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User Reviews for Focal & Naim

2.11 out of 5
151 Ratings
5 years ago, overkill303
Ok till it broke
I’ve had my speaker for a few weeks now. I set it up pretty easily when I got it. The app has some UX issues, especially around joining networks where if you pick a different network than the default it will not give you the chance to name the speaker. If you accidentally swipe down during setup it will dismiss the setup screen and leave you in limbo. But the biggest issue is that today I changed my network password and reset the speaker to set it up again. It gets to the part where it asks you for your country and then the app crashes. This leaves the speaker not set up. I reset it and tried again, same result. This might be because of the new iOS update. Hopefully Naim will fix the app soon! The hardware itself is amazing, but it’s a paperweight until they fix the app. I can’t even stream to it.
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7 months ago, MementoDude
This app is hands down the most terrible I’ve ever had to use. I’ve had numerous connectivity problems when trying to configure my MuSo Qb2 in the past but today’s experience beat them all. I had to connect the MuSo to a new wifi network so had to reconfigure using the app. Whatever I tried, the app on my iPad could not find the MuSo. Eventually the app on my iPhone did. Once reconfigured i.e. connected to the new wifi, neither the app on my iPhone nor iPad could find the MuSo. I rebooted both devices. I reinstalled the app on both devices. Eventually, my iPad showed my MuSo. But when I clicked it to start configuring radio stations, the configuration screen briefly shows but then the network configuration immediately took over. And keeps doing so. No way to get to the MuSo’s actual app. My iPhone app still didn’t find the MuSo. I powered the MuSo off/on and eventually the app did see the MuSo. But when selecting it to configure radio stations, the same thing happens as with the iPad app: the wifi configuration immediately takes over. And so here I am, with an expensive hi-tech audio device that can only play stations that Naïm selected for me because the app doesn’t allow me to change those settings.
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3 years ago, Skkywlk
Won’t Connect to the Internet
I ordered a Naim because of the brand’s reputation. Like other reviewers have stated, it simply will not connect to the internet. I have tried using the program to set it up on an iPhone 12 Max, a Samsung 20 Ultra, an iMac Pro and and a new MacBook Pro. The program will go so far, and finally says “Unexpected Error”. I even have 2 networks and have tried it with both. Same thing. I get so far on the app and then nothing. My WiFi is Google Fiber and is extremely fast, so pretty sure it’s not the WiFi. I have now spent almost a day on it. I am so frustrated that I am returning it for a refund. A simple WiFi connection has to be this convoluted? I have never in 30 years had this issue with any other program or product. How tough can this be? A lot of other companies have this down to a science. The WiFi is fine. It worked flawlessly on the Devialet unit it was replacing and every thing else that is connected it it, except the Naim. I am on Goodge Fiber and Orbit WiFi 6, which is backwards compatible to 2.4. The same errors are received on a PC laptop and Apple laptop. You will find several examples of the same issues with a Google search.
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4 years ago, Xtbn
Update to previous review
It has been about 9 months since my previous review. I’ve since realized the song option I talk about below either has been fixed, or it’s an option that has been added. Either way, thank you Naim for addressing me personally and answering my query. I’ve raised my review to three stars. Also, I’ve had a lot less issues than before, I’m assuming glitches have been worked on and for that I also thank you. I’ve noticed that just like a computer, most issues go away when you unplug it and plug it back in. So why not more than three stars? Because it’s still not as smooth as using the Tidal app directly. Of course I don’t use the tidal app directly because I don’t want to lose sound quality through Bluetooth. (Previous review) It’s a constant struggle to get Tidal and Naim to work harmoniously. The latest issue is that it will say, “ready” except it will not play whatever you choose. Also. Naim, if I click on a song and nothing is playing, it means I want that song to play. Why does it open a drop down every time to see if I want to play it next or queue it. I have a $10,000 music room setup (and I know it’s low compared to other Naim equipment owners) and I can’t even stream one song without having issues. It’s embarrassing! I currently use this app on my iPhone and I have a Naim Atom. Issues not as bad with the Muso. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, Mike 5405
Same problems as other posts
The hardware is amazing but the app is unstable and frustrating. Using it with an atom. Thinking about returning it just be because the atom is way too expensive not to work perfectly. Come on guys fix it! Update: the new release is generally a lot better. Seems to be a little more stable for qobuz , and now able to add to and create new playlists from the naim app, which was badly needed. Now if they would fix Chromecast integration, specifically with pandora. I think the update made that worse. Airplay works perfectly all the time, but sound not as good as Chromecast. So I moved the rating up to 3 stars. Fix Chromecast and I will give it 5 stars. One other minor quibble- app seems to want to default to tidal. I have to be careful when searching or I end up with tidal results which wont play because I don’t subscribe.
