4.7 (840.3K)
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Ford Motor Co.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for FordPass™

4.7 out of 5
840.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Charlie$ayS
Works perfectly
Just bought a new Ford Escape and this app complements it perfectly. Works every time and I use it multiple times daily. No errors or issues Alexa at home integration works 100% of the time too. Remote start schedules work perfectly too. I do wish I could adjust heat/ac within the app. Maybe it’s available on other vehicles and not my SEL trim level. We use Ford Pass to keep our vehicle running while we leave our Great Dane in the vehicle on warm and cold days. Auto climate control ensures it stays one temperature. Built in WiFi allows us to stream a multiple wireless cameras while it runs on auto start mode to monitor him while we are away from the vehicle. The one-touch button to add more run time to the remote start feature is slick. We take our dog everywhere so this is why we mention these features. We have a dog divider to keep him behind front seats, use child locks to keep him from opening back doors and FordPass locks out the ability for him to roll down windows. After starting FordPass we turn on the radio for him cause he’s spoiled and then lock it with the app, add time to auto start and walk away. I also got a notification in FordPass for a sensor fault and alarm went off notification which I thought was great as well. The sensor fault was due to 6” of snow on vehicle and the alarm notification was due to me exiting vehicle after using FordPass to remote start the suv. Neat stuff.
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3 years ago, wirst Roadside Assustance Ever
Worst Roadside Assistance I’ve Ever received
A woman stuck in the dark of a parking lot called in for roadside assistance or rather I did it online and was told in the message back who the roadside assistance tow company would be; given the wrong phone number and was told that they would be there seven hours later at 2:55 AM when I called it in at 7:00 PM. When I try to call the phone number that they gave me for the tow company, you got a recording saying it was not a valid phone number. I had to look online and find the phone number to the tow company who verified they had my ticket and would be there within an hour. However they told me that the Ford dealership it was being towed to did not have overnight drop off service.I then called Ford pass and ask them to switch the towing from going to the car dealership to my house which was only 5 miles away. They told me that would not be covered by the insurance. My sister had to come and get me and I left my car in the parking lot. One of the worst service as I have ever received from a 24 hour roadside assistance company
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6 years ago, ChristineS1992
Get it together
Up until recently I would have given this app 5+ stars... it used to work perfectly every time. In the last month there have been “maintenance in progress” for days on end, depending on what guide you talk to, they don’t know what to say except what is on their script. Once in a while you’ll get someone who is actually knowledgeable and helpful. Or no one answers ( waited for 15 minutes before hanging up) , this in and of itself is unacceptable! Now in the last month it seems it takes forever for the app to load up, or it doesn’t recognize your log in, or it takes forever to start or it doesn’t start at all! I understand the need for maintenance and updates but this is getting ridiculous!! I’m very tech savvy and work as a sales consultant for Ford and I can tell you this is making us look bad especially when you tell your customer that it comes with remote start they can start from virtually anywhere. Now, they are upset because they miss their keyfob remote start because at least with that it was reliable. Customers are NOT happy about this. Get your act together because I know legitimately I know this is a great app when it works consistently! You want everyone to set up their FordPass account and start charging for the use the convenience of remote starting, locking, and unlocking, their vehicles but you can’t even keep the app working or respond promptly when your app is down!
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1 year ago, hquest
Handy app - until you become a criminal
Been using this app since I bought my then new 2019 vehicle, and been inside a Ford since the 70s. Loved the convenience of a mobile remote control. Until all of a sudden I became a criminal. That is how I felt when my access to the app got suspended. Out of the blue, a cryptic IBM email with the Ford name as part of the sender name, and its content stating “disabled: true”. My app logged me out, and did not let me in. Changed credentials to no avail. And then the saga began. I called FordPass to find out what just happened. For the next two months and a half, every time I called I was asked if I used any third party service to control my vehicle. Every time I stated I had not and I don’t know what is this about - and I still don’t. And every time they would “check and return me in a few days”, never doing so. By the end I was agreeing with them and saying I had been using whatever they were claiming and I was sorry, so the beating would stop and they would let me use the app I had for 40+ months. Lots of beating and calls later, I got my access recovered, via another cryptic IBM email message. I’m still not sure what the H happened and still not sure when I’ll go thru this again. All I know is that I’m sure thinking where I’m heading on my next vehicle. With such criminal experience, that was my last Ford.
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4 months ago, Uchihalink
Keeps getting worse
For some reason, every update makes things worse. When I first started using the app about 4 months ago, I was happy with what I had for the EV experience even though I felt that the app was not very user friendly. About one month into using the app and update rolled out and with it the app took away a very important feature that was working perfectly for me and my EV experience, it stopped recording my charge logs and also quit giving me the estimates to fully charged vehicle. I was hoping that it would get fixed soon and I even made sure that my phone had the latest software update to have less problems if the app actually updates. Now this latest update has been posted and it did not fix/brought back the feature im missing and instead it added another problem, I usually use the remote start to warm up the battery and electric motors this winter season and usually would take only a few seconds to connect the vehicle and start it (about 15 secs.) and now it takes about 1 min to do that; it is not a huge complaint as I can perfectly wait for a minute to start the vehicle remotely but why would I be happy to update an app to “fix bugs and errors” and instead brake something else? Who knows if another update will fix these issues or make something else worse.
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2 years ago, TunesMcGee
Works Great (Could be Improved)
The app works great to remote start your vehicle, lock/unlock doors, check mileage, oil life, tire pressure, and distance to empty. You can even schedule your vehicle to start at a certain time. The app provides easy access to Ford dealers and can even help summon road side service. Some possible improvements: There is a lot of information available through the app, but it’s mostly generic. You have to sort through it to find what you need. In todays world, it would be so much better if the app would parse and tailor the information to your particular vehicle and its current mileage. Such as a list of services required at your next oil change, based on your mileage - not just what’s required for every vehicle at every mileage point. In addition, there is no way to check to see if your doors are locked. You must actually send a lock command each time you want to know if the doors are locked. Also, a panic button that sets off the horn and flashes the lights during an emergency. The app could also allow you access to a vehicle specific owners manual, giving you easy access to specifications like fluid types and levels, light bulb requirements, etc.
