Focus@Will: Control Your ADD

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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Focus@Will: Control Your ADD

4.26 out of 5
619 Ratings
6 years ago, vegandude
What can I say?
Before Focus, I was short, fat, and bald. Now with Focus, I'm tall, lean, and have a full head of hair. But really, I did the trial a while back, and opted not to pay. Then, heard it mentioned again on a podcast, decided not to be cheap and go with a paid subscription. It wasn't easy as I had listened to podcasts all day and I still miss my podcasts but I definitely feel that it's made great improvements on my ability to focus. I set the timer for 35 minutes and do my best to stand there and work. I have a standing desk. Ok, so do the trial, and if you can afford it, just go with the paid subscription and test out the various sounds to find the one that works for you as some I love and others I totally hated. And sometimes I'll switch up just for a change of pace. Get Focus and you'll be better able to focus if you can only get that person in the cubicle next to you to shut up about Trump.
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10 months ago, gingerishkitten
The same handful of tunes on endless repeat
I’ve been using this for years. Or at least, I did use it for years. The problem is that the “thousands of hours” of music that F@W boasts actually consists of multiple numbered remixes of the same few tracks. The whole point (or part of it, anyway) of using this type of music to focus if you have ADHD is that the music should be unfamiliar. At this point it’s been probably two years since I opened this app, but I can still “hear” a bunch of those tracks in my head. They become instantly recognizable so that you know them note for note. It has a feature that lets you tell it not to play certain tracks (specifically to avoid the “familiarity” thing), but when that track is just one of many indistinguishable iterations of the same thing, that feature is useless. It’s a shame, because while this worked for me, it *really* worked. But that was… 2018? 2019? and (although they did put out a limited amount of additional music a couple of years back) they’re still using basically the exact same tracks. Not to mention that the app hasn’t seen an update in a year. So - F@W is great for a short period or for *extremely* infrequent use, but that lifetime subscription didn’t pan out quite how I hoped it would.
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7 years ago, Axelt1999@
Amazingly helpful. Truly delivers
I have been using focus@will for quite a while. I think I am now paying for my 3rd year. I don't think I have ever stuck with the same thing so long. I use this app any time I need to focus and be productive. It really calms me and lets me be my best productive self. I find I am not only more productive but that the quality of my work improves. I can also share a funny story about my teenage son. He had a report due by midnight one day. He "worked" on it all day getting no where. Finally at 10pm I lost it and decided I would sit in the room with him until he finished. Again no focus!(he has ADHD). Finally out of desperation I pulled out this app and played the music. He fought with me that he did want to hear it, etc. Comically within 10 minutes he was turned towards his computer and writing. It was like a switch had been flipped. He wrote for 1.5 hours straight and turned in his paper on time. Now he asks for "that" music when he needs to get things done.
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3 months ago, Imrul23
Opportunities for Enhancement on Apple M3 Max Compatibility
In exploring the capabilities of Focus@will on the latest Apple M3 Max, I've encountered some issues that, while frustrating, present opportunities for significant improvements. Firstly, the app seems incompatible with the new M3 Max architecture; notably, it lacks an accessible volume control, and more critically, fails to play music directly within the app. This necessitates a workaround of visiting the website to use the service, which, while a temporary fix, detracts from the seamless experience one would expect. The absence of these fundamental functionalities hinders the utility and appeal of Focus@will for users who rely on the latest technology to enhance their productivity. It's paramount for an app, especially one designed to aid concentration and productivity, to ensure reliability and ease of use across all supported devices. Addressing these issues not only will improve user satisfaction but also extend the app's reach to a broader audience, leveraging the full potential of the hardware advancements offered by the Apple M3 Max. It's an opportune moment for the developers to refine the app's compatibility and functionality, thereby reinforcing its commitment to providing an exemplary user experience.
