FNBT & FCB Mobile

4.7 (87.6K)
76.8 MB
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Current version
First Community Bancshares, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for FNBT & FCB Mobile

4.73 out of 5
87.6K Ratings
8 months ago, Fossil8
Best Bank and Banking App ever!
Most people loathe dealing with their banking institution, their apps, and related services. But when I say that First National Bank of Texas/First Convenience Bank run circles around all other banks I’ve been a customer of, I really mean it. They’ve prevented unauthorized purchases on my account (no fault of theirs) because they know my spending habits. It’s been so easy every time I’ve had to visit a branch to get a replacement card; their app is by far more superior than any other bank (from my experience); and their customer service has been too tier. Oh, and when I needed to open up a new account for direct deposit for a new job, they didn’t need to run my credit or require a minimum deposit. No, they aren’t paying me to say all these things. And if you take a look at my reviews, you’ll see that I rarely review apps, only if they are really good, or extremely horrible! Keep up the awesome job FNBT!
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2 months ago, rsp823
I have banked with 1st Convenience since the early 2000’s. I used to call back in the day to get my balance and listen to a list of transactions, but the mobile app has put convenience and efficiency right at my finger tips. I can get all of my previous information and more. My daughter and son-in-law both bank there as well. There is not more “you owe me this” or “I owe you that.” We now do that on the app with account transfers. I can also turn off my debit cards which is very convenient for loss or other. I also like that my phone notifies me the minute my card is used. I helps me keep track of purchases. I would highly recommend this app and the bank to anyone and everyone.
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4 years ago, 🌈🕊🦁🐑
why tease the option of mobile deposit if it is going to continuously malfunction rejecting perfectly clear check images randomly and even just this moment I’m taking an image of my check and the app alters where the check is. It is literally lined up with their guidelines for the signature and blabla underneath but when you take the image it is cutting off the entire portion in the image. When you move to account for this malfunction the image is still clear but now of the entire check zoomed out much more than you just were and will still not accept this image either. Another random outcome is a solid blur completely unfocused image regardless of what your talking an image of. This’s a pathetic excuse for an app of a bank in real life but with the lack of any incentive whatsoever percentage wise for savings etc I don’t think the customer is something they seem to care about. Update: started working again, it only wasted an hour attempting mobile deposit this time, honestly an improvement from last two times most recently.. I can’t go above one star right now this’s ridiculous
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4 years ago, Peter wanger
Probably paid for reviews
It’s launch day and despite having everything I needed, there’s no response or way to get into the app and even tried getting that one time use password but to no avail. Also the first reviews were 19 hours ago before launch so that’s just very weird to me. Almost like dev team making sure their new app gets some good comments and ratings. As well, the old app doesn’t work, nor the old site, which means if a tiny technical hiccup occurs, customers are left in limbo and not able to access their accounts. So I guess this is more of a CEO problem. Terrible planning or at least terrible homework on the App and site dev team, but above all, just no contingencies. I knew this would be a problem so I’ve started a relationship with another bank. Oh, and I was on hold waiting to speak to a rep today for 40 minutes before they hung up on me. So hurray. If the board actually cares to read a review, I hope it’s mine and shown in a PowerPoint one day, because this is how you lose assets and lending power.
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2 weeks ago, 1X4AII
User Friendly App
Love the banking app. This is definitely one of the friendliest routinely used sites I access. While most aaps are slow, Involved, complicated and repetitive. The 1ST NB Texas app is quick to access if you have good signal, well laid out, simple to under and easy to perform most if not all your banking needs. Well done. I do have an issue with 1ST NB Texas. I have banked with them for 30 years +/- and they still allow other banks to charge me atm transaction fees. I will soon be looking for another bank that will take on those fees for me. My daughter uses one of those banks and we have discussed the issue. Let’s work on that 1ST NB Texas, and hold on to your account holding customers.
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3 years ago, up17
Cannot search transactions with ‘update’ and NO REPLY on issue
My FNBT APP was working fine before the update. The search bar at the too of my transaction list let me easily find whatever deposits or withdrawals I was looking for by using the search bar. Now I can pull furn and see the search bar, but I cannot type in it so basically it’s useless. That was a very good feature that I really miss. I saw the chat/message option on the APP and sent a message about the issue. Crickets. Zero response. This leads me to have even less appreciation for the APP, the costumer service, and the bank in general. This is a bug Texas bank - I expect more from them, the technology, and the customer service. At least I can still see my accounts in real time and transfer funds quickly between them.
