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User Reviews for Focos

4.74 out of 5
51.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Sabiorey
The most amazing photo editing app you’ve ever seen
Once you learn the basics, this app will completely blow your mind. It’s not an app for the casual user. It’s an app for the photo enthusiast who wants to win the photo contest every time. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to your 3D/portrait photos. Literally add new lighting sources (like a light bulb) to your photos as if they were there when the photo was taken, even allowing photos taken in the dark to spring to life with light and color; squeeze in blurring or glowing effects behind your photo subject that simulate motion or weather; heck, add in a completely different background. Once you’ve figured it all out, it’s up to YOU to just set the scene. This app along with the Hallide Camera App will make you feel like a photographer extraordinaire! Can’t say enough good things about it. My ONLY wish is that it allowed you to save photos with the depth map still embedded. Since Focos only really lets you change lighting and staging aspects (and not actually alter the photo) I would think this should be possible. But these guys are such geniuses with what they’ve done here, it must be something I’m not thinking about that makes this feature untenable.
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4 years ago, Xanaduian
Great App for the “Bokeh” Effect
I had a iPhone 7 Plus and a Google Pixel 3 that had the hardware and software to take Bokeh effect pictures naturally. Well I wanted an iPhone 8. Not the 8 Plus because I wanted something smaller for my hands. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have the additional camera that it needs to take Bokeh pictures like the 7 and 8 Pluses have. It certainly doesn’t have the amazing software that the Google Pixel 3 has where it’s able to take Bokeh pictures with its ONE CAMERA! So I did the next best natural thing and searched online for any apps that can take Bokeh like pictures. Google recommended me this app! It certainly does take great Bokeh pictures, AND it also modified some of the past pictures you took that’s already in your gallery. So it makes those pictures have the Bokeh/Blur effect too! It’s wonderful and beautiful really! I am really pleased with this app. It also will either make a copy of the blurred/bokeh picture and you can keep your original unsalted photo, or it offers to overwrite/modify your original picture to make it seem like you originally took a picture with a Bokeh effect! It’s wonderfully and a Godsend for the iPhones who don’t have the portrait lenses! Like the 5s and above! 😍🤩
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3 years ago, Brandon Aqua
This App is Something Else
I had an iPhone X and a Nikon so although I could use this app it wasn't so interesting to me. Fast forward I pawned my camera to pay some bills and I have an iPhone 11 Pro so I thought let me stay active on social media and make the best photos I can with the tools I have. Lemme tell you this app if you give it the time to actually check it out is AMAZING. The level of computational photography at play here actually lets you do some things not even possible on a Pro DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Wow. I really like this app plus the price is not expensive. Of course the developers have to make money and this is not a product I choose for price. I choose this app for QUALITY, but the affordable price is just and added bonus that makes this app really attractive. I'm glad i've rediscovered this app. Great work developers!!!! Update: it’s 2021. I stopped using this app, but i’m back. Breathing new life into old photos. This app is better than ever! Wow. 🤍
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4 years ago, Cathey98
Problem lately, but used to be perfect!
I've used this app for some time. It has been my "go to" app for taking pics for selling my items on Poshmark, Mercari, EBay, etc. I am a full time retailer now!.... But lately when taking pics one after another, just as I always have, it freezes kind of. It will make the shutter sound and stop on the screen as tho it has taken the pic, but there is no pic below. I can continue to press the shutter button and it will continue to do those things and there will still be no pic. If I force close the app, SOMETIMES it will fix it, sometimes it will not and I just have to stop working altogether. This is a huge inconvenience! This was my last ditch effort before finding another app. I didn't want to delete it and re-install it because I'm not sure what work I would lose in the process? Idk. Maybe a developer might read this, maybe they don't even care about these. Who knows. It was worth a shot for me, if nothing else, I'll end up knowing I need another app... Is anyone else having this issue??? P.S. that's the only reason I deducted a star.