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3 years ago, rocky the bull dog
User agreement?
I you agree to the user agreement when this app updates, you’re agreeing to them to sell your information to third parties so that you can get email solicitation as well as phone calls to try and sell you aftermarket warranties! You’re also agreeing to other financial things! Do you need a freaking attorney to decipher what you are agreeing to just do use a stupid app so that Ford can monitor how you drive your car in where you drive your car as well as the miles you put on your car through your phone! He also monitor how you service your car through your phone or lack of servicing when it comes to litigation! I believe that the contract you signed when you bought your car, as well as opting out to future emails and phone solicitations, should be good enough for Ford but apparently it is not and they have found another way to make money at your expense! Let’s talk about the app! The only way you can use remote start is through this app! Half the time it doesn’t work or recognize you even have a car! The app is a joke and they won’t do anything except blame The cars computer system! I guarantee you that if you bring your car to a dealer they’re not gonna find anything wrong with it however they may change parts and you will still have the same problem as I have read on forms! Fords sink three and Ford pass is a joke!
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6 years ago, Ashrox620
Doesn't work consistently
For some fun reason, my car started and ran through a quarter of a tank of gas Wednesday. I had a phone call and the phone offered to connect to my Ford, so I looked at the app and it gave me the option to "Start Engine", so I decided it was a fluke and my car was not, in fact, powered on. I walked out for lunch and did not Start the vehicle remotely and there it sat, running. My gas tank confirmed it had been on quite a while, but the app still showed the engine was not started. What if it had been the middle of the night and in my garage? This is incredibly dangerous!!! I don't have a key fob that turns the car in- this app is the *only* way I can remote turn the car on. What is going on? Also, why is my phone STILL trying to connect to my car that is not engaged in any way? Honestly, I thought the app was fantastic. I loved the cool features and options, but this is really dangerous. Also, at least two days a week, I've logged in to see that the app was down and being worked on. I'm okay worth fixing the horrible mistakes the app has seen this well, but I'm starting to wonder if this will ever get completely fixed. I really love this app, when it works. If you need top take it down a WEEK to get it working, do it, but please fix it.
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1 year ago, RealDeal75
Worthless if you can’t use per Dealer
I am reviewing again now at 2 stars where previously I reviewed at 5 stars. I’ve owned my vehicle for going on 2 1/2 years now with no issues, but within the last 2 to 3 months my Edge has constantly been losing voltage from the battery till it is dead. I initially thought it was the battery being that it was over two years old so I replaced with a brand new battery from dealer. After experiencing the exact same issues with the new battery I thought it might be an electrical issue so I took it to my local dealer to have it looked at under warranty. After having the vehicle for two days, they called to say the vehicle was completed. Upon arriving to pick up the vehicle I am told that they could find nothing wrong with the vehicle. They asked if I was using the FordPass app? I answered that I was and they advised that I uninstall the FordPass app and do not use it. The battery drain can be caused by excessive calls for data through the vehicles network keeping it in a activated state, causing the battery drain. What use is an app that Ford highly recommends and promotes as a selling point for the ease of use for their vehicles if it causes excessive battery drain till dead even with driving daily. Please fix this issue Ford or don’t promote FordPass as an incentive to Ford ownership.
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2 years ago, invasive again
It wants to know your playlist
This app has the potential to be a good app, but it constantly wants you to opt out of it reporting back to Ford what apps you use on your phone because it is connected to your truck and what apps it wants to interface with with the truck. With used with iOS, it constantly sets ring volume to max and on disconnect does not set it back. When using the remote start on this app, it will only let you start it twice, so if you are in a work environment where you have to remote start and leave your truck started to provide power for other things, you’re out of luck. Furthermore, when interfacing with Bluetooth to use your iPhone, it takes multiple seconds for the microphone to sync up before you can start dictating a message, or answer a phone. The Ford pass app on your truck and your phone also wants to report your driving habits. How hard you accelerate, how often you accelerate, and how hard you brake, even how hard you take corners, are all reported back to Ford. What uses these have is still up for debate and will probably be be hammered out in a legal fashion in the future. But it’s just beyond the call of necessity. If this trend stays in this direction, it will not only be the last vehicle app I use on my phone, it will be the last new Ford that I purchase. Goodbye, Fordpass.
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8 months ago, rocket_1972_camera
Glitchy and not well thought out
I really want this to work. It has so much potential. But it’s slow and glitchy. Deleting a departure time takes 15 seconds to confirm and you can only do them one at a time. Adding departure times takes too many button presses. Updates on the car’s status are sometimes incorrect and not synced with the website. Creating and planning a trip with the mapping is painful. Impossible to create a preferred route or to ask to go via a particular road. Should also be an iPad or web version for route planning on a larger screen. Also no access to phone contacts so I have to look up type in my addresses for friends etc. Saved routes end up being buried three deep in a menu in the car. Predicted charging finishing times are often incorrect by a day. Messages from the car that it is charged are often duplicated. Ford recommends that Phone as a key requires you to have the app open and the phone out - but even then it isn’t 100%. Most things are slow. This app falls short of my expectations for the experience of having a higher end connected BEV. My hope is that Ford realizes this app is an extension of the car experience and invests in engineering this as much as it does their cars. The car itself is great - this app doesn’t reflect that.