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4 years ago, Hcarlin22
Change is good
I was able to getting into the new app with no problem! I really appreciated getting the emails weeks before that made me aware of the change that was coming! It made the switchover so much easier! Times are changing so we need to all just be patient and keep up with the times! So far the app has been great for me and so easy for me to set up my bill pays and made it easy to transfer to my other banks having this feature in the app! And now the zelle feature is up and running too!! Change is good people, embrace it!
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4 years ago, StrawberryDayneSh
Not the first time.
I can’t get into the app at all. It won’t take any of my information saying it’s incorrect can’t reach anybody for help or information on my acct. I had already sent a couple emails to get a new login in using the forgot my user. It had me type in my email saying it must be linked to the acct. next page goes on to say if you don’t get a response use another email. Which made no sense to me cause I don’t have multiple emails. Very disappointed but kind of expected so what can I say get what you pay for.
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3 years ago, TonyB0527
Don’t use the mobile deposit for checks
Couldn’t give it zero stars. Mobile check deposit sounds like a convenient way to put your money in your account without going to the teller but BEWARE. They’ve put a 9 business day hold on two checks of mine and are unable to work with me to make any funds available to me. I deposited one for $375 on Tuesday, Feb 2nd and they tell me that it won’t be available until Saturday, February 13th. The same scenario with a check for $1100 which I deposited on Thursday, February 4th. I won’t be using their mobile check deposit and will withdraw my funds as soon as they become available. I was told by a bank manager that checks from local banks only take a couple days to clear at the most. I will be looking for a new bank as soon as I have my money in hand.
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4 years ago, First Inconvenience
Can’t log in most of the time and the app doesn’t update your account in real time which causes obvious problems with potential overdraft issues. Not surprised though and definitely will be looking for another bank because this is the opposite of “convenience”. There is absolutely no way this app was thoroughly tested before being released because there are simply too many issues. I would advise people to continue writing bad reviews until something gets fixed. This bank thinks it can prioritize other things over customer satisfaction and I hope it becomes their downfall. I’m ashamed to be affiliated with this bank and I NEVER write reviews but the sheer frustration was too much. People need to know when to walk away from something and this was my wake-up call.
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4 years ago, j.ess01
Great Upgrade
The app itself works great & has much needed new features. This app upgrade was needed in order for FCB to compete with other leading financial institutions. The road to switching over might’ve been a little bumpy, but once you’re able to log in to the new app you are able to see that it was well worth it & necessary. From being able to see your account number to budgeting tools, zelle, & adding all your bank accounts/credit cards in one place has really been a huge upgrade from the previous app!
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4 years ago, Droblyn
Great Upgrade. Better App.
This app is a clear upgrade over the previous app. So many new features including bill pay and fund transfers that the previous app didn’t handle. New analyzation tools to help you know where your money is going. I’m still experimenting with them. This is a good change people! By the current rating (3.8 stars as of the time of this review), i’m sorry to see that people aren’t taking to the transition well given that the functionality and graphics show decisive improvements.
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4 years ago, Nobody from Del Valle
Change is bad, but it’s new. Eventually.
Like many others, the new app did not function and the old app and website was disabled too soon, leaving us desperately trying to get into the new app. Once beyond that nightmare, finally, we have an upgraded app with more functions and no clue how to use them. Trial & error is a very uncomfortable experiment when all your money is potentially at stake! I guess some people are comfortable with tossing their finances around between points unknown for the sake of point & click convenience, I’m old fashioned enough to know the comfort of a hard earned buck in my pocket without persons unknown taking it out and playing with my money.
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2 years ago, Sammygf17
Having issues connecting to other cash transfer apps. They can’t figure out. I do instant cash out from like cashapp or venmo and sometimes instant other times can take a couple hours. No one can explain. Just weird issues. Now staff at locations of this bank super helpful on what they can control and super friendly at every location I’ve gone to. But technology. Yeah as of 10/22 not so good. Is it just me but does it seem companies with IT issues tend to have better human relations than companies that have fantastic automated systems? It seems in those companies of you can get someone on the phone they really can’t do anything for you. Not really seem to want to. Can’t any company do both well?