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1 year ago, Gnick99
My go-to photo app, most of the time
I’ve always been intrigued by bokeh. I have a f1.8 lens for my DSLR that I love. Since purchasing this app, I rarely take my DSLR and f1.8 with me. I have a iPhone 12 Max pro and with this app, most of the time I have what I need in my pocket. The fact that you can focus after taking the photo and dial in the aperature is amazing. Admittedly, I usually use it for photos of my dog, but is is great for still life or other types of photography as well. I typically don’t edit the DOF at the time of taking the photo- but wait until later when I have some time where I’m less distracted and have better light for editing photos. I find the UI to be very easy to use and mostly use the editing in Focus to get the desired DOF and then export a copy to edit in other apps, such as photos for a quick edit or Lightroom for more detailed edits. Personally, I don’t use a lot of the more advanced editing tool in Focos, as I have my workflow which doesn’t incorporate the Focos editing tools. For me personally, the DOF was always a big hurdle when taking photos with an iPhone vs. a DSLR and this app bridges that gap effectively- I feel. Just be careful, sometimes you can take the bokeh a little too far and make the photo seem over-edited, in my opinion. Would totally recommend and have. 👍👍
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5 years ago, jakeacc
Some sort of witch craft!
I got this app a while ago when I got an iPhone X. Mainly wanted to customize the bokeh of my portrait mode pics. But wasn’t super impressed so stopped using it. I just started using it again when I heard there was a way to add shallow depth of field to any photograph. The feature works amazing. I would say 95% of the time, it creates a very convincing depth of field blur, finding foreground, mid-frowns, and background elements and blurring them appropriately. I’ve been applying this effect to photos I’ve taken over the past 20 years. I currently have an iPhone 11 Pro and getting a native Portrait mode pix is still my fav option, but sometimes I don’t have enough space wherever I’m standing to get the portrait mode to activate. This app is able to turn those pics to great portrait mode pics. If they figured out a way to add this to videos, that would be amazing.
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2 years ago, Sinnamintoast
Pictures look professional
Love this app. I find myself going to this more than any other app now. Easily give that portrait style to photos. Tweak the bokeh with multiple choices or create your own. The lighting features can really add some depth and other tools like soft glow and tilt shift give another layer of character to your photo. You can view your picture in 2D, 3D or AR, which is pretty cool. You can do a lot to your photos for free. The only thing I don’t like is that if you have two objects, like people, in the photo, it only keeps one section in total clear focus. There may be a way to manipulate that, because there is a tool bar with shapes, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Otherwise, a very good app! I’d definitely recommend it.
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2 years ago, AceSp06
Where did the custom near-far depth/focus sliders for the bokeh effect go? It was your BEST feature! It seems like the app has been simplified for the sake of usability but sadly at the expense of removing this golden fine tuning control. I admit there was a bit of a learning curve, but sooo worth it. (About a day or two of fiddling for me.) One or a series of short video tutorials could have easily overcome this. I got introduced to this app two years ago when I endeavored to take the family Christmas photos with my iphone when our usual photographer was unavailable due to Covid. I achieved professional results all on my iPhone using primary this feature, which is now gone. The single auto depth slider is not sufficient for photos with multiple subjects at varying depths, even slightly apart. Focusing one subject, unfocuses another. A real bummer. You had a good thing…
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3 years ago, Herbert Detwilder
Hidden gem makes FaceBook 3D pictures POP!
Aside from the focus features the tool has a hidden gem called Patch. This utility allows you to modify the bump map of a Portrait photo to really enhance the 3D option in FaceBook. The tools take some experimentation. The color overlays options are too dark for the background. It lacks a magic wand selection tool fill color option and paint brush is just not as smart when it cones to borders as other image manipulation tools. If the author could add color gradient range fill users could create elements smooth basic like a 3D globe with realistic depth and planes in perspective. Maybe even a copy/paste of smoother perspctive planes? I’d also recommend that when the user selects a depth color, the tool jumps directly to the Brush tool for ease of use. Maybe a rub push / pull to have more fine control over the depth of the bump map. The 3D lens view is really good at spotting where the bump map needs to be fixed. I only wish the Augmented Reality mode had an edit mode so I could push pixels right where they need to be. The downside: The is nothing else out the that does bump map editing at all. That’s why I bought it.
