Forward Day by Day

4.1 (50)
75.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Forward Movement
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Forward Day by Day

4.12 out of 5
50 Ratings
5 years ago, KatherineOlivier
Not connected to the internet era
I love this app and just started using it 4 days ago. For the first time I am having trouble with it though. It says I am not connected to the internet and also to retry. I checked my internet connection and in fact I am connected to the internet and am able to play video on Safari. So I uninstalled it and shut down my phone. Then After several minutes I turned my phone on again, reinstalled the app and I am getting the same message. I then checked the internet connection once again and am connected just fine. I have thoroughly enjoyed having this app. Help!
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2 years ago, Western Electric 302
Recommended for being customizable and the developers’ attention to detail and frequent updates
All the prayers and the lectionary readings you need to pray the Daily Office or to pray shorter devotions. And it can be as traditional or modern as you like, and can be simplified or prayer with the Angelus and Regina Coeli. I’ve been using Forward Day by Day since 2018 and have watched a good app get even better. Back then I liked the basic layout and functionality, but was disappointed that I was stuck with a small font size, even if I used a larger one in my iOS default settings. That was changed a few years ago; now there is a choice of fonts, sizes, screen colors, bold/italic for responses, and even drop caps, for a nice touch. I’ve used the app at home, for meetings, when traveling, and I’ve been happy with how well it has performed. If anyone asks about devotions or the daily office, I mention this app. Sending someone to the BCP for that is just unkind, since they’re so hard to follow there. I like to support Forward Movement, for the multitude of good things they do, and with this quality app, it’s just another reason to support them.
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7 years ago, Ksduon
Good, could improve readability
I like this app. It is handy to have the Bible readings, daily office, and the reflection on the readings. However, the font is very small and hard to read. It would be helpful to have a way to increase the font so it is easier to read. I agree with other comments about access to the prayers, A Morning Resolve and A Prayer for Today. It would also be nice to have reminders at certain times of the day that could be set by the user.
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4 years ago, aliattitude
Not connected to Internet or won’t open
I’ve enjoyed this app until last night when all I got was the revolving circle..I got the same today. Turned my iPad off, then on again, but got the message that I wasn’t connected to the internet. But I was connected. Deleted the app, then restored and got the revolving circle again. Maybe I’ll try the website. Deleting the app until fixed. Very disappointing. By the way: in connecting to the website with Daily Prayer, the site also says “Not connected to the internet.” Someone needs to fix the site itself: that is the source of the problem. I will (try to) send them a contact message - if it goes thru’ .....
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6 years ago, Jane 78704
Quarterly Authors
I was so happy to discover in my hard copy of Forward that it can be downloaded to my phone. No more anxiety about getting my quarterly copy at church before they’re all gone : ). What I did notice in the online version is no reference to the author biographies. I always enjoy reading about the person who is contributing each month and gaining perspective of their background and how it might enhance their daily thoughts.
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5 years ago, ckiepper
Love it !
We love this app ! Only trouble is from time to time the app, when opened it won’t load. Just the arrow round and round , it seems in fact not to be loading . Same on five iOS devices. Close then open- uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing but the loading symbol. We have hard copies each month as a back up. Any ideas or similar experiences out there ? Hoping to hear back from the developer.
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4 years ago, TheGrizz1
Message: Not connected to the internet
I do love this app, but I can’t get it to work properly. I keep getting that error message about the internet connection, which I see others have had trouble with, also. Please help!!!
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5 years ago, Julitech2
Not opening today - nobody available until Monday - waah
I LOVE this app but it Not opening today - nobody available until Monday - waah Just a little circle spinning.... help? I’ve tried re-installing. It isn’t even showing up in my list of installed apps now. This is the same on my iPhone 8, iPnone 8 Plus and mini iPad ... all fully updated OS.
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3 years ago, Eugene Pagano
Excellent but could be even better
The written firm of the Daily Office should offer a 3-reading setting which would match the podcasts of morning and evening prayer. On saints’ feast days information about the saints should be linked to the Daily Office as in the Venite app.
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4 years ago, misselamap
Nice to have again
Used to get these little books at church years ago. Nice to see it again and have it electronically. But why is the text in the app so huge?? It’s much larger than any other text on my phone. To get it a reasonable size, I have to make the rest of my phone text super tiny. You lose two stars for that. It’s like trying to read a billboard at arms length.