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5 days ago, Beeker12
5.0.2 update still broken
Still waiting on a good update for the new version as Ford released 5.0.2 today and still broken 🙁 For my 2018 Escape still have these issues: 1. Not able to do a remote start as the app states the vehicle is on until x:xx time. Try to slide to turn the vehicle off and get the message failed to turn off vehicle, when the vehicle is not on at all. Did do a scheduled remote start and the vehicle did start even with the message above and then able to use the slide bar to turn it off with no problems and able to do non-scheduled remote starts. However once you drive the vehicle again and turn it off the app again states the vehicle is on until x:xx time. Why does a remote start work with a scheduled restart and not the other way with the app thinking the vehicle is on ? ? ? 2. Vehicle health got fixed in 5.0.1 but still no readings for tire pressure. 3. Still not able to enter my service information. Has all prior information and states is from prior owner. 4. Please bring back the fuel gauge reading, not helpful to just see the mileage range. If Ford in the future wants some any beta testers I surely would do this for them as I beta test many applications for other software vendors. Problem is there is no place I can find with Ford to volunteer for such.
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1 year ago, Mendat
Good First Generation App
I use this app with a 2022 Ford Lightning. It works well for its intended purpose. I rarely give 5* on apps as there is always room for improvement and this is a first generation app. While the Ford charging network works well for the most part with Electrify America and sometimes ChargePoint with out use of the app, as a practical matter, there are different apps for the various charging providers, eg Electrify America, ChargePoint, EVGO, Shell Recharge, etc. and it would be a home run if the Ford Pass App could act as a universal app for all charging station providers so that Apple Pay or the equivalent could work with every provider with one app (in circumstances where the provider did not automatically synch via the Ford charging network), and so that communications with the charging provider (outages, charger down, connection difficulties) could be facilitated through the app. It is doable but nonetheless a pain to have to use a different app with a different interface for each charging network if you are on a long trip.
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3 years ago, @ar0th
Battery Killer! Worr
This application runs in the background if you forget to force close it. I don’t mean swiping up to get back to the Home Screen, I mean the “control, alt, delete - end task” version on your phone EVERY SINGLE TIME you use it. It causes our phones to overheat and die...FAST. It’s cool and works great WHILE using, but honestly it isn’t worth the headache. When you go to pull your phone out of your pocket so you can use the app, your phone will probably be dead because of said app. They recently updated the app and the update pop up said something along the lines of “there’s been a fix!” Negative. Same problematic app just with a new visual layout. With the amount of heat this app makes our phones produce I would expect with regular use of the app, battery deterioration will occur. I really do hope Ford focuses on correcting this data error in their application, because I’m starting to lose faith in their reliability here. I know Ford is a automobile manufacturer and not an application based company , but if you’re going to make a product (any product) and tell us it’s corrected when there’s plenty of complaints, and no change has been made...makes me wonder if this is going to be a preview of my future with my truck; frustrating, problematic, and possibly unreliable?
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5 years ago, Redshirt1
A work in progress
I’m writing this as constructive criticism, not a complaint. I feel like this is still in beta testing, especially the watch app which tells me that I need to connect to my phone even though it’s in my pocket and connected. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and feel like it shouldn’t take as long to start the app as it does. It usually takes anywhere from 10-15 seconds to completely open and be ready for use. Might sound petty but when I’m trying to start the truck while doing something else before I leave it’s seems like a long time. I’m sure it will evolve over time but it does need a fair amount of work to bring it closer to a “version 1.0” in my opinion. 2.10 update — app acts like it’s opening but then returns to home screen. It stays open in the background but when selected it does the same thing again. Closing the app nor restarting the phone did anything. 2.20 update — app works much better now. Snappier and more streamline. Will there be any support for Siri for the app itself? Such as “How much gas does (car name) have?”, “how much oil life does (car name) have?”, “Start (car name)”, “set start schedule for (car name) for...”
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4 years ago, Googleint
Needs MAJOR work
Over the past year+ this app hasn’t changed much. Throughout various updates and “bug fixes” I still have the same problems. Half of the buttons don’t work. I select schedule service, nothing happens. I select find another dealer, nothing happens. The only things that work are the readout stats and turning the vehicle on, however, even that fails 15% of the time or takes a couple of minutes to actually do it. My phone is up to date and is new so I know that’s not the issue. When I first got the app I remember it was rated 2-3 stars average. I’m happy to see that has changed but it really doesn’t mean anything because I still have the same problems. Please make the app useable. There are a lot of convenient and great features I would love to take advantage of but instead they’re just sitting in the palm of my hand mocking me. It’s quite annoying to have a smart oil sensor equipped in your vehicle and to have your phone tell you to schedule service through the app and then not let you do anything but stare at a screen that has the info of your dealers service hours. Edit: it’s just getting worse. Down to 2 stars now. Make your app work. It’s pretty simple. Honestly making me regret ever buying a ford.
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2 years ago, Jay Ramthun
Enhancements Request
Overall I like the app, it’s really cool to have an app for this in general and I like a lot of the features it has such as locking doors, starting vehicle, tire pressure and mileage. Please enhance in the following way: -entering vehicle details should be by swiping, I don’t want to swipe to add a new vehicle, people generally do that once -I want to be able to swipe down to refresh my vehicle details, app wise that is pretty standard and much more user friendly than trying to push that little button that you can never tell if it took your touch -also would be nice to see a status of door locks outside of when you lock them from the app -would be nice to have a notification if the doors were unlocked when the fab is not next to the vehicle, like if you bumped the unlock button on the fab in your pocket without knowing -is there anything on the app that will notify you if your alarm is going off or anything relating to security? Thanks much!!
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6 years ago, Ollie C.
