Fortiva Account Center

1.6 (191)
60.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Atlanticus Services
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fortiva Account Center

1.61 out of 5
191 Ratings
1 year ago, hdjridgfgh
It technically
Fields deleting themselves when you switch fields, buttons not working, no intuitive way to make monthly payments that are not, literally “statement balance” and “minimum payment”. This app is trash. If these features are intentional it is scummy. If they are not then it at least goes from predatory to just above garbage. I will not be using this company again. I will not use a company that uses this company.
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3 months ago, Enchanted1516
Close my account
Due to me trying to pay off my balance and my payment was returned twice. Still do not know why the money sat in my account for two weeks. I was charged a late fee, and then I made a third payment of just $500. After about two weeks of waiting to see if I would have an available balance it was still $0. I called customer service and they told me my account was on hold due to suspicious payment activity. So not only does this company not want your money for your payment they penalize you for making your payments. After being told my account was under review just for simply trying to pay the card off I told customer service to close my account. I am not going to go through rejected payments, and also be punished when the money was in my account for two weeks but the payment got returned twice. I do not have any issues paying anything else from this account it has only been this payment I have had issues with. I will not be doing business with this credit card company ever again. Good luck to anyone who chooses this credit card. Keep an eye on your payments and make sure they post to your account. If it is taking to long to have available credit something is wrong and you should call customer service. Customer service has always been helpful, just have issues when it comes to making payments and using the credit.
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3 months ago, geekgirlfinds
For two months now I have been unable to use the app to make my monthly payments. This makes things incredibly difficult. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to make your payment. I would expect more functionality for a credit card application, but this just falls short and is sad. Likely going to cancel my credit card as soon as I get it paid off if I can make a payment. I even had issues going onto their website from a link that they texted me and my payment never went through. It just sat there spinning, saying it was submitting and that did that for 30 minutes and nothing ever happened. It makes me very nervous.
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6 months ago, MoscowDrywaller
It’s the 21st century!
Hey, this is a warning to anyone with a newer iOS device. This app does not work. It’s hard to believe a legitimate credit card company is not on top of stuff like this.. of course you can still login through Safari or a browser, but that sometimes can be inconvenient. I’m also not the type to ever write a review about an app but I feel so strongly about this, needed to be said. One other annoying thing is when you try to contact Fortiva by email, you can’t even send using a Gmail email, it’s marked as spam. Again, this is the 21st-century…
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10 months ago, Susienc919
Love this credit card app
I have quite a few credit cards and this app is by far the easiest to use and gives all info. Payments made don’t take long to post when done from the app!
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9 months ago, Raccoon Rebellion
Horrible Security
This app bas no security no matter what I do. I’ve had my card replaced 3 times in one year due to fraud. I have never had any other card with fraudulent charges ever. On top of this, someone bought a $400 chair on my first card, I needed a refund and they never gave it to me. I sent in several letters that they said to fill out and absolutely nothing. I am being charged horrible interest on a $400+ purchase I never made. Do NOT get a card with this bank.
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8 months ago, 84JerZ
Besides all the buggy fields I can get my bills paid. Until iOS 17. Just get the splash screen and that’s it. App is useless as of right now. Also trying to get to app support from the App Store goes to a 404 page so there’s no one to help. Pretty sad for the money they make.
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1 year ago, Odomjb
Unable to open the app from iPhone 14 Pro Max
I have tried many times to use the app on my IPhone 14 Pro Max to no avail. Before, I was able to use it on my IPhone 13 Pro Max without any issues. Update: upgraded to 4 stars after the app reloaded and it worked fine.
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7 months ago, kaityemoore
The App Never Opens!
Why do I continue to let this app take up storage on my phone? Every time I try to open it, it never even loads. I’m stuck having to log-in via a web browser which then requires two factor authentication instead of just an easy 2 second Face-ID. If you want your customers to pay their bill on time, maybe make it an accessible option.