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5 years ago, Snaprebelx
Amazing app
I got to try out the app before I even got a dual lens phone and loved it. So it was my first download when I got my phone. I absolutely loved the app. But the downside for me was the lag taking a pic with portrait mode vs a regular picture (this is due to the phone, not focos) I love taking spur of the moment photos and couldn’t always use portrait mode. When I opened the app today to edit a picture and saw the new update that made it possible to use on all pics I excitedly tried a regular photo and it was absolutely perfect. I’m so thrilled that I just had to review. I have no real need for pro version but I think I’m going to buy it anyway just to support the developer. This is a must have app for photo lovers, hands down!!!
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1 year ago, ReallyAWrestler
Features stripped
Before my mom passed, I used this app on my iPad to edit some photos for her. I went in and used the brush feature with my Apple Pencil to get the depth effects exactly right and the photos turned out amazing. Fast forward to yesterday when I opened the app to edit some portraits I had taken for someone at work, I didn’t bring the lens I needed for shallow depth of field so I remembered this app and figured I’d go in and add it manually with my pencil, only to discover that that’s no longer an option. Every feature is now on sliders and I have no manual control. I still have this level of control on my phone, but Pencil doesn’t work on phones and using my finger is incredibly slow and tedious. I used to love this app and recommend it to everyone, even fellow photographers but now I can’t in good conscience tell people to use it because sliders just don’t cut it.
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5 years ago, henofthewoo
I’m having fun but I can’t find my saved images.
I’m using this free, and I enjoy the tools. There are lots of functions I can’t reach without paying-I may subscribe eventually. It’s not completely intuitive, I think some of the tools are just over my head. I would like to be able to save an image that I edited to my photo stream when I hit save, that hasn’t seemed to work. I don’t normally review stuff because I want to play with it for a while before I give an opinion but this is certainly worth downloading and trying out. The 3D effects are great and I like switching the focal points in my photos. Update: I can do things to the image that I want to save. I haven’t found how to make that save happen. Yes, all images that are saved go to my photo album but I can’t save while it is doing bokeh.
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1 year ago, Retail Pleb
Recent updates have me looking for an alternative
It used to be you could export your edits in a lower quality without paying, which was good enough for posting to social media. Now you can’t even do that. It’s also worth noting you can still export a low-quality version to your iCloud storage, then from there download it to Photos. If this workaround exists I’m not sure why the devs felt the need to put that speed bump there in the first place, except maybe to incentivize people to pay to avoid that hassle. Disappointing. The depth of field adjustment has been removed; it never felt buggy or incomplete so I’m not sure why it was removed. That set it apart from other editors. The price has gone up for no discernible reason, and it’s still only weekly. No monthly, yearly, or (ideally) pay-once option. I’d have spent $100-$200 on the app if I could have just paid once and been done with it, but $4/week is laughable.
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2 years ago, Ebb's Flow
My favorite app to play with
Mind boggling how deep this goes in terms of just the lighting alone. I’ve felt this way since I discovered how deep it went, nearly 4 years ago! I wish wish wish there was a desktop version. The mobile is great but sometimes when working on animations and videos I want to be at the helm with big screen and full controls, not hunched over an iPhone or iPad. I just saw clip drop released a “relighting” feature similar to focos but far less sophisticated. Still, since it’s on desktop and mobile I’m drawn to checking it out. Please consider a desktop version!! Focos is hands down my favorite app of all time
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2 years ago, launchpadGos
I will alwaaaays love this app
Super easy to use, portrait mode for older glow boxes, and most importantly free to use. There are some locked items, but it’s not a lot!! Thanks Focos ❤️❤️❤️😘😉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (that part was generic, but I like totally agree 110% with that) See, I looooooooooooove loooove love photography. I absolutely love photography (incase you didn’t get that) and I lost my phone sooo I had to photographer on my iPad, which was hard. The camera was reaaal crappy (excuse my language) so I got this and it’s just the best, it’s Literally even better than my old camera. Then, my grandpa of all people got me another phone/iPad and I’m downloading it on all of them. Thanks so much focus
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5 years ago, MayBaePrincess
Right off the bat I can say I’m really enjoying this app. In a very long search of an app that has amazing quality blurring background effects I have come across many that just didn’t fulfill what I wanted until I came across this one. Not only do they have gorgeous effects, they have many options for everyone who is looking for a blurring background editing app that gives a truly professional appearance. Very easy to use as well. My photos look amazing and high definition which is why I love it so much! Just like most you’ll get the best effects with the pro version but I must say “ TOTALLY WORTH IT!!” You will not be disappointed that I can guarantee!