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3 years ago, Keggman12
Maintains focus as promised, but app needs to be more robust
As an adult with ADD, I struggle to focus. A coworker turned be on to this service (and this related app) and it has been amazing for my productivity. Somehow the music and tones in this app keeps me on task as good as meds have in the past. I believe in this service enough to have bought the lifetime subscription. But the iOS itself leaves some to be desired. I don’t, for example, understand why it requires an internet connection? I like to put my phone in offline mode while I study or work or on an airplane, and that breaks the app. Why not download and cache the songs? Also, you can’t pause the timer, and the only time you can record your productivity is when the timer expires without interruption. My phone rang during a study session which caused the timer to restart and a missed opportunity to record my productivity. It also caused the song to restart. If developer can address those issues which I consider to be basic, I’d give this app 5 stars all day every day.
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5 years ago, Bshev
Good music for deep work
I’ve used this app for about 3 years. I typically use it when grading papers or longer assignments. Sometimes I also use it when reading. During those 3 years the team has continuously worked to improve the functionality of the app. I love that there is a phone and Mac app. The interface continues to improve its display offering some interesting images. One of the best features is a productivity tracker that allows you to see how much work you completed. I find this helpful. I do enjoy the music— especially alpha chill, focus spa, ambient, acoustic piano and guitar and classical. Even some of the ambient sounds are nice, but not that conducive for my work. Regardless I find it helpful when I settle in for long periods of work. My only wish is that they would obtain some additions music for the stations or develop some new channels— in particular I would like to see a dub channel or downtempo channel.
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5 years ago, MikeKDidit
Neuroscience experts need to hire a user interface expert
I believe the neuroscience part of this works. I put on the music and I stay focused. Very good. Sold! I’m a lifetime subscriber. But the user interface needs work. It slows me down. Please invest in a user interface expert. A few examples: - The tour won’t seem to go away permanently. Why? - Alarms interrupt the tune. If I’m using my session as a timer, restarting interrupts the flow since I now have to set a different alarm to get to my meeting on time. - Please let me pause without changing the tune. I promise not to abuse it. - I never want to be asked about productivity. I just want it to let me go again. If I don’t like the tune, I will skip it. - Picking a channel is confusing. On the channel picker page (not sure the official name), aren't Labs channels? Aren't Favorites channels?I suggest renaming the Channels tab to something like Regular (or Proven or Official or Popular or Standard or Normal or Live). - Picking a channel takes too long to get back to music. Need to be able to quickly get back to Player from the channel picker screen. Or, just add a Play arrow to the channel picker screen. - On the channel picker page, please put the Favorites tab first. - Why can't I change the energy level from the player screen? - Why is there still an Oct Beta Test in April? Where is the beta for Nov? Dec? Jan? Feb? Mar? #JustSharing
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7 years ago, LeisureSuitLarry9
It pays for itself many times over every day.
I measured my productivity with focus@will vs playing other music in background. F@W is hands down winner. It is better than pomadoro apps because the music is geared toward work and constantly changing so it does not become familiar. Better than just background music because no fiddling around looking for what I want to hear. I don’t really “hear” F@W per se, it just plays and masks distractions. Why four stars vs five? I play it on iPad linked via Bluetooth to a nice stereo system. There is no volume control on the iPad user interface so a conversation with a client causes me to go fumbling around for volume button on edge of iPad. Also - it would be extremely useful to know how many complete sessions I have accomplished during the day. For example, a number displayed on the UI saying 9 would tell me I got in 9 sessions so far today.
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6 years ago, RockinDocRoss
Really helpful, requires frequent restarts
I’ve been using F@W for about a month and bought the annual subscription. When I’m using it, I do find that the time goes by and I see that I’ve stayed on task almost without fail. As an independent consultant on billable hours, productivity is essential. I recently went off Adderall bc of related health concerns and have needed an alternative. I’m a life-long musician but don’t usually listen to music while working. The guide for selecting a channel steered me to Alpha and that seems to be just interesting enough to keep that part of my brain active but just uninteresting enough not to be a distraction. Now to get it to turn itself on! One challenge - it sometimes gets stuck and won’t do another round of timed focus. A simple restart works but I don’t know why it’s failing. Otherwise 5 stars and worth the investment.