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3 years ago, getthacheese
My journey so far
I do t really trust banks but im enjoying this one so far although I don’t agree with the fee they charged because of insufficient funds if you don’t have over draft because I believe that if you don’t have money in the account then that’s on the account holder and that person will simply need to use another form of payment or just not buy the item. I don’t think it’s fair that the bank charges that fee but Im excited to have opened an account
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4 years ago, Momma of thr33
Love the new app
I’m loving the new app! Now the first 4 days after it went live I wanted to close my account. I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone, I held for 47 mins one time and it just disconnected. I couldn’t text to get a new password because my phone number had changed and it never sent me the password to my email as I requested. Very frustrating!! But once I finally got thru 4 days later and could log in I LOVE IT!! So much better than the other one.
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4 years ago, onthegogogo
Best update yet!
I have used the previous app and it loaded really slow and was so easy to lock yourself out even if you knew your password. THIS... this right here!! WOOOOOW! Major upgrade and as long as you followed the directions to the T getting in is easy breezy. Although I am upset they no longer offer the 4 digit pin anymore I do understand that safety and security of my bank account is important. Any time I have a question or need help with my app the tellers are always nice and helpful 😁
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2 years ago, Mellisa5774
I use to love my app
I used to LOVE my app. I could do ALL my banking through my phone now I can even transfer money from one account to the next. Where did bill pay go?? Sure I can see my statements and chat which by the way does not work. Statements don’t appear and the chat feature does not work because I have been trying to ask someone how I can get the features I use back.
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4 years ago, bazoo42
Finally got it working
Update: App seems to work ok now. I haven’t gone through all of the features, but it works now for what I need. Original Review: When I tried to check my balance on the old app, it told me I had to text a number to reset my password and download new app. This new app does not recognize the temp password it gave me, so I clicked the link to Forgot User ID just in case I was getting that wrong. It said it would email me, but never has. Now I can not access my banking information. Horrible terrible piece of junk app. I would rate it Zero Stars if iOS allowed me to.
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2 years ago, uwujaja
It’s been great so far but
I’ve had no problems with the app so far but one thing I do miss or don’t get anymore is notifications for when I spend something I use to get them after buying something from the store and now I don’t get them my more or when I’m charged a subscription fee it would show up because sometimes I forget what days a bill is due. My notifications settings haven’t changed and I even checked to make sure I get them :/
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4 years ago, claire_username 11111 iphone
I don’t know what is up with this bank
I am a new costumer and even I have problems with the bank, it doesn’t make sense? Every time I sign in I never see how much money I have in my account. And sometimes when I am trying to buy something, they keep saying you have an invalid card or something like that. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP. I have never written a review before, this just tells you how bad your app is, and how it needs to be fixed. I NEED to see how much money is remaining in my account, because I don’t want to spend all of it by mistake. Please help me. I will change this review into a five star, I you help me access my account.
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4 years ago, Sky1994
App works for me...
Going into this process I was a little hesitant to switch over an already functioning app and questioned the necessity. I had also read the previous users review and got bad vibes from the account of the new app already failing and causing difficulties. Happy to report that my app is working well and good to go. Much thanks to the first convenience team for all their hard work and effort to make this a smooth transition.
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3 years ago, bad bank do not use
Do not use this bank
Do not use this bank if you overdraft even just 5 dollars they will charge you 35 nsf, then if you don’t pay it within a week you’ll be charged again and again, customer service will not help you and neither will the supervisor no matter your situation. I over drafted 5 dollars a month ago and I racked up to -135, I tried to stop any charges but on the first initial overdraft, but as I said the customer service is as good as nothing. They don’t care about you and they don’t help you in any situation it’s a big stick poking the little guy with this bank. Use any other bank!!!! I recommend regions!!!
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4 years ago, Pimpurmom08
Great New Look & Details
I was able to login without any issues. If you know your password, have access to your email and phone then you’ll have no issue. Has a great new interface and runs really smooth so far. Has more details than before as well, and they made it easier for you to see your account number without having to download reports like before. Great work!
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4 years ago, COCO235329954
What is going on!
I almost never write reviews but this is ridiculous. I have followed all the steps as suggested and still not able to log in. The system does not recognize me. I have banked with this bank for over 10 years and always had the same information. I was on hold for about 50 minutes before the system hung up on me. I knew I should have always gone to a bigger more reliable bank to avoid these issues. I am unable to see my funds therefore unable to use my card to get essential things. Very frustrating will definitely be looking into another banking institution after so many years with you all. Thanks
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4 years ago, carlinclams
Easier to use app!