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2 years ago, Beat Navy!
Way too expensive
Dec. 2022 update: Happy Holidays from Focos, now you can’t even save a copy of your edited image! 🙄 I’m a professional photographer and I enjoy playing with this app using iPhone snapshots — it’s a cool app but $4 a week is crazy. That’s $208 a year before tax! $208!! 🤪 It’s still functional without the subscription but you’re punished with reduced-size 720-pixel images and unending prompts to pay up. I also find it takes a long time to load this app, which is a problem if you’re someone who pulls out their phone to quickly snap a photo. How is that compatible with that sort of price tag? The app also seems to either take forever to load or doesn’t load at all if you’re not connected to the internet. Again, fun to play with but if you enjoy shallow DOF images, for $200+ I’d say you should invest in, you know, a real camera and lens
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2 years ago, ROC-889
Almost PRO but no DNG
Focos is an amazing app that generates a depth map, similar to Apple’s PORTRAIT mode, and creates a great illusion of depth-of-field in photos for savvy photographers. The ability to change the point of focus after the fact is HUGE! It looks great for most uses but the lack of DNG format for output limits it to non-professional use. The latest generation of iPhones 12 and 13 ups the ante for apps and produces outstanding images capable of professional use, but does require post-processing as an option— that means DNG format. It’s too bad that FOCOS does not deliver to that level. It’s TIFF format comes close but is just not good enough. I hope they add DNG format as an option.
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4 years ago, alexleemd
Excellent portrait shots
Apples native portrait mode was giving me a headache to use so I looked around for a better third party solution. This app is not only faster at processing the portrait, but it does so more reliably and with fewer errors. It is a very strong app that is much better than the stock apple app. It still has some issues with hair and any sort of stringy background pattern such as willow tree branches and cobblestones, but this is an issue with cell phone cameras in general. Overall I recommend this app completely as it makes mobile photography good enough that I don’t have to pull out my mirrorless that often anymore.
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5 years ago, imtobisonbrown
Most useful post production app for iPhone but I see there is a new subscription model?!
I’ve paid an ungodly amount of money for photo manipulation apps over the years. Year after year I find myself editing more things in the photos app and not needing 3rd party. I paid for focos with my first portrait iPhone and forgot about it. Well I’m back and I love what this app can do that photos can not. Depth control and lighting control with an easy to use interface and a ton of lens presets from lenses I know and have wanted to emulate. Wow. Just wow. But wait. Missed the 5 star because I see there is a subscription model? Thanks for letting my purchase work, but it’s hard out there in the streets with all the stupid subscriptions.
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4 years ago, gawbayyy
I love it!
I really hope you see this! It would mean a lot! But I love this app so much everything about it is impressive! It’s not the worlds best but s crazy how much detail it can put into a phone that doesn’t even have portrait! Is there a way you can put it to where the face is blurred only? So I can take photos of my dog without going into another app and blurring it? If so that would be amazing I wouldn’t have to upgrade my phone and use this app all the time! It’s totally okay if u cant but it would mean a lot if you do!! :) although I’m rating it 5 stars because it’s the best app I’ve ever downloaded :).
