Ford Interest Advantage

1.9 (54)
98.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ford Interest Advantage

1.91 out of 5
54 Ratings
2 years ago, Secure chick
App is pretty useless
I wanted to believe that the new updates to the app would make it better. I’ve never read so many negative reviews on any financial app. I understand why. I went in to make a financial deposit investment today which worked fine, but when I wanted to see any history or any details on my account it doesn’t work! At all!About the only thing you can get is the balance on your account. No details. it’s hard to believe that they’re posing this as a functional app. I wondered why I didn’t know about it before now, and I guess I understand why they don’t market it. It just simply doesn’t work!
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2 years ago, JD Porkchop
This is app is Read Only, provides no functionality
I have a FIA account. I know this is not a Ford Credit app or FordPass app, so I’m not confused. For Ford Interest Advantage account owners, this app is only good for viewing your accounts balance and maybe depositing checks, but I’ve never tried that. You can’t transfer funds between accounts, like you can on the website. Also, the app forces you to login with a password, every time. You cannot use face recognition. So on top of being functionally useless, it’s difficult to use as well. It seems like people have been complaining about this app for many years, with no improvement. So if you have a Ford interest advantage account, recognize that you will only be able to check balances and not much else.
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11 years ago, CantoneseMI
Too little function
The only function is viewing activities
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7 years ago, FIA TEAM
Ford Interest Advantage Login
A message from the Ford Interest Advantage team at Ford Credit. This is not the Ford Credit app used to manage your vehicle financing account and to schedule your car payments to Ford Credit. Please use the FordPass mobile app, click on Ford Credit on the main screen and go to Account Manager. Your Ford Credit user id and password will not work on the Ford Interest Advantage mobile app, which is for investors of the Ford Credit demand note product.
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2 years ago, DollaBill289
Worst Banking App On the Market
You know it’s one of a kind when support says to use your phone browser as the solution. Security is so strong I can’t answer the automated questions produced by some tool based on my life background, and no one can reset the app to let me try again. The positive is I will save more due to frustrations with the app, and money will be safe since I can’t log in myself from the app.
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5 years ago, BobcatALR
Huh! Must be a personal problem...
Works fine from my end. Like another poster: would have given 5 stars if only I could initiate a transfer to my outside accounts from within the app.
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7 years ago, Tylerj2009
The app works great and breaks down everything to make it easy to read. I would just ask that you add Touch ID or Face ID. Also add the ability to add payer via the app.
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2 years ago, snf1965
Ford Interest Advantage
Terrible, can’t see your statements, interest rate. My linked accounts show up so I can’t transfer in or out. About all you can do is look at transactions. But even then you can’t specify which ones.
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4 years ago, MacSawdust
Hostle app
Treats you like a criminal. Prevents access to your info with endless questions about your background before logging in. They only want you to go to their website. Also does not play well with Quicken. Run away.
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5 years ago, Algenbach
Must Warn Others - use FORDPASS app to male payments
Beware! Save your time and avoid this app! This app is terribly mislabeled and comes up first when searching Ford Credit. FORDPASS allows you to make payments. Warn others!
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11 months ago, AtlSammy
In this day and age, they must have tried really hard to make an app this bad, but they did succeed in doing so.
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6 years ago, unhappy ford Employee
F I A app
The most unfriendly app I have ever used. I switch from online to paper statements because of the inability to bring up my statements and account. Very disappointed.
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7 years ago, Mavious88
Correct user name and password doesn't work.
Correct user name and password doesn't work.
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5 years ago, J McKool
Doesn’t work
Keep getting an error, 1230, all the time. In 2019 - apps should work.
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7 years ago, Chasetherabbit1991
Invalid User?
Doesnt work at all. Says invalid User & Pass. Safari accepts my input every try though.
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5 years ago, A person USA
Can’t login for months
Is there a plan to fix the app..?
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5 years ago, Nolm
Log in error
Doesn’t work
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5 years ago, tbarry05
Can’t log in
Can’t log in
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10 years ago, Stardestroyer
Does what it says
For those 1-star reviewers, for goodness sake, read the description!!! It is not that hard or that long. This is NOT a Ford Credit car loan payment app. This is a Interest Advantage account access app. It does what it claims to do: account info for my account, last payments made, checks and deposits. Wish it supported external transfers, the web site allows them, why not the mobile app? Taking off 1 star for that, but good otherwise.