You’re Better off Without It
FordPass would be nice if it wasn’t constantly crashing. It runs very poorly on newer iPhones (X style). The app is slow and makes me log in every single time I open it. Considering that I utilize it at least twice a day, that makes FordPass nearly unusable for me. And that’s assuming I make it through log-in. The app refuses to recognize my credentials a good 50% of the time. Why does it need access to FaceID if the feature never even triggers? Initial set-up on my old iPhone 6 was beyond painful. Turns out that it wasn’t just my phone getting old. I love the remote start feature as that seems to be the only only thing that I can rely on. Too bad I have to keep re-syncing it with the car in hopes that one will take. After initial authorization, I shouldn’t have to physically plug in my phone every time I want to add a new start time. The car has WiFi and Bluetooth for goodness sake! Honestly, in the time it takes to load FordPass, I can make make it to the car and physically unlock it. Additionally, I should only have to consent to use of the app monthly, not daily. To top it off, FordPass doesn’t even have a CarPlay app. If all the issues were resolved, the app might be worth using. For now, I would skip it.
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5 years ago, Photog03
Works sometimes, not dependable
I have iPhone 6s, iOS 12.2, and possess technical knowledge. App works sometimes, displays incomplete data at other times. 1) when I open app and view “Vehicle Details” the app states the preferred dealer has not been selected. Then 5-8 seconds later the screen changes showing my preferred dealer information, as if there is something prohibiting it from displaying initially, 2) vehicle mileage under “Vehicle Details” is displayed sometimes and more times not. This is a nuisance as I use the data for expense reports and other purposes. I have to write the mileage down prior to exiting the vehicle or make a trip to the garage to retrieve mileage when needed. Can not understand why or how this information disappears or is often times not provided. My phone and app are connected to vehicle by Sync 3 daily, Sync software is current, thus a good connection is active. I have taken measures to delete app, reset phone, reinstall FordPass app, and it works well for a short period of time and then repeats items 1) and 2) as mentioned above. Good app, just wish it would provide complete data. Note, my vehicle does not support remote start, lock/unlock features.
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5 years ago, RSTBLU
2019 F150 XLT Regular Cab 4x4
Just bought a new F150 after 13+yrs driving a 350. The technology in vehicles today is astounding, and the FordPass app was a bonus I was unaware of at time of factory ordering my F150. I opted out of remote start option, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered with the FordSync I can remotely start my F150 anyways. This app has many more functions that are going to be helpful as the app will monitor tire pressure, mileage, and recommended maintenance services. A few more perks will be the ease finding fuel stations, parking, and many other traveling destination needs. I’m old enough to not like all the technology required these days, but I must admit, installing and navigating the FordPass app wasn’t difficult and I’m glad for this feature with Ford. BTW, thanks Ford for still making a regular cab long bed! All the other manufacturers are switching their lines over to the full cab short beds, which look nice, but are totally useless in home construction!
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4 years ago, Rjs450
Battery Drain on IPhone
UPDATE! Fixed so far. Go into settings on your vehicle’s Sync and choose Apps. Turn off Mobile Apps Wireless and USB. This stopped Ford Pass from draining my battery. I remember turning this on when Sync updated and that is when the problems started. App is very convenient and I really like having it so Please Fix before Apple permanently blocks your app for ruining everyone’s IPhone. I will pickup my IPhone 11 and instantly know Ford Pass is draining my battery because it’s so hot. My phone will be almost dead and sometimes won’t even charge because Ford Pass has been running for hours in background. I have turned off Background Refresh for all apps since Ford Pass in not listed. I can force the app closed and it still keeps going. I can reboot the phone to stop it but as soon as I use the App or connect to my Truck there it goes again. I have deleted the App and reinstalled but still same problem. Rebooting my phone every time I use the app or drive my truck is STUPID. I am using IOS 14.1 on IPhone 11 with the lastest Ford Pass app.
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3 years ago, Hank1993
Nice if it worked
The app is handy and a nice feature that comes with owning a Ford ! I constantly get notifications that I have a message on the app, I go to the messages and the preview of them is barely legible, the font is all screwed up and it doesn’t show me what is read or not read . I click on the top message thinking it’s the newest and my notification stays lit up, then I click the next message and so on and so forth and nothing clears the notification icon badge showing I have a new message. The remote start feature is hit or miss and sometimes spins until I have made it to my vehicle and manually started it ! Also Ford can keep their expensive high interest Visa card that I get offers on the app, text messages, emails and in my home mail box and al of these are repeated over and over ! Take the money you spend on trying to get your Visa card out there and spend some of it on a descent app that works ! The appearance of the app and details of the app looks like a third grader developed this thing and functions as such also! I basically gave the two stars because of the idea of it and the fact so far it does remain free ! Thank you for thst !
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6 years ago, NewGS350FSport
Nice when it works
Have a 2018 F150 lariat; bought in August 2018. Apples worked flawlessly until this past weekends where the clocks changed. After that? Disaster. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the app probably 20 times and it’ll work for a day or a couple of hours and then not work for another couple of days. At first, the problem was it wouldn’t let me adjust the time that my scheduled start was supposed to happen. When the clocks changed, for whatever reason the time in the app went forward. It was originally set to start at 8 o’clock but with the clock changes the app actually changed the time setting to be 7 o’clock and my truck would start at seven in the morning. I had to uninstall and reinstall it for two days before the app would actually allow me to change that setting. For whatever reason it wouldn’t save, wouldn’t allow me into the setting etc. now, it’s telling me that my truck can’t use FordPass app at all! Another series of uninstall reinstall, and nothing. So frustrating! While I’m super excited that we have the ability to use an app to manage our vehicle, what good is it if half of the time the darn app doesn’t work?!
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3 years ago, David 31415
Tricky to use. Glitchy. Really glitchy. No recharge planning for trips.
