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4.5 (21.4K)
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Foap Poland Sp. Z o o.
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Foap - sell photos & videos

4.5 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Beady122581
I really love this app the pictures from around the world are amazing and they get you out of the house to take pictures and to be creative it’s really fun the only downside I have is I cannot get into my winnings to see if I’ve won anything like Foap Will send you out on a Mission to take a certain kind of picture which is fun but the thing is is I can’t tell if I’ve won anything or not other than that best app ever that’s why I give it a five star regardless if I can look up if I have one or not it literally got me out of the house in the rain around so much I was 201 pounds and went down to 149 I’ve lost weight and I’ve been more social which is amazing for me because I’ve been through so much that’s why I love this app and I really don’t care if I have one or not because this app really helped me in so many ways and also help me see the beauty of this world
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6 years ago, Lunaeerrrrrr
This app is fun but needs work
I only joined recently, and enjoy seeing other people's photography and I like creating albums. I like the concept of getting $5 if someone purchases a picture of mine and the person who adds my pic to their album gets 25 cents & vice versa, however I am noticing from looking at others profiles that very few have their pictures sold-so quite disappointing. I have been on Twenty20 for about 2+ years and their contests are much easier to "win". I have 90 honors and have sold 11 photos. Not sure how devoted I will be to this site, but it fun for now. I also hate that you cannot download photos onto the website- you can view your pics there and purchase but that is all. Most of my photos from my travels are on my laptop so saving them to my iPhone and then downloading is a pain! Twenty20 allows this-so much more seamless. Lastly, not sure if it has been fixed yet, but every single photo on the website under my rmaeb123 at the bottom says they were taken in Aruba!! We were there on a trip this past January, but I can assure you not all of my 100+ photos were taken there! I will check soon to see if they have fixed this bug.
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2 years ago, starfox galaxy
I love it
I don’t really care for the challenges simply because I don’t do the kind of photos that have any chance in challenges since I do strangely unique photos so I have fun just posting him and joining the community in posts that’s it and I love it That’s all it is. It’s a Instagram but with more somewhat interesting photos and less memes, but there is so much junk photos that it’s actually getting boring to look through all the junk and find something good. I mean OK I am no master at this, but there are people that have just the most nonsensical junk that they take photos of. There are people that just take photos of their own face and put it up. Selfies belong on Instagram. I thought focus supposed to be something for serious photos. Not just junk.
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2 years ago, Sherbi689
Cool But Clunky app.
I am struggling with getting starts on Foap. There is no overview given. The missions are the sure way to go - however I don’t know weather I can use the same photo in several missions or move them out of one mission and into another. If I can how do I do that? I was so frustrated on my first mission just trying to figure out if I had a limit on how many photos I could submit. I also don’t know the guidelines for tags so I put a bunch but have no idea if something will be taken down because a tag doesn’t match. I turned off notifications for most things but when I get a red notification button I can’t figure out what it’s for when I open the app… I’m so lost in this app!!! Lol. If I can figure out the kinks I know I’ll do well. I’ve getting 5 star ratings on my photos but I don’t know if that helps me get anywhere 🤷🏽‍♀️ also they don’t have a desktop version so I can’t import photos from my computer where I am doing all my edits. Eek.
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4 years ago, fgvxbshaai
Incredibly glitchy
I love the concept of this app very much and was so eager to participate. Unfortunately the app is very dysfunctional. There doesn’t seem to be any communication between screens and prompts. This app seems very rough rough rough draft. I’m actually surprised it was able to be launched. The support folks are very quick to respond to issues but solutions were not provided. Several of the drop down menus were missing any scrolls and options to click. You have to enter personal information in order to post yet the fields to select your info are missing. You may create an account or sign up using Facebook. However, signing up with Facebook doesn’t auto fill any of your data as it should. Each field still remains blank. If the auto fill with Facebook sign up would have been working, that could have potentially bypassed the issues the blank drop down menus were causing in the sign up from scratch attempt. Foap gets A+ for concept and communication but an F for functionality, intuition, design, and utility.