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6 years ago, NY_chef
3 stars for the App/ F@W service 4 Stars
6 weeks using F@W and the app. I’m not 100% sold that “the music “ works, but I’m less of a skeptic then when I first signed up. On a few occasions I’m definitely more productive/ focused but can’t tell if it’s the music or not? I don’t see any improvement in creativity or the creative mindset. I contacted support about this they said it takes time. I’m willing to give it a few more weeks or even months before I make my final decision. That sad the app needs some work, it’s a bit glitchy, especially when hooked up to another device ( car doc). Hooked up via Bluetooth in my car it cuts off when my screen shuts off, sooo basically completely useless if not hooked up with a cable. Not 100% sure it’s the app but on some Devices I have trouble linking the app threw Bluetooth. In a nut shell developers need to fix Bluetooth issues for the mobile app
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6 years ago, DeRangoA
Helpful for Studying
Focus@will helps me focus while I’m studying. It might take a few tries to find the right channel/mood to fit your workflow, but it’s worth it to keep trying to find something you like. I think the productivity tracker is a great idea but it could be improved. Instead of only adding a percentage to rate your productivity, it would be helpful to have the option to add a note next to your session. That way you could record what you were working on, how much you got done, and/or any distractions that got in your way. It’d be a lot more useful to look back on later than just the percentages. Thanks for the great study tool!
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4 years ago, Carrick59
It really works
I’ve been the type of person that listens to music to help focus for a long time. Research on the affect of music by neuroscientist like Dr. Daniel J. Livitin has fascinated me and had a huge impact on my life. I remember one of his studies talking about how music in the trance realm helps people get into and stay in a state of flow. However, for me, listening to the same music over and over can either lose its affect or become encoded with memories over time that can be distracting. This app is the perfect fix to that. I’m a huge fan of the Alpha Chill channel. But, I’m looking forward to exploring more of the options. Sometimes I prefer classical music or acoustic guitar and it even has stations for that. I would highly recommend this app/service to anyone.
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3 years ago, Salamanda1111111
Helpful for my ADD
Recently diagnosed with inattentive ADHD (formerly ADD) and this app has been one of the most helpful tools for increasing focus and reducing distractions. The paid subscription is worth it. I listen over my noise canceling headphones and it helps so much. Thank you creating this app. Suggestion for future update: I’d love an option to show the countdown in an analog clock rather than number of minutes left. I have the time blindness, and my brain seems to process a clock image as time passing better than the numbers. I have to switch over to an analog clock app after starting music in focus@will, but I would love to be able to stay in the focus@will app.
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2 years ago, Level 40 Rogue
Works great when it works
This has been my go to app for background sounds while I’m working for a while, and when it actually works, it’s amazing. Unfortunately, the iPad version crashes for no reason. And I was disappointed when I reached out to customer service to see if something had changed recently (since it was a new issue and there’s been a new iOS since the last app update), only to be told to use to desktop or browser version. If a developer doesn’t want to support a mobile app, that’s their choice, but it seems like creating an app and asking people to pay for a subscription comes with the understanding that the app will work and that when it doesn’t work, those concerns will be taken seriously.
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5 years ago, Rabrat
Endless distracting frustration
I’m starting to wonder if this is a real app. I created an acct and selected a subscription but it keeps showing an error. When I try to reselect a subscription, it says I’m already subscribed. When I login, it says my subscription is not completed and I’m back to the subscription selection screen. I verified my email. I deleted and redownloaded. I made a new acct. I got an email saying I must have gotten distracted and not finished completing my subscription....?!?! WELL NOT FOR LACK PF TRYING. But I gave it a shot and clicked the link and it wanted me to select ANOTHER subscription from a different list with lower prices only instead of subscribing through my Apple ID, this one requires a credit card. WTH?! At this rate, I can only hope it isn’t charging me every time it sends me on another subscription selection Wild goose chase for the ever elusive focus that I’ve yet to find. Thanks for nothing, I guess. Super bummed.
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5 years ago, vintageteacup
Very helpful! Especially for those with Adult ADHD!