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3 years ago, thestudland
Return of the 2x focal length on iPhone 13 Pro
I've had this app for a long time and have used it minimally here and there. Now since the iPhone 13 Pro models don't have the 2x focal length for Portrait mode it's been a hassle to use. The new 3x lens just seems to be way too close and doesn't give enough room to time the shot. I know it will have better results in other situations but my subjects tend to not stay still for more then a second. Now my new workaround is to capture a non Portrait mode image with the camera at the 2x length (a crop or so). I put that image into Focos and add the blur and it's perfect!
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3 years ago, Moyillmaticking
Mind blowing results
Once you go through the tutorial your photos will come out like if they were shot with a thousand dollar Nikon Len. This app has brought my photography to solid results, I’m very satisfied this app exist because the tools and effects are amazing. It got bokeh, lighting effects, blur effects, even a blur brush that is easy to use. When you open the app it already does it for you, you just need to use the brush icon tool to adjust the results. I highly recommend to purchase the features it provides, they are worth spending money on.
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1 year ago, dwellsAAPL
All free functionality removed
This has to be one of the sleaziest developers I’ve ever seen. Did you buy the app back in the day? Too bad, they push updates anyway that remove all free functionality. Over the past year or two they’ve been gradually stripping functionality away from the free version, and now there’s zero functionality left. If you try to anything, it pops up the intrusive purchase advertisement. Before, you could dismiss it and use the app’s very limited functionality, but now that’s no longer an option. This is not at all a free app and should be removed from the App Store for being falsely listed. Oh, and even if you’re a paying customer from back in the era before they forced a $208/yr subscription model, the company won’t return your support request emails.
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4 weeks ago, DND1226
What happened?!
Got a response from the developer on the following rating/question, told me the studio effects in B&W were “better” than black background effect. What if I’m tryin to get a studio effect with color? Still miss this effect and the rating will still be just a solid 4 without it. Will have to find another app to fill in the gap. What have you done with "black background"?! This was a feature I most enjoyed about this app. The new models are a welcome addition, but why must something always be lost when new is added? Return this option and it would be the most used app on my device and would get a solid 5 stars.
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3 years ago, itsnotmikael
Unrivaled Portrait Mode editing app
I love this so much, there is little to complain about. The AI is amazing at detecting the depth. And I’m so happy you can extract and export the depth map out of the photo. However, I really want one feature, and that’s to be able to import a depth map. I have been dying to do this as I like to make 3D posts on Facebook because it’s super fun. The patch function is cool, however, for things such as art and media, it’d be cool if we could import our own depth map. Everything else about the app is great though, from my time being on there. OH AND ALSO LIDAR SUPPORT PLEASE
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4 years ago, Tessellation Row
Maybe my first review ever?
I’ve been buying apps since 2009 and never felt compelled to write one. I’ve been using Focos for about 10 months now and it’s simply the most powerful camera app on the store. The ability to capture, view and edit depth maps allow you manipulate an image artistically doesn’t exist to my knowledge. The free version is great but I felt it was worth paying for out of principle. I use it more than the camera app itself. The developers have made this app run more smoothly over the last several months and added new features. (Great work). Highly recommended
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1 year ago, El Oaxaquito
Great App. A bit pricy though.
EDIT from my original post: The app does wonders! Really good at what it does. The issue I have is how expensive it is. In USD it is $3.99 per week!! That’s $17 per month or $200 per year!! That’s insane! That is paying for the top tier of Netflix! They do NOT provide that much value. I understand if they are adding new revolutionary features, or if they are adding some ongoing value that is a cost to them. But I don’t think there are any backend costs that I’m unaware of. So yes, I think this app does an amazing job, but I think you need to pay for the subscription only as needed and not on a recurring basis.