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7 years ago, Tkaykay
Deactivating Account
I’ve been on Foap for two years. And I feel like it’s been a complete waste of my time. I’ve sold two pics, which I’m ok with, I can’t make ppl buy my pics. I have 1500 followers which is also great BUT I feel like the missions show favoritism and I’m not given a fair shot. I’ve always followed the rules and of course I don’t expect to win every time as there are amazing photographers on here but the fact that my pics shows the same content of other photographers and my pics don’t even get a chance to be selected to be put in the missions is completely unfair! I’ve submitted my model releases for a mission and posted pics pertaining to the mission but according to Foap it still has to be approved. What’s there left to approve? I’ve done everything I needed to do! I’ve submitted my model release and posted the same type of pics that other photographers have posted but I have yet to see my pics apart of the missions. So since I’m not going be given a fair chance to compete I will no longer waste my time ✌🏽
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3 years ago, AnonymousUser_99
It has a great concept, BUT it’s not quite perfected. It’s sort of difficult to manage because there isn’t an easy way to purchase someone else’s photos - meaning that it’s hidden and I don’t see a “buy photo” option. App sometimes crashes and boots me out when I’m in the middle of submitting a picture of mine, then I’d have to redo my description and tags again, which is inconvenient. Another BIG FLAW I noticed was that other users ARE ABLE TO take a SCREENSHOT of YOUR picture and CROP OUT the Foap watermark on the bottom corner, which in fact defeats the purpose of the watermark because users can steal other people’s pictures without giving credit to or buying their work. The app should be programmed to turn the screenshot to a blank black screen to prevent others stealing pictures. Just like how other companies have done when you try to screenshot or screen record someone else’s property.
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2 years ago, GMarie@@33
Best photo app
I’ve been on a few photo apps in the past but this one has the most personable and friendly users. There’s all types of photographers on there, from beginners to various levels of intermediate to people who are so good their photographs are mind blowing. You won’t make a million dollars, but for me it’s more about the validation. Having a photograph be on the winner’s list and having a really good photographer leave a positive comment on one of my photos have the same impact. The app has issues at times but far less than they used to. If you just want to have fun, learn, and improve with really nice, talented people, this is a great app.
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11 months ago, BHam1984
If I ever got my payout in a timely manor, I would give it a higher rating
I would generally enjoy it but lately it’s just been frustrating. I have been lucky enough to have won a few missions and have been sent a couple of products to take pictures of, which felt really cool to be picked to do that. So the companies, that use Foap & it’s user photos, follow through with sending their products & in general follow through on their end. However, Foap themselves, do not follow through on their end in a timely manner. I requested a payout on April 23, 2023, it states in their app that expected payment date is June 1, 2023. It is now September 10, 2023!!! I try to have patience and I understand that it’s a company in another country so I can see how it can take some time, but 5 months!! I can buy a product in another country online from a small business or a large business and they get my money & send my purchase in less than 2-weeks. Like, what’s the holdup Foap? The only payment I have gotten from them required me hounding them about it. I don’t want to have to feel like a nag or that I have to harass them just so I can get my payout. I don’t want to be a Karen but they kinda put you into that role.
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2 years ago, KateyPotter
You probably sign your rights away to anything you upload when you agree to all terms of service signing up, so don’t. Once set up, they have missions, where you upload a photo according to the theme…. And the winners are all chosen according to how many 5⭐️ votes the other users gave your work. Some people out there are willing to harshly critique everyone else's work, ESPECIALLY in contests for supposed cash value, to give themselves an edge. It happened. Then you go to the FAQ and contact section and many people are complaining they never received compensation, OR their photo was never featured as promised. Morally, we call this art theft. Foap calls this legal, considering the ToS you probably didn’t read. Nowadays you don’t see many comments and concerns in the FAQ section. At least not about money. I’m sure they invested all the cash they saved on compensating their users into new interns monitoring comments.
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4 years ago, MikaMedPanther
Easy to use ...But! The odds are against you.
So I started using foap “Not expecting miracles” but I realize that they’re are so many photographers and even more photos so it’s a total competition. You are completely at the will of anonymous selection which is great don’t get me wrong but besides the actual interface of this app I noticed some bugs .. one being I get logged out and have trouble logging in, secondly when I can log into the app it appears that all the content and users etc don’t load properly. Last but not least when I recently try uploading a photo it tells me that there is no response and denies my photos. I guess I will wait a bit longer to see if my experience changes and if it doesn’t then I will be deleting my photos and uninstalling. P.s Goodluck to all of you who join!
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5 years ago, Evilmititis
I have been patient when it comes to using this app, and unfortunately I’ve been growing more and more disappointed/frustrated. Since downloading the app and starting this service I have added photos to three different missions, none of which were approved. I added them many days in advance, one of which has already ended just recently. I had to endure almost an hour if not more of advertisements just in order to have access to a premium mission that days later wasn’t even approved. There has been absolutely no feedback as to why my work hasn’t been yet approved or even flat out disapproved. There’s absolutely nothing provided to help me understand what may have gone wrong. Nothing. The missions seem to be the only real reason to use this service, otherwise I get better recognition (and pay) on Instagram. I’m not a bad photographer at all so that’s certainly not the excuse.