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5 months ago, Queenwoowho
App not working
I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years. All of a sudden I can’t get past the first page. I put my login information in and it goes to a blank page never moves very frustrating, especially trying to make payments online. If you can’t help me resolve this problem I will be paying off my account I guess over the phone and closing them
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1 month ago, Stagedolls1
The worst card out there!!!
The only credit card company that doesn’t allow you to set your own monthly automatic payments. They only allow you to pay minimum or full amount. You can make payments any other time. But why make it so difficult. Just let customers set the amount they want like all other credit companies do. Get with the times.
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1 year ago, Ansf20983
For what this bank charges in rates and annual fees you’d think they’d take time to ensure the customer has a streamlined way to make payments and view simple account info. Customer service is also trash. The company outsources customer service calls internationally so good luck getting someone who fluently speaks English and understands what you are saying. Avoid this company at all costs.
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6 months ago, Sicbit
What is this
This app has literally never made it past the welcome screen in the year and a half I’ve had it. I still check it every now and then to see but of course I still have to go and log in through a separate window on safari cause this app is total and complete garbage and clearly nobody has any interest in changing that.
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1 year ago, garbegeapp
Garbage 😡😡😡
This app ; once upon a time did work for me but now I don’t know what is going on. I can’t see anything no activity going on in my account .I can only go by word of mouth over the phone ..... The update Version was the worst idea ever it was fine the way it was .... this app deserves no stars I don’t even know why one is even mark upp there . I didn’t do it...........
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10 months ago, CharliemcConnell
No problems here
I’m supersized to see so much negativity this cards good I have no annual fee I assume it’s a bunch of bad credit people that have issues
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5 months ago, Kate7151985
Not opening
I’ve not been able to open the app in 3 months. I can click on it and it will go to the load page and it there. Nothing happens after that.
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1 year ago, x0.gringa
App doesn’t work.
I appreciate the fact that I was approved for credit, but it would be nice to use the app. It only ever gives me the startup “Fortiva” screen. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app - it doesn’t work. Please fix this or I will seriously consider closing my account. This is a huge inconvenience for me.
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1 year ago, Tina peace
App doesn’t work
Anyone else having problems making payments on the due date?? The calendar is stuck, I can’t make a way around it to make an on time payment! How convenient- not!
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5 months ago, 311AFtw
Not too good
The app does not always “open”! Very irritating as then may have to go online! As a new customer I’m wondering why BNk of Missouri isn’t taking corrective actions with developer on this app. If they run the bank like the app then forget this!
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9 months ago, Charlespowell1
Needs update
The app was working just fine until I upgraded my iPhone 12 to the 15 Pro Max now it’s stuck on the logo screen.
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4 months ago, Sikc816
I have not been able to login through this app for more than a year. When you pull it up, it just stays at the loading screen and so I have to go to the website to pay my bill every time.
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7 months ago, Afixster
Doesn’t work
I love the card but the app hasn’t worked for almost a month now. I downloaded it like 3 times and still won’t work
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8 months ago, Diddius
Worked fine until iPhone 15
No problems with the app until I changed phones. App won’t open on iPhone 15
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3 months ago, 1737275003362661662880477
App won’t open.
Everything is up to date on my phone and it just sits on the Fortiva logo forever. I ran a test and it just stayed there for 2 hours. Seems like a scam to make making payments difficult to charge extra fees. Fix your app.
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7 months ago, wastingmytimemakingnicknamd
Can ‘t get app to work
I can’t the app to open. I have tried several times and each time it goes to a white screen that says “Fortiva” and then nothing happens. I even deleted and re-downloaded the app and still nothing.
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2 months ago, Milkman376579
Doo not get this card
Horrible card they charge a yearly fee in addition to 15 a month maintenance fees they basically rob ya and as soon as it’s paid off they getting turned off I made a mistake with this card by opening an account with them
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1 year ago, ElsaMay9218
Failed Update
I’m not sure what the developers did to this app, at the start of 2023 the app was working just fine. For about the last 6-8 weeks it’s been very screwy. I sign in, I can view one card, go to view the other and it signs me out. I have to sign in several times to even view both cards. As of today 6/2/23, I can’t stay signed in to view either of my cards and I have a payment due. PLEASE fix this! I’m not trying to miss payments. Thank you.