I am use this app to help me concentrate and focus on the tasks I need to get done everyday. It’s especially helpful because I have REALLY bad Adult ADHD (the inattentive type). It has several “channels” to pick from and you can also choose what tempo (low, medium and high) of each channel you’d like to listen to, depending on what time of day it is or how well you’re focusing. It then asks you each time you change the channel or change your task, how productive had you been and it keeps a record so you can see when and what you were listening to during your most documented focused time periods...For me, it’s worth paying for the subscription!
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1 year ago, Rookieraccoon
The music helps but not worth the price
After a year of using this service without a single new song or genre added, I opted not to renew. This app is basically asking for $10/month to stream a handful of radio stations playing the same 2hr song on a loop. This type of music does help me focus, but it is already on major streaming services I already pay for and that study/focus music works just as well for me. The focus at will website uses dark marketing with “in the press” references to Wired magazine as a positive thing, for example, but that’s a review by Wired on why they won’t be subscribing to this service. I don’t see a single article by Forbes on this as they claim. Regardless, it’s too much for what we get given all the other options available. Drop it to $15/year and I’ll be back.
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4 years ago, Taylor Hinchy
Great Tool for Deep Thinking
I have been using F@W for several years and am now working on my PhD, and despite having other music subscriptions which also contain focus-themed playlists, this app has still come out on top for ‘flattening out’ distractions and getting me in the zone when I have to slowly differentiate the details and integrate the big picture on challenging science/mathematical topics. In particular I have enjoyed the Ambient, Focus Spa and Alpha Chill channels, listed in order of preference for study subject difficulty (ambient for very abstract, ‘high resolution’ thinking). It has also been great to wake up and get the gears spinning to Focus Spa. I just subscribed for another year — highly recommended!
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4 years ago, TheyCalMeTrinity
Fatal app flaw - resets song every time!
While I enjoy streaming the chill music to focus while working on my desktop AND via the mobile app, the iOS app will reset the whole session/song anytime there is an interruption in playback: my AirPod pops out, you get a call, etc. Their support people just say that is by design and you should start a brand new season with ANY interruption. Give me a break - let ME be the judge of how I work best and let me continue my “flow” if I want - this happens all the time: 1. great music playing 2. Phone call comes in 3. New song starts completely different tempo and ruins my flow! This is the first time I’ve found a company arrogant enough to flat out admit the won’t put in an easy feature since they know better. Well, food luck with that attitude!
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11 months ago, JustMe20199
100% improvement for me!
I’m a person easily distracted with tons of windows open at the same time and I literally get everything done off my todo list every single time I use this app. Otherwise I start turning on the tv, checking emails, on TikTok, and then I’m 3 days behind. Highly recommend! Worth the subscription a 100x over. I don’t have to strain to focus. This app just plays in the background and I get stuff done. I listen on my desktop, have it for 20 minute intervals and can go a solid 2 hours without taking a break of just solid working. Totally works! Im obsessed with the deep channel!
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5 years ago, Todd Gersh
Absolutely LOVE this program!
I’ve been using focus@will for a few years now and find it indispensable when I need to focus. I’m easily distracted and find it hard to focus unless I’m blocking out the world with noise canceling head set and focus@will. I used to listen to a “Mozart makes you smarter” CD and other focus downloads in nursing school and at work when I needed to focus, but found some of the scores to be distracting. Once I got focus@will honestly I never looked back, had a few streaming issues a while back but the program and app have been working flawlessly the last year.... Worth every penny!!!
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5 years ago, MarioMakesMovies
Focus@Will is Amazing
Whenever I find myself distracted, either with wandering thoughts or distractions around me, I plug in my headphones and turn on Focus@Will. After about 5-10 minutes, I’m focused on what needs to get done. Whenever I feel like it’s taking too long to get into focus, or sometimes before I begin using Focus@Will, I will use their channel recommender, which consists of a couple of simple question. Then, I receive the perfect recommendation of a channel for that moment and I get back to work.
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3 years ago, Jalynn Marie
Was 5 stars. Now it’s 3.