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4 years ago, lalabethx3
Fun, but not great
I really enjoy the concept of making money off of photos. I am a photography enthusiast and really enjoy sharing my work with other photographers. What I don’t like, is the harsh critiquing system that comes out of these photos, especially in Missions. On a 1 to 5 star rating system, other foapers can rate your work; however, you only see who rates your photo as 5 stars. I entered a couple of Missions and two of my photos (which were rated as 4-5 stars outside of the competition), were rated at 1.5 and 2.0 by other foapers? How does this system encourage people to continue to compete when you’ve got people only critiquing the negatives and not the positives? The app needs work on rating photos in the missions. It doesn’t encourage people to use the app and share their work.
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6 years ago, LuvApL
Great app!
I made sure to read all the reviews before trying this out & I don’t see what the problem is. Every photo I post gets reviews & one of my photos has already been added to another users album. This is exactly why I decided to use the app in the first place. It’s nice to get feedback on your work & be able to participate in a community of like minded individuals. Maybe one day the developers could come up with something like this where artists can showcase & sell art.
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4 years ago, Ragdoll418
My account disappeared
I used to love Foap. I had a period of time during my Dad’s cancer battle that I didn’t have time for it. When I went to log in after that time period, it did not recognize my email address. I have contacted the appropriate people for help. They insist I must have used another email address. However, I still have email communications and notifications from Foap from when I was active, located IN THE EMAIL ACCOUNT THAT THEY ARE SAYING CAN’T BE THE ONE I USED. So...what happened to my account? Was it stolen? Where are my pictures? I kindly kept explaining that this is the only email address I ever used for FOAP. I eventually stopped receiving replies - or any help on what could have happened to my account. I will be following up on this...obviously no longer with FOAP but it’s time to go higher. Has anyone else had this kind of issue? Be sure to report it in the reviews.
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3 years ago, daveterry
Was looking for an Instagram replacement …
Love the app and the ability to expose my work and explore other great images. But if you are looking to make any money from it don't hold your breath. I'm professional and have sold images on Getty but rarely here. Their “missions” are a waste of money. First, you’ll have to buy the right to submit your work with their “coins” purchased from $5-$20. Further, each image for the same “mission” will cost you more coins. Also, I can’t get rid of the “submit your images to Getty” msg each time I open the app. Drive me crazy Finally, uploading your images requires you to enter a description and 5 hashtags. You can’t use your previous hashtags nor others in the system. Very tedious. Should show at least all your previous tags or provide auto-completion. Suggestions for the developers: 1. Lower the bar for uploads and missions so that more people will participate. 2. Make the app purchasable and get rid of ads and “coins” and be happy with the percentage you make on each sold image. 3. Clean up the interface. One “hamburger” menu is enough. If they did the above they’d see a truckload of IG people joining!
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10 months ago, enotsr22
You won’t ever sell a photo/win
There are only 8 missions for you to join rn and most of them you can only submit a single image to that mission. Also, there are thousands of images (besides your photo) to chose from. You can use the app but don’t have high expectations. Update: “there are Millions of people who upload photos” and only 10 missions for people to submit their photos too. The foam “ambassadors” (the people who sell their photos have already got a head start on new users. I am not discouraged or anything like that. I have sold my photos before and selling a quality photo of mine is NOT worth the $5, 10, 25, or $50 foam is offering. This app is not worth your time unless you pre prepared to put in way more effort than they might pay you for a photo.
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1 year ago, E45dodge
Get Fetish & cheap thrills
A bunch of spamming asking for foot pics for $ and even actual pics posted of butts in underwear while being over. There’s only “community monitoring”, no set people filtering for stolen photos, porn-adjacent posts, etc and no one is monitoring the comments section. There’s a bunch of photos that have istock and other website watermarks. Not to mention countless photos that no established photographer would post on this app. Yet they are taken by very well established photographers and some are even well known photos. Disappointing. Great concept just not run properly so people are just taking it for granted looking for an easy buck. Plus, the “missions”… there aren’t any interesting ones or thought behind them.