Thanks FCB for giving your customers ample notice and instructions on the upcoming major changes to the FCB mobile site. It was super easy to install and is much more user friendly. Got set up and moving within minutes of getting activated! I absolutely love the new look — much more easy to use! Love this bank and employees! Two thumbs up!!
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8 months ago, Micnike6789
Cash app money transfers
Please update the app. I received money for my birthday on cash app and went to cash it out. I selected the instant deposit feature and the money won’t transfer into my 1st convenience checking account even though my bank account number and debit card numbers are correct. This system is old and outdated, so please fix it. I would give this app five stars if not for this issue.
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5 months ago, Meka500000
Tameka G.
They are so nice and helpful They get you in get you out when you trying to open up a account with them they make sure you have everything you need done right then and there👌🏽I been a customer for some years with them now and I haven’t had any problems with this bank at all so give them a try you will not regret it so FCB KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK 🙌🏽❤️
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3 years ago, E Childs
Just Spreading Good News and Hope
From Dallas,TX....One of very few Bank Branches that no appointment is needed....various locations with less waiting times(Kroger)....most deposits are available the same day....Made a check deposit on a Saturday....all online Banking options were available....although a cash limit is set....very pleased with all banking needs
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4 years ago, ❤️TXgirl❤️
Doesn’t work most of the time
Ever since the update it crashes all the time. I use card controls to turn my card on and off and even when it says it’s on it gets declined which is super embarrassing especially when I know the money is there and then I call the 800 number and they tell me to turn it off and then back on which I have already done several times then tell me I have to go into a branch when I can’t do that because I no longer live in the state. Very disappointed with the update I can’t even use my own money a lot of times.
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7 months ago, Kay Zollicoffer
Zero stars.
Honestly switching over from Chime to First National Bank was the biggest mistake i’ve made. The app doesn’t work 95 percent of the time. Ive been trying to go on the app and switch my money from savings to checking since I’ve gotten off work and had to end up over drafting just to get gas and food. Its the next day and I still can’t move my money. Then by me overdrafting, they’ll charge me $35 per transaction, even though this is their mistake. Customer service is just for show, they’re not any use. Definitely closing my account once Im able to get my funds out.
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4 years ago, Ela_lovely
Love the new application!!!!
The new and much improved app is beyond amazing. More features like money management, ease of uploading e-statements, internal transfers, zelle, and quick balances on smart watches. This application has everything aT your fingertips. Like anything new, there were a few hiccups at the beginning. Step into a branch and the friendly tellers helped with getting logged in and the transition to the new applicant.
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4 years ago, ranooshtyyy
Great changes
the new changes added to the app are fantastic. I’m glad I can budget within the app and send money as well. I see so many bad reviews complaining about launch day and how the app wouldn’t work, but people must be more patient. It isn’t a big deal. They completely ignore the good of it all just because the app wouldn’t let them login in for a few hours? Anyways great app
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3 years ago, LLynton
Definitely invest the time to set up bill payment feature of the app. Once it set up a bill comes in look up the payee enter the amount confirm and forget about it. Same with depositing paper checks take a picture fill out the request information and you’ll never stand in line unless you want to say hello to Mateo at the Clovis branch he’s good people.
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4 years ago, Turtkd
Kasey Lynn Hernandez
I absolutely love this bank!!! I’ve been with FNCB for years now and I always now without a doubt if I have a question or concerns al I have to do is call and they always take the time to explain everything to me and I appreciate that so much!!! I highly recommend this bank to anyone considering changing their current bank Bc I love my bank!!!
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8 months ago, Lovely Girl 80
Worse bank and application ever!!!
This is a legit scam and spam bank, not only do they not pay attention to their customers but also they deny you access to your account, they just blocked me from accessing my own bank account and they disabled me from resetting the password, I totally believe this bank is a scam and I have proof to prove it, tomorrow if they don’t unblock my account then there will be legal consequences, I TOTALLY AND FULLY DON’T RECOMMEND THEM!!! Don’t fall victim to this bank of a joke, they’re not reliable and they truly don’t protect you from anyone or anything, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!
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2 years ago, Ruth Thompson
Awesome Bank App!!!
Love the features! Plenty of different things you can do on this app so grateful for being able to check my balance whenever I need to. People will always complain about something but honestly if you just pay attention it’s really simple and you avoid any problems.