Does more than others except Tesla, but this app must do much more functionality to compete with Tesla. And they really need to get rid of the daily glitches. After a recall, the phone as a key is still unreliable and other app functions may or may not work. Random changes to most settings are totally annoying. Radio comes on to Ford’s choice of input. Random ads appear on the screen. You can’t plan a long trip that takes charging stations into account. Does not update charging status until charge level is reached. Cannot use advertised features such as setting the desired charge level from the app. (Indeed, it is trIcky to set the desired charge level from the screen, since it is tied to time of day charging.) Not to mention totally bogus collision alerts - I once had it slam on the brakes with nothing in front of me. Some of these problems are probably not related to this app, but part of the Mach R OS. Overall, we love the car but this app is very weak.
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1 year ago, D Charl3s
Minor tweaks
Overall great concept. But I do have a few suggestions. Ranging from seemingly easy to do but low in user satisfaction to what seems like something very difficult to do, but would be great for the end-user. To begin I think there should be a shortcut to see exactly how much battery charge there is left in the vehicle. By shortcut I mean, just a long press of the app on the home screen which would reveal a quick pop-up of to things like powering on or off your vehicle, or again, how much range remains before needing to be recharged. Something difficult to do in my opinion but would be amazing would be climate control from the app or enabling the camera to view what’s going on around your car when you’re not there. Truly a 4 1/2 ⭐️ app but I’m going to give it a 2 just to get someone’s attention. A quick sidebar, I don’t know how many people actually try to turn on their car or lock or unlock the doors. But I know I check my battery remaining range frequently. To be able to look at my watch and know exactly how much charge do I have left would be amazing.
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5 months ago, dang1956
2022 F-150
Beautiful truck. Keeps entering “deep sleep” mode until I was told to turn off the automatic updates which seemed to be every other day. It would drain the battery down to 30%, then the electronics would not work, no interior lights at night, no courtesy lights, no remote start, even Car Play would not work. Dealer checked it out, was told to turn off the auto update, Ford issued a bulletin to dealers advising of issue. Battery checked OK, changing system OK, said I didn’t drive enough to keep battery fully charged, how far is far enough? Should have kept the 98 Lexus with 320,000 miles if this is as good as it is going to get with a truck that costs twice as much as my first house (1982). So disappointed in this pickup it is sickening, even driving just over 600 miles in one trip couldn’t charge the battery. Get this, also told the tonneau hard cover was pulling the battery down. No holes have been drilled, no wires connected to it. Awaiting the next adventure at the dealer. That’s alright I have the extended warranty and I plan on driving the rental vehicle until the wheels fall off or my truck gets fixed, all I pay for is gas.
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3 years ago, Desert Local
Helpful information
Like the all the details provided about vehicle, but last update under "Vehicle" now no longer provides Tire Pressure. Tire Pressure was an important element to monitor your tires. Please put Tire Pressure back under "Vehicle". My old Ford vehicle traded in last year at the same Ford Dealership for vehicle I have now has a Recall showing for it. The App has no way for me to delete the recall notice for the car traded in. Please add a way to delete a recall notice on previous car. Other than that, a great App to monitor your car. A day after leaving my review, the Tire Pressure is now back under "Vehicle" information. As I just received feedback from Ford, stating they will look into why Tire Pressure no longer shows it maybe was a glitch. But all good now. Ford also provided information on how to address Recall notice on car no longer have. Fords timely response indicates, Ford wants this app to be useful to Ford owners.
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4 months ago, Goblue3g
Not quite what it should be.
Using with a 2023 Lightning. Ford should compare functionality of the Tesla app and mimic the good parts of that. Basic functionality such as being able to precondition the truck to a specific temperature for schedule departure is one of the glaring missing items. Ford only gives you options like “warm” and “cool” which, depending on the outside temperature, are often misread and you end up getting into a cold truck in the winter. The other main issue with the app is when you use your phone as a key(PAAK). While that works relatively well, there are again some basic functions missing. For example, if you use PAAK, and the vehicle has started the precondition process, the truck defaults to a guest profile. This may be more of an issue with the truck’s software vs the app, but All they ever tell me is “that’s how it is”. I could go on, but you get the picture. The app is fair to good, but a long way from great and no where near 4 or 5 stars, when compared to what’s possible.
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1 year ago, Pitapipsqk
Worst App Ever…
Every time I try to use the app to start my car or unlock it I get a message that says “your vehicle is in a deep sleep mode and connectivity temporarily unavailable. Manually turn on your vehicle to deactivate this mode.” This happens every time I turn the vehicle off…within minutes! This temporary has been temporary for several months now! When is this going to be fixed? Update on my comments about a month ago… I searched the internet and found what the problem was! The problem is with the battery monitoring system. To reset it on a lot of Ford vehicles you press the start button or turn the key flash the bright lights 5 times and then press the brake 3 times wait for about 10 seconds and you’ll see the battery on the dashboard blinking this indicates the the battery monitoring system has been reset. Since I’ve done this I’ve not had ANY issues with the app and my handles with now lock without using the key. I don’t knows of this will help anyone, but thank you Ford for your wonderful help with this issue on the app and locking/unlocking my car using the touchpad on the door handle.
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3 years ago, 55589227643964
Bad app
Where to begin with The problems with this app. If you do not run chrome on your phone this app will cause you all sorts of headaches. Overall the app runs extremely slow. The app will track you all over the place whether you are in a Ford vehicle or not. Once you download the app and input your vin Number the app may or may not work as advertised. For my truck which was a 2020 Ford the app could lock and unlock the doors but could not auto start the engine. I called customer service & about 75 percent of the time I called I got a English as a second language rep and go was difficult at times to understand. Their suggestions were re-input your Vin number and if that doesn’t work start over from scratch woh the app. Trying to reset a password was a headache in itself. I would hit the forgot password button it would ask for my email and then send me a link in that email which would send me back to the original sign-in screen. The rep said I should open the email on a computer and that might solve the problem. I’m like why should I have to go to a computer to reset the password for a phone app it defeats the purpose of the phone app.