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2 years ago, cinemachine
Definitely one of my favorite apps
With the advent of this app I now rarely tote around my DSLR on trips these days. The ability to control the DOF and amount of blur is mind boggling and addicting. So much so I find myself using this app on photos I probably shouldn’t 😉. I think there is a way to paint in a mask so certain smaller details in the photo don’t get blurred but I can’t quite figure it out so I’ll have to watch some tutorials. Otherwise I have zero complaints and only wish something this amazing and powerful was available on the desktop. Hint hint…
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5 years ago, Allen Lieberman
This app re-writes how to edit apps
Bought the full edition for 12 bucks and it is the BEST 12 bucks I ever spent. There is a very large learning curve so you need to be patient. It isn’t for beginners neither, it is for those that want to really get into video editing in a 3D dimension. For 2D dimension, stick with photoshop express. My only complaint for lack of better term is using the various lenses for effects. It’s very difficult to find the effect when applying the lens filter as it is extremely subtle changes. I am sure it is user induced as I am only 24 hours into using this app.
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2 years ago, nolimit06
Predatory Pricing…
You list several different options for subscriptions and even a lifetime subscription, yet when you open the app or click “Get PRO” in the settings, you’re only offered the $2/WEEK option. That’s $104/yr for an app that I guarantee most people will use only a handful times a month and there’s plenty of other apps that do the same thing without this predatory pricing model. Developers will learn sooner or later, I refuse to support an app with this type of price model, a once a month, year or lifetime subscription is perfectly acceptable as long as the price matches the value of the product you’re getting. I seriously hope you reconsider your subscription model, if you do I’ll happily revisit this app and subscribe. Best of luck.
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4 years ago, murfquake
Be aware: Will delete photos
After trying this a a couple of photos, I’m having trouble finding the results. I expected to see the updated pic in my camera roll. And that is indeed where they are copied, but only TEMPORARILY. It appears there is metadata attached to the modified pic so the app can delete it after one minute. Particularly not cool since I could not a place where it’s mentioned on the app page. Hard to know if this is a “free” version feature or not. I suspect it is, but now I’m concerned this “feature” could wreak havoc if/when a bug is introduced. I understand the developer should be paid for an app of this quality, but I seems a watermark would achieve the same without removing pictures from my library.
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4 years ago, KristinaKnudsen
I still cannot believe how advance it is!!!
Honestly, this is the first time I ever write a review on something, nothing has impressed me this much before! At first I couldn’t believe the features it offers, and how advance it is, I got a feeling I’m at least 5 years in the future! The app offers amazing focus on a chosen point, it than creates a 3D version of your picture which is very close to how it would really looked like, if your picture is focusing parts around the object you wish to be focused, the app offers coloring corrections - the darker the color the more depth it represents. And like that’s not enough, it also offers you lightning options, to add a light by your choice of type and place it on coordinates in the 3D version to be as close to the object you wish to set the light on as you want, (similar to Autodesk Maya). All this on a tiny phone! And most of these options are FREE! UNBELIEVABLE good. Well done guys, hats off.
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3 years ago, Redhat_man
Intuitive and functional
Been seeking a camera with RAW capabilities as well as an intuitive interface. Could this be the one? Am loving it so far with the easy controls and so didn’t even think twice to score it a 5. I’m still exploring and hope to provide a more valuable feedback in the future. So far it’s pretty much giving some of the professional capabilities at a touch away without making me think twice. Am amazed at how it’s actually able to apply effects to existing pictures while making them look good without much tweaks.
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2 years ago, Arabian princess Nadia
Portrait mode editing
I love taking pictures. Sometimes it’s hard getting a picture of my toddlers. Sometimes I hate the background when I get a good shot in regular mode pictures because I forgot to push portrait mode on my iPhone. You can fix it with this app. I just love it. It’s worth my money to be able to fix any picture into portrait mode where the background is blurry and the main subject is focused. I will keep this app as a main staple because I love taking pictures!!