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4 years ago, CvilleMan
Thanks for a great app
I love the app and we use it at daily morning prayer. Suggestion/request: I ave vision troubles and I use the app because the magazines are harder to read. I wish I could stretch the text on my iPod, but the app does not support text stretching. Any chance of a change? Thank you, Deacon Lawrence
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4 years ago, Sable4me
Difficult to navigate
Was happy to find an app for this as much easier for me to read than print version. Unfortunately, I found it cumbersome to move to a different date, among other things. Navigation is not intuitive and thus frustrating. Instead I’m using the free version on the website - much better. Save the $7 and donate to your parish instead.
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4 years ago, creek critter
Not connecting to internet
I have been getting this ap, reading it daily and now it will not open. I tried going to a hotspot but it still will not open. Please let me know what to do! Thanks
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1 year ago, Thedeac
Forward Movement
Loved this app until this afternoon when I got a blank screen when I opened it. Since it's $6.99 for the app I'm hoping this is temporary. I haven’t been able to open this for 2 days now. I can get it thru Facebook, but not the app.
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3 years ago, Atomic Wasabi
Depends on the Month
The authors of the reflections rotate each month. Some months you get mainstream reflections on the gospel. Other months you get heavy doses of social justice reflections. It’s like a whipsaw sometimes month to month. If you are sensitive to politics being mixed into your gospel reflections, I’d look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Crag_Dog
Not Available Offline
I’m I the only one who goes on vacation to wild and natural places and is disappointed I can’t do my morning readings because this app has to be online to work? Please update your app to cache a few days or a month of data so it works everywhere I pray.
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6 years ago, SarahsBolt
So excited to have found this app! Makes finding the daily readings so much easier than googling when you’re “on the go”.
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6 years ago, JuneauRain
On my iPad, I discovered that if I open this app then close it and open it again the font is bigger and easily readable. Does this work for anyone else?
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3 years ago, RichColvin
Thank you
In today’s COVID era where I don’t get to church services like I would prefer, this is a great way to ensure I stay connected to the church.
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3 years ago, JDB-P/T
The journal
Thank you so very much for adding the journal to this beautiful new addition of Forward!
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6 years ago, clarke_french
The very best of the apps available for those who want a Daily Office according to the 1979 American revision of The Book of Common Prayer. Well done.
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4 years ago, Packrat714
Not opening
Love the app, same issues of not opening!
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4 years ago, GrannyLittle
Meditations missing?
I got this app because I wanted the daily meditation in electronic form. Not there! I do appreciate having the daily lectionary readings, but I still have to have the print copy to get the meditations? The app does not deliver what the App Store blurb promises...
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5 years ago, pugman29
Cannot Launch App
I began having problems launching the app yesterday. I get the message “No internet connection “ with a retry button that does not work. Has anyone experienced this problem? I have installed and reinstalled with the same results.
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12 years ago, Operatic Magpye
Wonderful content, requires Internet connection
I was delighted to pick up the latest Forward Day By Day booklet at church this morning and see that there was, at last, an app, and I downloaded it immediately, despite it being about twice what I usually would pay for an app. I support Forward Movement's mission and really enjoy the devotionals. The interface is clean and easy to use for the most part, and the problem with the devotionals section bleeding off the screen has either been fixed or is an intermittent issue; it was a problem when I first installed the app but is not currently an issue. I really enjoy having the additional materials to go with the readings, too. The one downside is that the app requires an Internet connection to function. This is not likely to be a problem for most people most of the time, but it would be be nice if that were mentioned in the description.
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6 years ago, Nick B in SC
Very helpful
Lovely, simple app for keeping the rhythm of prayer and Scripture in daily life.
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5 years ago, namoamidabutsu
No internet connection
From the get-go right after downloading and installing this app I get “No internet connection.” Tapping “Retry” brings no response. All other apps connect. How do I get a refund?
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5 years ago, Rjssmjicw
Will not open
Really enjoyed the app but now it won't open. The little symbol just spins and the app never opens.