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3 years ago, Abernathy Smilie
Love my Ford Pass
I happened to be waiting to get the oil changed on my 2012 F150, when I read on the window about earning points towards various things. I downloaded the app & received points for the service done. Then a chain of events happened that I ended up purchasing my grandson a 2021 F150 4x4. The young salesman Ryan was great, but at my age I know that most employees that are good, stems from the boss. But the one who actually made the sale was the manager Lee. My grandson had also downloaded the Ford Pass & got points for his truck. But as fate has it & returned to Pollard Ford 8 months later & purchased a 2021 Escape SE from Ryan/Lee & then I actually got the points for that purchase! LOL I believe there is NO other car dealerships other than Ford that has such a wonderful opportunity to earn services/things through a point system, thank you Ford! By the way, both my grandson & myself LOVE OUR FORDS!!
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3 years ago, concrn citN willz
Hard to close your account
I closed my account on the app due to metadata privacy concerns months ago,and received a confirmation email that my account was closed. Fast forward to a few weeks ago I received a email stating I have reward points, I called Ford and the agent tells me that my account is still active, so I ask for my account to be deleted. The agent tells me I will receive a call once my account has been deleted and gives me a case number and within 72 hours I will receive a call this has been done, it has been well past that now. If you are ok with your data being sold, cool enjoy the app it works great, if you have concerns about your data being sold then be careful and make sure you document your account cancellation as this appears to be a very difficult process and they do not keep records of you attempt to close your account through the app( the agent said their system showed no info on me closing my account on the app and asked if I had a case number from using the app, which may have happened but I assumed the cancellation email was enough and did not write it down). Be careful!
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3 years ago, MaverickC17
Need Apple Watch App!!!
Update 4: Bring back the Apple Watch app and fix the issue where is forgets the connection most of the time and makes you open the phone app defeating the purpose of of the watch app. Please enable Siri Shortcuts! Update 3: Now has Apple Watch App but I really would like Siri Shortcuts enabled. I would like to raise my wrist and say “start my truck” into my Apple Watch using a Siri Shortcut! How awesome would that be! Update 2: still no Apple Watch app. Now I would like Siri Shortcuts. I want to raise my wrist and say “start my truck” into my Apple Watch using a Siri Shortcut! How awesome would that be! Update: still no Apple Watch app. Now I would like Siri Shortcuts. I want to raise my wrist and say “start my truck” into my Apple Watch using a Siri Shortcut! How awesome would that be! Love the ability to start my truck from my iPhone! Didn’t even know it did this until the sales person was setting it up for me. It would be really awesome to be able to start my truck from my Apple Watch! May purchase a cellular Apple Watch just to be able to do this without my phone nearby. So cool 👍🏻
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3 months ago, BLB757
Works… Till it doesn’t.
I have used this app for keyless entry many times, but last night it decided to stop working because my battery was low according to the FordPass representative who could not get me into my truck. My truck battery is below 50%. The app doesn’t work which doesn’t make sense because she said it was for my own safety but it would been safer if I could’ve unlocked my doors and gotten into my truck instead of being stranded with my dog in a parking garage late at night. I don’t use my key fob because when I go running, it is very large there was no way of getting me in other than calling a friend to come get me and take me home and then take me back, that’s not safe! There was nothing on my truck that said my battery was low and I still can’t figure out where to see my battery level or if it did even charged on my way home that’s probably not safe either. The rep said I could call for roadside assistance but last time I did that I had $100 deductible I would not recommend the keyless entry for any single women.
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2 years ago, The doreah
Stuck in a loop - Can’t Use App
I have a plug-in hybrid vehicle. I normally just use the “My Ford Mobil” app which is trailered more for electric/hybrid ford cars. Now, the “My Ford Mobil” app has been decommissioned and when I open it, it tells me that the features have migrated to “Ford Pass” app. Cool sounds good, consolidation, less apps. All for it. But when I add my vehicle to “Ford Pass”, it refers me back to “My Ford Mobil” for more tailored electric car app features. There is no option to continue without opening the “My Ford Mobil” app, which as I stated before, is decommissioned and refers me back to “Ford Pass”… I actually can’t do anything in the “Ford Pass” app at this point except close it after trying to add my vehicle. You can see the loop I am stuck in. I wonder if the features even migrated over. Ford should probably have figured this out before decommissioning the previous app. Pretty stupid that they have a decommissioned app still on the App Store also. I even re-downloaded it and had the same issues. Hopefully gets resolved soon, but for now I see this as a critical error since I am not able to even use the app.
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4 years ago, AllAmerireject8
Lots of glitches
When it work, it works well. When it doesn’t work - there’s no point in having it. Can’t lock or unlock or start the car. The idea of this is app is super helpful and handy - but the glitches make things SO inconvenient and worrisome. I have a timer set to start my car Mon-Fri at 8:10am so it’s warm in the winter before I leave for work. Today while at work, I checked my phone and have 37 notifications that my car started successfully between 10:10am-11:20am!!!!! I didn’t notice these until almost noon so when I went out to check my car it was cold again and I couldn’t verify (and neither could FordPass customer support/guide) if it actually started that many times. I’d also say about 20% of the time when I’d like to start my car in the middle of the day, I am unable to due to the app being “down temporarily”. This would be a GREAT app if it the autostart functionality worked better and any “down time” was communicated in advance - either by a pop up message or notification in the message center.