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4 years ago, jgold5
Unstable App
I purchased Naim Muso 2 one month ago. Naim Muso 2 is an excellent music streamer and I enjoy listening to it. However, the App that controls many of the features on Muso 2 is unstable and unreliable. The App crashes frequently and disconnects from Muso causing you to lose the features that are provided through the App. Within the past month of owning Muso 2, the app has crashed 3-4 times, and is very difficult to reconnect. You get to a point where you stop relying on the app which is a shame because the app provides several benefits to Muso. These features are useless without a reliable App.
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3 years ago, FRECKER
I don’t get it, Naim app works just fine!
After reading all the negative reviews, I felt obligated to provide my experience with the app. So far, nothing but positive. I actually like the app better than the Lumin app that I am had grown accustom to. It works just fine, no issues finding my equipment, connecting, navigating, etc. I really like all the album/artist info that you can dig into. Overall, a very good experience. By the way I’ve only used the app to play FLAC and DSD files from a NAS drive on my network, so this review is only for that experience.
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5 years ago, Shmelliott
Works perfectly for me
I noticed that abysmal rating for the Naim app and thought I’d share my experience. I’ve now owned three separate products that rely heavily on the Naim app - (Muso, ND5 XS & NDX), and I have none of the problems other commenters seem to run into. The app is extremely stable on my iPhone X, and I find it incredibly easy to access local files from my UPNP server, Stream from Tidal, and manage my multiple rooms from my phone. Perhaps I missed out on some of the issues earlier customers had, since I’ve only been using Naim streaming gear for ~1.5 years, but I’m a very happy camper!
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4 months ago, 1beatnik
Actually works perfectly (Was: New version 6.61 has issues)
What I previously wrote: "The app will not play tracks since the 6.61 update earlier today. Everything else looks normal, but pressing the play arrow does nothing." What I just discovered: There is nothing wrong with the app whatsoever. In fact, it works flawlessly on both my iPhone and iPad. The problem I encountered was in my Naim Uniti Core, not the app. After rebooting the Core by unplugging and replugging it in, the problem disappeared. My apologies to Naim and the app developer.
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5 months ago, Lil Heathen
Focal Bathys app
Was hesitant after reading bad reviews. Just got Bathys cans, needed the firmware update so downloaded the app. Installed fine, opened up and quickly found my cans, auto prompted the update, ran it and installed via bluetooth. Set up the bathys quickly with a hearing test. Was impressed. Had absolutely NO issues with the app. Maybe others here had issues due to the hardware? Functions are limited, but how much do you need? Controls the eq, LED, and the ANC. Works fine for my needs. Thanks for a well made app.
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12 months ago, BillyTwoRooms
Keeps dropping device connection and almost impossible to re establish connection to device.
Keeps losing connection with my uniti atom, have had for less than a year. It will work fine for days and then just lose the device. Getting back connected is a bit if a nightmare. This time however, after powering down both the phone and the atom, uninstalled app (twice), confirmed both phone are connected and on same network (atom plays radio, remote works), etc etc etc, it will not find the atom at all after 3 days of trying everything I could think of. The streamer loses most of its functionality without app. Extremely frustrated and disappointed.
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5 years ago, jnh333
Can’t connect at all
I just bought the Muso 2, and after three days of trying to start up the app and connect the speaker to the WiFi network, I’ve had absolutely no success. I’m trying to be patient, because the sound and hardware are incredible, but this is wearing thin. This means that I can’t use the app at all, since it can’t find the room and it won’t let me proceed. The instructions it came with, which are nearly non-existent, required a google search. I’ve followed all the various ways to overcome this issue. I now essentially own the most expensive Bluetooth speaker ever. I really don’t know why this process needs to be this difficult. If I can’t get this going, I’ll have to return it.