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10 years ago, TJTJ91
Great App, Very Handy for FIA investors
Love this app. It is an awesome tool for managing an FIA investment. If you are trying to access your Ford Credit loan or lease, this is not the app you need - download the Ford Credit Account Manager app instead.
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10 years ago, Stevo_ucf
App doesn't recognize my online account credentials. I quickly deleted it. It's sad that Ford is not able to create an app that allows customers to access their accounts. I pay all my bills through my phone (credit cards, mortgage, etc) but obviously Ford hasn't figured out this technology yet.
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10 years ago, bbrown87
Can log in
I have tried several times to log into this application and it won't let me. I can log onto the website easily. I looked for a phone number to call or an email for tech support but they don't exist.
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10 years ago, TheMawMawMillie
App Never Works
Dear Ford, Your app has never allowed me to login to my account. If you please resolve the issues we the people might actually use it. As for the rating one star, this seems to high for something that does not work.
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7 years ago, Barb the bartender
Won't let me sign in and hasn't since day one....they want you to pay but make it hard to. Shouldn't advertise the app if it doesn't even work
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10 years ago, nik siz
Can't log on
Can't log in via the app, but have no problem logging in via the website. App is broken and needs to be fixed.
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7 years ago, Tazman8080
Doesn't work
It won't let me sign in to make a payment. It seems we are having the same problem. Please fix it!
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7 years ago, Caitlingurl
App broken.
Please fix the App ASAP. I hate not having all my payments organized and this is frustrating me more than the dealership. Please get on the ball ford credit. Thank you...
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10 years ago, QuickFix
Doesn't work at all
I can't log in. My log in works on the website, but not the app. Ford, pls fix. You'd think you could manage an app that works..?!
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10 years ago, Amyclaerhout
App is useless as it won't let you log in. Use the mobile website in safari & it works great. Ford, get it together!
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7 years ago, Jsanmiguel
Won't let me sign in and go to the actual website and lets me sign in just fine. Waste of time.
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9 years ago, ChevasR
Worked fine on my iphone 6. Tried to use it on sep 6 th and it failed to run. Executed an update and it failed to update and the app quit working. App works on my iPad. PLEASE FIX IT.
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7 years ago, Javenco
Doesn't work.
This app does not work. I'm unable to log in, making this useless.
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10 years ago, CourtWag44
Really doesn't work
I ignored reviews because I thought I would hopefully have a different experience. It REALLY DOES NOT WORK. fail fail fail.
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10 years ago, Killjoy48
0% effective
I have never successfully logged on using this app. says name/password is incorrect every time.
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10 years ago, Texasmoneyman
Ford credit app
Can not log in like so many others useless
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10 years ago, ::SEVEN::
Cant log on
Same as everyone else. I cannot log in. Bummer
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10 years ago, Ahuerta1979
Dog *hit!!
If I could give this application no stars I would. it doesn't work you can't login.
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10 years ago, Piratebill30
Can't log in!
Fix this app! I can log into the website but not this garbage app!
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7 years ago, Bigpapahugrtim
Won't let me sign in can sign in online no problem.
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8 years ago, Mclark11
Possibly worst banking app ever
I have 1 payee. There seems no way to set up another one.
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10 years ago, Trigga31
Can't log in
Hey ford. Stop being stupid. Have you noticed no one can log in?
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9 years ago, DtownCobra
Would be a nice app if it actually worked.😒
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10 years ago, wkndwarrior
Can't login
+1 on every other review - pointless
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10 years ago, MarketingGod615
Does Not Work
Ford get a real app for us owners to pay our credit bill.... Pitiful...
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7 years ago, BKNYGIRL
Wouldn't allow me to sign in but ok on online version.
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7 years ago, Marz V
Can't logg on
Entered ID and password, error message comes on. Go to Fords website and lets me logg on.
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10 years ago, KP
Can't log in
I can't log in. Please fix this!
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11 years ago, LTFU B
Don't bother
Can't even sign in to the app! Piece of crap!
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10 years ago, JoexD123
Cannot loggin in thru app, I can only loggin thru website
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10 years ago, Fr8shaker18
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