. FNBO needs to update the application correctly.
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6 years ago, Bulldog VW
Until this week, this was a five-star app. I could quickly and easily reconcile my balance at any time, with no need to view the desktop site. However, the pending transactions total line has been removed. While there are individual pending transactions listed, there is no total. So, I have to total them manually. And they don’t appear nearly as quickly as the pending transactions total line used to update. This is a downgrade, for sure.
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2 years ago, Mememememememeeeee
Cant even log in anymore
The recent update was already rather inconvenient, but now it’s made the app essentially useless. It’s hard to easily differentiate between debits and credits as well as pending or processed charges because all transactions look the same. Functionality has declined as well. It rarely allows me to log in any more, just constantly loading. As someone who monitors their finances closely (I was using this 1-2 times a day) this app is no longer valuable. I wish they would roll back the updates!
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3 months ago, Dancing Lobster
After banking elsewhere I started to use FNBO again since it was the first account I ever had and i miss the simplicity. I am shocked that after a decade they still don’t have the option to do external transfers? Additionally, the addition of zelle was nice but when I try to set it up the phone numbers are all old, even though my actual account is updated with the current phone number.
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2 years ago, wertikbxsh
Recent Update
I hate this update. I am no longer able to log in and with the tap of a button to see the available balance of all of my accounts added up. You have to click on each individual account too to see the actual available balance otherwise you may over or underspend according to your *pending balance*. This app use to be really user friendly and made sense with time sensitivity. But now i have to pull out a calculator just to get the information i need. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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1 year ago, Farmwiz
Used to work better
I’m not sure why or what has happened, but I used to be able to log in quickly & the Face ID was a big part of it, now, despite having turned it off & back on several times, the Face ID will not work anymore & many times I open the app, it fails to load all the way, or just disappears & have to keep trying to get it to open. Very disappointed in the app going backwards instead of improving
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2 years ago, Muoochy
New update is terrible! Deserves 0 stars
New update is terrible! Layout is not good at all. Transactions don’t reflect the real balance until days later which makes it harder & more confusing to know your actual balance. More of a hassle if you ask me. I hate it and makes things very inconvenient. I really hope they change it back to how it was before or improve it at least. Been a few months now and still no change so until then I will be switching banks. Very disappointing!
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5 years ago, Anthony Guzzo
Still missing functionality
This app and the website is still missing standard functionality provided by other banks. 1. I’m unable to schedule recurring payments to a payee from the app. 2. I’m unable to schedule multiple recurring payments to the same payee from this app or the new website.
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2 years ago, Esha1984
Want the old look back
I do not like the way this app is now at all! I want the old one back. I have it two stars because at least works on my phone and I can deposit easy but I’d much rather have the old version back. I don’t like this one it’s hard to understand and get the feel of. I’ve gave it time but I can’t find anything. It’s frustrating. It’s making me kinda consider changing banks because I do rely on the app a lot
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1 year ago, BrigitGreiner
Fix your app
I’m tired of only being able to log into the app 10 percent of the time. I don’t live in Omaha right now and get paid by check so I rely on being able to mobile deposit. With the app not working 9 times out of 10 it’s hard to trust that I’m going to have access to my money. I would rather not have to switch to a different bank as I have been with you guys for the last almost 6 years.
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2 months ago, DJ Chris Osborn
Favorite Bank
I’m so glad we live in an age where we can ‘take it with you’. I love FNBO they have wonderful customer service, online website always works and the app is very easy to use. I particularly love that I can easily deposit checks through the app.
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6 years ago, jrobine
Transfer to another person
I like being able to transfer money to another person who has an account. But it would be better if you could schedule it to happen automatically or remember the transfers so you don’t have to get their account number every time you want to transfer to that person.
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1 year ago, Tasiadiz
Log in
I check my balance frequently. It seems like because I do after so many times I have to delete app and reload because I can no longer log in. This is a great app but these issues make it frustrating.
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1 year ago, CrawAnne
No longer Compatible with my phone
So to run the new version of this App I have to buy a new phone, thanks for nothing!!! It gives me an option to load the most recent comparable version but that does not work either. I am not happy!!!
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2 years ago, HeckYesVintage2021
Features NEVER work
New check scanning feature never works, can’t use the mobile deposit feature anymore. My log in is never saved, and at random it will decide it doesn’t want to use Face ID or passcode log in- currently I can’t even get into my app/account to move money for a bill I paid this morning. For an app that is supposed to be convenient and make managing your money and accounts easier, this app tends to give me more frustration and trouble than anything.
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