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1 year ago, Slept On
Costs over $200 a year to use this app
This used to be my all time favorite ever since portrait mode was brought to the masses. This app enabled it on all iPhones. The original app developer used to provide personal updates and even called out Apple for copying his work. There used to be small purchases to enable features and support the developer or even a larger purchase for lifetime access. Because the quality and features and personal updates to the users was consistent I didn’t mind providing financial support. Now I think the developer sold to another bigger company and switched to a subscription model which completely disables any functionality, even for previous customers who’ve paid for access, unless you subscribe to the $3.99 a week service model. This equates to over $200 a year. Considering portrait mode is available on most recent iPhones and many other apps offer similar functionality for much less if not free it’s unfortunate on the direction this app has taken. I’ll be deleting this app and using other apps moving forward.
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1 year ago, adaptiveagile
Updates killed this app
This app was truly a unicorn, and the developer is a genius. In the past I rated it 5 stars and used to rave about it to friends. This is an app that I would have gladly paid for. It allowed a creator to manually adjust focal minutia that the AI cannot capture, and the results are amazing. For some unknown reason, the developer a) locked the app into portrait mode, which is a serious pain for working on a large iPad; and b) all of the manual editing functions were omitted. So while the app is still useful for the average person doing pics for Instagram, it’s become next to useless for any serious photographer or graphic artist. It’s such a complete waste of some incredible development and algorithms. There’s no other app out there that I’ve found which can let a user manually paint the focus by brush or eraser size and percentage on a granular level. I rated it two stars because—like a gazillion other apps—it automates selective focus. This is redundant for me, so I’m trying to be fair. Otherwise it would be one star.
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5 years ago, Slimshenky23
Favorite photography app for the iPhone
If you want more control of your portrait mode pics (or even the ability to mimic portrait mode with your standard images), this app is for you! My three favorite features: being able to refocus the portrait mode images to any subject, the magic wand to fine tune the blur in front and behind the subject, and the AR view while adding additional light in an image (which also happens to digitally create accurate shadows as well)... With practice, your photos will look more professional!
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2 years ago, 3k21
Great app, a little resource intensive?
Great app. Great features, I really like it. It’s got quirks. Perhaps the biggest thing for me is it slows down and eats up the battery life of my Xs Max. Seems odd to do that, but a lot is going on, I suppose. My battery health is excellent still, too. Another big thing (and maybe it’s just me missing something) is that there seems to be no way to automatically overwrite my regular photos with what Focos is doing; it asks me to modify the photo every single time. It gets exhausting. And there’s no way to share them easily from the edit panel—but it’s the edited photo that I want to share…And lastly, I wish I could mass-select and export them all at once, as edited photos. If there’s features are tucked away somewhere or I have to do something to enable them (I bought the pro version), then I’ll change my review. Honestly a great app, I just wish my phone was better at calculating the depth maps like the SE 2020 is. The 2020 SE looks nearly like glass.
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4 years ago, miku fan e
Amazing 🤩
I have tried a lot of these kind of portrait camera apps and no one does it better than Focos! It lets you control a lot about the photo even after you have taken it, like what part of the photo is in focus, the aperture size, and lighting. When I go to take a portrait photo on my phone I always use Focos. The best part is that most of the really nice features are free to use (some with limitations, but that’s to be expected) but you can still pay for the higher-end features. Overall wonderful camera app!
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4 years ago, Strange Stud
Great app, one sep left
I love this, the AI is amazing and only misses proportions of objects which usually isn’t a problem. I am a complete fool, while using it now I found the undo/redo buttons. Would like them to be out of the menu for people used to that, I think there is enough space. I would like if when you exit instead of hitting the check it doesn’t save it/ undo every edit, just common editing app features. Would be cool if you could take multiple shots for one angle to help the AI too! Still rating it full stars!
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2 years ago, CassielKatt
I really love this app. It helps editing go by faster, you get on it, and just click where you want it to focus and it works all the time. I used to have this app that I would have to actually blur it out myself. It was good until I realized each photo took 30 minutes to blur out. Now if you want to do a 2 person picture it’ll have some trouble focusing on both. But all you gotta do is work with it and you’ll figure it out!
