Forex Signals Live - FXLeaders

4.7 (2.2K)
34.3 MB
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Current version
Standard Merchants EMEA FZE
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Forex Signals Live - FXLeaders

4.71 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 years ago, conde055
No alerts
I give it 3 stars because with premium the signals are usually more profit than losses. Only thing wrong is the email signals shut off on their own. So, you have to go in the app every so often to see if a signal has been posted. (All pairs are turned on for alerts on my app).
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3 years ago, CnbcU
Not worth the price
You have to find alerts no emails or alerts tab. I have an old alert frozen in place. If you search other tabs you’ll find them. Not as efficient for price. Accuracy is good if you know how to navigate the market. I use it as an aide in addition to other tools. 3 stars because sometimes you have to use tighter tp and you have to know when to go contrarian to the alert* I will say I have made my money back but could definitely be less buggy and more as advertised
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6 years ago, dsounds
It’s an ok app but...
It’s an ok app but I keep having to reinstall it because it fails to launch for some reason. It’ll launch fine for a couple of days and I’m able to use it then all of a sudden when I attempt to launch when being notified of new content it acts like it wants to open then shuts down and never loads. The only way to get it to launch is to uninstall, reinstall again and log in. I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus and this is the only app having the issue.
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11 months ago, eHdnicma
You should download this
Out of all the Crypto exchanges out there, this is the one that clearly stands out due to their professionalism and consistent high-quality experiences to include this app.
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2 years ago, q.draggon
I love the trades that come through because they’re are mostly correct and ive made plenty of money. BUT, THE NOTIFICATIONS DO NOT WORK!! And its so irritating! I literally had to make FXLeaders a VIP on my email just so that I could get alerts THROUGH MY EMAIL and not the app as its suppose to be. 😒 Good app, but the notification situation is so irritating to me!
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4 years ago, Mithu91
Paid 149$ but still not getting premium feature
paid 149$ but still not getting signals or premium features, starting to think this is a scam. Don’t use this app there is no reply after I paying 149$ through App Store worst support .
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3 months ago, your dad's milk
Trailing stop lost/risk to reward
If ya’ll could add an update to either trailing stop losses or a higher risk to reward ratio within the trades that would be so much better because a 1:1 is not that great unless you twin rate is more than 60% when you include spreads and fees.
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7 years ago, Ajhbeast
Good app but
You get the app and it give you some signals and then pushes you to make a trade account with them so they can make money off you making money but if you don't they just never update the signals or anything else on that page once you first open it. Mines been stuck on the same signals that have been long and gone for two days now
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7 years ago, La Bory10
Pretty accurate
I got some suggestions and followed them and made money. I’m making small trades less than 100$ and so the return is minimal but it works.
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11 months ago, Ayah Esguerra
Highly Recommended
Very accurate signals. I like it! I recommend this app. So useful!
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2 years ago, not happy woth this app
Worse app
Signal alert notification doesn’t work even when u select alert option. They will send signal alert once in a few days thru ur email and by then it too late. We need more signals alert thru mobile notification and at a regular basis. What a waste of money on this app.
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5 years ago, 9agc
Scam. Do not buy.
This app is a total scam. It charges 122 USD for a yearly subscription, promising alerts via email, and then once the amount is charged, the alerts don’t work. At all. Not only that, but you can’t edit the signals on the front page, and the rates aren’t even live! They do not refresh! Total scam. There also seem to be a lot of fake reviews here— beware.
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2 years ago, 524287
Seems risky to try premium
I have tried pressing premium button thinking I would risk a month. But the app consistently crashes when I click premium. I followed free signals for 2 days and won more than I lost.
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3 years ago, prime user484885
Never get this app!
Once you are in, they will make it extremely hard for you to get out. They refused to cancel my subscription and proceeded to curse at me because I wanted to cancel. There are so many more signal programs out there. Pleeease do not get tied into this one! They are some random guys in Israel running this thing
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4 years ago, AbenezerG
Worst experience ever
Don’t ever give them your money. They say they will refund it but what they do is try to keep you subscribed and refuse to give your money back. This is illegal. Apple should be ashamed to have them on their platform. I will do whatever it take to get my money back and if they have done the same to you you should too.