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10 months ago, beastmode138
Unable to connect to device
For some reason my app isn’t responding to my mu-so steaming device. I can’t power it on via the app and I am currently hooked up to same wifi on both devices. It still says unable to connect. But I can play music through my Bluetooth on the device. I’ve reset router and reset device and it will work one time and then the message returns the next time I connect device through app.
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5 years ago, PT's Tunes
I have had my Naim Muso for about 2 years and love it, however I don’t enjoy having to reconnect the device and app every time I get the update. I also don’t like having to setup the preset stations for the radio when you update the app or being asked to register my product each time the app is updated. Otherwise I am pleased with the quality of the sound and ability to use the AirPlay for enjoying my music library.
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1 year ago, Colonel Roy Mustang
Unity Core
Started off a bit shaky. It would often lose its connection and I’d have to reset the unity and my iPhone as well at times. I believe there was some kind of interference due to the fact that I have moved. I’m using the same internet mesh and the connection is spot on and fast now. The manual could use some work. And there are options I’d like to have that I’m not sure are available yet.
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5 years ago, byrdmanic
Naim’s software is a nightmare
Here we go again. Latest “update” downgrades the app from being modestly functional to totally nonfunctional. Hard to understand how a company that claims to be at the cutting edge can’t provide a decent app. I will never buy another Naim product. My previous review: Since the last update I can’t get the app to connect to my Mu-su, it just hangs up on “searching for rooms”. The Mu-su is connected to my local network and is accessible from other devices. The app desperately needs a make-over or complete rewrite. At best it is clunky and unattractive, at worst, as of now, completely dysfunctional. Naim, you can do better than this.
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6 months ago, SigFrued
Works good for Focal Bathys
This app is a very good companion for the Focal Bathys wireless headphones. It has the Mimi thing in it which is also a good thing. The equalizer is weird, and can’t be set easily. If the Bathys is connected to more than one device, even to this device - the app won’t work with it. Happens to be that Sennheiser PXC and other ones they make wireless doesn’t have these issues. I would give this app a 3.75 ratings..
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3 years ago, GilbertRohde
Basically Good with my Mu-so
The Naim app works well for me. I am having an issue with a firmware upgrade, but I requested information from the Forum and expect it to be fixed shortly. If I have any criticism at all it would be adding a more beautiful visual user interface. I realize that Naim is not a huge company and so everything is a work in progress. The Mu-so is an AMAZING music player. I think the app will catch up…
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1 year ago, Free Jazz Soul
‘Beep beep’
Using Focal Bathys headphones, there is an annoying “beep beep” at irregular intervals that sounds like a notification of some kind but I cannot figure out how to turn it off. This is different than the sounds made when connecting and more like a child’s train toy. Please advise how to get rid of this; it makes the listening experience very unsatisfactory. Multiple support requests on Focal’s website have gone unanswered. Very disappointed in the lack of available support and documentation for these headphones, which sound terrific.
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9 months ago, Eatoutmoreoften
Naim app - Can’t Get Home
Recently I find I can’t get to the Home Screen on the Naim app. I can get to the Local Music screen and when I select the “<“ icon it’s back to a mostly blank screen. I see the house icon in the upper left hand corner. But when I selected it I get a blank screen. I can use the Star remote to see the main screen directly on the Star unit but I prefer using the app. The only change I made recently is to a a Naim Mu-so 2 in another room. But the app worked fine when I installed the Mu-so. I am seeing the same thing on both my iPhone 12 and new iPad Air apps. Both are running the latest Naim apps (iPhone was upgraded 3 week ago to ver 6.4.1). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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1 year ago, MidwestHiFi
My favorite app for high-end electronics
I work in high-end audio retail and use apps on a daily basis to control equipment in the store. Focal/Naim's app is by far my favorite of all the 5-6 brands we carry. In terms of feature-richness, ease of use, and reliability, I rate the Focal/Nami app very highly. Great job by the team behind this app!