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4 years ago, aireelle694
Good idea, but seriously awful execution
This app worked for like 5 minutes after it came out. It’s been 3 weeks since we had to switch to this new app and now it can’t even show me my account? That it’s an application error? Wut. That should be fixed! I don’t understand how it’s not fixed yet. It’s been like this for almost 3 weeks. And anytime you try to call customer service, it takes over 30 minutes to talk to someone and even then, they can’t do anything for you. I’m completely over this trash app and this bank. I’ll be moving to a different bank now. Thanks for nothing.
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2 years ago, Hdz Llc
This is the worst bank I’ve ever been involved with. As soon as I can I will close my account and bank with another company. I don’t like that I can’t transfer money after certain hours. I’ve had so many issues with the Brownsville, Texas branch. Very rude manager. I forgot my glasses one time and gave me some paperwork work to sign. They’re printer for some reason only printed in tiny letters. She wanted me to sign it anyways. So I said no. Anyways. I had no choice but to go to my vehicle to retrieve my glasses and wait in line again for another 45 minutes. Just terrible
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4 years ago, Slightly Monday
Hasn’t worked at all, no temp passwords or emails, lines are busy and when I finally got through to talk to someone after waiting 30mins the customer service representative didn’t even know what was going on, apparently they couldn’t even find any of my info, on anything period. Ridiculous.
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4 years ago, PASSWORD !
Noah Dot Pissit
I’ve been trying to look at my account’s since yesterday afternoon. I am tired of texting (password)! Because it got me nowhere! I did retrieve a one time password it was no help. I have know idea what is going on with this new app BUT it’s not working! I even came to the bank yesterday and one of the tellers set it up on my phone. She gave me a paper with my user name and password on it. BUT it doesn’t work! So I don’t know what is going on. What I do know is somebody should get there S- - t together be for you loose your customer's.!!!! Text password to: FIX IT NOW !!!
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2 years ago, JCMAGNA
The app works good in USA
the apps work good in the USA, but when I travel to other countries, they don't allow me to check my balance or do anything, even if you call them before you travel and let me know, it's very frustrating because when you have your device you should be available to check at least you balance, so I called them from where I was and they told me that I need to have access to American internet service! they need to fix this issue
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2 years ago, Shreveport girls
Online banking
I like the online banking because it allows me to access all of my personal accounts and I m able conduct busyness without going into bank and I use the Zelle feature to retrieve and transfer funds and the check deposit is one of useful features as well
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4 years ago, Chaser327
Great new features!
Had a bit trouble on launch day, but even Apple has had issues on launch day. Since then the app works great. I was able to send money through Zelle yesterday and they got instantly! The money management feature and being able to list my other accounts in one app is great as well.
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2 years ago, Minnie mouse00
Update sucked
I actually loved the app before the update I was able to make transfers from account make a new account if I needed to deposit a check Zelle someone if I needed to but ever since the update I can’t do any of that anymore the only thing I’m able to do is check the nearest ATM near me I don’t get none of those other features anymore I’m not able to Zelle open up a new account deposit a check nothing and I hate it because there’s nothing that I can do
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3 years ago, Dotdamboy
Nice Try
This app is supposed to make it easier to deposit your checks. It does the opposite, because it has a hard time recognizing perfectly good checks with good lighting. I might as well go to the bank and wait in line for the slow bank tellers to help which most of the time they don’t. I am currently using a iPhone 12 Pro Max! I hope this helps, in the development of making this at work better, so I don’t have to, go back inside the bank and deal with those slow people who work as tellers.
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4 years ago, Biggsr06
I’ve been on hold for the past hour and half, my call being dropped by one of the associates, and back to square 1!!! I can’t log on, to the app, new or old. And the website; forget about it! Absolutely no way to see my finances. My account is locked due to many attempts. What is going on?!??!!
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4 years ago, Zaaalaaatanibra
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible
*Launches new app because the old one doesn’t work* *New one doesn’t work either* Can’t login, I texted the number for login access and I didn’t get a response. Now I can’t use it at all. Imagine having mouths to feed and you choose this bank, get it together fellas
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1 year ago, Big Gomez
The one
Not just anyone gives you opportunity to open bank accounts this people give me my opportunity. If anyone has issues you should give these guys a chance. They are great. Gave me a loan for my truck. My credit is not the greatest, but he still work with me.
Show more
3 years ago, breaux9890
Bank is horrible. Slow to do anything and processing no matter if you pay for instant transfer from another bank to 1st Convenience. Work on your system and fix the bugs. Zelle payments don’t even arrive in an appropriate time. Just all around garbage bank.
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