FORUM Credit Union

3.8 (51)
160.1 MB
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Current version
FORUM Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13 or later
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User Reviews for FORUM Credit Union

3.76 out of 5
51 Ratings
2 months ago, ZachA78
Mobile Deposit Is Very Glitchy
Overall, the app is great and super convenient. But, as of recently, I’ve been having some trouble cashing my two latest checks. What was a seamless process now involves buttons for taking pictures being frozen and unresponsive and the whole process being a little unreliable without waiting super long or closing the app out a few times. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue!
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1 year ago, Mois55
Good, wish you could see your budget
The app works as far as I can tell, but it doesn’t show the budget that I can see on my PC. It’d be cool if it did so I could check on it quickly without requiring the use of my laptop.
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2 years ago, Bthgilles
Please fix scrolling
I don't ask a lot out of a banking app. I mainly just want to check my balances, transfer funds, pay bills and make mobile deposits. But I have the hardest time simply scrolling through my accounts to see activity while I’m on my iPad. I’m able to do this on my phone but I use my iPad because it’s easier to see. I seriously can’t scroll past the first few line items without it going nuts on me. Please fix this!!!
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4 years ago, 777hoosier
Very frustrated
I don’t know how to get a message to the developers except to leave a message here. I’m a credit union member and have been using this app for years. It’s been a great but recent experiences have been less than stellar. I use the budget and categorization of my debits, but every time I try to edit or add a category the app crashes. Please, please fix this. I’m counting on this app to keep me on my budget and I don’t know how I’m doing because I can’t track it any longer. 😡
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5 months ago, Jeff_the_nerd23
Need the Option to Dispute Charges!
As the caption says! There’s no way you guys just allow random charges to show up without us knowing where they came from and why they’re on there! It makes no sense! Even Apple has a feature that allows you to remove charges you didn’t make to your credit card!
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2 years ago, Jeremy_bradley
No mobile deposit
For some reason the app won’t let me mobile deposit. Every time I click on it, it says I can’t do and says “check eligibility” but when it takes me to the next page it doesn’t actually tell me how to do it. It’s something that I would like to be able to do but I can’t seem to figure it out. Really disappointed it isn’t easier to figure out.
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2 years ago, wild willy ppppp
Bill pay doesn’t work
The last 3 times I’ve tried to use Bill Pay to set up a payment when I hit the submit button it gives me an error message saying I can’t set it up now please try later. Then I had to go to my computer to set it up. What good is a mobile app that doesn’t work when your away from your computer. Chatted with Forum online and they don’t seem to care (Lisa M). May have to find another bank that cares.
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4 years ago, DanHub43
App good mobile deposit needs less writing
The app works well, but they keep adding language you have to write on the back when make the deposit. If you have to do more than one, you should just go to the bank.
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13 years ago, INDYCAR FAN1
Keeping up with the Jones'es
I have been a member of FCU for many years and this is just one more way that FCU serves it's members. The app is very basic, but if you are a member, it gives you access to your accounts while on the go.
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4 years ago, landonricketts
Joke of an app, but the biggest joke is the institution
Have a car loan through these crooks. App barely functions. It crashes constantly. Changing tabs almost always means re-entering password or Face-ID. Inability to add outside accounts to pay on my loan. Mobile deposit checks held for 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS for review? Every other bank I’ve can be same day if posted before 12pm. Avoid this bank and their bargain basement app if possible
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1 year ago, dkvurndksj
App works well, until you want to scroll to see your past history on accounts. Stuck at top of page only? is a problem.
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8 months ago, ellaangeles
Not working as well
The new credit card stuff messed up the app. I was able to do everything smoothly now I cannot. Every time I click credit card it either doesn’t load or takes 20-30 minutes. Please fix !!!!!
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2 years ago, Lokity
Best Bank
The app is easy to use and the features help keep me and my finances organized.
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3 years ago, Lookatdasky
Mobile deposit
Please fix the mobile deposits… it keeps saying “folded corners” when they aren’t folded….
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5 years ago, Kjh1978
Not working!
The app says I can’t use until I update through the App Store, but won’t let me update. I even tried deleting and reinstalling, and that “new” app said I was using an old version and would have to update.
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3 years ago, bdunn099
Works less than half the time
Most times I end up going to the website because the app is down.
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2 years ago, Rikster84
Your network may be unreachable
I’ve seen this error message for weeks. App was great before that.
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1 year ago, Silian Rail
Garbage app
Mobile check deposit never works because of app errors. Forum is a joke.
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3 years ago, Loyal Customer101
App needs work
80% of the time I have to try and log on multiple times just to get in.
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3 years ago, kenna4444
You have to visit your branch to even set up the app. I downloaded it so I WOULDN’T have to go there.
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4 months ago, reise anderson
Never works and constantly logs me out then locks me out
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9 years ago, Hjfhsfh
Was good until the update
I love the app, very helpful. But after the update it stopped automatically logging out when the app is closed. What used to happen was I would log in, use the app, and then I would hit the home button on my iPhone. If I forgot something immediately I would click the app again and it would have me resign in. It no longer does that. To me, with my money being on my phone, that's a security issue that I don't like. If you would like for me to continue using the app, I suggest it gets fixed. Other than that I like it.
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9 years ago, BueKoW
Simple, Clean, Fast, Reliable! The best CU mobile app in Indiana.