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11 years ago, Nurya Love Parish
A fabulous beginning
I downloaded this app solely due to the recommendation of a friend. I use it on my iPad, where font size is not an issue, and text fits perfectly. I love the fact that it provides the daily office based on time of day and includes the Forward Day by Day meditation. It has definitely enhanced and improved my prayer life. I am trusting that updates will include some typo fixes (for some reason the Lord's Prayer spacing is off) and maybe even the option to customize the office some more (I miss the General Thanksgiving at Morning Prayer). In general, I am VERY grateful for this app and I use it daily. Thank you Forward Movement!
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12 years ago, BP174
Fantastic Daily Devotional App!
Just installed Day By Day and used it for the first time. Outstanding! Elegant, responsive, intuitive to use. A great mobile resource. I didn't experience the formatting problems w/daily devotionals others have reported. Although excellent as is, I'm also excited that this app provides a good working platform for expansion in the future. For example, I'd like to see more of the daily offices included at some point. I look forward to seeing how Forward Movement adds content and resources to the app in the future. Great job! Everyone, tell your friends to download! 🙏
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12 years ago, DSimmons
An excellent first version
Forward Movement, which has been publishing devotional materials for the Episcopal Church since 1935, is the first to get out a comprehensive app for use by Episcopalians and beyond for daily prayer. It does exactly what it says it does. The Daily Prayer section is based on Derek Olsen's excellent work with St. Bede's Breviary. I am excited to see what Forward Movement does with this app and apps to come.
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11 years ago, Cleargrace
Perfect little app!
I use this app every day (iPhone 4) without any problems. It loads quickly, and moves through whatever page I move to without issues. I love to have the daily meditations at my fingertips, and the readings; I don't have to carry my prayer book to go through the daily office, so I find myself taking comfort in that service more often. Being able to switch between rite one and two allows for those times when my worship needs change. Thank you for this app!
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11 years ago, Randall in SYV
Needs update, consistency
For this app to be valuable, it needs to work consistently on both the iPhone and iPad. It doesn't; and it is one of the most expensive apps I've bought. As a priest, I can recommend its use to hundreds of people but will not until it works. The idea of it is tremendous - and I have used it often when it has worked. But it is really disappointing and not functional when it's content doesn't fit the screen as is frequently the case. If it isn't fixed quickly, it will get a reputation as a waste of time and money - one more instance in which the church can't function in the real world.
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7 years ago, Skitalets
Doesn't work
This is a poor effort on the part of Forward Movement. The daily prayer feature doesn't work reliably for the current day and gives no visible feedback or error if it can't load the Office. The app also invariably opens to the meditation, even if you were just in the Daily Office. This means that if your phone closes the app, you have to tap several times to get back to your place. If you were in the middle of prayer and no longer have a network connection, too bad. Overall the app is much worse than Derek Olsen's breviary website, and it costs $7 instead of Derek's donation model. Avoid.
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11 years ago, EllenSt1204
Love the appl but...
It has far too many bugs and the price is off-putting. For this price, it should many interactive features, as well be accessible to people who aren't familiar with the episcopal church. As a episcopalian, I love the idea, but know that other organizations have created better models, for free or only nominally priced. If we would for others to become interested in our denomination, our app needs to be less expensive, more lively and simply a better program. That said, it's a hood beginning.
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11 years ago, Obiprof
Great to have but needs work
A wonderful idea and good start. I like having all the readings at hand and the prayers. Also good is the link to more info about the saint of the day. But in addition to typos and spacing, the daily prayer now sticks on the time of day I first view it, so it won't move forward to noon prayer, evening prayer, compline. It used to do this. There is a link to Daily prayers anytime, but it is broken. It also won't swivel as I turn the iPad, and there are only two font sizes, whereas I'd like to be able to enlarge it several more times. I emailed them about some of this, and they said it was really designed for iPhone and they were hoping to make it more ready for iPad. I've had this on my iPad for two months, and I really like having all the readings and everything. I'm just hoping they'll fix some things.
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11 years ago, ZimZimminy
A good start + needs fine tuning.