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5 months ago, YoungheartedSoul
App is going downhill
Loved this app so much when it came out. No need to buy coins or anything. I guess you HAVE to accept and understand they beed to make money some how. New issue is they have no type of control for spam, a lot of scammers post comments on pics trying to have people click on their scam links. I actually spoke someone over at customer service and was told they would be looking into adding a feature to report scammers, this was years ago. I think I will be deleting Foap within a year or so. I just finished uploading new pictures and they get inundated with scam/spam comments, only thing to do is delete. I am thinking Foap needs these fake accounts for some type of benefits.
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6 years ago, Megan90210
Crashes all the time
I recently discovered the app and I'm glad my photos can have a purpose...other than sitting in my camera/phone. I've thought about instagram, but I knew making money was going to be so much harder to make there. When a YouTuber recommended this app, I immediately downloaded it and added a few photos. The first thing I realized is that the app crashes a lot, mostly when I tap the photos posted onto my account. Due to the high frequency of this issue, I am a bit discouraged to continue. Until this issue is resolved, I'm going to find a similar app that isn't glitchy/laggy.n
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6 years ago, Allthegoodonesaretaken?
Totally enjoying it!
Not sure if I’ll make any money on this or not, but it’s great connecting with other photography buffs and building each other up. I appreciate the slight anonymity. It’s like getting to know a person only by the photos they publish. Pictures really can be worth a thousand words, especially if you know how to listen. I’m having a lot of fun selecting my most prized photos to publish, and also learning some techniques from others for future photos! Thanks!
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4 years ago, crazefeet
Not great
I used the app for about an hour and a half and then it disappeared. I emailed support and they told me it was because of nudity. There were no nude photos posted, there was a picture at the beach of my friend in a one piece bathing suit and another of her walking toward the ocean in a bikini. Maybe they considered those nudity, but I feel like if it can be posted to Facebook and Instagram without getting removed it’s fine. Horrible customer service of you ask me, the photos themselves should’ve been removed and I should have been notified instead of apparently just deleting my whole account and making me think I had gotten hacked all night. Will not use again or recommend to anyone. Not satisfied.
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1 year ago, B. Cognito
Too many bugs/ log in issues
I like the app itself. It’s a lot of fun, and encourages me to improve my photography skills. But there are some serious bugs to work out. Why is it that almost every time I close the app, I’m logged out the next time I open it again? Then when I put in the correct email and password it says it needs to send me an email to verify my account; which is an email that never actually comes in my inbox. This app would be 5 stars if I didn’t keep having these annoying log-in issues
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6 years ago, nicciford
Must have for picture taker lovers
Foap is an incredible app. It is easy to upload, navigate, and edit your pictures to. You can create albums that include your own pictures, as well as pictures from other Foap users that catch your eye. The missions are an added bonus. A way to stir your creative juices, as well as possibly earning some money for doing something you like. If you enjoy taking, and sharing, pictures than this is the app for you.
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5 months ago, Vance143
The app is very slow
Every time I try posting a photo on the app it puts an ad or it takes 20 mins to load a single photo I don’t think this app should have ads at all due to the fact it’s marketing photos that people are trying to sell. This is very disappointing please don’t use this app if you need to sell your photos
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8 months ago, Ronzy1
Enjoyed time prior, problems now
I used the app a couple years ago and had fun, sold one photo but didn’t figure out how to get paid. Was only one so not too concerned. Recently decided to be active again as I take a lot of photos with my phone but cannot get the app to work or login online. I’ve redownloaded the app but it just loads endlessly and never gets anywhere. It worked for an hour or so the other day and was able to upload some new pics but now is not responding again. If it continues this way I would like to delete my account but I’m not sure I can even do that.
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6 years ago, CurtisBurtis
Before I get to my complaints I’ll start with my positives. Fun, Easy, Fast rating, and has some good photos out there. Keyword some a lot i mean a lot of photos I see are selfies and you can probably go on the app rn and go to sold and find some rn and not to mention drawings get sold as well. A lot of the time I see people just posting what ever photos they have and actually get sold and it’s insane when I see amazing profiles and they either sell zero or one photos I’ll try my best to make $5 which is my goal for this app but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.
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6 years ago, Lil $likk
Awesome but kind of not
This is an awesome app. I like how you can get photos sold. I also like how you can look at other peoples photos and rate them along with achievements, my photos, etc. But what I don’t like is how most of the images that get sold are mission images and you have 1% to a 5% chance of winning which kind of unrealistic. I also don’t like how the photos that get sold aren’t the greatest... please make it so that it’s easier to get photos sold thank you. But overall it’s a very good app
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2 years ago, Stephanie 
Doesn’t work?