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3 years ago, Flame_rose
Not so reliable
App works great for a while then some functions won’t work on the NDX2. Local NAS server will be “invisible” or the whole NDX2 won’t be found. Often times I have to restart my iPhone and that solves the problem. Quite upsetting to have these glitches when I am trying to show off my very expensive stereo system to my friends and it doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Kaudio1
Too problematic
I have had many Naim products; the sound quality is there but the app does not control the products (mu-so and Uniti Core) at least 2-4 times a week. Totally unacceptable. If I had an alternative that had the same sound quality these products would be on Audiogon already. And that is a shame because the potential is absolutely there.
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8 months ago, HumanBeing33715
Doesn’t work
Attempting to use with Bathys. App says the headphones have been disconnected every few seconds even though they’re still connected to the phone and I’m unable to make any changes through the app because of this bug. Headphones connect to my phone fine and I’m able to listen to music through them. They sound ok but between the non-working app and terribly- uncomfortable headband I’ll probably move on to something else.
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3 years ago, SFhank
Never had a problem with it in iOS
I’ve never had a single problem with it using iOS, not even one. I don’t know what these other people are complaining about…
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4 years ago, flailing hammer
App is awful
Naim should be ashaimed to have put out such a feeble, unstable, crashy app to control the otherwise pretty good MuSo - well except that trouble reproducing voice accurately terrible resolution there. The app must search for rooms each time it opens and usually can’t find the be and only room from 10 feet away. My internet is stable and strong yet muso can’t find it. And if one uses timer to shut off unit it won’t come back through the app but requires reset. Very unhappy In Virginia
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4 years ago, michviola
App works well
In Feb 2020 the app and associated hardware work well and are stable. Problems in the past have been fixed. Naim is a premium audio company, and their customer service and dealer, in my experience, will go out of the way to make things right.
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3 years ago, BigCuong
Just under expectation
UnitiLite 4.4, wired - Cannot use TIDAL sometimes, or end up with interuptions during streaming. Internet speed is 60Mps and TIDAL apps streams without any issue. Overall, Tidal streaming by Naim apps is not stable. - Cannot connect to DLNA (upnp) server sometimes, while it is connected at ease by Foobar IOS. If need some captures of this situation, just reply to me. App is okay when operates normally, but unstable. ***
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3 years ago, Taco Tuesdates
The app and device firmware is drastically under developed. It’s a streaming product that fails to stream. The updates are infrequent and fail to address any major bugs. The streamer needs to be rebooted just about every single time it’s used with Tidal. The developers frequently blame the firmware faults on the WiFi but I can stream 4K no problem. Their component hardware may be fine, but do not invest in a streamer. As a company they clearly have no interest in investing in this marketplace. UPDATE Proof in point is the developer response to my review. No commitment to resolve any issues, no acceptance of responsibility, total failure to grasp the concept that a streamer product and its app are married to each other. Read these reviews and DO NOT BUY A NAIM product.
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3 years ago, Notsoguido
Worthless and frustrating
I’ve had the Muso ever since it came out and have loved it. The app worked and was pretty simple and straightforward. I use Tidal within the app 80% of the time. The app no longer works. I’m extremely angry about the constant lost connections and now it won’t connect at all. I was a huge fan and recommended Naim products to my friends. Not any more. This product is tiring. Selling my Muso and going with a different platform.
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1 year ago, huesb18
Not Good
Although I love the products, the app has been quite a let down. After recently adding an additional Naim product to my lineup, I was looking forward to streaming throughout my home. Unfortunately, when using the app, I met with digital playback gaps that render the listening experience unbearable, even inciting from other people in the room, “ please turn this off.”
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2 years ago, alsdkfjas
Won’t stay connected to my Bathys headphones
Giving it two stars because somehow after a dozen tries I was able to maintain a connection long enough to update the firmware. But almost immediately after connecting the app will say “Headphones Disconnected” and boot you out.
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3 years ago, SHerrmann15
Works Great For Me
First time reviewing an app - but I had to throw in a good word seeing this app is getting a bad rap! I run with both iPhone and iPad and have almost no problems. We primarily use Tidal and HDMI through the TV.
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2 years ago, lordslipper
Works fine until it doesn’t
Everything works fine until one day it decides it won’t connect anymore. Reset the unit, made sure everything was up to date, tried every single connection combination possible. I keep getting stuck on “An unexpected error has occured”. Why is this still a problem?