I partially regret spending money on this app, yet realize my voice may help this app become a better one. I've been using several other app's for keeping the daily office. I like starting my days with A Morning Resolve and For Today. I'm not always able to get a copy of Forward Day by Day. Furthermore, I don't alway's have a WiFi connection. I thought I'd try the app. That being said here are my observations: The Morning & Evening Prayers are just that - No need to carry a hard copy of the BCP + a bible The scrolling can be a little slow +/ unresponsive +/ jumpy - but the material (message) is there The Saint isn't always the saint according to the calendar - It's sometimes a collect or other prayer. Then again, who am I to judge. Through prayer & meditation - lift your requests up to God... Blessings
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12 years ago, beachbum205
Good concept, needs improvement
This is a decent app with some very nice features. The main drawback is that the fonts are really small with no way to enlarge them. You can't pinch to enlarge like you can with many other apps, there is no ability to change in Settings, and you can't even put it in landscape mode to get a slightly larger font. This is a nice app, but until they make it readable for those of us who have difficulty with smaller fonts, I would stay away.
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7 years ago, Slammom
Update please!
I have long used this app as my morning meditation, and turned to the prayer library during the day, when I might not have your books handy and within reach. With the new IOS versions, my screen is now blank except for the buttons at the bottom. I am no longer able to see daily meditations or any of the other features. It is greatly missed! I would give it five stars if I could see it again;)
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10 years ago, Alund82
Good App But Has Spacing Errors
I definitely like this application and recommend it for daily use. However, there are sections where the text does not have proper spacing between words. One example is the Lord's Prayer which reads "sinsas" instead of "sins as." If those types of things could be fixed then it would be perfect.
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12 years ago, Old but Spunky
Great First Release
This is a wonderful app! I'm not big on commentary, but love having bible readings, psalms, and prayers available whenever I have a few spare minutes. I especially like the Daily Office feature, since the designated collect, readings, etc are incorporated for the day- a real improvement over paper.
Show more
11 years ago, Bluedotinaredstate
Very buggy
I really want you to fix this app! It has so much of what I want to use each day in one convenient place. However, I get error messages in the middle of prayers, it gets hung up on a previous day, it can't be used in a horizontal format and I can't download it to my iPad at all, only my iPhone. All of these things make it frustratingly unusable. Fabulous idea, poor execution. Please, please fix. I'll happily send another six dollars for a new usable version.
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12 years ago, Gtluck
I am so glad to finally have this! Works great, very intuitive! It works well on the iPhone 5 yet still has a familiar feel for one who has been using Forward Day By Day for decades. Just wish the font was a bit larger.
Show more
11 years ago, BB in MD
App Falls Short
The daily meditation, readings and prayers do not update from prior days and at times won't even load content. I uninstalled this in frustration and only came back to it recently in hopes of fixes. However, I'm going to have to abandon again. It's taking up space but doesn't work. Please invest in getting this right. It's the most expensive app I've bought and the only one that flat won't work. This is a valuable spiritual tool for ministry that is not reliable right now.
Show more
12 years ago, Jw238
Slightly disapointed
I agree with the other reviews. I have long been a fan of the publications and was excited to discover the app. The daily meditation does not fit the iPhone screen and the text won't shift to landscape mode when I rotate my device. I sincerely hope this bug gets worked out with an update. Aside from this it has the potential to be an excellant app and addition to their quarterly publication
Show more
11 years ago, Erial2
Technical issues
I love the print version and was excited to get the app. It fits the iPhone 5 screen but does not enlarge or switch to landscape as mentioned by others. Print is small so that feature would be helpful. You swipe to advance the days but the responsiveness is inconsistent. Once these shortcomings are corrected it will get 5 stars from me.
Show more
12 years ago, CASRTX
Good idea needing more work
I was delighted to see an app available and I support Forward Movement. However the meditation "bleeds" off the viewing area and in an attempt to view all of it I somehow swiped to tomorrow's meditation which is blank and I cannot swipe back to today's meditation. Using iPad 3G with latest iOs update. More problems. Slow to load and Daily Meditation page is blank.
Show more
11 years ago, lmc3333
Love having this app for iPhone 1. Please include an option to enlarge the font size. 2. I seem to have manually stop and restart the app every morning to get it to update to the current day.
Show more
12 years ago, Jjlear
Good but needs improvement
The content is great but the font is tiny and will be difficult for many people to read comfortably. Recommendations 1) Allow option of changing font size 2) Enable reading in both portrait and landscape modes which would help the font size issue. 3) Add a search function. 4) Consider making this a universal app that would take advantage of the iPad's functionality.
Show more
11 years ago, Movingontoperfection
App not working
I have had nothing but a blank screen for several days now! I would really like to be able to use this app every day. I agree, An app this expensive really should work. If you can't get it fixed I would like to have a refund!
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