How are y’all getting this app to do anything? I tried to upload photos and it kept saying my upload failed and to connect to wifi (i’m connected to the same wifi I can upload photos and videos onto every other app with just fine). Then it told me I need to complete my profile to sell so I did but when I clicked “done” nothing happened? I tried this several times as well to no avail. I’m thinking the developers have either stopped updating this app to ensure it works or they simply paid for these reviews because sadly it is quite literally unusable.
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7 months ago, thisisannoying1063585321
not worth the money/scam
it’s $50 after five days. If you publish your photo, you make five dollars they make five dollars and they’re trying to tell you that’s the best deal around. It’s actually not the best deal around. When I went on, there was only two options for contest to actually make money in the rest were under premium membership and even to do the free contest I had to sign up with my credit card. This is either a scam or they’re just making money off. I would never use this app. they tried to say its not through them but it came from their app. DEFINITELY A SCAM
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3 years ago, Mike hutch
Only going downhill
This would be good if it actually worked well. You have to try to upload a picture more than three times for it to actually work. Program has glitches locks up shut down on its own and Simply is annoying. When I picture finally does load the automatic tag suggestions are ridiculous. They will suggest something like a clock when you have a picture of a cat. This function used to be awesome. I don’t understand why this has gotten worse over the years. Frustrating
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7 years ago, Andie_2303
Cool at last ;)
UPDATE: Minutes after I wrote this, I was finally able to sign up, and really like it so far! Very user friendly, easy to navigate. Downloaded the app, tried to sign up. It wouldn’t even let me activate my account. It was impossible to set a password, even on the website. Too bad, was really looking forward using this app.
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5 years ago, Arxantia
Not Impressed
It’s more like Pinterest for photos. Looking through I’ve noticed not very many have sold anything, and those who have are obviously to friends & family, or were in early or country specific missions. They removed the 3 picture limit so each premium ‘mission’ has over 6,000 entries. I’m new so I’ll give it a little more time, but the outrageous amount of entries per mission, and high Foap coin fees with little to no hope of any return is gonna get tiring after a while. Edit: One sold picture after this review, and it takes about 2 months to get that $5, so still waiting.
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3 months ago, Lynnrec
A lot of scammers people!!
I really liked this app, because I love photography and compared to other sites, my photos are always accepted here. But, I'm already tired of people who send messages offering money for feet photos. They are obviously scammers. I can't upload a new photo without only receiving these types of messages. I wish these people who are clearly scammers would be blocked. I wish the people at Foap would do something about this.
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1 year ago, Lyndahester4
Life Changing
This app has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. My son and I are going on adventures that we would not have gone on and brought us even closer together. My outlook on social life and people has changed and I am seeing good in people once again! Thank you for this awesome and amazing opportunity!!!
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4 years ago, Ariel3773
Scammy and Fake
I’m pretty sure foap is fake. Customer support is terrible and kind of rude. There are hundreds of spam accounts that steal photos and get them sold as their own. You cannot directly report accounts. I had to delete the app because I literally gained 1000 fake followers in one night and it crashed my app. I’d advise against this app. Your photos upload in a lower resolution and the colored get messed up, when I asked support about this they said that they purposely make your photos ugly so everyone is equal (????) I don’t even know what that means. Please don’t waste your time and don’t download this
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5 years ago, saradome
This would be awesome if it was more legit shooters
What do I mean? Half of the pictures on here shouldn’t be on this app. I don’t know how to state that without sounding like a jerk. People use this as if it is a Twitter or a Instagram, this app has the mindset to be for the best photographers or people who take pictures as a hobby and are pretty good at it but the majority of the pictures are bad and it takes up space. And aside for those there are really good photos on here but the bad ones takes away from them.
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6 years ago, bcboozer
Love this app
I haven’t sold anything but it gives me a great place to display photos other than selfies like other social media sites. Only problem is every time I type in a hashtag to search, the same pictures pop up and it’s been about 3 months and I would just like to see new photos at the top of my favorite hashtag searches
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6 years ago, Zanesworld1
Hey guys, I’m commin at ya thru this review as I’ve no other choice appearantly. I have/downloaded/posted pics on your app, and cannot log in any longer!! Before this MAJOR issue, could only say good things! Still not saying anything negative except this MAJOR issue. So, umm, yeah... if I could just get a smidge of assistance, that be great! I know you guys will get it corrected, and I sit patiently awaiting my return - thank you!