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1 year ago, Willow sage
Was once my go to editing app, until last update
This app used to be so good, it was the only editing app I needed. I even outright bought the software because I loved it so much. It had so many features, I could do all my editing in it. It was perfect for a hobbyist photographer. Then the update came a few months ago and took away everything. The only thing it will do now is let me blur the background, but it won’t let me use the brush tool to choose the areas. Nope. Now the AI blurs it and if it blurs or doesn’t focus on something you want in focus, screw you there’s nothing you can do to fix it. I have tried everything from deleting and redownloading the app 3 times, to restarting my iPad, nothing. It remains useless. I’m truly heartbroken over it. I loved this app so much, now it’s just trash taking up space on my iPad while I open it once in awhile to see if it’s been fixed. It’s been months now, and now it asked me to rate it. Yeah, you would have had a 5 star raving review. Now you get a 1 review calling you useless.
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4 years ago, CAC726
Focus on Background
This is awesome. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I design media for a school. I don’t know a ton about photography terms, but I know what I want photos to look like. I was looking for an app that would let me sort of “reverse” portrait mode—focusing on the background instead of foreground. This does exactly that. And it’s adjustable. AND it’s free. If there’s a catch, I haven’t found it yet. Whoever made this almost deserves my money, but hopefully a good review will suffice because this is perfect and I’m happy about it. Thank you!
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1 year ago, JJ_sunshine
My go to app for depth & blurr
I just can’t get enough! when ever I forget to turn on portrait in the main camera good old trusty comes to save the day. One of jewel apps, I just love it!! I do have 3 wish list items. 1: Being able to take out blur for blurry photos. 2: Let us know in the main photo album which one was edited with the app. 3: keep iPhones animated photos after edit. But that’s just wish list the app is awesome! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, SaltyScarlett
Not worth it
I just got this app and I already hate it. It’s so complex even for intermediate photographers like me. It’s so hard to use and the app doesn’t even work that well. Every time I put a photo to edit, it never catches the background, I even put a picture of myself that could not be mistaken for a background, however when I blurred the background it also blurred my arms and some of my face, such bad quality. There’s no way to fix it either. Also, EVERY time I try to save the new pic, literally nothing happens, no changes occur. I can’t believe this app got 4.8 stars, it’s probably one of the worst apps I’ve come by. Very disappointing and they want me to pay for the pro version? These people are crazy. Trust me and skip this app.
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4 years ago, chiefkiefeothbeef
I have an xs max and sometimes portrait mode is annoying and you have to get all up close but with this app you can literally take a normal photo from a further distance than portrait mode and make the background unfocused afterwards. and it actually looks like it's unfocused and not just blurry like some other apps. i would 100% recommend this if you don't have the portrait mode function on your iphone. im very impressed!!
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2 years ago, BrownSugarBaker
Great app for quick edits
I used to use a Adobe app that they discontinued. It was perfect for editing photos of my desserts. This app is comparable and fairly easy to use. Since I’m not a photographer, a better tutorial or guide would be helpful. I’ve muddled thru and it’s a great app for quick edits. And much simpler to use than most of the other apps out there (trust I’ve tried lots) and it doesn’t take up tons of space either. Def give it a try!
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5 years ago, chegaro
Chooses wrong photo in Photos
Fantastic app!! But with the latest update it chooses the wrong photo to edit in post, from Apples Photo app. By that I mean that when I choose a photo from Photos that has previosly been edited in another app, and saved as a copy in Photos app, when opened in Focos, it chooses the Original photo over the edited version instead, and which is the one I want to edit.... Strange. That only means that I have to edit in Focos, and then edit in other app. No big deal. Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, Sean Kennedy Santos
I’m somewhat skeptical about Cam Apps these days. But this APP delivers on every level & more. It’s totally worth the full purchase. It’s pretty much a complete manual focus ‘in cam app’ that will give you all those lovely effects created by Bokeh & wide open apertures + a multitude of manual adjustments necessary to take the perfect picture with a smart device. The best thing is - when you buy the App upgrade. It will automatically synch with your purchases for the IPad as well. No 2nd purchase. Thanks FOCOS.
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