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6 years ago, 119sox
NAIM app for IOS a failure
NAIM SuperUniti Such a fine product NAIM app for IOS control a failure! Constant dropouts, frustrating support line non response, even sent the unit back to factory when they suggested I needed a firmware update. 4 months later, same problem. Can’t they (Naim engineers)get it? It’s really not rocket science.
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4 years ago, works partially
Quit working on iPhone
For a while, the iphone app worked pretty well with my 3 Mu-so Qbs. Recenlty, the iphone app won’t recognize any existing “rooms” even after setting the speakers up all over again on the iPhone app itself. Fortunately, the iPad version of the app works for now.
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3 years ago, TheCheshireChap
Less likely to buy more Naim products
I have to use the reset button at least twice a month. The Mu-So 2 drops off the available devices list in airplay constantly. I left notes on the forum and emailed directly but no response. Junky app connectivity for an expensive product that promises seamless wireless integration.
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6 years ago, ShameonNaim
Just Awful
The Naim app is a mess. It works intermittently and crashes frequently...Naim support is practically non-existent. Very frustrating to try and troubleshoot connection problems unless you are proficient in computer networking. Will sell my Naim SuperUniti. and will never purchase a Naim product again not because of the sound,but because this user interface is just awful!
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3 years ago, AOMi2020
Very Frustrating
This is the most frustrating app I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Every once in a while it works fine, but it usually can’t find the room. Tried everything, new updates do nothing, so now I have a very expensive, very big Bluetooth speaker. Now considering setting it on the curb and swearing off Naim for good.
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1 year ago, Jeeeeeefff
Cannot find devices on the network since last 2 updates
Used to work, no more, making it impossible to change any device settings given reliance on the app.
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2 years ago, Frank N Steiner
Fine with Focal headphones
Downloaded the app for use with Focal Bathys headphones. It is very simple and straightforward, no problems.
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3 years ago, 7557n
Connectivity & Other Issues
Consistently has difficulty connecting to Naim components. Internet Radio interface is clunky/outdated. Wish Naim would develop an app commensurate with their audio components!!
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6 years ago, BiciclistaNYC10
Worst app
Unbelievable. In the three years I’ve owned the muso, I have had to reset the system because the app keeps freezing. Customer care is helpful but suggestions never help and for some reason the app resets itself weeks later. If it weren’t for the app, I’d expand my naim set up. Can someone in Naim fix the app!?!?
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1 year ago, Ramarkram
I finally got suckered into updating the firmware. Reminds me of the disaster of trying to get these two streamers functioning on an OKish basis a few years ago. For what this company charges for their product they should be able to produce decent software and apps. Right?
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2 months ago, SnowdogMD
Regularly inconsistent system and control
The MuSo-2 regularly disconnects from the app. The MuSo remote is inoperative. The system turns on without intervention and I cannot turn it off except to pull the power plug. When it works, the MuSo sounds great. It’s a love/hate thing, mostly not love.
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6 years ago, STinHK
App is broken still.
I have owned a Muso for nearly 2 years. Consistent with other recent reviews, it is very unfortunate that the user experience is so poor, at this level of perceived quality, and price point. I simply can’t connect to the device at the moment.
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6 months ago, gwake11
Consistently Fails to Connect
Pretty much every update has introduced some major ux flaw or bug. I can no longer connect to my Naim devices through the app and my expensive equipment is now useless.
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1 year ago, BluesCliff
Can’t connect to Bathys
Wanted to keep these headphones but the app made it impossible to connect. Drops 5 seconds after connection every time. Embarrassing quality for an $800 product. Went with B&O H95 instead and super happy with them.
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8 months ago, grab uh
I love Naim, but…
I love Naim! Been buying it since before the digital era. But this app is so abominable that Naim has lost a customer of thirty some years. The app routinely fails and its limited features are unacceptable. iTunes offered more than this Naim app and iTunes didn’t cost a penny.
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5 years ago, female audiophile
Always loses signal with Naim app.
I have a Muso and the Uniti Star. The Naim app does not tell you how to navigate through it. Also, I find myself having to reboot as the signal is usually lost. I’m considering getting rid of my Naim equipment and buying a better streamer a better WiFi module inside.
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