This app was fantastic! Loved the Focus Spa and also the classical music option and I truly feel that it helped me to focus and therefore assisted in increasing my productivity. It was GREAT! I have recommended it to others. Now that the focus spa has been removed along with the classical music option and it now has channels titled, “Hypnotic Dance”, “Trance” and “Propeller Drone”, I don’t care for any of the channels. Even the names seem “cultish” or at best like it’s striving to hypnotize its listeners. I no longer feel focused while using it and I find the random noises included to be more distracting than helpful. I loved this app for a long time and now I’m no longer a fan of this app and have cancelled my subscription.
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5 years ago, Grogblog
Not worth it - UI issues
I was just starting to get the feel for this app and then I made the mistake of trying to use a timed session. Once you make this choice you can’t move back to an untimed session. Oh sure, you can try. The help states “If you would like to do an un-timed session, you click the timer button once to return it the to clock icon (no numbers will be displayed)” but that just doesn’t work. Tapping the timer button once just let’s you change the duration of the timer. Very frustrating user experience. Given the price of this app, and having just found a fairly significant bug, why would I even consider moving beyond a trial two week subscription??
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3 years ago, SciFantasyFan
Recent issues
I love using this app at work. It really does help me focus. But with the last few updates I no longer can get the off-line music to work anymore. I do not have unlimited data on my phone. I just can’t afford it. And I cannot access Wi-Fi at work. So I must rely on downloading an amount of the music at home and then listen to it at work. In the last few months after I get to work, even if I left the app open since I’ve downloaded the music, it will not play. I just get an audio loading error please try again message. Please, please fix this!
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5 years ago, AkiraChan360
always on
I was introduced to focus@will at a conference for health wellness and tech entrepreneurs. F@W was providing the soundtrack for the entire event and shared a bit about the data and research behind it. I was very impressed and started listening at home while working - a few years later I have pretty much exclusively used this tool to work, study, and create ambiance at home. The founder Will is an audio genius and I’ve been impressed with how much work and research they pour into this product.
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6 years ago, ajministeri
At a crossroads between excellent and frustrating
This app’s primary purpose and function is excellent. The channels are very well developed, my favorite is the classics music that I use every time that I study. However the app crashes more often than not. If I receive a phone call it will end my session, frankly and any superfluous activity will make the app crash. I have unsuccessful tried to play it on my Sonos wireless speaker in which it will constantly crash the app every time I begin to play a channel. Would love these bugs to get fixed and enhance my studying that much more thank you!
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7 years ago, Frimmin
A game-changer
This is more than an music-to-concentrate-by app. Although I'm no expert on the neuroscience of it, I find that it really does aid (tremendously) in concentration. I usually find the Ambient or Focus Spa channnels on highi-energy setting, but there was one time when coworkers around me were chatting that I had to set it to ADHD Type I, and it did the trick! I'm a happy subscriber to the service, and recommend it to anyone with problems focusing. And in the age of ubiquitous digital distractions, isn't that all of us?
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5 years ago, Kilo Mac
Not Sure It Really Works
I get just as much done without using focus@will. I take the in app quiz to help determine the best genre for me once in a while (as people change with time), and has given three different results. Each one I try makes no difference to my productivity. I even try random genres in an attempt to find the one that works, but nothing yet. Perhaps this science isn’t for everyone. Also, songs eventually repeat themselves, so the more you use the more repetition you will here, which to me gets a bit boring (and to my music playlist I go).
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5 years ago, Small Gym Guru
I have been using F@W for over a year now and I use it all the time on all my devices. For example: I use it to limit the amount of time I spend checking and responding to email. I use it when I am working on a bigger project so I remain focused on ONE THING the entire time I am in that time. It allows me to let go of worrying about going over my time in something because I know it will DING when my time is up on certain task or project. I’ve conditioned myself now to set the timer, and once the initial bell DINGS, I just get into the zone. It’s improved my productivity and mental focus in a way that I’ve always wanted and when I use it, I get 3X to 4X the work done I usually do. It’s worth every penny. And I coach clients on productivity and focus so this is a tool I always recommend. Phil
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7 years ago, Pedro Delos Santos
Scientifically perfect!