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5 years ago, Littleleah1
Remote start rarely works
I like the concept of being able to schedule starts and it has a further reach than the keyfob remote starter. Those aren’t useful though when the app doesn’t work. I had weekday scheduled starts set up and every day the app would tell me my car was started. I’d look out my window and half the time my car would not be running. Then the app just decided I needed to leave the house earlier and rescheduled my start for an hour earlier. It wouldn’t let me edit the time so I deleted the scheduled start and tried to re-add it. It will no longer allow me to schedule a start. I keep hitting the “save” button but nothing happens. When you have an app that effects the function of peoples cars, you should make sure it works. I live in Michigan, do you know how awful our winters are? Remote start is essential. Really wish I had my old car with the keyfob that worked. Update:I went to start my car this morning (morning rush hour time) and the app was offline for maintenance. They’re doing maintenance during peak use time?! I am currently sitting in my car waiting for it to defrost. I am no longer a loyal Ford customer
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1 month ago, Martin.e.e
Owner Manual Service Entry
I own a 2020 Expedition and for the most part I have always liked this app, I always use the remote start, lock and unlock functions and the fuel gauge is always nice to have. Sure the new update looks more aesthetic and a lot of the functionality is still there and I can attest that my vehicle starts quicker than it used to so I’m not entirely unsatisfied, however my current gripe with it is I can’t manually enter any service that I’ve done to my vehicle. I’m not sure how valuable that really is but it was nice to manually enter every time I changed my own oil or did any servicing in general and be able to reference it all on my app. That has now been taken away. Overall I like the app, you can still see vehicle range, tire pressure, odometer, and engine oil life and the remote start is by far my most favorite feature especially in the summer - it’s just it would be nice to enter my service manually.
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3 years ago, brian2328
Draining battery on IPhone
Update: 1/8/21 Received an email and the app updates claim it has fixed the battery draining issue with iPhones. The update does not work and is continuing the drain my battery. It’s disappointing that a company the size of Ford cannot fix this issue which has been going on for almost 4 months now. This is now my second review since the release of IOS 14. Can the developer please explain why this is taking so long to fix this issue that is draining the battery on IPhones. You have had a couple of updates over the past few weeks and none seem to work. I delete the app off my phone and then see that a new update has come out. I then reinstall the app hoping the update fixed the issue and then so disappointed it still continues to drain the battery. Please make this a priority on your next update.
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3 weeks ago, Double-D 420
If it ain’t broke don’t update your app
I see a lot of bad reviews. I have yet to experience any issues people are complaining about except for the Apple Watch not working but that was over a year ago and has since been fixed. I would suggest not to update your app if it was working for you. Don’t be the crash test dummy for testing new updates. There are plenty of people that will and write a bad review to let you know if the updated app is worth updating. There are a lot of variables that go into making everyone’s devices to work with our awesome vehicles. So some updates that are pushed out don’t necessarily mean they are for you. I am on version 4.31.2 and works flawlessly. I didn’t need the new and improved way the app looked cause I was ok with the old way it looks and works!! If it ain’t broke don’t update and complain about it!
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3 months ago, Newsmax axed
Former salesman
I sold Ford many years ago when an XL had nothing. I am so impressed with the features on my XL Maverick, it’s been unbelievable. Remote start, on an XL, are you kidding me? All the features I was too cheap to pay for, like power windows and locks, cruise, fancy radio, Well I have them anyway. Thank you Ford. I really can’t imagine my Maverick without the features. I love them all. I recently took it on it’s first long distance journey from Alabama to Miami Florida. It was 11 hours at faster than is allowed and my Maverick averaged 27 mpg. I really think if I’d used eco mode and stayed on cruise in the slow lane, It may have gotten over 30. I may have been passed by a dozen cars in 11 hours each way. If it continues to perform as it has so far, I’ll continue to love it and enjoy driving it. Thanks again Ford, you really hit the target with this truck!
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4 years ago, Ron G NJ
Great battery tester-on your phone
This app has decimated my battery life if I mistakenly open it and gee, actually use the app. Once I close the app and move on with my life, the app keeps running away in the background like a hamster on an exercise wheel, using the charge in my new iPhone and killing the battery in a few short hours. Just last night, my charge was at 100% when I woke up at 5:30. When I got to work at 7 my phone was already down to 73%. And the phone was warm to the touch. If left to it’s own devices, this app will drain my phone to nothing before lunch. And I checked the battery app in my settings. This FordPass app was active for over 6 hours as of 7am! And I never opened it up today! As for the app itself, it works well and starts my car remotely. It allows me to make sure my doors are locked when I step away. It’s like the OnStar offered by GM, except you have to sacrifice the use of your phone if you want to use it. I’d wait to see if they ever fix this. They know there is a problem since they sent me a message in the app asking if I was experiencing poor battery life since I installed the app. To answer your question Ford, YES! As of Thanksgiving week in the US in 2020 this app is still broken. I would not recommend using it until the app is repaired. Good luck!
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2 years ago, AKA - Big A
Doesn’t work
Updating to 3 stars since the app started linking to my car again. It is pretty serviceable now. Since I have a Mach E this app is more important to day to day operation of the vehicle compared to gas powered cars. We use it to monitor charge status, configure charge settings and to find chargers and/or trip plan. It stall has some bugs. I wish there was a way for users to report bugs. And I wish the support was better. Original 1 star review: This app is ok if it works. Mine worked for about a week before would no longer connect with my Mach E. Called support and waited for 15 minutes to talk with someone whose first troubleshooting step was update my iPhone and call back. Of course that didn’t work. Then spent an hour on chat support this morning trying to get it working. Still not working the chat person ghosted me after I assume they had no more troubleshooting steps to read off their list. Right now this app is trash and the Ford Pass support is trasher for me.