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6 years ago, yessime
Love this app
This is a great app to share your photos with people. I loved seeing the original pictures and the different culture so awesome. This app makes me want to travel and capture beautiful moments. Although there should be more missions there’s only a few to give more people a chance to enjoy it more and have fun with the app.
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2 years ago, Sweetbeats33
Why do all the photos look like Facebook posts?
I downloaded this out in hopes to put up some stock photos make a little extra cash. But after looking at what other people have posted it just looks like people took their Facebook and Instagram pictures and put them on this app. Who would want any of these photos? I don’t want photos of people I don’t know. and I can’t see to be using any sort of advertising. I just don’t understand the concept of this app.
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4 years ago, 9972648919
Major bugs to fix
Been trying to fill out my profile and All I get is blank options. Can’t add my birthdate. The counter isn’t there. I can feel it turning but it’s blank. And it doesn’t even change on the updated info . Tried to fill out parts of information and I can’t see the letters . The blue bar moves over and the letter counter counts but no letters appear. It’s like white letters on a white backs. So annoying . Basically I can’t get anywhere. Was excited to try it out and idk wth is wrong with this platform but it’s not working correct. If they fix it I’ll try back and see if I can even get it going. I also uploaded photos and then it said some error . And also couldn’t write a description because of missing letters . All these apps are crap . Nothing ever works right . So annoying. I shouldn’t even have to contact support for something so petty.
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4 years ago, ericgtr
Sort of spammy and forces you to login a lot
As I’m still somewhat new to the app I can’t speak for sales as of yet but I can speak to the experience. First, there are constant ads at the top of every page, this raised an immediate flag with me as none of the more reputable stock photo apps have this. Second, I am forced to type in my login and PW most of the time when re-opening the app. I have upload a few photos but the experience makes it not worth investing the time it takes to make a serious and credible profile.
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1 year ago, Drummer4uva72894
So many glitches
This app really has potential but the constant glitches make it very frustrating to use. For example, the app constantly logs me out. I’ve had this app for years and I barely use it because it’s so annoying to log in every time I use it…Also as you’re filling in data it will often freeze and you need to close the application and restart, then log in again…the list goes on and on, hopefully these are corrected.
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6 years ago, Catsliveinthewild1
Foap! Sell your photos.
I think Foap is a great app that is easy to do and fun. I love it! The only thing I would say is, could you make it so you don't need a PayPal account until someone is interested in your photo? That would help a lot. :) I think that everyone should be able to participate in the activates like for example the show your Holiday Spirit one. You could win money if they choose your photo. Please do this!
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6 years ago, micjiinxo
Can’t upload photos
I just downloaded this app and I wanted to start uploading pictures however it won’t let me. I always get this annoying “Your photo is too small, should be at least 1280x960” statement every time I try to upload. My photos are perfectly within that required resolution, some are more over it. I even tried to resize it at the exact 1280x960 yet still nothing. If this gets fixed I’ll probably change my rating into something higher.
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9 months ago, mariejenna
Such a cool idea!!!
I love the whole concept of this app! It seems easy to navigate except the app itself can be very slow! The pictures and pages take forever to load. I have signed up for one “mission” so far. I uploaded photos for it which took a few try’s before the app accepted them. Other than that I plan on continuing to use the app!:)
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6 years ago, CallistoKalico
I love this app, it’s awesome seeing all the other pictures that people have taken. However, the pictures aren’t very safe, the only watermark is the “Foap” at the bottom so people could screenshot the picture easily and just edit that out instead of paying for the picture. I would like to ask if you could add more protection to the pictures please, otherwise, love the app!
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6 years ago, Recruit CODE: TX-36W-X5-9NJ
So Far...
Rating it a three for now. If I might make a suggestion? The app seems pretty cool right now, now that I’ve played around with it and used it. Although there was a slight annoyance with uploading photos to the gallery. if you group the photos together and one photo is too small to upload, it will delete the entire group of photos entirely and if you were tagging during the upload, it’s a complete waste of time. Fix??
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6 years ago, Jessica08033
Instantly deleted it
I tried this app for like ten minutes and I was done. It kept thinking MY photos were screenshots I stole from the internet and wouldn’t let me upload them. I also hate that it wanted me to resize my photos elsewhere or else I couldn’t post them. It’s also extremely annoying that you must add tags and a description to each and every photo before you are aloud to upload. Oh and you can only upload ten photos at a time so it literally takes forever!
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