Foothill Credit Union

4.9 (7.5K)
73.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Foothill Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Foothill Credit Union

4.91 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
4 months ago, Lawdealer
Good credit union
I joined this credit union as a child saver around 1970 and I have been with them ever since. I have gotten personal loans and checking and savings accounts. Always accurate on their accounting and little to no fees. In person their Glendora branch is great and friendly with a large coin counter for members👍; telephone center is fast and easy to use; online app is just average. Great place to save and borrow small loans up to $25,000. Their atm can be used fee free at thousands of other credit unions locations, so I can usually access funds throughout the United States with no fees. A great bonus.
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3 years ago, 11123774847
Idk I’ve always absolutely hated how this company functions online or over the phone. I moved after receiving my car loan and I only use this company for that and they say payments must be made in person or I get a fee every time I have to pay. It’s very annoying. I can’t even go in person with my debit card, cash only. Hated the original app, couldn’t do anything other than see the balance without it say error every two seconds. This one has finally been updated, it’s much much better but my frustration still stands since they added the Zelle feature I was so excited to use it since it’s instant. I use Zelle with my other banks for instant transfers with no issues but again, this app always glitches ugh. It Didn’t send my money “instantly” like it should have and now I have to wait a day. It’s showing as transfer received but still not showing in my bank balance so I can’t pay my car loan until it does, very frustrating.
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1 year ago, FABFOUR5150
FFCU makes it easy to Bank with them
Ive. Their online Website is also user friendly and I can usually do most of my banking on that platform without any trouble. Glad I became a member back in 2016 when I moved into Covina. with. Their Staff members and Bankers are very helpful and have always provided fantastic customer service. Their online Website is also user friendly and I can usually do most of my banking on that platform without any trouble. Glad I became a member back in 2016 when I
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5 years ago, sroblez73
New app
I love FFCU and was pretty happy with the old version mobile app. Me and my husband have our accounts linked to the others accounts but not with each others name on these accounts. Before we could see the accounts like seeing hubby’s checking,savings and others like credit card account but couldn’t see what was available. Now we see each others stuff, we were cool just being able to transfer to each others accounts but now we see to much.
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5 years ago, pjbuffet
FFCU New App
Love the new app. Looks of access to new things. I’d like to offer one suggestion. I have my accounts and I’m linked to my daughter’s account. These numerous accounts are all scrambled together. Please make it so my accounts are all together at the top and her accounts are listed together at the bottom. Like it is online. Otherwise the app is great and the cut over from the old app to the new app was easy. Thanks for always my moving forward, FFCU.
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3 years ago, Christine_13580
Bad Bill Pay feature
The Bill Pay on the website used to work really well. Then they changed it, and it is really difficult to add payers now and to see the bills. I called but there is nothing they can do. The app is worse because you coukd never see the bills which is why I used to use the website. I’m left with no options other than log into my credit card account first, view the bill, and then log into the Foothill app and pay the amount. So much for convenience.
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5 years ago, 4FEO
Organized, Efficient, and Easy to Use
The new version of the FCU app is an overall user-friendly banking tool. Everything is readily available and easy to find. The snapshot feature allows me to check my balance within seconds which is extremely convenient. The presentation on the app is clean and organized. If you bank at FCU, I recommend downloading this app onto your smartphone as soon as possible.
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5 years ago, joh-c
Federal Credit Union
Since I transferred my account into this bank i was so happy and confident that my money is in a safe place. No hidden charges, plus the checking account has interest too. The people are very nice and accommodating, helpful and their assistance are awesome! That’s why all my family was convinced to open an account too. Good luck guys and keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, BubbleBoneZ
Frequent app user
Please go back to the old version of the app this new one is horrible as a tech person myself It is not navigation friendly the express view does not tell me my available bal and when I log in does not tell my my available bal right away I have to click on a specific share just to get the available bal. Which is ridiculous what’s the point of having the express view. I had new issues with the old version besides not telling me the transactions on express view but even then I didn’t have to write a review for it because it was super easy to navigate this new app is HORRIBLE!!!
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5 years ago, Justin Wilson
Better than the bigger names
Been with this Bank for 10 years. I have used numerous banks. This one by far has the most Friendliest and personable employees, and the bank itself has more latitude and better regulatory processes to help you do all of the business transactions you need on a day to day basis. Highly recommended
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3 years ago, Maureen'si
I have been with Foothill Credit Union i believe since 1981. the employees are the force behind this institution. when i walk in the door I am greeted by my name and the wait time usually very minimal. They are all very good at what they do and always eager to help with anything I require. My primary branch is Covina, i love you guys.
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4 years ago, klmburger
Bill Pay is terrible
Since the new update Bill Pay does not work. It’s very frustrating when something that’s working perfectly fine is updated and Jon-functional in this case.
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3 years ago, Mechaphantom
It’s my bank
Easy online check deposit. I use it for submitting my checks and they often approved next day or same day without me having to visit bank. Checking balances also easy.
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1 year ago, cplovee
Great bank, great app- literallllly what i was thinking
Extremely satisfied with the app for Foothill credit Union. It runs smoothly, and it’s simple to use. Changed all my accounts to run through Foothill Credit Union and it was the best move financially
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5 months ago, Ktagney
Great Banking App
Secure, Easy to navigate, I like the account balance snapshot feature. Only thing I would improve is access to account and credit card statements and card rewards.