These guys know what they’re doing! The quiz to find your perfect focus music alone is worth the cost of admission lol, and it’s free! I honestly didn’t think the test was accurate so I took it multiple times and even tried a different age but the results were the same: Baroque Piano. At first I didn’t like it, but then I started to really get into it. It really WAS my perfect focus music. The things I’ve been able to do are incredible. This last month I’ve read 9 books and am currently finishing my 10th. This comes from a guy who on a blue moon would maybe, MAYBE, finish reading 1 book a year. This works. It’s an absolute life hack and practically a steal for the value it gives. Do you want to change your future? Now for the price of two Happy Meals. Happy focusing! (Smiley)
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5 years ago, m0j0TX
I am a lifetime member
I love Focus@Will and paid for a lifetime membership several years ago. I am a professional software developer, and Focus@Will is my "secret weapon" for dealing with my ADD and the "open workspaces" that are so prevalent today. I put on my noise-canceling headphones, fire up the Alpha Chill channel, and I find it much easier to concentrate and tune out distractions. The app itself has improved greatly over the years, and keeps getting better. ❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, T_W__
App is fine, support is awful
I actually have two accounts with them, one of which I do not need, so I tried to close one and they are still billing me. I asked for a refund within a few hours of being charged (they claim you have 30 days) and now it’s nearly two weeks later and they haven’t even acknowledged my support ticket. I like the app & music but if you ever need help— especially with billing, you may as well kiss your money goodbye. I’d be hesitant to try this service if I were you because, at least in my case, cancellation and refund within 30 days is a lie.
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5 years ago, displeased with focus@will
Bad experience-too many ads!
Built in ads are awful. Interruptions urging you to “try it for free” interrupt your trial about every 20 minutes. Just about the time that your mind engages, there is another “ad” interruption. It is extremely annoying, and the reason why I will have to be convinced to give this app another try. I realize the company generates revenue by subscription. However, after 1.5 hours of experimenting, I am ready to abandon it. If I had one piece of advice for the leadership of this firm, it would be this; let your users TRY the software for a 90 minute focus block without adds! Then offer the subscription with “no strings attached.”
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5 years ago, Davidbl2013
Perfect for open offices
I’ve been using Focus at Will for four years and attribute much of my productivity to this amazing app. I work in a loud open office. Without the specially-designed music provided by Focus at Will, I would be unable to get anything done. But with my headphones and the desktop app, I can plow through the most demanding project. Until open offices are a thing of the past, I consider this an office essential.
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6 years ago, Joey L.M.
Don’t miss out!
I’ve used focus@will for two years now. One of the best investments I’ve made. I work in multiple environments: remote in airports and coffee shops, from home, and in an open floor office setting. This app allows me to engage mentally with the task at hand and tune out distractions. It’s helped me “lock in” and get more work done. In short, if you’re contemplating getting focus@will, just do it. You won’t regret it. Don’t miss out.
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5 years ago, cereal_killah
Can’t live without this.
I have no reason to give on why this is absolutely necessary in my life. I’ve tried everything from Headspace to Welzen to all kinds of productivity music tracks...nothing compares to least for me. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made and I don’t really leave reviews for apps. But this one is different. Give it a try. Can’t lose just cancel if it’s not your cup of tea.
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6 years ago, FL-ARNP
Unlimited Lyric-Free Streaming
I’m giving it five stars on the productivity side, but I’d give it another five just because you can stream unlimited music tracks from across a wide array of styles without having to worry about lyrics, which makes it a no-brainer for background music since it’s unquestionably family and guest-friendly. I use it for work (Alpha Chill or Focus Spa) as well as for company (Classical Piano or Acoustic). Worth every dime.
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4 years ago, BroMH2005
Unique and amazing tool for ADHD Focus!
This is an incredibly unique tool and I have found nothing like it! For my ADHD it helps assist me by getting in a focus zone and staying in that zone of focus. I’ve been a paying subscriber for years and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who would like to be more productive and efficient with their time. If you have an ADHD brain this service is a MUST HAVE! Enjoy!