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1 year ago, guz191
Forex signals
After years of trying signals and losing money; FX LEADERS have changed my trading! Thank you so much for the great signals.
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4 years ago, vasyok83
only I do not receive notifications?
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5 months ago, ALFARUKIY
Wow I really love this app oh my god there the best app that give out best free signal pls keep it up I love you guys
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6 months ago, TechOriented
No idea why app ask for phone number
No idea why the app ask for phone number when you sign up. This is not a banking account. You don’t need phone numbers.
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11 months ago, Mark Realino
5 Stars
Highly Recommended! Very Nice app to use!
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4 years ago, GIRLYMARLEY
No Monthly Premium
I don’t like the fact that I only have to the choice of paying for a whole year. There should be a choice between a year or monthly premium 😞 sad
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7 years ago, Need to give out codes!!
Pretty accurate so far
It's accurate for the time I've been using it
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4 years ago, chamarb12
Took my $160 for premium
I paid for premium services and never got it, support team won’t respond to my email, I just lost $160 for nothing when taxes was added on, I even sent them proof of purchase but no one will email me back
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2 years ago, ineyo the real me
I have Joined Etoro to get the VIP membership. I havent got it yet days after joining. I Tried contacting the customer service. Nothing. I Sent a message on facebook it just showed that my message has been seen no response.
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6 years ago, Cautious357
Great Signals
This is great app. Support team is awesome as well. Great for those with little to no trading experience.
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3 months ago, -QueenCKK
Would never pay for premium
The trades they give out even the ones with stop loss and take profit that doesn’t show the entry ends in losses such horrible app
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7 years ago, Twitter @iRepDreamville
So far so good.
Got 2 profits from this app so far. Only been using it for a few hours lol.
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4 years ago, ChevyOnStar
Paid $149 for yearly subscription, no access to “premium” features after payment. Tried calling there number but goes right to a voicemail, no response from tech support via email. Total scam
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7 years ago, MJ🇨🇦
Hello guys I installed this app now and it seems it will be useful app in forex world. I'm going to test it on demo environment as soon as possible.
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7 years ago, pipguy
Nice app
Nice app, don't my first signal and woke up in profit.
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Signal and Alert issues
The App keep crashing and I m not receiving Signals. Also I can’t set up Alerts. This does not inspire confidence. Kindly resolve the issues.
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4 years ago, bozeyman
Mediocre paid service
I can get this quality of signals for free. But the company provided the service i paid for.
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4 years ago, eschaton7
I have huge issues with a paid signal provider who gets 3+ losses in a row. And I’m stuck with you for a whole year.
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5 years ago, Call_me_mac ig
Poor signals
I always have to triple check a signal before i take a signal on here... you will blow your account just going off these signals alone
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5 years ago, Yummierduckling
Signals are slow
Waste of 120$ the signals aren’t being updated been staring at the same signal for over 12hrs
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6 years ago, Aremo5050
Made 250$ just in an hour
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5 years ago, elgordo84
Pretty organize looks good
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7 years ago, Saborknight
The app gives pretty good signals
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7 years ago, Ddkong2012
Pretty Good
Good app, so far so good. 😀
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4 years ago, _emkcee
Don’t waste your money
The app is always crashing and it NEVER notifies you of new signals. Complete waste of money.
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5 years ago, bron321iv
Constant crashing
Keeps crashing every time I try to trade
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5 years ago, Bxbob60
Made $100 using their free signals upgrades to premium made 1000 in 2 weeks lost 3000 in 3 days.
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4 years ago, thehoff2020
Bought premium but it won’t activate and nobody will help me
Need help and I will change review
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4 years ago, vladilexis1234
Trader up set
What kind of signals free you offer on you app . Come on guys only one signal in all day
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4 years ago, ReereeHB
Not good signals my first few were losses now I’m iffy on trying it again
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7 years ago, Ahmed. I
Very helpful.
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11 months ago, Yojleg
Great App. 👌🏼🫶
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4 years ago, TigaTC1
No response from support about vip offer
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4 years ago, Memo Lesta Elano
The worst app ever
this app it’s just for kidding
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7 years ago, Kekeezey@
Great app!
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