I've been using this app since it was first available. With every new version it gets better. I've never had a problem with mobile deposits and use it 5+ times a month. If I need to quickly transfer money while waiting in a checkout line at the store, it never fails. I have mobile apps for TCU, Indiana Members CU, and Financial Center Federal CU. FORUM's app is by far the cleanest, easiest, and most robust.
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7 years ago, keanneisu16
Not impressed with new update
The pending charges and release date features need to come back. It's harder to manage my money now because I always forget what's pending in my account. I don't find out until the last minute when I get an overdraft fee from a purchase I made three days ago. Since the app has been updated it has been more difficult to manage. It's harder to tell what's been withdrawn from the account and what's been deposited, the red and green numbers use to help me but now everything is the same color so I don't know what came from which account.
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9 years ago, Bert169
Thank you
Update... Thank you for fixing! I loved this app, until the login screen disappeared. No matter what I do I can't get it back. Even if I uninstall and reinstall restart my device doesn't work. It looks and briefly acts like the login screen is going to come up then skips over it. Please fix/help. Thanks.
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13 years ago, CJRAY84
Not that good-even for version 1
I have been a Forum member since before it was Forum. That said, this is just an app that buries a browser. I was hoping for native iOS functionality, and instead this app is no better than if I use a browser. Please build in native screens, utilize the app lock feature so one does nit have to enter a password and question each time, and you might have a good app. For now, I am not using this. Still tied to my PC.
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11 years ago, Irshprncss
LOVE LOVE the update
So excited that I can use flip screen on the new version! The added enhancements of loan calculators and the budgeting tools right there coupled with remote capture in the same app is a real convenience. Way to go FORUM team! You out did yourself again!
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7 years ago, Debrdo
Do not like that checking/savings balance doesn't show after each transaction without having to touch the transaction. Liked it before when it showed right under transaction amount. Please change back.
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11 years ago, Theduderog
Nice, but couldn't get DepoZip to work
I like the new look and layout, but the main feature that I use (DepoZip) would not work. I keep receiving an error when taking a pic of the back of the check I was trying to deposit. Error said low light. Never had an issue with the old DepoZip app.
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10 years ago, andyhughes9
Currency issue
like the app, however newest update converts my account into british pounds?????
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12 years ago, Ajh4567
Much better!!!!
I love this app now...much more convenient! I love that you can transfer now and I also love the alerts! Thank you for updating it!
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12 years ago, T1ytcdai
Great update
Love the new interface! Easy to navigate and much better functionality.
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9 years ago, Stephtheamazing
Mobile Deposit Crashes!!
I want to put my money in your credit union, I want you to make money on my deposits, but alas I am forced to hand these privileges over to 5/3...ughh. This app would be wonderful if it weren't for the fact that the mobile deposit portion crashes every time when you go to take the photos of your check. Please fix this Forum!!
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9 years ago, Matthew manning rocks
Worthless app
If I could give it a zero star I would it crashes all the time and I'm always having to reprogram my phone cause it doesn't remember it. This will be my last review because I'm in the middle of switching banks mostly because this app is trash and the developers won't take advice from the customers on updates
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12 years ago, Shotty133
Hate it!
I hate this new version. I have to tap multiple times just to see what a withdrawal was for and none of my withdrawal or deposit amounts are matching what they really were. Something is definitely off. I have a print out from the website and it is not matching up. Please fix!
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12 years ago, Seventhsage
Great new look!
The new version looks amazing! It's nice to have a native iPhone app finally
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7 years ago, RByers8252
Good with room to grow
March 2017 update is great! Finally has Touch ID and credit card account info.
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12 years ago, MJ reddogg
Not an app
This is not an app! It's just a poor version of the web page! Check out Chase's app - its a fully functioning app where you can pay all your bills, transfer funds, and find the nearest ATM all with a couple taps. I hope V2 is released soon!
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7 years ago, Parkererre
Simple and easy
All around the app works great for my needs
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10 years ago, Love_Thee_Notre_Dame
Can't e-deposit
App closes every time I try to take a picture of my check for the deposit function. So frustrating!
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10 years ago, Warren Isaac
Depositing check from phone no longer works. App shuts down every time I try to take the picture of the front of the check.
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13 years ago, Western Electric
Been waiting for Forum app guess I,ll have to wait some more. In the mean time I will continue to use Safari where I can view it in landscape. Already deleted it for all practical purposes is is useless on my I-pad
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7 years ago, davidalfaro130
App is okay, I am glad that you finally decided to put fingerprint ID but I wish the app would send me notification every time money goes out or in...
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12 years ago, LoriMS
New Updates!
The new updates are awesome!
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11 years ago, Unsound04
Never works
Doesn't log you in, when it does takes more than 5 minutes to do it! Otherwise it's perfect... Please fix
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12 years ago, Ahorourke
Great app
I love the new look of this app. Easy to navigate. Excellent!
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7 years ago, ANDREW THE 8055
App keeps crashing when trying to view MasterCard charges. On a 5S with current iOS update. Other than that the app is good
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12 years ago, Plmm78
Works great!
Native iPhone app works great!
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9 years ago, Bdb550
App needs more updates.
Issues with layout and display. Settings need to be updated. Add feature in app for users to submit feedback Add feature to find by location at home screen in app without having to log in. Add Touch ID access. Add passbook access.
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13 years ago, ls2459
It's fairly useless to me if I can't make payments. On bill pay I can't scroll the payees, so only the first 7 or so can be paid.
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