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1 year ago, Whizkris
Overpriced for what you get
The app, in short is a set of premixed songs (optimized for concentration as they say), where you can play it for a specific span of time. So far this is great. The issue is that there has been no development or updates to this. It’s the same set of 4-5 songs that have been repeating for me for the last 2 years I have used this app. It’s a bit ridiculous to charge annually for software to which there is no work being done. I will not be renewing this.
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5 years ago, nevergiveup99
Works so well...
I’ve been using Focus at Will for over a year now. It Can take a little trial and error in the very beginning. Test the channels and see what works best for you. Once you nail your top productivity channel, it’s incredibly effective. Only took about 5 sessions to find my best channel and I’m at least 2X - 3X more productive when I have this in the background. Amazing.
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7 years ago, tamhill
Makes a Difference for Me
I had been using it for a while, dropped off and then came back to it. It really does help me stay on task. I went ahead and bought a lifetime membership. I used to wish there was more of a selection but they’ve upgraded the music/background sounds I’ve the years since I started, so now it’s definitely 5 stars.
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5 years ago, RochelleBr
Indispensable Focusing Tool
An indispensable tool for keeping me alert and focused. My work includes a great deal of copyediting and proofreading, and I’m always more focused and accurate – and I miss fewer mistakes – when I use Focus@Will. I also use it for writing or regular editing, to keep me focused and on track. This is the case whether there are other people around me working, or I’m in my quiet home office.
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6 years ago, ande3000
Great for focus
I work from home and sometimes it is nearly impossible to keep moving forward on the same task with the distractions of incoming mail and phone calls. Focus@will not only helps keep me moving forward, it helps my attitude and I actually enjoy what I’m doing. It’s a really valuable tool for me and I can’t say enough good about it.
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6 years ago, Bedrian 12
ADHD support
I have ADHD and autism and I am currently in a post baccalaureate program to help you get into medical school. Since I have been using focus@will I have been able to study without disruption for over an hour at a time. I’m so grateful for focus at will and the work that they’re doing to help non-neuro typical people. I also recommend this for neuro typical’s its a great app all around.
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3 years ago, next business woman
Does not work
You answer some silly questions then it tells you what channels you are allowed to use. If you answer the questions wrong, you get bad channels. It does not let you choose the music type/ channel you want. All I wanted was Deep. But they never made it available. Once they tell you what channel, they make you log in again, why? You only get a few second preview of each. And the back button does not work. Have to punch in many times. Ugh very disappointed. I just wanted to listen to The Deep.
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7 years ago, RMBurke
Best background music to concentrate and read to!
I really enjoy this app because I can be stimulated by the varieties of music without being distracted when I have to concentrate on other work. Additionally, the set-it and leave it way the app works means I don't have to be bothered with constantly adjusting the music selections so I'm not distracted that way either. Well worth it!
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5 years ago, donnychaos
I use this all the time
I love this app. I began using this during grad school when I had to spend 8+ hours a day studying. I still use it now as a professional. It’s great to listen to while reading both recreationally and for more technical topics. Also great for all kinds of work. It’s easily worth the reasonable price and highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, Jules4090
Absolutely love this app
I started using app when I was in graduate school. It really helped me focus when studying. It has such a calming effect on me. Allows me to settle my mind and keep centered on task at hand. Started using at work and I get so many comments about music on my computer. Been a paying member for two years now and highly recommend.
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4 years ago, AlizaGirl
Please: if you suffer from ADHD or just need stimulation to focus at hand: try this app!! I first found F@W 7 or so years ago through recommendation from family member. I am the type who - because of my diagnosis - cannot focus without stimulation (usually coffee shop with headphones). This app, though, had allowed me that external stimulation in the comfort of my own home. The science behind the app (in semi-layman’s terms found on the portal) makes me feel that I’m in good competent hands. Good competent hands two fold. The support system is hands down the best I’ve experienced throughout the tenure as an Apple owner. Kristi is fantastic. Oh and PS: Uptempo for life!
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