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1 year ago, cigarettes.and.saints
absolutely awful
since i'm unable to leave a review elsewhere, i will leave it here stay FAR away from this predatory company... their customer service is lazy, disrespectful, dishonest, & quite frankly, a joke i wouldn't trust any business that uses fortiva either
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4 months ago, Joker608
App won’t open
I used to be able to open the app before one of the last few iOS updates. Now the app won’t even get past the boot screen. Even with a brand new phone the app still won’t open.
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5 months ago, StormTrooper713
App does not work.
This app used to be good but I can no longer go past the opening screen. For the past few months my payments had to be made on the website.
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12 months ago, Joshua1768
App doesn’t work
App doesn’t work correctly, customer service is useless, had my information changed/stolen on the card but its impossible to do anything about it
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9 months ago, blurwadghjhdssfvbjhf
Horrible card
They take monthly fees & interest payments when they fill like it . Worst credit card ever
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9 months ago, Needmycashmoney
Stuck at opening page
App decided to stop working got to go to web browser to make payments now app just freezes on the Fortiva logo and never loads the app properly
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1 year ago, coldswitch1
Splash screen only
The splash screen is all i ever see. Your app needs serious work. As much money as we customers pay you it would be nice to have an app that works. This is 2023 not 2003. Fix your junk
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8 months ago, SAMiller915
Does not open
Once version 4.22.1 released, the app will no longer open on my phone. It just freezes on the opening screen. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling.
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7 months ago, Hairgrl1974
App not working
I bought a new 15 pro max phone and now this app will not even open up past the first page that says Fortiva. I hope they update to a newer version asap!
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12 months ago, Creation01
The app crash wen login
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1 year ago, busseygal
App not working
The app has not worked for over a month. It won’t even log in. When will this problem be fixed?
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3 weeks ago, SpankySuicide
Charges and extra fee just pop up when contacting them it like a auto bot so not much help when contacting them. Don’t recommend to anyone
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2 months ago, VsFemale
App won’t load
I have an iPhone 15 with iOS 17.4.1, and everything works just fine but this app just will not load no matter how long I wait for it to do so! Deleting!!
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4 months ago, bunlopin
Doesn’t work
I haven’t been able to use this app in months. Does not load, only shows the logo when you open the app.
Show more
2 months ago, Jthompson081
App hasn’t worked in almost a year. When it did work, every single iOS update broke it. Zero support or updates from dev
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6 months ago, Badnit
App always has problems
Every time the app updates or I get a new phone the app bricks and is a pain to get it to work again
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8 months ago, Mdenver32
Use to be a good app
Now for about 6 months I can’t even get app to open on my iPhone 15 pro. No idea what the problem is but any help would be appreciated.
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10 months ago, The Horror Aisle
Doesn’t work at all
On an iPhone 14 Pro Max, this app won’t work at all. It sticks on a loading screen with the logo but never goes any farther. Worthless in its current state.
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2 months ago, Shake Brow876
Needs Major Update
Won’t even load past the login page. Incredibly disappointing app
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8 months ago, Kevin Rodriguez 561
Can’t open app
App won’t load past the splash screen anymore.. can’t open to pay bill. I guess they don’t want money
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2 weeks ago, brentlmartin
This is by far the worst credit card that I have experienced!!! Only had for 2 months of off and canceled!
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5 months ago, Jasmin Pink
The app won’t work
The app only shows the Fortiva screen and doesn’t do anything else. Doesn’t seem to be working…..
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9 months ago, NowMrsG
Does not work with iPhone 15 Pro Max
This app worked great on my previous phone but not on my recent upgrade to IPhone 15. App is stuck on blank homepage.
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