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1 year ago, BigDog Jim Bob
Stop Charging Button Does Not Work
2023 Ford-150 Lightning with extended battery and Ford Pass app. When using Level 1 charging, the “Stop Charging” button on the app Does Not stop the charging. Pressing the button on the app will turn gray as if it is trying to something but never stops the active charge cycle. After several minutes, the button will return to Blue again but vehicle is still charging. All other functions of the app work as expected. Update: although I had tried to stop charging several times when charging at home on Level 1 charging, it appears that the stop charging button has started working now. I contribute this to the most recent update automatically updated to the F-150. The stop charging button works and even presents a resume charging button as well as expected.
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1 year ago, Mashman 8
Works well but needs a redesign
The FordPass app is by far the most reliable vehicle app I have used other than Tesla’s, and it functions as intended and expected. The reason I left 4 stars is because this app has looked the same and has almost the exact same number of features for what seems like forever. I own an F-150 Lightning and Tesla’s app makes this app seem lacking. I’d love to see air conditioning controls, a way to control my windows, sunroof and shade, seat heating/cooling, control charge limits, send navigation, and start the vehicle for another driver. FordPass also looks dated and should get a new ui. BMW, Volvo, and Tesla have apps with great ui, with sharp graphics and clean yet simple user experiences. I’d love to see these improvements to the FordPass app with an overhaul. It’s a great app but it really needs a redesign. I hope this review helps make Ford deliver even better products and experiences in the future.
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1 year ago, Ford 'Passed'
“Just like the weather” …… 😕
Good for a week, then ‘no connection’ for a week. Remote Start is my lifeline with no garage and minus 10-degree mornings. Ughhhh! C’mon Ford aren’t ya a little better than this? This is my 9th Ford purchase going way back to my college days. I asked for a remote start added to my key-FOB when I purchased but the salesman re-assured me that the “Ford Pass was free and it would save me money by not adding a remote start to the key-FOB”. I’ve called customer service on Ford Pass, but both times the rep seemed to be aware of the issue but seemed to talk about the ongoing issue but really had NO SOLUTIONS. I’m certainly not the most “tech-savvy” 62 year old on the planet but wouldn’t you think someone at Ford could tap one of these lazy millennial tech nerds on the shoulder and demand some solutions to your Ford Pass dilemma? This whole process has been VERY AGGRAVATING!☹️HELP!!
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3 years ago, DiNoise
Lacks quality and features (F-150 Lariat)
I like the ability to start (and schedule start) remotely, even though sometimes it doesn’t work, and that’s about it. Vehicle status lacks the simplest but important thing: LOCK status. I open the app I wanna see if my truck is locked or not, in case I forgot to lock it. It would be awesome to be able to set climate temperature and seats (heat/vents) remotely too. Also status if any windows are open. Ford should look into Tesla app and get ideas. Recently added security alerts feels buggy. First of all you have to be inside your vehicle to set the schedule for alerts, otherwise I kept getting an error. Then after I set the schedule to be notified if my doors are open during nights I still get the notifications every time I open a door no matter day or night. Maybe because I got spoiled by Tesla app, but even their app is not perfect, and Ford being such huge company has no excuse to have such low grade app. Love my F-150 and hope this app will improve a lot very soon.
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3 years ago, AJ_Mache
Ford Pass is Average at best, needs a lot of improvement!
I have been using Ford Pass with a Mach E, which is advertised as convenient Phone as Key feature. Problems I have encountered are: 1. Ford pass is NOT reliable, it works 70% of time. Other times I could be waving my phone at the door but it would not unlock. I am holding my phone in hand and car would say no key detected! 2. Lock, unlock and remote start features do not work well. I have had issues when I can clearly see my car. It just keeps on thinking and thinking and thinking and error out. 3. Way too many instances showing Ford Pass failed to load. I was told by Ford CS it will do that when you have poor cell signal? While I am standing 2 feet from car and it does not unlock. Very I convenient. 4. Charging status: this one is a crap shoot, I think it only works like 50% of time and does not provide much useful Information. And at times it will get stuck on previous charge cycle. Most times the current charged state of car battery will not update even after I have close (swipe out the card) and reload the app! I have tried calling Ford customer support they are good to work with if you have a question. But if you are trying to tell them something they should improve they cannot find right person I should talk to. Hopefully they improve the app soon or I will ditch it and the car for a Tesla!!!
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6 years ago, Jdlay28
Nice but...
This app is nice and works pretty well but it does seem to crash a lot leaving me without access to its features like remote start. Unfortunately, when it does crash I cannot tell immediately that is has except that it tells me something isn’t right. Then I try to log out and back in to try it again several times unsuccessfully so I just move on with my day at that point. Another thing that doesn’t make much sense is that there are two message streams when my car is communicating with me. I’ll get a message about washer fluid being low in my messages and then I'll also get a little yellow dot on the “my vehicle” tab telling me the same thing and it won’t clear out until I refill the washer fluid even if I check the message. It would also be nice if the settings in my car are used when remote starting the car like turning on my seat warmer. I like the app and use it regularly but these are improvements that would make it better. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Shel8s
Drains phone battery
I just got the app 4 days ago with my new car and it’s got awesome features and I really want to use it, but I can’t. It drains my battery with “background activity” 1% every 2 mins. Even with my phone screen off and half the time won’t let my battery fully charge.I have had to turn off pretty much ever feature to try and stop this and next step is to delete the app from my phone. I turned off the precise location feature, cellular data, notifications, fitness and motion iPhone feature, only allow location if it asks me because not even the only while using setting worked, and I turned off all background activity from all apps and yet I’m still getting background activity from this app. I deleted and reinstalled it and am fully charging my phone because it stoped at 76% last night. Thankfully I’m not working today. I’m testing it today, but I don’t have high hopes. I’m most likely going to have to delete it which is a shame. I really do wish I could use it to its full potential.
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