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1 year ago, faithsmall
Good…except for Zelle
Good app! I just REALLY wish Zelle was not forced upon users to be used in-app as it is outdated looking and not as user friendly as the actual Zelle app. I would rather use the Zelle app at this point. Additionally I am experiencing an error with the text/email verification codes where I cannot see what I type in the box which is difficult.
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4 years ago, beccalynntaylor
FCU has changed my negative perspective on financial institutions. They have made me feel valued and have afforded me great opportunities that were never options for me with other institutions. I love the service and reliability I’ve been shown and have gained confidence and trust. I love FCU!!
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5 years ago, Nenaluis
Banking , Loan , Auto Loan
I’ve been with foothill over 13 years best customer service.. We have great interest on both our loans with easy auto withdrawal from our checking .. Thank you for the great customer service Foothill credit union
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4 years ago, whoseconscious
Bad Update for Myself.
Not sure exactly what happened but I checked for an update, there was one for this app and once it was done updating, I can’t enter any screen. A warning pops up, please help lol
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4 years ago, man_man720
Not as good as other banking apps
I wish this app would keep pictures of the checks you deposited so I can keep track of where the money came from. Chase bank’s app does this and it’s the most convenient and useful feature of their app. Also, the memo feature doesn’t work so I can’t even note down where each transaction came from. Please consider my advice.
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5 years ago, joelsanch3z
The Best Banking Out There
They offer a finger print reader login which makes it easy to Check your account. It would be nice if you can take a picture of a third party check and have money deposited.
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5 months ago, Angelchukl
Great customer service
All the staff have always been super helpful and go the extra mile. I have been a customer for over 20 years
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12 months ago, AKMi2020
I am a member of FFCU for more than 25 Years,Have few loans with it,Very happy with the rate & services,Can not complain,Very Happy with Everything I received in Past & Hopping for same treatment in future. Thanks.
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1 year ago, zdvybdxxxpo
Satisfied Customer
I’ve been banking with FFCU for 29 years. There customer service is excellent! You will not find a better bank to do business with.
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9 months ago, Love Covina Branch
Love Covina Branch
Every one there is helpful and friendly I especially like Adrian he’s always helpful he knows a lot to help you he really cares about clients that’s why I go to the Covina Branch
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4 years ago, COME5
Love my bank
I love my FoothillCU family each & everyone knows gets to know you in a personal level what bank or banker does that ?
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5 years ago, <^> (-.-) <^>
Amazing Update
I can actually log in now and have access to all the desktop features. Everything works.
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4 years ago, HOT ALOETTE MAMA
Why I like foot hill credit union
I luv this credit union I have been with them for 32 years when ever I need anything they take the best care of me🥰
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5 years ago, each nicknmae id taken
New website
I love my bank! The new website is sleek and clean. I look forward to you fixing any bugs in the new site. Hopefully soon. The. It will be perfect.
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1 year ago, kphung24
Well designed and user friendly
Super easy to navigate. App runs smoothly.
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5 years ago, really ticked off
Looooong-time customer
I have been with FFCU since 1989, and they have been so good to me lo these 30 years. Solid reputation and awesome staff that always puts my mind at ease about any question. Love you guys!
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4 years ago, McBunny6
The people at Foothill Credit Union are very friendly and always willing to assist with your questions
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4 years ago, Lota119
I don’t normally do this
I don’t normally write reviews but wow this bank is amazing. Hey literally changed my life in 4 days worth lower rates and better deals. I’m very very impressed
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5 months ago, PSand74
Excellent Service and banking
I have been banking with FFCU for over 20 years. Overall service and banking is great.
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5 years ago, UrbanGeishaLA
Live far from the branch great app
This app pretty much lets me do everything I need to do without having to go to the branch. Easy to use
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4 years ago, james Sagastume
Recommend this Bank it’s awesome !
I love this institution, best customer Service and my bank 4 ever ! App work just as it should !
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4 years ago, dodger18
Customer service
Customer service is amazing
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1 year ago, Avjoesan
Great banking app
By far user friendly app compared to other banking apps I used
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1 year ago, BungyMag
Grateful for Foothill Credit Union
I have been a member for over 20 years. Do you guys go above and beyond! I Love Foothill Credit Union!
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5 years ago, mustafmustafa
Changing my vote
It does everything I need it to do. Love the new format. The log on is so much simpler.
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4 years ago, Lilyo11
Easy banking, nice people.
Simple and easy banking. Always in and out within 5 minutes. Tellers are friendly and helpful.
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5 years ago, since 2008
Treated liked family
FCU is an excellent bank that provides excellent customer service..
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5 years ago, agomez211
Love this bank best bank I ever banked with they have came thru for me in everything.
Customer is excellent very help staff
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5 years ago, Envy-1
App update
What tremendous and significant improvements that were applied to the update. Excellent work team FFCU! Thank you for making life easier!
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3 years ago, janetplays
Great Help
I received very good customer service from the Glendora branch. I got a new card and set up bill pay. Fast service .
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2 years ago, Xicanamama
Since the new update Zelle does not work for me? Haven’t been able to get any help with this from the credit union.
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5 years ago, Goodness05
Awesome bank!
I love the services and the quality customer care.
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3 years ago, Welchrn
Great Bank
People are very nice. Fast service. Awesome bank!
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5 years ago, Louie the 14th
Always is reliable and is quick to use
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2 years ago, Professor Pryor
Excellent Employees
I truly appreciate the professionalism I get every time I visit the credit union. The employees are knowledgeable, friendly and polite. I could not ask to be a member at a better establishment. Keep up the good work, Sandra Pryor
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